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Ulysses: The Lost Epilogue

by Wakar

"Gabrielle? Gabrielle? Can you sit up?"

Through the nausea in her stomach and the pounding in her head, the young bard wondered why she would want to do such a foolish thing. But the voice was tense and urgent so she bravely made the effort. Mistake. With a loud moan she fell back. The seasickness on the voyage out had been bad enough, but this was excruciating! She found herself being lifted and carried - a sensation only slightly less painful than her own attempt to rise. Mixed in somewhere with the cacophony in her head she heard a soft voice.

"The tides coming in Gabrielle. I have to move you. Try to hold on."

Finally the motion stopped and with a sigh of relief consciousness was once again left behind.

"Gabrielle? Gabrielle? Try to open your eyes."

Lashes fluttered, closed tightly for a moment against the brightness of the sun, then slowly lifted. She blinked several times trying to clear her vision. The face leaning over her seemed solid enough, but she could see right through it. A few more blinks revealed that the face was not, after all, transparent, only that the eyes and the sky behind them were exactly the same color.

Gabrielle smilled at this and the face before her smiled in return. "Xena..."

"Yes, Gabrielle. You're going to be all right."

"What happened? Are shipwricked?"


"On the way back from Ithica."


For a moment Gabrielle angrily wondered why her friend was merely repeating everything she said rather than giving her answers. "Yes, Ithica!" she replied sharply as she sat up, the pain in her head adding to her lack of patience. "You know . . . you, Ulysses, in love, Penelope, the whoe thing!" Gabrielle determined to stay sitting up though her stomach and head were not happy about it. "What?" she demanded, as she looked into the frowning countenance of the Warrior Princess.

"Gabrielle, I have no idea what you're talking about. We haven't left this beach."

"But what about Ulysses? Wasn't he here?" the bard fretted.

Xena smiled inwardly at her friends ever present imagination and said softly, "No, Gabrielle. We were walking along the beach when we came across a man being attacked. We helped him fight them off and he went on his way. You took a pretty hard hit and it knocked you unconscious."

"Then it wasn't Ulysses?"


"And you didn't. . . ?"

"Didn't what?"

"Oh, nothing," Gabrielle said, trying in vain to supress a grin and hoping her joy wouldn't explode her heart.

"Gabrielle are you all right?"

The young bard smiled up into those blue eyes and whispered "I'm fine Xena. I'm perfectly fine."

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