The Child of Light


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Her first born daughter. Conceived by divine intervention, and abandoned as an infant. The flesh and blood entity sent forth by an ethereal being determined to change the world. Feared by many, idolized and exalted by few, loved by one.

I know that she truly loved me. They both do actually. Despite what I did to one of their closest friends. But they both have told me they've forgiven me. And I believe them. I just wish I could forgive myself. But that's expected in this family. We've all been through various trials and tribulations, but we moved on. We all know that there's nothing we can do to change the past, we can only work to make the future better.

I want to be a daughter to both of them, after the tragedy that Gabrielle suffered with my older sister. She murdered our older brother when they were children, and has since expected Gabrielle to accept and forgive her anyway. But I know she cannot do that, because despite the fact that she is Gabrielle's biological daughter, Gabrielle knows now, that despite everything, Hope is nothing but the purest form of evil.

Its rather interesting when you think about it. My mother was consumed by darkness and rage for years, as was I. But I was chosen to be the messenger for one of the purest forms to ever exist. Gabrielle was nothing but innocence and light, and yet, she was chosen to bare the child who would be the messenger for the purest form of evil. It's almost as if something, or someone decided to play a cruel joke on the two of them.

And yet, we both are after the same thing. We just have different ideas of how to go about it. Eli wants to mold the world in an image of peace and harmony. Her father on the other hand, wants to mold the world in his image, which is one of violence and death. It's sickening.

My mother and Gabrielle have tried to kill her many times. Yet I don't think they've figured out something I caught onto by reading Gabrielle's scrolls. Destroying her physical manifestation by fire will not kill her, as it is the purest form her father takes, and he's not going to let anything happen to her if he can possibly help it. I also don't think my mother realizes that the furies had nothing to do with her showing up. But that's for another time and another place.

Right now I'm worried, that she's simply biding her time again. Since my mother's recent death, I fear that Gabrielle will not be much further behind her. And I know that once that happens my sister and I will meet face to face. Eli said that only when both of us are able to face one another, without fear of what the other would do to the one who loves us most, would the Child of Light be called upon to battle the Child of Darkness.

And when that happens, the strongest belief will win. And I know it will be me. I have to win, for not only the sake of the world, but more importantly, that of my parents. I know it would be the last wish of both of them, and knowing that both of them are going to be behind me every step of the way, gives me the courage to do whatever I have to, to destroy her, and her father, once and for all.

Because as she goes, so goes the world...

The End

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