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Soul Crossing

By Web Bard (copyright 01/01)

Part 18

Beth studied the face on the pillow just inches away from her own. Reese was still tired after the trip to the spa and the young blonde insisted that her bride rest before dinner. Now, the slow and steady breathing reassured her that her beloved was in a deep and heavy sleep. Without waking her partner, Beth brushed a stray lock of long black hair away from Reese’s face. Oh, sweetheart, do you have any idea of what you mean to me? Of how much I love you and need you in my life?

Before the emotion became too much for Beth to hold inside, she quietly slipped out of the bed and walked over to open doors to the outside deck. A cool sea breeze met her as she walked to the edge of the balcony. It’s so beautiful here. She closed her eyes and let the tears that had been welling up gently roll down her face. Over the span of four days, she had found a new family, had married the love of her life, then almost lost her, and had realized a deep and powerful love she could only have dreamed of. This was her life now. A new start. A last chance for the happiness she’d always hoped for but never thought would happen. She opened her eyes and brushed the wet tears away. Glancing over the balcony down to the beach, she watched two women playing with a toddler in the sand.

"Hey sunshine," said a yawning Reese as she walked out on the deck. "What are you looking at that’s so interesting?"

"A family," said the young blonde wistfully.

Reese placed her hand on her lover’s shoulder and turned Beth’s face to hers. The red, bloodshot eyes gave her partner away. "Honey, what’s wrong? You’ve been crying, haven’t you?"

The younger woman wrapped her arms around her new bride and held her tight. "I love you."

"I love you, too, darlin’. Now, tell me what has you so upset."

Beth took her partner’s hand and walked her to the edge of the balcony. "I’m not upset sweetie. Just a little overwhelmed, maybe."

Reese noticed the two women and the young child playing on the beach below. Is this what was bothering her bride? "Beth, is there something else? You know you can tell me anything."

"I know, love," said the young blonde as she leaned against her partner’s shoulder. "Have you ever thought about children?"

"Not really. I’ve never had a reason to think I’d ever have them in my life..." Reese hesitated before finishing her sentence. "Until now."

Beth smiled and kissed her new bride on the cheek. "So, it’s not out of the question?"

"Nothing is out of the question with you," said the taller woman as she pulled Beth into her arms. "If you said you wanted the moon and stars, I’d find a way to get them for you. Don’t you know that by now?"

"Yes," said Beth with a knowing smile. If I told you to stop the tide from coming in, you would. "We’ll talk about expanding our family when we get home, okay?"

"I have an idea."

"What’s that, cutie?"

"Let’s try our maternal instincts out on a puppy first," said Reese as she ran her fingers through her lover’s blonde hair. The reaction on Beth’s face was the one she was looking for. A wide grin.

"A puppy, it is, then." The small blonde threw her arms around Reese’s neck and squeezed her tight. "Thank you, honey."

"For what?"

"For giving me a new life. For making me happy. For…"

Reese stopped her partner’s sentence with a kiss. God, how she loved this tiny woman wrapped in her arms. She placed her hand behind Beth’s head and kissed her deeper and with more intensity. Was love supposed to feel this incredible?

The young blonde felt her knees go weak. Reese quickly sat in the chair on the deck and pulled Beth down on her lap. Breathless, the two women finally released each other.

"That was some kiss, darlin’," said the young blonde as she nestled into her partner’s shoulder.

"I aim to please."

"And, that you do, love." Beth kissed her partner on the cheek. "Now, if my knees will support me when I stand up, I think we need to get dressed for dinner."

"And then we can come back upstairs for dessert?"

"Are you on the menu?"

"But, of course."

"Can I have a taste now?" Beth nibbled on her lover’s earlobe.

"Stop that," teased Reese. "You’ll spoil your dinner. And I have wonderful plans for dinner."

"Then, let’s go then," said Beth as she hopped up quickly. "The sooner we eat, the sooner I get dessert."


Reese whispered something to the restaurant manager as she and Beth walked into the entryway. The woman nodded and smiled at the young blonde. "Your table is waiting for you. Right this way."

The manager pulled out the chair for Beth first, then Reese. Within minutes, a bustle of activity moved closer to the table. A stand with chilled champagne was brought to the table first. Reese reached over to the chair next to hers and pulled out a bouquet of yellow roses that had been carefully hidden there. She looked into her lover’s green eyes and handed her the flowers. "These are for you."

Beth’s heart melted as she took the flowers from her new bride. "Thank you. Who knew that you were such a romantic soul?"

"You did."

The young blonde smiled and caressed her partner’s cheek. "Yes, I did."

Reese took the flowers from her bride and placed them in a waiting vase on the table. She took Beth’s hand in hers and kissed the back of it before bringing close to her heart. Reese kept it there for a few minutes and without words, just gazed into the green eyes that held her captive. A waitress interrupted the moment.

"Excuse me," said the young Greek woman. "But the chef is ready to prepare your dinner here at the table. Is that all right?"

"Of course. Please tell the chef that we are ready." Reese glanced over at her partner who was smiling from ear to ear. Dinner is nothing compared to dessert honey-girl.

During the next twenty minutes, the chef prepared a five-course meal on a portable stove next to their table. After each course, the chef encouraged the women to offer a champagne toast to one another. After the fifth glass of champagne, dinner was becoming irrelevant. The women thanked the chef and he returned to the kitchen.

"That was delicious, Reese. Thank you for such a wonderful treat."

"Oh, the evening isn’t over, my sweet. It’s just beginning."

Beth looked up to the front of the restaurant to see a several men and women seated with musical instruments in their hands. With a nod from Reese, the musicians began to play. Two women dressed in traditional Greek costumes emerged from one of the side rooms and began to dance. The women held a handkerchief in between them and soon began intricate turns around each other. They went over and under and around each other, never breaking the contact of holding the ends of handkerchief. The dancers turned back-to-back, then face-to-face.

"That’s so, um, sexy," said Beth as she watched the dancers move erotically around the dance floor. She felt a rush of heat that made her blush.

"It’s called the Ballos," said her partner. Reese reached for Beth’s hand and began to walk toward the dance floor.

"Reese, what…"

The taller woman interrupted her question with a kiss. "Dance with me."

"I don’t know this dance."

"Oh, but you will. Just follow my lead."

The two dancers noticed the newlyweds move toward them. They bowed and handed Reese the handkerchief. She smiled and then motioned for the band to continue the music. Placing one arm around Beth’s waist, she pulled her closer until their lips almost touched. She then handed one end of the handkerchief to her lover. As the music began, Reese began the intricate moves of the dance and watched as Beth matched her every move. The taller woman knew the dance by heart, but soon began improvising new dance steps, pulling Beth close to her whenever she had the chance. She never kissed her bride, but always came dangerously close. As soon as their lips almost touched, Reese would quickly turn and move the handkerchief in another direction. She smiled to herself knowing that she was driving Beth crazy. One more turn…

The young blonde was prepared for her bride’s next move. As Reese inched her lips closer, Beth moved in quickly to capture them. Tease me, will you? Paybacks are hell honey. "This better be leading somewhere and somewhere fast. You’re killing me."

Reese dropped the handkerchief and quickly pulled Beth into her arms. Enough teasing. She kissed her lover and whispered into her ear. "Time for dessert."


Reese opened the door to their room. She walked in and gasped. Hundreds of candles illuminated the room. Beth smiled and pulled her partner over to the bed. "Beth, how, when…"

"You think you’re the only one who can spoil someone in this family?"

"Thank you, honey," said Reese. "I know this honeymoon didn’t really start out like we planned, but it’s getting better, don’t you think?"

"It’s perfect," answered the young blonde. "Other than you falling overboard, I wouldn’t change a thing."

Reese took Beth’s hand and kissed her palm. "I’m sorry about that."

"Not your fault," said the younger woman as she ran her fingers over the bruise on her lover’s head. "In fact, I think we should just stay here another day. I’m not in any hurry to get back on that boat."

"I think that’s a great idea. I’ll contact Arkas in the morning and let him know not to expect us until Friday, okay?"

Beth took Reese’s face in her hands and kissed her tenderly. "Are you up for a romantic evening? Are you sure you’re feeling well enough?"

Reese answered her questions by gently pushing her bride down toward the pillows on the bed and kissing her.

"Is that your final answer?" Beth began to unbutton Reese’s shirt, then quickly turned her partner over on her back. Reese nodded and smiled at her. "Good. Because I plan to ravish you tonight."

To be continued…

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