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A warm fire and several strategically placed candles lighted the bathing chamber.† A lone dark headed figure reclined in the tub; head back and her eyes closed.† It had been along day of working with the guard unit and working on some plans for her upcoming ceremony.†

Xena stomped down the long corridor that led to her daughterís chambers; her armor was splattered with mud and she was not in a good mood.† No not at all but hopefully the bundle in her hand would make someone happy.

Varia heard the door opening and thought it was her lover.† She felt no sense of danger so she tilted her head back further and spread her arms over the rim of the large tub and waited.
Xena paused in the doorway smirking.† Ooh paybacks were going to a bitch.† Her mood picked up quickly.

Varia (feeling gentle fingers massaging her scalp): Oh yeah, that feels so good.† I have something else you can massage baby.† (The fingers moved across her tight shoulders) dam how did you know.† Why donít you get in here and help me ease some of this tension love?

Xena smiled an evil smile and proceeded to torment her victim just a bit more.† Picking up the sponge, she dunked it in the water, thankful that Variaís eyes were still closed and began dripping some of the water down her concealed torso.† Moans and groans filled the room then Xena sprang like a cat.† Grabbing Varia gently by the back of her neck she leaned in close to Variaís ear her voice a low growl.

Xena (tracing Variaís jaw with the tip of her thumb): You waiting for someone featherhead?† And just what are you doing in here when my daughter; the woman your about to join with out there is (the result was better than she hoped for as Varia nearly vaulted out of the pool.)
Varia (gasping; turning red from the blush creeping up her face): Dammit Xena that was just plain mean (seeing the dark eyebrow arch.)† I was waiting for Eve to come back and we were just going to spend the rest of the afternoon well you knowÖ

Xena (pursing her lips): But you were telling her what you wanted to do (teasing, although Varia didnít know it.)
Varia (gulping): Well you know how it is.† Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns so to say.† Come on Xena lighten up (seeing Xena shaking with silent laughter.)† I swear Gabrielle better get back here and quick or youíre going to make your daughter a widow before the ceremony.

Xena (laughing): Relax.† I was just having fun with you.† Besides, I know how you feel about Eve.† Here I had these made just as if you asked (handing the bundle to Varia.)
Varia (hesitantly taking the bundle from her tormentor; opening it, her face beamed with a bright smile): Xena these are perfect, just what I envisioned.† Did you get yours and Brieís?† (Xena nodded) awesome.† So where do we hide these till the ceremony?

Xena (standing): Iíve got the perfect spot.† That is if you want.† And I told you anyway I could help you with this itís my pleasure.
Varia (making a gesture for Xena to turn around so she could get out of the tub): Xena having you and Gabrielle also at the ceremony getting joined is an honor.† Eve is so excited.

Xena (hearing Variaís feet on the tile floor): Youíre sure Iím not imposing?
Varia (wrapping a towel around herself): Hell no.† Eve and I love the idea.† Itís hard for her, though, not to tell Brie.† Well you knowÖ

Xena (nodding): Yeah I do.† And I appreciate the fact you two are keeping things so quiet (facing Varia) and the fact your making our daughter happy well thatís an added bonus.† The training didnít go so well did it (motioning to the bruises on Variaís forearms.)
Varia (shaking her head): Theyíre raw.† And they donít listen.† Kelia and Patros really got fed up there for a while.† I was biting my tongue every time one them made a move.†
Xena (wrapping the rings back up in the bundle): Iím going to take care of this.† Meet me in the library.† Hopefully Brie and Eve will be back shortly and we can have some dinner and I can figure out what excuse Iím going to give her for wanting to be apart from her for a week (sighing) and I donít want to.

Varia (understanding; but deciding to tease):† Oh how the mighty have fallen.† Look at you, Warrior Princess, yeow (yelping as Xena snapped a towel at her bum.)† Hey now watch it. If you mark me, Eve will get on you about it.

Eve watched her mom work slowly methodically sensing the emotional detachment involved with her job.† So much pain and suffering for what?† For war, for conquest; hanging her head as she realized that she too at one point caused this in her life.† But that was a closed chapter.† She was about to be joined to the love of her life and was spending a great deal of time with both of her parentís because she saw the purest love between them† and wanted to learn for herself how to make her and VariaĎs marriage work.†
Gabrielle (walking over to her; her apron covered in blood; splashes of the substance on her forearms): Whatíre you thinking?† Did someone say something to you?†

Eve (shaking her head): Nothing important.† No, Iím all right.
Gabrielle (washing her hands in a basin of water): You look just like your mother when youíre thinking or in her case plotting (smirking wickedly.)
Eve (playfully swatting her shoulder): Gee thanks.† Hey, you mean to say I got all my endearing qualities from you then, right?
Gabrielle (affectionately rolling her eyes): Youíre so bad.† Come on stud letís go find our other halves.

Eve (throwing up her hands): But when Iím bad Iím good, (a hand clamped over her mouth.)
Gabrielle (laughing): Donít say it.† Donít even go there.†

Eve (walking with her mom to the portal they would use to get back to the underworld): Why not?† Itís not like you and mother should talk (winking.)
Gabrielle (shoving her playfully through the portal): Yeah but weíre older itís our privilege (trying not to blush.)† Hey have you figured anything out about your abilities.

Eve (thinking): Well it seems my powers are only telepathic.† I can move objects or deflect them but I canít destroy them or anything like that.†

Gabrielle (thankfully): Itís a good thing, I guess.† And youíre immortal now.† (Placing her hand on her daughterís arm) howís Varia about the whole thing.
Eve (understanding): Sheís great about the whole thing.† We havenít talked about it much but from we have talked about it doesnít bother her at all.†

Gabrielle (brushing a lock of Eveís hair back): Weíll figure out what happened.† And if you need to talkÖ
Eve (kissing her cheek): I know.† Let me go find her, speaking of which.† Thereís no telling what those two have gotten into since weíve been out.
Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow): Theyíre worse then kids sometimes.

Eve (laughing): Youíre telling me.† Iíll see you for dinner.
Gabrielle (nodding and looking around; wondering where her partner was and hoping she wasnít getting her self into too much trouble.)

Xena (yelling at her guard detail): I donít care.† Youíre going to do it until you get it right.† Youíre dead for crying out loud and you canít even get a simple training regiment right (her voice mockingly whiny) cause youíre afraid youíll get hurt.† (Snarling) you wonít.† Now I want it done and I want it done right (throwing a stave at a tall dark haired female.)†
Gabrielle (walking through the foyer and to the fields just outside the castle walls; it had been Xenaís idea and it was perfect): My Lord (looking at her partnerís rigid body and tense muscles.)
Xena (turning around to face her): My Queen sorry give me a few minutes and Iíll be right in.

Gabrielle (nodding in understanding and wincing as Xena sent one of the new guards flying): Weíll have to work on relieving some of her stress.† (Walking back inside the castle she realized she had forgotten about dinner with Aphrodite.)† Shit (walking back outside (she ducked as a body flew over her head) Xena (yelling to get her loverís attention) we have company coming.† You want to finish with them and soon.

Xena (laughing evilly): Sure no sweat (ducking a sword swing and throwing the attacker back with a punch.)
Gabrielle (shaking her head): Sheís feeling frisky (shuddering at the delicious thoughts of her and her partnerís ways of dealing with it.)† Youíre going to get it later, love.

Kelia (walking up to her): Dinner will be ready shortly.† Is she (gesturing to Xena who was yelling her battle cry) never mind Iíll draw a bath?†

Gabrielle (patting her arm): Thanks.† Sheíll need it and so will I.† Have you seen Eve and Varia?
Kelia (walking with her): Yes.† Theyíre in the library.†
Gabrielle: Thanks.† And if you could get tall dark and gorgeous in here.

Kelia (muttering): Tall dark and oh dam.† I donít want to know how she came up with that one (snickering) wonder what she calls the Queen.†

Eve (tangling her fingers in her loverís dark locks): Yes just a little lower oh dam yes just like that (as her partner traced a fiery trail up and down her skin with her tongue.)†
Varia (moaning): So sweet (nipping the inside of Eveís thigh) so hot (moving her tongue upward) all for me.

Eve (thrusting her hips into her loverís mouth): Yes for you.

Varia (holding her hips in place): Just lay back and let me love you.† Thatís my girl (bending down to claim the sweet feast laid out before her.)
Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow): You mean to tell meÖ

Patros (nodding; trying not to blush from the noise coming from within the room): Yes.† Your daughter is just like you and the Lord, it seems.

Gabrielle (wide eyed at the loud scream): You can say that again (hearing a loud crash) um never mind.† When they come out please tell them dinner will be ready shortly (hearing another thud followed by another scream) come to think of it, sheís more like Xena in that regard (snickering and walking down the hall.)
Patros (shaking her head and looking at Talia): I think in that regard Eve is like the Queen.

Xena (walking up to them): Whatís going on?

Patros (trying not blush): Youíre daughter and her intended are otherwise engaged.
Xena (smiling proudly): Thatís my girl.† Well excuse me a minute I need them out here for dinner.
Talia (putting her hand up): My Lord theyíre and you canít besidesÖ

Xena (smirking): I know and yes, I can.† Motherís privilege (holding up a bucket of water) or something to that effect (yanking the door open.)† Playtimeís over (throwing the water over them and watching in amusement as they both scrambled trying to grab anything to cover them.† She turned and faced away from them snickering.) Get dressed or your mom will have my hide.

Eve (moaning): MotherÖ
Xena (shaking her head; smiling): Remember who is coming to dinner that she doesnít know about.† Now get yourselves together.†

Varia (groaning as she sat up): SorryÖ
Xena (understanding): Believe me I know (laughing at a loud thud) right foot first Varia.
Varia (groaning): Funny, Warrior Princess.†

Eve (patting her lover on the bum): Mother behave.† You said that you needed an excuse so you can do the separation thing (snickering) so itís like your first time (trying to laugh) I just realized itís almost like a forced (Variaís hand clamped over her mouth.)

Varia (shaking her head and trying to clear the water out of her eyes; she had gotten most of the water thrown over her) donít say it.† Because you and I are going through the same thing.

Gabrielle settled back in the bath waiting patiently for her soul mate to get her bum in here and grinning as the door opened and in stepped six feet of gorgeous woman.† Her partner; her lover and oh dam.† She knew that look and that look meant she was about to be thoroughly ravaged by her lover.† But not now, later, seeing the hungry lustful look in her partnerís eyes and knew that she wasnĎt about to waitÖ

Xena (licking her lips at the gorgeous sight in front of her): You are beautiful (leaning down for a kiss) heart (taking Gabrielleís earlobe in her teeth) body (licking a path up her loverís neck) and soul.
Gabrielle (shuddering from the delicious assault): And so are you (moaning as strong fingers traced her skin) love dinner, remember (tapping the back of her head lightly.)

Xena (sighing): I know, I know but I want (moaning as teeth and lips latched onto her nipple.)† Donít do that Brie unless you want to be late.

Gabrielle (thinking): Give me five no make that ten minutes (pouncing on her lover with lavicsious intent.)
Xena thinking that they should be getting ready and not doing oh the Tartarus with dinner it could wait.

Aphrodite (popping in with Lila in tow): Well good afternoon.

Eve (smiling and putting down the scroll she had been reading): Hi.† Itís nice that you brought Lila here for dinner and to see mom.

Lila (looking around the ornate dining room): Yeah but where is here?
Varia (walking in; her leathers and armors were gleaming; her hair was tied back; winking at Eve): Youíre in the Underworld.†
Eve (trying not to lick her lips at the sight of her partner): Are you all right?
Lila (nodding): Yes but I never expected this.† I always pictured it as cold and gloomy but itísÖ
Aphrodite (glancing around): Well that is your sisterís ideas.† She didnít want it to look like gloom and doom either.† Um where are Xena and Gabrielle, speaking of which?
Gabrielle (walking in; their was a glow about her; from recent activities): Right here.† Well Xena will be here in a moment (the words died on her lips as she saw the woman she considered her sister and tensed.) LilaÖ
Eve (standing and wrapping her arm around her momís shoulders): Itís a surprise and not what you think.†

Gabrielle (hugging her tightly, she had decided not to tell Lila the truth instead letting them continue as they were): You look great.† Have you been getting my messages?†
Lila (nodding): I just canít believe what Iíve been told by Eve and Varia.† Youíre a Goddess now isnít that kind of awkward considering Eveís position.
Gabrielle (shaking her head and guiding her sister to a chair); No, not really.† We respect each otherís positions and opinions.† So how are things?† Anything new and exciting.† Howís Sara doing?
Lila (taking the offered goblet of wine from a servant): Thank you.† Things are good.† Actually prosperous.† Saraís doing great.† Sheís got a love interest (tensing.)† But itís her life and I want her happy.

Gabrielle (looking up and silently saying thank you to Eve and Varia as they gave them some privacy): Why?† What is it?
Lila (sighing): Well Sara and this woman named Naomi well theyíve been seeing each other about three months now and I donít know.† Itís just thatÖ
Gabrielle (cocking her head): You do know Xena and I are together, donít you.† So what difference does it make who she loves?† As long as sheís happy and sheís not hurting her.† Thatís whatís important.† Not anything else.†
Lila (nodding): I know but itís just I remember Dad and his comments about you and Xena and well I just donít want to go through that.

Gabrielle (taking her arm): Letís go for a walk.† Dinner will wait a few moments.

Varia (holding her partner with one arm and pointing to a bunch of rocks near a wall with crystals within them): When your mother showed me these the first time, it took my breath away but not like when I look at you.†

Aphrodite (walking up behind them): Thatís one thing Iíll say about down here.† It has a lot of hidden treasures and stuff.
Eve (taking her outstretched hand): How are you doing?†

Aphrodite (smiling): Great.† Hades has settled in with Apollo over at his pad and Hectateís keeping an eye on things and well things so far are quiet.†
Varia (leaning against the wall): We meant you Dite.

Aphrodite (playfully swatting her arm): I know.† And Iím doing good.† Olympus is kind of quiet but itís ok.

Eve (pulling Aphrodite along with her): Well we could solve that for a little bit.† At least until after the ceremony.

Varia (smiling): Which by the way thank you so much for wanting to help.† I couldnít think of anyone else that I would want to officiate over our ceremony and I know once Gabrielle finds out sheíll be ecstatic.

Aphrodite (smiling): Well it is a special day both of my favorite couples are getting joined.†

Eve (smirking): Yep and you have to see mother trying to keep this from Gabrielle.

Aphrodite (nodding): Yep wonít the little one be surprised.† Hey did she get the rings.
Varia (trying to hide the fact that she had Xena get their rings also): Yeah and theyíre gorgeous.† Something fit for a Queen (winking at Aphrodite.)
Aphrodite (understanding): Well Gabrielle is a Queen in her own rite several times over.† I canít wait.

Eve (kissing Varia on the cheek): I canít either.†

Lila (softly): Doesnít it bother you about being down here. I mean wellÖ

Gabrielle (gently): We have a cabin near the Strymon Pass.† But thatís not where we want to be now.† Our home is down here but Iíll follow Xena to the ends of the earth.† Sheís my home.†
Lila (squeezing Gabrielleís hand): I know that.† Does sheÖ
Gabrielle (nodding; her face lighting up): Lila weíve been through some stuff over the years but itís nothing compared to the joy and love I feel with her.† Thereís nothing I wouldnít do; nowhere I wouldnít go just to be with her.† Sheís my life and I wonít change that and I wonít allow anyone else to either.

Lila (patting her hand): When is she going to put a ring on your finger and make you an honest woman?
Xena (walking in): She is already and honest woman.† We donít need a ceremony to prove our love for each other.† But if the day ever comes when she wants that then Iíll move heaven and earth and the underworld to make it happen.†
Gabrielle (taking her partnerís hand in her own): And itís not something either of us really want right now.† Not with so much going on.†
Lila (trying not stare at Xenaís figure, which was covered in black and silver armor; her hair slicked back; and those eyes they held a silvery tint to them that made her shudder): I didnít mean anything by it.† I just worry about you.† Youíre all I have besides Sara.†
Xena (taking Lilaís hand in her own): And you have my word youíre sister is my world.† Thereís nothing I wouldnít do for her (remembering what Gabrielle had said to her about keeping things as they were and not revealing the fact that Lila wasnít really her sister.)†

Gabrielle (patting her stomach as it made its presence known): I donít know about you two but Iím hungry letís go and sit down and eat.

Lila (laughing): Some things never change.
Aphrodite (laughing): She got you good then didnít she?

Eve (shaking her head): Aphrodite theyíre worst then kids at times.
Varia (seductively): But you never complain when I (whispering something in Eveís ear.)
Aphrodite (giggling): I bet she doesnít (laughing at Eveís blush.)† Honey no need for that.† Please love and lovemaking are my thing and let me tell you, you have one hot chichy here and (fanning her self.)
Varia (kissing the back of Eveís hand): And I know it.† Beautiful isnít she.

Eve (playfully shoving her partner): Youíre such a heathen hey (wrapping her arms around Variaís neck as she was picked up and cradled.)
Aphrodite (holding up her hand): Now thatís romance.† Sweep a girl off her feet and dam (smiling at the affectionate couple.)† Definitely Xenaís and Gabrielleís daughter.† I hate to break this up but your parentís are expecting us for dinner (the amorous couple showed no signs of stopping.)†

Xena (materializing in front of them and arching an eyebrow at Aphrodite): Thatís my girl.†

Aphrodite (trying not to look): No I think thatís Gabrielleís little maneuver (covering her mouth as Eve groaned.)† Yep I heard you making the same sounds when the little one rubs the back of your neck.

Varia (breaking the kiss): Dinner then weíll finish this later.
Eve (blinking trying to get her head together): Paybacks.

Xena (playfully shoving them): Come on you two (using her powers to transport them to the dining hall.)
Dinner was filled with catching up; playful banter and laughter.† It felt good just to be with the ones that cared about you most and enjoy their company.
Gabrielle (kissing Xena softly): You wouldnít mind if I took, my sister up on that path would you.† I just want her to see well you know.

Xena (smiling and sipping the wine): Whatís in it for me?
Gabrielle (leaning closer and nipping the bottom of Xenaís ear): I promise you with what I have in mind itíll be worth it.

Xena (feeling rather warm all of a sudden): Any hints?
Gabrielle (teasing): You, me, our bedroom, a couple of toys and a long night.

Xena (gulping; feeling really warm): Anything else?

Gabrielle (nipping her ear): A little surprise that will have to wait (backing up to look at her partner whose face was flushed and her breathing heavy.)† Thank you love (walking over to her sister) come on Iíve got something to show you.

Lila (noticing the look on Xenaís face): Is she all right?
Gabrielle (trying not laugh): Sheís fine.† Just a little warm.

Eve (watching her mom then looking at her mother): Do you need some water?
Aphrodite (sipping her wine): Probably to sit in.

Varia (standing): Come on Goddess you and me have to check on those troops.† Canít sit here all evening doing nothing.

Xena (growling playfully): Keep it up featherhead.

Eve (laughing): Here they go again.† Aphrodite what do you say you and I go look at some gowns and stuff.† Maybe something else for these two to wear for the ceremony.† And we have other plans to discuss as well.

Aphrodite (excitedly): Great idea.† (Leaning over Xenaís chair) sheís going to rock your world but good Warrior Babe.

Xena (wickedly grinning): Donít I know it.† Come on Varia.

Gabrielle (pointing to some trees): Over there is the gate to the land of the Amazon dead. †Xenaís responsibility is mainly here (gesturing to the Elysian Fields.)

Lila (softly; leaning on the railing): Have you seen mother and dad?
Gabrielle (taking a deep breath): We both check in on our families but donít interfere too much.† Even here, information can be used against you.† But mother and dad are here and so is Lennat.† And other people we care about as well.

Lila (questioning): What if you wanted to I meanÖ

Gabrielle (softly): I could but Iím careful (not wanting to go into all the details.)† They donít even see Xena when she comes through here.† For them weíre shades just like they are to us if they get out of the fields somehow.†

Lila (nodding): I understand (trying to fight a yawn.)
Gabrielle (seeing this): Come on let me take you home so you can get some sleep.
Lila (hesitantly): You can do that?
Gabrielle (smiling): Yep.† Although Xena and I donít use our powers very much unless itís something very important we know how to use them.
Lila (thinking): Thatís different from the other Gods then.†
Gabrielle (wrapping her hand around her arm): Very different.† They used them all the time for everything.† We prefer to keep things as natural as possible.† As mundane as possible (closing her eyes in concentration to take her sister home.)
Varia (watching the training group): Theyíre better.† But they still have a ways to go.

Xena (nodding and reading a scroll): Yes they do but itís improvement.
Ephiny (walking up to them): Hi.
Xena (playfully): Eph you know youíre supposed to stay in your cage.

Ephiny (forcing herself to become solid): I canít.† I needed to come and thank you both for your help with the Amazons.
Varia (bowing her head): It was my duty to protect them although I didnít do so hot with some of them.
Ephiny (reaching out and caressing her face): You did what you could.† There were many who didnít want to go.† But those who went will prosper.† I hear thereís a ceremony in the near future.† Am I invited?

Xena (playfully rolling her eyes): Sure, whatís one more to witness my ultimate surrender (smirking?)
Ephiny (winking at Varia): You surrender thatís putting it a little mildly considering how many times your on your knees for her, which Iím glad to see it that way.
Xena (leaning forward): You into voyeur Eph (teasing?)
Varia (biting her lip): You know that does bring up something Iíve been wanting to ask you?
Ephiny (patting Xena playfully on the chest): No.† But maybe you should watch you might learn something.

Xena (proudly): I have many skills.

Varia (rolling her eyes): You had to say it didnít you?

Ephiny (playfully shoving her): Be respectful of your elders pup.† Seriously, I need to ask you both to do something for me.† The Amazons are doing fine in their new home.† But there is just so much that needs to be done and well I was wondering if you two could.† It would solve the separation question and give you two some time to work off all that pent up frustration.

Varia (agreeing): Iíll be more than glad too.
Xena (taking a deep breath): Ephiny you know Iím not a welcome guest among their community and neither is Eve.† I donít want to stir up no trouble especially with everything that needs to be done.† And besides you know Brie sheíll have a thousand questions.
Ephiny (winking): I can take care of that for you.† Both problems.† The Amazons need to swallow some of our pride and accept help from a friend (at Xenaís shock look) Xena I know your past and I know of Eveís.† Neither of the two of you are the same woman that went in and destroyed our villages.† Youíve been forgiven, both of you many times over.† Forgive yourselves.† You and Eve have both earned a place among us when the time comes if you so choose it.† And Varia you will always be an Amazon.† Just because your title was taken away when you askedÖ
Xena (angrily): What?† What are you talking about?
Varia (gulping): Thank you my Queen.
Ephiny (pulling Xena aside): Varia give us a moment.† (Looking up to dark blue eyes) calm down.† Varia relinquished her title when she announced her ceremonial request to join with Eve.† Varia gave it up willingly.† She loves your daughter Xena.

Xena (folding her arms across her chest): And now you want me (pointing to herself) to go in there and help rebuild a village that disowned their Queen who happens to be someone I consider family.† EphinyÖ
Ephiny (placing her hands on Xenaís arms): Xena I would never be one to taunt you but please.† They need help and you made a promise to me.† Iíll take care of Brie and of some of the attitudes but please Xena.

Xena (considering): I could never say no to you except (gentle fingers silenced her.)
Ephiny (softly; caressing Xenaís face): Thank you (leaning up and placing a gentle kiss on Xenaís lips; which were very soft and very warm; donít go there she admonished herself.)† Iíll be there for you both.† Give me a couple of days.

Xena (watching as Ephiny walked over to Varia and kissed her gently; telling her something): I guess we got part of the problem solved.†
Ephiny (nodding): Iíll go talk to her.† You two stay out of trouble (a mischievous look in her eyes and she vanished.)
Gabrielle sat near the fire in the library reading an old scroll of some epic battle.† The fire dimmed then heated up.
Ephiny (materializing solidly in front of her): How are you?
Gabrielle (startled): Ephiny?† Whatís wrong?† Is XenonÖ.
Ephiny (taking her hands in her own): NothingĎs wrong. And Xenon is fine and so is his wife and the baby.† I came to tell you I sent for Xena and Varia to help with the rebuilding of the new village on the island.† Itís going to be a lot of hard work and plenty of attitude.†

Gabrielle (softly): But my place is beside Xena no matter what.
Ephiny (understanding and caressing her face): I know but you have Eve who needs to get ready for her ceremony and that sort of thing.† Besides, Iíll be keeping an eye on them both as will several of our other friends.

Gabrielle (realizing she was right): Make sure you keep them both out of trouble.
Ephiny (promising): You have my word.† So tell me what have you been up to.† I never thought in a thousand years you would be a Goddess althoughÖ
Gabrielle (trying not blush): Stop (laughing) itís not something I imagined either.† But I like what Iím doing and Xenaís happy and so is Eve and Varia.
Ephiny (nodding): Sheís a beautiful young woman.† Takes after the both of you† in a lot of ways.† And Varia is a wonderful mate for her.† They make quite the pair.
Gabrielle (proudly): Tell me about it.† Eveís my daughter not of the flesh but of my heart.† I just wish people werenít so dammed judgmental.† I canít believe what some of the Amazons put Xena and Eve through.† SorryÖ

Ephiny (squeezing her hand): Itís all right.† But not everyone feels that way.† You should hear some of us talk (at Gabrielleís look of astonishment) yes a lot of us keep an eye on you, both of you.† And like I told Xena, you all have a place with us if you want or need when the time comes.

Gabrielle (smiling): Thank you.† Can you tell me about Lyssa?†
Ephiny (nodding): Iíd be honored too.† Sheís a tough hard ass Warrior, even in the afterlife.† For those of us she trusted, she spoke of you often and in your hardest times she would cry out for you.† Wishing she could be there.† Many a times some of us would just sit and be there for her.† But you know Warriorís (laughing.)† AnywayÖ

Xena (softly): Why didnít you tell me about the problems you had with your ceremony?
Varia (angrily): Because itís my problem Xena.† I walked away because I didnít want the headaches and the pain and suffering especially not for EveÖ
Xena (stepping closer): VariaÖ
Varia (holding up her hand): Xena what could you have done?† What could Brie have done?† Nothing.† They made their minds up about me a long time ago.† This was just the last straw.† Yes, I gave up my title and position but I did it out of love.† My love for your daughter and I have no regrets.† None.

Xena (softly): I know (seeing Varia fighting tears) hey come here (Varia pushed her away) oh no, you donít.† (Pulling her into a tight hug)† if you want the ceremony with the Amazons then weíll do something.† Itíll be ok (rubbing her back.)†

Varia (crying softly on Xenaís shoulder): No.† I donít want that and neither does Eve.† We want people that care about us not ones who would spoil our day.† Thatís what I want and Eve wants (looking up into soft blue eyes.)
Xena (wiping Variaís tears with her thumb): I know I donít say it often, hell, I donít say it much to Brie or Eve but I want you to know the past is in the past.† Done over and finished.† Youíre part of my family now.† You never have to face anything alone.† No matter if it has to do with my daughter; the Amazons; whatever.† You can always come to me if you need help.† (Smirking wickedly) although if you ever tell anyone I said that Iíll beat your bum, got me.
Varia (sincerely): Thanks, mom.† And you have my word.† And if you tell anyone (getting trapped in a headlock) hey watch it.

Xena (smiling): You watch it feather head

Varia (standing and patting Xena on the shoulder; only to be pulled in for another hug): Thank you.

Xena (gently kissing the top of her head): Come on.† I want to spend the next few days getting ready and making sure things will run smoothly while Iím gone.
Varia (helping her up): Kelia will be left in charge, right (Xena nodded?)† And no one is to know youíre a Goddess right (another nod?)†

They walked along the corridor talking and telling ribald jokes.†

Eve (walking into the library; carrying a couple of scrolls): Hey.† Have you seen our two troublemakers?
Gabrielle (sipping her tea): No.† But I saw Ephiny and she assures me that theyíre fine.† (Thinking) for the moment (they both laughed.)† What do you have here (motioning to the stack of parchments.)

Eve (shifting through them): Just a story I found thatís yours that you never finished.

Gabrielle (puzzled): Let me see (holding up the parchment and smiling.) †Yep this one isnít finished (at Eveís raised eyebrow) you look so much like your mother, Eve.†
Eve (pointing to the parchment): Why isnít it finished?
Gabrielle (thoughtfully): Do you know the poem that I keep in a frame (Eve nodded) thatís the beginning of the story as it points out here.† It was my birthday and Xena and I teased each other relentlessly. But it was a happy time for both of us.† We wished you had been there though.† Anyway, that night after we rescued the virgin priestess and got the Helmet of Hermes back and we were alone, well it was one of the best birthdays I had.† Your mother can be quite the romantic when she wants (smirking and trying not to blush.)† Anyway, it was shortly after that, that we were sent for from Jappa and you know the rest.† (Taking a deep breath) we had such a good time those couple of days.† No adventures; warlords; Godís and Goddesses then wellÖ
Eve (moving and wrapping her arm around her shoulders): I know.† Dam, when Aphrodite came for me I knew.† I felt something wasnít right for a while but when she showed up, everything just came crashing in.†† She held me, here after everything, the Goddess of Love held me in her arms and let me cry and I know that she cried too.

Gabrielle (hugging Eve): I know.† She told me, that first night you and I shared a room at the inn.† You had gone to bed earlier and I was up.† I couldnít sleep, I just sat outside on the balcony holding your motherís urn and (shaking her head.)
Eve (understanding): You two are so much a part of each other.†

Gabrielle (without hesitation): You and Varia share the same bond.
Eve (incredulously): Not like you and motherÖ
Gabrielle (brushing back a lock of Eveís hair): Yes, like your mother and I.† Trust me on this.† Anyway no more depressing thoughts.† We have your ceremony to discuss and what you want to do.† ThenÖ
Xena (laughing): So how did you get out of it?
Varia (smirking): Told her I wasnít interested.† This was shortly before you three came into the village.† She was a pain in the bum let me tell you.

Gabrielle (smiling): I kissed her.† Youíre mother can be pretty stubborn and at that time she went through her ďIím no good for Gabrielle phase,Ē at least once a day.† So I kissed her and told her when she was ready.

Eve (softly): But it was a while after that?† (Gabrielle nodded) and you went through all that shit and still got together.
Gabrielle (nodding; proudly): We survived so much pain and hurt there was nowhere else I think, no I know either of us wanted to be.† Sheís an amazing woman.
Xena (walking in): Yes you are (seeing Gabrielle blush) talking about me again I see.† (Moving to stand behind her partnerís chair.)† Did Ephiny tell you whatís going on?
Eve (standing so Varia could sit then she could cuddle in her lap): Yes.† (Winking at her mom) but you two off alone getting into who knows what.† That thought alone is frightening (shivering as sharp teeth nipped her ear.)
Gabrielle (chuckling at the two younger women; who were both so obviously head over heels in love): You know that thought has been plaguing my mind for a while.† Here two of the toughest warriors in Greece out there on a deserted island (leaning back and looking at her partner) scantily clad women; muscular butch women and you twoÖ
Xena (trying to act innocent but failing miserably; glaring at Eve who was holding her sides from laughing and Varia who was trying not laugh): Now how much trouble can we possibly get into.

Hectate (materializing): I donít think we need to go into that now do we.† (Hearing a low growl coming from Xena) save it Goddess.† Actually, I came to tell you that Iíll be keeping an eye on the both of them as a favor to my niece.† Seems as some Amazons still hold a little resentment at the moving thing.† (Seeing Eve and Gabrielleís concerned look) rest assured no one will bother these two and they will behave themselves.† That meansÖ
Varia (rolling her eyes playfully): No punching; dismemberment; stabbing; shooting stray arrows and kicking.† Did I forget anything?† Ouch hey (rubbing her shoulder as Eve smacked her.)
Eve (teasing): You better not even think about it.† You and I have a ceremony in six days.† I want you back here in one piece with no bruises; scratches or anything else that doesnít belong on you.† Got me (caressing her face.)
Xena (seeing green eyes pinning her): All right.† Weíll be good.† Speaking of good, Iím going to check on a few things and get an idea of whatís going on.† Varia tomorrow bright and early (Varia nodded) see everyone in the morning. (Leaning closer to Gabrielleís ear) Iíll be waiting for you (kissing the top of her head then leaving.)
Hectate (needing to talk to Xena): I have a few things to look into as well.† So suspicions arenít aroused Iíll take Xena and Varia to the island the morning after tomorrow or the day after depending on when they want to leave.

Varia (nodding): Thank you.† Weíll let you know.
Hectate smiled and left.
Gabrielle (grabbing her tea mug): Unless you two need anything, Iíll see you in the morning.†

Eve (leaning up to kiss her mom on the cheek): Good night.†
Gabrielle (patting Variaís shoulder): Good night.

Varia (running her hands up and down Eveís arms): Iím going to be gone from you for six days soÖ
Eve (teasing): Is there something you want (entwining her fingers with her partnerís?)
Varia (tensing her muscles): Well there is a few things I want (cradling her partner in her arms and walking towards their chambers.)
Eve (tracing her partnerís ear with the tips of her fingers): And they would be?
Varia (licking her lips): They involve you; a bed; a nice fire and you, naked, preferably.

Eve (laughing as she was tossed on the bed): Mmm I like your line of thinking soldier.† (Licking her lips as her partner removed her armor and clothing.)† Come here (pleading.)
Varia (crawling on the bed until she was on all fours above her partner): I love you (leaning down for a soft kiss, which turned intense and passionate quickly.)
Eve (moaning as Varia tugged on her clothing; gasping as her top was ripped open): Impatient darling?
Varia (tugging on the belt to the leather skirt): Very, off love.
Eve (tugging open the skirt and smiling as Varia growled and lay her weight on her body; their skin touching; arousing each further): Feel so good (arching her back as Varia licked and nipped her skin at random.)
Varia (teasing Eveís nipple): You have no idea.

Hectate (standing beside Xena in the throne room): Have you told them about any of the ceremony.

Xena (looking over a few stacks of parchment): Either way itís their decision.†
Hectate (taking Xenaís right hand in her own and glancing at the pale scar made so many years ago): Thatís only half of your story Xena.† The other half still waits.
Xena (pulling her hand back): No, itís not.† Brie and I bonded spiritually that day. She risked her life for the soul of an unborn baby and me.† Our bond is strong; unbreakable.

Hectate (shaking her head): Did anyone ever tell you, youíre a stubborn pain in the ass (smirking?)
Xena (nodding): Yes, in several languages in fact.† Whatís your point?
Hectate (producing a scroll out of thin air): I know what your planning and I think itís romantic.† When you get a moment read that.† Then give it to Varia.† It might answer some questions.

Xena (taking a deep breath): Iíll talk to Varia in the morning on what day we want to leave.† Personally the sooner the better.

Hectate smiled and vanished.

Gabrielle lit several candles then grabbed a vial of oil and put on her silk robe and waited for her soul mate to come in.

Xena walked into their chambers; shut the door and was slammed into the wall by five and half feet of ferocious blonde.† Teeth and lips teased whatever skin they could reach and she felt her armor being pulled off and tossed across the room.†

Gabrielle (growling in her partnerís ear): If you know whatís good for you, youíll do exactly as I say when I say it (ripping open† her shirt.)
Xena (moaning under the sensual onslaught): Whatever you want (yelping as Gabrielle bit her neck, hard.)
Gabrielle (backing up and taking Xenaís hand in hers): Come on Warrior.† We have a long night ahead of us.
Xena (her libido doing back flips): What ever you want?

Gabrielle (smirking wickedly and pulling back the sheet): What ever I want?† That has a lot of possibilities (picking up a flogger) lots of possibilities.

Xena (gulping; trusting in her partner): Have at me then my love (as Gabrielleís mouth seized hers; conveying her intentions and her appetite.)

The library was lit by warm firelight and several candles.† A tall figure leaned back in a plush chair sipping something from a goblet.† Upon a closer look, we noticed the figure looks disheveled with several marks adoring her neck and upper chest where her robe is open slightly.

Varia (walking in stiffly with a smile on her face): Care to shareÖ
Xena (gesturing to the teakettle): Sure.† I thought you fed her dinner. (snickering.)
Varia (wincing as she bent down): I did.† And didnít you bother feeding Gabrielle.

Xena (smirking): Yep.

Varia (sipping her tea and sitting down gingerly): And I thought Goddessí didnít bear marks (trying to stifle her laughter as Xenaís blush.)
Xena (taunting): Not unless we want them to show.† I think itís best if we leave first thing tomorrow.† That gives us four maybe five days to help them get on their feet.

Varia (thinking): Works for me.†

Xena (looking at her with concern): Whatís going on?† (Seeing Varia shrug) come on donít pull that tough act with me.† Whatís going through that mind of yours?
Varia (softly): Nothing, honestly.† Just a case of nerves.†

Xena (shifting forward and nearly biting her lip off not to groan): Varia things will work out.† Have faith in your love and Eve.† Trust me on this.

Varia (shaking her head): Donít worry sheís safely tucked in my heart Xena.† Thatís where sheíll always be (winking at Xenaís grin.)† Eve has some teeth on her, does Gabrielle (ducking at the playful swat.)
Eve (walking out of her and Variaís room and looking for her partner): Now where would she have gone?
Gabrielle (walking up to her; noticing the slight tension in her daughterís body and realizing she had some nice marks): Everything ok.
Eve (nodding): Yeah once, I figure out where she went.
Gabrielle (gesturing to the library): Iíll bet theyíre in there.† I think itís kind of cute that where one is the other one isnít too far behind.† (Leaning against the doorframe as she listened to Variaís and Xenaís conversation.)

Xena (softly): And speaking of the two troublemakersÖ
Varia (playfully cowering): Hide me (yelping as she was slapped in an already sore shoulder.)
Eve (kissing her lips softly): Behave.

Varia (leaning back so Eve could get comfortable): Have a seat (nearly coming off the chair as Eveís warmth and weight settled on tender areas of anatomy.)
Gabrielle (cuddling up to her partner): You all right?
Varia (trying not to squeak): Yeah sure you (noticing Xenaís rigid body) better yet what did you do to her.
Gabrielle (brushing back a strand of dark locks): Nothing she didnĎt enjoy (licking her lips.)

Xena (groaning as Gabrielle wiggled in her lap): BrieÖ
Gabrielle (innocently): Yes love (winking at Eve who covered her mouth at her motherís discomfort and trying not laugh at Variaís obvious discomfort.)† You know you two have to be up in a while.† Why couldnít you sleep (wiggling around some more.)
Xena (grunting): Brie, so help me.

Eve (teasing her partner): Yeah why canít you sleep.† I thought I wore you out.
Varia (trying not blush): EveÖ
Gabrielle (having mercy on her partner): Please.† Itís nothing we havenít heard or tried I assure you (leaning back against her partner to find herself sitting on the table and Xena hobbling out of the room as fast as she could go.)† Wonder what that was all about?
Eve (chuckling): I think I have an idea (tormenting her partner to find herself picked up and hoisted over strong shoulders.)† Hey (smacking Varia on the bum) whatÖ
Varia (tightening her hold): Weíll see you both for breakfast.
Gabrielle busted up laughing at hearing Eve scream and Varia laughing.† Then got up and went to find her partner.
Xena sank back into the warm water wincing and cursing.† She loved when Brie got assertive with her but the next few days after she didnít ride and she could barely walk and wouldnít change it for anything.

Gabrielle (pushing the door open): I thought Iíd find you here (smirking as Xena sank under the water) Xena (reaching in and tugging playfully on her partnerís hair.)†
Xena (coming up for air): Yes (purring seductively; paybacks.)†

Gabrielle (shivering from the low throaty growl): Um uh (strong hands untied the ties to her robe) I already took a bath earlier (playfully struggling against her partnerís grip around her waist.)
Xena (licking her lips at the gorgeous sight of her partnerís naked body; Gabrielle could be covered in a burlap sack and mud and sheíd still be the most gorgeous creature on earth): So did I but (pulling her on her lap) it doesnít matter (brushing her lips against Gabrielleís softly; teasing.)
Gabrielle (responding to the tender touches and caresses): No, as long as I have you (feeling Xena pushing her hips upward slowly) thought you were sore (tasting Xenaís lips.)
Xena (moaning as her bottom lip was nipped and sucked): Paybacks (caressing her partnerís torso.)†
Gabrielle (moaning): Love you.

Xena (turning with Gabrielle on her lap and pushing her against the tub wall): Forever.
Gabrielle tilted her head back and pushed her body into her partnerís touch, feeling as though it would never be enough.

Aphrodite listened wondering when both her brother and her uncle would get a clue.

Hades (pacing): I donít understand it.† Sheís my daughter and I have a right to walk her in.

Aphrodite (holding up her hand before another tirade happened; this was giving her a headache): Like hello.† You two need to realize they accept that youíre fathers but donít want interference.† Thatís why.

Apollo (defensively): They accept youÖ.

Hades (nodding): He has a point.
Aphrodite (rolling her eye): Weíve had our differences but theyíre friends of mine and even though they may not say it, Iím part of their family.† Iíve been there for both of them as they have been for me.† Thatís why I helped the little one bring Xena back and brought them here.† And then brought their daughter here as well.† Ok so if you want to be at their ceremony then fine but you two arenít going to be in it.† And not a word to the little one.

Hades (taking a deep breath): Fine.

Xena walked down the corridor gingerly making mental notes about everything she needed to get done before her and Varia left.† Speaking of which she pushed open the door to their chambers clearing her throat.
Varia (blinking her eyes): Hey (putting a finger to her lips) be out in a bit (softly.)
Xena nodded and left their chambers and went searching for her second in command.

Varia (kissing Eve lightly on the head so as not to wake her): Your mother and I have a lot to do.† Iíll see you later.
Eve (mumbling and squeezing tighter): Love you.

Varia (kissing her lips): Bach atcha, love.† (Getting up proved to be a little difficult; her body ached and she smirked thinking of all the reasons why.† She was so dam lucky to have Eve in her life.† Going into the bathing chamber walking albeit gingerly she drew a hot bath and got ready for the day.)
Xena (writing notes on a piece of parchment): And if the Romans raises another battle, here are two contingency plans for the dead sons and daughters of Greece.† Gabrielle also knows my instructions.

Kelia (nodding): Iíll see to it personally.† And what of your safety my Lord.

Xena (arching her eyebrow): Iíll be fine.† Gabrielle and Eve are to have at least four guards with them at all times.† Unless Aphrodite or Hectate are with them, then (smirking wickedly) double it.† Iíll be back in five maybe six days.†
Patros (reading over the parchment): Then youíre here for a couple of days then off for your honeymoon, right?
Xena (rolling her eyes playfully): You just canít wait to get rid of me can you.

Lucia (folding his arms across his chest): No.† Youíre just in need of some rest (ducking a playful punch.)† Hades (hearing a low keening growl that meant someone was in trouble) well yes but he was never as devoted or hard working as you.† No offense but its different.† Forgive my indiscretions my lord.

Xena (shaking her head): Yeah and I know, I donít use my powers as much, I hang around the battlefield to much, I do this that and the other too much.† Get used to it things are a lot different around here and thatís the way they will stay.† This place was too lax.† Thatís why none of you had any discipline until I showed up.† Now if youíll excuse me.
Patros (placing a hand tentatively on Xenaís arm): My Lord, itís not that were complaining itís just that weíre concerned thatís all.†
Xena (nodding): Noted.† Now you have a lot to do and get ready for. Make sure entrances and exits are guarded or sealed until my return.† Thatís all dismissed.

Varia (walking in gingerly): Morning† Lord Xena (trying not to smirk; it was kind of funny if you thought about it but) hey (ducking as a dagger nearly missed her ear.)† Sorry, youíre touchy and I thought our Queen could have (yelping as Xena tackled her and pinned her to the floor before she could move.)†
Xena (playing): Keep it up featherhead and youíll be sorry.

Varia (laughing and standing): So whatís up for today.

Xena (handing her a stack of parchments): You go see about the training; check those areas out and I need to check on a few detachments.† So weíll meet back here for lunch and see what else needs to be done.† I want to try and finish up by mid afternoon so we can pack and tend to any other matters that need it (winking.)

Varia (understanding the position and responsibility that Xena was placing on her): As you, wish (mock bowing.)
Xena (growling): Keep it up Varia just keep it up.† Remember you wonít have Eve to protect you.

Gabrielle grumbled searching the bed for her partner; knowing she wouldnít be there.† But right now after last night, she just wanted to hold her in her arms and never let her go.† These next few days would be hard without her partner and she pulled Xenaís pillow tighter to her chest and went back to sleep.

Varia walked through the large cavern checking off the list in her hands mentally and thinking of her partner.† She would miss her deeply but knew this was important to both of them and she could never abandon the Amazons, especially the ones that cared for her.†

Eve (smiling at the sight of her mother teaching a younger group of guards with patience and understanding): Morning.
Xena (smiling): Afternoon almost.† (Turning her attention back to the group) work on those moves and then your dismissed.)† Variaís out doing some things for me.† Did you eat?
Eve (shaking her head): Not yet.† Um I wanted to ask you about the ceremony.† The blood bonding part.† What effect will it have on Varia and I.

Xena (thinking): Iím not sure, actually.† When your mom and I did it when I was pregnant for you, it allowed both of us to remain connected when she was in the spirit world fighting Alti.† For you with your Demi God status it could give some powers to Varia or not.†
Eve (wrapping her hand around her motherís arm): Are you going to do it?† I know you two can feel each otherís emotions; when one is hurting that sort of thingÖ
Xena (smiling): I am only because I want to do everything to make your mom happy.† Iíll talk to Hectate some more and see what will happen, if anything for you two.† Come on letís go get some lunch and find your mom.
Gabrielle (walking down the hall and nodding at the guards that greeted her; looking up at one of the newer recruits and trying to remember her name): Danielle, hi, have you seen Xena or Eve or Varia.
Danielle (shaking her head): No my Queen.† But here comes the Lord now.

Gabrielle (turning around): Hey.† I was just looking for you.
Xena (smirking; playfully): You found me, now what?
Gabrielle (laughing; noticing Eve walking up to them): Eve good morning.

Eve (shoving her mother): Morning.† Weíre going to get some lunch.† You coming.
Xena (mumbling): Sheís always hungry (doubling over in mock pain as Gabrielle smacked her in the stomach.)† What?
Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow): Behave, Goddess.
Xena (licking her lips): You should talk Goddess.
Eve (backing up, knowing that although her parents were playing around she wasnít to get in between lest she be given a bath or worse): Um Iíll see you (getting yanked back.)
Xena (whispering something in her ear; seeing Eve blush): Down the long corridor near the rock formation.†

Gabrielle (watching Eve walk off; wondering): What did you do?
Xena (wrapping her arm around her shoulder): Nothing.† Just told her where Varia was.
Gabrielle (leaning against her partnerís): And why?† I meanÖ
Xena (placing two fingers to her lips): Because I have a surprise for you.
Gabrielle (leaning up for a kiss): What type of surprise?
Xena (biting her lip): Well (picking her partner up in her arms) close your eyes.† (When Gabrielle did, she thought of the spot she had picked out and transported them there.)† Ok open them.

Gabrielle (still held in her partnerís arm; smiling at the gorgeous view of a lake and waterfall; trees and many other wonderful sights): Xena when did youÖ
Xena (carrying over to a large oak tree): I thought we might enjoy a picnic together.† No guards; no distractions.† Just you and I.
Gabrielle (leaning back as she was gently deposited on the blanket): Thank you.† This is wonderful (taking the proffered glass of wine.)† Now how did you arrange all this (licking her lips as her partner removed her sword and weapons?)
Xena (stretching out on the blanket; pulling the large basket of food from behind the tree): I have many skills my love.
Gabrielle (leaning over for a kiss): That you do.† (Kissing her again; feeling the strong hands pull her closer; tenderly caressing her.)
Xena (teasing her lips with a strawberry): Uh huh.† Get something to eat first.† Then we can play.

Gabrielle (pushing her partnerís hand away and pouncing on her): Forget the food.† Iíve got everything I need right here (undoing the ties to Xenaís shirt.)† In factÖ
Xena (laughing as she felt small but strong hands tickle her ribs): Yes love (Thinking Brie was going to kill her but what a way to go.)

Gabrielle (panting at the gorgeous sight of her lover; her shirt open; lying there all for her): I think this is one dish I can indulge in over (a sharp nip to Xenaís neck moving lower) and over (kissing her upper chest) and I still canít get enough (squeezing her loverís breasts.)
Xena (moaning): Canít get enough of you either (and lost herself to her partnerís knowing touch.)
Varia (scratching her head): Picnic lunch.† What does she mean by that?† And where am I supposed to get a (tensing briefly before she recognized the touch† and feel of her loverís hand on her arm.)† Well youíre up.
Eve (arching her eyebrow): Iím up.
Varia (teasingly implying): UmÖ
Eve (taking her hand): Come with me.† I think I can help answer your question.
Varia (squeezing Eveís hand in her own; then placing gentle kisses along the back of it): You can, can you.
Eve (gesturing to the spot they were in): Yes.† Look isnít this beautiful.
Varia (ignoring everything around her): Yes you are.
Eve (laughing): Not me.† Look (the area they were in was similar to what Xena had picked out for her and Gabrielle but they were completely alone.)
Varia (caressing Eveís face): Not as beautiful as you.

Eve (pulling her over to a large rock formation): Here.† Thereís some lunch for us and we have the rest of the afternoon and tonight.† Just us alone.
Varia (kneeling down on the blanket): Arenít you a littleÖ
Eve (smiling wickedly): I heal quick (leaning forward and stealing a kiss) but donítí worry I wonít hurt you much (teasing; implying a long night of pleasure and love.)
Varia (swallowing hard): I love you (pulling Eve into her arms (to hell with it; if she was going to suffer she couldnĎt think of a more pleasurable torment.)

Hectate glancing at two weary; disheveled looking women.

Xena (growling): Not a word Hectate (her throat felt raw and scratchy; she hadnít slept more than an hour and she had bruises bite marks and scratches on top of the previous ones.)
Varia (stifling a yawn): We going.
Hectate (teasingly): You can heal yourself you know and Varia as well.†
Varia (pinching the bridge of her nose): I swear these next few days are going to be a nightmare.

Xena (pointing her finger at Hectate): I could but I wonít.† So be quiet and get us out of here before they wake up.

Hectate (teasing and raising her hand): And make you both breakfast again.† Tell me Xena how does it feel to be wrapped around a certain blondes little finger (laughing) or Varia one of the toughest warriors I know and Eve has you on your knees (ducking as a fireball nearly missed her head.)
Xena (waving her hand): Keep it up.

Varia (pushing Xena playfully): Thatís Gabrielleís job (doubling over to a sharp elbow to her ribs.)† Hey, watch it.†

Xena (grabbing Varia by her collar): Come on stud.† Hectate when youíre done with your jealous tirade can we get on with it.

Hectate (taking Xenaís arm): Iím not jealous.† Just stating the obvious and you (hearing Xena growl.)† Ok weíre going.† My arenít we in a mood this morning.

Varia (teasing): Sheís always in a mood (struggling as Xenaís tightened her grip on her neck) ok shutting up.†

Hectate used her powers and brought them to the island the Amazons had moved too.† It would be known as the area we know as South America in later years.† For now, it was perfect to rebuild their lives and start over.† Looking around Xena and Varia noticed that the basics were in the process of being set up and they had a routine going.† But there was so much to do.† These next few days were going to long on patience and short on tempers.

To Be Continued
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