The Fire's Reach


Lay your head upon my shoulder

Soft...your tears of sweet release

Let me hold you in my arms tonight

And rock you safe to sleep.

Though the demons skirt the shadows

Taunt and threaten from the dark

They are losing hold of power

They once had to haunt our hearts

For the ember of your essence

When you kindle it with mine

Erupts into a flame that burns

So bright, so deep...divine

That it whispers to the ghosts of old

To walk into its light

And rest within the arms of peace

For one last endless night.

And I know beyond the shadows

Of the doubts that we both have

In time they all will follow

One another down that path

So lay your head upon my shoulder

And we'll safe each other keep

Till the demons find their way and

Walk within the fire's reach.

Trisha Von Doss aka Xenamour



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