525,600 Minutes
How Do You Measure, Measure A Year?


--This is meant to be an uber. However, I wasn't overly descriptive with the characters, and as such, some of them may not be clear as to who they are. If you have questions about it, feel free to email me.

--The SIRIUS radio station featured in this story DOES NOT EXIST! SIRIUS does have a Gay/Lesbian channel, and if you want to know what it is, email me.

--There are a couple of Xena moments referenced in this tale. However, the way it ends, ISNT one of them.

--This one does feature mild violence in the form of a phone conversation. One of the two main characters is not nice to her mother. However, when you read it, you probably won't see it as rude.

--The title of this story is part of the lyrics from "Seasons of Love", from RENT. When you read the story you'll know why I picked it.

--Some scenes are longer than others. But what happened when I wrote this was I let each scene write itself out.

--This story woke me up a total of NINE times to work on it in the middle of the night.

--I only know how other people feel about my stuff if they tell me. Any comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms can be sent to subtextficfiend@gmail.com

New Years Day


Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve was playing on the wall mounted plasma TV in the large bedroom. In the master bath of the two story brownstone, a tall, muscular brunette leaned against the dark marble counter, as she watched the second hand on her watch tick round in circles as she waited for the allotted two minutes to pass that the directions on the package called for.

Sitting directly across from her, on the edge of the tiled Jacuzzi, a smaller woman with white blonde hair and green eyes anxiously watched the taller woman's face. She knew they should've waited til morning, but she couldn't wait anymore. When enough time had gone by, Regan picked up the test strip, and checked the indicator.

Presley kept a close watch on Regan's face, looking for any sign as to the reading on the test strip. Regan kept her face emotionless as she locked eyes with her partner of nearly fifteen years. Presley watched nervously as Regan rolled the test strip over in her hands to show her the results.

She noticed two things at once. The two heavy pink lines on the strip indicator and the mischievous twinkle in Regan's eyes that threatened to take over her entire face. Presley shot up off the tub, and straight into a pair of powerful arms, as Regan wrapped her in a hug and lifted her off her feet. Finally, after two long years of trying, they were going to have a baby.

Valentines Day (2 Months)


Presley walked through the French doors of Southern Comforts day spa, and was greeted by a woman with long blonde curls, and laughing brown eyes.

"Presley, darlin, it's so good to see you" Savannah said, her thick southern accent bringing a smile to Presley's face.

Savannah took her by the hand and led her towards the changing rooms.

"Your dress and such are already here, and Kris is ready to do your hair and makeup as soon as Roxy and Toby are done with you" Savannah said opening the door to one of the rooms.

Presley walked into the small room, and Savannah shut the door behind her. She emerged a few minutes later, dressed in a soft cotton robe.

"All set?" Savannah asked.

Presley nodded.

"This way then sugar" Savannah said, and led Presley towards a nearby room.


Kris twitched Presley's dress into place, so that the cut of the dress perfectly displayed her figure. The deep red dress was both low cut, and split to mid thigh, leaving very little to the imagination. She also had on three inch silver strap heels. Add to that the curly updo and makeup, and Presley was certain that Regan's jealous streak would certainly show itself before the night was over. She could hear Regan's voice in the front room, and when she walked into the room, Regan's heart all but stopped.

Dressed in black bootcut trousers, and a dark red three quarter sleeved button down shirt, Regan felt her mouth go dry. Presley walked towards her, and all at once, Regan remembered her manners.  She offered Presley her arm, and then led her out to the waiting limo.


"That was absolutely incredible" Presley said softly.

She was sitting in the limo, wrapped in Regan's arms, a large hand protectively covering her slightly rounded abdomen. Normally, a pregnancy would not be showing quite so early, but the doctor had said that due to Presley's petite size, it would be obvious sooner.

"So where are we going now?" Presley asked.

"Well, I hadn't really planned anything. Why?" Regan asked.

Presley turned and curled completely into Regan's embrace, resting her head against a broad shoulder and yawning, her adrenaline rush from the night's excitement finally wearing off. Regan gently kissed Presley's forehead.

"Okay mama, that's all I needed to see" Regan said.

She pushed the intercom button that allowed her to talk to the driver.

"Alright Andrew, take us home" she said.

"Yes madam, right away" a deep voice replied.

Mother's Day (5 months)

Mid Morning

Presley rubbed her swollen abdomen as she stood beneath the high pressure spray of the shower. Today was Mother's Day, and she and Regan were being treated to a catered brunch by a friend of theirs. Dakota was a childhood friend of Regan's, and now ran one of the most successful catering firms in New York.

Presley turned off the water, and grabbed a fluffy towel as she stepped from the shower. She toweled herself dry, and removed two bottles of lotion from the cabinet. The first, a thick cream made to help keep stretch marks down to a minimum; she applied to her swollen abdomen. The second was a lighter cream that had a faint smell of apples.

She applied that to the rest of her body, and then blow dried her hair. When it was dry, she put the hair dryer away, and walked into the bedroom to dress. She put on her under wear, and then a pair of loose fitting white maternity trousers, and a light purple top that featured a low cut, fitted neckline. The loose material beneath it was meant to disguise her large belly, but she considered her pregnancy a celebration, and so she'd bought the top a size smaller.

She stepped into a pair of slip on sandals, and went downstairs to join her partner, and friends. When she walked into the kitchen she was greeted by a series of light whistles, and gentle cat calls from the three other members of Dakota's catering team.

"Easy boys, pay attention to the menu, not the client" Dakota gently scolded.

Presley knew there was no harm intended by the comments, and if there had been Dakota would've taken care of it swiftly. Taller than Regan, with waist length brown hair and brown eyes, Dakota looked as if she was a menacing presence, and when there was a foul up amongst her crew, she could be, but Presley knew that underneath the tough exterior, Dakota was a sweetheart with a heart of gold.

Presley smiled, and blushed at the comments, and smiled for an altogether different reason when a pair of long arms wrapped around her from behind.

"You look absolutely gorgeous" Regan murmured in Presley's ear.

Presley leaned back into Regan's embrace, and wrapped an arm around her neck.

"Mmm, you smell even better than you look. I think later, I'm gonna find out if you taste as good as you smell" Regan said with a nibble to Presley's ear.

Presley shivered, and suddenly wished they hadn't accepted the brunch offer.

"If you two can tear yourselves away from each other long enough, were ready to serve you" Dakota said with a grin.

Regan straightened, and released her hold on Presley, before escorting her to her seat.

Around an hour later, Presley sat back, and put her napkin on the table. She was pleasantly stuffed, and had thoroughly enjoyed both the food, and the conversation, and was looking forward to what was coming next. They had both agreed on getting each other a small gift that was related to their upcoming roles as parents. Presley had arranged for Regan's to be delivered to her at the end of the meal, almost as if it were a part of the whole brunch package.

She had ordered a custom, jumbo sized fortune cookie in which the fortune was a customized message. Dakota brought it in on a small plate, and sat it in front of Regan. Regan giggled at the sheer size of it, and Presley was interested in seeing that the company had covered it in swirls of both pink and blue icing, so as to not raise any immediate suspicion. Regan had a last minute board meeting that kept her from going to the doctor with Presley, and ever since Presley had been keeping the sex of their baby a secret. A secret that was about to be told, in a very special way.

With the help of a knife, Regan managed to split the cookie open, and pulled out the fortune. When she unfolded the piece of paper, and read the text, it was all she could do not to yell from the excitement.

Dear Mommy (it said),

I can't wait until I get to meet you. I'm so happy that God picked you and momma to be my parents.
I must be the luckiest little girl in the whole world!

See you soon!


Liberty Raeanne

"I'm the lucky one" Regan murmured, folding the note back up, and placing it in her shirt pocket. She got up from the table, and without saying a word, walked into the front room. She came back a few minutes later with a small box. She gently placed it on the table in front of Presley, and then knelt down next to her chair.

"A representation of the next chapter of our lives" she mumbled.

Presley grinned, knowing that Regan usually wasn't one for flowery sentiments. She opened the box, and inhaled sharply at the ring inside. Two diamonds were shaped like hearts, and were joined in the middle by a third, smaller heart, made from a pearl.

"You, me, and our little girl. I had this one sized for your right hand, so that you have a matching set, so to speak." Regan whispered.

Tears welled in Presley's eyes, as she tugged it loose from the padding and slipped it on the second finger of her right hand. This ring was a slightly modified version of her engagement ring, which featured two diamond interlocked hearts. Presley turned in her chair, and wrapped her arms around her partner's neck, and the two of them spent a quiet moment cuddled together.

"Happy Mother's Day you two" Dakota said softly, as the other members of the catering crew clapped softly.

July 4th (7 months)

Early Evening

Regan gently knocked on the bathroom door.

"Presley sweetheart, are you almost ready to go?" she called through the door.

"I'm not going!" Presley yelled through the door.

"You're not going? But sweetheart we always go watch the fireworks" Regan pleaded.

"That was before I looked like a beached whale!" Presley yelled again.

Regan could tell by the sound of Presley's voice that she was crying.

"Sweetheart you do not look like a beached whale. You look like a gorgeous woman who I consider myself blessed to be married to, and who at this moment is pregnant with my child. Do you know how much I love knowing that when people see you, they're looking at a woman who is not only the love of my life, but whose body is carrying and nurturing a gift that's so precious I can hardly believe I'm a part of it" Regan pleaded again.

When she was met with silence, broken only by Presley's sobs, she sighed heavily and wandered back into the bedroom. She flopped down on the bed, and turned on the TV. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she flipped through the channels. It wasn't the fact that they weren't going to see the fireworks in person that had her upset. It was that Presley was so distraught over the size of her belly, and there was nothing Regan could do for her. Because of that, she felt as if she'd let her down.

The bathroom door creaked open, and Presley padded into the bedroom. She eased herself onto the bed, and curled up next to Regan, her mood completely different from what it had been a few minutes ago.

"I know you don't think I look like a beached whale" she whispered.

Regan smiled, and shifted so that Presley was wrapped in her arms.

"It just hurts me to know you're upset over something, and there's nothing I can do to make it better" Regan said softly.

"I know, and I'm sorry I'm so hormonal" Presley replied.

She laid her head against Regan's chest, and took the remote, tuning into one of the local stations that always covered the fireworks. They were watching the display when for seemingly no apparent reason, Presley giggled.

"What's so funny?" Regan asked.

For an answer, Presley took one of Regan's larger hands, and moved it from one spot on her abdomen to another. They both sat in quiet anticipation, and Regan's breath drew in sharply when Liberty kicked again. Again Presley giggled, though this time it was due to Regan's reaction. She wasn't sure which of the two of them was more excited about this child, her or Regan. She knew one thing for sure though. No matter what else happened in life, Liberty would never doubt that she was loved.

September 11th (8 months, 15 days)


The house was quiet, and mostly dark, despite the fact that it wasn't yet 1pm. Presley was lying on the bed, reclining on a nest of pillows, with Regan beside her, her head on Presley's shoulder. Presley took the tissue she had in her hand, and dabbed at Regan's cheeks again. She wrapped an arm around Regan's shoulders and squeezed gently, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I miss her so much" Regan sobbed.

"I know you do sweetheart" Presley said gently, knowing words were fruitless.

Regan's identical twin Raeanne was one of the thousands of innocent victims killed on the morning of September 11, 2001. Regan's world had shattered that morning. Not only had she lost her sister, but she'd lost the one person in her family that looked beyond the fact that she was gay.   Raeanne was the only person in Regan's family who could've cared less about her twin's orientation. Every year since the attack, Regan spent the entire day mourning the loss of her sibling. Presley hoped that sometime in the next several weeks there would be an event that would help ease the pain Regan felt during this time of year.

September 25th


Presley's nude form sat on the edge of the bed as she listened to the sounds of her partner, and the midwife bustling around, getting everything ready for her delivery. She heard the water shut off in the bathroom, and a woman not much taller than Presley, with blondish brown curls and hazel eyes, came back into the bedroom to check on her and assist her to the bath. Presley looked up, and grimaced as she had another contraction. When it subsided, Kari knelt and checked her progress.

"Wow, you're complete" Kari said.

She stood, and helped Presley off the bed.

"Come. Lets get you into the tub" Kari replied.

Presley nodded and followed Kari into the dimly lit bathroom. A few candles here and there were the only source of illumination. Presley stepped into the tub, and when she sat down she felt some of the pressure taken off of her back.

"Hey now, don't start without me" Regan said as she wandered into the bathroom.

She placed the two large bottles of water on the rim of the tub, and stepped into the warm water. Unlike her partner, Regan had on a black tank top and purple board shorts. Regan sat down behind her partner, and reached around the smaller woman, catching her by the knees to provide support. Kari knelt next to the tub, and used a flashlight to occasionally check the baby's progress. From this point, the only thing left to do was let nature take its course.

September 26th


Presley had never felt so much pain in her life. She suddenly had second thoughts about natural childbirth.

"I know it hurts Presley, but the baby is crowning. A few more pushes, and it'll be all over" Kari said reassuringly.

"Just think love, by the time they deliver our morning newspaper, you and I will be curled up in our bed, little Libby will be snuggled in your arms, and will probably make me jealous when she decides she wants to be fed" Regan murmured.

Presley giggled at her mate's brash humor. When her next contraction hit, she bore down with everything she had. Time for them to become a family.


Regan padded back into the bedroom after showing Kari out and locking up behind her. She paused in the doorway at the sight that greeted her. Presley was exhausted, and extremely sore, but she couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"Regan quick, she's opening her eyes" Presley called.

Regan scuttled across the room and carefully curled up next to her mate. They watched as tiny eyes that had barely opened earlier, were now opening completely, and revealing their vivid green hue.

"How about that. We both got our wish" Presley whispered.

"Indeed we did. You wanted black hair. I wanted green eyes" Regan agreed.

"And now that she's here, everything is perfect" Presley said.

Both women smiled down on their daughter, content that their little family was complete.

Thanksgiving Day


Presley gently placed her mug of cider on the bedside table and crept to the foot of the bed, peeking into the cradle to find a pair of green eyes looking back at her.

"Good morning Miss Libby. What say we get changed and get some breakfast? Sound good?" Presley asked, smiling as Liberty wriggled and cooed at her. She picked her up and crept into the bathroom. A few minutes later Presley walked back into the bedroom. She arranged her pillows into a nest, and grabbed the TV remote before she climbed back into bed.

She pulled the covers up and got comfortable, before unbuttoning the top to her satin pajamas. She pushed the material aside, and helped Liberty latch on to her left breast. She turned on the TV and turned the volume down to keep from waking Regan. She settled back and thumbed through the channels before settling on The Today Show's early coverage of the Macy's Parade.

She sipped her cider, and kept an eye on her nursing daughter while she watched TV. A short time later, Presley looked down to discover Liberty fast asleep. She was aware of Regan waking up as she got out of bed to put Liberty back in her cradle. She got her daughter settled, and then returned to bed. Regan sat up, and noticed Presley's unbuttoned top.

"Ohh good. The bar's still open" Regan said.

Presley smiled and got up on her knees, next to her partner.

"For you, always" she said leaning in for a kiss.

It deepened, and Regan's wandering hands quickly sought out Presley's exposed chest.

"Bathroom" Presley groaned when they separated.

Regan nodded, and Presley took Regan's hand, and got off the bed, and hurried into the bathroom, tugging her mate along behind her.


Presley closed the oven door after checking the turkey. She returned her attention to the stuffing, dicing the celery, when the phone rang.

"Got it" she called to her partner who was in the other room.


"Presley. A birth announcement came out in the paper here yesterday. How dare you list us as grandparents to that abomination? Do you know what you've done?" her mother's cold voice accused. "It's bad enough that people here know that you're gay, and consider yourself married to another woman. And now this? Do you have any idea what you've done?"

Presley sighed heavily, desperately trying to get control of her anger.

"I really don't give a dammed about your Country Club, or your fucking socialite status. You made the choice to exclude yourself from my life. You were told the last time we talked not to call here again. Apparently the last time there was a misunderstanding. So let me make this perfectly clear. Do not call me ever again. I want nothing more to do with you, or anyone else in Westchester. I've had it with your narrow-minded, holier than thou attitude. The next time you attempt to contact me in any way, I will file harassment charges, and see to it that you're put in jail. Understood?" Presley said harshly before hanging up the phone.

She took a deep breath, and went back to her cooking.


Regan was sprawled out on the sofa, her feet on the coffee table. Presley was curled against her, Liberty asleep on Regan's chest. Both women dozed contentedly, pleasantly stuffed from their meal. They were floating along with the soft jazz music playing in the background. The soft, impatient grunt woke them both immediately. Liberty smacked her lips, letting her parents know she was hungry, and this was the calm before the storm.

Presley lifted her from Regan's chest, and their positions changed, so that Presley's back was against Regan's chest.  Regan wrapped her arms around the smaller woman's waist, and Presley raked up the side of her turtleneck, and quickly got the now crying infant latched on.

A tiny hand reached out blindly, and was caught by Regan's much later one. Liberty gurgled happily, knowing both her parents were close by.

"If only it could always be this easy" Presley sighed.

"If only what could always be this easy?" Regan asked.

"Keeping her safe and happy" Presley replied.

"I don't know about keeping her safe, because no one is really sure what tomorrow will bring. But I do know we'll always attempt to. And I know that we'll be there to guide her through whatever challenges and obstacles life throws at her. And we'll always do our best to make sure she's happy" Regan murmured.

A short time later, Presley looked down on their daughter, and unlatched the dozing infant. A whimper of protest sounded, and Liberty smacked her lips, and a tiny pink tongue appeared to indicate that she was still hungry.

"Okay, okay sweetheart" Presley said.

She readjusted her top, and got Liberty settled and latched on to her other breast. Liberty's eyes closed, and she clutched at her mother's breast.

"Little piggy" Regan said with a grin, before grunting as she was elbowed in the ribs. "Hey!" she protested.

"She is not a little piggy. She needs all the milk she can get if she's gonna grow up to be big and tall like her mommy" Presley said, chuckling.

The sound triggered a giggle from Liberty, and both women laughed.

"I'm glad to know you find it funny Miss Madam" Presley said gently, watching her daughter nurse.

She smiled as her mind drifted back to that particular discussion, when without realizing it, they both tried to convince each other of the same point of view.

"Regan, for gods sake would you listen? I work from home, so it isn't as if I can't stop what I'm doing whenever she's hungry" Presley said.

"Working from home is no excuse! No child of mine is going to be fed that way!" Regan argued.

"Aww what's the matter? Afraid she'll take away your favorite plaything?" Presley shot back.

Regan's argument died on her tongue and a look of utter confusion came over her face.

"Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that we're not talking about the same thing?" she said.

"What are you talking about?" Presley asked.

"I'm trying to explain why I don't think this baby should be bottle fed" Regan explained.

Presley began to laugh.

"Really?" she asked.

Regan nodded.

"That's funny. So am I" Presley said.

Now it was Regan's turn to laugh.

"I'm sorry" she said.

"It's alright" Presley replied.

"Okay, from now on I say we ask about any future topics to avoid repeating this scene again" Regan said.

Presley nodded in agreement.

"Hey mommy, where'd you go?" Regan called, bringing Presley back to the present.

"Huh?" Presley said.

Presley glanced down, to find Liberty sound asleep. Regan reached down and unlatched the snoozing infant, and scooped her up, snuggling her against a shoulder, and giving Presley the chance to straighten her top.

"Does it bother you that you can't feed her?" Presley asked.

"It doesn't make me jealous if that's what you mean. She's getting the absolute best thing for her. Besides, I still get to be a part of the whole thing, and she's begun to associate both of us with being fed.

"I love you so much" Presley whispered.

She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her partner's lips. One kiss led to another, and Regan groaned when she felt Presley's tongue gently sweeping back and forth over her lower lip. Lips parted, and one tongue danced with another as the flame was lit, deep within. When they separated moments later, Regan gently snuggled Liberty close as she stood.

"Be right back" she whispered, carrying their daughter up to bed.

Presley smiled, and turned on the television to channel 9501. The soft voice of the dj floated through the room.

"Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and those in between. Here's hoping that you had an awesome Thanksgiving. Up next here on SIRIUS Pride, a little something to help spice up the night, and help burn off that second piece of pie" the dj said.

The voice faded and "Insatiable" by Prince began to play, and Presley began to wonder if Regan was ever coming back downstairs, when the lights dimmed. She was aware of Regan moving towards her, and she took the proffered hand that pulled her up from the sofa, and led her to one of the two large overstuffed chairs.

Regan dropped into it, and pulled Presley down on her lap. The firm lump that brushed against her center as she straddled Regan's lap told Presley exactly what had taken her partner so long to come back downstairs. And judging by the moan that escaped Regan's throat when Presley sat down, Presley guessed it to be the double ended phallus.

An eyebrow spiked beneath blonde bangs.

If that was the case…

Presley set up a slow grind, and her hands slipped under Regan's long sleeved t-shirt, to pinch and twist hardened nipples as she captured Regan's lips in a kiss. When they separated, she reached down, and began working open Regan's belt. Regan waited until she felt her zipper being drawn down before she captured Presley's smaller hands with her own.

"Easy baby. I wanna feel this for a long, long time" Regan rasped.

Passion filled blue eyes met green for several long moments, before they became lost in a thick sensual haze.

December 12th

Liberty sat in her bounce chair watching her parents in rapt fascination as they decorated the Christmas tree. Rather, Presley decorated the tree; Regan kept entangling both of them in the strands of lights. Each time she snared her partner, she found interesting bits of skin to nibble.

"Regan please. I need to get this finished" Presley reasoned. "Not to mention, we shouldn't be doing this in front of Libby."

"Sweetheart I seriously doubt she knows what she's looking at, and besides, she wants a baby brother or sister for Christmas" Regan replied.

"Oh she does, does she?" Presley asked.

Regan nodded.

"Yep. She told me so when we wrote a letter to Santa" she said.

Presley chuckled, untangled herself from the lights, and shooed Regan from the tree. Regan grinned good naturedly, but dropped down next to her curiously watching daughter. She offered her daughter a finger, and Liberty tugged on it with purpose. Regan laughed and reached out, and tickled a tiny socked foot. Liberty laughed, and wriggled in her chair. Regan laughed at her daughter's antics, and spent the rest of the afternoon in jovial conversation with her partner, while watching as the tree came to life. She couldn't explain it, but she had a feeling that this Christmas was going to be the happiest they'd had yet.

Christmas Day

12:01 am

Regan captured Presley's lips in a gentle kiss.

"Merry Christmas love" she whispered when they parted.

"Merry Christmas sweetheart" Presley whispered back.

Since they'd been together, they had a tradition of sharing a kiss just after midnight, as Christmas officially began. Regan bent and brushed a feather light kiss across the top of Liberty's head. Several weeks earlier, both she and Presley had agreed to try co bedding, and almost instantly began reaping the benefits. Liberty was now sleeping most of the night through, and they both loved the fact that her little face was the first thing they saw when they woke in the morning.

A squeal made both of them look down, and smile at what they saw. Liberty had pushed her upper body up off the bed in a mini push up. She could only hold it for a few seconds before dropping back onto the bed. A few minutes later, two ecstatic parents watched, as she did it again.

"Look at you. Such a big girl you are" Regan said.

Liberty pushed herself up a third time, only instead of dropping back to the bed; she managed to roll herself over onto her back. Regan and Presley were overwhelmed with joy, and their excitement elicited a squeal from Liberty, who clapped her hands.

"You're a little early you know. We're not giving gifts until later" Presley said.

Regan chuckled.

"Well mama, we better get some sleep. We're gonna be busier than a one armed paper hanger later today" she said.

Presley nodded, and reached over and turned out the lights. They both snuggled down, hands intertwined, and watched their daughter. Soon, all three were asleep.


The doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of their first guests. They looked picture perfect, Presley in a black ankle length skirt, long sleeved red silk shirt, and heels. Regan had on her dress boots, a pair of black boot cut dress trousers, and a three quarter sleeved green silk shirt shot through with gold thread. Even little Liberty had been dressed up for the occasion. She looked adorable in her red plaid dress and matching hair bow, with white ruffled socks, and a pair of black patent leather Mary Jane's. She sat cradled in Regan's right arm, as Presley opened the door and revealed Dakota, her partner Savannah, and their 9 month old daughter Grace.

"Hey guys" Dakota said.

Hugs and kisses were swapped, and Dakota tried to take Liberty from Regan's arms, but Liberty made it clear that her parents were going to be the only two people holding her tonight.

Dakota chuckled.

"That's alright darlin, I understand completely. Grace was the same way" Dakota said patting Liberty's cheek gently.

She picked up the bag she brought in with her, and moved to place the gifts they had brought with them under the tree. Meanwhile, Savannah tugged her daughter's coat off, and handed the wiggling infant to Regan. Regan smiled as both babies solemnly studied each other. Grace smiled at Liberty, who turned bashful and hid her face in Regan's shoulder, which got a laugh from the three adults.

Dakota returned, and took Grace from Regan, and Presley took their coats and placed them in her office out of the way. Over the course of the next hour the rest of the couple's friends or chosen family as they called them, continued to arrive for their Christmas party. The group of friends were all open minded people that Presley and Regan enjoyed being in the company of.

But tonight's party wasn't just an annual Christmas get together for the two of them. It was a way to thank them for their love and support they'd given them over the past two years when they decided to become parents, and start a family.


The main room of the couple's two story brownstone was filled with laughter and joyful conversation. After dinner, gifts had been exchanged, with both Liberty and Grace being spoiled ridiculously rotten with new things. Amongst Liberty's gifts was a teasing gift from Dakota, a tiny leather biker jacket. Regan was an avid Harley Davidson fan, and currently worked as a Vice President for the company.

Currently, Regan was sitting on one of the love seats, with Presley beside her, nursing Liberty, as she normally did at this time every night, before putting her to bed. There were no averted gazes, and no pauses in the conversations. Everyone behaved as if this was normal, because for the most of them, it was. Breastfeeding was just one of the many shared opinions amongst the group of friends. It helped them to remain a tight knit group. Regan knew that years from now, when Liberty was older, these would be the people she would turn to for outside help.

And after the isolation from both families, it would be something that Regan would always be grateful for.


Presley turned off the lights in the kitchen, and walked back into the main room. Regan came out of the entryway after locking up, and found Presley standing in front of one of the large windows, watching it snow. She dimmed the lights, and turned on the Christmas music, and walked up behind her mate, wrapping her arms around Presley's shoulders.

"Whatcha thinking about?" she whispered.

"Something our little girl wanted for Christmas" Presley murmured.

"Honey, I was teasing when I said that" Regan said softly.

"I'm not though. I want her to at least have one sibling to grow up with" Presley replied.

"I do too, but I think now is a little too soon" Regan said.

"Oh I know. I'd like Liberty to be on solid foods and maybe out of diapers before we try for another baby" Presley replied.

"Sounds good to me" Regan said.

"Good" Presley said turning in Regan's arms. "Now that I have you all to myself, there's a gift or two I wanna examine a little more closely."

Before she could respond, Regan found her lips captured in a soft kiss, and nimble fingers unbuttoning her shirt. She felt Presley unfasten the last button, and Regan reached down and tugged the shirt free of her trousers. She was about to start working on Presley's shirt, when she felt the front snap of her bra unfasten, and Presley's warm lips attached themselves to the bare skin underneath. Regan groaned, her head dropping back, and she threaded her fingers into white blonde hair.

Presley didn't show her dominant side often, but it was something Regan allowed full rein when she did. While her lips and tongue feasted on sweet skin, Presley's hands made short work of unfastening Regan's trousers. For a few moments, she let the tension build, just barely brushing against satin covered curls. Regan moaned loudly, her rocking hips trying to draw Presley's fingers down to her throbbing center.

Presley gently pushed Regan's trousers over her hips so that they pooled at her feet. She stepped out of them, and shrugged out of her bra and shirt. She eyed Presley's clothed form like a lioness stalking its prey. Presley matched her partner's feral gaze with one of her own, kicked off her shoes, and hooked her thumbs in her skirt, pushing it over her hips, leaving her clad in her hose and dress shirt.

She approached Regan again, and their lips met in another kiss. Regan's hands slid down Presley's back, and cupped her ass. When she did, she realized that Presley had nothing underneath her hose. The thought brought a ragged groan from her chest. She quickly unbuttoned Presley's top, and pushed it over her shoulders. Her bra followed suit, and when she bent to recapture Presley's lips, small hands clamped onto her hips and pushed her back towards the sofa.

Regan fell back onto it, and pulled Presley on top of her. She slid her hands down Presley's bare back, and started to work on the hose, when a shrill cry was heard from the master bedroom. For a moment, neither of them moved, until Regan could hold it no longer, and began to giggle. Presley smiled and dropped her head onto Regan's chest.

The mood broken, Presley stood, and made her way upstairs, Regan close behind her.  Presley felt her milk let down as a response to Liberty's crying. She hurried into the bedroom, not wanting to cause her daughter more stress than necessary.

"Shhhhh sweetheart. It's okay. Mommy's here" Presley cooed as she picked Liberty up from her nest in the middle of the large bed. Liberty latched on to the offered nipple and began to nurse almost greedily. Presley cradled her small body and sat down on the bed.

"She okay?" Regan called from the bathroom.

"Yeah she's fine. I'm guessing she just didn't get enough to eat earlier" Presley replied.

"Most likely. She didn't nurse very long at eight" Regan replied as she walked from the bathroom.

She had already changed into a favorite set of pajamas, and carried Presley's in her hand.

"Here, stand up, and I'll help you change" she said.

 Presley stood, and Regan peeled the hosiery down her legs. Presley stepped out of them, and into her pajama bottoms, and Regan pulled them up and adjusted them on her hips. She held the top open and Presley carefully held onto Liberty as she pulled the top on. She sat back down on the edge of the bed.

"She's about ready to switch sides. I'll get in bed then" Presley said softly.

Regan nodded and turned the bed down. She climbed into bed and turned the TV on to CNN. They hadn't paid much attention to the news in the past few days, and she wanted to get caught up.

"Okay here. Take her for a minute" Presley said.

She passed their daughter to her partner, and quickly crawled into bed. As suspected, Liberty began to cry because she was still hungry.

"Hey now. No need to be upset. The second course will be served shortly" Regan cooed as she gently rocked Liberty back and forth in attempt to pacify her.

Presley pulled up the covers, adjusted her pillows, and settled back into them.

"Okay, all set" she said reaching for their daughter.

Regan handed over the irritated infant. Presley got Liberty latched on again, and her cries soon became soft gurgles of contentment. Presley smiled down on the suckling infant, and began to rock from side to side to help lull her to sleep.

"So, about before, were you serious, or just humoring me?" Presley asked.

"You mean about having another baby? Honey, I was completely serious about what I said, and I still am. I do want us to have another baby. I just want Liberty to be older first" Regan replied.

"I'm glad we're in agreement then" Presley said.

Around a half hour later, she reached down and unlatched a now sleeping Liberty, but instead of snuggling her into her nest, she got up, and put her in her cradle at the foot of their bed. Regan watched, and when Presley came back to bed, she moved her pillows over towards the center of the bed. Regan followed suit, with a curious expression on her face.

"Just for tonight. I miss snuggling with you" Presley said.

Regan nodded, unsure if this was a wave of insecurity, or just a quirk. Presley shrugged out of her top, and placed it at the end of the bed.

"Tease" Regan jokingly chided, knowing that Presley actually found unbuttoning and re-buttoning her top in the middle of the night to be a nuisance. Presley smiled, and stuck her tongue out at her partner.

Even though there was no real purpose, Regan pulled her own top off, looking forward to the skin on skin contact. Presley climbed beneath the sheets, and after shutting off the lights, she curled up next to her partner, with her head on Regan's shoulder. She sighed softly, and wound an arm across Regan's ribcage, snuggling completely against her. Regan smiled, realizing how much she too had missed sleeping this way.

She kissed the top of Presley's head, and gently stroked her bare back. Presley yawned, and felt her body slowly unwind. Regan turned down the volume on the TV, not wanting to disturb her family. She settled back, and as she watched the news, hoped that others in the world felt the same feeling she did at that moment.


New Years Eve


Regan was reclined on the large sofa in the TV room. Presley was sitting in the vee of her thighs, and reclined back against her chest, as they watched Dick Clark's annual TV special. Normally, they preferred to "scream" in the New Year, but with the addition of their daughter, some of their traditions had to be modified.

Currently, the couple's three and a half month old daughter was snuggled against Presley's chest, peacefully snoozing after her eleven o'clock feeding. She would sleep until four, and then wake, wanting both to nurse again and be changed. Then back to sleep until eight, when she enjoyed a liquid breakfast while Presley read the paper. Regan reached out and cupped the tiny head with her hand, Liberty's silky dark hair tickling her palm. 'What a difference a year makes' she thought.


Regan emerged from the bathroom, dressed for bed. Presley had changed after her shower hours earlier, and was now in the process of getting Liberty settled after turning the bed down. Regan had turned the television on, and both she and Presley climbed into bed as the final sixty seconds were counted down as the ball dropped. When the ball completely dropped and triggered the 2007 sign, they shared a soft, sweet kiss.

When they parted, Regan smiled at her partner, and got a smile from her in return.

Softly, in a voice barely louder than a whisper, Regan repeated the same words that she'd said to Presley their very first New Year's together.

"Here's to the New Year. May it be as full of happy memories for us as the old one, and may the fates continue to shine on us now, and for many years to come."

Unbeknownst to them, tucked into her own corner of existence, a blonde, scantily clad in pink watched the scene unfold in a scrying bowl.

"Congrats girls, you did it again. And if I have my way, the two of you will keep finding each other until the end of time. Eli was right. Your enduring faith in one another is the greatest miracle of all. And with any luck, that's something that will never change" she said with a grin.

Aphrodite turned away from her scrying bowl, and wiped a tear from her eye. She couldn't help it, not really. Love stories always made her cry.

And this one was the greatest story of them all.

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