Two Souls, One Touch

by WhymZ

DISCLAIMER: None, no one is mentioned, (SPECIFICALLY) so it's MINE (nyah!)

MENTAL DISCLAIMER: As usual, WhymZ is quite happily mental. Sharing in the blissful unknowing of her true self she's on a search and "discovery" boat . . . floating contentedly along. Plenty o'room spacious and comfy . . . enjoy the ride.

The flame engulfed me, empowered me, made me whole. The fear that had invaded my soul, was nowhere to be found. The flames licked the sides of my face, burning me with heat beyond measure. I breathed it in and let it take me. This fire was not one I was afraid of. This fire that burns me now is the culmination of our love. Her eyes burn me as do the flames from her touch, her kiss, her smile. The fire in her eyes envelopes me. I willingly give into my desire. I can see her face clear and sweet. This moment has been long in coming. The moment I give myself to her. So sweet, so sure. She touches my face with a questioning uncertainty in her eyes. "Yes." I breathe, "I want this. I want you. Only you." Tears then, streak her face in total abandonment. My senses overloaded with what she's doing to me. Hands search out the heat that radiates from her soul. Searching for the answers that elude me and frighten me all at once. I need this. I need her. Questions in both of us, needing answers, finding truth. In the giving of our souls, nothing is hidden between us. She is giving in her attentions, and slow with a burning passion. I become impatient and yearn for the slightest touch. Her hands curious and delving, drive me out of blissful peace. Into a torment of unfulfilled desire I fall helpless at her words. "You are beautiful, so perfect . . . so soft . . . gods, how I love you. How I've wanted this so long." Breathless she whispers this. Into my ear hot now with her thoughts. Beneath this blanket of stars that have sheltered us so long. I will easily give her anything, if she would only ask. Her hunger for me is visible shown in the tremors that pass through her body unbidden. My hands no longer silent find their way into her hair. Soft, silken tresses and once again I am lost in my sense of touch. I close my eyes and her hair falls around me in a warm blanket of security. How she loves me I do not know, I am only grateful that she does. The air on my skin cools the burn that's in my soul. Her hands have found there joy and I am afloat on a wave that crashes endlessly to an unreachable shore. My breath leaving my body and I hear hers' go as well. So this is what it's all about? My body a mere useless shell. The intensity of what we've shared goes beyond the physical. We are drawn to each other, by something deeper, purer, stronger than anything in the world. A love that is unconditional, and absolute. She loves me unrestrained and as I've let her now see, I love her just the same. Souls united in harmony, passion fueled by need. She is the best, most honest part of me. She is my ultimate joy, the beginning and the end. She is everything I could ever want, she is my soul's best friend.

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