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Here with Me

by X²

It's not fair, thought the fair-headed young woman. Frustration and anger was evident on her otherwise beautiful face as she looked out over the gym floor.

From her office on the second floor of the gym, Coach Hardy could see most everything that the athletic department of her high school had to offer to its students. From the state of the art weight room directly opposite her to the gleaming basketball court and colorfully painted bleachers, there was no denying that the athletes that utilized this territory were well taken care of. She only wished that she could see into the locker room which, at any given moment in the day, held mischievous, rambunctious adolescents who loved nothing more than to find ways to humiliate, trick, and embarrass each other.

Thinking of her charges antics served to bring a quick smile to her face, before she remembered the reason why she was so unhappy. She was to vacate that particular office before schools end tomorrow and relocate into her old office just a few feet away.

So close yet so far away, Casey mused, as she recalled the interior of her former workplace. Cement walls the color of a dreary gray morning and dirty tiles stained yellow with age would be her welcome every morning from now on. Casey had gotten used to the spacious office that most of her stuff still occupied. It was the one reserved for the Head Coach and was by far the nicest workplace in the building. She had hoped that it would stay her permanent home away from home, but as she found out that morning it was not to be. The job that was rightfully hers was being given to someone else....someone she had never heard of and instantly and irrationally hated now.

I built this team...I nurtured them and healed them when they hurt and laughed with them through every colorful moment, Casey lamented, and now that all the hard work is done they want to drop me for some smelly old coach from Texas.....TEXAS for Pete's sake! Ok...so I have no actual proof that she's smelly or old, but with a winning track record like that she can't be no spring chicken. As good as feeling sorry for herself felt right now, the young coach knew that she would eventually resign herself to the facts. The facts were that she would not be the head coach this year, the newly appointed basketball coach would take over her program tomorrow, and that this woman did have an amazing track record.

Hours later, as she cleared out the last of her possessions from the office, she found an old pair of sneakers at the bottom of a small closet. Wow, when was the last time I wore these old things?, she thought with a chuckle. Picking them up her nose told her that it must have been on one of her last 5K runs. Phew...these socks aren't even worth salvaging, but I can use the shoes when I paint or something. As she went to leave the office a mischievous thought occurred to her. Oh, the kids would be so proud of me, she mused, as she walked over to the file cabinet connected to the desk. Opening the bottom drawer she dropped the bundled up socks into the box and scooted them to the back. Giggling as she walked out, Casey realized that she did feel a little bit better.

The next morning at 5 a.m. exactly the most annoying alarm in the Northern Hemisphere began to shriek. A small sleepy hand blindly reached out from under the blankets and began to slap wildly at the night table beside the bed. Thirty minutes and three excruciating snooze alarms later, the youthful body beneath the mound of covers began to stir. First, balled fists were uncoiled from under the covers at the top of the bed, and then one perfect foot peaked out from the bottom and flexed. Knowing that the only way she would get up would be to throw the covers off and be shocked awake by the chill of the room, the blanket soon landed on the plush carpet.

Casey's skin was instantly covered in goose bumps as she languidly stretched on the big bed. Strong, toned calves gave way to firm sculpted thighs that tensed and relaxed through the stretch. The loose silk boxers and tank top she wore to sleep did nothing to hide the curvaceous behind that arose from atop her hamstrings or the firm abs that her hand now traced sleepily. Even if she could ignore the goose bumps that covered her body or the aching nipples that strained in the cold, she could not ignore her bladder, which screamed loudly in discomfort.

"Roscoe, go pee for me," she ordered the old hound dog lounging upside down on the chair opposite the bed. Mopey eyes stared back at her with the same expression with which the dog did everything--extreme boredom.

Groaning loudly, she pulled herself into a sitting position and swiped at a lock of hair falling across her face. She wore it just above her shoulders in a shaggy, almost disheveled look. She knew it was time for a cut when her bangs poked at her eyelids, but at least it would give her an opportunity to see Michael again. She smiled as she thought of her oldest friend and greatest confidant. I hope he's doing well, Casey thought, as she walked into the bathroom.

After relieving herself and washing the sleep from her face, she reentered her cozy bedroom. Stretching her compact form to the ceiling and then down to the floor, she realized just the thing she needed for a day like today. She got comfortable in some cutoff sweatpants and a cotton tank before walking out onto her balcony. There she meditated for the next 15 minutes before her stomach rumbled and announced breakfast time. Meditating always had a calming effect on her and after this one she was determined that she would be the most gracious, helpful, and professional assistant she could be to the new coach.

If she's so good what's she need assisting for...taking her meds on time. The coach chastised herself. Stop it Casey...remember gracious, helpful, professional.....gracious, helpful, professional. Ok, now where are those tasty nut bread muffins I got the other day....

By the end of the day gracious had taken a leap off a tall building, helpful was hiding in the closet, and professional was on vacation in Tahiti. Why didn't I listen when everyone told me that teaching high school was like fighting a raging battle each day and not even knowing if you won when it was over? Not that it didn't have its moments, but some days she'd like to have wrung some teenage neck in her frustration.

Climbing the stairs to the offices, she noticed that the door to the head coach's office was ajar. No one is supposed to be in here, she thought, as she nudged it open with her hand. Inside she saw a long form silhouetted against the large window facing the gym. In a second she took in the intriguing sight before her. A tall woman, her hair upturned into a tight bun, shoulders straight and strong, a well fitting t-shirt tucked into gray gym shorts which outlined quite nicely a shapely.....What the?...Get a hold of yourself, Hardy.

"Um, excuse me, this office is off limits to parents or anyone really who isn't the head coach here," Casey said in her strongest voice.

"Oh really," came the sultry reply from the stranger. "That's good to know since I am the head coach here and do enjoy my privacy." She said these last words as she turned around and startled the young coach with the bluest most intense set of eyes she had ever seen. A crooked smile/smirk flashed as blue met green for the first time.

Casey stood there, mouth agape, as her eyes took in what could only be described as magnificence. Even in workout clothes, the woman before her was beautiful; strong and beautiful, she noted, taking in the wiry muscles that lined most of the woman's body.

"You are..."

"Alexandra," the woman finished with a bright smile, "Alexandra Moore at your service."

As the two shook hands something shifted deep in Casey and the older coach's eyes darkened visibly. What‘s up with that? Casey questioned internally, as her mouth said "Nice to meet you. I'm Casey Hardy, a coach on your staff."

"So, you are Coach Hardy?"

"Yes, yes I am." Casey said, her voice thick and angry. Seeing that the smaller woman had obviously misinterpreted her words, Alexandra tried to explain.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply...."

"No, No......It's me. I guess I'm just used to cracks about how young I look and about my, um, particular stature and playing sports."

Alexandra smiled knowingly. "I've just heard a lot about you and didn't expect you to be so...." The older woman's mind worked feverishly to find a word that wouldn't further irritate the adorable woman before her or give away her more than favorable first impression. "Ah......"

Right then a loud knock on the door jam interrupted whatever she was or wasn't going to say. Saved by the bell, Alexandra thought with relief, as the newcomer introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Larry," the soft looking man said with a cheese ball smile. "You must be the new coach...Wow, it is really an honor to meet you. Gosh, I've heard all about...."

As the stranger droned on Alexandra turned her eyes and attention back to the more interesting quarry in her office. She could tell that the young woman was as bored and annoyed by this man as she was, but she, unlike Alex, could not help but try to be polite. This gave Alex the opportunity to study her new coworker in detail. Nice, she thought wryly, as her eyes freely roamed the length of Casey's body. She definitely works out, but she's still able to maintain this soft, feminine quality about her. Definitely sure of herself, she noted, taking in the squared shoulders and strong stance. Vaguely she realized that the Larry guy was still talking and that Casey was still being polite.

"Um, Barry was it....?"


"Riiiiiight...." Alex cooed, as she put her arms across his shoulders and began to lead him back out the door. "See, the coach here and I were right in the middle of discussing some very important matters concerning the program, so if you don't mind we'd like to finish it as quickly as possible."

"Oh, sure, right....I'll just let you two get back to work. Don't forget what I said about...."

The last part was lost as the woman shut the door in his face and turned back to Casey. Casey was doing her best not to bust out laughing right there, but was not doing a good job of it. Her face was turning beet red with the exertion of holding in her mirth and her shoulders were beginning to shake. "What?" Alex asked innocently but with twinkling eyes. That was the last straw for Casey as she expelled her breath and laughter. The older coach couldn't help but chuckle along with the doubled over woman. I'm going to have to do that more often, she thought, as she let the joyful sound of Casey's pleasure wash over her.

"You're going to have to teach me that one." Casey said, as her breathing returned to normal. "Getting rid of Larry is like trying to lose that smell on your car when you run over a skunk. He's harmless and all but, gosh, what a goofball."

"It was my pleasure, Coach Hardy, but as long as I'm around you can just rely on me to keep the goofball at bay." Casey didn't know what to think about that last statement or the intense look that it came with, so she just filed it away for later review.

"What does he do here anyways?" Alex asked.

"Well, believe it or not, he's the school's athletic trainer." Seeing the disbelief on Alexandra's face she elaborated. "They say as a youth he couldn't even run down the field without tripping over his own cleats and was constantly getting hurt in any and all sports he tried. He eventually went into athletic training so that he could stay close to the games he loves, but can't play, and learn how to fix the various injuries he himself had sustained throughout his life."

"I guess it makes sense." Alex said thoughtfully. "It allows him a certain amount of power over that which he is powerless against in himself."

Casey looked dumbfounded. "Wow, I never thought about it like that. You figured all that out by just that little bit of info?"

Alex gave Casey a self-depreciating smile. "Everyone has a motive, a reason, for what he or she does and who they become. It's part of my job to not only teach children how to become young adults through their athletic experience, but to figure out what makes athletes and coaches alike tick. We're all in this together, Casey, and the more I know about why a coach is a coach or why an athlete wants to be an athlete, the more I can contribute to the programs success."

Wow, she's way more than just a win column. And the way she said my name, geesh.....Gave me goose bumps in places I didn't even know I had! Ok, settle down and make your mouth work, Hardy. "I see now what the school board saw in you," Casey said, not completely able to hide the disappointment in her voice. "They made the right decision, it would seem." She was trying to mask her true emotions behind a brave face, but knew she was failing miserably.

"Coach Hardy..."

"Please, call me Casey," she said, still wanting to hear it in the coach's rich voice.

"Casey, I know that you were up for this job also and that many here feel that you were the one who deserved the position." Sensing that Casey was about to say something, Alex raised a hand to quiet her. "I am well aware of the circumstances surrounding my appointment and I want you to know that I don't want us to be enemies or rivals. From what I have gleaned from the few people I have met so far, you are a competent coach who makes up with enthusiasm and passion what she might otherwise lack in experience. This program needs you, Casey. I'm going to need you."

Casey didn't understand why, but that last sentence made her throat go dry and her stomach tingle. " Uh, thank you coach. I must admit that this has not been easy on me. There have been feelings of animosity on my part, but now, having met you....I can't resist wanting to give you all that I have to offer....the program that is." Casey laughed nervously. Good one Hardy...why don't you just put a big sign on your forehead that reads Hot and Horny for anyone who'll give me the time of day.

Alexandra pretended not to notice the slight blush rising from the younger coach's neck. Smiling warmly, she said, "I really would like to discuss the team and program with you very soon. Your input would be greatly appreciated." Oh yeah, appreciated is not the word if you ever wanted to input...Alex! Get a life and a cold shower, she berated herself.

"Uh, anyways, when do you think we could get together?" Alex questioned, avoiding the other woman's eyes and leading her to the door.

"Well, pitifully I'm free most evenings if you'd like to take some time after school."

"Of course, that would be fine one day." As Casey began to walk out the door Alex stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. "Um, by the way, I think that you look just right for basketball or any other sport." Trying to lesson the charged moment, she added with a twinkle in her eyes, "but don't go asking me to buy you beer while you're still underage, young lady."

Casey's mouth opened wide in surprise and then in mock indignation as she saw the door to the office close in front of her before she could retort. Then she couldn't help but laugh at the coach's witty attempt to mask the much-appreciated compliment. Oh, its going to be fun getting her back for that one, she thought.

Later that day, as Casey snuggled underneath her covers, her mind traveled back to her conversation with the coach. All afternoon her thoughts had kept returning to the enigmatic woman, but she had pushed them down in order to focus on whatever she was doing. She really is something. There's no doubt that she's family, but that doesn't seem to be why I'm drawn to her. Hmmmm...long legs, smooth muscles, and a sexy voice have nothing to do with it, right. Riiiiiight, Hardy. Guess hating her is out of the question now, she joked to herself. Snuggling deeper into the blankets her last thought before sleep was of warm blue eyes twinkling down at her.

Miles away those same blue eyes were lazily scanning the sky above. Alex was in her back yard lounging in her large hammock. I guess this place isn't so bad, she thought, referring to her new house. At least it has a decent back yard with enough room to add my hot tub. Oh man, was that ever the investment of a lifetime. Alex couldn't even count the number of times she had let the soothing heat of the tub carry away all the day's tension. Maybe I should look into getting a new one. Might be cheaper and faster than moving the old one here from Texas. Alex let her mind wander as her eyes took in the night sky. The corners of her mouth turned upward as she remembered the young lady in her office today. What a piece of work. Well, if she's half as great as everyone thinks she is then this ought to be interesting. The coach smiled as she remembered some of their last words. So, no one tying up your evenings, huh? She didn't know why, but that thought was very pleasing to her.

The next few weeks were a blur of activity for the new coach. Trying to move into a new home and office while entertaining everybody and their dog who thought that they needed to "interview" the newcomer was difficult to say the least. Well, at least my tub arrived, Alex sighed. That is going to feel great tonight. Her thoughts were interrupted by a slight knock at the door. She smiled as she recognized the distinctive knock of her new friend.

"Come in Casey."

"How do you do that?" Casey asked with a smile. Oh I just love the way her nose crinkles up like that when she smiles.

"I just pay attention....and you're too easy." At her confused look, Alex went on, "You knock like you're afraid to bother me, like your fixing to run away or something. Everyone else just bangs on the door and barges in."

"Ah, well, I know that you're really busy and all, so I try not to bother you any more than I have to." Casey said with her eyes downcast. Then a mischievous smile crept up her face but her voice remained innocent. "Oh and I know how people your age need their rest and wouldn't want to interrupt a nap." Since their first meeting it had become commonplace to hear them going back and forth with snipes about age and size.

Oh you'll pay for that one, Alex thought, but decided to let it slide in order to get her point across to the other woman. For now anyways. "Casey, look at me." When she saw green Alex went on. "You could never bother me. Your interruptions are the only ones I look forward too." Casey was caught off guard by the sweet sentiment and her face didn't disguise it. Uh-o, back off Alex. "Um, I mean you always have some valuable input to give me or something."

What Alex didn't want to admit was that ‘or something' was getting stronger and stronger every day. What are you doing to me little woman?

Casey swore that she saw something strange pass through Alex's eyes. "Are you okay?" Not getting a response she leaned in closer to the woman. "Hey," she said touching her arm. Alex almost jumped out of the chair in response to the soft touch from the other woman.

"What? What happened?"

"You just sort of went somewhere." Casey said with a note of concern in her voice.

"Oh, must be tired or something." Alex chuckled.

"Oh, well, then I guess you won't be interested in getting together tonight to discuss the program," Casey said with disappointment.

"Uh, actually I'd love that Casey."

The young coach looked up into the most brilliant smile she had ever seen. "Really?" She asked with an equally bright smile.

"Of course....be at my place at around 6 or 6:30?"

"Okay." Casey said as she picked up the hastily drawn map. "See ya there."

Part II

When Alex got home she found that she was nervous or more like antsy. Even after cleaning the place up a bit she still had all this nervous energy. A run, a run will settle me down, she thought. Donning her workout clothes she took off down the street.

"Aghhh.....What am I going to wear?" Casey lamented from across town. I want to look sexy but still casual. Oh, Hardy, get a life will ya. This is just a business meeting. Even though her mind was trying valiantly to believe this, her heart knew that there was something more....something deeper than professional courtesy or even physical attraction. Well, I guess we'll see tonight.

The ground was vanishing quickly beneath the feet of the sweating coach. Her muscles were relaxed and comfortable in her long stride as she tried to work off some of her energy. Glancing down at her watch she almost stumbled down the steep path when she read the time. Ok, its 6:04 and I'm still a mile and a half out. Casey's going to kill me if I'm not there when she shows up. Turning around she sighed loudly as she began the now hard run home.

Casey rang the bell for the 2nd time. Well, its almost 6:10 and this is the place, right? Uh, this is so not cool and if she thinks she can just invite someone over and then not.....ohhh! Casey's internal tirade was cut short by the sight that greeted her when she turned around to go back to her car.

Alex's workout clothes were nothing more than a sports tank that stopped an inch below her heaving breasts and wind shorts that barely covered her pulsing upper thighs. Casey's eyes got caught right between those two spots and couldn't seem to be deterred from the rock hard abs that were crunching together in their quest to take in much needed air. "Oh my," Casey breathed, as she took in the rippling muscles and bright smile that were advancing rapidly on her.

"Casey.....Look, I'm really sorry. I went for a run and just lost track of time."

Alexandra waited for Casey to say something and when nothing was forthcoming she removed her dark Oakley's. "Hey....Hello in there," she said snapping her fingers in front of Casey's eyes.

"Wha? What happened?"

"I was trying to apologize for not being here....where were you just now?"

Casey blushed slightly remembering exactly where she'd gone. "Um....well..."

Alex decided to have mercy on the younger woman sensing that she knew exactly what was going on in that pretty head. Leading the coach with a hand on the small of her back she said, "Hey, let's get you outta the sun, ok?"

"Right, that's probably it. Thanks." Casey allowed herself to be led into the house.

"Ya think you can hang out here for a minute while I jump in the shower?"

"Sure, of course, take your time Alex." Oh yeah, take as long as you want so maybe I can settle down and stop hyperventilating every time I get a glimpse at those abs!

"Right...make yourself at home ok and feel free to snoop." Alex said with a smile. Casey smiled back guiltily as she turned away from some pictures she was already inspecting. Oh this is too good, Casey thought, as her eyes were treated to a more than perfect backside retreating down the hallway. Whatever I did in my past life must have really been good to deserve this, Casey mused.

Back in the bedroom Alexandra was giving her own thanks to whoever might be listening. Wow, she looks great. Practically good enough to eat, Alex thought before the irony of the statement made her blush. Casey had finally decided on a light blue sundress which left her shoulders bare and a good percentage of her legs uncovered. Dark leather sandals and small diamond studs accented the outfit perfectly. Turning the knobs to the shower on, Alex was left wishing that she could leave the temperature on cold. Thinking back to the image of the young coach standing on her lawn the sun setting behind her and those sea green eyes transfixed to her body made Alex realize that no cold shower could help the smoldering flames threatening to engulf her. And anyways, she needed the near scorching water to help loosen the tense muscles throughout her body. She knew she was going to pay for that mile and a half that she practically sprinted when she flexed her large thighs and winced.

Ten minutes later Alex walked out of the bathroom with a long, thick towel around her waist and a smaller one on her head. Now, what can I wear to get Casey back for starting this ache in my loins? Ah, this will do, she thought with a smirk.

Walking out of her room a few minutes later Alex caught Casey flipping through a large photo album on a shelf. Seeing that the younger coach hadn't noticed her she decided to sneak up behind the curious woman. "Find anything interesting?" She purred against Casey's ear. Casey jumped sharply, her green eyes as big as saucers, before turning around to swat Alex on her arm.

"That's not nice or funny," she said seeing the older woman chuckling.

"Sure it was....the look on your face was too good," Alex said, just then realizing that she was still very close to the smaller woman. She could now smell an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance coming off of Casey that seemed to envelop her instantly. Her own cologne was much thicker in fragrance and smelled more sensual than innocent, unlike the other woman's. "Um, would you like a tour now...I mean an official tour," she said winking at Casey.

"I tried not to snoop too much," Casey said apologetically, "but I was bored and you took too long."

God, she's adorable when she pouts, Alex thought. "Don't worry, I'll make it up to you," she said in a voice that left them both wondering. "By the way, you look really great," Alex said, avoiding eye contact.

Is she blushing? "Thanks, I could say the same to you," Casey said, then added mentally and then some. Reaching out to caress the dress shirt Alex was wearing she added, "The baby blue in this shirt really sets off your skin tone." Alex noticed that Casey wasn't exactly looking at the colors in the shirt but some soft skin made visible by a few undone buttons.

"Thanks, lets start with the kitchen so I can get dinner going."

"Um, I don't want to be rude, but you don't strike me as the cooking type," Casey said with a nervous smile.

"My feelings would be hurt if your observation weren't the painful truth. I had some food sent over from the Italian place down the road and I just have to hit a couple of buttons to get it ready. You don't mind, do you?" Alex asked innocently.

"Oh, no!" Casey said, rubbing her stomach with enthusiasm. "Italian is my favorite."

"Well, what a surprise," Alex said, not mentioning the fact that she already knew that particular piece of information.

Her kitchen was small but had enough room to hold an island with an oven underneath it. Slipping the food off the counter she placed the aluminum containers inside the oven. She set the timer and then poured them two glasses of red wine. "Is this okay?" She asked as she handed the drink to Casey.

"Perfect." Casey said, taking her first sip. "Wow, this stuff is really strong!"

"Ah, its not that bad....just take it easy if it's too much for you." Alex said, her voice dripping with sarcastic concern.

"No," Casey smiled sweetly, "it's fine. Maybe you should be careful....I was just hearing on the news the other day how people your age should be careful of what they drink and how much. Ya know, my last CPR class was over 2 years ago."

"Ok, Ok....truce, please. For now."

Leading Casey back into the living area, she decided to take a chance on something. "The rest of the house is through here," she said, leading the other woman down a dark hallway.

Opening the door to her bedroom Alex led Casey in. She was now very glad that she had lit a couple of scented candles before she had walked out earlier. Though the room was still lightly bathed in light from the setting sun, the candles added their own sensual glow.

"Mmmm...It smells like vanilla in here," Casey noted.

"Well, I'd like to take personal credit for the pleasing smell, but I usually keep candles lit in here." Seeing her two towels from earlier laying askew on the floor she picked them up quickly. "Oops, let me put these in the bathroom. Excuse me for a sec," she said, walking towards the other room.

Casey took the opportunity to begin looking around the bedroom. Her eyes were immediately drawn to two long swords crisscrossed above the bed. Without thinking she walked to the side of the bed to better inspect the interesting weapons. She noted that they were both very long and thin and peering closer she could make out the fine details engraved in the steel. Two long intricate dragons graced the blades in perfect and miniscule detail. So engrossed in what she was doing, she never noticed Alex had returned to the room until she felt the heat from the other woman against her back.

"Samurai," Alex drawled against Casey ear, her naturally low voice slipping even deeper. Casey felt the rumble of the voice before her mind registered the words. Suppressing a shudder, she made her suddenly dry mouth speak.

"What? I'm sorry, I missed that." Good one, Hardy....she's so close you can practically hear her heartbeat, but your gonna say you didn't catch that. Lame to say the least.

Alex chuckled lightly. "I said, little one, Samurai. They're Samurai swords or at least recreations of them." Casey felt warm tendrils begin to suffuse throughout her body when she heard the small endearment. That feeling increased tenfold when she felt the taller woman lean her long frame against her back. Casey could feel Alex's pelvis lightly grazing the top of her buttocks as her full breasts pressed into her shoulders. The free heavy weight of Alex's bosom told her that the other woman was not wearing a bra and shifting her body slightly she could also feel two hard points brushing her blades.

"Would you like to touch them?" Alex husked. Casey was caught off guard by the statement and it's intentional double meaning. Not trusting herself to speak she nodded her head slightly and was relieved/disappointed when Alex reached past her and lifted one of the swords from the wall.

Still pressed against the smaller woman Alex began to speak. "When I hold them, I can almost feel the power of the warriors who used these weapons to defend and conquer. They were a gift from my father when I graduated from the Air Force academy. My father and I have always shared a love for war memorabilia." Casey couldn't help but pick up on the sad note in the other woman's voice. "My Dad passed a few years ago and most of the stuff in here I got from his personal collection." Alex felt very vulnerable at that moment for she never talked about her father; the pain was usually too great. She was surprised to find, though, that she was not scared. Alex instinctively knew that Casey would never hurt her and this knowledge prompted her to lean her head down closer to the smaller woman's neck.

Casey's skin instantly burst into goose bumps when she felt the warm breath of the coach along the nape of her neck. Fearing she couldn't support herself any longer she let her body fall back into Alex's support. This was all the encouragement Alex needed as she returned the sword to the wall and placed her warm hands on Casey's bare shoulders. Sliding her hands down the smooth arms of the young woman she felt goose bumps rise along their path. Casey's breath caught in her throat as strong arms encircled her slim waist. Reaching down she joined her small hands with the larger ones and snuggled deeper into the embrace.

Before either of them could speak or make another move a shrill alarm began to sound. "Aghhh.....The food is ready," Alex said with a chuckle. Casey couldn't help but chuckle too at the bad timing but was reluctant to release the strong hands. "What do you say we finish this conversation later?" Alex asked, lightly brushing her lips across the smooth skin in front of her.

"Yes, later will be fine," Casey said while turning around in Alex's arms. They looked deep into each other's eyes before linking hands and walking out of the room.

Casey's neck was still tingling where the soft lips had brushed her when they entered the kitchen. They made light conversation as they set the table and got everything ready.

"Wow, this smells delicious. What all did you get?" Casey asked.

Alex couldn't help but smile at Casey's enthusiasm. "Hmmm...We got some lasagna, spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken parmigiana, and last, but not least, a little fettuccini alfredo." Casey's eyes went wide in awe and appreciation.

"Well then, we'd better get started," Casey said with a big smile. After serving themselves they both sat down to enjoy the meal.

After a few minutes of idle chatter about the house and town Alex decided to go with something. "So," Alex began, "tell me about last year." She could see the struggle in the other woman's eyes and tried to ease her tension. "I have already heard what happened but I would like to hear it from your perspective. I‘m not the subtlest person alive, so I hope you don‘t mind my bluntness, but this is important Casey. Please share this with me." Alexandra was surprised by her own little speech, but she was learning quickly that around this woman her heart liked to speak before her mind could shut it down.

Casey's face grew pensive as she thought about how to respond to the inquiry. "Well, I don‘t know where to begin....It was a very intense time, you see. I'd been the junior varsity coach here for about three years and it looked like I'd be in that position for another fifteen. To put it mildly, there was no love lost between me and Coach Cirra, the head coach at the time. She'd had it in for me from day one and me not exactly being the submissive type we never got past that. You see, she was from the old school of coaching or maybe she was just a royal bitch. The only emotion she showed was anger and her only reaction was disappointment. She punished the girls for the tiniest of infractions with "drills" designed to push the them to their limits and beyond, then walked away without so much as a ‘good effort'." Casey's face had distorted to one of disgust and sorrow, but she went on wanting Alex to know. "It was very hard for me to accept these things. I was fresh out of college when I came to this school, full of ideas and ready to change taboos about physical education. I think she made a sport of trying to break me....to make me like her. I worked my tail off day in and day out, always subtly pushing her to see things differently, to remember the love for sport that had to have been there at some time. I think that just made her more determined to stay an ass....and then she began to punish the girls just to get at me. You see, I loved them and they warmed to me immediately. They had never had a coach who would listen to them, really see them, ya know. Well, I prayed that something would change or give....that she'd realize what she was doing to the girls, killing their love for the game." Casey took a shuddering breath and was warmed when a larger hand covered her own from across the table. She looked up into Alex's eyes and saw only comfort and strength there. "We were a week away from the new season when it happened. Coach Cirra was in a fatal car accident on her way home from scouting a pre-season scrimmage. When I heard the news I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I knew that I had to be there for the girls and for the program, so I pushed aside the contradicting emotions swirling around in my brain. You have to understand, I didn't care for the woman one bit, but it was a life...a life that no matter what didn't deserve to die. I felt guilty for all the ill feelings I had had against her and thought that I could've done something different...there could've been another way to get through to her. Well, I had to put the athletes first and when I was asked to take over the position I agreed right away." Casey smiled for the first time since beginning the tale. "So, we worked and grew together over the course of the season. There was a light in their eyes that had not been there before and they gave me everything they had. I did the same for them and never held anything back--I mean it's just not in my nature. We finished the season fifth in the district to the surprise of everybody. Most the town and school had practically written us off. I couldn't have been more proud if we'd won district...they had come so far physically and emotionally. I didn't ever give it any thought what would happen this year. When I found out that they had chosen another coach to come in and take over the position I was hurt and disappointed to say the least. I must admit I was impressed with your record and thought that you'd be much older. I mean, that many wins in so many years are unheard of so I assumed that you had been coaching a lot longer than you apparently had. I was resentful and brash, but when we met I knew why they picked you. I want you to know that I am behind you 100%."

"Well, that was quite a story...it must have been very hard on you. I know that you are with me Casey and you don't know how glad I am. You are a good coach and the future is only bright for you. I hope that you have learned that there is nothing you could've done differently with that woman. Some people just don't want to change and that's their downfall." Alex said her eyes blazing. "Wow, I can't believe we ate almost all this food," she said gesturing to the table.

"I have been known to throw back a few plates in my day," Casey said with a wink.

"Here let me get our plates," Alex said standing up. She couldn't help the groan that passed her lips as she stood.

"Hey, what is it?" Casey asked with concern.

Alex looked sheepishly at Casey. "Um, I think I might have overdone it earlier...my thighs are killing me."

"You sit down and stay put while I clear the table," Casey said, surprising Alex with her commanding tone. "Yes sir!" Alex replied with a salute and grin.

After she had cleared the table Casey knelt in front of Alex's chair and reached for her legs. "Let's see what we got here," she said, moving closer to the bare legs. She felt around the muscles making sure it was just soreness then began to knead the sensitive skin. Alex was doing her best not to groan out loud at the sensations the young coach was causing. Does she know what she's doing to me? Deciding it was time she reasserted herself she made a suggestion.

"Um, before we planned this get together I was going to spend the night relaxing in the hot tub...do you think you'd like to do that?" She asked, slightly nervous.

Casey let her eyes travel up from the smooth legs she was handling, past the apex of Alex's thighs, over the lean stomach and full breasts to finally meet Alex's steady gaze. Oh man, if she looks at me like that again I'm just gonna have to take her right here, Alex thought. "I'd love to." Casey said settling her eyes on the creamy skin showing through the collar of Alex's shirt.

"Ok, let me put my suit on and then I'll show you some things that might fit you and where you can change." Alex was trying to hold the quiver in her voice but was failing miserably. Casey didn't notice though, her own mind full of naughty scenarios.

Once Alex was changed she led Casey to a guest bathroom and gave her something to put on. "I'll be in the back yard, fixing the water temp and stuff," she said through the closed door.

Alex was sitting on the side of the tub trying to reach a candle on the back shelf when she heard the back door open and close. Turning her head to greet Casey her equilibrium was soon decimated at the sight before her. With a big splash her 5'11 frame crashed into the water. She came up sputtering and cursing and Casey couldn't help but giggle at the sight Alex presented.

"I guess you like," she said with a smirk. Alex could only nod her head for she was rendered speechless by the nude body of her coworker. Well she wasn't completely nude yet. Casey's shoulders and sides were covered by a thin robe while the insides of her breasts, her taut stomach, and her down covered mound were open for view. Alex's heated gaze roamed the creamy flesh before her as she licked her lips unconsciously. Her mouth opened and closed several times before she stopped trying to speak and simply decided to act. Stepping out of the tub her long legs carried her to Casey in two strides. She was too hot to be gentle or patient. With a low growl she pulled the material encasing Casey's shoulders down and forward effectively pinning the body against her own. She dipped her head sharply as if to claim the waiting lips beneath her but stopped abruptly just short of contact. They stood there with their mouth's so close they were breathing the same air. Both their eyes were glued to each other's lips waiting to see who would yield first. Finally Alex tore her eyes from the perfectly pink lips and spoke.

"Look at me Casey." It took a second for Casey to shake herself from her reverie. Alex's breath caught as she lost herself in sparkling green orbs. She had never seen Casey's eyes this close-up and now could see that when the light hit them just right tiny gold flecks lit up. Could she be more perfect? Needing to find out she released Casey's arms and gently touched her fingers to the soft skin of her neck. She explored the skin there and along the jaw line never taking her eyes from ones before her. Finally, when neither of them could take it anymore, they both leaned in for the kiss.

The world dropped away at the moment of contact. The lips were too exquisite in their softness and warmth. They stayed in the firm lip lock for several minutes simply tasting and reveling in the different textures. Soon, though, the kiss took on adifferent pace. Alex was surprised, but pleased when she felt the demanding tongue of her soon to be lover begging entrance. At once the kiss was hard and full of need. Their tongues battled it out between their mouths but Alex eventually won out when she began to suck rhythmically on Casey's muscle. She whimpered thinking where else that pistoning tongue could be put to use. Reaching lower Alex pulled Casey's legs off the ground and they instantly wound themselves around her waist. Never relinquishing the pulsing tongue she managed to get the offending robe completely off and walked them over to the edge of the tub. Stepping in Casey gasped as the heat touched her ass and pressed herself harder into the firm abdomen of the older coach. Alex could feel the slickness on her stomach and almost came right then from the many sensations bombarding her. The pliant flesh beneath her hands, the warm water lapping at her sides and stomach, the sharp pain of nails raking her back all added to strip her of her wits.

Grabbing the back of Alex's hair forcefully Casey ended the kiss. She needed to get her bearings here and try to reign in her overpowering desire for the tall woman. Alex growled at the pain but didn't pull away. Trailing her tongue across the strong jaw line of the older woman Casey nipped and sucked at the skin below Alex's ear. At that moment she knew that it was too late....she was in too deep to try to control anything. Moving her mouth to the sensitive earlobe before her, she sucked it in. "You are mine now Alex," she said with a possessive nip at the earlobe. "I'm going to take you right now in as many ways as possible and there is nothing you can do about it."

Alex couldn't have spoken even if she wanted to....Casey's assault on her neck and her commanding words were too much. Who would have ever thought what lay behind the all-American girl-next-door exterior? A teasing mouth began to move downward and Alex's breath was getting more labored by the second. This isn't supposed to go this way....I've never let anyone do this to me. I mean, I'm supposed to take charge right? But she knew that what Casey had said was true...there was nothing she could do about her position--her body would betray anything her mind tried to do at that moment. "Agh," she grunted as her suit top was ripped up over her head and one of her sensitive nipples was sucked hard into the warm mouth of her captor. Her other nipple was being manipulated roughly by quick fingers. Alex bit down on her lower lip trying to hold her desire in check-she wanted Casey to have this, to have her. Sensing this dilemma Casey looked up into her face. "Don't think Alex, just feel." She switched breasts, being even more forceful than before. Sensing that she would lose this battle, Alex cried out Casey's name when she felt sharp teeth sink into her breast. I'm not going to fight this. I will let her have me and then I will take her over and over into the night with all the strength and passion in my body. All thought ceased as she gave herself over to Casey.

The young coach was in heaven. She couldn't get enough of the bronze skin filling her mouth. Though she had never been this forceful with a lover before, hell she hadn't even ever gone all the way with a lover before, she couldn't help the raging desire that coursed through her veins. She just knew what to do and what she wanted. I have to have her now!

Releasing the aching breast from her torture she claimed Alex's mouth once more. She let her right hand trail down the wet body beneath her as her other hand held Alex's head to hers. She could feel through the water the muscles that twitched under her fingers. She pulled back and looked deep into the blue eyes before her. In them she saw the internal struggle for control--possess or be possessed. Realizing the power Alex was allowing her to have over her she felt a warm flooding between her legs. This woman, this magnificent creature, not only wants me but wants me to take her...have her. This realization caused her heart to swell and her loins to melt. She showed in her own eyes her need and passion and let Alex know that she would not hurt her--they were in this together. Releasing her hold on Alex's head she trailed her other hand down to help pull the bottom half of the suit off.

They kept eye contact even as Casey's slim fingers delved into Alex's slick lips. They both gasped in unison at the contact and Casey increased the speed of her ministrations. "Sit up on the ledge, love." Casey requested. Trusting Casey with all her soul Alex straightened her legs and began to lift herself out of the water. When Alex's hips were raised out of the water completely she cried out as two fingers sunk themselves deep into her center. They stayed suspended that way for several heartbeats, Casey mesmerized by the pulsing velvet wrapped around her fingers and Alex stunned by the fullness. She fell back onto the ledge as her core began being pumped unmercifully. She was glad that she had something to hold her up because she was being turned to jelly but the questing hand. Two fingers turned to three and Alex felt a familiar tug begin in her belly. Casey was in awe at the textures encasing her fingers. "You're so wet...so soft," she groaned into Alex's breasts. "Can you feel me...inside you...fucking you?" When Alex's brain registered the vulgar words she almost lost control again. "Its yours," her voice ground out. "Ahh....I'm yours...just please don't stop." Feeling another warm flood around fingers Casey began to pump deeply into the warm glove twisting her hand slightly as she pulled in and out.

Casey saw Alex's stomach muscles start to flex and contract and began to meet the pumping on the inside with intense sucking on the outside. They were both in heaven, mesmerized by the physical and emotional aspects of their coupling. Concentrating solely on the hard nub under her tongue Casey sucked and lapped at it with furious strokes. The tug in Alex's belly turned into big knot that was beginning to unravel. She felt the tendrils of her orgasm beginning to rip through her torso when she cried out Casey's name. "Oh SHIT....Oh Casey....Please!" All thoughts and words were torn from her when stars exploded in front of her eyes and her whole being tensed in orgasm. Knowing that Alex was over the edge already Casey quickly removed her fingers and speared her tongue into the overflowing cavern. Over and over she stabbed inside of Alex riding wave after wave of orgasm until she felt woman beneath her shudder and fall back to the ledge. Only then did she remove her mouth from Alex's womanhood and leaned over her to bring them face to face. Alex lifted the woman ‘til her small body was covering her larger one. They needed no words as they held each other and let their breathing return to normal. Casey wasn't quite finished though. Sliding her body back down she trailed kisses in her wake. "Let me clean you up," she said, with an evil twinkle in her eye. Alex was helpless to stop her as she parted the now swollen lips with her tongue and let the tip barely graze the softness inside. When she heard Alex moan she knew that she had her again. She kept her movements light and gentle as she swept her tongue the length of Alex's sex several times. Alex was moaning constantly now and Casey decided to play her trump card. Cupping the ample buttocks beneath her she said, "Turn over, love...I think some dripped down here."

Alex did as she was told and groaned when she felt warm breath and soft lips on her ass cheeks. Casey took her time kissing and nuzzling the other woman's firm cheeks before slipping her tongue into the crevice. Alex growled out her approval of the action and lifted herself to give better access. Now that she had access to both her ass and her center Casey took no time in manipulating them both. She did several sweeps from clit to anus till she felt Alex begin to shake again. Deciding she was through teasing, she concentrated her tongue on the small area between Casey's cheeks. Over and over she reamed the hole and eventually slipped the tip of her tongue in. Swirling her tongue in the tight hole she raised her hand and entered Alex again. She only used one finger knowing the older woman would be very sensitive from her earlier explorations. Alex began slowly pumping her ass and cunt into the face of her lover and soon her moans and groans turned to more animated speech. "OH YES....FUCK ME CASEY....UGHH...HARDER." Casey did as she was instructed pushing her tongue deeper into her ass and adding another finger. Soon the other woman exploded on her hand once again her screams now hoarse. Letting her ride the orgasm out Casey gently turned Alex over and pulled her down into the water. Alex groaned as the heat touched her overly sensitive flesh but was soon enveloped in small but strong arms.

"I've got you," Casey said cradling the older woman for a few moments.

"You....I..." Alex was having problems trying to speak so she just nuzzled her lips into the soft mounds of her lover. They sat like that for several moments while Alex regained her strength and composure. Oh she is going to pay for that....dearly, Alex thought with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Who would have thought she'd be so...so..? Alex gave up trying to describe it. Reaching her hands up under Casey's knees she lifted them out of the water. Shocked by the rapid change in position she looked up into the darkening eyes of her lover. Oh God, she thought, taking in the searing heat of Alex's gaze and the downright raunchy smirk directed at her.

"Um....Alex?" Casey began to question but her words were soon cut off by a heated kiss. Standing there knee deep in the hot tub Alex kissed the woman senseless, exploring her mouth with her long tongue. She wanted Casey to feel her passion but also her deep emotions for her. Casey was glad on her part that she was being held up by the strong form for she knew she couldn't support herself if she needed to.

Ending the kiss Alex stepped out of the tub and began walking toward the door to the house. Casey was snuggled deep in her arms, her warm breath caressing the crook of her neck and her arms wrapped securely around Alex‘s head. Alex was trying to stay composed even with the hard nipples that were pressing into her own and her inflamed skin caused simply by Casey's presence. She knew that in order to keep her promise to herself to take this woman again and again into the night she would have to remain in control of her own raging desires.

Part III

They lay there, spent and slightly dumbfounded at the experience they had just shared. Sprawled spread eagle across the large bed Casey was trying hard to get her breathing under control. By the....I can't believe that just happened, she thought shakily. She was still tingling from her fingertips to her toes but she needed to see Alexandra....her new lover in every sense of the word. Rolling over she was shocked slightly to see bright blue eyes already trained on her. Alex laughed lightly and pulled the small form against her side. "How are you?" A light but concerned voice asked Casey.

Casey sighed contentedly and nestled her head deeper in the offered shoulder. "I am...." She sighed again, not knowing how to express the deep calm pervading her body, no, her soul. Looking back up into the expressive eyes of her lover, she knew she had to try again.

"Have you ever felt that feeling that everything was right in the world? Like when you've been away from home and step back through the doors and you can finally rest. You have calmed my soul....you have completed my being. I have stepped back through those doors." Shaking her head she tried to sort out her thoughts and feelings. Alex just lay there giving her strength and courage silently. "I did not know...I didn't realize that you had already won over my heart until that moment when we came together." Casey paused as her mind rolled back over the moment she was referred to. Alex had been between her legs suckling her folds of flesh and totally driving her crazy with need. The older coach wouldn't stay long in one spot before she was tormenting another sensitized area. Casey was quickly losing control, her desire spiraling higher and higher as the seconds ticked by. With the last rational thought in her head she pulled Alex up to her and held her face against her own before speaking soft and low in her ear. "I want you to have something," she whispered, finding a large hard and pulling it to her wetness. Alex didn't understand until Casey's smaller digits covered her own and pushed her middle finger into the slick folds. They both groaned at the softness but when Alex's finger lightly explored the coral opening below her, her head popped up suddenly and she looked questioningly into Casey's eyes. "I want it to be you," Casey said almost breathlessly as she answered Alex's question. Although no hymen was there to announce her virginity the tightness was enough to make the older woman aware. Keeping her eyes locked with the green ones below her she looked deeply into them reading every emotion expressed there. There was fear, there was desire, but most important was what was lacking in those expressive orbs....uncertainty. Casey wanted this without a doubt and Alex realized that she was more than willing herself.

Dipping her face down she covered Casey's lips with her own putting all her worth into relaying her deep feelings. Making sure Casey was lubricated enough so as not to cause undue pain, she parted her lips with her tongue as her lone finger eased swiftly yet gently into the tight crevice. The mouth claiming hers swallowed Casey's moan of pleasure and slight discomfort. Ever so slowly Alex began to pull her finger out trying to calm her own raging desires to just plunge her digit deep inside the woman--to lay claim to what was hers now. She was surprised for the second time that night when Casey seized her wrist roughly and rammed her hand home. Alex needed no other encouragement as she began to pump her finger in and out with increased vigor. Casey had relinquished her hold on Alex's wrist and instead began to thread her fingers into the inky blackness fanning out across her chest. Alex's rhythmic sucking of her engorged nipples was just one more brick added to the wall that would crumble in the end. She was nearly there...they both knew it, could feel it in the muscles flexing and contracting with every breath. It was then that Alex knew that she wanted them to climax together for Casey's first time...for their first time together like this. She straddled Casey's right thigh and eased her soaking lips against the firm muscles there. She growled and threw her head back in pure animalistic carnality. They were pushing and pulling in unison now and as Alex felt her own wall begin to crumble she pushed a second finger into the form beneath her. Casey arched reflexively at the intrusion, inadvertently raising the thigh that was being ridden quite violently by Alex. They both screamed out as their orgasms hit like a tidal wave. As if written in some script somewhere their eyes locked onto each other at the same time. Alex was acting purely on instinct and without thinking, without reservation, she screamed out again, this time not Casey's name but instead the words I love you. At the moment of recognition of her words she knew that it was achingly true....she was in love with this woman. Casey, feeling the most intense physical and emotional feelings of her young life cried out to the night and to her lover "I love you, Alex."

They both shuddered as their strength waned and Alex was welcome into waiting arms. With the last of her strength she kissed Casey with wonderment and love and then rolled off to her side. And there they were with Casey trying to relay her feelings over all that had happened in the last few minutes.

"I love you Casey....I think I have since the moment I laid eyes on you."

"You are my other half," Casey began with tears in her eyes. "I love you Alexandra."

They both sighed deeply. The type of release that sets you free.



It had been two years since that night, since they first met in that office. Alex had stayed for those two seasons at their school teaching Casey everything she knew about coaching and about love. They had made the basketball program one of the most successful in their state, but above all else they had made their relationship work. This next season Alex was taking a job in a nearby city coaching at a large private college. She had personally recommended Casey for the job of head coach and just that morning they had got the news that Coach Hardy would fill that position.

"I do love you, Coach Moore," Casey said with a loving smile. Alex tilted her head down capturing soft lips that were still the sweetest she had ever tasted. "And I love you, Coach Hardy."

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