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The throne room was large; lined on one side with shelves of scrolls; an ornate chair and many different colored tapestries.
Apollo (shaking his head): That was supposed to be a myth.
Hades (looking around): It was. Hephaestus entrusted me with the secret of it and I’m here to set things right. Mars and Loki must be stopped and that’s the only way I can think of.
Apollo (folding his arms across his chest): You’re right of course but if you mean trying to set things right with Xena, your daughter, what difference will it make? Gabrielle doesn’t accept me what makes you think Xena will accept you.
Hades (shrugging): I don’t. I just want to help her that’s all. Maybe try to make her understand

Apollo (angrily): Make her understand why you abandoned her. We both abandoned them no wonder they never had any faith in any of the Gods.
Aphrodite (moaning and leaning up in the chair): Well fancy meeting you here. Wait a minute

Hades (holding up his hands): It’s a long story. One that we don’t have time for.
Aphrodite (rolling her eyes): That’s always the case. But, I’m warning you, you hurt either of them or Eve or Varia and I’ll well I’ll figure out something.
Hades (reassuringly): That’s Ares and Hera’s thing not mine.
Apollo: I say we go back to Olympus talk about things then see them in the morning.
Hades (nodding): Sounds good but I might need some help. I seem to be lacking my powers.
Aphrodite (not trusting him completely): We’ll take you but I’m warning you

Hades nodded and waited as they were transported out of his former home and to a place, he rarely visited.
Eve (holding her lover tighter): What time are you leaving?
Varia (kissing her softly): Just as soon as Gabrielle is ready. The council meeting will probably take all day so I might not be back until tonight or early tomorrow depending on how things go and the lists of questions and protests. I only hope we have some time.
Eve (nodding): I hope so too. The Romans can be persistent when it comes to getting what they want. How are you feeling?
Varia (caressing her cheek): Much better. Not as weak or tired. How about you?
Eve (pushing her lover onto her back): Let me show you (capturing soft lips and conveying her intentions.)
Varia (running her hands up and down her lover’s body): Mmm. You’re definitely better love (moaning as hands touched her where she needed her the most.) Love you.
Eve (teasing; stroking): Love you too.
They both surrendered to knowing touches and caresses; the turmoil’s of the day pushed back in favor of love and passion. They both realized the turn things could take in the near future and knew moments like this might be hard to come by after today.
Xena woke up to Gabrielle sprawled across her back; her arms wrapped around her tightly even in sleep.
Gabrielle (pressing tighter in her lover): You move and I’ll bite you Warrior Princess (moaning as Xena shifted under her waking her up in very pleasant way.)
Xena (turning her head to peer over her shoulder): I have a few things you can bite but you have to move first. (Tensing briefly as sharp teeth nipped her shoulder and a persistent hand moved lower) Brie

Gabrielle (softly; touching the inside of Xena’s thighs): We’re not going to have too many moments like these once things get busy. So (pushing her fingers inside her partner and hearing a grunt of pleasure) just let me have you (shifting so she could straddle her partner’s hip and ease her own desires.)
Breakfast was a mix of playful banter and a general outline of plans and things that needed to be taken care of. Xena sighed knowing it was time for Gabrielle and Varia to get going, the day was a wasting. Showing them the corridor to use so no one would notice their comings or goings, she warned them both though to be vigilant.
Gabrielle (glancing at Eve and Varia who were holding each other tightly): You be careful out there today ok (kissing Xena tenderly.)
Xena (brushing her knuckles against her cheek): You too. Bunch of uptight featherheads well good luck. You got your short sword packed, right (a nod) and your Sais are strapped in your boots and you’ve got

Gabrielle (chuckling): I’ll be fine love. I’ll see you tonight or tomorrow ok (another gentle kiss and she lost herself in their bond for a long moment.)
Eve (brushing back a lock of Varia’s hair): Just keep your cool ok. You know they’re going to be upset about the moving thing but it is their only option.
Varia (taking a deep breath): Just stick close to your mother (a nod then a soft kiss) baby if you start this again we could be in serious trouble.
Eve (glancing at her parent’s who were doing a very thorough and oh dam she didn’t want to know): They’re setting a good example (leaning up for another kiss.)
Gabrielle (breathlessly): Behave

Xena (rolling her eyes playfully): As if. (She watched as Varia walked up chucked her on the shoulder then as Gabrielle and Varia walked through the corridor that would take them to the Amazon village.)
Eve (softly): What are we going to do today?
Xena (wrapping her arm around her shoulder): First, get a list of what’s going on, especially on the battlefield. Figure out where we need to be then get the horses and chariot and go take care of things.
Eve (waving her arm): Lead on Goddess (laughing at her mother’s expression.)
Xena shoved her playfully and they walked into the throne room. Listening to various aides and reading scrolls as she received a partial schedule for the day.
Gabrielle and Varia sat on the side of the council table listening to the ranting and raving of Lin Que and Tasha. They were against it completely and it looked like no one could come to an agreement.
Lin Que (protesting): You expect us to leave our home; our lives that have been built here for hundreds of years to start over again on an island? Ridiculous.
Tasha (nodding): Absolutely absurd.
Cleis (hesitantly): We’ve been here for a long time. We can defend ourselves from the Romans

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): No, you can’t. I’ve seen what they can do to females especially those they take prisoners or slaves. Are you willing to let your children suffer that; your partners?
Varia (defending Gabrielle’s position): Xena and Gabrielle have gone up against Roman troops several times and both have been scarred by the ordeal. Hypolyta would want us to continue our traditions but in safety away from the possibility of slavery.
Lin Que (standing and yelling): Don’t either of you speak about traditions. You both have taken outsiders for consorts; both of whom are known enemies of the Amazon nation or did you forget that when they were fucking you.
Gabrielle (angrily; jumping to her feet): Don’t you talk about either of them like that. Xena is my partner and Eve my daughter. They have both helped the Amazons when needed and never batted an eye. Yet you turn a blind eye yourself when they are giving you advice. I remember Tasha, on the beach at Helicon if it wasn’t for Xena you would have been shot by several arrows and you Marquesa what of your position, she saved your bum as well. In fact, even though many of you refuse to accept my partner, she has been there time and again for the Amazons.
Marquesa (shaking her head): It’s madness relocating. Traveling across the sea, to a place neither of us knows or has even heard of.
Yells in agreement erupted in the room among several of the other remaining Queens. Varia could see the tension on Gabrielle’s face and decided to call for a break telling everyone to meet back in an about four hours.
Varia (clasping Gabrielle’s shoulder): It’s split pretty evenly. It’s going to take some work.
Gabrielle (reading a few of the scrolls she had drafted): Some work, try a whole hell of a lot. Come on let’s go get some lunch and see what other points we can come up with.
Xena surveyed the battle from atop a hill watching as her guards and attendants carried out her orders. It was proving to be a long day and she had thoughts of just taking Eve back to the Underworld and then go find Gabrielle, then find a remote quiet place somewhere just the two of them. Things quieted down for the moment and she glanced at her daughter noticing the look of concentration on her face.
Xena (pushing back Eve’s hair): What’s up? You look lost in thought.
Eve (softly; taking her mother by the arm and walking over to a stand of trees): I am. How did you know mom was the right one? When did you know that you wanted to spend the rest of your life together?
Xena (leaning against a tree and pinching the bridge of her nose): A little too late, to be asking that don’t you think? (Gabrielle being here right now would be a very good idea.)
Eve (looking up at the sky then at the ground): It’s not like that. I just want to hear it from your viewpoint because I’m nervous. What if I’m not what she needs? What if she

Xena (pulling her in for a hug): Hey, what’s going on? Easy it’s ok. Eve she loves you I can see that (seeing the smile on Eve’s face.) Yes, at first, I wanted to rip her in two but then as time went on I could see that featherhead was completely gone on you.
Eve (understanding): I just want to be everything for her, to her. So how did you know?
Xena (taking a deep breath): You and I have a lot in common honey. I don’t know how to answer that because one day she was this innocent tag along kid and I was the big bad bitch of a warrior and the next thing I knew she was no longer a tag along kid. She chipped away at my defenses and made her own niche. It took nearly tearing us apart to figure that out. By then it was almost too late. But we got a second chance and we went with it. I guess it was the time shortly after that whole mess with dahok and Britannia and Illusia that I never wanted to be without her. I made a lot of mistakes but I swore that I would do my best to prove myself in her eyes.
Eve (looking up at her mother): She loves you very much, I can see that.
Xena (smiling): I don’t know what I did to deserve her and after some of the shit, I put her through I still wonder at times. But that’s the thing about Brie. She’s got the softest gentlest heart I’ve ever known and she sees more than most people.
Eve (smiling; thoughtfully): I’m happy for you both. I never knew love until I saw it between you two. And by then I had figured I would never find some one to love me like you two do.
Xena (reaching out to comfort her): Eve

Eve (holding up her hand): But after everything; the Amazons; Gurhkan; Indus; Chin and then Olympus and everything else, I took off again to think, to ponder my path and the meaning in my life. That’s why I picked this up again (tapping her sword.) And then well I found myself near the Amazons and looking up into light brown eyes so full of mixed emotions. And the first time (coughing), you know and I felt something like Gabrielle talked about. But I want to be sure.
Xena (proudly): You know you’re in love and you know you found your soul mate when you close your eyes and see them there and you feel them here (tapping her fist over her heart), even when they’re not beside you. But it’s also when you look in their eyes and you can see your future together, Eve. That’s how you know. And you never ever take that for granted. You take each day as it comes and cherish her Eve and never ever let her go. (Hearing the horns blowing and metal clashing.) You stay here I’ll go see what else is going on (pushing off the tree) Eve thank you. I hope Varia knows just how lucky she is.
Eve (kissing her mother on the cheek): She does but I’m the lucky one mother.
Xena (smiling): We both are sweetie we both are.
Eve watched her mother walk back to the top of the hill. She thought about what her mother had said and smiled, appreciatively at her mother’s words of wisdom and her strength.
Varia (pacing): We have four maybe five days at the most to get the village clear. How can you want more time? There isn’t any more. It’s run out. Either we evacuate or we die.
Tasha (loudly): You should know. After that bitch Livia oh I’m sorry (sneering,) Eve wiped out your home village (she gasped as she was slammed into the wall; a fist clenching her throat.)
Varia (feeling Gabrielle move behind her): Don’t you ever talk about my betrothed like that again or I’ll kill you. She has helped with the wounds that ripped this Nation apart and she was not herself.
Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow; silently challenging anyone to dare interfere): Varia its ok put her down. Come on relax (rubbing her back soothingly, much like she did when Xena got like this.)
Varia (slamming Tasha into the wall): You know what you can go to hell. I’ll take whoever wants to go and leave. You can stay here and become slaves or worse. Meeting adjourned (growling.)
Cleis (sighing): That went well.
Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): Real well. You have a choice come with us or die. I’ll be in my hut.
Lin Que (softly): We leave here and our traditions our very lives will end here

Gabrielle (whirling around): No, they won’t. You’ll move on and build traditions. Those can be changed or replaced but not people. In all the things I’ve learned over the years, with Xena, is that no matter where you are as long as you have people who care about you and love you then you have a home. It’s not necessarily a building or a village but it can and often times is a person. For me that’s Xena. You have a choice. We’ll take whoever wants to go and you can stay here (she walked out the door her head held high and left them thinking.)
Varia (standing up from the bench): Sorry I lost it

Gabrielle (patting her on the arm): Varia you were defending my daughter; your betrothed; your beliefs and your ideas. Don’t ever apologize for that. Because I swear, I was so close to pounding her into the floor for talking about Xena like that and Eve she doesn’t know how lucky she is.
Varia (biting her lip): Gabrielle how do you know you and Xena belong together. How do you know she’s the one for you?
Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow, this was unexpected): Varia if you’re having doubts

Varia (swallowing; seeing the anger in the soft green eyes): It’s not like that. It’s I just want to be everything she needs. I’m a warrior; she’s a messenger and a defender. I don’t know if I deserve her or the love she offers so freely.
Gabrielle (wide eyed): Varia let me let you in on something. Xena and Eve are more alike then even they realize. They’re both very giving people. But I also know that if they give you something they give you it all, no reservations; no questions. Eve’s given you her heart. Something I know that she’s had battered one too many times to count but it doesn’t mean it’s less. She loves you and believe it or not, you balance each other. How do you know you’ve found the person you’re supposed to be with? When you look in her eyes and see your emotions, your soul and your heart reflected back. When you can see your future together no matter how dark and stormy it might be at that point in your life. And to feel their arms wrapped around you; feel their heartbeat; feel their passion and strength then you know Varia. When everything around is going wrong and they’re the one constant in your life through all the turmoil. You can see your future together. And when they hold you close all thoughts of everything else vanish. Does that help?
Varia (nodding): Yeah it does. Thanks. I’m just a little nervous with everything going on and the ceremony being postponed and all.
Gabrielle (thinking): I might have an idea. Just hold that thought till after lunch (waiting as Varia opened the door for her and they walked into the dining hall.)
Xena (pointing): They aren’t Greek so get them out of the way for whoever. Careful.
Apollo (materializing behind): Xena whoa (ducking as her sword barely missed his head.) Hi.
Xena (arching her eyebrow): Sorry about that. Whatever it is

Apollo (gently grabbing her forearm): Xena, Mars is on horseback riding with the Romans into battle. He’s not the leader but his sights are set on the Amazon village, the same one Gabrielle and Varia are in.
Xena (cursing): Son of a bachae. Apollo I want you to keep an eye on things till I get there. I’ve got to get Eve to safety first then I’ll be there.
Apollo (watching her walk away): Xena, Ares is involved and so is Loki. I don’t know what’s going on but if the three of them have united then we’re in serious trouble.
Xena (barking orders): I know. I’ll see you in a bit.
Eve (running up with several guards on her tail): I tried to tell them but they won’t listen.
Xena (yelling over Eve’s shoulder): It’s all right. (Softly) I have to take you back to the Underworld. You’ll be safe there.
Eve (backing up): No way. Tell me what’s going on?
Xena (pleading): Eve the Romans are headed straight for the Amazon. Mars is leading them and Loki and Ares are involved.
Eve (walking toward the chariot): Gabrielle’s a Goddess she can hold them off till we get there. We’ll deal with the children first, get them to safety. Then get everyone else out of there. Come on mother time’s a wasting.
Xena (shaking her head): Eve I’m sorry (grabbing her gently and using a pressure point knocked Eve out, catching her in her arms.) I’m sorry sweetie. But Loki’s after me and I won’t let him hurt you. (Cradling her daughter in her arms) Kelia

Kelia (running up with Patros and Jena in tow): My Lord what’s wrong?
Xena (handing Eve over to her): Take Eve back and keep her safe. Loki’s loose as is Mars. Don’t let anyone in but me, Gabrielle or Varia. Seal the Underworld. I’ll be back as soon as I can.
Gabrielle (throwing stuff on a wagon): Dam it move it. You can make another chair. Sydney, Rayne get these kids out here. Head for the coast don’t stop. Once you get there, there should be three ships. Tell them the Bard Queen sent you. And give them this (she handed them three tokens; bearing her and Xena’s sigil on each of them) split them up so one group has one and so on. These kids are our future get them out of here.
Rayne (tapping her fist over her heart): You have my word. Good luck my Queen.
Gabrielle (smiling at the group of mounted Warriors; they were the ones who wanted to leave and vowed to keep the children safe): You too and be careful. Take no chance Rayne. You and Jinx are in charge. Go (hearing horse hoof beats and yells.) Go (watching as the wagon lurched forward and rumbled out of the village.)
Jade (riding up): Gabrielle sorry (panting,) Romans spotted out near the fields, headed straight for us.
Cleis (clipping her sword to her back): Buy them time. Archers to the trees, pick them off one by one. The traps are set. Make sure the blazers burn steady. We lose those, so goes our defenses. Hard and fast no prisoners.
Gabrielle (nodding looking around): Get whatever you can of value and get it out of here. Then burn the dam huts leave them nothing. Raze (choking) raze the village to the ground.
Lin Que (shaking her head): No if we defeat them we lose everything for nothing.
Marquesa (agreeing): She’s right

Gabrielle (pointing her finger in the direction of the Roman troops): And if we don’t we leave them a possible command post. We can’t stay here; the fields are salted; we don’t know if they’re tampering with the water stream. We have to go. Don’t you get that?
Janis (taking a deep breath): Queen Marga said to trust her. I say we burn the village and get out of here.
Gabrielle (unsheathing her sword): You can do what you want. I’m going to make sure everyone who wants out gets out. If you want to work with me fine, if not, then get the hell out of my way. Varia (yelling across the compound) get archers on those pits and then get your team ready.
Varia (waving her sword): You got it my Queen.
Mars (slowing the horse): I want Gabrielle. I don’t care what you do to the rest of them. Salt the fields and burn the crops leave them nothing. They either come with us as property of Rome or die. No survivors. (Raising his sword) forward march.
General Ledes (smiling at the Roman God of War): Forward march. Destroy everything in sight.
The Roman troops were spread out ten across; heavily armed and fifty deep. Armed Calvary; battlewagons; foot soldiers and a few mercenaries made up the force, hell bent on taking the Amazons prisoner or annihilating them.
Xena (taking a deep breath and stopping as Aphrodite and Apollo appeared with another cloaked figure): Out of my way

Aphrodite (wearing armor and a sword): Hold on a minute Xena. There’s more at stake then you realize.
Xena (growling): I have to get to Gabrielle

Apollo (anger flashing in his eyes): We know but it’s your Chakram he’s really after. He’ll use her as a bargaining tool and there’ll be hell to pay. Be careful.
Xena (moving forward): Who’s this (using the tip of her sword to push the hood of the cloak back) son of a bitch (raising her sword in anger but Hades caught it.)
Hades (holding her arm): Xena calm down. I didn’t come here to fight you. If I had, Apollo would have taken me out. I’m no longer a God. I can’t be killed, well not by conventional means but I’m not longer a God.
Xena (snarling): You son of a bitch. First, you try to kill my partner and my child then you expect me to listen to your bullshit. (Pushing the sword closer to his throat) get out of here.
Aphrodite (sighing): Xena please. He knows where the Eye of Hephaestus is and he can help us.
Apollo (looking up at the sky): Xena there isn’t much time. Leave what’s in the past in the past and deal with today.
Xena (locking eyes with Hades): You expect me to let him help us after what he did and you expect me to trust him.
Hades (pleading with her): Xena please I made mistakes, a lot of them. I loved you

Xena (spitting in his face): Don’t you dare say that to me you lying bastard
Aphrodite (softly): Go keep an eye on Brie they might need some help. (Apollo nodded and vanished.)
Aphrodite (gently; putting her hands on Xena’s shoulders) Trust me Xena. Please we need to get to the Amazons and help them. There isn’t time for this.
Xena (anger; pain and hatred reflected in her eyes): Keep him the hell out of my way or I’ll kill him, somehow, got me (she turned and stormed off toward the Amazon village.)
Gabrielle (ducking a thrown spear; the Amazons didn‘t know she was a Goddess now and didn‘t need the headache either; so she just with the motions): Dam it, light that pit now or I’ll run you through my self.
Kaelin (apologizing and doing as she was told): Sorry I wanted them to get closer.
Varia (launching another arrow): Keep them back dammit.
Loki (materializing in the middle of the compound): Hello Gabrielle.
Varia (whirling around and aiming her bow at him): Came back for more I see.
Loki (laughing): It’s you I came to finish off.
Gabrielle (looking around): Get out of here. Go up the other side and keep pressing the advantage.
Marquesa (nodding): But

Gabrielle (angrily): Get out of here. I can take care of this (hoping.) But keep them away from the dam village (she turned facing Loki) leave Varia out of this and the Amazons. It’s me you want so let’s do this (drawing her sword.)
Varia (jumping down): Gabrielle no. Xena will cut me into pieces if anything happens to you.
Gabrielle (defiantly; watching the God): No, she won’t. I mean it Varia get the hell out of here. You have my daughter to think about.
Varia (struggling): Gabrielle please

Loki (smirking and forming a fireball): Leave you pathetic mortal (and launched a fireball at Varia’s chest; hitting her armor and sending her flying backwards into a tree where she slumped to the ground) now as for you.
Gabrielle (forming her own fireball): I won’t let you have this village or these people.
Loki (chuckling evilly): It’s too late.
Gabrielle (charging him): Then bring it on you son of a bitch.
Eve (angrily): I don’t care what she said. That’s my family out there and I intend on getting out there and helping them.
Kelia (shaking her head): But, but I have my orders (thinking that Xena and Eve were so much alike.) I can’t go against them.
Eve (snarling): I don’t give a dam. I’m going and you can’t stop me.
Kelia (trying to calm her): Eve please. Your mother is trying to protect you.
Eve (fixing her armor): I can take care of myself.
Ares (materializing): You (waving his hand at Kelia) take a nap (launching a bolt at her and knocking her out.) It’s pointless; you’re not prepared to handle what’s about to happen. Come with me and I’ll keep you out of this.
Hectate (materializing): Go Eve. Go to the Amazons they need you I’ll keep him busy (gently pushing Eve out of the way.) Varia’s in trouble and so is Gabrielle (thinking and so is Xena.)
Ares (shaking is head): So you finally step in. A little too late don’t you think.
Hectate (lowering her hood): It’s never too late Ares. Why have you sided with them? You know I could have healed you since it was dark magic that caused the gaping wound (motioning to his left side.) And why Eve she is nothing in this battle.
Ares (loudly): Somehow, she’s part of them and carries it inside her.
Hectate (wondering): Eve is mortal.
Ares (smirking): Don’t be too sure (leaving to walk away.)
Hectate (pleading): Ares don’t be an ass. We can change things.
Ares (turning around): They gave me a better offer. I can’t have Xena so I gave up on her. I found a new place with more followers (vanishing.)
Hectate (leaning over to help Kelia): Hey, come on wake up. You’ve got work to do. And so do I.
Xena felt something was wrong. Something nagging in the back of her mind but she couldn’t place her fingers on it. Looking around she didn’t see Gabrielle nor Varia. Running up to, Andrea and she asked her where they were.
Andrea (rising up to meet the oncoming Roman troops that had crested the hill and gotten around the traps): Back at the village. We’re trying to hold them off so a guard unit can get the children to safety.
Cleis (running up): We can uses some help Warrior Princess.
Xena (fighting an inner battle to be at her partner’s side or be here; with the Romans, rampaging through they had little chance; there were too many of them; Gabrielle was in danger and so was Varia (cursing): Dammit, all right get archers divided up on two sides. Pick off the riders. Keep low and take them out as soon as they come up. No prisoners. (She saw a flash of light out of the corner of her eye; a man dressed in red leather and ornate armor; dark hair and cold brown eyes) Mars I presume.
Mars (nodding): The infamous Warrior Princess. Give it up. You’ve lost (drawing his sword) I’ll wipe them out, just like your daughter did and then I’ll destroy you pathetic mortals.
Xena (rushing to meet his attack): I’ve got news for you, I’m not mortal (their swords clashing loudly in the smoky air) and they’re not pathetic.
Mars (shoving her back): Oh, well all the more fun. Whatever, bitch (as her blade sliced his cheek which healed rapidly.)
Loki (smiling at Gabrielle): You’re good almost as good as your teacher or is she your whore now.
Gabrielle (slamming the hilt of her sword into his side): No, she’s my best friend and my lover.
Ares (materializing behind Gabrielle): Hello Gabrielle (grabbing her by the arms quickly and restraining her.)
Loki (laughing at her struggles): It’s futile. Your precious Amazons are done and so is Xena. Let’s go we have work to do but first (he held out his hand and using dark magic removed Gabrielle’s joining anklet) can’t have her finding you, not yet anyway.
Ares and Loki disappeared laughing.
Eve (running up to her mothers’ side; noticing the figure she was fighting): Mother (bringing her blade up to deflect an arrow.) Come on you bastards (egging on Roman troops.)
What happened next she could never describe it in words. Her mother a strong woman with infallible courage ands strength hesitated clutching her chest and collapsed to her knees. She brought her sword up to intercept Mars blow, a blow her mother could have easily deflected and felt someone else move in behind her.
Aphrodite (angry): Get out of here and take them with you.
Mars (stepping back): Give it up you’ve lost. All ready the Romans are preparing to lay siege to this land it’s over.
Aphrodite (shaking her head): No, it’s not. Not so long as this holds (forming a force field with her hands.) No one but Amazons or my friends or family can come and go with in it. So get lost.
Mars (backing up): You haven’t seen the last of me (vanishing in a cold wind.)
Eve (softly; rubbing her mother’s shoulder): Mother what’s wrong?
Xena (hoarsely): Gabrielle (closing her eyes at the pain of not being able to feel her soul mate; she didn’t know what had happened to Gabrielle; all she felt was loneliness; emptiness and pain.)
Aphrodite (comforting):She’s alive Xena you have to believe that.
Xena (fighting tears): I have to find her.
Apollo (materializing with Varia in his arms): The guard unit made it to safety. They’re loading the ship now.
Eve (embracing a weak Varia): Hey, baby.
Varia (coughing): Gabrielle with Loki and Ares (leaning over to fight the persistent nausea.) Amazons

Eve (caressing her partner’s cheek): Are safe.
Xena (trying to get up): Get everyone else out of here. I have to find Brie.
Hectate (appearing behind Aphrodite): Not like that you won’t. You need to rest up you were hit with the Titan’s tears. A potion used in dark magic to hurt a God. You’ll recover but it’ll take a while.
Xena (getting to her feet albeit shakily): No time. I need to find her and bring her home.
Apollo (holding out his hand): If you try now you’ll never make it. Mars, Loki and Ares have teamed up and with the tears, then they’re even more powerful, besides we need to make sure one more thing is ready before we go in.
Xena (looking at the Amazons who were leaving): Then we better start praying because we leave now.
Eve (grabbing her mother’s arm): Mother please. You know mom can take care of herself. You go in now and it’ll be suicide. She wouldn’t want that.
Varia (laying her hand on top of Eve’s): Besides, they left this for whatever reason (reaching into her pouch and extracting Gabrielle’s anklet.)
Aphrodite (picking it up): That explains things.
Xena (angrily): Explains what

Hectate (softly): Those anklets are pieces of yourselves exchanged under a full moon. Somehow without magic, you’re bond with each other is strengthened through those. Only true soul mates can do something like that.
Xena (coughing; rubbing her side): I need to find Gabrielle.
Hectate (grabbing Xena’s arm): We need to open the chamber to the eye of Hephaestus. Then we have to lure them there. It’ll only trap a Greek God and destroy any others, but if the wrong God gets trapped well

Apollo (looking at the sun and the darkening sky): Let’s go to Olympus and see what we can find on the Titan’s tears and see maybe if we can get a way into where Loki has Gabrielle.
Xena (angrily): You know where she is then

Apollo (gently): Xena I have an idea where she might be. It’s a long shot but it’s worth a try. In the meantime let’s get that gash of yours treated before it gets worst.
Eve (questioning and wrapping her arm around her mother): What do you mean worst? I thought Gods could heal from any wound.
Hades (shaking his head): Most not all. You see if a weapon of ours or any weapon is dipped in a potion of the tears then essentially any immortal touched with becomes wounded like a mortal. If left untreated then the wound enlarges; eating away at the healthy flesh surrounding it and slowly killing someone off. The longer left untreated the more likely that someone is to die.
Hectate (reaching out and examining the large gash in Xena’s side): Hence her bleeding from the wound here. When we get to Olympus, I know of something that counteracts it. Healing will be entirely up to her though.
Varia (questioning): What do you mean?
Aphrodite (taking a deep breath): If a God’s will is strong enough and the wound isn’t that old then they’ll live if not then they die like a mortal.
Xena (defiantly): My will is strong enough. I want to get Gabrielle back.
Varia (pointing out the obvious): But first let’s get you taken care of and then we make a plan to find Gabrielle and bring her home.
Apollo (placing his hand on Xena’s arm): Let’s go.
Varia (holding up her hand): I have to take care of this first (pointing to the destruction surrounding them. Xena showed me where to go to get back to the underworld.
Aphrodite (understanding): I’ll come and get you

Hectate (nodding): Or I will.
Eve (smiling at her partner): Varia I’m staying with you (seeing Varia about to protest) no I’m staying and that’s final.
Varia (looking to Xena for help; seeing none): All right. But the first sign of trouble you are to get out of here. You got me.
Xena (smiling): You two, both stay out of trouble. As soon as you get back to the Underworld Aphrodite Hectate or myself will come and bring you up to Olympus.
Eve (kissing her mother on the cheek): We’ll find her.
Hades (softly): I could stay here and help. Get everyone out of here.
Varia (protectively): Fine but (pointing her sword) one wrong move.
Apollo (glancing at the sky): Let’s go.
Eve watched as the four immortals flashed out leaving the three of them looking at the carnage and destruction left behind. The smell of smoke and blood filled the air. She looked around noticing several Amazons helping some that had gotten hurt during the attack. Looking up at the sky, she knew that it was going to be a long night.
Varia sensing her partner’s thoughts wrapped an arm around her shoulder and guided her to what was left of the village. All that remained were the burned out husks of huts that they had used for many years. There was nothing left here, now. The fields had been destroyed; the stream tampered with and who knew what else. It was time to move on.
Varia (taking a deep breath; looking at her sisters): Those of you who are able to walk, help those who can’t. Take what you can. We have no choice. That energy field will hold only so long.
Cleis (closing her eyes): Varia, Marquesa was killed and so was Lin Que. The bodies have been wrapped.
Varia (softly): Build a funeral pyre. We send those who have fallen to their sisters. Then you take whatever you can and we get out of here.
Janis (understanding; wiping the sweat out of her eyes): Let’s get to work.
Eve (watching some of the women helping with the pyre; while others wrapped the bodies): Are you going with them?
Varia (closing her eyes): I can’t not with your mom and mother needing help. (Pressing two fingers against Eve’s lips) Eve please, listen to me a moment here. In there eyes I’m not a full Amazon anymore. I’ve betrayed a lot of things. You’re my family now. I’ll get them on those ships and make sure they get off safely, but, Cleis can rule and she has Tasha and Janis to guide her. My place is by your side.
Eve (leaning up and kissing her softly): I’ll go help with those who have fallen in battle. I’ll meet you back here later.
Varia (reaching up to caress Eve’s dirt and sweat streaked face): I’ll be over there seeing to the last minute stuff. You be careful. (Eve nodded and she watched as she walked away; head held high; confident even though Varia knew not everyone there accepted her lover.)
Hades walked with her, searching for fallen Amazons and helping those he could. Shaking his head at the senseless act of violence, he hoped that there was an answer to all this and the time to find it.
Deep inside the earth where it was hot and dark and lonely two figures stood reading some piece of parchment and glancing at the unconscious figure slumped on the floor.
Loki (rolling up the parchment): The Amazons are in ruins; the Roman army is under my command and Xena’s precious little whore is in my hands.
Mars (angrily): Our hands moron.
Loki (rolling his eyes): Of course (he couldn’t wait to be rid of him or Ares; it was just a matter of time.) Soon Xena will make her way here and I’ll give her an offer she can’t refuse (laughing evilly.)
The cold laugh echoed throughout the cavern even as the damp heat surrounded her. She prayed silently that her partner would be careful and not just coming running in; sword drawn and charging like a pissed off bull. She missed her and she needed her. She could feel the emptiness from the severing of their bond. She didn’t know how that had happened but it had and she only hoped it wasn’t worse then her being so far from her partner. Closing her eyes against the pain, she felt that she couldn’t understand she waited.
To Be Continued


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