The Rebirth of the Xenaverse

By Trisha Von Doss

AKA Xenamour Copyright 04/00

To the jaded or cynical eye, the land appeared unable to sustain the living and held no promise of renewal or rebirth. Stretched out beyond the horizon the earth seemed arid...wasted...desolate. An endless wilderness devoid of hope.

But if one looked closely... Carefully....this unforgiving place divulged its truer nature in the fossils of its former living things. And eyes searching openly could find remnants of unrivaled beauty here...the traces of an incredible past...incredible beings...unlike any who had come before them or since. Bearing witness to the fact that life had flourished here once... Was still here...biding its time... Waiting for the rain that would source its resurrection.

There were many who said the rain would never come. Accepting the skeletal tokens of the former life was easier for them than living with the fear of an unfulfilled hope. Pervasive pain over a now mourned past, filled yet others... And refused them a brighter vision of a future day. But a few...a few still held fast to faith... And believed that, as with all things, this once lush and vibrant place would reclaim and even surpass its former glory.

The nonbelievers gawked with skepticism when the heavens finally sent their gift of life again to the wasteland. Narrowed eyes failed to see potential in the falling droplets...saying they would never last... That the rain would end as quickly as it had started.

But drop after drop it fell... the parched soil soaking up the hungrily awaited sustenance faster than it came. Slowly the earths deep thirst began to be quenched and the rain began to collect... Each drop unto another ... into pools...and pools into streams ... streams into rivers....rivers into lakes and seas.

And the long sleeping seeds of the past awoke from their hibernation at last... Stretching in all directions they reached for rebirth with the unbridled energy of all things newborn. Grasping for purchase on the once barren earth...groping toward the heavens...the air...the sun ... they reveled in resurgence. Exposure to the elements during slumber had served only to nurture a more mature beauty...and now ... they unfurled their wonder in a newfound brilliance.

And willingly...lovingly...unselfishly... they once again shared their gifts with all who chose to see...even those who had claimed their demise... Sung hyms over their graves... And shouted angry words at them for having ever dared to sleep at all.

And the faith keepers smiled knowing smiles ... for they knew...given time, all things under heaven ultimately return to the heart of their true nature.


Moments... Like raindrops... Collected into hours... Hours spent in a suspended reality... With Two Incredible Beings...who given fertile soil and sustaining water...have begun to unfurl their brilliance....and to share with us unselfishly their unparalleled gifts... Once again.


Virtue lies in Faith without conditions. It costs nothing but promises everything. What has one lost when one believes in something that is not assured? Not Time, because the Time was spent with Hope; Not Hope for Hope is based on an Already Witnessed Past; Not Trust, for the Wise trust Humanity to be Human, and by definition gloriously imperfect. And what is Faith but the coalescence of Time, and Hope and Trust?

Keep the Faith. Xenamour

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