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All I know


I love her more than life itself,
I would give her anything,
If only she loved me too,
Then my heart would sing.

I will give everything I have,
And everything I know,
To hear her say she loves me too,
And then kiss me, soft and slow.

Chapter 1

The early morning sun beat down upon the raven-haired beauty who had, uncharacteristically, slept past sunrise and well into the first light. She felt the warm glow rush over her face and chiselled body and let her eyes open slowly, reaching for her golden-red haired companion who always slept beside her, regularly snuggling up under the warriors arm and resting her head on her chest. Xena would never admit it, but she revelled in the affection of her younger friend, in fact, on one or two occasions Xena had even suggested that they set up camp early, claiming Argo needed the rest, or other inconspicuous reasons, just so she could hold Gabrielle sooner, and disappear in the love that overcame her whenever her strong arms wrapped around the smaller frame of the beautiful bard. When her hand came down into nothing, Xena’s eyes flew open, <where is she? > She thought <she never wakes before me> she sat up and scanned the campsite they had made yesterday before nightfall, searching for any signs of a struggle but found none. <Calm down Xena> she thought to herself, <she’s probably gone off to ‘relieve’ herself in the woods, or awoke early and decided to go bathe in the stream we passed just outside the campsite> Still, Xena couldn’t shake a nasty feeling brewing in the pit of her stomach.

The warrior rose quickly and pulled on her leathers and boots, then hastily fiddled with the clasps on her breastplate willing her fingers to move faster with every passing second, she grabbed her sword, sheathed in her scabbard, and chakram and attached them to her outfit whilst walking swiftly into the woods to look for Gabrielle. She didn’t know why she was so worried, she didn’t have any reason to be, its not like they had been attacked by anyone lately, or got on the wrong side of a would-be kidnapper, in fact, the past two weeks had been quite, very quite, not one fight, not even a scuffle. Now to anyone else this would seem like great news, but to the keenly trained warrior it was awfully unsettling.

“Gabrielle!” she called, “Gabrielle, rustle the bush you’re behind so I know where you are!” hoping that her initial thought was right about the call of nature, when she saw or heard no movement she called again, “Come on Gabrielle, you don’t want me to walk in on you do you?!” trying, and failing, to calm herself with humour. “Are you really not there, Gabrielle?” she asked into the empty forest. “OK Xena, its OK, she’ll be at the stream like you thought,” she spoke to herself, whilst her mind reeled with hundreds or dreadful possibilities as to why her friend had disappeared.

She headed off in more of a run than a hurried walk to the stream just past the few trees where she was stood, pleading with herself to be wrong in her thoughts of kidnapping or worse. When she reached the clearing she searched the banks and rocks of the stream promptly with her eyes, when her eyes fell upon the back of her companion her heart skipped a beat and joy overcame her at the realisation that Gabrielle was safe. The tall beauty walked up behind Gabrielle and, careful not to startle her, asked, “What woke you up so early? I usually have to literally drag you up from your sleep in the mornings,” with a chuckle in her voice. There was no reply, “hey Gabrielle, are you OK? Did you hear what I said?” reaching her friend, who was sat on the bank of the river staring out towards the landscape, she placed a friendly hand upon her shoulder. The smaller woman seemed to not even notice the touch of her companion, just sat staring blankly ahead. “Gabrielle?” Xena asked crouching next to the cherry-blond, “Gabrielle, are you OK? Look at me. Gabrielle.” Finding it hard to hide the apprehension in her voice, “Look at me Gabrielle,” she said bringing her hand up to the bards chin and tilting her head to meet hers. Ice blue met emerald green, but the green eyes were blank, just staring into the sea of blue before them, “Can you hear me Gabrielle?” Xena asked not even trying to mask the fear in her voice, she got no reply, “Gabrielle please, just nod your head if you can understand what I am saying to you”, Xena waited anxiously for what seemed like forever, hoping beyond hope that Gabrielle could at least understand her, slowly she felt Gabrielle’s head move in a nodding motion against her hand which was still gently holding her chin, “good, OK that’s good. Now, can you speak? Can you say your name?” Gabrielle’s mouth opened, and Xena saw she was trying to speak, but all that came out was a few incomprehensible noises. Xena’s heart began to break as she saw her companion so obviously trying, but unable to comprehend even the simple task of forming words, hey blue eyes began to well up with tears, <NO. Stop it Xena, that’s not what she needs right now, she needs you to be strong> Xena stopped the tears from falling and took a deep breath to compose herself. “OK honey, that’s OK, lets just get back to the campsite huh?” she eventually said, rising to her feet and reaching her hands down to help Gabrielle to her feet, Gabrielle looked from Xena’s hands to her face, not quite understanding the gesture, Xena noticed this obvious confusion in her friend and decided it was best to explain herself instead of waiting for Gabrielle to figure it out, which may only serve to distress her friend into a further state of confusion, “Put your hands into my hands Gabrielle, and I will help you stand, so then we can walk back to the campsite and try figure out what has happened to you. Do you understand?” Gabrielle slowly nodded her head and took the hands of the extraordinary, slightly frightening looking woman in front of her.

Chapter 2

Back at the camp Xena set about making a fire to cook the bard some breakfast, hoping that her terribly bad cooking would trigger some memory of jokes they had shared about the warriors culinary skills, or lack there of. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out what could have caused her friends memory loss. By the time she had a pot of water boiling over the fire to make tea with and had gutted and started to cook the two fish she caught late last night before bed almost every god, demi-god, warlord, alchemist and everyone in between had been blamed then disregarded by Xena’s swift mind. Firstly it was Ares, he is known for trying to get between the warrior and her bard in his twisted scheme to get her to be his queen, but memory loss just doesn’t seem like his thing, blood, fire, swords and fists were more his thing. After a few more would-be suspects had been brushed off she thought about Hope, once again she quickly pushed that thought from her mind, Hope was long dead and Xena hated the mixture of fear but most of all pure hatred that Hope’s name made her feel. Her mind wandered back to Solan, and how his young life had been cruelly ripped from him but she caught that thought before it ran away with her, true, his death still hurts her, but she had come to accept it and let him go. Over and over in her brain everyone she had ever met, heard about, bumped into in a busy market place passed through her mind, but none of them seemed to have the motive to take away Gabrielle’s memory. A strong, burning smell snapped her out of her thoughts, “Hades!” she cursed to herself as she grabbed the frying pan and tried to rescue their breakfast. No such luck, in a few minutes they were sat next to the fire picking at fish that looked like it had been cremated at an Amazon funeral. It took a little while for Xena to explain to Gabrielle that it was food, and that they eat food to stop feeling hungry, but she did have to let a small, almost nervous chuckle escape her when Gabrielle just looked at her with a completely confused look on her face when Xena tried to pass the charred remains of the fish as food. “OK, so maybe cooking was a bad idea,” Xena admitted to herself as much as to Gabrielle, “I think we have a couple of apples left in the saddle bags, would you like one of those instead Gabrielle?” the honey haired woman looked back with the same confused look, “apple is food Gabrielle” Xena tried to explain, at this statement Gabrielle wrinkled up her nose and made the sort of face you would expect from a child when trying to get them to eat their greens, Xena realised that Gabrielle had made the connection with the word food to badly burned, horrible tasting fish <well that’s something> Xena thought to herself <at least she is starting to pick up and learn things, and make connections in her mind> she gave her companion a warm smile and decided to show her, rather that try explain to her, that the apples were actually fit to eat. She got up and walked towards the small pile of saddle bags near their bed rolls, and she couldn’t help but let a sadness wash over her face realising that usually by this time Gabrielle would have packed away their bedrolls and cooked breakfast whilst Xena would have tended to Argo, mended any boots or clothing that needed a quick fix and polished her sword and chakram, she enjoyed the everyday routine they had fallen into not long after they started travelling together, she enjoyed the idle chatter from her companion as they went about their daily chores, flowing together like an old river, she especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful smile that the bard’s face shone with when she was telling Xena another of her stories, or about the dream she had the night before, in fact, every time Gabrielle smiled Xena’s heart felt as if it would burst with happiness and love, the amount of love that she felt for the bard almost completely overwhelmed her sometimes, she tried to deny it at first, but she always really knew, from the moment she saw that beautiful young blonde back in Potedia, she loved her, but of course she could never tell her friend this, she would definitely be horrified and leave her without a second thought, Xena couldn’t live without Gabrielle, so she knew it would be better to face facts and realise that they would only ever be friends, friends and nothing more. She searched the bags and found two apples, then reached into another bag and found a piece of nutbread she had been hiding from the bard so she could surprise her with it whilst they were travelling the pretty long road towards Amazonia, anything to get the bard to smile that beautiful smile for her again.

Chapter 3

Gabrielle sat where Xena had left her, not daring to move, she couldn’t help but watch the tall woman move away from her, with every step she took Gabrielle could see the muscles ripple though her strong legs, and the sway of her hips was almost hypnotising to her. What were these feeling rushing through her mind and body? Why was it that this oddly captivating woman seemed to know her, even though the blonde didn’t even seem to know herself right now? Gabrielle looked up to notice Xena stood in front of her looking straight at her face and realised she had been staring, unblinking, at Xena’s behind, which at some point, without Gabrielle realising, had become something else when Xena had turned around to bring Gabrielle the apples.

“What were you thinking about?” she asked, unable to keep the flummoxed look on her face hidden when she realised what Gabrielle had been staring at.

“I…I w…w…was…” Gabrielle tried hard to make her mouth create the words her mind had struggled to think up.

“It’s ok, take your time sweet heart” Xena reassured her, only after realised the term of endearment she just used, hoping beyond hope that Gabrielle wouldn’t notice what she said.

“I wa…was thi…thi…thinking…ab…out…y…you” Gabrielle finally made the link between her mind and mouth work. Xena could have sworn her heart skipped a beat when she heard Gabrielle say those words. <Maybe she feels the same way about me that I feel about her> she thought <maybe I should…no Xena, stop looking for something that isn’t there, she is lost and confused, this world is new to her again, she doesn’t love you, she’s just trying to figure all this out, she’s scared and she needs a friend> “What were you thinking about me? What do you want to know?” she asked.

“H…how do…do you kn...know me?”

Xena sat down next to her friend and took out her breast dagger, Gabrielle watched enthusiastically as she cut one of the apples in half and handed one half to Gabrielle and brought the other half to her own mouth and took a bite. Gabrielle did the same with her half and after realising it didn’t taste like the black stuff she tried before came to the conclusion that she actually quite like the taste of this apple thing and eagerly took another bite then another. Xena smiled when she realised that her bard hadn’t lost her healthy appetite along with her memory.

“You’re my best friend Gabrielle. We met in your hometown, Potedia, there was this evil man, a warlord, he and his men were capturing you and your friends and family, so…well lets say I stopped him. Then you begged and begged me to let you come travelling with me, I refused of course because I’m the big bad Xena, what do I need with a friend? But really I thought you would be the perfect companion, you were feisty and curious about life, and you could cook, now that’s always a plus point,” she smiled. Gabrielle smiled back at her, the same smile she always showed Xena and she felt her heart flutter again. She took the piece of nutbread from the cloth it was wrapped in and broke of a piece to give to Gabrielle, the bard took it and sniffed it, then tasted it, her stunning green eyes lit up at the taste of her favourite food and she ate the whole piece in one and looked up at Xena and smiled then noticed the nutbread in her hand, Xena smiled back and handed Gabrielle the rest of the tasty treat.

“Sssso you dec…deci…ded to let…let me join you?” Gabrielle asked, mouth half full of nutbread.

“Yes, and it was the best decision I ever made Gabrielle. You have been a ray of sunlight constantly shining for me since the moment I met you, you are the reason I am alive today, and it kills me to know you are suffering, I just want to fix whatever has happened to you, I want you to be able to remember all the times we have had together, all the wonderful stories you tell, I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life, I want you to know that I lo…” Xena caught herself mid-sentence, she couldn’t believe she had just let herself become so caught up in her love for Gabrielle that she lost all control of what she was saying and almost confessed her love for her right there and then.

“Wh…what does lo…mean?” Gabrielle asked confused.
<Oh Gods! What do I say? How do I explain to you that I was about to say I love you, without actually telling you I love you!?> Xena’s head was spinning <then again, do you even know what the word love means Gabrielle?> she thought <I could express my undying love for you right now, I could lay down my heart and tell you how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you, how I want to take you as my wife and give you anything you desire, all the love I can give and all of my soul, and you wouldn’t have a clue what I was saying would you?> Xena felt a warm tear run down her cheek and before she could turn her face away from Gabrielle, the young beauty had reached up and wiped away the tear with her soft hand. The blonde looked the dark haired woman straight in the eyes and asked, “why are you…you’re eyes…why are they…?” she had a look of concern on her face and Xena realised that she had to tell her how she truly felt, no matter how much it hurt, no matter how it would confuse Gabrielle, she knew she couldn’t go on with this pain ripping at her heart.

“Gabrielle, I have to tell you something. I…its just…I know you wont understand, I don’t want to hurt you, but I think…you deserve to know.”

“Know w…what Xena? Is this what lo…means? Does…i…it make your eyes…”

“No Gabrielle” Xena said with a sad smile, “lo…isn’t really a word, I was going to say,” she looked down at the floor and felt more tears start to run down her face, <this is it> she thought <this is it, you’re going to lose her forever, but she needs to know the truth, no matter how much it hurts me, she doesn’t deserve to spend her time with someone who is keeping secrets from you> she looked back up to face the bard “I was going to say, that…Gabrielle, I love you, I always have, from the moment I first met you, you have shined in my life like a beacon of goodness and light, you…you are the other half of my soul Gabrielle, you are my life, my soul, my love. I love you.”

“Love?” Gabrielle replied.

“Yes Gabrielle, love, I love you,” the warrior answered in an almost inaudible whisper, she couldn’t take her eyes away from the beautiful emerald green eyes of her love, she knew that no matter what she was going to lose this light in front of her that has shone so brightly, that had made her life worth living, either because she didn’t have a clue what love was and wanted to go find someone else to spend her time with who didn’t feed her charred fish or confess something called love to her whilst her eyes were leaking water, or she was going to be totally mortified by the fact that this woman, this warrior was in love with her and run a mile, this thought tore at Xena’s heart and brought a new flood of tears to her crystal blue eyes, <if I have to lose you Gabrielle, then I am going to lose you for something more that loving you> she thought as she leaned toward the bard and captured the lips she had longed to kiss with her own. She expected Gabrielle to jump, to shout, to hit her, but she didn’t, at first she stiffened and didn’t know what to do, but after a second or two she melted into the warm kiss she was receiving, she pressed harder against the softness and brought her arms up around Xena’s neck, Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle’s waist and revelled in the joy that was coursing throughout her entire body. The kiss was gentle, and loving and a thing of complete beauty, but this beauty was short lived, Xena pulled back and stared wide eyed at Gabrielle,

“Gabrielle, I…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…I’m so sorry.”

Chapter 4

Xena jumped to her feet and began to run towards the forest, tears streaming down her face, her heart well and truly broken, not knowing where she was going, not even caring where.

“Xena wait!” Gabrielle called.

Xena stopped in her tracks but didn’t look around; she just stood, frozen, petrified of what Gabrielle was about to say, she just wanted to leave, she couldn’t handle Gabrielle yelling at her as well as leaving her.

“Xena, Xena please turn around,” Gabrielle said, she had lost the child like quality in her voice she had had all morning, she sounded like, well she sounded just like Gabrielle, the real Gabrielle. “Xena please.”

Xena slowly turned around, not taking her eyes off the ground, Gabrielle sounded upset, and she hated knowing she was the one who had caused that upset.

“Look at me Xena.” Gabrielle pleaded, her voice shaking and quiet.

Xena kept her eyes glued to the floor.

“Xena please,” Gabrielle begged, walking towards her, she stopped directly in front of the warrior and brought her hand to the beautiful face in front of her, gently bringing her face up to meet sapphire with emerald. “Xena, so you know how long I have waited to hear you speak those words to me? Do you know how many times I have dreamt about spending my life with you? How many times I have written about my love for you in my scrolls?” Xena couldn’t believe what the vision of beauty in front of her was saying, was she dreaming? Was this real? “I love you Xena.” There they were, the four words Xena felt like she had been waiting her whole life to hear, four little words that made her heart jump and skip more that a child’s at winter solstice.

“Gabrielle, what about your…your memory, do you know what love is?”

Gabrielle smiled, “Yes Xena, I know what love is, I have done ever since I first met you, I lost my memory because I love you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Last night, when you were fishing, I was writing in my scroll, I was writing about my love for you, about how much my heart broke every time I thought of not spending the rest of my life with you, about how I would give anything to have you love me the way I love you. That’s when Aphrodite came to me, she said she could help me, she said she knew you loved me, but you were too afraid to tell me, just like I was afraid to tell you. I told her I would give everything I have, and everything I know to have you tell me you love me. So she said she would take away my memory, that way she knew you would realise that I wouldn’t be able to hate you when you said you loved me, because I didn’t know what love or hate was. She said the spell would break with a kiss, and all I had to do from then was wait. I woke up and didn’t remember anything, so I went for a walk, and then you found me by the stream and well, here we are,” the beautiful bard smiled up at the love sick warrior, there it was again Xena thought, that smile that melts my heart, that cute wrinkle above her nose, the glow in her eyes, the rose tint of her cheek, Xena could do nothing but smile back, a happy, truthful, love filled smile.

“I love you Xena,”

“I love you too Gabrielle,”

They leaned toward each other and eager lips met eager lips, arms pulling each other closer, bodies melting together, hands entwining in hair. Neither wanted the kiss to end, they never wanted to be apart again. They kiss became stronger, each wanting to taste more of their soul mate, Gabrielle pushed her tongue to Xena’s lips, begging to be given access to all of her warrior, Xena’s lips parted and their tongues intertwined, fighting for space in each mouth, Xena took Gabrielle’s bottom lip in her mouth and bit down ever so gently and ran her tongue over the edge before sucking then realising it. They spend what seemed like the most beautifully blissful eternity kissing this way, hands roaming over bodies they had each longed to touch, breathing becoming increasingly difficult but neither of them wanting to break away. When the both realised they could actually pass out from sheer bliss they broke the kiss, leaning their foreheads together they stared deeply into each other’s eyes, each finding breathing an enormous task.

“I can’t believe this is real.” Xena panted with a smile.

“It is Xena, it truly is.” Gabrielle replied, returning the smile.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before Gabrielle, I wanted to, but I thought…”

“Shhh” Gabrielle whispered, bringing her finger to meet the lips she really wanted to claim as hers again, “I love you Xena, you don’t have to apologise for anything, I should have told you too, but we know now, I just need to know one thing.”

“Anything Gabrielle, anything,” Xena said, bringing her hand to meet the one at her lips and hold it to her cheek.

“I need to know if we can be together Xena, I mean properly, me and you, always, I can’t be with you if its not forever, I love you too much.”

“That’s all I want too Gabrielle, its always been you, you are my soul mate and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, this life the next life and how ever many more lives the gods throw at us I want to spend them together.”

That’s all Gabrielle needed to hear, with that she claimed the lips of her soul mate once again, then Xena began to kiss down her jaw line and down her neck the sensitive pulsing point at the base of her neck, she kissed, bit and sucked her mark on her love, a moan escaped Gabrielle’s lips, and her breathing grew heavier.

“Take me Xena, take all of me,” she whispered.

These words sent Xena over the edge, she wrapped her arms around the bard and lifted her from the ground, and whilst claiming the soft lips of the bard again, she carried her over to the bedrolls, threw her sword and chakram to the side and gently placed her precious load down, never breaking the kiss. She knelt down over Gabrielle, one leg either side of her, and began to unlace the bards green top whilst Gabrielle unhooked Xena’s armour and with expert speed removed her breast plate and threw it to the side and began pulling the straps of Xena’s leathers down over her shoulders. Xena had finished unlacing Gabrielle’s top and finally her prize was released from their confine. Two beautiful mounds of flesh were captured in Xena’s hands, fingers kneading and stroking over her nipples. Gabrielle broke the kiss and moaned deeply, then gave a final tug at Xena’s leathers and released her treasure. She looked deep into Xena’s eyes and a low growl emanated from her throat as she grabbed the warrior’s waist and spun them both around so now she was on top. She yanked her top from her shoulders and though it aside then leaned down and kissed Xena deeply, then trailed kissed and nips down her neck, across the top of her chest then left a trail of wet kisses down the valley between Xena’s breasts. She then kissed up to one nipple and took it in her mouth, sucking licking to Xena’s great delight, with her other hand she stroked tight circles from the outside of her other breast to the middle until she reached the tight nub of skin it the centre, she rubbed her thumb over it, resulting in a gasp from Xena, Gabrielle smiled at the fact that Xena seemed to be enjoying this as much as she was. She repeated her assault with her mouth on the other breast then kissed down to where Xena’s leathers stopped her, she slipped her fingers underneath and pulled them all the way down, down over her hips, sown over her shapely legs and off over her boots and tossed it aside. Gabrielle looked up and couldn’t help but gasp at the sight laid there in front of her, Xena was so exceptionally beautiful and Gabrielle couldn’t wait to taste every inch of her. She tore her eyes away from Xena’s body and back to her boots, she unlaced each one slowly and slid them off, all the while telling Xena how beautiful and amazing she was. When both boots were removed Gabrielle then trailed more wet kissed, all the way from Xena’s feet up her legs, over the tangle of soft damp hair between her legs, up to her navel, stopping to dipping her tongue in before continuing up her body until she reached those tender lips again. Suddenly Xena grabbed Gabrielle and flipped her onto her back,

“I can’t help but notice you look a little over dressed my beautiful bard,” she grinned.

“Hmmm, yeah, I wonder what we could do about that,” Gabrielle replied with an impish grin on her face.

“Well, I have many skills,” Xena continued with a wink, and with that she ripped Gabrielle’s skirt from her and tossed it aside, then in record time unlaced her boots and threw them in the same direction at the skirt.

“Well would you look at that, you do have many skills,” Gabrielle giggled before Xena laid her body completely over Gabrielle's and claimed her mouth again, tongues wrestling, moans escaping from both throats. Xena's hand began to roam down Gabrielle's body, leaving skin tingling where ever her fingers touched, when Xena's hand arrived at their destination she marvelled at the wetness she found there, she pushed one finger through the curls of damp hair and into Gabrielle's folds, another gasp escaped Gabrielle, Xena then began to massage her finger through the glistening folds deliberately brushing over Gabrielle's swollen, sensitive bud, she then began to focus her finger on the bud then added a second to the sweet torture, pulling it between her fingers and swirling around and over it with expert rhythm and pressure, she started to kiss Gabrielle's neck and this added a second realm of pleasure to Gabrielle's ecstasy, she moaned and gasped louder as she came closer and closer to release, she had never felt this good, this sexy, this loved in her entire life and would not trade this moment for anything. Xena added more pressure and speed with her fingers and Gabrielle's head began to spin,

“Oh Gods! Oh…don’t stop, Xena…ah yes! Yes!”

Xena felt Gabrielle's body begin to shake beneath her and added more pressure to her sensitive bud, Gabrielle's body began to buck wildly and Xena didn’t stop, Gabrielle arched her back and thrust her hips in the air to increase the pressure of Xena's fingers, then she stopped moving completely, Xena's fingers moving in tight fast circles on her bud and Gabrielle felts every muscle in her body tense then Xena moved her fingers faster and Gabrielle released, her whole body shaking and screaming the name of her love and other incomprehensible words and moans and Xena felt a warm flow run over her hand, she didn’t release the pressure she held with her fingers until Gabrielle's body slowed down and her hips settled back on the bedroll, only then did she remove her fingers from Gabrielle's folds and bring her fingers to her lips to taste her lover, they never took their eyes off each other and Gabrielle gave a whimper when she saw her soul mate tasting her.

“I love you Xena,” she whispered.

I love you too Gabrielle,” Xena whispered back, removing her fingers from her mouth and placing a kiss on her bards forehead, then each of her eyelids, then finally claiming her mouth. Gabrielle could taste her self of Xena's tongue and this made her moan again. Xena broke the kiss and stared into the green pools in front on her, she had never felt so content in her life, she finally had her bard and she was never going to let her go. She saw Gabrielle's eyelids beginning to droop and realised that her bard was completely spent, she moved off of Gabrielle and laid at the side of her, gathering her into her arms and pulling her close, Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena's waist and draped one leg over Xena's, and let her head rest on Xena's chest.

“Sleep now Gabrielle, I’ll be right here holding you when you awake.”

“But what about you my love? I want to please you as much as you have me.” Gabrielle said back, trying to hold her eyes open.

“Shhh don’t worry about that my angel, you have already made me the happiest women in the world, and we have the rest of our lives to explore each others bodies. I am so happy just laying here with you in my arms knowing that we are going to be together forever.”

Gabrielle smiled and sighed a completely content sigh.

“I like that,” she said.

“You like what my love?”

“When you call me angel, or my love or sweet heart”

“I do too my love.” Xena replied with a smile.

“And I like it when you call me honey too.”

“When did I call you honey?”

“This morning, by the stream, just before we came back to camp.”

“I did?”


“Well I guess I didn’t have as much of a hold on my emotions as I thought then if I let my self call you honey without realising.” She said with a chuckle.

“I guess not my warrior, and I’m not complaining one bit, I love you honey” replied Gabrielle with a giggle.

“I love you too.”

They laid there together until a few candle marks after noon, and just revelled in each other’s touch and love. Gabrielle then returned the pleasure Xena had given her earlier and enjoyed very much when Xena screamed her name as she climaxed and then did her famous war cry. They spent the rest of the day loving each other, talking, laughing, and truly being happy. Gabrielle cooked a wonderful meal of freshly caught fish and vegetables from their supplies; they fed each other and with every bite took more of each other fingers into their mouths to suckle on. After their meal the brought each other to climax again and again and slept until nightfall. When they walked hand in hand to the stream and bathed eachother. The next few days were like this, pure bliss, no interruptions, just Xena and Gabrielle exploring their new love.

And if any phrase was to be picked that was repeated by both over and over it was,

“I love you honey.”

The end…for now

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