As If


by Wakar
Copyright © by Wakar, 1998


Note: This vignette pretty much stands on its own with no need by the reader to be familiar with the main characters.

Disclaimer: Xena: Warrior Princess is copyright MCA/Universal. This Story is written strictly for fan purposes and no infringement is intended.

She enters me. I ripple and shudder at the fullness of her presence.

Powerful strokes take her deep within. I flow around her, she finds no resistance here.

We have embraced in this dance many times. Yet each time she is new to me and more thrilling than my memory ever allows.

I embrace her, caress her as she moves within me. I can feel her even where we do not touch. Her essence calls for resonance and I obey.

In these moments I am totally hers. I wonder if she knows.

Thoughts float away as again she moves deep within. A few last powerful strokes, then she withdraws.

I focus on the fullness she left behind. Only a tenuous connection now: part of my Self sacrificed for a few more moments of nearness. I puddle at her feet, launch myself through the air as she shakes her wild mane. I wait for Helios to claim me as I cling to soft breasts, hard thighs, dark curls.

Xena steps off the rock and picks up her towel. Surreptitiously she blows a kiss to the river and smiles at her self indulgence. A fantasy, she's sure. But whenever she swims in a river it's as if, as if ...

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