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By Warriorjudge

From Gabrielle’s scrolls

The fifth moon since the Conqueror sent me away, was finally over, and my successor had already had her ceremony. I was ready to leave. I had written about my coming back to my sweet Millus. I had promised him I’d make it to his birthday.

I arrived to Chin just before dawn. The Conquerors’ guards allowed me in with no fuss, for they knew me and were very fond of me for teaching their children to read and write. They showed me to the Conqueror’s bedchamber and left.

As I was standing in front of the closed door I felt strong palpitation in my chest. After six moons of not seeing her, and giving the circumstances in which we parted, I was excited. A million thoughts ran through my mind and yet I couldn’t catch any of them and think it through. Is she asleep or awake? Is she alone or with another woman? Will she be happy to see me or not? What will I say to her? Should I wake her up? Am I ready to confront her? Is she expecting me or didn’t Millus tell her about my coming back for his birthday? Does she still love me? Where some of my thoughts.

During my travel to Chin, I had pushed all thoughts regarding those issues. I had been too scared to think about them so I had suppressed them.

Now here I was.

I opened her bedchamber door in one swift motion. The first thing that caught my eyes was the sight of Millus, butchered on the floor. The loudest scream I have ever screamed, escaped my mouth. My heart broke, and the grief that spread through my veins like a disease, was devastating. The death of my beloved Millus was something I couldn’t grasp. In the corner of my eyes, I saw two figures jumping on a bed. I turned my gaze from Millus’ body and focused my sight on the bed. I saw the Conqueror and a young Chinese girl naked, in bed together. The Conqueror quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed a silk robe and closed the gap between us with big, haste strides. I was paralyzed. When she stood before me, the incredible rage I felt burst out of me. Then I raised my hands and launched my fists to her chest and shoulders. I pounded her in frenzy over and over again. I was totally indifferent to the fact she was much stronger than I was. She made no attempt to defend herself against my attack. She just stood there and took on my violent assault. As I kept on fiercely beating her with my tight and raging fists, I yelled:

"You bitch...You twisted bitch...I hate you...How could you kill him?! HOW COULD YOU KILL HIM...WHAT HAS HE EVER DONE TO YOU? YOU MURDERESS MONSTER...

I HATE YOU!" I ranted, screaming, crying. I was in turmoil. Two of her guards showed up at the door, at the sounds of beating and screaming.

"If you stop me, I’ll never forgive you!" I hissed towards them. They looked at the Conqueror.

"Leave us" was all she said, and they did.

I went on beating her hard with all the strength I had in me. At one point I stopped pounding her and pushed her with such force I didn’t realized I possessed. She lost her balance and fell down to the floor. When she was down on the floor I kicked her waste and her abdomen with the strength of a wild mule. The Chinese girl came running towards us.

"Stop...you’ll kill her!" She exclaimed. That’s when the frenzy stopped. I took one step backwards. The Conqueror gathered herself slowly from the floor rubbing the places on her body where I heat her. She took her sword that lay next to Millus’ body. I was sure She would kill me. But she moved towards the young girl and raised the hand that held the sword in order to strike down upon her. I caught her arm in mid air.

"Kill her now...And you’ll never see me again" I hissed, from between my clenched teeth. The Conqueror stopped her motion and looked at the girl.

"Leave" She said. The young girl looked at me.

"Go on. The Conqueror rarely gives second chances" I told her.

We were alone.

"I’m leaving you, Conqueror. I will never return to you. The Xena I once knew is long gone. I tried to deny it for I loved her more than life. I wasn’t ready to let go of her just yet, and so I convinced myself you were she, just because you reminded me of her. But you are nothing like her. You are not her. You are pure evil" I said in a grave tone. The life as if been sucked out me. I didn’t look at her. The sight of her scorched my heart...It was pain like I’ve never known before. The Conqueror didn’t say anything. I turned on my heels and began to walk towards the door.

Just when I opened the door I heard her voice calling after me.

"Gabrielle...Don’t leave me...please...I love you so much!" She was crying aloud now. Her voice tore my heart. I halted frozen where I stood and didn’t walk any further. Ever since our second consummation, she hasn’t told me she loved me. It has been too long since I’ve last heard her say ‘I love you’. I couldn’t go through with leaving her.

"Gabrielle" She uttered my name. It sounded like a plea.

"Conqueror " I replied.

"The young girl...it’s not what you think" She muttered in a haste.

"Do you think I give a damn whether you slept with her or not, at the moment? What bothers me more right now is the fact that you killed a young boy that I loved...I’ll never forgive you for that" I promised her. She said nothing. "Why did you do it?" I asked. "Did he forget to call you Conqueror, when he addressed you?" My words where harsh and poisonous.

"Ling-Ma, the young girl that you’ve saved her life tonight, told me that your daughter, Hope, killed Solan and that if you hadn’t lied to me he would have been alive today" She retorted.

"I didn’t want to tell you this because I knew if I told you, something like this might happened. I was right...You are the same monster I suspected that you were"

"I thought since you had taken my child away, it was only fair that I would rob you of yours" She tried to convince me with her twisted rational.

"And that’s your justification for killing an innocent boy?! A boy whom you had already killed both his parents and had given him the dubious job as your food taster?" I yelled at her. I felt like talking to a person who understood a different language from mine. "You’ve murdered him for my past mistakes, without talking to me, without confronting me, without giving me a chance to tell you my side of the story of what happened to Solan. A whore’s word was all it took for you to kill a helpless boy...What kind of an animal are you?!" I screamed with rage. I saw tears welled up in her eyes. She didn’t say a word.

"Things are going to change between us, Conqueror. I’ll make you a nonnegotiable offer. Either you except it, and we’ll go on from here, or you don’t, and you’ll never see me again. Have no doubt, when I said that you’ll never see me I mean it - If you force me into being with you by confinement, I will kill myself in order to be free from you presence."

"What’s your offer?" Her voice trembled.

"I won’t leave you, I will stay with you, not as your lover, but as a friend. I won’t allow you to keep me as a body slave either. The next child’s life you take, I’ll leave, never to return again. You’ll lower your taxes from three-quarters to one tenth of a monthly production. I’m positive that you’ll be able to manage your realm on this rate." I couldn’t believe I was posing conditions to the Conqueror.

"But Gabrielle, I want you as my lover" She sounded desperate.

"You cannot have me as a lover" I replied coldly "I was in love with Xena, alas, Xena is dead, and you are not her. All I see before my eyes is a stranger, a Conqueror. My beloved Xena is long gone. All this time I delude myself you were her...now I know that isn’t so."

"I am Xena, I swear it, please believe me, Gabrielle" She begged and was no longer in control of her tears.

"No you are not. Why would you want me as your lover anyway?" I questioned. I showed her no warmth, no tenderness.

"Because I love you so much"

"No, you don’t. My definition of love is apparently different from yours."

"Don’t you love me anymore, Gabrielle?" She sobbed. She looked so small all of a sudden.

I didn’t know what to tell her. As much as I wanted to tell her I didn’t I knew in my heart that would be a lie. I knew my Xena was in there. I had seen her about seven moons ago, when the Conqueror had shown me love. It’s just that I was so angry with her for killing Millus and for her infidelity...and all her wrong doings towards me in the past that I just couldn’t tell her. I’ll have to tame that beast in her, and obviously I couldn’t do it with love. After a few moment of silence, I said to her:

"I realize you have physical needs. If you’d like, You are free to have other women, don’t mind me"

"You know I cannot have anyone else but you, Gabrielle" She whispered and lowered her head as if she was ashamed of herself.

"You seemed to have managed just fine in my absence, That sight that welcomed my return made it clear" I sneered. I gave her a taste of my bitterness. I stung her where I knew it would hurt and shame her.

"Throughout the past six moons, I haven’t had her, not even once. As for what you’ve seen tonight, well then, she was the one who climbed into my bed against my specific command. I had ordered her to leave before I went to sleep. I had tried to have my way with her, tonight ...but...I...couldn’t...take her." She stammered. Hearing the Conqueror admitting she failed in taking a beautiful young girl was a surprise to me. The Conqueror’s sexual potency was her pride and joy.

"What kind of an imbecile do you think I am?! I saw you two naked in your bed! What did you do with her, played with dolls?!" I shouted. My body was shaking with furious anger.

"I woke up and she was there…"

"I don’t believe you...How could you?! I gave you everything! What I hadn’t given you, you took by force! You raped me like a savage! You violated me in the most inhuman way thinkable! You’ve scarred both my body and soul. Those scars will never heal. These moons I had served as your body slave were worse than eternity in Tartarus. You’ve hurt me, brutalized me, humiliated me and nearly broken my spirit. You’ve treated me the way not even savages treat their dogs. Thanks to you I couldn’t bring myself to visit my mother when I was with my tribe, for she thinks she had doomed me to be your whore. After all that you’ve done to me...YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO FUCK ANOTHER WOMAN!"

"But Gabrielle…" She tried to speak but I cut her off.

"You knew I loved you. You knew I’d come back, and after all that you had done to me, I thought you’ll have the decency to wait for me, to save yourself for me...You owed me that much. But you behaved like a beast...once you didn’t have an accessible mate...you went and plucked yourself another one."

"I’ve been faithful to you, Gabrielle. Ask Ling-Ma"

"Ling-Ma..." I chuckled bitterly. "She probably really touched your heart...As I recall, when I was in your service, you called me ‘little girl’...isn’t it funny...It seems to me like she deserves this title more than I did" I muttered.

"Gabrielle...I give you my word. I haven’t taken another woman. You are the only one I want"

"You have no idea what’s it like, being raped. You have no idea how hopeless one feels when being raped. You have tainted my soul. In spite of what you might think, I didn’t like what you did to me. Being raped by you was the worst thing I have ever went through in my life. Imagine how terrible it feels, when it is someone you love that is doing it to you. You killed something in me that day, Conqueror. If you wouldn’t have slept with another woman, I could have bring myself to fully forgive you, but after what you did with that girl...I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" I screamed my last words.

"Gabrielle...please..." My heart built an iron wall around itself. It didn’t let her tears reach inside.

"I’m sorry, Conqueror. My mind is made up." I concluded, using the same words she had used.

The Conqueror knelt before me.

"Gabrielle, my love, please forgive me for all the things I’ve done to you" She was crying aloud. Her face was heavily stained from tears. Her beautiful blue eyes were puffy and red and reflected sorrow and pain. Mine showed her disappointment.

From the Conqueror’s log

(written by Xena)

When I saw Gabrielle and when I heard her scream, I jumped out of bed, naked as I was. I didn’t know how am I going to explain Ling-Ma’s presence in my bed, and naked, no less.

Her yelling and shouting still echoing in my head. Gabrielle fell to her knees next to Millus’ body. She was in grief. I regretted causing her such pain. Trying to reason with her about why I had done what I had done, was useless. She refused to see my point of view. She kept on talking about that useless little food taster. I realized she loved him, but I was Solan’s mother, and blood is thicker than water.

What bothered me more was the fact that Gabrielle thought I had had sex with Ling-Ma. She refused to believe me. One of two things that most tormented me was the fact that she thought I had betrayed her with the body of another woman, and the other thing was that as a result she had decided not be my lover any more. As far as I was concerned, the fact that she didn’t believe I loved her didn’t change the way I felt about her. I knew my heart better than anyone did, and I knew I loved her.

Listening to her talkimg about the rape was devastating. I felt like I had no right to ask anything of her. Saying it tore my heart is an understatement. That was the turning point. At that moment, when she screamed her pain and accusations towards me, that was when I first felt true remorse for my past deeds towards her. The reckoning of the extent of the pain I had caused her hit me like a lightning bolt. It was my turn to feel helpless. I didn’t know whether there was a way to make it up to her, or even if I had the right to try and make it up to her. All hope I had for gaining her back as a lover evaporated.

I have decided to go back home to Greece. Since the kingdom of Chin was vast, I had to leave a quarter of my army there, in order to maintain my control in the region. The rest of my army escorted me back to Greece. During the journey home, Gabrielle and I slept in separate tents. When we traveled during daylight she did all she could to avoid talking to me. She gave me countless excuses for avoiding me. Excuses like, she couldn’t walk as fast as I did; She was afraid of riding a new horse; She wasn’t hungry so she wouldn’t eat with me; etc.’. At one point I started to admire her ingenuity. At those very few times she didn’t manage to avoid me, and hence set down and shared a meal with me, she didn’t say much, merely several empty, insignificant words of courtesy and nothing more. It hurt me that she wouldn’t talk to me. I realized she was angry with me, but to see her standing within arm’s reach and yet to feel she was miles away was more than I could bear. I wanted to break the wall between us, but I didn’t know how.

The nights were the most difficult of times. I would lie naked under my bedrolls, sensing her proximity in my guts, feeling my heart twitch in excitement and ache. I thought plenty of times about going into her tent and lie next to her, but I didn’t dare to. It was a line I knew I would pay dearly if I crossed it. If that’s all she is willing to give you, then that’s all your gonna have - ask nothing from her, for you don’t deserve anything I said to myself.

I began feeling even lonelier than I had been when she had left me and went to her tribe.

I was miserable. So much so, that the warm feeling of sexual desire that had been nestling in my loins ever since I could remember myself was gone. I couldn’t remember the last time I had stimulated my own sex for satisfaction. It was pathetic and embarrassing.

Throughout the days I wore a mask to cover my inner strife and emptiness. I commanded my men with power of steel. The moment you show weakness, they’ll eat you alive. Only at nights, at the privacy of my own tent, I allowed myself to take off that mask and cry.

When we’ve reached Greece’s boarders, I approached Gabrielle. She tried to blow me off with another one of those lame excuses, but I didn’t let her.

"Gabrielle, it seems to me you’re not keeping your end of the bargain." I said.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about" She thought playing the dummy would work with me and that I’d leave it at that.

"I think you do, Gabrielle." I retorted. I held her arm and gently showed her into my tent. I explained to her that this kind of conversation required privacy. Once we settled comfortably inside, facing each other I told her: "You promised you’d be my friend, but you don’t act like one. You’re not even talking to me anymore" I said. She lowered her head and didn’t say a thing. I believe she was admitting her guilt at that moment. "Gabrielle, if the only way I can keep you with me, close to me, is by being friends with you and nothing more, then I accept it. But don’t be so cruel as not to even giving me the time of day. Beyond the insolence and humiliation, it hurts me, for I miss you. So, please..." My voice trembled and it drifted away. Gabrielle still didn’t look at me. She was busy looking at her fingers that played with the rim of her skirt. I was waiting for her response. Gabrielle heavily exhaled, tilted her head and looked at me with her beautiful sea-green orbs.

"You are right, Conqueror, and I apologize for my behavior. It’s just that things are difficult between us and it makes things a little awkward. It’ll change though, Conqueror, you have my word" She said.

"Do you really wish to be my friend or are you doing it because you think it’ll make me a better person and ruler. Are you sacrificing yourself for others or for us?" I had to ask. I sensed that I stopped breathing out if anticipation to her answer.

"A little of both, Conqueror" She replied and smiled. I guess it was good enough for me, for the time being, so I returned a smile.


At last, I got back home. Greece - I was ecstatic. I missed my palace. Once I got there, I settled myself back at my ever so familiar and huge bedchamber and ordered my servants to unpack my chests. My Imperial guard had a parade for my honor, with soldier, horses weapons and drums...the works. I was intoxicated with power and pride, for once again I came back home the victor. Gabrielle didn’t like the notion of a military parade, and so she didn’t attend it with me but rather retired to bed earlier than me. Gabrielle settled back to her old bedchamber, the one next to mine, which she used to occupy when she had been in my service.

From Gabrielle’s scrolls

The first thing I did the very next morning after the Conqueror and I came back, was assemble the staff’s children in the classroom. I was so happy to see them again. They seemed a little bigger than I had remembered them. Children between the ages of six to fourteen have the tendency to grow up so fast and six moons is a long time in a child’s life. As soon as I entered the classroom they ran towards me and hugged me tight with their little arms. Even Nijella, which was the eldest, that usually seemed somewhat unconnected with her peers. She was a lovely girl at the age of fourteen harvests, daughter of Midaicus, the Conqueror’s dungeon’s guardsman. When she held me a terrible fear engulfed me. What if the Conqueror were to caveat the young girls in her palace. The Conqueror’s name was cursed by husbands and fathers, even before she and I became lovers, and it was for a reason. I decided that if the need for a conversation regarding this matter was to arise I would address it to the Conqueror.

After the excitement that my return raised, subsided, nine-year-old, Likus raised his hand and waited for permission to speak. I smiled and granted him permission.

"Where is Millus?" He asked. A lamp smothered my throat and I desperately fought back tears. I had to show them that I was strong enough to be their support rather than a broken reed.

"He was killed in Chin" I said just a little louder than a whisper. I was afraid my voice would betray me. A grave silence descended upon the classroom. No one uttered a word. Millus was loved by everyone, and now he was mourned by everyone.

"Who killed him, Gabrielle?" Likus finally asked. He was the only one that didn’t shed a single tear. His loss was the greatest, for Millus had been like a brother to him. He hurt beyond tears. I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t.

"It was her, wasn’t it? It was the Conqueror?" He said matter-of-factly. He sounded disturbingly calm.

"Yes" I said. I couldn’t bring myself to look at his eyes. I felt as if I was responsible for Millus’ death, and I couldn’t have enough courage to face him. I didn’t teach them anything that day. I gave them the day off. We went out to the Imperial gardens. We all set on the grass and told stories about what Millus was for us.

Around dinnertime I entered the dining-hall. I saw the Conqueror placing a napkin on her thigh and reading herself for eating. When she saw me, she smiled and greeted me. She invited me to eat with her. Although I didn’t feel like dining with her after what had happened earlier that day with the children, I accepted her invitation and set to the table right next to her.

"I have been wanting to talk to you Conqueror!"

"What’s this about?" She questioned.

"It’s about your slaves, Conqueror. I would like to ask of you to give them salaries, like you give your soldier. I also want you to give them a choice between working for you or not. I want you to stop intimidating them." I said.

"Why should I?" She asked.

"Because they have the right to live in dignity, they work and slave for you, because it’s the right thing to do, and because I’m asking you to" I replied.

"Well…" She finally muttered, after several moments of contemplation "If it’ll make you happy than so be it. I will try my best not to frighten them...It won’t be easy for me"

"I’ll help" I smiled. "Thank you, Conqueror"


Two weeks had past, since the Conqueror and I had returned from Chin. She kept her promise to me and assembled all her household stuff in her palaces’ main-hall and informed them that from then on things was going to be different. She said that they would be given a salary on a weekly basis and that she would not brutalize and intimidate them from then on. She also informed them of their right to leave her service. Most of her servants chose to stay. I was standing right there by the Conqueror’s side in the main-hall. She was well aware of the fact that they stayed because of me and in spite of her.


One morning, three weeks after our homecoming, Dana, the Conqueror’s chambermaid came to my own chamber. I was writing in my scrolls when she came in, but as soon as I’ve noticed her I put my quill and scroll aside. After a brief greeting, we went to perch ourselves on the balcony. We sat there together, enjoying both the view and the sun.

"She is miserable" Dana finally said.

"What?! Who?! I questioned and turned my gaze from the colorful gardens to her.

"The Conqueror. She’s different. Something in her has changed"

"Dana, she’s just a little less brutal and a little more sublimated and she is behaving the way she does just because I asked her too and not because she thinks it’s the right way to behave, even for a woman in a high position, such as herself. Things are far from being perfect"

"You are right, but still, she’s not the same as yesterday, so to speak." Dana insisted and shrugged.

"Example" I requested.

"It’s been three weeks since the two of you came back from Chin. I know you’re not her body slave any more. She made it clear to her household staff the very next day after you had returned." She said.

"She did!?" I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe my ears.

"Didn’t she tell you?" It was Dana’s tern to exclaim.

"No, she didn’t" I uttered a muffled reply. "Where is the Conqueror at the moment?" I asked.

"She’s training her troops in the training field." She retorted.

"So we can speak freely" I pointed out. "You said that the Conqueror is miserable, what did you mean exactly?"

"It’s been three week’s that she has been sleeping alone. She hasn’t entertained women in her bedchamber so far. My chamber and hers are sharing a wall. There is a wooden door that separates us. It’s thin enough to hear what’s going on in her bedchamber. She has been crying herself to sleep for the past three weeks, and I know for a fact that she hadn’t had a woman throughout the past three weeks." Dana gave me a sincere look.

I didn’t say a word.

I was happy for what I have just learned. Although the Conqueror’s bedchamber and mine also share one wall, there is no door between them and so I can’t hear a thing of what’s going on in her bedchamber. The fact that Conqueror hadn’t bedded anyone so far, surprised me. As I have been lying in my bed every night, I have been hoping that she wasn’t having sex with another, but I didn’t think this situation was remotely plausible. I have missed her in my bed terribly. Even though I wasn’t sure whether the Xena I used to love is still in her or that all that is left is merely a Conqueror in Xena’s body, I loved and desired that body. As I have been lying in my bed I fantasized about us making love. I have been longing for her touch.

"I might be going on a limb here, and the gods know I hate and despise this monster, but I think she loves you."

"No, she thinks she loves me, but I seriously doubt she knows what love is. When she was in Chin, she did have a courtesan. I caught them in bed together in Chin" I said with a quiet voice. I knew it wasn’t something that I should feel ashamed about, but I felt shame nonetheless.

"I’m sorry, Gabrielle. I know how much you love her" She made an effort to comfort me.

"Don’t be. What happened in Chin was an eye-opener for me. I am not in love with her. I’m in love with Xena. Xena is gone. The Conqueror took her place, but not in my heart."

Then there was silence again.

"I do miss my Xena, though. Her love, her warmth, her soul...and her body." I said.

"Maybe it is time you’ve moved on." Dana suggested and placed a motherly hand on my shoulder.

"Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. My heart will always be Xena’s. The same goes with my body. Besides, The Conqueror is extremely possessive of me. If she finds out I have a lover, She will kill us both...after that, you and the rest of the world are going to taste her wrath."

I assured her.

"I guess you know what you’re talking about...And I wish things would have been different for you. You deserve so much better than that...you deserve someone who loves you, and not someone like the Conqueror" Dana said. I only nodded, fighting back tears. Dana stood up and left. She probably sensed I needed to be alone for a while. As soon as she left me to my thoughts I began analyzing the new information I had just received. The Conqueror wasn’t having sex with another woman, and she was crying herself to sleep every night. Did she missed me after all? Was she mourning the loss of me? Did she love me after all? Was there a chance I would get my Xena back to me?"


Gradually, the Conqueror and I established a firm and steady friendship. Going out for long strolls every evening in the Imperial gardens or in the streets around the palace, and talking through half the night, became a ritual I have been anxiously anticipating every day. We talked about plenty of things. About what we each did that day, about state’s affairs, about the children. She showed interest in what exactly was I teaching them and in their academic achievements. We even gossiped about her servants and various officers and so on. She asked for my advice on how to handle certain people and certain things in her realm. She said she trusted me completely. We even had philosophical discussions about what was the best way to rule a country, what was the characteristics that made a ruler, a good ruler, what was true equality amongst human beings, what were the tools a ruler should have in order to achieve equality. We’ve examined the issue of slavery. We’ve debated certain issues in penology (The discipline of punishment) and what crimes deserved what punishments. The Conqueror displayed a profound capability of cognitive capacity and analysis. She was brilliant and made those evenings so enjoyable for me. The more we talked the more personal and intimate the conversations got. I revealed my heart before her; my dreams, my thoughts, and my feelings. I gave her a good look into myself and she did the same.

She was very attentive towards me. She didn’t talk about the things that she knew were painful for me. She didn’t say a word about Chin and Ling-ma, nor did she talk about our past together.

"I miss you, Gabrielle" She said softly to me one night. We were sitting next to each other in one of her Imperial gardens, leaning comfortably against a giant old oak tree. The moon above us sent its blue beams down to shine upon us. She looked magical that night. She was wearing a blue velvet regal dress, in which she looked so powerful, impressive and breathtaking. The cool night breeze that caressed me couldn’t chill the heat that arose in my body. I wanted to touch the Conqueror. But I didn’t dare to move and act upon my desire. The words she told me made my heart melt and I was afraid she would leave me defenseless against her.

"I know you do, Conqueror" I whispered. She turned her body towards me, I could see the moonlight accentuate the lining of the top of her breasts.

"I just wanted you to know, that’s all. After what I’ve done to you, and what I’ve took from you, I’m in no position of asking anything from you. I’m grateful that you’re my friend. It means the world to me. I don’t expect anything more from you, Gabrielle" She said. Her voice was trembling and low. It engulfed me and stupefied my senses. I wanted to kiss her.

"I appreciate it, Conqueror" I placed a trembling hand on her thigh. I felt my body was on fire. I wanted her to ravish me. There were no words to describe how much I longed for her and yearned for her. I missed her so much. I haven’t touched her in over seven moons now. I ached for her. She noticed my desire raising its flammable head in me. She didn’t move though.

"I’ve enjoyed being with you in the past few weeks. You are a dear friend Gabrielle" She smiled but didn’t look at me. She allowed my hand to rest on her thigh.

"Me too, Conqueror." I smiled back.

The next few moments were silent, we just sat and listened to the sounds of the night.

"The penal code that we drafted together is going to work perfectly" I finally said.

"I hope you are right. I’m afraid people might become disobedient and insubordinate. She muttered, and I took my hand away from her. I didn’t answer her. "Anyway, I’ve been thinking..." her voice drifted.

"What, Conqueror?" I encouraged her to talk and looked into her eyes.

"I’ve checked the children’s curriculum and it is my opinion that some sailing lessons and Geography are essential to their education, wouldn’t you agree, Gabrielle?" She asked with a cheerful spirit and a hint of a smile to the angel of her lips.

"Oh... Conqueror...that would be wonderful!!!" I exclaimed. I was so ecstatic that without thinking, as if it was a reflex, I placed my arms around her and held her in a tight embrace. She returned the embrace. "Thank you, Conqueror" I said and briefly kissed her cheek. After I’ve released her from my grip I said to her: "Please forgive me, Conqueror, for this outburst of feelings. It’s just that you’ve made me so happy. Thank you again, Conqueror" I was almost giddy with excitement.

"You’re welcome, Gabrielle" She smiled back "And you know...there is no need to apologize for having feelings...after all, we are friends, aren’t we?!" She said and looked into my eyes. I saw something familiar in her eyes, but I couldn’t tell what it was, only that I have seen it before. My heart twitch and ached upon seeing her eyes.

"The best" I retorted, trying to sound as reassuring as possible.

"That’s good to hear" She breathed out in relief.

"So, which one of your Captains are you going to assign to this detail, Conqueror?" I mused.

"What do you mean!? I was thinking about yours truly!" She sounded almost offended but mischievous nonetheless.

"Is that so!?" I was astonished the Conqueror would bother herself with that.

"Yes, it is. I will wake up just before sunset every other day, I’ll have all the children assembled at the docks. We’ll board on one of my favorite ships, the ‘Medusa’, and we’ll set sail at sunrise. You are welcome to join us if you’d like, Gabrielle. I know I, for one, would be glad to have you on board" She chuckled. I fell deeper in love with her right then and there. I felt my Xena was still in there. I could feel her floating beneath the surface.

"I would love to join you, Conqueror. I don’t know how to thank you..."

"Thanks aren’t necessary, Gabrielle, just stay with me" She said with a serious expression on her face. The look that she gave me was intense and my heart missed a beat. We were sitting close to one another and I felt breathless and flushed. Our lips were so close, all I had to do was tilt my head upwards and a little forward and I would have met her lips. Alas, I couldn’t move. I wanted her to claim me. I longed so much for her, that I couldn’t stand the pain in my heart any more. I could hear her breath, I could feel the warmth of her beautiful, comforting body. I wanted her that night, but I was too scared to do anything about it.

"I will stay with you, I promise, Conqueror" I said. I could barely speak from the excitement I felt.

We went back to the palace together, with our arms entwined. When we’ve reached my bedchamber we halted. I faced her.

"Goodnight, Conqueror" I said.

"Night, Gabrielle" She returned the greeting. Even though we have said our good-byes we remained standing and looking at each other. I realized I forgot to breathe. I was waiting for her. When I saw she wasn’t moving, I turned and entered my bedchamber.

From the Conqueror’s log

(Written by Xena)

I entered my bedchamber, feeling the pain in my heart throbbing so hard, that it projected to the rest of my body. I wanted to drown my sorrow in a good bottle of fine ale, but I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t consume such large quantities of ale again. Apparently it caused me to loose clear vision and clouded my capacity of judgment. I knew I was in for a long night of crying, of hurting, of grieving, of mourning. I wondered when would it end, when would the pain cease. I knew the answer to that - never. I have so much love within my heart to last eternity. Our relationship of best friend wasn’t enough for me, not by a long shot. I needed so much more from her, not just physically, but emotionally as well. There are many differences between a lover and a beast friend. It’s a different sort of behaviors, of feelings and of intimacy. Having Gabrielle in the capacity of a best friend didn’t fill my unquenchable need for her.

Those weeks we spent together after our return to Greece, made me fall in love with her even deeper. She allowed me into her heart like never before. She allowed me to truly getting to know her. And the more I have learned about her the deeper I fell in love with her. Silencing my desire to kiss her cost me every shred of self-control I had in me. Learning who Gabrielle really was, left me in awe. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love her any more than I had already did, I proved myself wrong. She was a magnificent human being.

I set in my armchair, looking at the night from my bedchamber window, weeping and crying the loss of Gabrielle. A knock on my bedchamber door distracted me from my mourning. I looked terrible, my eyes puffy and bloodshot and my face heavily stained with tears. I couldn’t let anyone come in, and witness the mess that was I.

"Conqueror" A feminine voice cried to me from the other side of the door.

"Come in, Dana" I said. She entered. I felt so alone in my huge bedchamber, especially in light of the current state of my relationship with Gabrielle. When Gabrielle wasn’t next to me in my bedchamber as a lover, I felt more alone than I have ever been in my life. I craved the companion, and so, I welcomed Dana in.

Dana slowly opened the door and with hesitating strides closed the gap between us. She took a stool and perched herself in front of me.

"I bet you didn’t expect to see the all mighty Conqueror, crying in her bedchamber like an infant, did ya?!" I mocked myself.

"Not like an infant, but like a hurting woman, Conqueror" Dana replied. I felt so ashamed I couldn’t even look at her. I hadn’t thought about it at the time but I was surprised, I allowed myself to expose my venerability to a servant, I must have gotten soft.

"It’s all my fault., you know. She did nothing wrong. That’s what even more frustrating about the whole situation. I messed things up. Everything could have been so different." I murmured.

"Gabrielle is a forgiving person. She’ll come around, Conqueror, just give her some time" She said.

"I have done things to her that even the most forgiving creature on earth wouldn’t have forgiven me" I retorted.

"If your highness is talking about the time she was your highness’ body slave, well then, I’m sure she wouldn’t hold it against your highness for long. I am sure she has realizes, that your highness, was a different person back then" She said.

"Maybe she thinks I am still capable of hurting her. Maybe I am…"

"I seriously doubt that, Conqueror. Gabrielle is a smart woman, and she knows your highness better than anyone" Dana smiled in reassures.

"I wonder" I mattered in skepticism. The chubby chambermaid shrugged as if she wasn’t going to rule out the possibility of what I had suggested. "Has she told you about any of what happened in Chin?" I asked.

"No, Conqueror. She doesn’t tell me anything that goes on between the two of you, and besides, we aren’t that close" She replied.

"When she came to Chin, for Millus’ birthday, Gabrielle saw me with the courtesan in bed together. I swear on my realm that I haven’t slept with her. I remained faithful to Gabrielle. I haven’t cheated on her with the body of another. I don’t know what should I do in order to convince her that I did no such thing" I exclaimed.

"Sometimes, Conqueror, you just have to allow time to do his work. Perhaps in time she’ll see the truth"


"She’ll see it in your heart, Conqueror. My advice is to give Gabrielle some time to heal" She said. I understood what she meant.

From Gabrielle’s scroll

After the dashing and dazzling Conqueror had left me in my bedchamber, aching for a goodnight kiss, I took off my Amazonian leathers and prepared to retire to bed. Then I climbed into my bed and sought slumber. It wasn’t easy for my longing for the Conqueror, bothered me and I couldn’t find rest. However, fatigue got the better of me and I succumbed to slumber shortly after I had entered my .

Exactly then, Dana entered my bedchamber. She didn’t knock but simply entered and rushed to my bed.

"Gabrielle! Gabrielle! wake up, I need to speak to you!" She whispered aloud, grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

"I’m awake, Dana. What’s the matter?" I said and straightened up to a sitting position in my bed.

"I had a very interesting conversation with the Conqueror just now, that I think you should be aware of" She set on my bed next to me and panted heavily with excitement.

"First she asked me whether you told me what had happened in Chin, regarding the courtesan. I lied to her and told her you didn’t. I also told her that we weren’t that close and that you never tell me anything that goes on between the two of you. The reason that I lied to her was because I thought that if she didn’t think I was going to convey our conversation to your ears, she would tell me the truth." she explained.

"And what did she tell you?" I heard my heart beating wildly in my chest.

"She said she didn’t have her, that she didn’t betray you with the body of another. I really don’t think she lied. When she spoke to me I believed her. I knew in my guts she was telling the truth." Dana exclaimed.

"Then what was the courtesan doing naked in the Conqueror’s bed?" I questioned.

"I don’t know, Gabrielle, she didn’t tell me, but the best thing is to ask the Conqueror and to give her a fair chance to answer you." Dana replied.

"I’m amazed that you’re doing this for her...coming to talk to me, and all" I said "I thought you hated her"

"I’m not doing this for her. I’m doing this for you" Dana retorted. The full-figured woman arose to her feet, bade me goodnight and left my chamber. If she believed the Conqueror, than the Conqueror must be telling the truth I admonished to myself. My happiness washed through my body like a river. I was so excited that I was too erratic to stay still and fall asleep. But I knew, however that an early start awaited me the next day and so I forced myself back to a lying position, and after awhile I was asleep.


The next morning, and every other morning, the Conqueror, the children, and myself, would meet at the Conqueror’s docks. We would board on the Conqueror’s favorite battleship, the "Medusa" and we would set sail to Greece’s various islands, like Crete, Rhodes, etc. via the sea. As the morning chill accompanying us, the Conqueror instructed her young new students, the art of sailing.

She gave each and every one of them a chore on board that was compatible to his or hers strength, height, and other capabilities. She taught them to navigate, to tie all sorts of knots, and the secrets of the sea. She was very patient with them, and when they made mistakes, even dangerous or silly ones, she explained to them again and again without losing her temper. In truth, not only didn’t she lose her temper, but she taught them with a smile on her lips and mischievous look in her gorgeous blue eyes. She was irresistible and I fell deeper in love with her. It was amazing to see her teaching them and commanding them as their Captain.

At first, they were scared of her. Some of them were trembling at her presence. Soon they became more comfortable around her and began acting a little more freely. I guess it wasn’t just my presence on board, but her charming behavior as well. Nevertheless, they never forget, not even for the briefest of moments, that she was the Conqueror, hence, none of them dared acting disrespectfully or disobediently.

Each and every morning in which we sailed on her "Medusa", she wore a beautiful regal dress and a full battle gear on her. She was breathtakingly magnificent. Seeing her moving on the deck, pulling ropes, steering the wheel while the wind played with her raven-black tresses and so on, was mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her flexing muscles, her swaying supple breasts, her bronze moist skin. I couldn’t help myself and I was embarrassingly eyeing her. I hoped the children wouldn’t catch me red handed ravishing her with a mere gaze. The Conqueror charmingly swept me off my feet and I felt lost. I wanted her. The distance from her was becoming less bearable with each day that passed.

She taught me how to steer. I stood in front of the steering-wheel, grabbing it with both hands, as she was standing next to me, instructing me how to steer, what variables I should take under consideration before steering, and so on. Occasionally, she would stand behind me and placed her hands on my hands that were resting on the steering-wheel. My hands usually were frozen from the morning chill, and hers, on the other hand, were always warm, as if the morning chill feared the Conqueror. When she placed her hands on mine, I felt her warmth and I melted against it. She always kept her body on a safe distance behind me, but nevertheless, I could feel the warmth that radiated from it. Her proximity caused a violent throbbing in my heart and between my legs. I wished she would press herself against me, that her arms would snake around my waist, and that her hands would cup my breasts. I prayed to the Gods that I would feel her lips on my neck and that I would hear her low voice stroking my ears, whispering words of love to me. I day-dreamed about her, furiously making love to me in the Captain’s cabin, thrusting her hips and sex into me, drenching me with her desire, crying out my name as she reaches her peak, glaring at me as I reach mine. But she did nothing of a kind.

One day, she gathered all her students to her ship’s deck and apologized for killing their friend, Millus. Her apology was brief, but I knew it wasn’t easy for her to apologize to, what she considered, slaves. The Conqueror surprised me that day. I admired her for that.


It happened just before sun-up, nine moons since we’ve left Chin together. I lazily opened my eyes. I woke up tired, for the Conqueror and I stayed up late the previous night, all caught up in conversation. Upon opening my eyes, I saw the Conqueror watching me.

"I’m sorry, Gabrielle. I meant no harm. I simply couldn’t resist the urge of watching you sleep. It’s been ages since I’ve last saw you sleeping. I apologize for invading your privacy." The word came out rushing from her mouth. She looked as if she had been caught doing something terrible. Although I was naked, I was covered with a thick fur blanket, that hidden my nudity.

"I’m not angry, Conqueror, just a little startled and surprised as a matter of fact" I said mused. I set up in my bed, modestly covering my nudity with my blanket, especially my breasts. I heard her sigh in relief.

"Would you like to join me for breakfast before sailing, Gabrielle?" She asked and smiled in relief. She was already all dressed up regal dress, armor and boot. I couldn’t help but feeling a little underdressed.

"I would be honored, Conqueror" I smiled back.

"I’m going down to the dining-hall after you’ve all dressed up, please join me. I promise I wouldn’t start without you" She smirked and turned around in order to leave my chamber.

"No, please, Conqueror, wait here till I get dressed and than we’ll go together. I wouldn’t want to go to the dining-hall all by myself without your ever so delightful company" I shamelessly flattered.

"Suit yourself, Gabrielle. You know you won’t hear any arguments from me" She chuckled. "Don’t worry, I’ll turn around and close my eyes..." She said, and without wasting a moment, she turned her back to me and closed her eyes...another heart capturing gesture I thought to myself. I didn’t know how long would I able to resist that woman.

"May I ask you a question, Conqueror?" I asked. I stood naked, facing her back. I didn’t go for my clothes. Getting dressed wasn’t a top priority at that moment.

"You can ask anything, my dearest friend" She obliged. I could hear the soft smile in her voice.

"If you didn’t have sex with the young courtesan, Ling-Ma, then what was she doing in your bed, completely naked?" I asked. My legs were about to give out from under me. I feared her answer. I was afraid it would be too far fetched for me to believe.

"Ever since I set foot in Chin’s ruler’s palace, Ling-Ma wouldn’t leave my side. She was kind and gentle and was a good listener. Back then I needed one. She tried to pleasure me right at the very first night we met. I told her I didn’t want to, and that she shouldn’t offer herself but wait till I call for her. Back then I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Ling-Ma was a beautiful young woman, and I found her most appealing. Nevertheless, my love for you prevented me from taking her or anyone else for that matter." The Conqueror didn’t spare any details. Her voice was calm, steady but low. I could see she was playing nervously with her fingers.

"Go on, Conqueror, please" I encouraged her.

"During those six moons in Chin, I have learned, by Millus, that she murdered the prime courtesan. When asked about it, she simply said she was hoping to be my courtesan and thus gaining power. I didn’t elude myself into thinking she was anything like you. She had some ability to see into people’s lives, like an oracle. She knew I was in love with you. As a matter of fact she knew it from day two, when I told her. She probably told me about Solan because she knew it’ll make me angry with you, maybe even hate you. The night Millus died, I performed my best attempt to have her, but my body remained indifferent to her. Nothing happened. I barely touched her. I was upset for loving you so much, that I couldn’t bring myself into taking another, and so with anger, after poisoning Millus, I sliced him with my sword" Her voice trembling, I knew she was on the verge of crying. I was silent.

"When I saw that Ling-Ma watched Millus dying and did nothing to help him, it hurt me strongly, that unlike her, you have a pure, precious, and beautiful soul. I felt I lost all hope of ever falling out of love with you, and finding another woman. And so, I told Ling-Ma to get her things and leave the palace at last. Ling-Ma knew about your coming to Chin on Millus’ birthday. Before we left Chin, Ling-Ma confessed to me that she had read it in one of the letters you’d sent Millus, she came back and into my bed in the middle of the night, knowing fully, that you would come and see us. That was her way of separating us...and it worked...you gotta love the simplicity of her plan...and she was only fifteen years old...I gotta hand it to her, for it’s not easy fooling the Conqueror..."

"Conqueror" I muttered in agony.

"You don’t have to say anything, Gabrielle. I know it sounds somewhat complex and far fetched, and it is by far simpler to believe the more probable, and common explanation that she was my whore. I cannot blame you, Gabrielle, and I guess if I were you, I wouldn’t believe it either. Never mind, I prefer to think that by being just my friend, you are making me pay for raping you every time I took you in my bed after I enslaved you, and I deserve it, Gabrielle" She was beginning to lose the battle against her tears. I could see her slumped shoulders shivering.

"I believe you, Conqueror" I said.

"Gabrielle" She said in disbelief, still with her back to me.

"I’m not just saying so, Conqueror, I do believe you. Turn around" I spoke softly to her and placed two confident hands on her trembling shoulders.

"Are you dressed?" She asked, her voice barely audible.

"Just turn around, Conqueror" I whispered

The Conqueror slowly turned around and faced me. She moved her moist gaze on my naked body. I could tell that seeing my naked figure was a sight that was not easy for her to witness. It has been a long time since we were intimate with each other...and the circumstances weren’t natural and connivance.

"It’s all right, Conqueror" I whispered. She took her time drinking in the sight of my nudity, but I needed so much more than a frightened and bashful look. I closed the gap between our two anticipating bodies, and pressed myself against her. I looked into her starved and warm eyes, and she looked into mine. Feeling her warmth engulfing me thrilled me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and delved my fingers into her black thick tresses. I tilted my head backward and wetted my lips with my tongue.

"Touch me, Conqueror" I moaned.

Then, and only then, she finally began to move, wrapping her arms around my waist, collecting me into her, pressing me, almost squeezing me against her over-dressed body. I could hear her quick and shallow breathing. Her excitement was at high pitch. I felt her famished hands run up my body, from my naked waist to my naked arms and upwards to my shoulders. Her wrists grazed the sides of my breast on their way up, causing a violent shiver to rush through my body.

After her hands reached my shoulders, they climbed up my neck and at last cupped my face. I could feel how quickly our hearts beat within our chest. I was afraid I would faint, that my beloved Conqueror was more than I could handle. The Conqueror leaned downwards towards my waiting lips. When her lips captured mine, she gently and tentatively kissed them. At first she placed brief, non lingering kisses, as if she was tasting my lips, as if to remind her what they taste like, for after all, it has been a while. Her hot breath scorched my lips and set me on fire. She didn’t give me enough. I didn’t wait for the Conqueror. I sent my own tongue to penetrate her mouth and march into it like a conquering army. Upon feeling my tongue in her mouth, she took her guards down and surrendered to me. Our tongues passionately stroke each other. I sucked her tongue into my own mouth with my lips. I wanted to swallow her into me. Once her tongue bathed in my mouth, I swirled the tip of my tongue around it. I threw my arms around her neck and then pressed her harder against me, the cold steel of her armor pressed against my aroused breasts. The Conqueror moaned aloud. I tilted my head to the other side and attacked her mouth from a different angle. I kissed her long and furiously. I occasionally bit her lower and then upper lip. Whenever I heard the Conqueror grunt and felt her writhe against me, I increased the intensity of the attack on her lips, tongue and her mouth cavern. The Conqueror returned my kisses with passion and voracity that made me tremble in her arms.

After a few moments into our ardent kissing, I felt the Conqueror’s body stiffen. I felt her hands leaving my face and powerfully clasping my shoulders. I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head for a brief moment, and then she shut them tight with her eyelids. She moaned aloud in my mouth, and I could feel that she leaned forward against me as if it was too hard for her to carry her own weight. After a few moments, she moaned another loud moan and broke away from the kiss. Her eyes were still shut tight. Then I saw her begin to cry. She whispered something incoherent, and sorrow was evident on her face.

"What’s the matter, Conqueror?" I tried to touch her face, but she flinched and backed away.

"I said,...I came" She wailed like a little child.

"I know you did, I felt it" I smiled.

"I am so sorry, Gabrielle...I didn’t mean to come...I got too excited...It’s been so long, and you are so loved and so desirable...I didn’t mean to violate you, it’s just that it was beyond my control" She could barely speak between the sobs. I could hardly contain my laughter. It wasn’t a mocking laughter, but a laughter that originated from love, from gentleness and from comfort.

"It’s OK, Conqueror. I’m not angry with you." I said and smiled as wide as I could. I sent my hand to tenderly stroke the Conqueror’s beautiful wet face. "Go lay down in my bed, Conqueror. I’ll take care of you." My voice was hoarse from the pain of longing that stubbed my heart. She held my hand in hers and lead me to my bed.

Once she reached my bed, she lay down facing up, looking at me. I set to her side on the bed and looked at her. Her crying gradually subsided.

"I’ve missed you, Conqueror" I husked, while my hands began undressing her. I took off her heavy armor first and threw it onto the floor. Next, her sword and Chakram were discarded to the floor.

"I don’t ever want to separate from you again, Conqueror" My voice was low and caressing. Once she was disarmed and unshielded, I assigned my fingers with the task of unlacing her regal dress. The Conqueror assisted me in this task and after a short while she laid all naked and utterly exposed before me. Gods, how I’ve missed her. I ceased all thoughts in my mind and simply stared long and hard at her. Memorizing every inch in her gorgeous, irresistible body.

"And I don’t ever want to be far from you either, Gabrielle" She whispered.

From my sitting position I began to crawl to and onto her body, until I was finally lying on top of her. The familiar sensation of her warm body under mine, quickened the pace of both my breathing and my heartbeats. I place my fingertips on one of her cheeks and then claimed her waiting lips with mine. The kisses were demanding, passionate, and even gluttonous. I listened to her moans of pleasure, her breathing, and the sounds that her lips make when they were devouring mine. Those sounds set my unbridled desire on fire.

My lips began their travel to her neck, were they left numerous trails of wet fire. I nibbled her sweet hot flesh with my lips, licked her bronze skin with my tongue. She began to sway beneath me, her breasts rubbing themselves against mine. I could tell they desired my mouth’s attention. My mouth kissed and bit its way up to her left ear. I wetted her earlobe with my tongue and breathe down hot air onto it, like a dragon. I felt her skin being covered with goose bumps, and that sent bolts of fire to my loins.

"I love you, Conqueror" I could barely recognized my own voice for it was so low and hooded with desire. "Enter me, my Conqueror" I almost shouted.

"Say my name, Gabrielle...please, say my name" She pleaded as she began thrusting her sex against my thigh. The hot damp curls that surrounded her hard clit and dribbling opening tickled me at first, but soon after, her center aroused me so much, that throbbing became fast pulses of sweet pain that drove me outside myself. I needed release, and I wanted the Conqueror to bestow it upon me.

"I want you, Conqueror!" I exclaim, barely controlling myself, I thrust and grind my sex, hard against her muscular thigh, matching her stroke for stroke, thrust for thrust. I began kneading her supple breasts with my hands. She grunted my name over and over again. When I saw her desperate need for attention to her breasts, I lowered my lips to her breasts and gently suckled them, occasionally biting the nipples or licking the aureoles.

"Say my name, Gabrielle!" Her voice demanded of me

"I love you, Xena. My Xena. My beautiful and brave Xena. My precious Xena" I muttered, raising my face from her breasts and looking deep into her blue, sparkling and desiring eyes.

"Thank you, Gabrielle" She gave me her muffled reply, and soon after, her lips met mine again. We’ve resumed our thrusting again, both of us desperately aching for release. I captured her hands in mine above her head as we bucked our hips against one another, and interlaced our fingers. We needed to hold on to each other, for the grinding were forceful and powerful. I saw her glancing from time to time over my shoulder to stare at my ass. She always said that was her favorite ‘asset’, which I possessed.

As Xena and I were making love, the door to my bedchamber opened and someone was standing at the threshold.

"Gabrielle," panted Xena "There is someone watching us at the door"

"I don’t care...just don’t stop, Xena" I said with a strained voice and closed eyes, as I went on thrusting my dripping core against her strong thigh. Xena averted her eyes from me to the direction of the door and immediately stopped the thrusting. When I sensed she stopped, I opened my eyes, and turned my head to the direction of the door.

"Shit...Likus...What are you doing here!?!" I exclaimed, looking at his shocked face. His jaw dropped and his eyes were wide open in astonishment.

"S...sorry" he blurted and run away shouting the door behind him. Nevertheless, Xena and I could hear Likus shouting in the corridor to his peers "I DON’T THINK WE’RE GONNA GO SAILIN’ TODAY!!!"

Both Xena and I, burst into laughter together.

"I’ll talk to him later" Xena said after we calmed down.

"What are you planing on telling him?" I asked her.

"You know...about the birds and the bees" She chuckled

"He’s only nine years old. Don’t you think he’s a little too young?"

"Nonsense, I was younger than him when my mom..."

"You’re hardly an example for anything, Xena" I teased her.

"You have a point there..." She retorted. Then her expression became serious. "Now...Where were we" She asked and resumed kissing me nibbling my lips gently with hers. Xena turned me over and I was on my back in a blink of an eye. We began kissing again. Her lips kissed their way to my sensitive breast. I arched my back so that I could feel her harder on my body. She suckled my nipples, making them harder, and more erect. I could feel her hunger, for she grabbed both my breasts, pressed them one against the other, and stuff them into her mouth, as far as they possibly go. I whimpered and quivered under her ministrations, and my need for her in my sex was becoming more urgent. Xena went on exploring and devouring my body. She reached my stomach and my waist.

After she thoroughly licked them, she went on lower, to my inner thighs. Even though her desire to take me raged in her blood, she took her time with me and teased me. She kissed and bit my inner thighs, occasionally grazing my clit with the tip of her tongue, not giving me enough friction that would suffice for a release. I heard her sniffing my sex and whimpering in the delight, I could even feel the tip of her nose at my opening. She is reminiscing I thought.

Only then, she began stroking and sucking my clit with her lips and tongue. I began crying out my pleasure aloud. She kept a slow and steady rhythm, making me all wet and swollen in my center, but not enough to make me come. She was tantalizing me, because she wanted to feel that I needed her, that I have missed her not just emotionally, but physically as well.

"Xena...Please..." I begged "Don’t tease me anymore, Xena, I want you inside me now. I missed you so much...please, Xena" I panted heavily.

Xena didn’t say a word. She only smirked in satisfaction in light of my need for her. She turned me with her strong arms, so that I would lie on my stomach. I felt her weight being laid on top of my body, her breasts pressed against my back and her drenched pubic hair resting against my ass.

"GODS...XENA!" I exclaimed. "Take me, NOW!"

She did as I ordered her. She plunged her teeth into the back of my neck. Then, she snaked her arm around my waist, under my hips. She placed her strong, long fingers against my swollen slick clit and began massaging it in circular motions, just the way I craved. Xena started grinding her wet sex into my ass. I grunted like an animal in pleasure, and I could hear her growl and roar from the back of my neck, were she was still biting me. We bucked and thrust together, as one body. She grind her sex against my clenching and unclenching ass and I grind mine against her fingers. We both were sweating, and began trembling and stiffening as soon as we felt our climaxes pending in our cores. Then, waves of earth shaking orgasm explode in my sex and spread like fire all over my pelvis, lower stomach and my legs. She came with me, crying out my name, lifting her torso from my back, supporting her weight on one arm and grinding hard against my ass, pushing me even harder against her fingers. I felt the great amount of hot lubricant that sprang out of her opening that smeared my ass as she came.

One time wasn’t enough for me, and Xena, like the divine lover she was, felt it.

She removed her hand from beneath me. She prompted me to stand on all four, and I knew she would take me from behind again. She knew how much I enjoyed being penetrated after an outer stimulation of my clit. Xena knelt behind me and plunged three fingers into me. I pushed myself back so to impale myself deeper on her fingers. She began to thrust in and out of my inner core, milking my sex of its essence. She moved slow inside me, and so I knew she wasn’t aiming into letting me come just yet. When I was wide enough down there she inserted a fourth finger into my dripping inferno. I moaned and bucked against her invasive hand.

"By the gods...Xena..." I almost lost control of my voice. I heard her chuckle with a low and lascivious voice from behind me that made me even hotter.

Xena took out her fingers from within me. I grunted from frustration. I turned my head and look at her. I saw Xena lowering her body and laying herself prone on her back and gilding her head between my thighs, beneath me. She pooled me down towards her and place my sex on her waiting tongue. Upon contact, I failed to contain a scream of pleasure. I soon felt her entire fist squeezing itself into my sex tunnel. It hurt a little when she penetrated me but when she was inside, rotating her fist back and forth inside me, it was bliss. She had never taken me that way before, not with the tip of her tongue flickering my clit and her entire fist pumping me in and out. She filled me completely, and the pleasure was unreal. I moved to the pace she dictated. I wanted to come so badly, that it hurt. Just when I thought she couldn’t possibly take me any higher, I felt her other hand, stroking the cheek of my rear, at the place where she came on, and grazed with her essence. She grazed one finger with her juices she found there and began to lightly stroke my annul tight ring of muscles. I was beside myself. I was nothing but the sensation that Xena bestowed so expertly on my body. Then, it came, rages of sharp pleasure that cruised through my sex. I have climaxed violently, convulsing uncontrollably, experiencing the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced in my life. I wasn’t even able scream out my pleasure. The intensity of the climax Xena gave is indescribable. After I finished quivering, she exited me, but maintained the light strokes on my clit with her tongue and on my anal rim with her finger. She made my body twitch. When all movement on my part subsided, Xena lay back on my back and rested. I stirred underneath her until I was prone back again, facing her. She smiled a weary smile and rested her head on my breasts.

"I love you, Gabrielle" She murmured.

"I love you too, Xena" I whispered softly to her and stroked her black tresses that covered me like a cloak.

Xena and I indulged ourselves in making passionate love until late in the afternoon. We were making up for lost time. We couldn’t have enough of one another. I gave her the same treatment she gave me. Needless to say she derived great pleasure from it.


Just before dinner time, I went to look for Xena so that we might go together, hand in hand, as it suited lovers. She was no where to be find. As a last resort I went and asked Dana of the Conqueror’s whereabouts. She said she thought she heard her voice around the children’s chambers. She also didn’t fail to mention that I looked absolutely radiant, and asked me whether the Conqueror and I made up. I simply nodded, blushed and embarrassingly smiled.

I strode towards the children’s chambers, and a heart captures sight was revealed to me. I saw the Conqueror sitting on a chair, in her regal dress and all, looking ever bit like a Conqueror, and having Likus sitting on her lap.

She was addressing him with the facts of life.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the LAST INSTALLMENT of the "From The Beginning - Conqueror series. I do have ideas for a few more installments, but since I’ve begun writing a new series, I don’t have the time to write them both. However, my decision isn’t irreversible, so, if you want me to go on writing the Conqueror series, write to me.


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