Soul Crossing

By Web Bard (copyright 11/2000)

Part 5

Reese slowly opened her eyes and looked down on the sleeping beauty

draped across her chest. She smelled the sweet remnants of baby oil that had

worked their way in to every curve of her body. She smiled and shifted her

weight to move out from under Beth's arms. She pulled the sleeping bag over

her friend and reached for her clothes. She knew Beth wasn't a morning

person, but Reese wanted to see the sun rise over their pond. She put on her

jeans and shirt and walked out to the deck.

As she moved toward the railing, a small glimmer of orange began to rise

over the outline of the surrounding trees. Incredible, thought Reese. I can

wake up to this every day. She took a deep breath of cool fresh air and

slowly exhaled.

Beth rolled over and realized that her personal pillow had moved from its

normal place. "Reese?"

After no answer, she looked around the room. She glanced toward the deck

and saw the slender profile of the woman she loved. She's so beautiful. Beth

rose to her feet and wrapped the sleeping bag around her naked body. She

opened the door and walked toward Reese.

"Morning, love," said Beth as she wrapped her arms around Reese's waist.

"Morning to you, too," said Reese as she closed her arms around her

friend to keep her wrapped in the sleeping bag. "I didn't want to wake you

up. I just can't resist a beautiful sunrise.

"You have my full permission to wake me up anytime," said Beth as she

watched the sun move into the center of the sky. "Especially to share a

sunrise with you."

"Do you realize that we can do this every morning?" Reese pulled Beth

even closer.

"You promise?"

"It's a deal," said Reese as she bent down to kiss the top of Beth's

head. "Want some exotic pop tarts and juice for breakfast?" Beth pulled

away slightly and adjusted the drooping sleeping bag.

"I'd like my good morning kiss first," said Reese as she placed her hands

around the top of the sleeping bag. She pulled the ends together and formed a

hood over Beth's head. She moved in closer and brushed her lips over Beth's.

"Can this be part of our morning ritual?" Beth moved her hands to capture

Reese's face in her hands. "A kiss and a sunrise?"

Reese nodded and leaned down to Beth to kiss her again. She pulled her

into a hug and then turned them both toward the door. "I'll get breakfast.

You get dressed before you catch pneumonia. Plus, the movers will be here in

a hour."

Beth reached for her clothes and began to dress. "I guess there's no need

to shower if we're only going to get dirty unpacking, right?"


"Hey Reese?"

"Yes, honey?"

"I guess we'll have to wash these sleeping bags," said Beth. "They're,

um, a little permeated with baby oil."

Reese chuckled as she brought Beth her breakfast. "So were you."

"You were pretty slippery yourself, young lady." Beth smiled at her

friend who joined her in front of the fireplace.

"I'm sorry I gave you a hard time about your little purchase at the

store," said Reese. "It was the best surprise I've had in a long time. And

the back rub was great, too. Thank you."

"I just wanted the first night in our new home to be memorable," said

Beth as she looked into the blue eyes gazing back into hers.

"Memorable?" Reese smiled. "I'll never forget it."


The movers dropped off the last of the boxes and furniture and left the

two women surrounded by their belongings.

"Man, do we have a lot of stuff," said Beth as she looked over the

mountain of clothes and boxes.

"I guess we need a game plan," said Reese, scratching her head. "I assume

we'll be sharing a room."

"We sure as hell better be," said Beth as she moved toward a box. "I vote

for the room overlooking the pond."

"My choice, too."

"Guest room and office upstairs? Extra clothes and furniture in the other

room downstairs?" Beth picked up a box and headed for their chosen room.

"Hold it, tiger," said Reese as she moved to assist Beth with the heavy

box. "Let's do this together, okay?"

After the box was moved into the corner, Reese took Beth by the hand and

walked back toward the fireplace.

"I need to talk to you about something, Beth."

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

"No, for the first time, everything is just right," said Reese. "I have

the love of my life beside me. I'm living in a beautiful home in a magical

forest. Everything is perfect."

"Then what is it?"

"I did something without asking you first," said Reese as she caressed

the small hand she was holding. "But it's a good thing, I think."


"Remember this summer when we talked about going to Greece to trace our

roots?" Reese looked into Beth's green eyes.

"Of course, I do."

"Well, something has come up with one of the corporations I work for,"

said Reese. "The owner is a Greek shipping tycoon and needs some work done

with his overseas company. I told him I couldn't possibly go to Greece unless

I brought my partner with me. So, what are you doing for Christmas?"

"You're kidding me, right?" Beth looked at Reese in amazement.

"No, I'm not," said Reese. "Do you want to go or not?"

Beth threw her arms around her partner and squealed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Great," said Reese, returning the hug. "I thought you'd be angry with me

for not asking you first."

"Heck, no," said Beth. "I know we talked about keeping secrets the other

day, but I don't mind these kind, do you?"

"As long as they make you happy," said Reese. "I just don't want to see

you in pain anymore. Physically or emotionally. And with you, both of those

are connected. I'll do whatever I have to do to make you feel loved and

comfortable and taken care of."

"I know you will," said Beth. "But you know that goes both ways, don't

you? You put up a pretty stoic front sometimes, but I know that you carry

everything inside, just like I do. I want nothing else in this life but to

make you happy. Please tell me that you understand this."

"I do," said Reese softly. She leaned over to her friend and kissed her.

"Do we have to unpack right now? I think I'd just like for you to hold me for

awhile, okay?"

Beth took Reese by the hand and they walked to the couch that now sat in

front of the fireplace. Beth positioned herself in the corner of the couch

and pulled Reese toward her. "I've got just the place for you. C'mere


Reese smiled and slid her body next to Beth's and placed her head on her

lover's chest. Beth wrapped her arms around her friend and kissed her


"Thank you," said Reese.

"For what, honey?"

"For being my home."

"I know what you mean," said Beth as she caressed her lover's back.

"Sometimes home isn't a place, is it? Sometimes, it's a person. Just like you

are for me. I mean, this house is unbelievable, but if you weren't here with

me, it would just be another house."

"Just an empty shell," said Reese as she tightened her grip around Beth's

waist. "Just like I was when I met you."



"Welcome home, love," said Beth softly. Welcome home.

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