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F.B.I. Offices SC

Lara Turner veteran of the F. B. I. for ten years sat at her desk reading the recent reports of what had been going on with the supposed leak and military conspiracy.† She had seen the red-flagged file earlier that morning and so far had been infuriated over the recent events.† Picking up the phone, she dialed her partner Brit and asked her to come into her office to take a look, and give her opinion.

Brit (knocking and walking in with two cups of coffee): Hey.

Lara (moving the files off her desk and to the floor): I made a brief summary of events and targets as well suspects.† The thing that concerns me is the lack of security and the privacy violation.

Brit (looking at one of the files): Let me go through this.† Have some coffee.† You look like you need it.

Lara (running her hand through her hair): This is fucked up big time.† Someone got, caught and theyíre dead.† Someone else involved got too cocky and was killed and suddenly bodies are starting to turn up everywhere and anywhere and theyíre all tied to this fucking snafu. If only I could find the ommon thread to all of this beside the obvious then well we might make some progress.

Brit (typing something into the computer): Well letís start from scratch and put things in some semblance of order.† Starting with people then work our way down.† Is this even part of our jurisdiction or are you helping someone.

Lara (flipping through some papers): An old law school friend of mine is working on this case and well one thing led to another.
Brit (understanding): Well you know weíll have to go through Monroe to get assigned.

Lara (shaking her head): Not if it involves terrorism.† Which I believe it does.† You know we automatically get jurisdiction on things like this no matter what.

Brit (taunting): But after that disaster in Giza wellÖ
Lara (smirking): Could I help it if the bastard opened fire on innocent civilians.† And, who might I add also didnít go by the book there (arching her eyebrow.)† If I remember correctly, you, went riding a motorcycle down the side of a temple chasing after someone in a truck, which was stolen.

Brit (laughing): Yeah but I got the bastards didnít I.

Lara (nodding): Yeah along with more press than we needed.

Brit (giving in): Ok.† But with this kind of thing, no clearance just plow through shoot the fuckers in the knee and call it a day, right.

Lara (working on something): Something like that (grinning mischievously.)

Hilton Resort Alex and Jasmineís Room and Clara and Adrienneís Room SC

Alex (sipping some tea): All Iím saying Jazz is that I need some help.† And I called in the right people.

Jasmine (leaning her head against the headboard): Thereís something youíre not telling me.† Who is it Alex
Alex (calmly): Honey, pleaseÖ
Jasmine (rolling her eyes): Oh no, not Lara anyone but her.† She still wants you and sheís oh dam, dam.

Alex (soothingly): Honey calm down.† It was before you and I even started dating and sheís got someone now.† Besides no one can compare to you.

Jasmine (turning around): Yeah but the first time I met her she told me I wasnít good enough and (moaning as soft lips captured hers.)

Alex (panting and straddling her hips): Never mind what she said.† I love you.† I never knew what that meant outside of my nonni telling me, then you came along and changed everything.† Now, no more talking about her, I have more important things to talk about (proceeding to do just that.)

Clara (leaning her head against her partnerís chest): You know the day after tomorrow weíre supposed to go up to the cabin and check on Brennan and Tessa.

Adrienne (stroking her hair): I know.† I canít wait.† Itís been a while since we were up there last.

Clara (smiling): Yeah it has.† Between work and our schedules (shaking her head.)† We definitely need to make more time for us.†

Adrienne (kissing her lips softly): Definitely.† Hey, how about a vacation when all this blows over?

Clara (turning so she could straddle her partnerís hips): What do you have in mind, love?
Adrienne (pulling up her tank top): Lots of things.† You, me, sand, a nice bed, room service (groaning as strong hands massaged her breasts.)
Clara (kissing her neck): Sounds good.† Right now though I have something else in mind.† (Nipping her ear) paybacks.

Adrienne (moaning): Have at me then.

Clara (smirking and nipping her collarbone): I plan to.

Mt. Range SC

David (laughing evilly): This is nice.†† Perfect in fact, now if I just knew where that place was I could drop in on her and her friend and have a nice little chat (looking at a small map of the surrounding area.)† Private property markers (spitting) bullshit.† (Reaching for his briefcase) time for a little public relations.

F.B.I. Offices SC

Danni (looking out the window): So youíve come to a conclusion Lara.†

Lara (nodding): Yeah.† This guy, isnít playing with a full deck.† Heís like Teflon too.† Nothing sticks to him and heís got more connections then Verizon.

Brit (nodding and putting some papers together): Money means nothing.† Heíll either use it to buy his way out of anything or get whatever he wants.† Doesnít matter whoís in the way either.

Danni (thinking): So can we put an APP. out on him.

Lara (handing her a folder): We could but it might work against us. Thereís two possible locations he could be at.† My gut feeling though is telling me up in that Mt. Range.† Itís secluded enough and not too many people are up in that part of it.† Private property or some shit like that.†

Brit (thinking): We could organize a small search partyÖ
Lara (holding up her hand): But it might alert him to our presence and the fact weíre on to him.

Danni (tapping the pen on the desk looking at notes and maps): Youíre right.† Ok this is what weíll do.† Weíll organize a couple of units.† Block off all the major access points into that area.† Get a chopper flying over head just for reconnaissance.† Start looking around ask the locals about anything suspicious.† Get a list of all property owners up there and start calling some numbers.† We have to bring this guy in.

Lara (looking at her): And what about Sergeant RamusÖ

Danni (slamming her hand on the desk): The charges are bullshit Lara.† Sheís the victim here.
Brit (pulling out her personnel file): Considering her backgroundÖ
Danni (yanking the folder from her hand): She is not a fugitive.†
Lara (wide eyed): Danni you have to separateÖ
Danni (glaring at her): I have another set of papers for you that I didnít include in the initial report.† Read this (reaching into her briefcase and pulling out several other folders.) †And then tell me what youíre decision is (handing her a thick file.)† Iím going to get some coffee (leaving the office.)
Lara (sitting in her chair): Iím going to take a look at this, not sure what good it will do.

Brit (agreeing): Ok.† Iím going to run some background stuff and get a possible team together.

Lara (nodding): Sure.† Iíll be here.
Brit (softly): What no kiss or anything?
Lara (rolling her eyes playfully): Come here but make it quick I have a ton of stuff to review and (soft lips touched hers and she lost her train of thought.)
Brit (maintaining her composure): Iíll be back in time for us to go get something to eat (leaving her partner speechless.)

Undisclosed Location SC

General Franks (slamming his fist on the table): I donít care how you do it, or what you do, you find her and get her ass back here now.† And I want to know who arrested her in the first place.† Sheís not a fugitive.† Sheís a Marine wrongfully charged and arrested.

Lieutenant Melegans (nodding): Right away sir.† Iíll get right on it.

Captain Ryan (pointing at a report): According to this sir, her next of kin is Alexandra Connor and Jasmine OíMalley.† Two women who live in Hilton Head SC.† Should we contact them.

General Franks (looking at Captain Ryan): Wait and see what Intel finds.† If they come up with nothing then weíll contact next of kin.† Iíll place you in charge of that little detail.

Lieutenant Melegans (shuffling paperwork): Iíll contact JAG and see if they have anything on this purported arrest.

Captain Ryan (shifting her chair): If they donít contact the Brig in Beaufort and see if they have anything on it.† I heard a nasty rumor that Sergeant Ramus was injured during the arrest and during her time in the brig.

General Franks (wondering): InjuredÖ.
Captain Ryan (smirking): I have my resources (shifting to face him) supposedly she resisted arrest.† Fell down a flight of stairs.† But the injuries sustained showed strong evidence of multiple blows by a blunt object.†

General Franks (pinching the bridge of his nose): Get on that. Thatís second priority.† Finding her is our first.† I want her brought in.† Not as a fugitive but as a Marine wrongfully charged.† Keep an eye on her apartment.†

Captain Ryan (nodding): Iíll see to a few other details as well.

General Franks (standing; his voice commanding): Letís bring her home people.† Unharmed and not in a pair of shackles.† (He watched as his Captain and Lieutenant filed out of the office.† He hoped to have this mess cleared up by the end of week.† Sitting down he picked up the phone and dialed a number) General Franks here I need to speak to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, please.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (grimacing as she used her shoulder to aim her pistol): ShitÖ

Tessa (concerned walking over to her): Brennan first off is that necessary.† Secondly your shoulder and ribs are still healing.† Maybe youíre pushing it.

Brennan (growling): Itís what I have to do.† Push the pain back in order to ensure our safety.† I donít know whatís going on but my instincts are telling me somethingís up

Tessa (pleading): Brennan you should be resting andÖ.

Brennan (putting the gun down making sure the safety was on): Tessa listen to me.† I donít know whatís going on but what I do know, what I feel is somethingís up.† Alex warned us that our position might be known and word might have gotten out.† Iím still a wanted fugitive through the military.† Someone with ties to your father is looking for you.† I wonít stand by and allow someone, anyone to hurt you (caressing her face.)

Tessa (biting her lip and turning her head): But at risk to yourself or your own life thatís ok.

Brennan (trying to calm her): If it means saving you, yes.† These people on both sides of the fence donít play games.† They either take you down any way they can or they kill you plain and simple.†
Tessa (backing up): No, not plain and simple.† (Taking a deep breath) I just found you so Iím not letting you go.

Brennan (soothing): TessaÖ
Tessa (putting her hands on Brennanís forearm): No.† Iím not going to stand here while you deal with whatever it is you have to deal with.† Youíre innocent and thereís evidence to prove that, somewhere.† So you knock off the shit right now and come inside and get something to eat (turning her back and walking away.)
Brennan stood there totally shocked that someone had actually talked to her like that.† But then realizing what she felt for Tessa she didnít give a dam.† Picking up the gun and putting it in itís holster she walked back inside the cabin praying for patience and guidance in dealing with the situation at hand and she wasnít just referring to a pissed off Tessa either.

Hilton Resort SC

Alex (hanging up the phone): Wonderful.

Clara (looking up from her computer screen): What?
Alex (grabbing the pack of cigarettes off the table): Theyíre sending a military tactical unit up into the mountains.† Seems as though thereís been reports of gunshots being fired.† They found a dead trooper by the side of the road.

Clara (thinking): You donít supposeÖ
Alex (nodding): I think someoneís up there and theyíre an unwelcome visitor.† I think that someone wants to find Tessa.† If the military gets up there, theyíll go after Brennan.† Hell it could be a nasty situation.

Clara (shutting down her laptop): If Brennan gets arrested thenÖ
Alex (understanding): Thatíll leave Tessa in a vulnerable position.

Jasmine (walking in with three take out bags): Well then letís have lunch and get our shit together and head up there.

Adrienne (agreeing): Iím in.

The four of them agreed it would be the best course† of action unless anything else came up.

Undisclosed Location SC

Brigadier General Scotts (slamming the phone down): I donít care how any of you do it.† You find her and bring her back here to serve time.† Sheís no longer a Marine.† She killed one of our own in old blood.† I want her found and now.† Dismissed.

Lieutenant Cho (respectfully): Sir maybe weíre jumping to conclusion (moving aside as several other officerís and personnel walked past him.)

Scotts (angrily): Are you questioning my authority.

Cho (looking at a file): No sir.† But I received a report and (the file was yanked from his hands.)

Scotts (pointing his finger): I donít care what you received.† You find that disgrace of a Marine and bring her ass back here.† You got me.

Cho (nodding): Yes sir.

Scotts (turning his back and waking to his desk): Dismissed Lieutenant.† (Waiting until the room was empty then picking up the phone) yes.† Itís all been taken care of.† Within 48 hrs. weíll have her back here.† I know she has that dammed folder and sheís going to return it or else.† All right.† Thank you sir (hanging up the phone.)

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (wrapping her arms around Tessa from behind): Iím sorry.† But I have to do what I have to do.

Tessa (not turning, continuing to look out the window): At the cost of your life.

Brennan (taking a deep breath): Tessa if itís mean that youíll be safe then yes.† If it means I put a stop to what ever is going on to protect our basic freedoms then yes.

Tessa (turning): No.† Thereís got to be another way.† Canít you justÖ

Brennan (pulling her closer): I canít.† I walk in to any military command Iíll be thrown back in the Brig.† If I leave you then whoeverís after you will kill you.† And I wonít allow that.† I canít stand by and watch you get hurt or suffer.

Tessa (pleading): But I would, anyway if something happened to you.† (Pressing two fingers to Brennanís lips) I donít understand this but I feel like Iíve known you forever.† I want to be with you not just for a few moments or a few days but for a long time.†

Brennan (leaning down): I want that too (kissing her softly.)† Iíll find another way if it means that much to you.†

Tessa (nodding): Thank you (leaning up for another kiss.)† Now let me look at your shoulder.

Brennan (running her fingers through her hair): Itís ok.† Just a little stiff.

Tessa (grabbing the hem of her t-shirt): Then if itís a little stiff why couldnít you hold your pistol to aim it.

Brennan (thinking): Well thatís becauseÖ
Tessa (rubbing smooth skin): Sure.† Come on jarhead let me take a look.

Brennan (smirking): Iíve got something else you can look at.

Tessa (playfully): Later.† Now lie on that couch and take your shirt off.

Brennan (teasing): Just my shirt.

Tessa (rolling her eyes playfully): For now (and turning walked into the bathroom.)
Brennan (grinning): Ooh score one for the little pygmy.
Tessa (yelling): I heard that.

Brennan (stretching out on the couch): Good.

F.B.I. Offices SC

Lara (stuffing files into her briefcase and yelling on the phone): Then get your asses in gear.† I want a unit up there as soon as possible.† Be discreet though.† I donít want to alert anyone and get everyone jumpy.†

Danni (walking in and waiting to Lara hung up the phone): Well (folding her arms across her chest.)
Lara (grabbing something out of the desk): Full unit up in that area.† Iím calling the shots on this one.†
Danni (nodding):† I see that.† The military might have some objection to this though.

Lara (holstering her gun): I donít give a shit. I have a Marine wrongfully charged and convicted.† A woman who is being tracked down for something sheís completely unaware of.† And I have a bunch of government officials working with known terrorists.† This is my call and my show.† Now are you going to work with me or argue politics.

Danni (smirking): Letís go get your partner.

Lara (grabbing her briefcase): I have to file a few things then weíre all set (following her out the door.)

Undisclosed Location SC

Captain Ryan (pointing to a map): Ok the last report we received indicated that they are staying in this area.† This is where youíll concentrate your efforts.† Remember people we just want her bought in for her safety.† Now there might be a civilian staying with her.† Bring her along as well.† They are not under arrest.† I canít stress this enough.† This is just a retrieval operation.† If you have a problem with control or any bias opinions check your weapons at the door or donít go out at all.† Letís bring her home people.

Lance Corporal Muldoon (respectfully): Maam, will there be other units up there.

Captain Ryan (nodding):There might be.† Theyíve been advised of the situation.† I donít want anyone getting hurt people. Now letís get going. Time is of the essence.† (Watching as her tactical unit began filing out of the room.)
General Franks (looking at the report and brief): Good choices for the unit.† I hope and pray we can clear this up and soon.† Itís a major snafu.

Captain Ryan (thinking): It shouldnít have happened in the first place.† Marcs was under investigation.† Yes Sergeant Ramus can be a bit of a loose cannon but sheís done her country and the core proud.

General Franks (agreeing): That she has.† Letís bring her home.† You have complete authority over this, from me.

Captain Ryan (grabbing the reports): Thank you sir.

General Franks: Go get her Captain.

Temporary Command Mt. Range SC

Lieutenant Cho (pointing out locations on the map): We go in through here.† Surround the place and ask for her to come out.† If she doesnít we go in.† Fast and hard.† She is a fugitive running from military justice people.† I want her brought back alive.† (Smirking) but accidents happened.† There is a possibility of a civilian with her.† Bring her in as well.† Remember Sergeant Brennan Ramus is trained in every form of combat and has served in the Gulf.† She is to be considered armed and dangerous.† (Looking out at the faces covered in varying degrees of stealth gear.)† Letís go people.

Mt. Range SC

David (loading the car): Tessa here I come.† Itís time you and daddy had a nice little talk (laughing evilly as he put the gun on the seat next to him and drove around the lake towards where he had seen lights on last night.)

Hilton Resort† SC

Adrienne (throwing her things in a bag): Youíre sure about this.

Alex (nodding and listening to Tessaís voicemail): Iím positive.† My aunt called me and told me thereís a military unit on their way up there.† They want to bring Brennan back to the base so that they can straighten all of this out (clicking the cell phone shut.)†
Jasmine (skeptically): Well we hope thatís the case.†

Clara (walking in): So tomorrow morning weíre supposed to go up there and make sure no one decides to be a major ass?

Adrienne (leaning over and kissing her softly): Something like that.

Clara (thinking): What about Tessa?† Someoneís after her too?
Alex (smirking mischievously): Iím already on that.† And remember you and Iís theory.† Tessa is involved because of her father.† And someoneís after her too.

Jasmine (agreeing): So tomorrow we go up there make sure things are ok and wait for the military to do their thing and see that the right people are brought to justice.

Adrienne (skeptically): Itís too easy.†

Alex (thoughtfully): I know it sounds that way but we have to have faith that the military will do the right thing and so will the local police.

Clara (shaking her head): I hope youíre right. I hate to see anyone else get hurt because of this mess.

Adrienne (agreeing): The military already screwed up and the local police what if theyíre in someoneís pockets.

Alex (yawning): Thatís why weíre going up there.† And thatís why each of us will be there every step of the way to insure that doesnít happen.

Adrienne (sitting on the bed): I hope youíre right.

Clara (sitting next to her and leaning her head on her shoulder): Me too.†

Alex (nodding): Me to.† Get some rest.† We leave early tomorrow morning.

Jasmine (putting her hand on her wifeís shoulder):† Come on love.† We can save the world tomorrow.†

Alex (rolling her eyes playfully and following her wife out the door): Iíll see you both in the morning.† Thank you.
Clara (nodding): Go on

Adrienne (stretching): Good night.

All four women went to bed that night praying and hoping that things would work out in the end.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (sitting up): Thanks that feels a hell of a lot better.

Tessa (admiring the view and noticing the scars and marks that covered her partnerĎs body; they did nothing to mar her beauty): Youíre welcome.
Brennan (realizing what she was looking at): Come here (pulling her to her gently.)†
Tessa (softly): What happened?
Brennan (reaching up and cupping her face): Itís not pretty I know but thereís nothing I can do to change that (hesitantly) butÖ.

Tessa (caressing her face gently; tracing the lines of the jagged scar; moving her hand down over the bruises and old scars that marked her collar bone and upper chest; stopping as she felt Brennan tense.)† Relax (kissing her lips softly.)
Brennan (nervously): No oneís well there was but I didnít let her see me like this (wanting to get up and move.† Since the incident last year she had not removed her clothes in front of strangers.† The time in prison had torn that theory to shreds.)

Tessa (shaking her head): Brennan youíre a beautiful women.† If all someone sees when they look at you are these then thatís their loss.† I just want to know why someone who professes to love you would hurt you like that.

Brennan (fighting tears; wondering what it was about this woman that made her feel so safe and vulnerable at the same time): These werenít all inflicted by my ex (bitterly.)† Some of them are from combat; others are from childhood (turning her head away.)

Tessa (caressing her face and making her look up at her): It changes nothing about the way I feel for you or how (swallowing hard) sexy I find you.

Brennan (wide eyed): Sexy (squeaking) me (clearing her throat) I think you have it backwards pygmy.† Youíre the one thatís sexy (smirking as that adorable blush reappeared.)† You are (stumbling over the words but meaning them from the bottom of her heart.)
Tessa (kissing her passionately): No oneís said that to me and meant it.

Brennan (returning the kiss; tasting her sweetness): Their loss because you are very sexy in my book (wincing as Tessa settled across her lap and found herself kissed senseless.† When the need for air became necessary they broke apart; their foreheads touching and their hands caressing gently.)† Is this what you want
Tessa (softly): Yes (kissing her again pushing herself into her) I want to be with you.†

Brennan (moaning and running her hands up and down her back): If I go to fast tell me to stop and I will (feeling Tessa take a deep breath she backed away and looked at her) whatÖ

Tessa (pressing two fingers to her lips): No one ever showed me the compassion you have or the unconditional support and understanding.† The time Iíve spent with you has made me happier then Iíve ever been.

Brennan (understanding): Youíre a gift Tessa and no one should take advantage of that.† And it was their loss that they didnít see what I see.

Tessa (leaning down and kissing her passionately): Does it bother you that I well I probably have no experience like wellÖ

Brennan (cupping her face): There is no comparison as far as youíre concerned.† Youíve made me feel things that I locked away.†
Tessa (leaning more into her): I want you but Iím not sureÖ
Brennan (taking her hand and placing it over her heart): Do you feel that?† My heart races just by you being close to me.† No one ever made me feel that before.† No one.

Tessa (softly): Then teach me.† Love me.

Brennan (moaning as their lips met; she promised herself she would go slow and teach Tessa what love was really about.† Even though they both had partners before it would be the first time for both of them making 3love.)† Then letís get more comfortable.† Iíll lock up and meet you upstairs (kissing her jaw and then her lips.)

Tessa (moaning): You feel so good (wanting more but holding back a little.)

Brennan (smirking): You aint felt nothing yet sweetheart (caressing Tessa wherever she could reach and relishing the feel of soft skin.)† Iíll be up in a bit.
Tessa (stealing one more kiss): Donít keep me waiting to long (turning and walking up the stairs.)

Brennan (swallowing hard): Control Brennan.† Control.† Sheís been through enough and she doesnít need the animal in you (shaking her head and getting up stiffly to lock up for the night.)

Interstate SC

Brit (yelling orders through her cell phone): Then get someone up there.† We have two military units out there now and one of them wants blood.† Thereís a civilian involved as well.† Iím on my out there now.† All right thank you.

Lara (looking over at her partner): That was good.† Whoíd you talk to?
Brit (sipping her coffee): Carson.† That idiot couldnít find his socks if they werenít labeled.† But heís the best as far as negations go.† Heíll bring his team up.† We also have a small surveillance team on their way.

Lara (nodding): Good.† Listen I know this is going to get interesting once things get going.† I want you to be careful ok.

Brit (reaching over and brushing back a lock of her partnerís hair): You too.† I donít want another mess like the one in Brazil (referring to a sting operation that had gone badly and landed Lara in the hospital for a month.)
Lara (looking at her partner then back at the road): Someone knew we were coming.† Someone got tipped off.† (Seeing her partnerís arched eyebrow) Iíll be careful.† I promise.

Brit (smiling at the little victory): Do we split up or do you want us to go in together?
Lara (smirking evilly): Together love, always.

Mt. Range SC

David pulled the car into some shrubbery to hide it.† He was behind the cabin where he had seen the lights last night.† He looked around and saw no lights, no one in sight, not a dam thing.† Slamming his fist on the steering wheel he cursed and decided to wait.

Mt. Range SC

Captain Ryan (making last minute checks on gear and weapons): I want these on safety at all times.† These are just a precaution.† Under no circumstances are you to shoot at Sergeant Ramus.† There is a possibility that a civilian might be with her.† Use extreme caution. I donít want anyone getting hurt.

Lance Corporal Pratt (saluting): Maam another unit is already set up and heading up towards the cabin as we speak.

Captain Ryan (taking a deep breath): All right people move out.† Divide into two teams.† You have terrain maps and your gear.† We should be up there by daybreak.† Remember use extreme caution.† (Turning around and looking at two Corporals) watch these trucks.† We canít drive these Hummers up there with the foliage and the roads.† If thereís a problem call it in.† All right people move out.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Tessa (moaning as strong hands held her tightly; caressing her): Let me see you (looking up at Brennan who looked scared and vulnerable.)† What is it (caressing her face?)† I want to see you maybe I should (removing her jeans and panties slowly.)† There that better (smirking evilly.)

Brennan (gulping): Yeah um uh (looking at Tessaís naked body and trying not to drool.)

Tessa (teasing): Come on.† Youíre supposed to be this big tough Marine.† Whatís the matter (moving and straddling her thighs.)† I can take you, all of you.

Brennan (groaning as strong hands pulled her shirt off and reached for the buttons on her jeans): Tessa (groaning as everywhere Tessa touched her felt like she was on fire.)

Tessa (leaning forward and kissing her collarbone slowly): Mmm yes (moving slowly down Brennanís chest and getting off her lap.)†
Brennan (grabbing her and pulling her back up): Stay please (kissing her softly; her senses reeling as soft skin pressed into her own and she lost control.† Tearing her mouth away she moved to Tessaís breasts licking and sucking like a starving new born.)
Tessa (groaning and pulling Brennan tighter to her): Just like that (clutching strong biceps.)

Brennan (turning and pushing Tessa on her back on the bed): I love you (pulling Tessaís legs around her hips† and laying her full weight on her.)† If I get too much (smiling as Tessa grabbed her hand and placed it between her thighs.)

Tessa (watching Brennanís face): I want you now unless (leaning forward and nipping her bottom lip) you want me to do this myself then I suggest (arching her body as teeth grazed her throat.)

Brennan (panting): Less talking (leaning down and trailing kisses up and down Tessaís body smiling at the sounds of pleasure coming from the little temptress.)

As the two lovers enjoyed each other; they each had a sense of coming home.† Neither woman had ever felt this satisfied or loved and both were completely unaware of the storm brewing outside.

Mt. Range SC

David snuck around the back of the cabin, noticing the light burning in an upper room.† Smirking he went back to his car and waited with the gun in his hand.† He would get the disc and bring his daughter home, maybe.

Mt. Range SC

Lt. Cho (using hand signals; directing his team to several strategic positions): We wait till first light then we get closer; surround and strike hard and fast.† No mistakes people. She has to be brought in (thinking) dead or alive (under his breath.)

Mt. Range SC

Captain Ryan (setting the binoculars down): Shit.† The pompous little ass thinks heís on a recon mission.†

Lance Corporal Bruno (running up): Maam we have a slight problem.

Ryan (nodding): I see them.† We have to get them before they move in.

Bruno (shaking her head): No maam.† Lt. Cho is not our only problem thereís a civilian here as well and it looks like heís got something in his hand.

Ryan (cursing): Then take two or three Marines with you and deal with it.† I donít want any more complications.†

Corporal Tompkins (shifting his gear): Maam we could alert the other unit up here and possibly cause some more problems.

Ryan (squeezing the bridge of her nose): Then put two or three on him and make sure he doesnít move.† If he steps out of that car then subdue him.† Do not and I repeat do not open fire.† Now get back to your posts and keep your eyes and ears open.

Mt. Range SC

Brit (cursing and slamming her cell phone shut): Goddamit.† The military is all over the dam place.

Lara (stopping the vehicle as a Marine approached her car): This should be fun.† (Grabbing her badge and holding it up) F.B.I.† We have precedence over this whole matter.

Corporal Muldoon (shining his flash light then looking at the badge then at her): Two other units are already up there.† Iím advising you to be careful Agent Turner.

Lara (nodding): Noted.† Corporal give me a summary of what the whole situation is.

Corporal Muldoon (pulling out a map): From what I understand two units surrounding the cabin.† My unit, Agent is there to make sure Sergeant Ramus is brought home safely and to keep the civilian out of harmís way.† The other unit is to bring Sgt. Ramus in no matter what and basically to hell with the civilian.† Thereís also someone else up there.†

Lara (looking at the clock noticing the sun would be coming up soon): Thank you.† Iíve got four-wheel drive on this thing.† Iím going up there.† If you see any other agents send them in under my orders.

Cabin Mt. Range

Brennan shifted and listened again.† She didnít know what woke her or what made her tense.† After a wonderful night last night with Tessa she should be sleeping like a baby.† Standing stiffly and smirking at the reason why she went over to the window and looked out.† At first she didnít see anything but still something didnít seem right.† Then out of the corner† of her eye she saw something flash.† She waited and sure enough there it was again.† Moonlight was reflecting off of something shiny and she cursed.† Moving over to the side of the bed she grabbed her gun.† Kissing Tessa softly she went downstairs and waited.† No matter what she would get Tessa out of there.

Interstate SC

Alex (sipping her coffee): I hope we get there in time.† We donít need any more complications.††

Jasmine (nodding and looking at a road map): Dam nothingís marked on this.† Thereís no other way in or out unless you want to take the long way and go around the lake.

Alex (thinking): Anyone could get up there if they wanted to.† You canít get a heavy vehicle in there because of the road but that might mean oh shit (cursing and reaching for her cell phone.)
Jasmine (wondering): What?
Alex (taking a deep breath; keeping an eye on the road): Dammit, theyíll go in on foot andÖ

Jasmine (understanding): Dammit.† Weíve made it in before.† We should have no problems.

Alex (listening to Laraís voicemail): Yeah but if the military is up there then theyíll shut off the road.† Theyíll stop anything coming in or out.† Lara itís Alex call me back (hanging up the phone.)† Sheís not answering.† (Dialing another number) hopefully Brennan or Tessa will answer their phone.

Jasmine (thinking): You donít thinkÖ
Alex (nodding): Of course I think.† Theyíd make a good couple.† Brennan is just right for Tessa and Tessa for her.

Jasmine (not agreeing): But thereís and then thereísÖ

Alex (swearing): Dammit Brennan answer your dam phone.† Get your head well never mind but call me back itís important (hanging up the phone) and what are you laughing at.
Jasmine (chuckling): Just thinking about what you said.

Alex (taking the exit off the interstate): Never mind.† I just hope Clara and Adrienne are having better luck finding what we need or we could be in trouble.

Hilton Resort SC

Clara (yelling and saving the information): Iíve got it.† This proves it.

Adrienne (running in): Good letís go.† We have to get this to the authorities now.†

Clara (grabbing her laptop and following her partner out the door): Iím going.† This will nail his ass right to the wall.

Adrienne (shutting the door and walking over to their car): I hope so.†

Clara (smirking): Oh it will trust me.

Adrienne (unlocking the car): I trust you itís the rest of everyone I donít trust.

Clara (smiling): Youíre such a cynic love.

Adrienne (starting the car): But you love me.

Clara (teasing; patting her hand): Of course I do.† Why else would I put up with you?
Adrienne (licking her lips): Because (Clara clamped her hand over her mouth.)
Clara (leaning over): I do love you (leaning in for a kiss) but first things first.

Adrienne (shaking her head; her partner had a way with her): Right tease me, get me all rattled then you want me to go back to business.† Lovely (putting the car in gear and heading out of the parking lot.)

Clara (taunting): When this is all over you and me and a deserted island.
Adrienne (speeding up): Iím there well Iím going well you know what I mean (laughing and thinking about a vacation with her partner with no interruptions.)

Mt. Range SC

Lt. Cho (signaling): Sunís almost up.† Get in position people.† Remember hard and fast.† She is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (looking up as Tessa came walking down the stairs; she looked beautiful): HiÖ
Tessa (upset): You werenít in bed with me and oh God.† BrennanÖ

Brennan (moving quickly): Itís not that.† Believe me I would have loved to stay in bed with you but we have a few uninvited guests.† I wonít let anything happen to youÖ
Tessa (shoving her): But you promised.† You slept with me last night toÖ

Brennan (pulling her to her and wincing as her ribs pulled): Tessa no.† Last night was incredible with you and weíll be doing it again soon I promise but first things first.† I have to take care of this or Iíll always be looking over my shoulder.† I love you (caressing her face gently.)

Tessa (softly looking up into soft grey eyes): I love you and last night was the best night of my life.† Youíve fulfilled all of my dreams.

Brennan (leaning down for a kiss): As you have mine.† And weíll continue I promise.† But I need you to do something for me.† I need you to go and shower and get dressed.† Then stay upstairs ok.† Lock the door until I come up to get youÖ
Tessa (fighting tears): But you promisedÖ

Brennan (softly): Youíre the best thing in my life.† And even if it comes down to it, in death I will never leave you (grunting as Tessa punched her arm.)

Tessa (angrily): You promised meÖ
†Brennan (grabbing her gently): It may or may not come to that.† But I have to do what I have to do to keep you safe.†

Tessa (angrily): Fine but I have to do what I have to do as well (and went upstairs to shower and dress but she had her own surprise as well for Brennan.)

Mt Range SC

Captain Ryan (pointing): There and there.† Take the other team out then surround the cabin and go in slow and easy.† Iíll get her attention and try to make her understand weíre here to help.

Muldoon (taking a deep breath): Maam what about the other guy?
Ryan (smirking): We have that under control.† Now get in position and wait for my signal.

Mt. Range SC

David grabbed and opened the door slowly.† He had an eerie suspicion of being watched.† As he went to stand up he felt two hands on his shoulders then saw nothing but blackness.

Pratt (smiling): Well look at what I went and caught.

Dibbs (rolling his eyes): Can you move already?† Captain doesnít want us playing around and thereís those other two that you decided to knock out.

Pratt (grabbing the gun and putting it in the plastic bag): Well they werenít invited to this little tea party and besides.† Theyíre on the wrong side of the fence.† Here you drag him and Iíll take care of the other two.
Dibbs (grumbling): Of course I get all the heavy work.† Just because youíre a woman doesnít meanÖ

Pratt (condescending): Of course because Iím a woman.† And as a woman Iíll kick your ass.† Letís go.† We have a package to drop and doughnuts to bring.
Dibbs (shaking his head and picking up the unconscious body): What is it with you and food metaphors?
Pratt (shrugging and moving over to the two men on Lt. Choís team): The only way I can remember things.† Here let me get those handcuffs out of your pack and then letís get out of here.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan sipped her coffee and continued watching out the window.† She had heard something earlier but couldnít put her finger on what it was exactly.† All she knew was that no matter what happened she would make sure Tessa was safe and taken care of.

Tessa (walking in and grabbing a cup of coffee): I think I found something.

Brennan (turning around and nearly choking on her tongue; Tessa was wearing tight fitting jeans that showed off her bum really nice and the shirt she wore left little to the imagination and she briefly thought of last night; groaning she shook her head): Um yeah um (scratching the back of her neck) what was it that you just said?
Tessa (smirking; she was playing for keeps): I think I found something (holding up a disc.) This was in my computer.† I couldnít find a CD player so I went to use mine on the laptop and this was in there.

Brennan (looking at the disc; God Tessa smelled so good all she wanted to do was; never mind that): It looks like an ordinary CD.

Tessa (shaking her head in disagreement): No. I tried to open it and it came up with all these funky letters and numbers.

Brennan (thinking): Wait a minute.† Letters and numbers.† What did that look like (at Tessaís puzzled expression) I mean did they look like the English alphabet or something else.

Tessa (sipping her coffee): It looked like Greek or some version of some foreign language.† I happen to know a little bit because of my travels abroad.

Brennan (kissing her softly): Whereís your laptop?† I want to look at this disc.† Maybe this is the key to the whole thing.

Tessa (tugging on her arm gently): What makes you think that?
Brennan (walking upstairs): Because whoever is after you wants something?† No one would go after someone unless they had something they wanted? †This proves that.†

Tessa (opening her laptop and turning it on): That makes sense but why me?† Why would, someone put something in my computer (putting the disc in.)

Brennan (leaning over and nipping her ear): Because youíre the least likely to be a suspect in any type of crime.† Your morals and values prove it.† Besides if I was trying to hide something you would be a perfect candidate to do that with (moving down her neck.)
Tessa (groaning and opening up the disc): Brennan (moaning as strong hands cupped her breasts then moved to the keyboard.)

Brennan (smirking): Yes (leaning over her more than necessary.)† Now let me see what we have here (wide eyed as the encrypted program opened up.† She recognized some things not all and judging from the size of the file there was a lot there.† She only hoped she could figure out what it was and keep it out of the wrong personís hands.)

Interstate SC

Clara (tapping the steering wheel): Youíre lucky you werenít arrested.

Adrienne (shifting in her seat and taking a drag of her cigarette): For what?† What were my charges Ms. Probation Officer (sarcastically.)
Clara (shaking her head): Adrienne just listen pleaseÖ

Adrienne (upset): This is a matter of National Security.† Alex said that and that idiot (mumbling) didnít want to listen to you.† No he was to busy looking at your ass.

Clara (trying not to yell; she could understand her partnerís point of view): Love, please you didnít have to tell him to get his ass out of Dunkin Donuts and do something about this.†

Adrienne (taking a long drag of her cigarette): Yes I did.† And again might I point out he was too dam busy ogling you.

Clara (understanding): So, what youíre saying is that he was to busy looking at me to do his job?

Adrienne (nodding; finally): Something like that.

Clara (looking at her partner then back at the road): Well after you rattled him a bit he did get the information passed on to his superiors.†

Adrienne (thinking): Yeah I guess.

Clara (taunting): You were jealous that some man was looking at me, appraising me thinking he could score some points with me is this what it all boils down to.

Adrienne (grunting and dying out her cigarette): That and men are pigs.
Clara (reaching over and taking her hand): Not all love but most.† Now calm down.† Weíll get some lunch and then get on up to the cabin.

Adrienne (grumbling): As long as no one else appraises you.

Clara (rolling her eyes): No one but no one gets my attention like you do.

Adrienne (smiling): Really.

Clara (nodding): Really.

Mt. Range SC

Alex (watching the road and looking at her wife): Did you have to threaten him like that?
Jazz (tensing): He wasnít listening.† He was barely old enough to shave andÖ

Alex (shaking her head): Honey you could have gotten into some serious trouble.† Now will you relax and watch the road.† God only knows who else is up here.†

Jazz (looking down the road): Well thereís your answer.
Alex (looking at the small unit of military troops standing by the road): Wonderful.

Outside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Ryan (pointing): Nice and slow.† Remember weíre supposed to be the good guys (ducking as gunshots were fired.)† Shit go, go.† Get in there and tell them to cease-fire.

Outside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Lt. Cho (yelling): Get in there.† Keep low and remember fast and hard.†

Lara (pulling up): Dammit, Brit get a hold of the local officials.† I have to tell them to cease-fire.

Brit (nodding and grabbing her gun and cell phone): Iím on it. Be careful.

Lara (getting out of the car): You too (jogging towards where she had heard the gunshots.

Inside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (cursing): Shit.† Tessa keep down.† Stay here (getting up to move.)
Tessa (grabbing her): No.† Iím going with you.

Brennan (kissing her softly): Stay here.

Tessa (pleading): Theyíre going to hurt you.

Brennan (softly): No theyíre not.† Watch that disk.

Lt Cho (yelling): Sergeant Brennan Ramus this is Lt. Cho of the Military Police.† Come down with your hands up.

Brennan (yelling): Tell your unit to put their dam weapons down and guarantee the safety of the civilian and then Iíll come down (tensing as she heard more shots then yelling and it sounded like someone was coming up the stairs.)

Outside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Captain Ryan (running; their prisoner had gotten loose and was making a mad dash): Lt. Cho I out rank you.† Get your ass out of my dam way.† Sheís not a prisoner or a fugitive.

Lt. Cho (falling as he was shot; two other of his unit were down as well): Get that son of a bitch.

Pratt (running; ignoring the wound in her side): Son of a bitch when I get my hands on you Iím going to beat your fucking ass to the ground.

David (shooting another Marine and laughing): What too stunned to move?† You think I wonít react?† Well guess what you wonít take me alive.

Muldoon (setting up his scope): Maam I canít get a clear shot.
Ryan (squeezing the bridge of her nose): Fire when youíre ready.† Watch out for Ramus and the civilian.† Put him down but donít kill him.† Heís wanted on suspicion of terrorist activities.

Lara (yelling): Captain, Agent Turner F.B.I.† I have experience with this sort of thing.† Pull everyone back.† We need to regroup.

Bruno (watching): Heís in the cabin.†

Ryan (signaling): Shit.† Get in there and subdue him

Lara (shaking her head): Shit, shit (turning as she saw another car pull up.)

Inside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

David (walking up the stairs): Tessa whatís with all the ruckus outside.† I just want to talk to you.
Brennan (motioning for Tessa to stay quiet): Easy.†

David (smirking as he got to the top of the landing): Surely you wouldnít want them to shoot me.

Brennan (shifting and looking at the door): Steady Tessa Iíll take care of this.


Ryan (drawing her sidearm): Block that door and keep everyone else out.† Muldoon, Pratt remember heís dangerous.†

Muldoon (shifting): The team is on the roof maam.† The cabin is completely surrounded and Lt. Cho has been taken into custody.† Thereís two other civilians outside waiting.

Ryan (nodding): Slow and steady.† Letís not startle him.† On my signal.


David (walking down the hall): Tessa come on out.† I just want to talk to you.

Brennan (sneaking up behind; her voice a low growl): Well she doesnít want to talk to you (ducking the fist aimed at her face; seeing someone else coming up the stairs and hearing footsteps inside the other room.)

David (lunging): Who the hell are you to tell me what my daughter wants?
Brennan (snarling): Someone who loves her enough to let her make her own choices.

David (snorting): I gave her everything.

Brennan (shaking her head; watching his weapon and noticing several people coming to the top of the stairs): No you didnít.†

Ryan (aiming): Put the gun down and we can talk about this.

David (looking around): This is ridiculous all this attention for me.† I just want to talk to my daughter.
Lara (shifting and coming up the stairs): Like you talked to your wife.

David (yelling and pointing the gun at Brennan): Shut up.† I want the disc and my daughter or Iíll start shooting.

Brennan (looking around): Go-ahead you wonít leave her alive.

Tessa (running out struggling against someone who was trying to hold her back): No.† Put the gun down dad.† It isnít worth it.

David (aiming the pistol back and forth between Brennan and his daughter): Yes it is.† I want that disc and I want my daughter.
Ryan (signaling for everyone to hold their fire): Put the gun down and we can negotiate.

David (aiming at his daughter): I wonít negotiate.† Tessa Iím your father youíre going to side with them over this.†

Tessa (moving forward slowly feeling the Marine move closer behind her): Let me talk to him.

Bruno (shaking his head): Maam please for your own safety move back.

Tessa (shaking her head; looking at her lover): Dad put the gun down.† We can talk.† Ok.† Just put the gun down.

Brennan (cursing; even though Tessa was drawing his attention ): Tessa pleaseÖ

Ryan (noticing Muldoon pulling up her weapon): Hold it.† Steady.

David (yelling): Tell them to back off.

Tessa (pleading): Put the gun down.

Bruno (grabbing her noticing Davidís muscles tense): Maam get the hell out of the way.
Everything happened in slow motion.† Tessa moved towards her father only to be pulled back by the Marine behind her.† The gun went off and Brennan dived taking a shot in her shoulder.† Another round went off and David went down.† Another round but from who the report later reflected no one knew.† Tessa screamed as she was pulled back and off her feet and out of harmís way.† Shots went off left and right someone else screamed and she felt someone land on top of her.†

Outside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Alex tensed and went to move but two hands restrained her and then she heard screams and shots being fired then nothing.† Jasmine grabbed her and pulled her to her side.† All of a sudden it seemed people came running out of nowhere.† She vaguely registered blue lights flashing and the sound of a helicopter in the distance.†

Inside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Captain Ryan (yelling and kneeling down): Easy. Just lay still.† Someone get a dam medic in here and now.

Sergeant relax.† Ok youíre going to be fine.

Tessa (yelling): Get your hands off of me.† Let me go.

Ryan (signaling): Let her go.† She should be here.† And cover him up with something and get that dam gun for evidence.

Muldoon (nodding): Yes Maam.† Letís go people.

Tessa (falling to Brennanís side): Is sheÖ
Ryan (pressing the cloth to slow the bleeding): Sheís going to be fine (she hoped.)

Tessa (leaning down): You promised (noticing the wound and the blood flow.) You lied to me.

Brennan (weakly; she was fading fast): Tessa inside the footlocker (coughing and spitting up blood) get the folder.

Tessa (shaking her head): No you donít (reaching out and pressing the cloth to Brennanís chest.)† You promised meÖ

Brennan (hoarsely): I love you (coughing; pain etching her features) best thing in my life (and passed out.)
Ryan (moving aside as the medical technicians came down the hallway): Tessa let them look at her.

Tessa (shaking her head): NoÖ

Lara (kneeling down): Tessa listen theyíve got to take care of her.† You just need to move over so they can get there.† Sheís going to be fine.† Come on there you go.

Outside the Cabin Mt. Range SC

Alex (yelling): Iím going to need someone to meet me at the hospital.† They have to clean up here (looking up as Tessa was carried outside by a Marine.)† Listen just get your ass over there (slamming the phone shut.)† Tessa oh my God, what the hell happened.

Medical Technician (guiding Tessa to the ambulance): Weíre going to take her to the hospital.† Her friendÖ.
Alex (softly; brushing back the hair out of Tessaís face): Her partner oh God no.
Medical Technician (helping Tessa inside the ambulance): A couple people have been shot.† It was a bitch to get up here and weíre shutting down the highway.† A helicopter will meet us and she will be airlifted to the nearest hospital.† Maam we have to move.

Alex (pleading): Iíll meet them there.† Please let her stay with her.†

Medical Technician (nodding): Iíll do my best maam.† I suggest you contact their families for them.† Especially Sergeant Ramus.

Alex turned as she heard people yelling orders.† She stepped back and watched as Brennan was carried on a stretcher into the waiting ambulance and she felt her wife wrap her arms around her.† They closed the doors on the ambulance and it was gone.† Tears fell down her face at the thought of something happening to Brennan and what it would do to Tessa.

Ryan (walking out helping another Marine): Get someone to drive them out of here.† We have several investigators on the way.†† Alex long time no see.

Alex (stiffly): What happened?
Ryan (shaking her head): Alex I donít even know.† Listen go meet your friends at the hospital.† Iíll call you as soon as I can.

Jasmine (guiding her wife to the car): Come on baby weíll get some answers sooner or later.

Brit (walking by them): Have you seen Lara?

Alex (shaking her head): Not yet(turning as she heard yelling,) but here she comes now.

Lara (limping down the stairs): I can walk.† Iím fine no but I want this looked into immediately.† Especially† Lt. Cho.† Yes sir.† Iím on my way sir (closing her cell phone and looking at her partner.)† Hi baby.
Brit (wrapping an arm around her waist): What happened?
Lara (taking a deep breath): A lot of thingsÖ.
Brit (guiding her to their car): No, what happened to you.

Lara (looking at her leg; it hurt like hell): Someone fell on me.† Landed on it wrong.

Brit (pushing back her hair): And this (gesturing to the bruise on her face.)
Lara (wincing as she sat down):† Hit the floor a little harder than I expected.† I have to make some calls and deal with this.† Then weíll go to the hospital and see how things are.

Brit (shaking her head): Nope youíre going to have that looked at then youíre going to rest.

Lara (softly): BritÖ
Brit (leaning down and kissing her): Thatís an order Special Agent (stealing another kiss.)

Somewhere between life and death

Brennan (opening her eyes; the room was bathed in a soft light and she was laying on her back on something soft): HelloÖ

A short muscular blond woman walked into her view and reached out to touch her face.† Another figure taller; with dark hair moved behind her.† They said something to each other and the blonde nodded.
Gabrielle (gently): Itís not your time.† You have yet to fulfill your destiny.

Brennan (shifting): What are you talking about?† And just where the hell am I (noticing the darker haired woman tense.)† Listen would you mind telling me whatís going on and where the hell am I (seeing the dark woman move forward) and tell your bodyguard to back off.† The voice that answered her sent chills down her spine.)
Xena (pulling Gabrielle to her side): Youíre in between life and death.† Youíve come here because well itís obvious.† You need to go back.† Your soul mate is waiting for you and you have much to do yet.†

Brennan (shifting): What are you talking about?† Who the hell is my soul mate and again what the fuckÖ

Xena (moving and putting a gentle hand on her chest): Relax.† The more you struggle here the more you lose your energy out there.† It isnít your time but itís your decision.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Brennan your soul mate is Tessa.† She needs you and you need her.†††

Brennan (closing her eyes; she heard what sounded like someone calling her name): Whatís wrong with me?

Xena (softly): Youíve been shot.† Your heart stopped and youíve lost a lot of blood not to mention the other injuries you suffered.

Gabrielle (taking a deep breath): You have a lot to do.† Justice to serve.
Brennan (closing her eyes): TessaÖ
Xena (smiling; finally someone who wasnít so hard headed and kept asking questions like that Janice or Celia smirking and shifting from the playful slap from her lover): What?

Gabrielle (turning them towards their home): Sheís going to be fine.† Now come on letís go check on the girls and then (leaning up and capturing soft lips as her partner was about to protest.)

Xena (panting when they broke the kiss): I wasnít going to say a word.
Gabrielle (laughing): Sure.† Iíve known you how long.† Come on Warrior Princess.

They walked hand in hand towards paradise and their home in the afterlife.

Two weeks later Tessaís and Brennanís apartment

Tessa (yelling): You touch that cast again Iíll put you in a body cast.

Brennan (groaning as she shifted and tried to get up): LoveÖ
Tessa (from the kitchen): And you move off that couch Iíll beat your ass.

Brennan (hoarsely): Promises, promises.

Tessa (walking in and carrying a pot of coffee): You wonít like it (setting the pot down and brushing back Brennanís hair.)† Youíre a little warm.†

Brennan (shifting): Just tired.†

Tessa (reaching for the bottle of antibiotics): Youíve only taken one of these today.

Brennan (trying to reach for the bottle but the stitches pulled and so did her ribs): I donítí need them and they make me sick.

Tessa (softly): You havenít eaten much thatís why.

Brennan (groaning as her partner handed her a pill then her glass of juice): Nothing tastes good.†
Tessa (understanding): He said for you to eat light until later on.† Nothing heavy does not mean eating only crackers and yogurt.

Brennan (nodding): Thatís why Iím waiting.† I canít wait to taste your shrimp scampi.†

Tessa (smiling): Iíll make you anything you want (caressing her face gently.)† You were shot six times and I almost lost youÖ
Brennan (trying to pull her closer; ignoring the pain; she was released from the hospital only yesterday): Tessa Iím here.† Iím not going anywhere (seeing the tears fall down that lovely face.) Baby (shifting and kissing the top of her head.)† I love you.
Tessa (kissing her lips): I love you too.† Thatís why it hurt so much.†

Brennan (groaning as someone knocked on their door): I made a promise that even in death I wouldnít leave you.†

Tessa (smiling and moving to answer the door): I know but I would still like to know more about that dream (opening it and stepping back as Alex then Jasmine came in carrying several bags then Adrienne and Clara carrying more stuff then Lara and Brit.† All of them had stood beside her through the past couple of weeks and Lara had helped with her parentís funeral arrangements and her ex husbands.† She owed them all a lot and thatís why they were here she was making shrimp scampi and some other nice things for dinner): Hi (hugging Alex tightly.)† Sheís already bored (hugging Jasmine then Clara and Adrienne.)

Lara (shaking her head): Well thatís why this knucklehead brought some God-awful video game over for her.

Brit (kissing her cheek then walking over to Brennan): Hey tough girl.† Here this should keep you out your loverís hair.

Brennan (smirking): Thanks.† So whatís the news (leaning back as Alex caressed her face gently.)† Hi.

Jasmine (sitting on the end of the couch): Well you look better.† Not by muchÖ

Alex (shaking her head): No rough stuff.† Come on Tessa let me give you a hand and hopefully someone can behave (eyeing Jasmine then Brennan then Brit then Adrienne.)
Brit (innocently): Who me?
Lara (laughing): Yes you.† After what you Jasmine and Adrienne did at the hospital (remembering how they were holding wheel chair races in the hall at all hours of the morning and the trouble they had gotten into only to later on go into the supply closet and pose as Dr.ís visiting patients and making them laugh.† They didnít get in much trouble for that but the hospital administer had told her to please keep them in their room.)†

Jasmine (pointing): It was her idea.†

Brit (looking at the bandage on Brennanís arm): Was not?† Here you want me to set this up.

Adrienne (teasing): Was too and pinching that nurseís ass didnít help

Brennan (nodding weakly): Yeah sure.

Tessa (leaning down and kissing her gently): Just behave.†

Brennan (smiling): You like when I misbehave.

Tessa (kissing her softly): I wonít go there.

Alex (putting dishes on the counter): How you doing honey?
Tessa (taking a deep breath and getting out the pasta): Better now that sheís home.† I canít thank you enough for setting this up for us.†

Lara (getting silverware out): You both needed a place to start over.† A place to start your life together.†
Tessa (nodding): Yeah.† Itís been a little rough so far.† But things are looking up.

Lara (squeezing her shoulder comfortingly): Theyíll get better.† Are you two going to see that counselor next week?
Tessa (smiling): You mean Alexís aunt.

Alex (shrugging and stirring the pasta): I didnít say a peep.

Tessa (laughing): Donít have to.† She told me when she stopped in at the hospital.

All three of them turned when they heard yelling from the living room.† Tessa shook her head then went in there when she heard a loud thump.† What she saw made her laugh.† There was Brit sitting on Jasmine playing the game.† Thankfully for Jasmine, Brit was smaller than her.
Tessa (mock scolding): Brennan you had better not have anything to do with it.

Brennan (hoarsely): I was napping.

Jasmine (mumbling): No you werenít you, were trying to get that cast off your leg.

Adrienne (shifting): And the one off your arm.† Go on, ask her where the hacksaw is?

Tessa (wide eyed): Brennan, last warning. (Turning to go in the kitchen) and Brit there is another chair to sit in.† I doubt that† pain in the ass is that comfortable.

Lara (stirring the scampi): What did they do now?
Alex (mixing the salad): I can just guess.† Those four together are enough to scare someone into surrender.
Clara (nodding): You an say that again.† They even think alike thatís scary.

Tessa (laughing and getting the grated cheese out): And Brennan being out of commission isnít helping.† She gets bored rather easily.† (Yelling and laughing from the living room and Tessa shook her head until they heard what sounded like another thud.)† Shit (walking in the living room to see Brennan getting up using her crutches and Adrienne lying on the floor next to Brit.)† Do I dare ask what happened?

Adrienne (shaking her head): We tried to help her up and well letís just say sheís pretty heavy.

Brit (getting up and smacking Jasmine on the shoulder): You shut up you encourage her.

Jasmine (pointing to herself): Me.† What about you?† Miss I dare you.

Alex (moving next to her wife): Why is it that whenever you four get together trouble always strikes (turning around to see Brennan moving slowly.)† Jesus woman you look terrible.
Tessa (standing in front of Brennan): Love..
Brennan (hoarsely): Iím ok just have to get my bearings.

Lara (looking at Brennanís tall lanky physique; she could see the trembling): Hey maybe you should take it easy.† We could bring your dinner out here.

Tessa (putting her hands on Brennanís arms): Maybe you should sit down we couldÖ
Brennan (softly): No† Iím going in the kitchen (getting the crutches under her and making slow progress to the kitchen with everyone following behind her.)
Lara (thinking): Maybe a walker would be easier on her.† That cast on her arm has got to be uncomfortable.

Alex (biting her lip): Well we tried that.† She threw the dam thing half way across the room and swore in several different languages.

Jasmine (laughing): But the look on the nurseís face was priceless.

Alex (playfully cuffing her): You be quiet.

Adrienne (shaking her head): This time I have to agreeÖ
Jasmine (sticking her tongue at her): Traitor (wincing) will you stop with the hitting.

Brennan (taunting): I thought you like a little pain with your pleasure.

Adrienne (agreeing and looking at the cute sight in front of her): Well there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Clara (rolling her eyes): Yeah you especially would know that. †Miss use the whip on me.

Brit (laughing): Ooh sadism or masochism I forget.
Lara (shoving her playfully): I wouldnít talk you other one.

Alex (putting her hand over Jasmineís mouth): Not a word.† Just sit your ass down.

Jasmine (motioning to Tessa and Brennan; Tessa had her head on Brennanís chest and Brennan was leaning against the counter with her eyes closed): What, that it takes a little pygmy to conquer a big Amazon?

Brennan (leaning down for a kiss then moving to sit down before her partner got any more ideas): Yep and proud of it.† Alex did you happen to leave her leash at home.
Brit (helping Tessa): Maybe a muzzle would work better (grinning) ooh harder (as her partner slapped her on the ass.)

Lara (taking a deep breath): Put that on the table.† Maybe I should get you a leash or something.

Adrienne (encouraging): And a muzzle.† That would be a good idea.
Clara (shaking her head): What is it with you four and your toys?
Tessa (sitting down): What about toys (winking at Brennan who nearly choked?)† I thought they were meant to enhance pleasure or something.

Alex (chewing her food): It does unless your sick and twisted like these two over there (winking at Lara who looked about to choke.)

Brit (patting her partner on the back): Easy there love.†
Lara (swallowing): Enough with the sex toys already.† God weíre eating dinner and you three have to have your mind in the gutter.

Jasmine (taunting): Whatís wrong Special Agent I thought you like ouch hey (grabbing her wifeís wrist as she grabbed her ear.)
Alex (whispering): Unless you want the couch I strongly suggest you behave (nipping her ear. Going back to her dinner) Tessa this is fantastic.

Tessa (smiling and looking at her partner who looked to be enjoying it as well): Youíre welcome.

The rest of dinner was filled with plans and talk of the upcoming trial and military briefing and playful banter.† Later once the kitchen was clean and Brennan was back on the couch much to Tessaís relief, they were enjoying a movie relaxing and talking when there was knock at the door.
Tessa (opening it and smiling as she realized who it was): DanniÖ
Danni (smirking): Hey I hope Iím not interrupting but I have good news and I wanted to share it with you all.

Tessa (motioning for her to come in):No, not at all.† Everyoneís here.

Danni (hugging her tightly): How are you?† (Over the past two weeks she had spent a great deal of time talking with her and informing her of everything that had been going on.)
Tessa (smiling and leading her into the living room): Good, Brennan Ďs doing better.†

Danni (following her into the living room): Well look at this.† Itís actually quiet in here.
Alex (standing): Aunt DanniÖ

Danni (hugging her niece tightly): Everythingís fine.† Just wanted to share some good news with you.

Jasmine (kissing her cheek): So whatís up?
Adrienne (shifting in her loverís lap): Weíre listening.

Lara (leaning forward; feeling Britís hand on her back): DidÖ

Danni (sitting on the end f the couch): Hold it. The disc has been decoded, there was a lot of information on it that linked a few people to known terrorists and their activities.† Also information on some very powerful public figures from all over the world.† And information for another terrorist plot.† Thatís the first piece of good news.
Lara (standing): Theyíre putting the proper warnings in place.

Danni (nodding): Yes, among other things (winking.)

Jasmine (wondering): What?
Danni (holding up her hand): The supposed suspects have already been brought in for questioning.

Bit (leaning back): Thatís good.† So what else.

Danni (smiling): Well we already knew this but Brennanís been dropped of all charges. And she will be receiving an award for meritorious conduct and a silver star and another one that I forget.† Also you will be given a full promotion and a chance to retire or continue in your field.† As for Tessa sheís getting the highest award for a citizen for her service to her country for her involvement and actions in all of this.† And the rest of you will also be getting some award (smiling proudly.)† Clara youíve been given a chance to work with another organization beside the D.A.Ďs office (winking) and Lara and Brit as of today you two are on two weeks mandatory vacation courtesy of Director Griffin.

Lara (smiling): Thatís great.

Brit (kissing her softly): Awesome.

Brennan (softly): Did they catch the rest of the people involved.

Tessa (sitting next to her partner and caressing her face gently): I made some coffee.† I heard (forestalling Danni from repeating herself) and what happened to whoever else was involved.

Danni (nodding her thanks): Theyíre rounding them up.† Things are getting cleared up and straightened out as we speak.

The rest of the evening was filled with questions about how things would go and what to expect.† But the most important thing was justice had been served and the people involved, the right people had been stopped.

Later, after everyone had left Tessa lay curled up against Brennanís side, thinking of the many things they had all talked about earlier.

Brennan (softly; shifting gingerly): Baby, you ok.

Tessa (leaning up and looking at her): Yeah.† Just thinking (trailing her fingers over Brennanís collarbone.

Brennan (moaning at the soft touch; intimacy was a little difficult because of her cast but two weeks was two long in her mind to go without touching the woman who meant everything to her): Things happen precisely as they shouldÖ
Tessa (feeling Brennanís larger hand move up and down her back and then grab her bum firmly): No, not that well that but Iím putting it into perspective.† (Leaning down for a kiss, which turned heated quickly.† She had missed being with Brennan over the past two weeks but knew it would at least be another week before and oh God moaning as her hand moved further down) not that (groaning as Brennan stroked her inner thighs from behind.)† The fact that theyíre playing me as some sort of here.

Brennan (not stopping her attentions): You are a hero.† A hero doesnít necessarily carry a sword or a gun but does the right thing despite the odds and circumstances.† Youíre my hero love (moving her fingers up and smiling as she felt wet silky heat greet her fingers.): Mmm (groaning) someone missed meÖ
Tessa (moving): HoneyÖ
Brennan (smiling): No more thoughts of what ifís and might haves.† You did the right thing for the right reasons and you are my hero.† Because you saved me now (shifting gently) let me show you how much Iíve missed you.
And as the two souls reconnected again like many times before and many times after two other souls looked on and smiled.
Xena (softly): Took them long enough.

Gabrielle (smacking her playfully): This world is different itís harder now.†

Xena (wrapping her arms around her soul mate): That it is.† But theyíll be fine.† They always have before and always will be.

Gabrielle (leaning up for a soft kiss): Letís leave them their privacy (gently leading her soul mate back to the Fields.)

As Tessa and Brennan reconnected and Xena and Gabrielle walked off towards the Elysian Fields a small silver light filled the room surrounding Tessa and Brennan then vanished.† Two souls reconnected and two souls at peace.† The call for a hero would always be answered.† Like it was in the beginning and forever shall be.

Authorís Note:† This concludes Lost and Found.† We might see these characters again it depends.† I want to thank everyone who was such a big part of this but especially to my partner and best friend LouAnn.† I swear in her past life she must have been the Goddess of Patience (g.)† My writing is going to be on break from now to the end of September.† I will be starting a Mel/Janice story at that time.

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