rev - o - lu - tion (rev e-loo' shen) n. c. A single complete cycle around an axis...

Disclaimers: This is an uber piece of fan fic. The original characters Xena and Gabrielle are owned by MCA/Universal, etc. Oh, and John Lennon, well I guess he belongs to himself, but that said there is a reference to him here and his songs. "Revolution" contains mild subtext.

Author's notes: The 60's were a time of turbulence, revolutions and revelations. Free drugs, free sex. Make love, not war. A time of clichés, when women burned their bras and men burned their draft cards. Bellbottoms, flower power and peace were the rage.

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Part 1

In a time of flowers, war and peace, a world cried out for love. She was a singer, the other a stranger new to town. A whisper. A struggle. Destiny. Together they will overcome...

Rain walked down the street, guitar slung across her back, sandeled feet slapping the concrete, a frown marring her young face.

I didn't make enough... The loose change rattled in her pocket, a none too gentle reminder as she pushed open the grocery store's double doors.

She picked up half a gallon of milk, bread and peanut butter, and made her way to the check out.

The middle aged man behind the counter gave her a cursory glance. "That'll be a dollar thirty-five."

"Um, how much without the peanut butter?"

"Ninety-eight cents." His eyes flashed. Looser... He was right, pegged her for one of those hippie losers, right from the start. Those stupid bellbottoms, bold purple flower, right in the middle of her chest, guitar slung over her back, and flowery head band.

She carefully counted her change. "I- I only have ninety-five cents."

"Then you can't buy it, can you?" His response was condescending.

Rain winced.

"Here." The woman behind Rain reached out and laid a nickel in the cashier's hand.

Rain glanced up, startled, and met sky blue eyes. "I don't want your money," she replied quietly.

"Don't worry about it. Times are tough. I'm sure you'd do the same for me." The tall woman shrugged and took her remaining item out of the basket.

The cashier abruptly shoved Rain's bag into her hands and began to ring up the stranger's purchases.

Rain took a few shaky steps, stopped, eyes welling with tears, turned and hurried back outside to the pavement. It was late and the sidewalks were nearly empty. She walked with her head down, shamefaced.

"Hey," came a voice at Rain's shoulder.

She dropped her bag. "Dammit!" The glass milk bottle shattered.

"Oh no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." The dark woman apologized, quickly bending to grab the bread.

Rain was still. "I needed that," she whispered.

Terri handed the wet bread bag to the young woman but noticed she was just standing, staring at the ground. "I really am sorry. I didn't know you'd jump like that." If there hadn't been groceries in both her hands she would have taken the woman by her shoulders and shaken her. "Hey," Terri bumped her shoulder instead, "are you alright?"

"Huh? Wha'? Oh yeah, I'm fine." Rain grabbed the bread and stepped over the broken glass. Milk dripped down her pant leg, unnoticed.

Oh geez, do something before she gets away. Terri took two long strides and matched steps with the young blond. "How 'bout I make it up to you with dinner?"

"No, thank you."

"Then lunch?"

"No." Rain turned up a wide set of stairs, thinking the woman would leave, but footsteps echoed up the steps behind her.

"Wait. Please?" Terri pleaded.

Rain turned to the dark stranger. She was bathed in moonlight and shadows, mystery and familiarity. Forgotten memories tugged at her soul. "I said no."

"Then let me at least give you this." Terri pulled the milk out of her bag, holding it out as a peace offering.

As hard as Rain tried she couldn't stop the smile that slowly inched up the corners of her mouth. "Thank you." She glanced at the door. "Would you... um... like to come in for a minute?"

"Sure, thanks." I don't even know your name, Terri realized.

"My name is Rain, by the way." She led them inside the front hall and passed through a brightly colored beaded door into the kitchen. "Just put it in the fridge." Rain called as she rushed out of the room.

Terri put away the milk, noting the bare shelves, save for one orange.

Laughter brought Terri out of the kitchen and towards the living room. On the floor was a heap of giggling blondness.

Rain glanced up just then from tickle kissing her daughter Lilly, to find the dark woman standing in the doorway. Out of the corner of her eye she also saw Candy leap from the sofa.

"It's alright." Rain rushed to her feet with Lilly in her arms. "Candy, this is- "

"Terri. Nice to meet you." She held out a long, tanned arm.

Candy refused it. "Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?"

Terri raised one dark eyebrow. "I'm helping Rain with her groceries."

"Oh really, since when do they deliver?"

"They-" Terri started but Rain grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the kitchen. "Geez, your girlfriend's a little possessive, isn't she?" Terri quipped.

"Girlfriend?" Huh? Oh! Oh my.... "No, no we're not together." Rain chuckled. "Candy's my sister."

"Oh, sorry." Terri blushed. "I didn't mea-"

"Don't worry about it." Rain shifted the squirming child from hip to hip.

"Hun-gee!" Lilly demanded.

"I know Lilly, baby, just be patient." Rain pulled the last can of soup from the cupboard. "Would you like to stay for dinner?" She asked shyly.

"Anything I can do to help?"

"Just have a seat. I'll make it." The young woman strapped the little girl into the wooden highchair, and gave her a piece of bread.

"Ok, this great. I have desert then." Terri routed in her bag for the cheesecake and syrupy strawberries. "Too much for one person, but perfect to share." She smiled encouragingly, hoping the young mother would accept her offer.

Rain's smile was instantaneous. "Mmmmm! I love cheesecake!" She stirred the soup and prepared a bottle of milk. With a shy smile she sat across from the dark haired woman. "So, do you live near here?"

"A block down the street." Terri replied.

"Really? I haven't seen you around here before." Rain tried to remember if she had seen those blue eyes and gorgeous smile somewhere before, the stranger was familiar.

"I just got here, last week, all the way from San Francisco."

"Wow," Rain blinked.

"Yup, hitch hiked most of it." Terri relaxed in the wooden chair, Rain smiled and the toddler greedily drank her milk.

They talked, they ate. The evening passed quickly. Rain put Lilly to bed. Candy was somewhere else, content to let her sister dig her own grave. Terri looked like nothing but trouble, in her worn bellbottoms, sleeveless tank top, leather vest and beaded hair, complete with little feathers.

They sat on the worn couch, quietly talking about their lives, sharing an uncommon companionship.

"So, you are a performer?" Terri waved a hand at Rain's guitar.

"Um, I'm a singer actually, not really a performer." The blond admitted.

"Will you sing for me?" The dark woman studied the green eyes before her.

"I'm tired." Rain said, "I should probably get some rest."

"Oh well, another time then." Terri stood reluctantly, ready to leave, but something held her back. "Just one song?"

Rain stifled a yawn. If she says please like she said please that last time... I'm hopeless.


"Oh, ok." Rain took the guitar from the coffee table where she'd laid it when she'd rushed in to see her daughter. Fingers poised over the strings she was suddenly at a loss. "Um, I wrote this song when I younger. I haven't played it since."

"Go ahead," Terri encouraged, "how bad can it be?"

Rain laughed. "Tell me that when I'm done." She strummed a chord, then another, warming up, drifting into that dreamy state that carried her through all songs. She closed her eyes and began.

"I held your hand in the wee dark hours
stole kisses beneath the moon
You rested your head against my breast
and cried until you slept
We shared a life long journey
our hearts melding into one
as we stole kisses beneath the moon
kisses beneath the moon
pale and shimmering life long glimmering
love beneath the moon..."

The last note trailed off in mournful longing, and she opened sleepy eyes, glancing into misty blue. "Um, that's it." There was more, but she was too embarrassed now to sing the rest.

"It was beautiful." You are beautiful, Terri blinked back emotions.

"Thank you. I can't believe I still remember that."

"I'm glad you did." Terri idly ran her hand down her pant leg, resisting the sudden urge to reach out and touch Rain's pale cheek. "Sing another one for me?"

"It's late." Rain gently reminded her.

"I know," Terri sighed, "just one more?" She waited eagerly for the young woman to say yes.

"Well, one more can't hurt, can it? What should I play?" Rain plucked a chord, keeping her eyes on the guitar instead of the fine plains of Terri's tanned face. "How about 'Imagine'?"

"Ok." The taller woman stretched out her legs, laid casually across part of the couch as Rain closed her eyes again and began the haunting strains of 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Terri fell into sleep, lulled by the melodic voice that brought a whole new meaning to an already promise filled song.

"Terri?" Rain gently nudged her shoulder. "You fell asleep didn't you? What does that say for my singing, huh?"

"Beautiful." Terri murmured, snuggling further into the cushions, a content smile on her face.

Rain smiled and brushed the dark hair out of Terri's eyes. "Sleep well." Another mumble was her only response as she settled an afghan across the broad shoulders. It reached Terri's knees so she went in search of another blanket. When she returned and put the blanket down she sat on her knees beside the sleeping woman. She began to hum, and the humming found words that were buried deep in her subconscious.

"She was legend, she was lore
a goddess from afar
bathed in golden sunlight
bight skies shining from her eyes
hair as black as midnight

She rode across my heart
she trampled every boundary
and broke down every wall

a lifetime passed then another
I missed her laughter and her love
till the day I spent my last penny
and looked into bright skies of blue

she is legend she is lore
no longer far away
I ask her now, will she stay?"

Part 2

"Morning," Terri greeted the still groggy Rain in the kitchen as she was fixing toast, smeared liberally with the last of the strawberries, and a bottle of milk for Lilly.

"Mmmm, morning, sleep well?" Rain glanced over her shoulder with a smile.

"Like a baby." Terri winked at Lilly. "I should get going." She waited for Rain to say something, anything to keep her from going.

"Probably should." Rain paused, heart in her throat. "I play on the corner of Emerson. Meet me there later today?"

"Will do." Terri grinned, almost as good. I need a shower anyway. She made her way to the front door, Rain following.

"Good-bye." Rain went out onto the porch, the morning chill making her shiver. "Oh, wait, what about your groceries?"

Terri turned and stepped back towards the young woman. "Um, stick them in the fridge for me, I'll get them later."

They stood awkwardly for a moment. Something needed to be said or done, but neither was sure just what. It came to them at the same instant and they both stepped forward. Terri leaned down and planted a kiss on a soft cheek, and Rain wrapped her arms around a trim waist. Terri returned the embrace, pulled back and jogged down the steps with a silly grin.

"See ya!" Terri called.

Rain waved, the same silly grin plastered ear to ear.

Part 3

Rain finished the last song, glancing again into the crowd. Terri wasn't there, not a single glimpse of pale blue. She strummed a few useless notes, the music suddenly gone.

"Another one." Someone in the crowd demanded.

Terri! Rain's smile lit up her entire face. She did come! "I dreamed last night, in brilliant colors, and when I awoke this song was waiting in the morning sun."

Her melodic voice gathered more passerby's and held those already listening riveted.

She sought out the blue eyes again and sang solely for their depths. Green held blue, the Earth no longer turned. Time stood breathless in anticipation.

"I held your hand in the wee dark hours
stole kisses beneath the moon
You rested your head against my breast
and cried until you slept
We shared a life long journey
our hearts melding into one

We made love in the moonlight
shared the stars and the sky
love was a twinkle in my eye

I prayed to the goddess for an eternity
with you by my side

you held my hand you stole my heart
in seasons passing summer winter fall
we stole kisses beneath the moon
kisses beneath the moon
pale and shimmering life long glimmering
love beneath the moon..."

Haunting and melodic the words faded, and Rain laid the guitar beside the case on the ground. She held out her hand to the crowd, which parted in a murmur to let the tall, dark haired woman pass.

"That was beautiful." Terri said, loud enough for the crowd to hear as she took the proffered hand. Then her voice lowered and her next words were for Rain alone. "You are beautiful."

Rain blushed as she hugged the tall woman and buried her face in Terri's chest. She smelled of sunlight and lilacs. "Thank you."

"Welcome... why don't we go get Lilly and spend the day together?" Terri asked, tipping Rain's head back to look into deep green eyes.

"Sure, and I've got money for ice cream now."

"Mmmm, ice cream." Terri licked her lips with a smack.

Rain chuckled as she picked out the loose change and a few dollar bills and closed the guitar away.

Terri grabbed the handle first and hauled it across her broad shoulders. "Ready?"

"Yep." Rain gathered Terri's hand in hers and they walked down the sidewalk. Today was going to be a good day. The start of something new and wonderful. Or was it something old? Something that fate had destined to be? Two halves of one whole, complete... again. A never ending circle.

The End

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