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This concludes Featherheads and Followers. This chapter gets a little rough in spots. We’ve got a lot of surprises in this one. I’m going to give this an R rating. Extreme violence and language warning. Implied sexual situations.

It was simple plan really; get in get the prisoners out and then get out without anyone getting hurt. Simple until you threw in the fact that everything that could go wrong can and will especially since you take into the fact nothing in any of their lives had ever gone easy or according to plan.
They had easily made it into the camp with Xena’s little distractions (smoke bombs) and Aphrodite shooting arrows but from there on it was complete pandemonium. Someone somehow had sounded the alarm and had alerted the whole camp. Now they had forty or so Viking Warriors brandishing weapons and searching for intruders and trying to guard their prisoners at the same time.
Gabrielle (motioning for the five Amazons with her to stay low then leaning forward took the point of her Sais and cut a hole in the tent and carefully ripped it open; peeking her head in she looked up and saw Eve her hands manacled to the tent pole but other wise ok): Keep quiet (whispering then leaning back towards the Amazons) keep an eye out (then she crawled through the hole and went over to her daughter. She looked fine just tired and she smiled as she used the tip of her Sais to pry open the lock on the manacles.)
Eve (leaning on her mom for support): Am I ever glad to see you. Where’s mother and Varia is everyone…
Gabrielle (shushing her with two fingers to her lips; yep definitely her kid): Everyone’s fine. Varia is on the other side of the compound and Xena’s (listening as she heard the familiar battle cry) just crashing the party (shaking her head) come on let’s get you out of here ok.
Eve (nodding and following her mom out of the tent): Thank you.
Gabrielle (pointing toward the ridge): Rayne Likos and Vandal go in front, Eve you follow then Lias and I will follow.
They hurried quickly up the small ridge where then they would move on and wait for everyone at the rendezvous point.
Varia was getting pissed she had managed with the help of her Amazons to free their sisters and get the Followers of Eli out but now they had a few Vikings blocking their way not only with their bodies but with their smell as well.
Mira (swinging her sword around and knocking one Viking out cold):Don’t they believe in baths Varia.
Varia (ducking a blow that would have taken her head off): Apparently not. When we get home I’m giving everyone a Royal order to take a bath. (Seeing an opening and knowing even the Amazons that were held prisoner could hold their own in a fight began moving towards it) Kestra, Terris and Lessa start leading the Followers up that ridge. Dammit (blocking another blow and getting a scratch on her arm as she swung her blade) carve a dam path if you have to but get these people out of here.
Kestra (nodding and shoving a Viking off the end of her sword): Alright you heard her move it.
She heard growling and looked to her left noticing about five Vikings blocking their way. By count there were forty or so in the village and they only knew of three that were dead. These five looked a little upset at what had happened to their friends she shoved on of the Followers in the back and told him to get a move on and get up that hill.
Aphrodite moved cautiously making sure that no Vikings where coming up the ridge behind anyone. She could see Gabrielle’s group off to her left then the Followers but couldn’t find Xena or Varia in the camp. Probably running around making more noise and distractions and Varia well she was probably just as much in the thick of things. She held the bow at the ready determined to see this through. Too much was at sake for everyone and she wouldn’t let her friends down.
Odin paced back and forth listening to Brunhilda and Freya’s discussion and having enough held up his hand.

Odin (taking a deep breath): You mean to tell me that the Chakram is in Loki’s hands. How did that happen?
Freya (folding her arms across her chest): He tricked Xena in a fight. It was only because of Aphrodite’s interference that she wasn’t killed.
Odin (shaking his head): So now we have two souls let loose from the underworld because of him and they have taken possession of a Viking’s body. What about the other mortal that travels with her.
Brunhilda (raising her eyebrow): You mean her soul mate Gabrielle, and they are both more than mere mortals Odin.

Varia (cursing under her breath as she laid two fallen sisters under a tree; they would be taken back to the village and given a proper burial) Lela you’re going home now to Tarin she’s going to be so happy to see you. (Lela was an older Royal Guard member who had given her life for Varia’s, Varia knew though it was an honor to die in battle it still hurt to lose someone you cared about; but she knew along with her sisters that Lela was slowly dying of a broken heart, Tarin had been killed in the battle at Helicon and she hasn’t been the same since the passing of her bond mate) and Ceila you had so much life in you, you had so much to give so much to do. You’re with your sisters who have come and gone before you watch over us my friend.
Eve (grabbing someone’s sword): I don’t care what you say I am not standing here when I could be out there helping. Rayne you can’t understand this but I feel something is wrong not so much here (touching her stomach) but here as well (touching her heart.) I have to go.
Rayne (protesting): Your mom, my Queen mind you gave me orders to keep you safe until her or Xena returned. And I’m going to listen to her. Please Ev stay here I’m sure one or both of them will be here shortly.
Eve (shaking her head): Get them out of here I have to go find Varia and my mother’s. Be safe (she turned and walked back toward the Viking camp feeling a sense of foreboding.)
Aphrodite knelt next to Gabrielle washing the blood from the arrow graze on her arm just as they cleared the ledge.
Gabrielle (wincing): Still no sign of Xena.
Aphrodite (shaking her head): This is disgusting. What do I have to do now…?
Eve (kneeling down): Now you put a bandage on it and someone is supposed to rest it but knowing you that will be the last thing you do, right (smirking?)
Gabrielle (nodding): We have too much to do and Xena may need help.
Xena wasn’t in need of help at the moment she just needed to make sure that no one was going anywhere for a while so between letting loose all the horses and then knocking down a few fences to make sure the horses got out she was sure they weren’t going to come after her or her friends any time soon.
Varia saw her partner and her Queen up on the top of the hill and began walking when she heard Xena’s battle cry followed by yelling. Looking down she saw Xena in the middle of the camp knocking down tents and running around taunting the Viking Warriors. As she reached the top of the hill she saw a bright light in the middle of the camp and watched as someone appeared out of thin air. This couldn’t be good at all.
Eve looked up at hearing approaching footsteps and smiled for the first time in days. Gabrielle noticed the change in her daughter and knew immediately who was responsible for it. She watched as Varia embraced Eve in a bear hug holding her tightly and it made her think to all the times that her and Xena had done the same.

Aphrodite (pointing to the camp below): I hate to break this up but it looks like something is going on down there and it doesn’t look good.
Gabrielle (looking at the camp below): That’s Loki I thought he was trapped in the underworld.

Varia (squeezing Eve’s hand): Well I guess he got out somehow and he’s got Xena’s Chakram…

Eve (shaking her head): That’s just great…
Gabrielle (watching as her partner was surrounded by Viking Warriors and the God Loki holding up the Chakram; then she noticed the Chakram started spinning and the wind had picked up): Xena’s in trouble (getting up she felt a hand on her am looked up at Aphrodite) let me go.
Aphrodite (shaking her head): I can’t do that. I promised Xena I would keep you safe and I mean it.
Gabrielle (wrenching her arm loose): I will not stand idly by and let something happen to her. I’m going down there. Eve, Varia get the Followers out of here.
Eve (grabbing her mom): Let us get the other Amazons and we’ll help you.
Gabrielle (caressing her daughter’s cheek): It’s alright get everyone out of here and we’ll catch up I promise.
Eve (protesting feeling that something was very wrong): Mom…
Gabrielle (understanding): It’s alright sweetie. You know that my place is with your mother besides we’ll be fine. Aphrodite start shooting some arrows into that mess. We’ll see you later.
All three watched her run down the hill heading straight into the center of the camp.
Varia (placing her hand on Eve’s shoulder): They’ll be alright…
Eve (shaking her head): Something’s wrong. I can’t place it and it has to do with Loki.
Aphrodite (closing her eyes hoping that her brother interfered before it was too late): Varia get your cross bow ready we can give them a hand from up here.
Gabrielle ran down the hill heading straight for her partner Sais drawn watching as arrows flew overhead piercing the flesh of some of the Vikings in font of her. Jumping up and using a Viking as springboard landing next to her partner.
Xena (ducking a fist and kicking out): Nice of you to drop in. Is everyone safe?
Gabrielle (knocking a Viking in the head with the hilt of her Sais): Yes every one’s out and heading home (dodging a fist.)
Xena yelling then jumping and kicking two at a time.
Loki watched them with interest then raised the spinning Chakram in the air releasing several bright flashes of light that surrounded the fighting then smiled as the small bursts of light entered several of the Viking Warriors.

Eve and Varia holding both their hands up motioning to the Amazons behind them. They had seen the turn of the tide and this Loki guy looked like he could be real trouble.
Varia (nodding her head): When I give the signal divide into two groups go around and come in behind them and watch out for Loki and Xena’s Chakram.
Kestra (running up): Varia we got a problem and it’s pretty big…

Eve (looking behind her at the clearly upset Amazon): What’s wrong? Is it the Followers of Eli?

Kestra (shaking her head): No. A whole legion of Romans headed this way.

Eve (muttering and cursing): Dam if we get between the Vikings and Romans it could get ugly.

Varia (taking a deep breath): Aright this is what we’ll do take two scouts and send them to keep an eye out and see what they’re up to. Maybe they’re just marching through.
Eve (looking at her partner): Yeah right. Varia we have to warn my mom’s. Aphrodite (looking around for the Goddess and not finding her.) Dam someone find Aphrodite and get her back here now. Varia we have to get down there and warn them (wincing as she saw Gabrielle get hit in the thigh with something.) Never mind we need to get down there now.
Lessa (running up): We’re ready and the Romans are circling around. Looks like we’re going to have one hell of a fight on our hands..
Varia (shaking her head): Send two scouts and have them report their position. The rest of us are going down there and help them out. (Watching her walk off to the others then turning to her partner) Eve listen to me. You take the first group but if anything happens you get out of there. Your mom will…
Eve (pressing her fingers to Varia’s lips): No we’re in this together. I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth and it’s my decision.
Varia (pulling her close): Eve no. This is not your path. You have a message to teach and you can’t go back Eve.

Eve (fighting tears): I learned from my mom’s that something’s are worth fighting for and love is worth dying for. I could choose to follow this path and watch the people I love get hurt possibly killed or I could choose my own and help those that I love. I will not sit idly by and watch anyone get hurt not if I can do something to help. Let’s go…
Varia (pulling her back and kissing her soundly): Promise me you’ll be careful.
Eve (kissing her softly): I promise you too ok. Besides who’s going to keep me out of trouble.

Xena was tiring there were too many and they kept on coming. She had counted about forty but there seemed more almost double that and she could sense her partner tiring as well. Some how they had to get out of here and pull back. She heard yelling and noise from behind her and smiled as she saw Amazons running down the hill jumping in the fray; then she saw Eve punching and kicking her way through, a very determined look on her face. She saw and felt a Viking moving behind her and saw Eve holding up her sword readying for the attack. Turning and running punching and pushing her way through determined to reach her daughter before she struck a blow and strayed from her path.
Gabrielle too saw Eve and was making a mad dash across and up the compound dodging attacks as she went.
Eve noticing her attacker and readying herself;
Xena yelling among the clanging of swords; flesh hitting flesh; for Eve to get out of here and it wasn’t worth it.
Gabrielle jumping over an Amazon and Viking locked in combat;
Eve pulling the sword above her head;
Varia screaming and running to prevent her lover from straying to far from her path;
Xena almost there swearing and cursing and praying all at once;

Gabrielle making a mad leap then tackle as the Vikings sword brushed by her head, hitting her daughter then a dark blur landing on top of them and pushing them both to the ground.
Varia seeing no one would be able to get up in time to avoid the oncoming blow, she pushed her body to its limit every muscle straining and she screamed her battle cry and raised her sword.
Xena rolling off her partner then rolling away from them, putting her hands on the ground to lean back and kick him.
The Viking changing his swing in mid air and slamming the blade down;
Eve pushing Gabrielle off her and coming up on her knees; seeing the blade slam through her mother’s hand; Xena screaming in rage and pain;

Eve her instincts kicking in and pushing the blade up through the Viking; saving her mother and tensed as blood from the mortal wound covered her quickly.
Gabrielle jumping up and pushing against a Viking coming forward after seeing his comrade go down and as she prepared for the attack felt her shoulder impaled from another Viking charging them and then falling beside her partner.
The Amazons running over, more Vikings scrambling to help their fallen comrades. The tide of battle had shifted and was about to get worst as Roman Legionnaires charged down the hill attacking the Amazons and Vikings.
Xena her hand impaled by a sword that had broken off; she barely getting to her feet and met the new wave of attackers head on. She was determined to get Eve out of there even though her body protested every movement. Her strained and injured body taking two on at once; a red haze filling her vision. With her left hand useless and blood dripping she concentrated all her strength to her right arm determined to see least Eve and Gabrielle got out of there. She never saw the third and fourth attackers coming behind her or the Roman charging her. One sword struck her side through the leather; the other blade cutting her leg; a sword hilt slammed into the back of her head and she fell.
Eve was in shock. she had drawn blood for the first time since she was cleansed of her sins. All around her people yelling and fighting and dying, and in her haze she felt warm arms surround her then pick her up and carry her off the battlefield.
Varia (holding her tightly): It’s ok baby. I’ve got you. Just relax we’ll get you out of here.
Gabrielle seeing Eve and Varia trying to get away followed behind blood running down her face and her arm dodging blow after blow trying to parry the strikes. She turned back to call for Xena and saw a Roman standing near her getting closer his blade held high ready to kill her. Memories of Jappa flashed through her mind and she screamed. She vowed she would not be left behind if Xena died she would die beside her lover in battle rather than be left alone.
Varia hearing the screams turned behind her. Xena was down and Gabrielle was trying to make it to her but she wouldn’t be in time. Setting Eve down gently she grabbed the crossbow at her side. Her hands shaking. blood covering them. she realized she couldn’t get it loaded quickly enough and they were out of time.
Eve seeing the situation through her shocked haze leaned over and picked up the nearest sword and shaking her head to clear it; she saw her target and aimed. Varia held the crossbow ready, aiming, tense, praying the shot would hit its mark in time.

Gabrielle felt the first stab under her ribs; the second one cut a gash on her arm then her thigh. She swung then tackled the Roman and brought him to the ground as another sword impaled her through her calf. She grunted in pain but ignored it. She knew now falling beside her partner they would cross together to the other side. They would go together and not leave the other behind.
Xena opened her eyes. she was so weak and barely felt the weight on top of her. She saw a flash of blonde hair and then Gabrielle using the last of her reserves reaching up and driving her Sais through the Roman soldier who wanted to kill them.
Then two more bodies fell as a sword flew through the air landing in the back of one of the Vikings and a crossbow bolt hit another. Her partner collapsed on top of her and she too surrendered to the darkness not aware of all that was happening around them.
Freya materializing behind Loki and putting a hand on his shoulder.
Freya (tensing): Let the Chakram go and release your hold on the Vikings.
Loki (knowing he had been defeated nodded his head and handed over the Chakram; the souls that had been brought back were released): It’s not over Freya (watching as the Romans Vikings and Amazons battled it out. The bodies of so many lay dead or dying from wounds inflicted.)

Odin appeared and stopped the battle. He thought of a possible solution and knew somehow he had to get the Romans out of there.
Aphrodite stood without being seen behind Xena and Gabrielle; their bodies unconscious and she standing a silent protective vigil. Up towards the hill their daughter laid with her head in her lover’s arms comforted and restrained. All around her were the dead and the dying. The Amazons obviously beginning to get the upper hand in the battle.
Odin who had enough of Loki’s tricks and schemes on humanity formed a ball of energy designed to imprison him and hold him.
Odin (sighing humans made life so interesting now he had a big mess on his hands to clean up): Give the Chakram to the mortal’s offspring. I will set a place for her and her mate in Valhalla.
Freya (shaking her head): Xena will not die on this day nor will her mate.
Odin (holding up his hand): Their place is in Valhalla it is the least I can do for them for this senseless act of violence.
Eve lay shaking in her lover’s arms as the battle turned and was decided. She had not taken a life since she was released from her sins. She had protected so many and taught so many the way of love and friendship of non violence and now she felt sick over her actions even though she knew she was defending someone she loved.

Varia (soothing her; she needed to check on Xena and Gabrielle and on the Amazons but didn’t want to leave her partner): Eve it’s ok baby. It’ll be ok. You did a selfless act protecting someone you love. It’ll be ok love. Just relax .I’m here baby it’s alright.
Eve (crying in frustration): They were supposed to live their lives out in peace. This isn’t right, this isn’t fair Varia. Not after they’ve come so far and suffered so much.
Varia (not understanding): They’re ok. Probably just getting themselves together. They’ll find us when it’s over. Things will be alright.
Freya (appearing beside them): I’m afraid not young one. (Seeing Varia tense) relax I mean you both no harm.

Varia (seeing the Chakram laid beside Eve closing her eyes she pulled Eve tighter to her) Who are you? Why have you come? Where are Gabrielle and Xena?
Freya (holding up her hand): I came because your mother and her mate will be escorted to Valhalla. They will serve as Valkyrie escorting the noble dead to Valhalla.
Eve (screaming): No. They’re not dead. There must be another way. They’re given so much for so long. please Goddess.
Freya (seeing the aguish in the young woman’s face): I’m sorry they are your mothers if not of the flesh then of the heart. You will be able to see them…
Eve (breaking free of Varia’s hold and getting up and running across the compound): No it’s not possible. After all this time no…
Varia (running after her lover and seeing several Amazons joining them): Eve it’s alright. Calm down baby please. You heard her (pointing to the Goddess) they will hold an honorable and noble position (restraining her lover and fighting her own tears.)
Eve (crying looking at the fallen bodies of her parents; neither one stirred as they lay beside each other touching along the lengths of their bodies): Can I have a moment with them both please?
Varia (understanding and backing up but still near to protect her partner if necessary): Take your time I’ll be right here.
Eve (kneeling down and pulling both her mother’s sword and Gabrielle’s Sais out of the way; she brushed Xena’s bangs off her forehead and then leaned over to do the same to Gabrielle’s when she noticed Gabrielle’s shallow breathing): Varia (yelling) Gabrielle she’s alive…
Freya (moving next to her): They won’t be separated (she laid her hands on both Xena and Gabrielle then gently) hold on to my arm. I’m going to take you to Valhalla…
Varia (edgy): What about my sisters?
Freya (nodding): They will be returned to the village along with the horses and whatever supplies.
Eve (softly): And what of the Followers of Eli?
Freya (smiling): They will be watched over until they are in a safer area (in a bright flash of light all four mortals and the Goddess were gone.)
Odin saw what had happened and he too settled the battle grabbed Loki and followed Freya.
The home to Odin and the Valkyries sat high on a mountain much like Mt. Olympus and like Mt. Olympus it was hidden away from mortals. Valhalla was home to Odin his beloved Grinhilda and the Valkyries (the escorts of fallen heroes in battle.) Inside the great hall Gods and Goddesses stood watching over two mortals that had fallen in battle; while another two stood by demanding answers..

Several Valkyries met them in the great hall. Xena and Gabrielle were laid out on a large flat table covered with a sheet. Gabrielle was still alive but barely.
Eve (looking around; she had heard the stories from both of her mother’s): So this is Valhalla.
Varia (pulling her lover tighter to her): I’ve heard the stories from Gabrielle.
Odin (raising his hand): Follow me. Food and drink await you then I will tell you of your mother’s positions as Valkyrie.

Aphrodite (materializing): Oh no you don’t.

Freya (rolling her eyes): What are you doing here? This is none of your concern…
Aphrodite (pointing to Xena and Gabrielle): They are always my concern and these two (moving towards Eve and Varia) are also my concern. You can not judge their fate like this Odin. They have obligations to fulfill.
Odin (looking around): Their obligations are of no more. They will be given an after life of comfort and peace. Never feeling pain; never separated from each other…
Brunhilda (walking in): Eternal soul mates and Valkyries. Xena and Gabrielle will bring much honor and nobility to the Valkyries as soon as they are prepared.
Eve (struggling in Varia’s arms): No Gabrielle’s not dead. Please you have to give them another chance.
Odin (holding up his hands): Enough of this. Xena and Gabrielle’s fate has been decided.
Aphrodite (fighting tears): Odin can’t you find it in your heart to give them one more chance.

Odin (shaking his head): They’ve had their chances. They’ve been through so much and now they will reap their reward side by side. Can’t you see that, Xena is dying Gabrielle will probably follow her soul mate in death.
Freya (softly): They can not live without each other.

Odin (glaring): There’s no second thoughts; no second chances. No backward glances I’ve decided and it’s final. Their fate rests in Valhalla…
A figure materialized in the room.
Figure (shaking his head): Not so long as my daughter draws breath and lies within the comfort of her lover’s arms.
Eve (lunging forward): You…
Varia (restraining her lover): Eve it’s alright. Who are you?
Aphrodite (taking a deep breath): Listen we can deal with introductions after. Right now the Warrior Babe and her Battling Bard aren’t doing so good. One of you can help fix this mess.
Figure (moving towards where Xena and Gabrielle lay): No one can help them.
Odin (yelling): What do you mean? Any one of us could bring them back or heal them. But I’ve decided their fate.
Freya (looking at the figure): He’s right. Whoever you are you better reveal yourself now and explain all this or you will be on a one way trip to Halla.
Figure (pulling back his hood): I can’t help them because my daughter Gabrielle is the only one who can fix this injustice…
Eve (shaking her head): Her father but her parents were killed by Gurhkan. How can you claim to be her father? And if you are her father then where the Hell have you been all these years? Why come forward now?

Varia (rubbing Eve’s back): Easy love. I’m sure he can explain things and clear this up and there had better be a good explanation for this. I won’t allow harm to come to either of them or her for that matter.

Aphrodite (putting her hand on Eve’s arm): Eve, Varia this is Apollo God of the Sun, Music and Healing. He is Gabrielle’s father and it’s a long story.

Freya (looking at the God and then at both pairs of mortals): I think before the explanations he should tend to Xena and Gabrielle. Xena’s soul is hanging on by a thread and Gabrielle’s is barely clinging to Xena’s. If Xena’s crosses over then I fear that Gabrielle will follow shortly after.
Apollo (moving towards Eve and Varia): I will tend to them both and I have a lot of explaining but first a gift to my grandchild (holding his hand above her head only to have Varia grab it and pull it away. )
Varia (growling): I will not allow anyone to harm her. I don’t care if you’re a God you can still be harmed. I will not allow anyone to cause this family further harm.
Apollo (looking in her eyes): In forgiving Eve you helped heal your soul. In forgiving Xena you opened your heart to one of the greatest gifts the Gods can bestow upon mortals and upon accepting Gabrielle as your Queen you became a better Warrior. Trust me I only want to help heal the wounds she suffered in battle and help her with the guilt over taking another life in defense.
Varia (stepping back): Help her then. But I’m warning you (tensing as Aphrodite squeezed her shoulder.)

Apollo (smiling and placing his hands on Eve’s head): Relax just let go. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.
Eve closed her eyes and felt warmth spread through her body and a sense of peace envelop her..
Eve (opening her eyes and finding her wounds healed): Thank you now please help my mother’s…
Aphrodite (holding up her hand to stop Odin and Freya from telling her everything that they knew): Let me explain. Eve come here. This is going to be hard on your ears because some of the things that they’ve suffered in their lives. Your parents are eternal soul mates.. You know that (smiling) gee half the world knows that but what you don’t know is they were supposed to meet earlier than they did. Xena’s reign of destruction ran longer than what the fates had originally deemed. Someone interfered and she was supposed to save the light to her soul earlier than before but something changed Gabrielle’s choices in her life. That something was the same interference that changed Xena’s course. Through it all they still found one another.
Eve listened to the Goddess while being held and comforted in Varia’s arms while she kept an eye on her parent’s as Apollo and Freya tended to them.
Apollo (running his hands through Gabrielle’s short hair): I’ve never seen a love so pure so unselfish as I have seen with my daughter and the warrior. They give each other everything and ask nothing in return. A bond like theirs is rare.
Freya (standing beside him): I know it’s very strong, so strong you can feel it between them.
Apollo (shaking his head): Yes. They aren’t full Demi Gods and they‘re not fully mortal either. Their bond as rare as it is will help them find each other in lifetime after lifetime. Amazingly their love was not influenced by any God but yet they still found each other. Do you know Xena was stripped of most of her powers when she turned to the darkness and Gabrielle never received her powers because of her step father‘s influence. He never let her realize her full potential dismissing her dreams as notions of fancy. But somehow in her heart she knew there was more to life than the dullness that existed in Potedeia. That is why she sought out Xena.. That is why they sought out each other.
Freya (concern): Why now? Why come forward after all this time? They’ve suffered so much and were where you? Why weren’t you there when they went through some of the most painful struggles in their lives?
Apollo (pulling back Gabrielle’s sheet and examining her gently): I will explain to her and let her make her decisions. I’ve always kept an eye on her.
Freya (softly): And Xena’s father…
Apollo (closing his eyes): Hades…
Freya (shaking her head): She killed her own father in battle…
Apollo (angrily): A battle that should have not taken place. They were after her child and her love. She was left with no choice. I tried to warn them as did Aphrodite but no one would listen because her and I aren’t fighters. I prefer music and painting not fighting and violence like my siblings. And Aphrodite well you know her position. But I’ve made my decision to tell her now because I’m tired of seeing her suffer and her mate suffer. Here hold this (pulling out a long chain with a sun and an stave medallion.) Gabrielle come on wake up little one. You can’t follow her not now and I need you to listen. (Placing his hands on her head) you’re wounds will be healed. You mustn’t give in to your anger and grief because only you can bring back your soul mate. (Slowly he moved his hands down her body all of Gabrielle’s wounds healing rapidly before both God’s eyes.)
Eve shook her head relief, anger, hurt and pain not for herself but for her parent’s raged through her body. Varia held her tighter and Aphrodite reached her hand out to caress Eve’s face.
Eve (turning her head; her mind was spinning with everything she had just been told; swallowing the lump in her throat from all her emotions): I’m going to take a walk. I need to clear my head.
Odin (snapping his fingers): I will have two Valkyries follow you for your safety. (Snapping his fingers and two Valkyries in full armor but no weapons walked into the hall. One had long red hair and light brown eyes; the other had red hair and blue eyes.) This is Sasha and Talia. Both will keep an eye on you but will keep their distance.
Varia (softly running her fingers through Eve’s hair): Do you want me to go love? You know I would follow you to the ends of the known world.
Eve (kissing her softly): Please. I just need to walk and I need you beside me.
Varia (softly): Always love, always.
They walked out of the large room hand in hand with the two Valkyries following. Aphrodite watched them with a sad smile on her face. They were so young but had seen and been through so much. She wondered if they knew they shared the same bond as Gabrielle and Xena. Their love like Eve’s mothers was rare and unique.
Gabriele (gasped taking a deep breath and looking around): Where (coughing from the dryness in her throat) how…
Apollo (softly): Easy little one. You’ve been through quite a lot but you’re safe now (handing her a mug of water and helping her sip some.)
Gabrielle (looking down at her partner): Xena (touching Xena’s face gently feeling the coldness of her skin and immediately she pressed her fingers to Xena’s neck feeling for a pulse. It was shallow and rapid. Her mind screamed in anger as her lover lay dying) No not again please you have to help her. Please she’s dying and I can’t live without her.

Freya (softly): We can’t help her but you can. Only your love can save her.

Gabrielle (caressing Xena’s face): How? I couldn’t save her before without help and she didn’t give me the chance in Jappa and we were lied to about that. How am I supposed to help her now?
Apollo (a rueful smile on his face): Place one hand over her heart the other on her head. Think of the love you two share; the strength of that love to overcome anything in your paths. Close your eyes and focus on that little one.
Gabrielle (placing her hands on Xena looking at him, something about him seemed familiar but she couldn’t place it): Like that…
Apollo (placing his hands on her shoulders): Yes just concentrate on your love for her and hers for you. There isn’t much time.
Gabrielle shook her head and then focused on their love; their strength in that love and their bond immediately she felt a warmth radiating from her hands and smiled as she felt Xena’s energy pulse through her body. She leaned down and placed her lips against Xena’s and concentrated on her lover; willing her back to her side.
Gabrielle (softly): Please love I need you. Remember your promise. You can’t leave me…
Freya (concentrating her powers to help them but felt a hand on her arm): What…
Apollo (shaking his head): She can do this I know she can..
The two of them watched as Gabrielle held her lover in her arms pleading with her to come back to her and Xena slowly opened her eyes and smiled. Gabrielle leaned down and kissed her softly.
Xena (coughing; her wounds were still present and she ached like Tartaurus but she was out of danger): Where (coughing? How?

Gabrielle (tears falling down her face; she didn’t understand and she didn’t care she had her Warrior Princess back and that was what mattered): Easy there you’ve been through quite a lot today.
Apollo (walking forward and assessing Xena’s injuries; the one near her ribs had caused her to lose her hold on the living realm and the one on her thigh came a close second): Relax. You’re both safe. And I have a lot to tell you.
Aphrodite (walking up to them smiling through her tears): Little one you’re alright and you brought back the Warrior Babe.
Xena (rolling her eyes; startled): Wait Brie brought me back but how…
Apollo (laying out some bandages and some poultices for her wounds): That’s part of the long story. Let’s get you taken care of first and then I’ll tell you. Aphrodite you might want to step out of here, this is going to get a little messy.
Aphrodite (looking at Xena’s wounds and nodding): Sure I’ll be back in a bit.
Xena (looking at the blonde curly hair; the soft green eyes; muscular built; she knew who he was; she had seen him before a couple of times but never this close): Apollo God of Healing Music and Poetry and something about him seemed familiar.)
Apollo (nodding and threading a needle for stitches): Xena of Amphipolis Warrior Princess; Champion and Consort to Gabrielle Amazon Queen; Mother of Eve the Messenger and Solan need I go on.
Xena (hissing as Gabrielle wiped her impaled hand): No but since you know me you know…
Apollo (handing Gabrielle a pair of tweezer like instruments): You brought the twilight of the Gods but they were going to kill your partner and child. You did what anyone would to protect their loved ones. I hold no grudge against you. But you need to hold still so we can fix your hand and then your shoulder. You’re going to be out of commission for the next couple of weeks but I know you will be in good hands right Gabrielle?
Gabrielle (who had been unusually quiet and reserved): Yep very good hands and she better listen if she knows what’s good for her.
Freya (moving on the other side of Xena): This is going to hurt. They have to pull the broken part of the blade out of your hand then reset and stitch your shoulder. Your ribs won’t be as bad.
Xena (grumbling): Thanks. Brie you know what you have to do and I’m sure Apollo doesn’t need instructions. (She watched her partner wondering what had made her so quiet)Hey I’m here things will be fine.
Gabrielle (nodding as she took Xena’s left hand in hers): I know. We’ll talk after ok now take a couple of deep breaths (biting her lip as Xena rolled her eyes.) I’m sorry if I hurt you love (she held Xena’s hand tightly and pushed the tweezers to remove the blade.)
Apollo watched with pride as his daughter cared for her mate and held Xena down when she tensed from the pain of removing the piece of blade in her hand. Then he helped her wash out the wound and held the large warm hand in his. Once done with Xena’s left hand they gave her something for the pain while they reset her shoulder. Gently they cleaned and stitched the wound in her thigh; the damage done would require Xena to be on crutches for a while. The gash had gone through flesh and muscle almost hitting bone. Xena grimaced while the wound was taken care of and barely managed to hold back a scream as they cleaned it.

Apollo (tightening his grip): It’s almost over just the wound to your side (wincing as she squeezed his hand; he knew she had a high tolerance for pain but the injuries were beyond even her tolerance.)
Gabrielle (finishing up): I’m sorry love it’s over just rest.
Freya (holding her hand out and giving Xena a warm mug of tea): Here drink this it will help you relax and help with the pain.
Xena (shaking her head; she waned to stay awake she had a feeling that something was up): No…
Gabrielle (understanding her mate and knowing that she wanted to remain awake to help her): Love just drink it. I’ll be fine and I’ve got Eve and Varia here with me.
Xena (hoarsely and still holding the mug): Where are we and where’s Eve and Varia speaking of which?
Freya (softly): Eve’s outside with Varia and a few Valkyries. You’re in Valhalla home to…
Xena (growling): Odin. Great just what I need another God interfering in my life.

Gabrielle (looking at Apollo): Calm down please (feeling like something monumental was about to happen.) Just rest for me please.

Freya and Apollo stepped back and watched as the two women talked back and forth. Gabrielle telling Xena to rest and Xena telling her she needed to get up and see what the situation was. Gabrielle finally won by kissing her partner softly then deepening the kiss holding her gently in her arms.
Freya (giving them some privacy): I have to remember that maneuver. She got Xena quieted and calm quite easily. I’m glad they have each other. I don’t think anyone can handle either of them they way they do.
Aphrodite (walking in; she looked better and her usual radiance was present): That is the only way sometimes for Xena to agree to anything. The little one has her number that’s for sure. But then again it does run in the family right bro?
Apollo (scratching the back of his head and trying not to be embarrassed): Um sis. I need time to talk with her. This isn’t going to be easy for her or for Xena.
Gabrielle (walking up to the three Gods): Ok something’s up. I don’t like to play games and I don’t have any patience for it now what’s the problem.
Aphrodite (looking at her brother then at Freya then at Gabrielle): Little One it’s like this Apollo is your father making you a Demi-God and Xena’s one too. See bro that wasn’t so bad now (looking at her brother who was cradling a passed out Gabrielle in his arms) was it?
Freya (shaking her head): Yes Dite that was bad. Couldn’t you have been a little more subtle with it? The poor thing is probably still in shock.
Apollo (cradling his daughter; fighting tears for all the years lost): I’m sorry Gabrielle.
Aphrodite (caressing Gabrielle’s face): She does look like you. She’ll be alright. Let her rest with Xena for a while.
Freya (nodding): I think rest is the best for both of them. Come we’ll talk about all this and then I have to take care of some things.

Eve and Varia sat on the ground leaning against a wall. Eve had tears running down her face while Varia held her tightly against her. Not to far away Sasha and Talia stood watch over the two women.
Eve (shaking her head): This does explain a lot of things. But I still can’t understand why now. Why after all this time? It’s like their past won’ let go of them and they have to keep paying.
Varia (kissing Eve’s head): You’re right and I agree but I still can’t get over the idea my lover might be part God too. Considering your parents and all.
Eve (smiling): I don’t know if I am and besides I’m not like either of them. My mother can do amazing feats flips; leaps; maneuvers that I haven’t even learned and she has unbelievable strength. And Gabrielle well she catches on quicker then most in everything And she’s just like Xena in battle between the two of them they can take on so many and defeat them. I just don’t’ believe it.

Varia (nodding): Yeah right have you ever watched yourself fight. Your all grace and power. Dam when I first met you I could see the same fire in your eyes as I’ve seen in Xena and Gabrielle. What I can’t understand if they’re both Demi God then how come they have died a few times.
Eve (shaking her head): And they’ve come back too. A lot of things are starting to add up but I still have a lot of questions. I’ll say one thing I’m just glad Ares isn’t her father.

Varia (tightening her hold): You can say that again. That would explain why he went after you though. He knew somehow he knew.
Eve (squeezing Varia’s hand): It’s alright. We just have to move on from here love.
Varia (kissing her softly): And I’ll be here every step of the way for you love. (She pressed her lips to Eve’s pouring every ounce of love and devotion into the kiss. Their bodies moved closer together and Varia found herself pinned by a very affectionate; very determined woman; the woman who held her heart and soul. Talia and Sasha turned their backs giving the lovers their privacy.)

Gabrielle was sitting on a bench watching her lover and sipping a cup of tea while Aphrodite paced back and forth waiting for her brother to start explaining.)
Gabrielle (softly): I still don’t understand. I have no special powers. And just where were you in all the times I’ve suffered; my partner’s suffered and our child suffered. And why now, why couldn’t you just leave us alone. You weren’t there when I needed you the most. Why couldn’t you just leave me the hell alone?
Apollo (kneeling in front of Gabrielle): Listen there were so many times I was there and I have watched over. I’ve seen you grow and I couldn’t be more proud.
Gabrielle (fighting tears): Why I just don’t understand….
Aphrodite (squeezing her shoulder): Because unlike Ares he played by the rules. Most of the time against his soft hearted nature. He was there many times although at the time you didn’t know it.
Apollo (nodding): I was the one who saved you from that lava pit and helped to guide you to your mate to you in Potedeia.
Aphrodite (nodding): And he helped with Illusia…
Apollo (nodding and reaching out and taking her hand): I was there many times little one. I helped lead Xena to you and you to her on that fateful day so many years ago.

Gabrielle (shoving his hand away): What about when I was raped by Dahak; the rift between Xena and I; when Hope killed Solan; or when Eve was snatched from her arms and we were frozen in that ice cave. Or when Eve was influenced by Ares and became Livia. What about then? What about all the times she suffered? Where the fuck were any of you to help us?
Aphrodite (producing a hanky): Little one please calm down. He did what he could and prevented a lot of things from getting worse than they were. Please look inside your heart how do you think Xena knew to go back to the temple; or how do you think she knew where to find you; or where to find Eve.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): So that’s it then. All the times we’ve suffered and managed to escape barely that was because of you.
Apollo (nodding): I never abandoned you. I was there in times of your greatest sorrows and your greatest triumphs. Please I never meant for it to be like this..
Gabrielle (raising her hand): Wait. If you’re my father then who is my mother…
Apollo (softly) Your mother was an Amazon Warrior. Fierce proud and strong. She died protecting you and the village from invading raiders. Most of that village was wiped out some escaped and took to the sea. You were given to a priestess who was in the area and told to take care of the child. The priestess passed by Potedeia and saw your step mother who was saddened because she could not conceive a child at the time. But later on as a gift from Aphrodite she conceived Lila. She was praying to Aphrodite and myself and it was then that it was decided that she would be the one to raise you. I watched you grow and become a young woman and I knew your destiny did not lie in Potedeia but by a strong Warrior’s side who was trying to leave the path of darkness. Your meeting wasn’t chance it was fate and destiny.
Gabrielle (interrupting): Then I am an Amazon by blood…
Aphrodite (nodding): You got it babe. The only reason you were in Amazon territory the day Terreis was killed was to accept your destiny because there was no one who could testify to your true heritage.
Gabrielle (taking a deep breath): Who was my mother? My real mother.
Apollo (fondly remembering her): Lyssa of Hypolyta’s tribe. She was the enforcer of that tribe.. Meaning she went by the rules and regulations to a tee.

Gabrielle (softly): Did you love her?
Apollo (nodding): Yes I did. But I knew the Amazon rules, men were for breeding and sport (grimacing.) As long as the line continued that was all that was necessary. Your memories of her were wiped clean so as not to cause you pain. You were two when she died.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Then Herodotus and Hecuba weren’t my real parents and Lila wasn’t my sister.
Apollo (shaking his head): No but they did the best they could with you and I couldn’t be more proud.
Gabrielle (thinking): And what if any are my powers.
Apollo (smiling): The gift of healing and muse. You are a great Bard and once Xena began teaching you how to treat various wounds your gifts came through naturally. You haven’t received your full powers but you have nourished your greatest gifts.
Gabrielle (softly): And my powers.
Apollo (taking a deep breath): The ability to transport from one place to another; to heal without the use of herbs and your Bardic skills. I’m not sure about anything else though.
Gabrielle (standing): So how do I achieve everything?
Apollo (taking a deep breath): By going on a spiritual journey and connecting with that part of yourself that was buried.

Aphrodite (excitedly): And Xena can go with you (Apollo smacked his head and Gabrielle whirled around with a look of astonishment on her face. ) Whoops…
Gabrielle (angrily): You mean to tell me that Xena’s part God too…
Aphrodite (shrugging her shoulders): Yep. Both of you.
Apollo (backing up as his daughter advanced on him): Now Gabrielle no reason to get upset. Surely you knew. Surely you guessed. I mean look at her she does things that are impossible for other mortals. And look at you. Look at how easily you pick up things. You’re a great fighter and whoa (ducking as she tried to stab him with one of her Sais. )
Gabrielle (angrily): I’m really pissed off. And I suggest everyone clear out now.

Aphrodite (placing her hands in front of her): Little one please calm down. Let’s sit down and have a glass of wine and (ducking as a Sais whizzed by her head.)
Gabrielle (taking deep breaths): I’m going outside for a walk and I would strongly suggest that you two stay out of my way. Better yet I had better not see a God for a while. Cause I’m liable to use them as pin cushions (storming out of the great hall. )
Aphrodite (sighing): That didn’t go so well.
Apollo (groaning as Odin and Freya came in): No really. You should have kept quiet about things. Dammit.

Odin (walking in): Well I see you two went ahead and brought them back. They could have a had a great afterlife here.
Freya (walking up to her brother): Odin they have a lot to do yet. And besides I don’t think that Valhalla is the place for them in the afterlife.

Odin (stroking his beard): I know but I see that she has changed and I wanted to do something to make up to her for all those years she suffered. Even when her intentions where noble I doubted her causing her to lose her memory and almost marrying that braggart. And Gabrielle that gentle soul. Ah (waving his hand) no matter. Extend my hospitality to them I have to go and check on some new arrivals and Loki as well.

Apollo (extending his hand): Thank you for your help Odin.
Odin nodded and walked out of the room. Freya watched him go then turned at the sound of Xena’s moans.
Xena (sitting up groggy and wondering why there was so much yelling): Gabrielle…
Freya (standing next to her and helping to support her): Easy you’ve had a rough time of things.
Xena (shaking her head to clear it): No really. Where’s Gabrielle?
Aphrodite (pausing): Well she went for a walk she’s a little upset about things right now.
Xena (growling): What things? And where’s Eve and Varia?
Freya (trying to calm Xena): Well (looking at Apollo) he told her about some things and she got a little upset.
Xena (fighting dizziness to sit up): What did you tell her? And Gabrielle doesn’t just get a little upset (trying to move) get me something so I can walk.
Apollo (moving next to her): Now Xena you’ve just been through a lot and your body needs to rest…
Xena (snarling): Either you help me find my partner or else (her blue eyes glaring.)
Gabrielle was walking through one of the lush gardens and admiring the flowers trying to calm herself. Of all the things she had to hear now was what Apollo had told her. She looked around for Eve and Varia and still couldn’t find them. She hoped wherever they had gone off to they weren’t getting into trouble.
Varia was in trouble in the best way. She had five and a half feet of aroused amorous warrior/messenger straddling her lap and kissing her senseless. She couldn’t think all she could do was feel.
Eve (nipping her chin and moving her lips down Varia’s throat): Relax baby.
Varia (thinking relax when she was doing oh good gods she wasn’t doing that not out here where anyone could walk up on them): Eve why don’t we oh shit baby (arching her body closer as all rational thought left her.)
Eve (smiling): That’s it my love just relax.
Varia groaned and surrendered willingly to the woman she loved.
Gabrielle walked around a corner of some apple trees and spotted Eve and Varia? She smiled thinking Eve got a lot of what she was doing to Varia from the both of them. Sometimes when certain urges struck, you had to just go with what you had to work with and hoped no one would interrupt you and your partner. She turned her head and began walking in the other direction when she heard yelling and it sounded a lot like her partner. Dam she’s supposed to be resting not arguing. She smiled when she saw her partner being carried out by Apollo.
Gabrielle (crossing her arms on her chest): Do I dare ask?
Apollo (shaking his head and looking around): She wanted to see you and refused to listen to reason. Need I say more?
Xena (grimacing): He wouldn’t give me crutches so I decided on the next best thing.
Gabrielle (noticing her partner’s pale face; the tension in her body and then looked at her left arm in a sling and shaking her head): How would you get around? Your left arm is in a sling so…
Xena (wincing as Apollo sat her against a tree): Well I would have thought of something…
Gabrielle (shaking her head): Yeah I can imagine (sitting next to her partner.)
Apollo (feeling the tension): Do you two need anything?
Gabrielle (looking up at him): No. Not really (knowing that she needed to talk to him and to her partner she pointed to the ground) sit down we have a lot to talk about.
Apollo (nodding): That we do.
Xena (looking at her partner): Well someone can start by filling me in.
Gabrielle moved so her partner could lie in her lap ad relayed what Apollo had told her and felt her partner tense. Apollo watched the interaction and was glad that his daughter had found someone who would do everything she could to protect her and make her happy.

Eve held Varia in her arms listening to her breathing and tightened her hold.
Varia (softly): I love you.
Eve (kissing her lips): And I you.
Varia (looking up at her lover): Things will be alright. Somehow we’ll go on like we have before and we’ll come out stronger.
Eve (biting her lip thinking): My mom, Gabrielle said the very same thing to mother a lot and I believe that. I firmly believe that as long as I have you I’ll be ok. They have each other and they’ll be ok.

Varia (with conviction): And I’ll be there with you for them. Both of them gave me a lot of chances no one else would and they gave me the greatest gift. You.

Eve (caressing her face): And without them I wouldn’t have learned to open my heart to someone who completes me.
Xena lay with her eyes closed fighting tears not because of what she had learned but because of the pain her partner had suffered; their children had suffered and the things that they had gone through all because of their destiny and being part God.
Gabrielle (sensing Xena’s thoughts): We’ll be ok.

Apollo (reaching out to squeeze Gabrielle’s hand which was holding Xena’s): I’m sorry. I can’t make up for all that has happened and for not being there for you but I want to try now. I want to be in your life if you’ll let me.

Xena (hoarsely): Sure you walk in now when things are ok. We aren’t running from a life or death crisis and your family isn’t hunting us. Yeah walk in now and try to be her father.
Gabrielle (rubbing Xena’s arm): Xena…
Apollo (holding up his hand): No it’s the truth. I want to be there for you now if you’ll have me. But if not I’ll go on as before. I have something to give you both. This is yours Gabrielle I made it for you (handing her the medallion that had a sun and stave wrapped together) and Xena (laying a medallion on Xena’s chest with a helmet and sword on it) it was your father’s I mean Hades.
Xena (tensing): You think trinkets will change what our feelings are. We need time Apollo and it would be best if you made yourself scarce.

Gabrielle (caressing Xena’ face to calm her): Apollo please understand we mean no offense we both just need time to think.
Apollo (standing): I understand. If you two should want to talk just call me and I’ll come to both of you or either of you. Xena your father…
Xena (holding up her hand): Don’t just don’t.
Gabrielle (fighting tears): Thank you. Just give us time.

Apollo nodded and gently kissed Gabrielle’s cheek and vanished.
Xena (softly): Brie (waiting) love (sensing her partner’s turmoil tried to sit up and struggled) don’t cy. It’ll be ok.

Gabrielle (curling her body around Xena’s): I just can’t believe after all these years that what we’ve been led to believe all our lives has been a lie.
Xena (squeezing her hand fighting her own tears): I just can’t believe he never knew or never told me.

Gabrielle (understanding): Xena please love. Let’s concentrate getting through today. Tomorrow we’ll talk about this it’s just too much to digest right now (rubbing her face against Xena careful of Xena’s injuries.)
Xena (nuzzling Gabrielle’s neck): One day at a time love but no matter what I’ll be here for you.
Gabriele (kissing her softly): And I you..

Eve and Varia were walking toward them Varia with her arm wrapped around Eve’s shoulder and Eve with her arm around Varia’s waist. They smiled at the sight of Xena and Gabrielle cuddled together despite the days revelations.
Eve (concern): How are you feeling (referring both to Xena’s injuries Gabrielle’s news and the day’s actions and revelations? )
Gabrielle (smiling at the sight of her partner dozing in her arms): We’re taking things one day at a time. I still have a lot of questions and so does Xena. How are you two doing? (Varia lowered her head and blushed and Eve playfully smacked her arm. Motioning for them to sit) I see (laughing.)
Eve (smiling): We’re both good mom. And we’re taking things one day at a time too. Although Varia and I have to go back to the Amazons soon.
Varia (pulling her partner closer): Yeah I want to see how everyone is and make sure everyone got home. It’s up to Eve though. Then maybe we’ll just take a detour somewhere we can get our thoughts together and figure out what to do.

Gabrielle (nodding): Let’s take a few days just to be together as a family. (Noticing Varia’s look of surprise) that means you too Varia. You saved my daughter and you love her. So you’re family and get used to it. Besides I’m going to need help with her (looking down lovingly at her partner.)
Xena (grumbling): I heard that.
Varia (looking around): I think a couple of days here might be a good thing for all of us. And I’ll need help with this one. Seems to run in the family getting into trouble (backing up as Gabrielle playfully punched her arm.)
Gabrielle (jokingly): Hey watch it now that’s my daughter your talking about and besides I can remember a certain Amazon who got into her share of trouble too (a mischievous grin on her face.)
Eve (laughing): True.
Xena (reaching out her injured hand and covering Eve’s and Varia’s): So we’re all on vacation. (They nodded) good now be quiet so I can get some sleep (she closed her eyes again. They had been dragged through Hades domain again but had come out stronger. She was happy for her daughter who had someone in her life that loved and cared for her. And she had the love of her life with her.)
Gabrielle (looking at her soul mate then at their daughter and Varia): We’re a family and as a family we’ll make these decisions together.
Varia and Eve nodded and they smiled as Gabrielle covered Xena’s hand that covered theirs.
They had pulled together in the worst of times and helped each other out. They would go on one day at a time side by side.
Apollo watched his daughter and her family and he couldn’t be more proud. He felt a hand on his arm and turned to find out Aphrodite behind him.
Aphrodite (smiling and wrapping her arm around his shoulders): Let’s go home. She’ll talk with you and so will Xena.
Sister and brother walked off into the sunset while Xena and Gabrielle; Eve and Varia sat under the tree watching the sunset.

“We all have families that we’re born into but sometimes you have to move on and create your own family. For me our friendship binds us closer together than blood ever could.” Lucy Lawless (Xena.)

More to come.

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