And She Sang

By Tragedy88

Disclaimers: This is the conclusion of the series 'Our Souls'‚ Thanks for the ride. Hope you enjoyed it.

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"And I... knew you.... before the fall of Rome"


Destiny is a cruel thing. I never should have let her leave. I'll hold that pain in my heart forever. The ones who follow will too.

I look for her now, even years later. I'll never find her. My heart aches for what I once had and then lost. It hurts.

The others sing to me, of lost love and lost lives... of a destiny waiting. How can the Fates be so cruel?

I loved her! It's not fair.

The cliffs here have changed little. The gulls still screech and cry, and where am I? On a beach that's ever changing, in a cove on the cape, where my ancestors cry with me.

Sometimes I hear her here. Her strong, alluring voice, calling to me, saying 'sorry.' Sometimes I smile and understand. Sometimes I scream at her.

Why can't she be here?

Why was she taken from me before our time?

I will always remember how our souls were one and our hearts journeyed together.

I have to remember... how her soul sang to me.


The End

© Tragedy88 2000

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