The Child of Darkness


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Her first born daughter. Conceived by divine intervention, and abandoned as an infant. The flesh and blood entity sent forth by an ethereal being determined to change the world. Feared by many, idolized and exalted by few, loved by one.

But I don't think she truly loved me. If she did she never would've given me up, or abandoned me again and again for her precious warrior princess. She says she loved me, and even tried to prove it once, by killing my younger sister. My younger sister. She tries to be a daughter to both of them, as if trying to wipe my existence from my mother's mind. She thinks that will make up for the fact that I killed her older brother when he and I were children.

Its bizarre when one considers our parentage. The precious warrior was consumed by anger and rage for many years. Yet her daughter was chosen to be the messenger for a being that wishes to bring peace to the world. My mother was nothing but innocence and light, and yet she was chosen to bring me into the world, for my father's evil to be let loose upon the earth. It's almost like our fathers decided to play a cruel joke on the two of them.

And yet, we both are after the same thing. We just have different ideas of how to go about it. My father wants to mold the world in his image, which is one of violence and death. Hers wants to mold the world in an image of peace and harmony. It's sickening.

My mother and her precious warrior have tried to kill me many times. But they apparently have yet to learn that destroying my physical manifestation by fire, will not kill me, as it is the purest form my father takes, and he will not allow anything to happen to me. Yet, he bends to my every wish. But that's for another time and another place.

For now, my father is content to let them go along. Since the recent death of my mother's precious warrior, he knows that it will not be much longer before my mother is gone, and once that happens, destroying the Child of Light will be an easy enough task. Father said that only when the two of us can face one another without worry of what the other would do to those who love us most will the Child of Darkness be called upon to battle the Child of Light.

And when that happens, the strongest belief will win. And I know it will be me. I have to win, not only because of what will happen to the world, but because it is my father's ultimate goal. And I know he'll be behind me every step of the way. That alone gives me the power to do whatever I have to do, to destroy her once and for all.

Because as she goes, so goes the world...

The End

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