Heat Wave

By Trish Shields

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to the folks over at MCA, Universal and Renaissance Pictures. Perhaps the rights now belong to Rob Tapert, who knows? But no infringement of their rights is intended.

This story is an uber story concerning Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas. It contains scenes of lesbian sex and is written with the premise that both these women are over the age of consent and are deeply in love. They like to express that love in all sorts of interesting ways. Therefore, this story is intended for mature audiences.

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Argos, Cyprus


Melinda stood, with hands gripping the countertop and bit her lower lip. There was a fine sheen of sweat beading across her forehead, dripping down slowly from her temples. It was a fine summer day, but that isn't what caused the southerner discomfort. And it wasn't on account of rushing home through lunch hour traffic either. She tried to focus on her surroundings, but the antiques on the walls offered no solace. After pushing her glasses back into place she squinted at the beautiful art. In fact, most of the naked women seemed to mock her, the fluidity and grace of their pose in stark contrast to the rigid one she was trying to maintain.

The old miniature grandfather clock ticked nearby, its rhythm in mere quarter time compared to Melinda Pappas' racing heartbeat. The tickle that began at the back of her thigh slowly spread down, completely distracting the brunette from her efforts at focusing on anything but the maddening movement of fingers that suddenly wandered from the tops of her thighs across to the tight cloth of her underwear. The small, sure fingers slipped under the elastic and the muscles of Melinda's abdomen twitched and her nostrils flared with passion.

She shivered and gasped with surprise as a small trickle of perspiration made its way through the valley between her shoulder blades, soaking into her white silk shirt. Her thighs moved slightly apart as a hand moved between them, cupping her mons. Unable to resist, she pressed her hand against the linen fabric of her skirt, the heat from both the hand and the throbbing flesh beneath scorching her. Finally at her whit's end, capitulation the only resort left, she opened her mouth to surrender.

"Keep still."

Melinda swallowed, blinked rapidly and settled her gaze on the small stand of olive trees just outside the window. Even the birds seemed to be hiding in the shade, their usual serenade absent. The Troodos Mountains beyond shimmered leaving the southerner unable to determine whether it was because of the midday heat waves or merely her body's reaction to the proximity of her lover's hands.

Those same cool small hands slid down Melinda's thighs, moving to caress the sensitive skin at the backs of her knees before returning to the brunette's silken slip. The fabric rustled as it was pushed higher. Melinda inhaled slowly as the hands moved to either side of her hips.


There was a throbbing at her temples in perfect concert to the heat spreading between her legs. Melinda pulled her hand away from the juncture of her thighs and laid it flat against the counter. A tall glass of wine was nearby and she commanded her hand forward to snag the stem. Inching the goblet closer, she finally grasped it with unsteady fingers and greedily downed the contents. Sweet wine dripped from the corners of her mouth down her chin and she shuddered as the droplets pooled in the crevice between her breasts.

Placing the goblet back onto the counter, Melinda moved her legs slowly apart, each leg feeling like a column of lead. As her panties were slowly pulled down, the musky scent of her need filled the air; her eyes fluttered. If the floor hadn't been marble, if she didn't have a meeting to go to at the museum, if there wasn't a distinct possibility that she'd kill Janice by swooning, she certainly would have. But that would put an end to the delicious torture and she was damned if she'd waste Jan's first day home by such foolishness. A cracked skull would certainly bank the small archeologists ardor and postpone the plans Mel had been dreaming about since saying goodbye to Jan at the airport six months ago.

A shiver rushed through her. She didn't know how she'd survived all those long tedious nights alone, all the long boring meetings, and the horrifically frustrating overseas calls. She was sure the US only had two or three lines to Europe, all of them connected to one party line. The first and only time that she'd been able to work up her nerve to talk smutty to Jan had earned them a long discourse on the misuse of the nation's communications system. Why it was enough to cause a body to commit random acts of murder.

Her thoughts suddenly ground to a halt with the snick of her lover's blade. As her panties were ripped from her body, Mel gripped the countertop tighter. Her inner thighs felt incredibly warm - and wet.

"Better. Easier access."

It was obvious Janice had noticed the moisture, too. Melinda released a hissing breath as fingers investigated the source. She groaned as the fingers stilled and then wandered elsewhere over her quivering flesh. It was becoming increasingly difficult to remain still. After pushing her glasses back up, Melinda swallowed before glancing her shoulder. She hesitated momentarily, and blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. Her bun was coming loose. That would never do.

"Do you think…"

Janice's green eyes pinned her in place. "Want me to stop?"

Melinda swallowed deeply. "I was only…"

Janice held up a hand and then trailed her fingers through her blonde hair. "You want this or not?"

Mel's mouth opened and closed. Just what was the correct answer? Of course she wanted the blonde's hands on her body but she did have a nasty boring old meeting to go to. She glanced at the clock; there was still time.

"Alright, fine, yes I want it."

The tone of Mel's voice had Janice getting up from her crouched position. "Did you or did you not ask for this?"

Mel bit her lip. "Yes, but…"

The blonde rolled her shirtsleeves up before moving back into position. "Well then I'm busy."

"But honey, how am I going to spend all afternoon with those old stuffy members of the Historical Society all wrought up like this?"

Janice smirked and she tucked Mel's slip out of the way. She scratched her chin. ' Now why haven't I ever thought of doing this without panties to get in the way?' With a shrug, she moved her hands back into place. "Ya ready?"

Mel swallowed again, wishing the decanter were closer. She was feeling decidedly parched. With a nod, she gripped the countertop again. "You may fire when ready."

The blonde chuckled but resumed her work; the brunette's shapely behind now free and unencumbered. Her lover's body was breathtaking, a true vision. Her eyes caressed every inch of Melinda's exposed flesh, the bronze hue making her breath catch. The contrast between the soft tempting flesh and the white linen fabric was most appealing. Carefully pushing the hem of Mel's skirt into its waste band, Jan stood back and surveyed the landscape. Of flesh, that is.

"Lean forward."

Melinda's feet remained flat on the floor while she reached across and gripped the other edge of the counter. This was the hard part. She'd known it was coming, was just a matter of time, but her muscles still tensed as if she'd had no warning at all.

Jan shoved her hands into the side pockets of her tan gabardines. Her lover's buttocks quivered with expectation; Janice loved seeing her like this. There was something very arousing about seeing a woman all tied up with no place to go, even if the ties were invisible. A naughty thrill raced up her spine as she thought of having the brunette in her clutches all afternoon. She'd spent seven hours on a cargo plane flying in from Germany after being away for what seemed like a year. If someone had told her five years ago that she'd be calling Cyprus home, she'd have slapped him or her silly. However, as the plane circled Larnaca earlier, there was no other way to describe it; she was coming home.

She snapped out of her reverie as the heel of one of her lover's shoe stamped impatiently. Jan grinned. 'Back to business,' she thought, her grin spreading. Women and great imaginations are a dangerous combination. Funny how invigorating the idea of a bit of role-playing could be; the plan had been hatched while she was stuck between crates and barrels of who knew what. Letting her imagination run wild had made the trip almost bearable. However, their plans had taken a decidedly unexpected turn when the professor of the Historical Society had reminded Mel about the meeting. Instead of letting it ruin things, the archeologist had decided to play things by ear, seeing just where love and lust would take them.

Her nostrils flared as her gaze left Melinda's tensing buttocks and moved down each shapely leg. She could almost taste her lover's flesh. That it would have a slightly salty taste from the combination of excitement and sweat only made it all the more tempting.

She inhaled the heady aroma of her lover and mused that the scent of a woman was like the aroma of a very expensive cigar. Putting a flame to both could get you burned.

Melinda tapped her shoe and huffed, bringing the blonde out of her haze. She cleared her throat and Jan glanced at the clock. Quickly placing a kiss on each buttock, she grabbed the eyebrow pencil and moved back down into position.

Her grin widened as Melinda inhaled sharply when the tip of the pencil touched the crease at the top of her leg. "Now, did you say you wanted fishnet or just plain nylons?"

The brunette's respiration increased at the thought of having Jan working so close and the pencil moving so slowly as it criss-crossed her flesh.

Stepping away from her masterpiece, the blonde sighed and dropped the eyebrow pencil on the counter. "I ain't no da Vinci, but you sure are wearing Mona Lisa's smile." A blush spread across the brunette's face and Jan felt captured as she gazed into azure eyes. It was her turn to swallow. She could live to be a hundred and never tire of gazing at the beautiful woman that shared her life.

Jan bent and kissed her lover's thigh, delighting in the taste and texture. "You look a little overheated, Mel. Too intense? Maybe we should have waited for the sun to go down, huh?" She cupped her lover's buttocks and smiled when Melinda shook her head. Jan loved that Melinda was up for anything and everything, had been ever since they'd met. "Say, you want a daiquiri or something?"

Melinda closed her eyes against the spinning room. Feeling her lover's breath against her skin, especially certain parts of her skin, had pulled her closer to orgasm than she'd ever thought possible. It was going to be very hard to drive down to the museum in the state she was in let alone concentrate on the meeting.

Nodding her head, she moved her legs farther apart in an effort to cool down. "Just water, please." Jan smiled and set about granting her lover's request.

Melinda hitched her skirt higher, away from the drying lines at the backs of her legs and tried to ignore the throbbing between them. Her hands trembled and she fancied that she could see fire pumping through her veins. She wanted to simply bask in the building heat, letting it roll over her. She was so close now that the thought of what the evening might hold thrilled her to no end. She squeezed her thighs together and gasped at the spark that ignited. Her eyes widened knowing it would be a very long, torturous event, just the way Janice liked it.

Whatever bit of control she had managed to dredge up flew out the window as an ice cube was pressed against the base of her spine. Her head fell forward, her chin resting against her chest. As the ice melted, droplets slowly made their way down her buttocks, causing her to jut her ass out in response. She began to pant as the cool water eased between her cheeks, and journeyed to the overheated flesh between her legs. The sound as it splashed against the marble was lost to Melinda as a roaring filled her ears. And as Janice lifted her chin and kissed her deeply, the southerner's world spun out of control.

Her legs and knees were still shaking as the last of the intense orgasm left her. Opening her eyes slowly, she was greeted with a sweet kiss. Then an icy goblet of water was pressed to her lips. Drinking gratefully, Melinda steadied her breathing and began the arduous task of releasing her grip on the countertop.

The grandfather clock chimed two and Janice moved to inspect her finished masterpiece. Her pulse quickened as a droplet could be seen hanging on her lover's labia. With a quick swipe of her tongue, she signed her work.


Mel managed a weak laugh as aftershocks rippled her frame. "God, I'm late, darling. Could I impose on you to give this poor wretched woman a lift to the museum? I must confess that I am in no shape, mental or otherwise, to negotiate my way through traffic, never mind facing a room filled with dusty old society members."

"Good, 'cos I already phoned them and cancelled the appointment shortly after you got home."

Melinda's mouth fell open and a rush of very unladylike language was barely kept back behind perfect white teeth. She turned to complain in a more genteel fashion but Jan had stepped out onto the balcony. After smoothing the fabric of her skirt, Melinda pulled the pins from her hair and fetched the decanter. She didn't care a tinker's damn that her blouse felt like a second skin or that she was currently without panties. In her state, she was lucky to be conscious at all. Pouring two generous goblets, she joined her lover who smiled in her direction.

"That was somewhat cruel of you, Janice Covington. We could have been much more comfortable in our bed, don't you think?" She leaned down and carefully massaged one calf muscle. "I believe you owe me a very deep cleansing massage."

Running her fingers through her lover's thick dark mane, Janice crooned as she took her wine glass, "Well, darling, I suppose we might get around to fitting that in." Two dark eyebrows rose sharply on the brunette's forehead but she wisely kept silent. The blonde might be a little slow in revealing her plans but they were always worth the wait. Spying her purse on the table, Melinda removed a small compact and lipstick. Jan's eyes centered on the red flash of colour as it was applied, her lips curling at the thought of Melinda's nipples ringed in red. She felt weak-kneed and her mind went off on a wild tangent of lust.

Melinda's eyes caught a flash of red hanging out of her lover's pants pocket. Her smile widened as Jan removed two red silk ties.

"For my next work of art - fishnets a la fresco. Clothes are not an option. Wouldn't want to stain that lovely white suit, would we?"

The southerner's deep-throated laughter rang through the house and both were very glad the villa had been set in well away from the road.

In the small hours of the morning, Melinda sat in the chair by the bed, sipping her wine. A contented sigh escaped her lips as the gentle fingers of dawn crept slowly over the sleeping form of her lover. A red sash lay curled on the nightstand. Just thinking about it had Melinda wanting to join the blonde and rekindle the banked embers. However, despite protestations to the contrary, both the long flight and the long hours of lovemaking had taken their toll. But she was a patient woman; another few hours of sleep would be just what the doctor needed. She sat in the semi-darkness fingering the pile of silk ties in her lap and smiled wickedly. Turn about was fair play.

April 16, 2004

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