Tyler woke as the morning sun shone through the opened curtain. A smile formed on her face as she saw black hair cover her chest and an arm across her stomach. " It amazes me that this woman who could have anyone chose me." She brushed her fingers through BJ’s hair. The softness of it reminded her of the way it felt when BJ had kissed her way down her body. "The way it tickled and caressed my sensitive skin as BJ placed butterfly kisses on just the right spots. Whoever taught her that I will thank them until the end of time."

Tyler sighed as she snuggled closer to the still sleeping BJ. " It’s still pretty early so I’ll just stay here for a little while longer." Tyler thought before she fell into a light slumber.

Tyler woke the second time to soft kisses on her neck. "Hmm, now that’s the way to wake up. How do you feel?"

BJ continued to kiss Tyler’s neck and up to her mouth. She traced the lips with her tongue until it was granted entrance. The kiss was deep and passionate.

"Does that answer your question?" BJ whispered as she trailed kisses across Tyler’s chest.

"Mmm," Tyler moaned as her nipple was sucked into a warm mouth.


"Well look at that." Barb said as she looked out the back door to the two people coming out of the guesthouse. "I’ve never seen BJ smile like that in all my life." "Good for her."

Leo walked up to Barb. A smile formed to match the older woman’s. "Don’t they make such a cute couple?"

"Yes they do and if you two don’t stop staring at them Tyler will kick both of your asses." Mike said from the table where he was eating his lunch.

Leo and Barb glanced at each other and decided Mike was right. They both walked over to the table and sat down. A few seconds later the two women walked in holding hands and smiling.

"Good morning everybody." Tyler said as she walked in.

"You mean good afternoon, don’t you?" Barb teased.

"As long as I wake up with BJ in my arms I don’t care if it’s morning or afternoon." Tyler said and guided BJ to a chair. "Do you want something to eat?"

"I’ll have whatever your having." BJ replied with a smile and watched Tyler walk to the refrigerator.

She turned to look at the three other people at the table. "So what’s on the agenda today?"

"We’re getting things organized for when you get to the set tomorrow. You’ll be out in the open with a lot of people around. It makes it harder for us to keep you close and out of harms way."

"You think things will get worse after what happened yesterday?" Barb questioned.

"It could. The guy knows we know that Miles is working with him." Tyler said as she walked to the table and set a plate in front of BJ. "It will either make him try harder or make him step back."

"You don’t thinks it’s the latter do you?" BJ asked as she bit into her sandwich.

Tyler looked from one face to another before her gaze fell on BJ’s. "No, I think what happened just gave him another reason to take you away. Plus really pissing him off that we found out about Miles so fast."


"Boy, don’t you look like shit." Tyler noted when BJ walked out of make-up with a black eye, cut lip and blood all over her clothes.

"Since it’s the abused house wife turned murderer look, I’ll take that as a compliment." BJ laughed and walked up to guide Tyler to her dressing room. "You want to go and fool around? I don’t have to be on set for another half an hour."

"As much as I would really enjoy that. I want to make sure I keep my head straight, and thoughts of you kissing me makes my head go straight to the clouds." Tyler whispered so that no one around them could hear.

BJ smiled at her lover, "I’m sorry. I just want to be alone with you and ravish you."

Tyler blushed as she imagined BJ doing exquisite things to her body. "Just think in a few days you’ll have your chance. Now lets go get something to drink." Tyler guided BJ over to where craft services were set up.

Standing behind a trailer stood a dark figure. He watched as the two women walked over to a table that held an assortment of drinks. He continued to watch as they grabbed a drink and sat at a table away from other people. What he noticed next made his blood boil and his anger rise. "She’s holding her hand under the table. I can’t believe she’s disgracing me and my love for her by doing that"

He heard BJ’s name calling her to the set. He watched as they both stood and walked over to where the filming was being done. "Soon I’ll have you. But first your little friend will have to be taken care of."



BJ decided that she wanted to have the summerhouse and Tyler all to herself the first night. So she and Tyler drove up Friday in Tyler’s jeep as soon as shooting was finished.

"Turn left here," BJ said as she pointed to a dirt road.

Tyler slowed the jeep down, "are you sure it’s a road?" Tyler asked as the headlights lit the way down a dirt path.

"Sure I’m sure," BJ slapped Tyler lightly on the arm. "In a few minutes will be lying in front of a fire drinking wine and making love."


Tyler looked over at BJ with a big smile. "I like the sound of that."

BJ leaned over and kissed Tyler. "So do I," she purred.

They came up to a fork in the road. "Which way?" Tyler asked.

"Take a right, we have to cross the old bridge and then it’s just a mile and we will be there." BJ happily said not noticing the frightened look Tyler gave her.

"I can do this. I’m not a little girl any more. It’s only a bridge and nothing is going to happen." Tyler thought to herself as she turned down the road to her biggest fear.

Not more than a minute passed before Tyler stopped at what looked like a bridge that was built hundreds of years ago. "You’re sure it’s safe?" She asked as calmly as she could.

"Oh you bet," BJ stated with confidence. "We had some construction done on it. It may look like it would fall over with a good wind, but trust me it’s safe."

"I can do this. I can do this. I can do this." Tyler repeated in her head as she started towards the bridge.

When she got with in twenty feet she stopped the jeep. "BJ?" Tyler squeaked from suddenly dried lips.

"Yes?" BJ turned to look at the small blonde. She saw the look of total fear across Tyler’s face. "What’s the matter?"

Memories flashed in Tyler’s mind. The sound of metal, hitting metal. Her Mother and Grandmother screaming as the car tumbled over and over. The sound of water splashing and the feeling of cold water surrounding her.

"I can’t breath. I have to get out." Tyler gasped as she tried to undo her seat belt.

BJ tried to grab ahold of Tyler’s frantic hands. "What’s wrong? Tyler talk to me. I don’t understand what’s happening."

"The water is so cold. Have to get out. I can’t breath." Tyler repeated as she fought with the belt that held her in place.

BJ quickly undid her own belt and jumped out of the car. She ran around to the driver’s side and opened the door. She fought with flinging arms and hands to finally get the seatbelt off of the frightened blonde.

Once Tyler was free BJ scooped up the frightened woman and held her close. "Tyler, please talk to me. I don’t know what to do."

"Just hold me," Tyler whispered as she held on to BJ’s shirt. "Don’t let me go."

BJ had tears running down her face, "never."

After a few minutes BJ could tell that Tyler had calmed down, because Tyler had loosened the grip she had on her coat.

"Can you tell me what happened?" BJ asked softly.

"The accident that killed my family happened as we were crossing a bridge. A drunk driver came into our lane hitting us head on. The force of it flipped us over the side and down the embankment. We landed in the water. I remember being so cold and scared." Tyler shivered as her body remembered the feeling. "We didn’t sink too far, because of the rocks, but it still took them a long time to get me out of the car."

BJ held on to Tyler tighter. "Oh honey, I’m so sorry that you went through that."

"The worst part was waiting for them to get me out." Tyler continued, "Dad died before we even came to a stop. Mom on the other hand didn’t. She kept looking back at me. I was still strapped into my car seat and didn’t have a scratch on me. I realized she was dead when she didn’t blink after a few minutes." Tyler stood up and began to pace. "My Grandmother died a little bit later. She never regained consciousness, but she’d moan every few seconds. I remember hearing a gurgling sound and then nothing. I later learned that she had died by drowning, because her lungs filled up with blood."

BJ still couldn’t believe how Tyler had survived the crash without so much as a scratch. But she figured Tyler got the worst out of it. She had to live with the fact that she lost most of her family and all she could do was sit there and watch. "Do you want to go find a motel and then head back home in the morning?"

Tyler stopped and looked from her concerned lover to the thing that made her nightmares so real. "Do I want to let this thing control me for the rest of my life?" She thought. "No, it’s time to face my fears and get on with my life."

"If you drive I think I can make it." Tyler smiled at BJ. "I want to spend my night making love to you in front of a big fire. Not in some cheap motel."

BJ walked over and cupped Tyler’s face. She leaned down and kissed the lips that she loved so much. "If you’re sure?"

"Yes, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. I’m tired of being afraid and I know you will always be by my side." Tyler said as she caressed BJ’s neck. "Thank you."

"By your side always sounds good and I love you. So no need to thank me for doing something that comes naturally." BJ smiled and led Tyler over to the passenger side of the car. "Now close your eyes and I’ll let you know when we are across."


"You call this a summerhouse? How big is this place?" Tyler asked shocked at the size of the log cabin.

BJ laughed, "it has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one big kitchen. Plus a small library and a family room were we watch movies or television. Let’s not forget the living room where a nice big fire will be in a few minutes." BJ watched as a knowing grin formed on her lover’s face.

"Let’s get going," Tyler said as she jumped out of the jeep.

They each grabbed a bag and headed for the house. They walked up the big wrap around porch to the large wooden front door. Before BJ could get the key into the lock the door flew open and an old man stood there with a smile on his face.

"Well, look who finally decided to come for a visit." He teased as he grabbed the bag BJ held in her hand. "It’s been what, two years since you’ve been here?"

"Hi, Mr. Coal and yes, it’s been about that long." BJ answered before she hugged the smiling man. "How’s Mrs. Coal?"

"Oh, you know her. She’ll still be moaning and groaning until the end of time." He kidded about his wife. "Now who’s your friend?"

"I’d like to introduce you to my bodyguard and most importantly my friend, Tyler." BJ said and smiled.

"Nice to meet you, sir" Tyler replied as she shook the man’s hand.

"Like wise. Well, I just wanted to double-check everything. So I’ll be on my way. The wife will be expecting me home now and I don’t want her to be on my ass about being late." He said as he walked down the porch stairs and around the corner.

"Bye," Both women said at the same time before they shut the door.

"Let me show you where our room is." BJ said and guided Tyler over to a spiral staircase. "The only room up here is my bedroom. The rest of the rooms are down that hallway." She said as she pointed off to the left.

Tyler stepped up on the last step and stopped in her tracks. She had never seen a bed like this in her entire life. The bed was made from old logs with what looked like a feather mattress in the middle of it. It was so big she bet that five people could sleep in it and still have room. "My God, where did you ever find a bed like this?" She asked as she walked closer.

BJ who was putting her things away in a dresser drawer turned. "I had them make it out of some of the trees they cut down to build the house. I wish I could have one made for the house in the city, because that’s the best place to sleep in the world."

"Can’t wait to try it out." Tyler replied as she sat on the edge.

"Oh trust me we will have plenty of chances to try it out." BJ purred into Tyler’s ear from behind.

"You bet we will," Tyler responded and turned to grasp BJ around the waist. She bent down and kissed BJ along the long inviting neck. "How about we give it a try right now?"

BJ grabbed the back of Tyler’s shirt and pulled until it came out of her pants. Then she pushed Tyler up so she could get ahold of the front and pulled until it went flying across the room. Her hands went to the button of the jeans that hid what she wanted most. "Off, now."

Tyler rolled off of her and quickly unbuttoned her jeans and kicked them off. She was about to take her underwear off but an already naked BJ stopped her.

"Let me?" BJ asked as she bent over Tyler and kissed her. "Just lie back and let me love you."

Tyler could only nod her head and laid back. Tyler shivered as BJ kissed across her shoulder to her neck. She stopped there and sucked on the fast beating pulse point. "Do you have any idea how good you taste?"

Not really expecting an answer BJ kissed her way down to the silk covered breast. She ran her tongue over the material feeling the nipple pucker waiting for more attention. She hooked her finger under the strap and brought it down so that just one breast was free.

"MMmmm," Tyler moaned when BJ suckled and nipped her nipple. The sensations BJ was giving her just from doing this one act alone made Tyler go over the edge. "Ohhh yes," she cried between clenched teeth.

BJ kissed her way over to the other breast making sure she gave it the same loving treatment as the other. She kissed her way up Tyler’s neck to her mouth. "Do you know that I love you with every breath I take?" She said as she brought her hands to cup the perfect breast that she just loved.

"I do, and I feel the same." Tyler said with her eyes still closed.

BJ smiled and began to kiss Tyler again. She broke the kiss and started a trail down Tyler’s chest to her stomach. She could smell Tyler’s excitement and could not wait any longer to feast on what Tyler offered her.

With one quick motion the underwear was on the floor somewhere. BJ lay in between Tyler’s open legs. Enjoying the view and the smell that over powered her senses. "God, I love this woman. Every single heart beat is for her until the day I die."

Tyler jumped when a warm tongue entered her. Her body twitched with delight and all her other senses shut down. The only thing that mattered at this moment was the feeling the woman she loved was giving her.

BJ sucked the overly sensitive clit into her mouth. Loving the reaction Tyler’s body had when she did. With two fingers she slowly entered Tyler. The muscles grabbed hold and BJ had to wait until her lover’s body wanted more. The muscles soon loosened and she started to pump in and out.

"Just like that. Oh yes it feels so good." Tyler moaned as she grabbed the sheets in her fist. She could feel the orgasm begin to build in the pit of her stomach and grow in intensity.

"Come on baby, let it go." BJ whispered.

Tyler’s body reacted to the words and the movement inside her. "YESSS, OH GOD OH GOD," Tyler screamed over and over again until her body came crashing to the ground.

Tyler’s body wasn’t ready to let BJ go so she left her fingers where they were. She kissed her way back up until she was face to face with Tyler. "Please open your eyes." She said and waited until unfocused green eyes opened.

"That was amazing. I can’t believe what you did to my body." Tyler said softly as she tried to catch her breath.

BJ felt Tyler’s muscles relax so she carefully extracted herself from Tyler’s body and brought her fingers to her mouth. "Believe me, it was my pleasure."

"I don’t know about that. I do know that it’s my turn." Tyler said as she flipped BJ over to her back. "Now lay there and enjoy my love."

BJ didn’t have time to respond as her mouth was otherwise occupied.

Tyler let her hands roam over the naked skin that was so soft and silky. She brought her knee up to rub against BJ’s center. It was immediately soaked with her lovers juices. "You’re so wet."

"All for you," BJ moaned when Tyler increased the pressure.

Tyler sucked and nipped BJ’s neck. Leaving little red marks as she made her way down to the ample breast. She loved the way BJ’s nipples felt between her lips. And the way BJ made little grunts and groans with every pass her tongue made across sensitive skin.

Tyler supported herself with one hand and caressed her way down to BJ’s wet center. Her fingers slid over the engorged clit. With smooth circular strokes Tyler felt BJ’s body convulse. "It’s my turn to see if you can reach the stars." She whispered as she began her way down BJ’s body.

Not moving her finger from its task she guided BJ’s legs to drape over her shoulders. She loved the feeling of being surrounded by her lover as she feasted on her.

"Ohh, my," BJ groaned when Tyler’s tongue made first contact to her sensitive clit. "Please baby, I need more."

Not wanting BJ to come to quickly she ignored her begging. The sweet tastes rocked her senses. She had never tasted anything this exquisite in all her life. "It just keeps getting better and better."

"Tyler please baby, please…" BJ moaned as her body jumped off the bed when Tyler nipped her clit. She glanced down through half closed eye lids to hazy green. "Please baby."

Tyler smiled and gave a slight nod. She entered her at the same time she sucked her clit into her mouth. The sensation to her clit and the movement from being filled sent BJ over the edge screaming her lovers name.

"TYLER, OH TYLER," BJ felt like her body had electricity shooting out every pour. Stars flew past closed eyelids and Tyler’s head was caught in a vice grip.

Even though she couldn’t move her head Tyler continued to suck and stroke BJ’s clit. Her fingers only stopped for a second before they too kept up their vigorous movement.

BJ didn’t have time to calm down from her first orgasm before the second claimed her body. It wasn’t as intense as the first but it still knocked her for a loop.

Tyler lowered BJ’s legs back to the bed. She licked her lips as she made her way up to lay her head on BJ’s shoulder. "You taste so sweet. Just like candy from the gods."

BJ opened her eyes. She was surprised by the intensity of her emotions at that moment. Tears formed and glided down her cheeks.

A soft sniffle made Tyler look up into misty blue eyes. "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing," BJ cried.

"Something must be wrong if you’re crying." Tyler whispered as she wiped the moisture off of her lover’s face. "I didn’t hurt you did I?"

"Oh, no. You made me feel so much in such a short time. I just can’t believe I found someone to love me for me." BJ replied as she closed her eyes so she could enjoy Tyler’s touch.

"I do love you for you, and being a big time movie star has its plusses too." Tyler said with a kiss. "My ego is doing a happy dance all over the place. I never imagined someone who could have anyone in the world would choose me."

BJ opened her eyes and kissed Tyler on the top of the head. "Baby, no one compares to you."

Tyler turned so she could rest her chin on BJ’s shoulder. The smile that appeared on her face could have lit the sky in the middle of the night. "I love you."

"No more than I love you." BJ replied as she caressed Tyler’s back. "Guess I didn’t get that all the way off?" She said as her fingers hit Tyler’s bra strap.

"You better take care of that right now." Tyler suggested with a grin.

"You’re right, I better." BJ responded with raised eyebrows.

The rest of the night the two memorized every inch of the others body. Bringing the other to the point of oblivion over and over again.


The next morning Tyler woke up with the need to go to the bathroom. Slowly she got up not wanting to wake her sleeping lover.

She finished in the bathroom and decided that breakfast was in order. "Considering that we missed supper last night. I wonder were the kitchen is anyway?" She thought as she searched for a t-shirt and sweat pants. She looked up at the still sleeping BJ. "Damn she’s gorgeous. I’m the luckiest person in the world"

Carefully she tucked the blanket around BJ’s shoulders and headed down the stairs.

"Okay if I was a kitchen where would I be?" Tyler asked out loud to herself.

"I’d be in the back of the house, down that little hallway." A voice from behind informed her.

Tyler jumped out of her skin. She turned quickly around ready to defend herself.

"Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you child." An old woman said as she raised her hand up in surrender. "I give up."

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Tyler asked as she tried to get her heart out of her throat.

"I’m Mrs. Coal. I’m the housekeeper here at Summer Field." The older woman answered as she walked down the hall she said the kitchen was in. "You look like you could use some coffee. Follow me and I’ll get you some."

Tyler followed Mrs. Coal. The view that greeted Tyler as she walked into the kitchen took her breath away. One entire wall was nothing but windows and beyond the window was a meadow with a small creek running in the middle. A mother deer and her twin fawns eating grass and drinking the cool water. Flowers of all sorts of different colors danced as a light wind brushed across the open land.

"I’ve never seen anything this serene in my entire life." Tyler whispered as she walked to get a closer look. "I only thought things like this were painted in pictures."

Mrs. Coal watched Tyler’s face. She really liked a woman who could appreciate Gods gifts. "How do you take your coffee?"

"Black is fine." Tyler replied as she turned and walked over to sit in a chair. "Thanks." She said as Mrs. Coal handed her a cup of hot liquid.

"Not a problem," Mrs. Coal responded as she took a seat next to Tyler. "So my husband says that your BJ’s bodyguard."

"Yes, ma’am. I am BJ’s bodyguard." Tyler answered before she took a sip. "Good coffee, what kind is it?" She asked hoping the questioning would stop here.

"Just some store bought brand. Now tell me why does she need to hire someone to be her bodyguard?" Mrs. Coal continued not fazed when Tyler tried to steer the questions away from her.

"Is there anything here to make breakfast? I would like to surprise BJ with breakfast in bed." Tyler tried again. "Boy lady take a hint."

"Of course there is. I have eggs, bacon, and a bunch of fruit I had Harry bring yesterday. What did you have in mind?" Mrs. Coal asked as she got up and went to the refrigerator.

"You go ahead and sit back down. I want to make it." Tyler responded and got up to take the eggs out of her hands. "You have cheese right?"

"Ok dear, just give me a yell if you need me. And yes, it’s on the shelf inside the door next to the butter." Mrs. Coal said as she filled her cup again so she could watch Tyler cook.


BJ woke when she felt soft kisses being placed across her back. "That feels wonderful. I’ll pay you a million dollars if you don’t stop." She moaned when lips placed a kiss on each of her butt cheeks.

"If I can eat your breakfast to, you’ve got yourself a deal." Tyler answered as she rubbed her hand in small circles on BJ’s back.

"You made breakfast?" BJ asked very happy that her lover was a little bit of a romantic.

"Yes I did, and you better eat it before it gets cold." Tyler bent over and kissed BJ when she turned over. "Good morning."

"Morning." BJ kissed her back. "Now where’s my food."

"First I wanted to give you something." Tyler reached down to the floor. "It took me all morning to try to find a flower that compared to your beauty. I couldn’t find one so I settled for these." Tyler brought up a dozen fresh cut red roses.

"They’re gorgeous, Tyler. Thank you so much." BJ kissed Tyler with all the passion she felt inside.

"If you keep that up we’ll never get to eat breakfast." Tyler said breathlessly when the kiss broke.

"I see a very nice breakfast sitting right next to me." BJ purred and tried to kiss Tyler again.

"Nope you need more sustenance than me, my love." Tyler replied and quickly went to get the tray that sat on the dresser. "But keep that thought, because after you eat…" Tyler wiggled her eyebrows to finish her sentence.


"Wow, this is some house." Leo said as Mike pulled up next to Tyler’s jeep.

"BJ had it built several years ago. We’d come up here to get away from the city." Barb said as she climbed out of the car. "We haven’t had the time lately. Been to busy with everything that has been going on."

"Thanks for sharing this with us." Mike responded as he opened the trunk to get their bags out.

The three walked up the steps to the porch. Barb didn’t bother to knock she just walked in. The house was nice and quiet.

"My guess is if they’re not in bed." Barb grinned, "they’re on the back deck."

They left their bags in the front hall and headed for the kitchen.

"Yep there they are." Barb pointed at the figures sitting in chairs. "Why don’t you go on outside. I’ll get some drinks and bring them out."

"Thanks," Leo replied as he grabbed Mike by the hand and led him outside.

"Good afternoon you two," Leo called as soon as he stepped out the door.

Both women turned and smiled.

"It’s about time you guys got here. Where is Mom?" BJ asked and stood to give them each a hug.

"She’s getting us something to drink." Mike answered after he sat down and stretched. "This is some view you got here."

"Thanks, I’m going to go in and help Mom." BJ kissed Tyler and walked off towards the house.

Tyler didn’t turn her head. She already knew Mike and Leo were both sporting matching grins.

"How was the drive up?" Tyler asked hoping that they wouldn’t tease her.

"It was okay," Mike replied and looked over at Leo.

Leo winked at him, "so, did you get bit by a bug?"

"And the teasing begins." Tyler put her head in her hands and shook her head. "Why me?"


"Hi, Mom." BJ said as soon as she walked into the kitchen and saw her Mom standing talking to Mrs. Coal.

"Hello, sweetheart how are you?" She asked with a smile. "By the look on your face I guess you’re doing great."

BJ kissed Barb on the cheek; "I’m so much better than great. I can’t even describe how I feel at this moment."

"Love is a wonderful thing." Mrs. Coal smiled. "I always knew you’d find your heart. You wouldn’t settle for less."

BJ turned to look at Tyler through the window. "She is my heart."

Barb and Mrs. Coal watched the unguarded expression of love on BJ face. They both smiled at each other.

"So honey, did you get bit by some bug last night?" Barb asked and winked at Mrs. Coal.

BJ brought her hand up to cover her neck. "I’m going to kill her."

"You should have put some bug spray on. I put an extra bottle in your bathroom under the sink." Mrs. Coal said as she tried to stop herself from laughing.

"Those look like a pretty big bug did that." Barb replied as she tried to move BJ’s hand. "Did you get the super sized bottle?"

"No, but I can get it and bring it in tomorrow. Do you think she’ll be safe until then?" Mrs. Coal kidded through hands that tried to muffle a laugh.

"Oh, aren’t you two just too funny." BJ stood with her hands on her hips trying to be mad. "Just to let you know there isn’t any kind of spray to keep this bug away. And I like it that way."

"From all the screaming I heard this morning I could tell." Mrs. Coal laughed when BJ blushed.

Barb had to sit at the table or she’d fall on the floor. "Way to go, I haven’t seen her turn that color in a long time."

"I’m going to kill her." BJ repeated out loud.


"Do you know I was teased about these lovely bites you gave me." Tyler pouted to BJ as they walked along the creek.

"Well, I did have to get you back for giving me mine. Anyway I was teased too." BJ smiled as she watched Tyler walk ahead of her. "My woman, my heart, my soul. God I’m the luckiest person in the world."

"This looks like a good spot. We should be able to see the sunset perfectly." Tyler laid the blanket on the ground. She held out her hand to help BJ sit. She bent over and kissed BJ. "Love you."

"Love you too." BJ whispered before she grabbed Tyler around the waist and pulled so that Tyler was on top of her. "I wish we could stay here forever. Just you, me and our love."

"Me too," Tyler lowered her lips to BJ’s. "I would love stay here and let the world go on without us."

"Mmm hmm," BJ moaned in agreement. She let her hands roam under Tyler’s shirt. She could feel the muscle twitch when she ran her fingers down Tyler’s back.

Tyler needed to feel more of BJ than just her hands on her back. "Can we be spotted from the house?" She asked as she broke the kiss and nipped BJ’s ear.

"Who cares," BJ moaned as she lifted Tyler’s shirt up over her head. "I want you now and if they want to watch let them."

Those were the last coherent words spoken as they lost themselves in each other.


From behind a tree the dark figure watched through binoculars. "You should have listened to me. You will be mine by tomorrow night. I will punish the little devil for making you do things that you didn’t want to. Then we will be happy when I make you mine."

He turned and walked to were he parked his truck. "Tomorrow."


A couple of hours later BJ and Tyler lay totally content under a blanket of stars.

Tyler kissed the soft breast next to her head. "We should head back."

"Don’t want to." BJ answered with her eyes still closed. "I like it just fine here."

"I feel the same way, but my dear it’s getting a little chilly." Tyler replied as she sat up to find her clothes. "Where did you toss my underwear?"

"It’s somewhere over there." BJ pointed towards the creek. "I think."

Tyler stood up and tried to see her missing garment. "Next time we bring a flashlight. I can’t see anything."

"Well maybe next time you’ll be like me and not wear any at all." BJ responded with a grin as she remembered Tyler’s response at finding out she had gone commando. "I’ll have to do that more often."

"Aren’t you the funny one." Tyler turned around giving up the search. "Now where are my pants."

BJ fell back on the ground and laughed.

After a long search they found every piece of clothing Tyler had lost except her underwear. They were heading back to the house when the hairs on the back of Tyler’s neck stood up and she got a feeling that they were being watched. She tried to see if she could spot anything, but all she saw was darkness.

She grabbed BJ by the elbow and guided her along the path.

BJ could tell that something was wrong from the way Tyler kept looking around. "What’s going on?"

"We are being watched. When I say run I want you to run and not stop until you get in the house." Tyler ordered as she had BJ quicken her steps.

"What about you?" She asked concerned as her heart started to beat faster.

"Don’t worry about me. Now…RUN.." Tyler yelled as she began to run behind BJ. She heard footsteps running behind her getting closer and closer. "Get to the house." She yelled before she stopped to face the threat.


Mike and Leo sat on the couch in front of the fire as Barb poured them another drink.

"Thanks," Leo smiled as he took a sip of his drink.

Barb smiled down at him. "You’re welcome." She responded and looked up at the clock that sat on top of the mantle. " It’s getting late don’t you think we should go look for them?"

"I’ll give them a few more minutes and then I’ll grab a flash light and go find them." Mike offered. "But I bet they will be here any second now."

Just as the words left his mouth BJ came running in. She quickly closed the door and locked it. "Ty…Tyler..someone chasing us." BJ said as she tried to catch her breath.

The three ran up to BJ and guided her to the couch.

"Calm down, take nice deep breaths." Mike said as he helped BJ sit. "Where’s Tyler?"

BJ had tears running down her face. "She told me to run. I did. I should have stayed with her."

Mike and Leo looked at each other. Knowing something must have happened and Tyler wanted BJ to get out of harms way. "Did you see anything?" Mike asked as he started to walk out of the room seeing BJ shake her head.

BJ shook her head and continued to cry. "No, all I did was run."

Leo knelt in front of BJ taking her hands in his. "You did what she wanted. She wanted you safe. Tyler can take of herself. We will stay here and Mike is going to go out and find her."

Barb had her arm wrapped arm BJ’s shoulders. "It’s all going to be okay. Listen to Leo, he knows what Tyler is capable of doing. She’ll be okay."

"Leo, come and lock the door after me. Don’t let anyone else in, but me or Tyler." Mike said as he checked his gun.

"Be careful." Leo said in a whisper before he kissed Mike.

"Promise," Mike turned to BJ when she walked up to him. "I’ll find her."

"Please," was the only thing BJ could think to say.

With one last look at the three. "Remember nobody, but me or Tyler." Mike opened the door and glanced outside then he quickly ran out the door.


"Come on you son of a bitch. I know you’re out there. I can hear you breathing. " Tyler yelled into the darkness. "I’ll give you one free shot, and then I’m going to kick your ass from here to prison."

Tyler heard a twig snap off to her right. She could feel eyes on her. Watching every step she took. "What’s the matter too chicken to face me face to face? Have to hide in the dark like a coward." She jumped when another twig snapped but this time it was closer. "Really wish I had a flash light."

"Do something already will you." Tyler taunted. "COME ON, COME ON…."

The weight of her stalker sent Tyler flying to the ground. She tried to get the weight off, but it was useless.

"Oh shit, this guy weighs a ton and he’s all furry." Tyler thought. "Furry?"

"Sure looks that way." Mike agreed with a smile as he walked up to the scene before him. He shined the light at the big black dog that sat on Tyler’s stomach. "Seems to me like you got yourself a pet."

"Shut up and help me up." Tyler yelled from the cold ground.

When Mike started to walk towards Tyler the dog started to growl. "Easy boy, I’m a friend." Mike said with his hands up. He started towards her again, but the growling grew louder. "You are on your own." Mike laughing all the way down the path broke the silence of the night.

"Gee thanks," Tyler replied sarcastically as she pushed the furry creature off of her.


"Do you think they’re okay?" BJ asked for the tenth time since Mike left.

A knock was heard and all three people jumped for the door.

"Who is it?" Leo asked as he tried to see out the little peep hole.

"Its Mike, let me in." The voice said from outside.

Leo quickly opened the door and let Mike enter. "Where’s Tyler?"

"Yea, where is she? You promised me you’d bring her back." BJ yelled as she stormed up to the tall man.

Mike backed up with his hands in the air. "Hold on, I did find her. She’ll be here in a minute."

"Is she okay?" BJ asked relieved at what Mike told her.

Mike laughed, "she’s more than okay. Leo will you get the camera out of my bag please." He asked his lover.

"What’s going on?" Barb questioned curiously with her hands on her hips.

"Come and stand on the porch. You will just love this." Mike responded with a big smile as he opened the door.

Leo walked up as the rest stepped outside. "Mike, why do you need your camera?"

"Because, I want to get the next couple of minutes on film." Mike grinned and stepped out the door. "Nothing like black mail material."

A few minutes later a pissed off Tyler emerged from the darkness. Every few steps she would look behind to see where her canine companion was.

BJ started for the steps, but was stopped by Mike. "Hold up a second." He wasn’t sure how the dog would handle someone charging at Tyler.

BJ gave him a look that would have put him six feet under, "why would I want to wait."

"Because of that." Mike answered and pointed at a very big furry object walking behind Tyler.

"What is that?" Barb asked loud enough for Tyler to hear.

"Hope you like dogs, because it looks like he’s coming with me." Tyler said just before the dog jumped on her back knocking her down. "Get off of me."

Mike focused his camera and started to take pictures. Every few shots he’d have to stop to catch his breath from laughing so hard.

"Can someone please get this thing off me." Tyler shouted from the ground.

Before Mike could stop her BJ walked down the steps and called the dog. "Come here big guy, come on." She said as she slapped her legs with her palms.

The dog stopped licking Tyler’s neck and looked up at BJ. He jumped off and headed towards BJ.

"That’s a good boy, come here." BJ’s smile left her face when she realized that she was about to end up like Tyler. "Oh, Shit." She said as she flew through the air landing on her back trying to stop the dog from licking her to death.

Tyler quickly stood and ran over to BJ and the dog. "Get off her." She ordered loudly as she grabbed the dog by the scruff of the neck.

The dog stopped and sat next to his new friends. He looked from one to the other with his tongue hanging out.

"Stay," Tyler yelled as she helped BJ off the ground. "You okay?"

BJ took Tyler into a neck-breaking hug. "You scared the crap out of me."

"Sorry." Tyler croaked, "I can’t breath."

BJ loosened her grip and stepped back. "I take it that our stalker this evening is that thing there?" She asked with raised eyebrows. "And I see it doesn’t like Mike or Leo."

Tyler turned and looked as the two men carefully stepped back on the porch when the big dog growled at them. ""Good boy."


"So what are you going to do with him?" BJ asked as she watched Tyler bath the dog in a big plastic tub.

"I think I’ll keep him." Tyler relied as she scrubbed behind the dog’s ears. "It’s okay with you isn’t it?"

"You don’t need my permission to have a pet." BJ stated. "You’re a grown-up and can make your own decisions." She teased and threw a towel over Tyler’s head.

"I know that." Tyler scowled at her lover as she tossed the towel on the floor. "It’s just that I don’t even know if you like dogs. I don’t want to keep him and then have you hate him for being around." Tyler said softly hoping that BJ didn’t hate dogs.

BJ jumped down off the bench she sat on. She knelt by Tyler and began to help her wash the dog. "No I don’t hate dogs. If fact I love all sorts of animals. The only one I really hate is a spider." BJ shivered at the thought. "Anything with eight legs just isn’t right."

"So what do you think we should call him?" Tyler asked with a smile.

A long wet tongue kissed BJ’s check. "How about Tongue?"


Continued in part four…..

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