Disclaimers: I don't own them. MCA Universal and whoever else does. This story is alternative meaning woman with woman action with an NC rating for sex; violence and language. Resurrection is the first chapter in a series of stories. Xena's back from the dead after the eps FIN 1 and 2. I'm not going into how she was brought back there are many wonderful bards out there who did a great job in doing that. This is the story of what happens after all is said and done. My thanks to my partner Lou Ann who is my inspiration; my friend Kim who encouraged me to do this and to the cast and crew of Xena Warrior Princess especially Lucy and Renee. Thank you for reading any comments or questions can be sent to Xena-17@Juno.Com flames will be ignored.



Xena's Girl

The sun was just rising illuminating the palace in golden and red hues on Mt. Olympus as it rose in the eastern sky.  Inside Aphrodite was smiling because she had her friend bring back her soul mate. Xena was brought back from the dead no thanks to lies and deceit of Akemi and the Warrior Bard and her were spending some time together alone. They were the example of unconditional unselfish love and she couldn't be happier for them.

Aphrodite (watching the long legged beauty walking down the hall fresh from a swim): She's waiting for you in that room (pointing to the left.)

Xena (wearing only a red silk robe): How is she?

Aphrodite (moving to stand toe to toe with the Warrior): She's my friend and so are you but what you did was stupid.  You believed your ex-girlfriend her lies; her deceit and her betrayal and she played you like a lyre because of guilt.  Gabrielle is happy that you're back, ecstatic really and just to let you know you both have a long life ahead of you.  Together Xena and you will always be togetherena's head; Xena ducked defensively she was not going to be a pin cushion but had to find a safe way for her partner to release her anger.)  Xena I'm so angry I can't see straight.  I can't believe you would take the word of a woman who never loved you; never shared the things that we did and hurt you more so than I ever did. 

Xena (holding out her hands): Love, please (watching as Gabrielle moved towards her with a feline grace and knew part of what her lover was feeling battle lust.)

Gabrielle flipped a dagger in her hand then threw that into the wall then turned and pushed some items off a table sending them to the floor with a loud crash.  She was on a roll and felt Xena approaching her; she glared at her making Xena back up then threw another piece of pottery across the room in the opposite direction.

Gabrielle (seething with anger): Don't Xena just don't, she lied to you and ultimately us.  (She kicked the chair into the wall splintering it) do you know how much it hurt knowing I could bring you back then you telling me I couldn't (yelling she grabbed the Chakram and threw it embedding it in the door frame across the room) she lied Xena.  And you did nothing (flipping the table over pushing it to the floor.) 

Xena (dodging another object which was thrown in her direction; Gabrielle was on a roll throwing things and ranting and she let her knowing this was the only way to let her partner deal with her emotions...for now): Gabrielle please (ducking as a piece of furniture flew by her head.)

Gabrielle (advancing on Xena; her chest heaving): But you know something (she stopped.)

Xena (she could see the tension in her partner's face; the heaving of her chest and thought probably for the umpteenth time that Gabrielle was very beautiful angry): No what (watching wondering what Gabrielle was going to do.)

Gabrielle quickly and without thought reached out and pinned Xena against the wall, holding the warrior's wrists against it at shoulder level and attacked the warrior's neck with an intensity that surprised the warrior and buckled her knees.  Their lips met in a bruising kiss almost drawing blood their breaths coming in pants as Gabrielle once again claimed her soul mate.

Gabrielle (nipping Xena's ear): You're mine no one can have you.

Xena (moaning as Gabrielle moves her mouth lower and nips her breasts through the thin cloth she is wearing): Yes love always yours (groaning as Gabrielle licks up and down the side of her neck.)

Gabrielle (grabbing Xena's hair and forcing her to look in her eyes): No one can have you, not Hercules; Borias; Lao Mao; Cyane; Varia; Ares; Callisto no one you got me (and she kissed her hard this time drawing blood.)

Gabrielle brought a leg up between her warrior's, pinning Xena totally to the wall as the warrior whimpered, unsure whether she'd go over that edge right there.  Gabrielle pulled back slightly to look into Xena's eyes, still keeping her body against the warrior's and her hands on Xena's wrists). We were almost separated in this life Xena but I won't allow that, never.  I will never go through life waiting to meet you on the other side (then kissed Xena hard her tongue thrusting inside her lover's mouth both woman battling for dominance.)

Xena felt a shiver run over her body, this was a side to her partner Xena always found exciting and extremely arousing.  From the first time they had made love Gabrielle had surprised Xena with her energy and ferocity in bed matching Xena's own passions and desires. At first Xena had been terrified of hurting Gabrielle and that she would be afraid or disgusted and turn from Xena. Instead Gabrielle had drawn more and more of her warrior out until Xena was comfortable and more trusting with her than with anyone she had ever known.  Now Gabrielle was attacking Xena with an intensity that was exciting and surprising.

Xena (smiling pushed her arms down and without thought to what Gabrielle would do to her picked her lover up holding onto her ass as Gabrielle instinctively wrapped her legs around Xena's waist.  Xena walked through the debris to the bed in the center of the room kissing Gabrielle with fire and passion.  They both needed this; they needed the contact to satiate the battle lust; the pent up frustration and the fear they both had felt in almost losing the other till they met in paradise). 

Xena (moaning under the passionate assault): You get me so hot love.

Gabrielle (pumping her hips against Xena's stomach): Goddess you set me on fire (throwing her head back as Xena ducked her head to tease her nipples.)

Xena (moaning and playfully biting the protruding nub): I've never known or felt what I feel with you.  Every time with you feels like the first time.

Gabrielle (undoing her hold on Xena then sliding down her love's body pulling open the robe revealing her partner in all her magnificent glory then undid her own robe and threw it off among the debris): I love you (she pushed her mouth to her soul mates center tasting the sweet liquid that rivaled the sweetest wines and slowly made love to her with her mouth.)

Xena (groaning and pumping her hips to her lover's mouth): I love you oh yeah right there (as Gabrielle's tongue tasted her in sweet abandon.)

Gabrielle (standing and pushing Xena backwards; onto the bed (something no one had ever done but she could and had); she was feeling so many things so many emotions; she straddled her lover's hips and then pinning her wrists): You are mine to do with as I please.

Xena (smiling): What did you have in mind, my Queen (as Gabrielle's hand began to lightly play over Xena's nipples then growled as Xena tried to sit up and kiss her.)

Xena's eyebrows shot up but she stayed put writhing under her beloved as she teased her mercilessly.

Gabrielle (leaning forward to look into those light blue eyes): I love you so much, I need you so much.  It's like a hunger in me, an energy (softly) I can't get enough of you my love.

Xena (understanding after all Gabrielle had been through): Give into it, my love. I'm here; I trust you and I love you (her eyes showing her lover the depth of her emotions and love.)

Gabrielle (dropping her hold on Xena's arms then held onto her lover): It's nothing like I've ever felt, Xena.

Xena (wrapping her arms around Gabrielle and held her, feeling her tremble in her arms): Nothing you could do, say, or want would make me love you any less she promised, noting the fire in Gabrielle's knowing it matched her own.)

Gabrielle (kissing Xena's neck and shoulder): You don't know how much that means to me.

Xena (pushing a lock of hair out of her face): Don't you know that by now.  You have done things with me no one ever has.  I'm yours, totally, my love. Any way you want me, anything you want it's yours. I trust you always my love.

Gabrielle (growling and reaching under the pillows and grabbing the leather ties she had put there just for this occasion then gently taking Xena's wrists and tied the leather straps to them then to the bed posts  not tightly): You're mine Warrior Princess.

Xena (moaning as teeth grazed her throat): As you are mine Warrior Bard.  Because of me you suffered let it out (encouraging) I want you, very badly. I want your teeth on my neck, I want your hand inside of me, your lips everywhere, and your teeth biting my nipples, your tongue inside of me and stroking me. I want to feel my body trembling and bucking under you, I want to scream your name.  Take me like you've never taken me my love.  Satiate your lust with your love (seeing the fire and passion in those green eyes that held love for her as well.) Let out hearts and souls become one and ease our pain and emotions.

Gabrielle leaned back taking in the gorgeous sight of her lover tied to the bed naked to do with as she pleased (true they had been in this position before but never with such intensity as this; perhaps it was Xena's supposed death; perhaps it was her true recognition of the Warrior inside her but it was something she never felt before; they loved each other totally and completely but this was new territory for them and the both knew it.  Backing up then kneeling between Xena's outstretched legs (she briefly wondered if she should tie her ankles as well then thought no easier to position her like that) and began slowly working her way up the warrior's legs with her lips and teeth nipping and licking the exposed skin; enjoying the tensing muscles; the softness of her lover and the whimpers and moans of her soul mate her true love..

Xena (softly; she pulled on the leather straps in reflex): Oh gods, baby please. (The sight of her Battling Bard, eyes blazing, nibbling her way up the inside of her legs was enough to set her body trembling towards the abyss quickly.)

Gabrielle continued working her way up the warrior's body but skipped Xena's sex, bringing out cries of frustration and more intense writhing from her lover. Gabrielle continued nibbling, kissing and licking her way up Xena's abdomen and then breasts her enjoying the taste of her lover; the taut muscles the whimpers and cries.

Xena arched her back as Gabrielle lightly flicked her tongue over her nipples, teasing and offering no release. Gabrielle lightly brushed her body against her lovers not showing any mercy.

Xena instinctively brought her legs up and around Gabrielle's hips seeking relief from the delicious torment.

Gabrielle (pushing away from Xena): Down you animal (watching as her partner struggled in an attempt to control herself; true she was pushing Xena's buttons to the limit but after all they had been through.)

Xena (pleading; her hips thrusting in attempt to find release): Please baby.

Gabrielle (softly): Move your legs (Xena complied and Gabrielle bent down and licked across Xena's stomach watching as the muscles rippled and tensed.)

Gabrielle moved up Xena's chest to her shoulders and lightly nibbled, hitting pressure points that Xena had shown her over the years, making the warrior's body begin to squirm under her in desperation. Then Gabrielle surprised Xena by not kissing her, instead choosing to kiss both sides of her neck and grazed it with her teeth then leaned on her arms to look down into Xena's face. Xena silently pleaded wishing her lover would end the torment and just release her then to her surprise she moaned as Gabrielle straddled her hips, feeling how wet Gabrielle was against her skin. Her hips jerked up, trying to meet her thrusts but Gabrielle moved up on her knees slightly, denying Xena the contact, making the warrior whimper.

Gabrielle (softly): Want something, lover?

Xena (half out of her mind with ecstasy): You, always you and only you!  Forever please baby.

(Gabrielle again kissed, licked, nipped and teased every inch of her warrior until Xena was a mass of frustration and writhing muscles under her. Again and again the bard's hands or tongue would take Xena almost to the point of release and then back away, at first bringing moans of frustration and then cries and whimpers.)

All Xena knew was that she was begging for release, begging for her body.  The delicious torture had her senses on overload and she was almost in tears when Gabrielle's fingers finally entered her and stayed there, blissfully and beginning a slow torturous rhythm. Her hips began rocking to meet Gabrielle's hand, begging for more in a slow ancient rhythm. Slowly Gabrielle's hand claimed Xena totally, both women stopping for a moment with the wonderment of the feeling of it. Slowly gently as not to hurt her Gabrielle moved her fist slowly and Xena bit into her lip at the sensations, already on overload. Gabrielle leaned down and gently began to stroke Xena's already painfully erect clit with her tongue and the warrior screamed; her back arching; her hips thrusting furiously against the onslaught though gentle, and Gabrielle placed her arm across Xena's abdomen, trying to maintain control of her as Xena trembled uncontrollably, tears streaming down her face as her body shook with wave after wave of ecstatic release and through their connection their bond Gabrielle came with her lover both women screaming them selves hoarse and collapsing on the bed entangled together.  Whether it was moments or hours neither knew but somehow Gabrielle's hand had moved out of Xena's body and Xena curled on her side pulling her soul mate against her.  Their thoughts were the same their love had helped to heal the wounds and it felt good even though neither women would be walking for a while.

After that they made love again which was as fierce and passionate as the first round they both knew gentle was not what the other needed and as they reconnected in their bond they both a made silent promise to change their life.  It was early the next morning after many rounds of pleasure and ecstasy that they full asleep.

Aphrodite walked in the room after hearing the noise stop for a while (she was worried a little last night with all the screaming and yelling but knew that no matter what, it was their way of working things out,) carrying a tray of food and some fresh bandages just in case she entered the room slowly not sure what to expect.  She looked around the room in disbelief the place looked like a war zone.  There was broken pottery throughout the room smashed to bits; weapons were embedded in the walls and doorframe; two chairs lay splintered on either side of the room and she briefly wondered then looked at the bed.  There among the debris curled up together Gabrielle wrapped protectively in Xena's embrace the soul mates lay entwined.

Xena (opening one blue eye slowly): Shh. 

Aphrodite (setting the tray down): You two ok (a nod.)  Did you work things out (another nod?)  There's some food on the tray.  I'll be around if you two need me.  (She stood then leaned down and kissed them both on the forehead and left the room quietly.)

Xena could feel the aches in her body from indulging in the pleasures they had last night but it was worth it. 

Xena (rubbing her partner's back gently): Hey love.

Gabrielle (murmuring and burying her face further into Xena's neck): Not getting up.

Xena (chuckling; that hadn't changed over the years): Come on baby please we need to talk.

Gabrielle (opening her eyes and looking at Xena): You the Queen of silence wants to talk?

Xena (leaning down and brushing her lips with her own softly): Yes.

When they both turned to sit up they looked at each other they were both covered in a myriad of bruises; hickey's; bite marks and scratches.  They had, had them over the years but nothing like this.

Gabrielle (covering her mouth with her hand totally shocked at seeing the condition of her partner's body which she knew looked a lot worse than hers): Xena by the Gods I; you; last night.

Xena (grinning; the marks didn't bother her; what Gabrielle did didn't bother her (oh no not at all): Love last night was fantastic and you got a few too. We've shared a lot of these over the years love.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Xena...

Xena (wincing as she pulled her partner to her body): Shh no regrets.  You did everything I wanted and more and I loved it and I love you.

Their lips met and softly their passions rose as they kissed their tongues wrapping around each other much like their hearts and slowly Xena pushed Gabrielle on her back reassuring her; holding her and their desires though sated not more than a few hours ago burst into flames again.

Gabrielle (rubbing Xena's back): Yes just like that baby.

Xena (moaning as their bodies touched along their length): I want you so much.  Just let me love you.  Let me take care of you (trailing kisses down her throat; across her collar bone and down her body.)

Gabrielle (moaning as Xena's mouth moved down her body trailing kisses and playful nips placed on her skin by soft lips): Xena oh gods yeah (as she felt her partner move lower on her body to the place she needed her at the most.) 

She almost exploded at the first feel of her partner's mouth on her throbbing sex; the sensation of teeth nipping gently at the nerve rich bundle or the thrust of her tongue lapping up her passions.  It was too much to fast and she exploded in light and color screaming and holding onto Xena's shoulders as she brought her over the edge again and the third time.

Xena held her soul mate cradled in her arms while her body calmed from the passionate storm.  She placed gentle kisses on her face and stroked her back in gentle rhythms comparable to her own heart beat. 

Gabrielle (reaching for Xena's hand and entwining it with her own): Words have no meaning nor can they describe the love I feel for you or what I feel now.  I love you.

Xena (leaning down and gently kissing her lips): I love you Gabrielle.

They lay entwined together Xena's legs tangling with Gabrielle's; their arms wrapped around each other and for the first time since she left Amphipolis all those years ago Xena felt herself at peace; at peace from her tormented past; at peace from the world and knew now she would have to change their lives. 

Eve (walking down the hallway next to the Goddess; there were many unspoken words between them but they had developed a gentle friendship these past few weeks): So how are they?

Aphrodite (stopping and looking at the woman whose eyes resembled the pair back in the bedroom): They're working things out.  The wounds are still fresh and they have a long way to go but they'll make it; they always have.

Eve (putting her hand on Aphrodite's shoulder): Thank you for your help.  Without you we wouldn't have known and she wouldn't be here.  She'd be (choking on the words...)

Aphrodite (gently): Either in paradise or her new life with Gabrielle in spirit or body right behind her. Go on I'm sure they can't wait to see you.

Eve (knocking on the door): Mom, mother can I come in (getting a grumbled response then a yes.)

Aphrodite (smiling): Just be careful that room is a disaster area.

Eve (looking at her in confusion): What?

Aphrodite (raising her hand): Hey ask the dynamic duo in there.  I have no idea all that went on.

Eve chuckled then opened the door and went in the room taking note of the weaponry buried in the walls; the splintered furniture; the broken pottery and...(it looked like they had been fighting. She turned to face her mother who had leaned against the wall.)

Xena (moving to hug her daughter; she had put her robe on after her shower and wished briefly she could just crawl back in bed wincing from the pleasurable pain of last night and this morning): Eve (hugging her tightly.)

Eve (returning the hug): What in Eli's name happened in here?  Where's mom?  How you feeling?  How long...

Xena (putting her fingers to her lips): Gabrielle and I worked some things out last night. And take a breath will ya.  You sound just like Gabrielle (smirking.)

Eve (smiling): Yeah well I am her daughter too mother.

Gabrielle (fresh from a shower wearing her leathers): Yes you are.  (Walking over and hugging her tightly.)

Xena (moving around the debris): So to answer your question good and there's Gabrielle.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Smart ass.

Xena (arching an eyebrow): Yeah and what are you going to do about it?

Gabrielle (giving her, her own version of the look): Anything I want.

Eve (laughing): You two ok.  I mean after all that...

Gabrielle (putting her hand on her shoulder in reassurance): Yes but your mother is stubborn. 

Xena (picking up some broken pottery): Your point is blondie?

Eve (laughing at their banter): Hey you two want breakfast when I got here I saw a nice spot in one of Aphrodite's gardens and...

Gabrielle (nodding): Sure let's go.

Xena (standing): Hey wait up.

Eve (opening the door): Well hurry up.  You getting slow in your old age mother.

Xena (smiling): No definitely not Eve and you keep that up and I'll...

Gabrielle (wrapping her arm around Xena's waist): You'll what.

Xena (smiling; she had her family; she had peace): Nothing.  Come on Eve you said something about breakfast (wrapping her arm around Eve's shoulder then Gabrielle‘s.)

Eve (laughing some things never change): Yes I did.  Let's go.

Behind them Aphrodite watched thinking of her own family then smiled as she realized she had a knew family as well. Watching as the three mortals walked off into the gardens.  Yes Xena and Gabrielle would have a long life together and Eve wasn't such a bad kid after all.

Continued in Tension

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