Angel Light

I was trapped by a hunger that I didn't understand.

In a cage that I designed with my own hands.

I don't think I ever realized how lonely life could be.

Until the day I met you my life was no guarantee.

I survived, day in and day out, on a wildness running free.

It sent me to places all over the world in search of some

special ness that I could not find within me.

Like a lioness, I prowl the streets in search of the fantasy.

Walking the boulevard of the Arc De Triomphe, having coffee

with a stranger at a small corner bistro in Venice, Italy.

Searching in areas that aren't' known to some men.

Shamed to the fact that I am known in many places

that God has never been.

Can you imagine my surprise when I found you at my side.

Some part of me wanted to send you on your way

to keep my soul free to soar another day.

Never imagining a life with you can bring me such relief.

I am grounded now beyond anyone's belief.

My love for you will carry on for an eternity.

Cradled as a child seeking a mother's warmth and care.

Trusting myself to be the one you seek to share.

Blessing my soul with your precious light.

This blissful state of happiness has left me wanting you

throughout the day and night.

I will never leave this trail we're on with you as my guide.

Sharing my life and all it's wonders, is like being on a magic carpet ride.

Created by a moment of happiness ballooning up into the sky.

My love for you is forever as the ocean breathes its tides.


September 2001

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