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Quitting Time

….by ultragirl

Thank goodness it's almost quitting time, thought Cooper, having the early shift at the hospital is great , you get off in plenty of time to shop and go eat dinner at a restaurant with a bar. Cooper slowly made her way to the outpatient lobby to call her last patient of the day. Even though this was a hospital with a large volume of inpatients, Cooper and the other three ultrasonographers had outpatients to deal with also.

Just as she was about to call her patient's name, Jess, another ultrasound technician, came around the hall corner. "Coop," Jess asked, "do you want to go to O'Charlies with Jenn and I after work."

"Sure," answered Cooper, "I get off at 3:30, what about you guys?"

"We do, too," said Jess, "that should give us enough time to go to Q-City after we eat."

That'll be great, thought Cooper, maybe I can find someone interesting and uhhh...jump her bones. Cooper couldn't think of the last time she had been with someone or even had a date, for that matter. Living in a small southern town in Mississippi, with Q-City being the only women's bar in the area didn't help a gay girl's dating life. With the dinner plans made, Cooper opened the outpatient lobby door and called her patient's name. When the patient stood up and started toward Cooper so did a few others. Great, thought Cooper, this is the reason she didn't like doing OB ultrasounds, not only did you have the patient to worry about but you had the family also. They always ask too many questions; I know they are excited but get a grip…

Coop was about to close the lobby door that she had held open as the family entered when she heard a beautiful voice; a female voice. The next thing that registered in her mind was that the most beautiful creature she had ever seen was making her way towards the door. The tall brunette had a muscled, tan body with dark, wavy, shoulder length hair and gorgeous, azure eyes. Cooper's gaydar went wild. Her eyes moved over the taller brunette's body as she gave directions to the ultrasound room. Slowly but surely she followed the family into the room, the whole time wondering how she was going to get through this exam with the gorgeous amazon watching. She took one last look at the handsome brunette then started the scan.

The brunette tried as hard as she could to watch the computer monitor that was displaying her sister's baby but her eyes kept returning to the beautiful, dark blond

technician. She's gorgeous, thought Rex; her sister took that moment to interrupt her thoughts, "Can you see the baby standing back there, Rex?" her baby sister asked, "Isn't the baby just beautiful?"

"Yeah," said Rex while staring at the blond, "she's just beautiful," muttered Rex as she thought about how warm the room was getting.

Finally the scan was over and Cooper asked the family to wait in the room while she printed a picture for them to take home.

While Cooper was out of the room, Rex's older sister walked over to where she was standing away from everyone. "Hey, Rex, that blond was hot, wasn't she?" stated Harley. "If I was batting for your team, I would definitely give her a run for her money."

Hot is not a strong enough word, thought Rex, more like sizzling hot. The more Rex thought of Cooper, the more the blood started pooling in the apex of her body, man it was hot in here. "Why don't you ask her out," smirked Harley. She knew that was exactly what her sister wanted to do.

"Are you kidding, she's more than likely straight; plus, with those looks, she can have anyone she wants," stated Rex, "and that definitely wouldn't be me."

Her sister started walking away as she thought, oh dear sister you have no idea about your allure, do you? You never even noticed the blond extensively checking you out as we walked in.

The ultrasonographer walked in and handed the picture of the fetus to the pregnant patient while the whole time Rex's eyes followed every move of her voluptuous

curves. Even though she was vertically challenged, her beauty almost stopped Rex's heart.

As the family made their way out of the department, Rex was once again the last one through the door. "Good luck to your family, I'm sure this is a special time for you," said the blond. You have no idea, thought the brunette, but instead she said, "Thanks for explaining the images for us. I never would have been able to pick out the baby's features without you." The blond blushed but continued checking out the body that was walking away from her.

The blonde finally made her way to the time clock to punch out, her work day was finally over. I guess it's good that I really didn't get to know that beauty, she made me feel things that I haven't felt in a long time. I'm not so sure that I could be immune to her charms. Turning, she made here way to her car, maybe she would meet someone to take away the aroused feeling she had after the encounter with the handsome stranger today. She had to stop thinking about the woman or she was going to jump the first woman she came in contact with tonight at the bar. With that last thought, she jumped into her shower and turned off the hot water, a cold shower was definitely in demand now.

An hour later, as Cooper climbed out of her SUV, she thought again of the beauty she had met today, I didn't even get her name, oh, well, it wouldn't be any use to me, anyway. As Cooper walked through the door of O'Charlies, she heard her name being called. She looked over at the bar and found her two friends holding a bar stool open for her. Jess and Jenn motioned her towards them and she took over the stool they had saved. "What took you so long?" the two girls asked.

"You know, the usual," stated Cooper, "I had to go home and take a shower and get dressed." Jess and Jenn nodded with understanding, even though

they kept a change of clothes at work and showered in the OR department, Cooper knew they wouldn't know the reason she wouldn't do that, even on occasions such as these. Cooper had scars that still haunted her. She didn't want those revealed. She wanted to keep the physical scars hidden as well as she hid the emotional ones. The jagged scar on her right thigh was a constant reminder of the one major tragedy in her life. It was because of this that she had cursed herself, not allowing herself to love or be loved. She had become the queen of one night stands.

Cooper, at the age of 21, was a loving, delightful, little pixie. She was very close to those around her, she was the type person who never met a stranger, until that damned night of February 24th, 1989. That night started out to be a lovely one, she and her 17 year old sister were sitting together, watching TV. Cooper had finally been able to have a weekend home from college. She was very close to her little sister and enjoyed spending time with her.

Little did she know that this time of togetherness would be the last. Around 9:00, a few of her sister's friends came to get her to take them to get gas for their car.

Cooper's sister's car was also out of gas so the group piled into Coop's car. Coop had already volunteered to take the teenagers to get some gas to put in the friend's car. It was drizzling and the roads where slick, as Cooper rounded a curve a car came toward them totally out of control. Cooper swerved to miss the car and, instead, she hit a light-pole. Her car burst into flames. Everyone managed to get out but Coop's little sister. Screaming Cooper rushed back to the car, not realizing that her femur was protruding from her thigh, she fought to get her little sister out of the burning car. She was unable to manage it, her only sibling died that night. Her sister was not the only thing that died, though. Cooper's heart and soul perished too. She turned into a woman void of emotion. The only people she let halfway into her life were the ones with her now.

Jess looked at her friend; she's thinking of the accident again, why did we have to bring up the shower thing. Cooper's face was emotionless as she stared into space. "Hey you," Jess whispered, "what do you want to order at the bar, the bartender is giving you the order something look."

At once, the loopy expression was wiped from her face. She smiled at Jess and became the same ole Cooper Jess had come to think of as a good friend. "I'll take a Corona." she said to the bartender. "Ok," he said with an admiring stare, and then he explained that his shift had ended and the new shift was on its way in. He blushed as he explained that the manager wouldn't allow any overtime but he wished he was the one coming in so he could serve her. He was still blushing as he walked into the back employee area.

"How do you do that?" Jess asked, "He was coming on to you and all you did was ask for a drink, and you're gay for goodness sake."

"It takes talent," Cooper said as she turned to watch the football game on the bar's TV. Cooper was so into the game she didn't even notice the new bartender was behind her waiting to take her drink order. Jess finally noticed the woman and elbowed Cooper to get her attention. "I'll take a Corona,"

Cooper said without even turning around. It only took a second before she felt a presence behind her, knowing this was the bartender with her beer, Cooper turned around to thank her. She came face to face with the tall brunette from the hospital.

"Hi," Rex softly said as a slight blush spread across her handsome face.

"Ahhh hello back," the slightly flushed blonde answered. "You're the bartender? I've never seen you in here before," Cooper softly explained.

Rex had trouble answering as you looked in the deep forest green eyes of the beautiful blonde. She had never been so spellbound in her life. Those eyes were the ones that she had seen in all her dreams and daydreams through-out her life. She came to realize that she really didn't comprehend the true beauty of this woman when she was at the hospital. "Uhhhh, hi. Fancy seeing you again today," stuttered Rex.

"Are you the bartender," Cooper asked again.

"Sorry, no, the real bartender called and said her car wouldn't start and she would be late. I just happen to be here taking the liquor inventory, I am the liquor buyer for the southern district of the O'Charlies chain," Rex explained. "By the way, we weren't introduced earlier, I'm Rex," the taller woman stated.

"I'm Cooper, nice to meet you, Rex," said the blonde.

Jess chose that moment to realize that Cooper and Rex had been deep in conversation. Hmm, thought Jess, this could be interesting. While the ladies were waiting on the checks, Cooper excused herself and went to the restroom. Jess quickly paid their ticket and followed the pretty blonde. It had been extremely obvious that the tall brunette only had eyes for the petite beauty and Jess believed Cooper was smitten too. Jess entered the restroom as Cooper was drying her hands; she slowly put her arms around the blonde's waist and looked at her in the mirror. "Hey pretty girl, I noticed how you and the bartender were flirting with each other tonight. Why don't you ask her to go to Q-City with you," prompted Jess.

"Whatever gave you that idea, we weren't flirting," exclaimed Cooper, "there is no-way she would be interested in the ice princess."

Jess looked into the tearing eyes of her hurting friend, the only thing she could do was bring her friend close and hold her as the tears fell. "I'm sorry Jess, I didn't mean to say that but I know all the names the girls I hurt call me. I shouldn't have bothered you with it." Cooper said tearfully.

"It's alright, I love you, sweetie and I can't stand to see you hurting," whispered Jess. It was finally time for Jess to let her friend know how truly special she is.

"Cooper you really don't get it do you?" Jess exclaimed, "Honey, you are totally hot and she was totally interested!" Jess looked at the friend that was so good at hiding behind the façade of toughness, as she gathered her strength to truly breech the walls her friend had erected around her heart and started talking. "Cooper I know it's hard for you to think of getting close to someone again and I know the only reason that you and I are halfway close is that we work together. Sweetie, you have got to let yourself live again. I know that I didn't know you when your sister was alive but your parents have told me what a loving and emotional person you were then, nothing like you are now."

Cooper listened to Jess knowing what she said was true, "Jess you just don't understand, I lost a vital part of me when my sister died. I'm not sure I have anything to give anyone emotionally. My soul went with my sister that night and she still has it," sobbed Cooper.

Jess stood back and looked at the tears streaming down her friend's face and whispered, "Cooper you are one of the most beautiful people inside and out that I have ever known. You don't realize how much your inner light gives warmth to those patients that you know are needy. They can be physically and emotionally broken but after they leave your ultrasound room they have renewed strength and a smile on their face. Please do something for yourself. Don't try to keep that spirit dead with your sister, let it free and give your love and comfort to someone you could care about. Someone special to you."

Cooper reached out and hugged her friend, the tears finally quit falling.

Releasing a sigh, she gently breathed a thank-you into her friends ear and backed away to look in the mirror. "Looks like a little maintenance is called for," she said

as she reached for her purse to get her make-up bag. Jess turned smiling and left her to fix her make-up.

When Cooper finished her make-up she made her way back out to the bar and noticed that not only her friends were gone but Rex was too. She leaned over

the counter to ask the fresh bartender about Rex and her friends when behind her she heard a deep sexy female voice say, "Your friends have already left for the bar. They said they would catch up with you there. " Cooper looked into those beautiful blue eyes and was lost. She felt as if Rex could see into her innermost soul. That was all it took for her to make her decision.

She took in a deep breath of courage and asked, "Rex, do you want to go with us, ughh, I mean me to Q-City tonight? It's the only woman's bar in town."

Rex couldn't believe her luck, the gods were defiantly shining down on her tonight. "Yeah sure," she stuttered. Great, she said to herself, now she'll think I'm a blundering idiot. "Is it alright if I ride with you? I just moved back in town and haven't had time to go bar hopping yet." Rex stated.

Laughing, Cooper replied, "I'm glad you made that decision because that's what I had in mind. Don't feel bad about the bar hopping, because you'll sorta be doing that tonight. Q-City is the only bar worth going to in town."

Smiling, Rex gently took Cooper's hand and said, "Lead me to your chariot, my lady."

Since the ladies were laughing as they made there way out of the restaurant they were oblivious to the admiring glances they received. They made such a gorgeous

couple. Rex was the dark to Cooper's resurrected light.

Cooper and Rex spotted Cooper's co-workers as they entered the bar. The other two ladies had managed to get a table which was an amazing feat in the over-

crowded room. "Wow," whispered Rex, she hadn't realized how crowded the bar would be.

The forest green eyed blonde tightened the hold on the taller woman's hand and tugged her down to her level so she could whisper in her ear. "It'll be fun, don't worry about the crowd. " She had somehow sensed the brunette's trepidation. Rex was surprised that just the tightened grip on her hand had sent away her uneasiness. This was the first time she had felt calm in a crowded bar. The air was filled with sexual tension as they slowly wove their way through the sea of restless, sweaty bodies. Rex noticed how everyone seemed to know and want to talk to the pretty blonde holding her hand as they scoped her awesome body out. It was then that she amazingly realized that she was jealous of these people for they had known Cooper longer than she. The tall woman shook her head not believing that, she, the tough butch, had been jealous. They finally were able to get through the mass and sat down with Jess and Jenn to order a drink.

Rex was still in awe that she could react that way toward Cooper's acquaintances when she noticed that Cooper was looking at her. "What?" she asked.

Cooper looked at her and purred, "What were you thinking?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Rex responded. Rex once again fell into deep forest green eyes and asked, "Cooper would you dance with me?" The only answer she gave was to stand up and put her hand out to help Rex up and that was the only answer the tall woman needed. As the couple made their way to the dance floor Jess and Jenn just looked at each other and smiled. They could see how totally smitten the women were with each other.

When Cooper and Rex made it to the dance floor a fast, funky song was playing. Grinning, they started moving, instantaneously their hearts started beating to the beat of the song and to the excitement of being together. The attraction they had for each other was unmistakable. The dancing couples around them could only stop and stare as the beautiful couple moved as one.

Finally, both women made their way back to their table where Jess and Jenn sat talking. As Rex lowered herself to her chair she never released her hold on the small blonde pixie but instead pulled her into her lap. When Cooper felt the firmness of the thighs underneath her she knew that this was where she was destined to be. It felt so right to be in the arms of this tall dark beauty. "Wow," said Jess, "it's 2 am. We better go, Jenn." Jess and Jenn had noticed that the crowd had thinned considerably. The dark and light haired couple were oblivious to that fact as they snuggled and swayed to the slow song that was now being played. Jess looked at the couple in wonder. How do they dance so seductively while sitting in a chair? With a quick goodbye that the lovebirds didn't answer, they called it a night and left the couple alone.

Rex finally realized that a slow song was playing. Slowly she stood up with the blonde in her arms and carried her to the dance floor. It registered to Cooper that they were now on the dance floor. Her position didn't change much except now she was standing in her love's arms. Love's, where did that come from, Cooper thought. It was then that she new it was true; she was in love with the gentle butch.

The couple never moved away from each other, it was if they were trying to breathe each other in. Even though it was time to close, the DJ, an acquaintance of Cooper's, didn't have the heart to quit playing the slow romantic songs. He knew of the baggage the blonde carried. He new that she was the queen of one night stands and he had never seen the look that was in the sensational green eyes before.

While still swaying to the music the couple noticed they were the only couple left on the dance floor. The bar had closed. They blushed and uttered their apologies as they headed out the door, while still holding onto each other.

Once outside, Cooper turned to Rex, looking into her deep blue eyes, and told her that she had a wonderful time. Gently, Cooper moved herself out of the tall woman's arms and turned to go. Before she could step away, Rex softly put a hand on her arm to stop her. "I had a wonderful time too, I wish this night didn't have to end," she finished in a breathy whisper. Cooper turned and looked at the woman before her and knew that her struggle had ended. She had found the one person that, in one night's time, had broken through the barriers of protection she had forged around her heart. After drawing a deep breath of wonder, she curled her small hand into the dark waves and drew the taller woman's full lips down to her own. Rex's legs started to feel like jelly as she felt the soul wrenching kiss down to her groin. When they pulled back a little to catch a breath, Rex whispered, "Wow."

Cooper smiled gently and said, "yeah, that." As both women leaned into each other once more, Cooper whispered, "If this night ends right now, I'll never be whole again, please come home with me." In her heart Rex knew that she would never be able to deny this woman anything. There lips touched once more in a sweet, gentle kiss that promised the heaven that was about to come. Coming down from the clouds, the ladies turned and made their way to Coop's car. As they pulled into Cooper's driveway the tall brunette knew that this is where she was destined to be.

While trying to open the front door of her cute Old New Orleans styled house Cooper fumbled with her keys, unable to stop her hands from shaking. Rex thought to herself as she noticed the blonde's problem; I'm not the only nervous one. In a second, all of that was forgotten as the door was unlocked and they made their way into the foyer.

"Would you like a drink?" asked the blonde.

Shaking her head and making sure Cooper was at ease she said, "It's okay honey, I don't care about anything but being in your company."

Cooper then realized that Rex was trying to make her comfortable and tears welled into the deep forest green eyes. Blinking back those tears, she realized that their was nothing more she wanted than to show this gentle woman how much she had inched her way into her soul. Entwining her fingers into the taller woman's, she slowly lead the brunette into her bedroom. Giving herself no more time to think, she reached out and slowly undid the top button of Rex's shirt and looked into the beautiful blue eyes. With a nod, Rex let her know that her answer was yes. This was all the confirmation Coop needed as she continued to unbutton the rest of the tall woman's buttons. Finally, as she finished, she reached under the flaps at the bottom of Rex's shirt, she allowed her knuckles to softly graze the soft, tight abdomen of her future lover as she reverently slid the shirt over Rex's broad shoulders. Cooper's mouth went completely dry as she gazed at the delicious treasure before her. She had never seen such a beautiful form as was standing before her. The full firm breasts were perky and a delectable shade of brown. Rex's nipples were a darker pinkish brown that turned darker as they puckered into tight buds while the blonde slowly watched and licked her lips. It took all the strength Cooper had not to throw herself on the darkly tanned woman and ravage her.

The way Cooper was looking at her made the last doubts that Rex had about rushing things fly out the door. Without any further hesitation, Rex shrugged out of the rest of her clothes and let the small blonde woman look her fill. That one step of trust resurrected Cooper's spirit that had been buried with her sister, and she realized that this tall, dark, beautiful woman was the keeper of her heart. With no other hesitation Cooper stepped back, allowing Rex to see as she dropped her clothes to the floor. Both women were totally in awe of what they saw before them. Slowly they stepped into each other and, with perfection, their bodies molded into one as they entered into a passionate kiss.

Rex pulled back slightly and gently led her love the last few steps to the bed. The blonde fell back as the back of her knees hit the bed, pulling the taller woman down on top of her. The slow burn of lovemaking turned quickly into a passionate fire. While making her way down Cooper's body with small kisses, Rex's body was going into total burnout. Rex felt the soft moans and gasps of her lover all the way to her now stiff clit. Her blood raced and it took all of the rest of her strength not to quickly bury her mouth into Cooper's apex and bring them both to fulfillment. Meanwhile, Cooper's withering body had other ideas. With her senses and hormones raging out of control the blond turned the tables on the brunette. Before Rex knew it she found herself flat on her back with the voluptuous, firm, muscled blond on top of her.

Gasping, Cooper looked into the rich blue orbs of the delicious woman underneath her and settled between the brunettes thighs. She shivered slightly as she looked at the curly dark hair adorning the heart of her lover's sex. Slowly, she settled Rex's legs over her shoulders as she breathed in the spicy, musky scent of her love's arousal, her face only an inch from the source. Slowly wanting to glory in the taste, she stroked the flat of her tongue through the soft, silky heart of her heart's desire. Loudly she moaned as the slightly salty taste of her lover's arousal hit her taste buds. There was no way on earth she could slow her tongue even as her lover cried out with ecstasy. Cooper lapped all of her lover's arousal as if she was a starving beggar. Rex was doing everything she could to stop the impending orgasm, but even as she tried to think of baseball and other things there was no way she could stop it. As her clit started twitching her lover made her tongue as firm and pointed as she could and thrust the muscle into Rex's opening. All at once, Cooper heard her itself forced the blonde's body into a soul screaming orgasm. Finally, Cooper was able to slow her tongue down so she could feel the continuing small quivers of aftershocks of her lover's orgasm. Slowly Cooper drew her face back from the warm haven of her lover and smiled lover scream out and felt her body start convulsing as an orgasm shot through Rex. That in into the glassy orbs of the keeper of her heart and soul. Rex kept her eyes on the blonde, drinking up the love shining from the beautiful woman that had brought her a piece of heaven as she slowly moved the blonde into the bend of her shoulder. Never before had she felt this way. She heard her lover's breathing slowly returning to normal as Rex stared straight ahead, it was if she could actually see their two souls and hearts entwining together in the air above them. Slowly she bent her head down to look at her love it was then she noticed the pretty face looking back at her. Lovingly the two women looked into each others eyes and spoke the most endearing words the two had ever heard, I love you. With this, their minds, bodies, hearts and souls were now at peace,their spirits had found their home within each other.

The End

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