Tick tock goes the clock ticking away at the hours of time,

Ticking away as I Wright another rime.

My, Oh my how time flies by,

It flies like a bird up in the sky.

With our time theirs only so much we can do,

We must use it wisely and we can do this if we chose.

Serving the Lord Jesus is wise in deed,

He created us and loved us and it is Jesus in our hearts and lives that we need.

So remember this as time flies by,

The day is coming soon when we shall meet The Lord Jesus Christ High in the sky.

As time goes by we know we shall see him soon,

But we know not when weather morning, midnight or noon.

So as the time draws near,

Do not fear,

Serve the Lord faithfully year after year.

Love the Lord and be of good cheer.

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