Free Falling Fate

by Wizzy

Disclaimers: Yeahup, sure they remind you of a certain dynamic duo but they're not who you think they are. This a pigment of a 16 year olds mind… I just decided to continue it at a ripe age of...AHEM...lets just say I'm older now! This is continuation of Steel Free Fall, if you have not read that I would recommend it first, as you could get lost and I don't provide maps or compasses! Bring some water, ICE water might be wise!

VIOLENCE WARNING/DISCLAIMER: There is one good brawl between sister and brother... but then have you ever known them to get long all the time? A few heated words between lovers, like THAT'S new for these two ladies?


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And with that said let's get ready to rumble!

Max and I had spent the twilight hours preparing for the meeting with the contractor in charge of the sheet rocking and texturing. We formulated a game plan to cut his contract by thirty percent due to the delay he was causing. If the jerk did not agree to this he would then be fired and left for our lawyers to handle.

We all met in the larger conference room. I got right to the point I was not going to waste my time with petty crap as this was.

"Mark we have decided to not only cut back the final percentage of your contract, but will penalize you for everyday you delay this project."

I looked at him across the table. His face beet red,

"You can't do that."

He was to the point of yelling at me.

"This is bullshit. You are not paying a fair percentage now. I won't stand for it."

He slammed his large fat hand down on the table. Glasses jumped as he raised his hand to strike the table again.

"You have but two choices Mark."

My words stopped him from hitting it again,

"You can take what we have offered you and finish the job or we can sue your ass for breach of contract. Which I want you to know we could be doing right this minute but we are giving you a chance here. If I was you Mark I would take it. Don't make me play dirty with you, you won't like it."

I was beyond pissed now and the louder he yelled at me the hotter under the collar I became.

"Screw you lady."

He stood up I thought for sure his heart would explode from the redness of his face.

"Listen you son-of-a-bitch, I don't have time for your piddly ass games you want to play. Take what we have offered or get off my God Damn job site."

I stood up gripping the edge of the table;

"I am not going to be pushed around by some little piss ant like you. Either take the thirty percent cut or get out of my office."

I growled at him. We were face to face across the table. I was glad the table was there I think I would have had his ass in a half nelson right quick and I could see myself squeezing the life out of him slowly. Saved by the bell, Tarie walked in about the time my fantasy was about to become real. The two men flanking her I assumed were her lawyers.

"Brie you have a call you need to take."

She glared at me. I was getting 'The Look' from her. I was too pissed off to realize it.

"That's it Ms. Richardson, call off your attack dog before I call the pound and have her put to sleep."

Mark sneered at me across the table I made an attempt to grab his shirt but Max grabbed me before I got to him.

"Let's go take that phone call shall we?"

Max had a strong hold on my arm and led me from the room. I tried not to slam the door behind me as I left the room. I did however catch Tarie's words to Mark.

"Mark, I suggest you be careful of my attack dog as you so eloquently put it as I would be more than happy to bring her back in here and let her rip you limb from limb. Do we understand each other here?"

Tarie's voice was cold as steel. I could just picture the 'look' that poor bastard was getting and I bet he was ready to piss his pants.

I told Max I would see him later on the job site and headed for my office.

I rummaged around in my filing cabinet for a bottle of aspirin. I came up with an old bottle of whiskey. Half empty, I shook my head and set the bottle on my desk and continued to look for the aspirin. I found it grabbed the bottle of stale water off the top of the cabinet and washed down four of them. I rested my head on my desk hoping the pounding would stop soon. I don't know how long I sat there waiting for it to stop but all of a sudden my office door banged open.

"Brie, we convinced him to finish…"

Tarie stopped dead as I jumped up as the door banged against the wall.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing?"

She pointed at the bottle on my desk.

"Damn you Brieannah, I have had enough of that crap."

Her voice cold as the snow on the mountains ripped through me like a blizzard.

"Tarie wait it's not what you think, let me explain."

I was shaking; I wasn't sure if it was anger or if it was the look she was giving me.

"I don't want to hear your lame ass excuses Brieannah, just get out of my building. Out of my house and out of my life. I don't need someone who hides behind a bottle every time something goes wrong."

She slammed my door shut and I yanked it open going after her. I didn't care at that point who heard us fighting. I was not going to let her get away with belittling me and not hearing me out.

"God Damn you Tarie, you have no right to accuse me and then walk away. I pulled that bottle out of my filing cabinet and was throwing it away. Smell my breath; I NEVER touched a drop of it, never even opened the fucking bottle."

We now stood face to face in the hall way I grabbed her kissing her, not out of passion but out of anger showing her there was no booze on my lips.

"Now fucking tell me you can taste booze on my lips?"

I growled. Her face showed the shock at the truth of my words. She knew her accusations were not true. She knew right then and there I never touched a drop of that bottle.

"My God Brie, I'm so sorry."

Her hand came up to touch my cheek. I stepped back; the tears came freely as I backed away from her.

"Please forgive me Brie. I just thought…"


I yelled at her "You thought one moment too late."

I was seething with anger and I was about out of control.

"You finally get your wish Tarie; I am walking out of this office, out of your house and out of your life. I will get drunk and maybe when I come to, this will all be a very bad nightmare."

"Where are you going Brie?"

Her voice filled with pain, pleading with me to talk to her.

"I'm leaving, just like you asked me to."

I glared at her, I wanted to hate her and not feel my heart beating cold as she had ripped it out of my chest.

"What do I tell the girls?"

She was sobbing now; she reached out to touch me, her hand so soft on my cheek. I almost gave in, but the words she said came back in a heated rush. I pushed her hand away,

*"You can lie or you can tell them the truth. You can say I left you or I died. Say I am on some spiritual quest in the Himalayan's and could spend years looking for the light. Tell them I'm in the witness program for the FBI! Say a UFO abducted me from home. You can say what you want Tarie, but I will tell you the truth; you can say for sure I'm gone."*

I jumped in my truck only to realize it was actually property of TNT, I grabbed my briefcase and walked to the shop asked one of the guys to drop me off at the storage locker to get my street bike. I drove back to the house gathered my clothes and a few odds and ends. Left my keys and cell phone on the kitchen table strapped my stuff to my bike and hit the road.


I drove non-stop for hours, no plan in mind other than to be as far away from Tarie as I could get. But it seemed like the farther I rode the worse the ache in my heart became. I stopped at some sleazy truck stop, filled up the bike, and grabbed a stale hotdog and a bottle of water. I drove until I could go no farther, I pulled into a wayside, pulled my bike up close to a picnic table and crawled under it to try and sleep. My dreams were haunted by those blue violet eyes.

I just floated from town to town, drinking whenever it suited me, working when I wanted to. I figured I'd drink until either the money ran out or until I could not swallow anymore. I knew money wouldn't be the issue, so it became a contest to see if I could drink myself to unconsciousness. It was the only way I could sleep and not see those damn blue violet eyes.

From the west coast to the east coast, I rode, drank and tried to forget. I knew at some point I would need to call home and talk with Max. I was sure he would be ready to kill me now. I lost track at how long I had been gone, but I figured close to four or five months. Little did I know as the collect call I made would have one pissed off brother on the other end of the line. After he had accepted the charges he laid into me,

"Where the fuck are you Brieannah?"

He screamed into the phone. My hangover just got worse as his yelling got louder,

"DO you realize you have been gone for over six months and no phone calls, no nothing to Tarie or I to let us know you are alright? Where are you?"

He yelled again.

"I am not sure Max, I just got on the freeway and kept going. I'm in some sleazy motel, but I just wanted you to know I was ok. Max please don't yell at me, I can't take the yelling anymore."

I was crying so hard I could not see what was in front of me let alone think of why I had called him in the first place.

"Brie let me come and get you and bring you home."

"NO Max. I am not coming back, I am done there; it was time to move on. I love you brother but there is nothing left for me there anymore. I will call you again soon as I land somewhere."

"Brie please just listen to me, I talked with Tarie…"

"MAX, don't you ever speak her name to me again, do you hear me? I won't call you if this is what I am going to have to listen to. I love you Max and I will call you again soon."

I hung up on him then, jumped on my bike and let the wheels take me where they wanted to. I managed to crash somewhere in Florida, some dive of a motel. I bought a bottle of booze and drank myself sober. I left the room only to get more booze when the cleaning people would knock on the door. I'd pull my bike out of the room, ride down to the nearest liquor store and buy a fresh bottle.


I wasn't sure how long I had been in the same motel, but the pounding on my door told me it was not the normal cleaning lady.

As I opened the door a crack to yell at who ever was beating the door down it was shoved open, cracking me square in the nose. I staggered backwards into my bike, the muffler slicing my leg open. There was not enough room in there for one person let alone two people fighting. I shook my head to clear the tiny birdies flying around my head and I lunged out at whoever was in the brightly lit doorway. We both fell out into the parking lot on the black top. I smashed my fists into my attackers face. Who ever it was gave as good as they got, we were up on our feet exchanging punches rapidly back and forth I was sure I had a broken nose and a severely split lip. I was tiring out quickly the hard drinking and no food was showing through. I dropped on my knees the sun blocking out the person in front of me,

"Fine, get this over with, go ahead and kill me. I won't fight anymore."

I waited on my knees for a blow that never came.

"Take what you want you bastard, I don't care anymore."

I cried then not caring who had beaten me. I was finally feeling the hurt then the pain and anger of Tarie's words and realizing my mistake of walking away from the one person who could take away the darkness I was now trapped in.

"Go ahead you bastard what are you waiting for?"

I screamed at the man standing in front of me. I wiped the blood from my face,

"Go ahead you bastard, nobody wanted me as a child, there's no one now so take what you will and leave me."

The blood ran down my face faster then I could wipe it off, the salty tears mixing in with it.


I looked up again at the sound of my name softly being whispered on the lips of a stranger. Then Max was there on his knees in front of me, his face badly beaten and bloody as mine was.

"Who hit you Max?"

I asked slightly confused at how he was so badly beaten.

"You did Brie, come on let's go inside and get cleaned up. I'm taking you home."

He pulled me to my feet and we walked arm and arm into my room. I did not think it was possible to cry any harder then I was until Max held me in his arms. I felt safe for the first time in months. I sat on the end of the bed my emotions too strong to attempt to talk to him yet. He handed me a towel filled with ice for my face, I looked up at him he was sporting a nice shiner as well. Holding the ice pack to my face I mumbled to him,

"How Max?"

"Rita can find anyone you know that."


I asked him still not looking at him.

"This has to stop Brieannah."

"It has Max."

"No that's where you are wrong."

"I'm not going back there Max."

"I am not asking you to."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because you are my sister and I love you. Now let's go get something to eat."

He threw my clothes at me and pulled open the door. I struggled to pull on my pants as he rolled my bike out and loaded it on to his truck. I walked out side to join him it,

"Max I'm sorry I busted up your face so bad."

I hung my head in shame.

"I'm not about yours Brie, you had it coming."

I jumped into his truck and through my tears I asked,

"Where are we going Max?"

"Home Brie; home where we belong."

"I can't face her Max."

"You don't have to, unless you want to. But we are going to get you help."

"Ok." Was all I could manage!


I had gone through detox and was still seeing a counselor once a week. They told me I had a nervous break down. I was on the road to recovery, I still had not gained back the weight I had lost, but I was healthier mentally, even after a full year of non-stop drinking and that's what mattered.

I took a job working for a private contractor; he specialized in remodeling older homes. I found it easy work compared to building a steel building from the ground up.

A month after I had been working for him, my boss called me in to tell me we had a new job that we would start the next day. He handed me the address of where the house was. My heart stopped beating the blood ran cold. It was the house Tarie and I had talked about buying before I walked out on her. I crumpled it up and tossed it in the garbage can. Told my boss I would meet them there in the morning and walked out of his office. It was one long ass night, I got no sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I could see hers filled with love calling me back to her. To the love I had walked out on, to the passion I gave up because she no longer trusted me.

I showed up the next morning, bloodshot eyes from no sleep and was thanking the God's above for mirror tinted sunglasses. I parked my bike across the street from the house. I had taken up smoking again; well it was somewhat better then drinking. Not by much, I shook my head as I lit the smoke and inhaled deeply. I sat waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. I looked at my watch they had five more minutes and if they didn't show up I was leaving. I stuck the smoke in my mouth pulled on my leather gloves, and started to zip up the leather jacket. I forgot I had the smoke in my mouth and pulled on my helmet.


I muttered as the cigarette dropped down on my bike somewhere. I tossed the helmet onto the handle bars and climbed off the big bike to see if I could find the burning smoke.

"Looking for something?"

Her voice came from behind me; I literally leapt up over the seat of my bike to stand on the other side.

"I…you… I have to go."

I couldn't or wouldn't look at her. I straddled my bike and turned the key to start it. Her hand gently touched mine. The fire burned hot between her skin and mine. Where in the hell did my leather glove go?

"Please don't go."

I flinched at her touch; she kept her hand right where it was.


There was that one word that was always my doom. I could never refuse her when she used that word. It wasn't so much the word itself but in the way she said it. It went right to your heart and made you want nothing more then to please every part of her being you could, even if it killed you. I used the one excuse I could find,

"I can't, it will only upset the girls."

My voice did not hold much conviction and we both knew it.

"They are not here sweetheart."

Her voice gave away the fact it was a lame excuse I had tried to use.


I just sat there on my bike, shaking, scared, hurt and feeling like I was going to loose my mind.

"What happened to your lip?"


"You have a scar on your bottom lip."

"Oh Max did that."

"He hit you?"

Her voice taking on the Ice-Queen tone.

"We did it to each other."

I hid the small smile I felt coming from the concern in her voice.

"Oh, then I hope he got the shorter end of the stick."

"No I did."

I could feel the smile fading replaced by tears.

"Please come inside and talk to me for awhile?"

"Where are the girls?"

"I took them up to the ranch to stay with Ms. Fannie yesterday."

It all clicked then,

"You set this all up didn't you?"

I waved my hand at the house.

"With a little help yes, but I had to see you."


"Because, I am miserable without you."

"Oh." Was all I could manage.

"Please come in and talk awhile?"

"I am not sure that's a good idea." I whispered.

"Why not?"

"I don't belong here anymore."

"You're wrong."

She reached out touching my cheek.

"Please just for a few minutes."

I stood up off the bike, pulled the keys out of it and grabbed my helmet. I was such a sucker to her touch, her voice and to her beautiful blue violet eyes. They would rip your soul out in one quick motion or they could show you what true love meant.

"I still don't think this is a good idea."

"You don't have to stay long, if you don't want to."

She turned to walk back to the house.


Was all I said as I took in the beauty walking in front of me. Her hair was longer, slightly peppered with gray hair, she had lost some weight but it fit her well. I was thanking someone above again for the tinted sunglasses as she turned and looked at me. I was still standing next to my bike, my mouth I am sure was wide open. I realized the long legged stride did not seem as confident as it once was. My heart beat quicker as I noticed the tight black jeans she wore. I couldn't breath; the tears ran down my face uncontrollably.

I had tried to hide, to run, to burry the love I had for this woman. I was frozen in place, I just wept harder. No matter what I had done, the love I had was still there.


I couldn't answer her, my voice failed me betraying me just like my mind had done.

"I… I was wrong Tarie."

I cried out as she slid her arms around me. This time I didn't flinch or pull away. I held on to her tighter, if this was a dream I wanted it to last. She just cradle me in her arms, my face snuggled to her chest. I had come home finally.

"I am so sorry Tarie, I was wrong."

I warbled through my tears.

"NO Brie I was the one that was wrong, can you forgive and give me another chance?"

"I don't want to hurt anymore Tarie."

She walked me into the house shutting the door softly behind us.

"I don't either sweetheart."

We sat on the couch holding each other talking until the daylight had come and gone. No fighting, no heated words or accusations. We sat surrounded by words of love, promises and a brighter future. It was past sundown when my stomach started its protest, I was hungry and needed to eat soon and felt I should be getting on back to my apartment.

"I should be going Tarie, its getting late as it is."

I made no attempt to move out of her arms. She held me tighter at my words.

"When was the last time you ate Brie?"


I actually had to stop and think about that.


"Will you stay and have dinner with me?"

Her hand running through my hair softly lulled me to agree with her just so she wouldn't quit.

"I should go before the girls get home."

Another lame excuse, but I still made no move to pull myself from her arms.

"They have gone up to the ranch honey, they won't be home till we go and get them."

My heart stopped at that one little word 'we'.

"I took them up there so I could see you and maybe work things out between us. I am sure they are fine right where they are."

"I miss them."

"They miss you too. Say you will stay?"

I kept wondering where the Tarie I use to know went. This Tarie wasn't pushy, demanding or even hurtful. She had made some changes in her life as well.

"I went through detox you know."

"Yes Max kept me informed on how you were doing."


I hesitated, I wasn't sure how much I should tell her but I figured it best to come clean and be up front with her.

"I still see a counselor you know. Once a week, sometimes more if I need to."

"I have been seeing one myself Brie. I think it kept me from going insane."

Tarie kissed my forehead softly, that explained the changes in her as well.

"Maybe it has helped both of us. You seem so mellow."

"It's the depressants I am taking."

I laughed at how mellow I had become in the last few months. I had grown up finally!

"You too huh?"

Tarie laughed with me.

"Yes for about the last three or four months. It has kept me from going insane as well."

I ran my finger tips down her arm, I felt her catch her breath at my touch. It was the first move I had made to touch her back, even though we had been sitting on the couch holding each other for the last nine hours.

"Me too baby, me too."

She got to her feet and reached out to pull me up,

"Let's go in the kitchen and see what I can come up with for supper."

I just reached out and pulled her into my body,

"I miss you Tarie."

"I miss you too Brieannah. I won't push you into something you don't want Brie, let's take this slow and make it work this time."

"Will you go to counseling with me?"

I held my breath waiting for her answer.

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

She smiled down at me.

"Yes I will go; I will do whatever it takes to make this work sweetheart. I lost you once because of my actions and misguided trust. I won't ever make that mistake again."

She cupped my face in her hands pulling my face up so our eyes met,

"I do love you Brieannah."

"I know."

Was all I could say, my heart loved her and I knew it in my mind as well, but I wasn't ready to give in so easily.

We had a light dinner then spent the night talking and watching the fire I had going in the fireplace, just holding each other, talking about our future and our past. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was our relationship. But this was one hell of a good start!


We went to a counseling session together, I had not agreed to move back in yet but I might as well have as I spent every night there. On the couch cuddling with Tarie watching the fires die down to a smoldering glow. It reminded me of our love always smoldering under all the ash. No matter how hard I had tried to deny how in love I was with Tarie it was always there.

By Friday I was anxious to see the kids, they had been at the ranch all week.



She looked up from the paper she was reading, her blue eyes flickering mischievously in the morning sunlight.

"I… ah... lets go get the girls today?"

I held my breath I wasn't sure when she had planned on picking them up but I was missing them as part of our daily life. But the look I was getting was not one of those 'honey lets go get the kids' look. Nope it was more like, 'Honey, take me to bed and make love to me all day' look. I found it hard to swallow all of a sudden and the room seemed awfully hot. Then my mind flashed back to when we first met, she had done this to me before. She was having fun rattling my cage, teasing me and sexually frustrating me. She picked up her cup of coffee and took a small sip of it. Licking off the drop on her lower lip she replied,

"I thought we would drive up on Sunday and get them."

Another sip of that damned coffee, her tongue ran across her full lips, slowly to the right clearing the bottom one of any coffee and then slowly she licked the top one, to the left this time. I could envision what those lips could do and felt my temperature go up another notch.

"I want time alone with you Brieannah."

She set the cup down her finger tracing circles around the cups rim.

"I know this sounds really selfish of me, but when they come home we will not have time alone like this."

Her hand reached out and stroked my thigh; I watched the other hand running around the coffee cup rim. Lightly going around and around I realized the other hand had slid right up inside my shorts I had on.


Was all I could reply.

"Oh? I am not sure what you mean by that Brie."

She raised an eye brow at me. Her hand slid up and down my leg, the other hand making circles on the rim of her coffee cup.

"Well I just thought you might miss them."

I mumbled as I lost track of anything but where her hands were and what they were doing.

"I do honey, but I've missed you as well. When you were gone they were what kept me going. I had no other reason to, I wasn't sure if you would be coming back."

Her hand had stopped moving, her voice shook with pent up feelings she had about me leaving. I pulled her hand up in mine kissing it lightly.

"To be honest with you I most likely would not have, Max was the one who saved me. If it wasn't for him I don't think, no I am damn sure I wouldn't be here now. I will never forget that day for as long as I live."

This is what our days have been like lately, we would get to a certain point and it would break down and get really serious. But it was helping us both heal and making us stronger then we were before. I thought for sure the sexual frustrations would cause us to fight, but each time this happened we came away stronger in the end. I reached up touching the scar on my lip. I had to smile at the thought of the scene I am sure Max and I gave those on-lookers.

"Were you trying to make that death-wish come true Brie?"

She asked softly.

"I don't know maybe subconsciously I was. When he kicked the motel door in on me, I fought back at first. I thought it was some stranger trying to rob me. I fought till I had nothing left to fight with and just told him to get it over with and finish me off. I just gave up."

I looked up at her; I could see the sadness in her eyes. The same pain I had gone through she had suffered as well, falling as hard as I was.

"But it was Max I was fighting, not some stranger, but by the time I realized who it was I had beaten him to a pulp. We were both bloody and beaten. He had broken my nose and I had broken his. He had a fractured rib I had a nervous breakdown."

"I wish I could change that for you Brie."

Tarie whispered lightly in my ear kissing my forehead. I pulled back to look at her,

"You can't and that's ok. I think in the end it worked out ok for me. It made me stronger and more self assured of what I want in life. I learned so much about myself these last few months. I've changed so much, I am stronger now. I just feel… hell I don't know."

I looked at her hoping she understood what I was trying to say and could not explain.

"You seem more at peace with yourself. Content with who you are now. I think I love you more now then I did before. No that's not right, I KNOW I love you more."

She took my hand in hers,

"I never stopped loving you Brieannah Smith-Kingston."

"I couldn't stop it either, I tried though, Gods above I tried not to love you. It hurt so God Damn bad Tarie, I did everything and anything I could to try and forget that love. But the bottle let me down; the connection between us was stronger. I just wish I would have had the guts to face that fact. I should have never walked away."

I could feel the tears stinging as they fell she hugged me closer to her.

"I do love you Brieannah. Don't ever doubt that."

Tarie was so gentle, as we confessed to each other our deepest fears and darkest secrets. This six foot giant held my heart in her hands one more time and this time I knew we would make it through anything side by side.

"I know Tarie; I won't ever doubt that again. I won't ever run from us again, I can't say I won't walk away when I am mad just to cool off, but I won't hide ever again."

She kissed me and I swear to you I could see fire works behind my eye lids! The intensity went south in the blink of an eye. I untucked her shirt from her shorts, running my hands across the silky flesh of her back, the muscles rippled under my touch. I am not sure what happened but before I realized it I stood before her naked as a jay bird. Ok so I know 'how' it happened but I was so caught up in the heat of the moment, the feelings that seeped from her words sent a rush of heat through my body with just one touch of her hand. I lost control of the whole situation!

"My God sweetheart you have lost so much weight."

Her hands ran across my hip bones down my leg, I could not help but moan.

"It was all the drinking that made me look heavier."

I mumbled into her shoulder.

"Well we will take care of that, one step at a time."

"Will you shut up and take me to bed and make love to me?"

I growled frustrated as I pulled her down the hall way to the bedroom.

We spent the day rediscovering each others bodies. I noticed she had lost a little weight as well but it just seem to make her even sexier.

We took a cool swim in the afternoon, had a wonderful lunch sitting naked by the pool. I looked around the back yard, wondering how to approach the fact I didn't think it would be a good idea to go back to work for TNT Construction.

"I don't want to go back to work for you Tarie. I just don't think it would be a good idea."

"Brie you don't have to, you own TNT Construction."

"I what?"

I looked at her in shock had she lost her freaking mind? I had walked away from the deal Tom's lawyer had told us about.

"I signed my half over to Lara, when she turns twenty-one it will belong to her, up until that time you are the executor of TNT Construction. The company is yours to do with what you want, until Gabriella is old enough to take over."

"What about Gabriella?"

I wondered how she would take her little sister getting half of one of the biggest companies in the state.

"She will get TNT Advertisement Company when I am old and gray."

I had to chuckle at the thought of her old and gray. I loved the slight gray at her temples now; the thought of her a little older and a little wiser got my boat floating all over again.

"I don't think Gabriella will be happy with this when she's old enough to know whats what!"

I chuckled to myself at the thought of the little snot running an advertisement company.

"She will throw a fit. I will bet on that. In fact I will bet my ass she will want to follow me to the job site until I am old and gray and can't do it anymore."

"Ok what are you willing to bet my love?"

Her voice held a teasing edge to it.

"As I think Gabriella will be perfect for it, she has such an imagination."

"I will be old and gray and most likely living on some piddly pension. So I will have to bet a month's worth of cooking and doing the dishes for you?"

"NO, you can't cook we both know that, unless it is macaroni and cheese and I'll be damned if I will eat that for a month straight. I don't think you realize just how rich you are sweetheart. I sold the mansion about three weeks ago. Plus the building you started on when Tom was alive is done, so you will get the monies from that as well. I have an account with both our names on it that I have been putting the money into for you, Gabriella and Lara would get it if something had happened to you. I figure it was what you would have wanted."

I was speechless. This woman had thought about me even though I was no where to be found. Her love for me had not stopped with my leaving her. I realized we had agreed to sell the mansion a long time ago and just keep the ranch but that was such a fuzzy memory for me. I couldn't remember and it frustrated me to no end. I would forget things so easily and I get angry with myself for not remembering details like that.

"Brie honey, are you ok?"

Tarie moved closer to me.

"I know we agreed to sell it and just keep the ranch but I just don't remember when. Just a lot of fuzzy memories, so many small details or certain events I can't remember."

It was frustrating for me.

"Have you talked with your counselor about it?"

"Yes I have and they don't know why I chose to block the things I did, shit why couldn't I block out the shitty memories instead?"

I laughed at this thought.

"I don't know baby, but we will take this one day at a time."

She was so sweet and concerned


"It's not like I had a head trauma or anything."

I laughed harder.

"Well in a way I guess I did, didn't I?"

"I really don't find this funny Brieannah."

She frowned at me.

"Baby, if you can't laugh even when things are at their worst, you end up going insane. In my darkest hours, I had nothing, no light or laughter to lead me back. If I could have had a light, your light to guide me back, then who knows how it would have all turned out? I have no one to blame this on but myself. I was the cause of this darkness. I brought myself into that darkness, no one held me at gun point."

She leaned into me then; her eyes darker then I had ever seen them filled with anger.

"I did Brie, I pushed and pushed hard. I had no trust when I should have. I pushed you into that darkness."

"NO! I won't buy into that at all. I did it to myself. You do know there would never have been another for me. I couldn't be with anyone else after you."

I kissed the palm of her hand.

"You don't know that Brie, you are young and who knows what the fates have in store for you."

"No, I know for sure there would never be another."

I shook my head; I knew in my heart I would never love another.

"I understand but how you could know that?"

She asked with such a puzzled look on her face.

"Because, I felt nothing when I wasn't with you, pain was all I felt so I stayed drunk so I would not even feel that much. While being drunk I did not feel anything, for anyone, not even myself."

"I wish I could erase those memories from both of our minds."

She whispered to me as I snuggled closer for a nice quite nap.


We made dinner together, keeping the talk light and airy. I had one hell of a headache coming on and was just plain worn out. I had shared so much of my thoughts with her that it physically drained me. I finally gave up and settled down on the couch after supper while she cleaned up the dishes. She had kicked me out of the kitchen after I broke a Fred Flintstone glass.

I woke late in the night; Tarie was curled up on the other end of the couch. The fire light danced shadows across her face. My love never died in the darkness that once held me captive. I loved her even more now.

I had changed so much, I even felt different about myself and those around me. I cared what others thought of me now. But most of all I cared about them!

I had mellowed out and I realized right then and there I was ready to commit the rest of my life to this wonderful woman and her kids. I got up and scooped her up in my arms and carried her to bed. She wasn't the only one who could be strong. I smiled to myself as I crawled into bed next to her and joined her in peaceful dreams.

I was up at first light, I had a plan and I hoped I could pull it off before Tarie woke up. I showered, got dressed and was out the door in no time. I took her truck as I knew the rumble of my bike would wake her up.

I drove by the building I had once been so proud of to be a part of. People came and went out of the fancy doors of the building as the memory of my first meeting with Tarie and the argument we got into. I had to smile at that thought, she was so strong and bull headed, no wonder we fought like we did, two peas in a pod!

I drove to the jewelry store with a plan of what I wanted in my mind. I sat in the truck waiting for them to open, my hands began to sweat and my heartbeat was so rapid I thought it would explode. I spent over an hour looking at everything the woman had for sale; I kept coming back to the matching Celtic wedding bands. Of course she didn't have a small enough one for me so we had to order it. She placed a rush order on it and I took Tarie's with me.

They were gold with a white gold inlay of the Celtic Tree of Life going around the band. Several tiny knots made up the trees top and the trunk of the tree was the symbol of ones life mate.


I walked in the house to the smell of bacon; I followed the wonderful smell to the kitchen. I snuck up right behind Tarie

"What's for breakfast?"

I whispered in her ear. I ducked right quick as she swung around with a steel spatula that came within a spec of smacking me in the head.

"Dang it, don't sneak up on me like that."

"I didn't sneak."

I giggled harder as the look on her face told me she really did not believe me. It felt so good to laugh with her we had been so serious with each other over the last few days.

"Where did you take off to so early this morning?"

She never even turned around while asking me while I scrambled for an answer.

"Oh, I had a few things to do."

I walked up behind her kissing her exposed neck. Ok so I had to stand on my tippy-toes to do it but it was worth it.

"Really now, like what kind of 'things'?"

I gently sucked a little harder on the back of her neck, hoping to get her lost in the moment.

"The usual things."

I mumbled still struggling to come up with a sarcastic answer. I must be getting old but at least she was responding to my kisses and my touch.

"What kind of 'things' kept you gone for four hours?"

She practically moaned between kisses.


Quick thinking as my hands slid under her shirt, I could feel the goose bumps forming under my touch.


"Yeah, you know soccer."

I softly whispered as my hands gently teased the round full breasts in my hands.

"No, care to explain it to me?"

Her breath coming in short gasps.

"You know, a bunch of people kicking a little white ball with black checkered spots."

I paused to slip my one hand inside her shorts.

"They kick this ball across a large field and try to kick it into a goal net and then an announcer screams, SCOOOOOOORE!"

Now I was struggling to keep up with this line of BS I was handing her. I could give a shit about soccer as my hand slid lower into her shorts and between her legs. I found her wet and moaning for more.

"Brie I am going to burn breakfast."

"I don't give a shit Tarie. I want you now sweetheart."

She pulled away from me slightly switching off the bacon, turning to face me. I grabbed her shorts and yanked them off of her, ripping them to shreds.


She yelped in surprise.

"Shhh, you'll enjoy this I swear."

I dropped to one knee and buried my face between her wetness. For the second time in my life I was on my knees before this woman. Sharing the most intimate passion two women could share with the woman I loved beyond words.

My tongue slipped inside her warm folds, drinking in all she had to give I felt her hands pull me in tighter to her.

"Harder Brie, harder."

She begged me, pleading to take her over the edge of the mountain of our loving. My mouth never left her as I reached in my back pocket and pulled out the small black velvet box. Just as the white hot climax hit I stopped my motions against her.

"Oh my God Brieannah don't you dare stop." She glared down at me.

"Tarie, sweetheart, look at me." I said softly. I waited for her eyes to meet mine.

"I love you Tarie, I never want to be without you again. Will you be my lifetime soul mate?"

I held out the small black box for her to look into. I could see the tears in her blue eyes, I waited for what seemed like forever for her to reach out and touch the ring.

"My God Brieannah I never expected this, are you sure?"

Her voice wavered as she looked down at me. I could have smacked her into next week right then and there.

"Would I be down on my knees if I wasn't?"

I growled up at her. I leaned into her then capturing her in my mouth, letting my tongue part her one more time, slipping my hand deep inside her, she came with a heated rush. Her reaction was not one I expected; I just let the whole thing drop and pulled her down on top of me. Right there on the kitchen floor we made love like there was no tomorrow.

It was several hours later she brought it up again.

"Brie baby?"


I was cuddled up next to her on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep. I opened one eye to peek at her.

"We need to get you a ring to match mine."

"I did."

I closed my eye letting my finger trace up and down her muscled arm.

"Then where is it?"

She asked as she lifted my hand to her lips kissing it.

"At the shop."

I mumbled, I could tell she was getting upset at my one line answers.

"Then why didn't you take it with you when you picked up mine?"

"Wrong size."

"When will you get it then?"

I inhaled slowly; she was not going to let me drift off to sleep.

"They'll call."



I growled at her I felt her chuckle at my short response.

"Are you planning to go back to work with Max?"

"I don't know, I don't know if I can go back."

I gave up the thought of cuddling and getting some sleep.

"Well I think you should, it's what you love to do honey."

"Yeah but what about the little bastard of a lawyer and the stipulations Tom had set?"

I tried to sit up; anytime I thought of that I got upset. She knew it and wouldn't let me go, pulling me back down,

"When you left, it all defaulted back to me. I fired Uncle Tom's lawyer and hired Max's step sister's firm instead. No matter what happened between us I made sure you got your fair share and so the construction company belongs to you."

My eye balls snapped open,


I tried to sit up again she just held tighter pinning me down.

"It belongs to you.

"Uncle Tom would have wanted it that way no matter what happened between us. If something would have happened to you then it would go to Lara."

"Wow, I'm not sure what to say. Why did you do that? What if I had not come back? Then what?"

"Then I would control it until Lara was of age and she could take over if she wanted to. The money made from the jobs have been put into an account with both of your names on it, something happened to you and it goes to her as well."

"Then the money can stay there until she is of age."

I sat up a little looking down at Tarie.

"My God Brie I don't think you understand. I don't think you realize just how much money we are talking about here."

"So? What the fuck am I going to do with it?"

"And you eat with that mouth?"

She frowned at me.

"You would know."

I grinned up at her as she turned red.

"You my love are incorrigible."

"So I have been told."

"What is the one thing you have always wanted to do Brie but never had the money to do it?"

"I don't know, I never really thought about it. I have lived comfortably on what Tom paid me. I never had the money or the time for some piddly ass pipe dreams."

"Ok If you could do one thing right this minute what would it be?"


I grinned at her evilly, kissing her hard on the mouth.

"You can anytime you want to."

She kissed me back laughing.


I about shouted at her. My mind working overtime on the places I would love to take her down on the floor at.

"I don't think I will answer that but seriously, what dream would you like to make come true?"

"I don't know, maybe a new bike?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Ok off the top of your head, what did you want to be as a child?"

"I always wanted a ranch, cattle horses, and the works."

"Then do it."

She held me down as I tried to sit up again.

"Did you bump your head when I wasn't looking? That's an awful lot of money I don't have. My bank account says I have eighteen hundred bucks in it for fucks sakes."

I growled at her.

"But you do have the money, I have the money, 'we' have the money."

"You are nuts, I am sure of it."

I sat up looking at her.

"You give me one good reason why you can't have a ranch like you have always wanted? Uncle Tom left us his, that's a start."

"We can't run three businesses."

"We don't need to, I was thinking of hiring a VP to run the advertisement company, let Max handle the construction part and that leaves us free to do what we want to do."

"What about the girls?"

"What about them? It would do them good to grow up in the country and I would be with them more than I am now. We could be a real family and not a half assed one where we are always running here and there."

"We fight too much when we are together."

"Brie baby we have been together for a week now and not one argument has taken place."

"But this is different there is no business between us right now."

"True but also take into consideration the fact Uncle Tom had just died, I stepped on a lot of toes by marching in and demanding things of people I knew nothing about or a business I knew nothing about. All couples have their problems that they need to work out. That is what love is all about, keeping the lines of communication open. Look, just think about it, there is no rush. We can discuss this later. Why don't we head up to the ranch in the morning and see the girls?"


The drive to the ranch brought back a flood of memories of the past year of our lives. The closer we got the more panicked I became. I was sure Ms. Fannie would have a few choice words for me. Then there were the kids; what would they have to say about my taking off? I began to sweat and pull on the string hanging off my jeans jacket. I knew Lara would tell me how she felt about me taking off like I did. Then what would Gabriella say or do? That was what worried me the most.


Tarie reached out taking my hand in hers.


I looked over at her as she stopped the truck at the end of the ranch driveway.

"Are you ok?"

"Just nervous."

I tried to smile, but it did not fool her.

"It will be ok."

"What do I say to them? How do I explain?"

I felt the tears coming on; I did not want to cry.

"Brie, please sweetheart trust me it will be ok."

She tugged on my jacket pulling me across the seat so I was leaning on her. She kissed me on the forehead,

"They will be happy to see you."

We sat there for what seemed like hours, I managed to get a hold of myself and put on a strong appearance. Even though, on the inside I was falling apart. I was scared spitless, but this time there would be no running away from it. Tarie was there to help me through it. I, for the first time in my life turned to her for comfort and the stability of her love. I finally looked at her,

"Let's get this over with."

I inhaled deeply.

"Brie I told them you were sick that's all they know. It will be ok, you'll see."

She quickly kissed me one more time and put the truck in drive. I stepped out of the truck as the girls came out of the house. I watched as they both hugged Tarie chattering at her non-stop. It didn't take long though for Lara to notice me. She ran to me literally flinging her self into my arms. I pulled her up close to me, holding her tight. The tears fell harder as she hugged me telling me how much she had missed me and she loved me.

"I missed you too Lara."

I did not hide the tears as she pulled back to look at me.

"I missed you too Brie, momma said you were sick are you ok now?"

"Yes I am sweetheart. Yes I am."

She looked me square in the eyes,

"Good, are you home to stay for good this time?"

She was so much like her mother, no holds barred with her. She glared at me waiting for her answer.

"Yes, I will never leave you again. I promise."

She was satisfied with that and hopped down to stand by her mother. I looked over at Tarie she just smiled and winked at me. One down two to go, I thought to myself as I kneeled down next to Gabriella.

"Hi Monkey."

The tears flowing freely now, no point in trying to hide them, these kids were to smart for that.

"Hi Bee, why you crying?"

"Because little one, I missed you so much."

I caught Lara's hand in mine and Gabriella's in the other,

"I missed you both."

"Bee pwees don't cry. I miss you too."

Her tiny hand reached out and patted my face. I pulled them both into my arms holding them tight. I picked them up and walked to the front door,

"Let's go inside and see Ms. Fannie."

Tarie opened the door for me and whispered,

"See that wasn't so bad now was it?"

"Ah sweetheart the worst is yet to come."

I nodded my head at the kitchen. I set the girls down,

"Why don't you help your Mom unpack and I'll come up stairs in a little while and help."

Gabriella latched onto my leg and would not let go. I scooped her up in my arms kissing her rosy red cheek,

"Monkey, Brie needs to talk to Ms. Fannie alone. You help Momma and then we can spend the rest of the day together ok?"


She blinked at me.

"I won't be gone long ok?"


I could hear Tarie start to giggle behind me.

"Gabriella, Let me go see Ms. Fannie then I will be yours for the rest of the day."

"Ok, then we go see Jeb!"

I raised my eye brow at Tarie,

"Don't look at me; I have tried to keep her away from that nag. But she listens as well as you do."

I got the 'look' from her, I just laughed and set the little brat down, she had me wrapped around her little finger.

"Ok we can go see Jeb after lunch ok?"


"Yes Monkey I promise you."


Was all she replied and trotted up the stairs. I kissed Tarie on the cheek and took a deep breath; two down one to go.

"It will be ok trust me honey."

Tarie squeezed my hand.

"I do baby I do."

I smiled half heartedly at her as I stepped into the kitchen. Ms. Fannie had her back to me.

"Gabriella I told you not to sneak into my kitchen. I swear you are just like Brie."

I bit my lip to keep from laughing; I sat down in the little nook waiting for her to stop her grinding on about how much we are alike. She finally turned to look at me, her eyes filled with tears; I hesitantly stood up and stepped towards her open arms.

"I missed you child, I am so glad you are home safely."

The tears rolled down her ebony cheeks. The lecture never came; she just welcomed me home with open arms.

"I've missed you too Ms. Fannie, Thank you."

I whispered pulling away from her hug to kiss her cheek.

"No need to thanks me child, I still have a half a mind to beat the tar out of you."

I grinned back at her, the warmth of her love showed in her brown eyes despite the fact she wanted to whip my ass good.

"I reckon I'd have it coming Ms. Fannie."

I smiled even though there was no humor to be found in my words.

"I think you are doing a good enough job of beating yourself up for all of us child. I'm just happy that you are home. Are you well?"

"Yeah I guess so; I have learned to take it day by day."

"You have lost a lot of weight child."

She tugged on my once tight fitting jeans.

"I guess I did Ms. Fannie."

How could I tell her my drinking made me look heavier?

"But don't you worry none I'll gain back that soon enough."

I smiled at her as the kitchen door banged open and in stomped Gabriella.

"We waiting on you Bee."

Her boots hitting the floor with a loud bang, she stood with her hands on her hips glaring at me.

"You are huh?"

I got down eye level with her.


"Where's your mom at?"

Her little shoulders shrugged,


Shoving a little thumb behind her towards the door she had flung wide open.

"Don't you think you should go shut the kitchen door Monkey?"

"Naw, I'm just gonna have ta open it again when I go out of it."

I could see Ms. Fannie struggling not to laugh.

"Didn't Ms. Fannie ask you not to leave the door open?"

She just blinked at me, thinking about what I had asked her.


"Think you should go shut it then?"


She spun on her little cow boots and made a motion to kick the door shut with her boot.

"Nicely Monkey."

I growled at her, she growled back glaring at me. I could hear Ms. Fannie chuckling behind me,

"A spitting image of you my child."

She snickered at me.

"So I have been told Ms. Fannie."

I smiled sweetly up at her.

"Lord help us all when she is older!"

Ms.Fannie replied laughing harder now.

"That's what I told Tarie, just you wait. I only hope she don't get all of my traits."

My voice filled with sadness.

"You will be there to guide her Brie, she looks up to you."

"We can only hope so."

I turned to look down at the tug on the tail of my shirt.


I looked down at her; she looked up blinking at me so innocently.

"Ready now?"


"Bee, pwees can we go now?"


I bit my lip to keep from laughing as she blinked rapidly up at me, her eyes full of fire.


She growled at me.

I pulled her up into my arms,

"Come on Monkey lets go find your mom and sister."

We spent the day together in the barn playing with my stallion Jeb and the rest of the animals in the barn. I had no plans, just took things day to day. It felt good to be back home and have my family surrounding me.




I looked up at Gabriella,

"Sorry I was lost in thought, what did you say?"

"Were did you go off to Bee?"

Her hand gently patted my shoulder. I looked at her then over at Lara,

"I was thinking of how our lives came together. I find it amazing how much you girls have grown up. It feels like yesterday that we were out buying you puppies!"

I looked between them, Lara was the spitting image of her mother in every way, and Gabriella was tall like her mother but looked like me. Everywhere we went everyone thought she was my daughter and in my heart they both were. I guess you could say I was feeling sentimental.

I watched as Gabriella's face lit up at the sight of a tall red head coming in the front door. Lara had several nice boys she was seeing but nothing ever came of them, she was too busy running the advertisement company. Gabriella was as wild as ever, but still took on the responsibilities of TNT Construction. They turned into beautiful women and I felt honored to be a part of them.

"You know it's funny; I made a bet with your mom years ago now. Seems like I won it too! I bet her that you would follow in her foot steps Lara; and Gabriella would take over the construction company. She thought for sure it would be the other way around. It sure is funny how it all turned out."

"How old we're we when you made that bet Brie?"

Lara's voice thickened with emotion as we stood reminiscing about days gone by.

"Oh I think you were about six or seven, don't rightly remember Lara."

Things still were unclear to me back then.

"You knew even back then didn't you?"

"Yes, I guess I did. I love you both so much, you know that don't you?"

"Yes we do Bee, we love you as well"

She put a muscled arm around my shoulder hugging me.

"I do and can say to anyone in this room I have two moms and I am God Damn proud of that."

"Gabriella! Don't let your mother hear you talk like that."

Lara took a stern voice she used to scold her younger sister.

"Yeah Gabriella what the fuck is the matter with you?"

I asked with a straight face watching Lara's fill with shock.

"Brieannah mother would not be happy with either of you!"

She scowled at us, I had to laugh then she looked so much like her mother it was scary!

We stood off in a corner off the dance floor, hiding from most of the party. Both Gabriella and I hated big crowds; we tended to stick together when things got too crowded for our taste.


Gabriella hesitated,


I waited for this moment, I knew what she wanted and planned on making her squirm.

"I talked with Uncle Max about this new sky scraper contract."


I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Well he… humm… agreed to work this one with me… But..."

If there had been dirt under her feet she would have been kicking at it.

"He only agreed to work this job if you joined us."

She knew I had retired from building and was now working on the ranch.

"I see, you know I will have to think about it don't you? I have a ranch to run now and I am not sure your mother would like that idea anyway. I would have to convince her first."

"Oh but you can, just tell her this is the last one you will do."

Her voice shook a little, when it came to her mother no one convinced her to do anything, unless she wanted to do it.

"She would kick my ass Monkey. You know I retired from that, years ago. The last building I worked on almost cost me my life and my relationship with your mother. We run the ranch now, we don't build buildings."

"Brie I think you are wrong about mother, she knows you love the steel. We both know you gave it up on your own, she did not ask you too. You felt it would take away time from us."

Gabriella looked at her sister for help; Lara just smiled and raised her glass at us in a silent toast.

"You are a lot of help." She growled at back at her.

"Look Bee, just think about it ok? We can make this work. Besides it will give me a chance to work side by side with the 'Free Fall Queen'."

"I don't know sweetheart I just don't see how it could work."

I wanted so bad to say yes that I would work this one with her; we had never built a steel sky scraper like the one she had a contract for. I could feel the rush of the steel pumping through my veins. I had stopped thinking of myself years ago; I had a family and a lover to think about. Besides I wasn't a spring chicken anymore.

"Bee I can see it in your eyes, we can do this. Just talk to mom, it will work out I swear."

She was down right begging me now.

"And I am telling you I don't think it won't work."

"It will; all you have to do is…"

"What won't work Brieannah?"

I jumped at the velvety voice purring in my ear. I got hot flashes every time she did that to me. I swallowed hard, after all these years her voice could make me weaker then a new born kitten. I looked up into those violet blue eyes I could see nothing but pure love in them as she looked back at me. I had found the other half of my soul in those eyes.

"Oh we are just discussing the laws of gravity is all."

I elbowed Gabriella hard in the ribs to stop her snickering, I watched as her face lit up again as the tall red head winked in our direction and disappeared into the bar. Without a word Gabriella handed her sister her empty beer bottle and walked away. I wondered who the woman was; I looked at Tarie, her face slightly pale. Thanks for the back up you brat, I thought to myself.

"Honey you ok?"

I ran my hands up her arms.

"You look a little pale sweetheart."

"I'm sorry just a flash back."

Her eyes bore into mine; shivers ran rampid down my spine.

"A flash back to what my love?"

"You hanging off Max's crane I was so scared that day."

Her hand caressed my cheek; her touch could burn down a third world country I swear.

"Baby that was nothing, its long gone, God how many years ago was that?"

I grinned up at her, she looked sexy to me and she had aged so perfectly. Her hair still as black as the midnight sky lightly peppered with streaks of moonbeams at her temples made her look even more sophisticated. I could see the crinkle at the corner of her eyes. It suited her so well; her eyes were always what captured my attention. Ever changing with her mood and what I saw in them now was pure unadulterated love.

"Just promise me the fool hardy ways you use to love are gone."

Her voice wavering slightly,

"Fool hardy?"

I glared up at her.

"If you do decide to help Max and Gabriella to build this building you won't pull the same stunts like you use to."

"How in the hell did you know about that?"

I eyed her warily.

"I have many…"

I cut her off,

"Skills, right I have heard that line before. But this time I am not buying into that crap."

I glared at her she chuckled back at me. I reached out grabbing her by the arms; the sleek black dress clung to the sexy body in all the right places. I was hot just looking at her I knew the only way to get the information out of her was to frustrate her. That was the one thing that never failed me with Tarie and she knew it.

"Don't you dare pull that here, Brieannah!"

She knew what was coming; I gently wrapped my arms around her as we glided across the dance floor.

"Then explain how you knew what we were talking about."

I pulled her harder into my body, letting my hands wander down her hips. I kissed her softly at first, waiting for her to give in.

"I ah… overheard Max talking to James."

She moaned as my hips ground into hers.

I had to stifle a moan as well; she could turn the tables quickly if she thought I was loosing control. Her eyes dark with passion,

"Stop those thoughts in your head Tarie."

I hissed in her ear.

"What thoughts my love?"

She tilted her head down softly biting my lower lip. Yes she was about to beat me at my own game.

"The ones that have you flat on your back on the kitchen table."

I growled between kissing her soft neck.

"Oh God did you have to bring that up?"

Her face flushed with embarrassment.

"Sweetheart we have done things in places most women wouldn't dare dream up."

My mind thought back to a ride on my motorbike, the elevator in the hotel on our honeymoon there were more but that's another story. I heard her laughing lightly; it was music to my ears.

"I don't know about that I had trouble feeding the girls breakfast from that table for months."

I had to laugh at how rough things had been back then. But through it all our love never failed us, if we had only listened with our hearts and not let the stubbornness control our emotions. It controlled us and never really let us see beyond that.

"I love you Tarie. Happy anniversary."

Tears formed in my eyes as I closed them kissing her.

I love you too Brieannah. Happy anniversary."

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THE END! Let me know what you think……

Coming who knows when….Falling Hard, Falling Fast.

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