Forgotten Way

by Tragedy88

Disclaimers: This is yet another uber tale of my making. Technically the characters of Xena and Gabrielle belong to MCA/Universal, but since it's not REALLY X&G here... well anyway, these uber characters belong to me, me, copyright 1999 Tragedy88 and all that.

Violence/language: Um, some violence, some bad language... maybe a pg-13 so far?

Subtext: You betcha! Oh, if it's illegal where you live or love between members of the same sex offends you please read elsewhere.

And last but not least: How, you ask, can so many of my characters exist within the same timeline? Easy, I write what I know. In this case I know farms, horses, and the hardships of being alone. In anycase it's a divergence from my usual cops, gangs, lusty/evil uber Callistos' etc., etc. etc... :)

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Chapter Eleven-

The Night

"If my mind can be deceived by dreams in the night, then what is the guarantee that when I open my eyes in the morning, I am still not seeing a dream?"- Bhagnwan Rajneesh


Alex gave a sharp, short whistle. Jack snorted and made his way through the blinding snow storm on pure instinct to find them.

Dusty pulled the shaking young woman up with her, barely suppressing her own icy shudder. "Up ya go." She boosted Alex up onto Jack's broad back, then jumped up herself. "Can you find your way back in this?" She waved her hand at the winding snow.

"No. "Alex shouted above the whistling wind, "but Jack can, can't ya baby?" She patted his solid neck, silently promising him whole bushels of apples and carrots if he could find his way back, then gave him a gentle nudge on the flanks.

Strong arms encircled Alex's waist and she leaned back into Dusty's embrace as Jack slogged through the snow. She was beyond cold now. Images were beginning to fade around her. "Dusty?"

"I'm right here. I've got you." Dusty's arms circled tighter, and she leaned into Alex.

Dusty's warm breath sent shivers up and down Alex's spine. She smiled slightly and closed her eyes. "Ok," she mumbled.

"Alex?" The dark woman shook Alex gently. There was no response. "Just hang on."


"Good boy." Dusty slid off Jack's back and pulled Alex into her arms. Good, good boy! On shaky legs Dusty carried Alex's prone figure up the porch.

Jack snorted and sighed, meandering back towards the barn and the slightly open door. The moonlight led the way and the soft merry snowflakes that had gone from mad swirling to gentle falling eventually stopped all together when they'd been less then 200 feet from the old farmhouse.

Dusty hurried through the front door, down the long hall to Alex's room, and carefully laid Alex on the bed. Dusty kissed her gently on the forehead, lingering longer then necessary and promised to be right back. Fear galvanized her down the hallway again to find more blankets, and start some water warming.

With an armload of blankets she returned to the dimly lit room. She deposited them on the floor, started a fire in the fireplace and returned to the trembling woman on the bed.

Ok, first, off with the clothes. Had she been anything but near panic the experience could have been a lot more... arousing. The clothes ended up in a heap by the fireplace. Her own clothes followed soon after, and she crawled into the bed, pulling the blankets up over both of them.

Dusty took a small, guilty pleasure in wrapping her arms and legs around Alex's naked body and sharing her own warmth. Not that she wasn't shivering herself, but she seemed to be able to retain a lot more body heat then the smaller woman.

She tucked Alex's chin into the hollow of her shoulder and neck, cradling the back of Alex's head with a strong arm.

Slow minutes later both women dozed in the warm cocoon of bodies, blankets and heat from the fireplace.


Dusty woke, some time later in the dark stillness. Alex's body was wrapped around her, thighs capturing her thighs, an arm across her stomach just below her breasts. She stifled a yawn and stretched carefully, trying not to wake Alex.

The warmth and intimacy of their bodies melded together and bare skin touching bare skin sent another heat through Dusty's body. She groaned slightly.

"Mmm, thought you were still asleep." Alex mumbled against Dusty's collarbone. She smelled of snow, soap, and something so familiar that Alex couldn't place it just then.

"Just woke up." Dusty looked down into green eyes half concealed under sleepy lids. "Feeling better?"

Alex chuckled. "Defiantly warmer." Her breasts were pressed against Dusty's side and her thigh was draped over Dusty's. If it all hadn't felt so... right... she might have been a little embraced at taking such liberties with an almost virtual stranger. She pushed upward till her face was level with Dusty's. They were less then an inch apart on the shared pillow.

Without taking the chance to second guess herself Alex brushed her lips against Dusty's. They were soft and sensual.

Dusty let out a startled breath as Alex pulled away. My god...

Alex watched the play of emotions across Dusty's face in the dim light of the fire. "Are you all right?"

Dusty struggled with everything she knew and believed in with all her heart. And it all came down to one thought: Kiss me again. She lowered her voice an octave, passion coursing through her veins. Undeniable. "Just fine," and she leaned forward to capture Alex in a long, heated kiss.

Well, if I wasn't warm before, I sure as hell am now. When they broke apart Alex raised up on her elbows and looked down into Dusty's face. Her pale, blue eyes reflected the fire in sparkling glints, and behind that was something darker. Something Alex couldn't put a name to, but she hoped it was the same things she was feeling, because she suddenly slid her body across Dusty's.

Warm skin brushed against warm skin. Two hearts speed up, and one soul raced home.

In the warmth of the blankets hands tentatively explored and passions flared. The moon shone down on dark hair and light, woven together. Bodies rose and fell, while someone on the other side of the large, opened bay window watched.

He hissed in a dark, angry breath. Fornicators, he thought. Devil seed, he cursed. This won't go unpunished, he swore.

Chapter Twelve
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