The Warrior and Bard

by True T 159

The moon was full and the night was clear, as Xena and Gabrielle lay in the grass staring up into the vast sky. Gabrielle rested her head on Xena`s shoulder. Xena had her arm wrapped around Gabrielle, gently stroking the bard`s golden hair.


   XENA -Yea?

   GABRIELLE - Way back when we met why did you take me with 


   XENA- You didn't exactly take no for an answer.

   GABRIELLE- But if you really didn't want me to come with you, you would have made sure I couldn't follow you.

Xena sat up and looked down at Gabrielle with a slight look of concern on her face.

   XENA- Gabrielle is something wrong?

   GABRIELLE- No, it's just that so often I feel so useless and

                         burdensome. You always have my safety on your mind during combat, and that can be a distraction, which could get you hurt or..

Xena placed her finger on Gabrielle`s lips.

    XENA- Shhh hush now, none of this guilt nonsense. You're with

                 me because I want, no, need you here. I didn't know who I truly was until I found you. I'm a better person

                 because of you.

Gabrielle sat up.

    GABRIELLE- But you clearly wanted to change or you wouldn't have saved me or the rest of the girls.

    XENA - Yes while I do want to atone for my past, you make me want to do so much more good to make you want to

                 stay by my side.

Xena took Gabrielle's hand and smiled.

    XENA - I love you Gabrielle, I couldn't picture my life without you.

    GABRIELLE - I love you too. I just wish I were more like you.  

                          Strong and brave and well...

Gabrielle`s voice trailed off as she gestured at Xena`s body, implying that she envied her appearance. Xena impishly smiled.

    XENA - Gabrielle are jealous of the way I look?

    GABRIELLE - A little. I mean look at you and look at me. Not to

                           to mention all the people who fawn over you 

                           everywhere we go.

    XENA - They do that because of my actions, not the way I look.

    GABRIELLE - You have long dark hair and walk around in

                           leather and armor with a smoldering stare that

                           seems to  pierce right through the soul, as you

                           ride in on your trusty steed to save the day. It's a

                           lot about the way you look.

    XENA - That may be true for some, but most are only showing 

                  gratitude for my help in their time of need.

    GABRIELLE- Yes but still I just don't feel..

Before Gabrielle could finish Xena turned to her, put her hands on Gabrielle`s shoulders and stared right into her eyes.

     XENA- Gabrielle you are beautiful, both inside and out. Why

                 can't you see that.

    GABRIELLE - I'm sorry I guess I just don't see what you see.

Slightly frustrated at this point, Xena sighed.

     XENA- You are beautiful and I'll prove it.

Xena pulled Gabrielle in and passionately kissed her. Gabrielle was taken by surprise. Before she could fully process what was happening, Xena pulled back. Gabrielle looked at Xena in shock. Xena wasn't really the affectionate type, and normally kept her true emotions hidden.

     GABRIELLE - Why did you do that?  

     XENA- I wanted to prove my point. Did you not like it?                

     GABRIELLE - It's not that, I just wasn't expecting so much   

                            passion from you is all.

A sly smirk appeared on Xena's face.

      XENA- So you did like it?

      GABRIELLE- What if I did?

      XENA- Then maybe if you'd let me I can show you just how 

                   beautiful I think you are.

      GABRIELLE- Yes I want you.

Xena leaned back in and kissed Gabrielle again, This time Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena`s neck and kissed her back. She ran her fingers through the warrior's long raven hair.   

      XENA- I want to feel all of you, and make you mine in every


      GABRIELLE- I want to be yours and only yours Xena,


The campfire cracked as it casted the dancing shadows of the two lovers in their moments of passion. The night air filled with cries of extacy. When all was said and done the two layed in one another's embrace.

        GABRIELLE - I love you Xena.

Xena smiled.

       XENA-I love you too Gabrielle.

Who could have imagined a love so true as the love between the warrior and the bard.



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