The bath water was warm and soothing to her sore body. But the soreness had come from a very pleasurable if not exhausting two days with her wife. Leaning her head back against the tub rim she watched through hooded eyes as her partner undressed then walked over to the tub.

Gabrielle (looking at her wife's gorgeous body; admiring the sleek play of muscle and power; then smirking at the bite marks; hickey's and scratches that covered her as well): Feels good. (Grabbing her goblet of wine and reaching for the tray of strawberries) you want some (teasing.)

Xena (gulping): Yeah. Um Brie listen um sweetie I'm tender down there I don't think (groaning as her wife settled herself across her lap; making sure to press herself against already sensitive parts of her anatomy.)

Gabrielle (silencing her by pushing a piece of strawberry against her lips): Shh. Don't think love. Would you like me to heal you? Take away your discomfort (leaning forward and licking the swirl of Xena's ear.)

Xena (groaning): You know I would.

Gabrielle (setting the goblet down): Because I can but it only means I can ravage you over and over (nipping her neck) again.

Xena (closing her eyes as her partner trailed her fingers up and down her body): Sweetie oh Gods (thrusting her hips and biting back a yelp.)

Gabrielle (tugging on Xena's nipple with her thumb and forefinger): Don't worry you'll enjoy this (moving her mouth towards Xena's breasts) and I know I will.

Xena swore one of these days her wife was going to kill her. Watching the short blond locks move across her chest she smiled and figured what a way to go.

Hectate (grabbing her sister): Listen you go in there and tell her. I plan to be far away from here. She won't kill you.

Aphrodite (laughing): Please. She won't kill you. She'll just yell a little bit and demand to see her wife.

Hectate (groaning): And when she hears about this, I'm dead.

Aphrodite (waving her hand): Please. She's usually in the library. Come on chicken.

Eve put the scroll back and went to sit down when Aphrodite and Hectate walked in

Eve (concern): What is it? What's wrong?

Hectate (gulping; holding up her hands): Now Eve listen to me. Just sit down for a minute. It's nothing bad. It's just well your wife we found some interesting things.

Xena (rolling on her side and pulling her partner against her): I love you. (She practically jumped out of bed when she heard a loud yell followed by a series of explosions.) Shit. Wonder what happened this time. (The door banged open and Aphrodite came running in looking a little worse for wear.) Um this is our bedroom…

Aphrodite (pleading): You have to hide me.

Gabrielle (wide eyed): Why? What did you do? Better yet why does it sound like a war is breaking out in oh no…

Xena (sitting up): I'll go check it out. You stay here (stealing a quick kiss and grabbing her robe.)

Eve (yelling (Think of the episode "You Are There"): What the hell do you mean (launching another fireball, which bounced off the wall hit the ceiling then the chair; the chair exploding into pieces of kindling.) How could you not know?

Hectate (ducking behind a table): I didn't suspect anything. It was only when I focused on her, oh shit (ducking another fireball and diving for the door and slamming into a pair of bare feet; which were attached to a very long shapely pair of legs and dam): Hi Xena.

Xena (looking at Eve; then at the room; then at the cowering Goddess): Eve settle down. Just please calm down. And Hectate (hauling her off the floor) do I need ask why you're interrupting a nice evening with my wife; upsetting our daughter and making a mess out of the library and where's Varia.

Eve (angrily): Varia has some God blood in her. She's just telling me now.

Hectate (pleading): I didn't know (being dropped on the floor.)

Xena (yelling): You what?

Gabrielle (groaning and grabbing her robe): That's my cue. I swear they're so alike a times (cringing as another explosion sounded.) What did you do? Better yet what went wrong? And where's Varia?

Aphrodite (backing up): Now little one. Listen I had no part in this. I swear. It's just (yelping as Gabrielle grabbed the front of her gown and pulled her along with her.) Ooh kinky. Although I think Xena (being glared at), ok shutting up.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Don't go there. Just don't (growling.)

She walked into a disaster with Eve yelling at Hectate and Xena sitting on one of the few remaining chairs with an amused expression on her face.

Xena (motioning to a very upset Eve): Seems as though Hectate had some news for Eve, which she didn't take to well.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): She is so like you in that regard.

Xena (arching her eyebrow): Need I remind you of Rafe; Petracles; the little fight with Eli and his people (scratching her chin in thought) and…

Gabrielle (poking Xena in the chest): Not if you want to spend a lonely night alone.

Xena (rubbing her bum): It would give me a chance to (gulping loudly at the icy glare directed at her.) Ok (holding up her hands) just kidding.

Gabrielle (pointing her finger): You had better be. (Watching Eve get visibly more upset) I think you had better calm her down. It can't be good for the baby.

Xena (shrugging): She'll be fine. Helps with the hormones. Aphrodite I strongly suggest you get your sister out of here and bring Varia back here.

Aphrodite (gulping): I'm a lover not a fighter.

Xena (growling): Now.

Aphrodite (leaning towards Gabrielle): I thought you fixed her disposition.

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): Dite please. Before my daughter blows a blood vessel. And my wife decides to join in on the fun.

Aphrodite (moving to grab her sister and cringing at the language coming from Eve's mouth): Dam you sure take after the both of them don't you (ducking a fireball.) Come on. I don't want to experience pain.

Hectate (clinging to her sister): I thought you were into…

Aphrodite (waving and vanishing): Just be quiet. You've caused enough trouble for one evening.

Eve (taking a deep breath): Did you hear what the (Gabrielle clamped her hand over her mouth?)

Gabrielle (walking her out the door): I heard. I just don't have all the details. Come on this way. We'll talk this over, over a nice cup of tea.

Xena (mumbling): Or a sedative. (Leaning back as Varia dropped in literally; landing on the floor in front of her) well now that you're here, you can calm your wife down.

Varia (dusting herself off): Mother don't start please (turning to walk out of the room.)

Xena (reaching out and grabbing her arm): Oh no you don't. First, you're going to tell me what's got her so upset (jerking her thumb towards the door) then you're going to tell me what happened. Then we're going to clean this mess up. Got me.

Varia (ducking her head): Xena listen I appreciate this but I need some time to think. (Xena arched her eyebrow) Xena you don't understand. This isn't good…

Xena (pulling a chair out): Have a seat. Start from the beginning and tell me what happened.

Varia (sitting down): Ok but I warned you. It's like this…

Gabrielle (cringing as she heard her wife yell then what sounded like a dull roar): Not a word. Now I have to go see what's got her upset. And don't you go anywhere. You still haven't told me what's wrong.

Eve (groaning): No but I'm sure mother will tell you. Since I'm sure, Varia told her.

Gabrielle (puzzled): What?

Xena (stomping in): Eve, sweetheart please go get your wife. I'll talk with your mom. She's hurting right now and she probably needs you more than anything.

Eve (understanding): I know. I just don't know what to do.

Xena (softly; cupping her cheek): Don't abandon her. This isn't her fault.

Eve (nodding and getting up): This kid (rubbing her belly) has picked one hell of a family to join let me tell you. Not that it's a bad thing but dam (shaking her head and going to find her wife.)

Xena (leaning against the doorframe): Has she said anything?

Gabrielle (seeing her wife distraught): No. I just got her calmed down. Why? What's wrong?

Xena (taking a deep breath): Brie you know Varia went with Hectate right? (Gabrielle nodded) well as Hectate was trying to focus on Varia's energy and powers she found out something really interesting.

Gabrielle (moving closer seeing tears in her lover's eyes): Xena, talk to me. We'll get through this. There's got to be something we can do.

Xena (pulling her wife into her arms): Just let me hold you for a moment. Varia's going to need our strength and love.

Eve (cradling her wife in her arms): Honey. It isn't that bad. We've been through worse. Come on baby your scaring me (holding her sobbing wife in her arms.)

Kelia (running up with a blanket): Do you need anything else?

Eve (shaking her head): No. Just make sure no one comes through here (indicating the small antechamber they were in.) And if my parent's are looking for us then send them over. I think we'll be here a while.

Gabrielle (slamming her hands into the wall): Oh Gods. Is she sure?

Xena (nodding): She's pretty sure. It explains a few things that's for sure.

Gabrielle (pacing): I can just imagine how she feels. For a while there remember when we thought you were his daughter. I'm just glad that he wasn't your father, that would have been (shivering) never mind.

Xena (taking a deep breath): I can understand a lot of things right now. Poor kid. It explains his interest in the Amazons though.

Gabrielle (leaning against her partner's body): What are we going to do?

Xena (kissing her on the top of her head): I don't know love. I don't know.

Varia (leaning against the wall and drinking some of the wine her wife brought her): I just wish dam.

Eve (rubbing her head): Did you ever experience different things? I mean were you faster; stronger you know…

Varia (nodding): I had always been faster than the rest of the girls and stronger too. I just never thought anything of it.

Eve (kissing her softly): It doesn't change anything. Not about how I feel about you or my love for you. I'll always love you baby.

Varia (pulling her in tighter): And I you babe. Dam what a mess. Well one thing for sure infidelity was one thing all the Gods had in common.

Eve (chuckling): Yeah. Dam they sure got around. And they didn't even know who their kids were.

Varia (shaking her head): Not my kids. They're going to be stuck with us permanently.

Eve (shifting): Yeah just, like my parent's.

Varia (squeezing Eve's hand): Yep just, like yours.

Hectate (yelling): Well one thing for sure. He sure had some beautiful children.

Aphrodite (rolling her eyes): That he did. I think though we should steer clear of them for a bit. Let them cool off and then do what we can to help them.

Hectate (agreeing): I'm sorry I should have seen it sooner. Poor kid.

Aphrodite (thinking): She won't be anything like her father. She already shows a warmer gentler heart with Eve and the children they have will know their love.

Hectate (nodding): And so will Xena and Gabrielle's children.

Xena walked down the hallway, yawning and stretching and trying to get some of the stiffness out of her body. Opening the door to Eve and Varia's chambers, she stuck her head in and smiled. Even though they hadn't been seen much and had relatively kept to themselves for the past, few days they held each other tightly even in sleep. Although how they could sleep in the position they were in was beyond her. Varia lay on her back, one leg thrown over Eve and both her arms wrapped tightly around her. Eve was on her side half on and half off Varia with both of her arms holding Varia and her leg entwined with hers. Xena smiled and moved to leave them alone to sleep. But as she turned, she caught a pair of brown eyes watching her in the candlelight. Xena nodded and Varia waved her hand as if to say give me a few moments.

Xena waited in the throne room with hot tea and some toast. Varia walked in wearing her robe and yawning.

Xena (sitting down): Morning.

Varia (sitting down): What's up?

Xena (softly): You tell me. From what I heard, you've been keeping a slight distance from Eve. Although this morning tells me other wise. But Brie's concerned and so am I. So out with it.

Varia (picking up a mug of tea): Eve and I are fine. Great in fact.

Xena (leaning forward and placing her hand on Varia's knee): Varia don't play the tough card with me. Cause it won't work. I invented it. And the two people that could see right through that act are my wife and your wife. So out with it.

Varia (sighing): I'm angry and confused.

Xena (taking a deep breath): Because Ares is your father. Or are you questioning motherhood. Or is it something else.

Varia (standing and pacing): The first two. He abandoned me and who knows how many other children he had. What does that say about me? What does that say to our kids when they find out? How in the known world am I supposed to be a good parent when my parents up and left?

Xena (understanding): You do your damdest and never be afraid to ask for help. That's how. You have faith in your partner and your relationship.

Varia (losing her eyes): I don't want to fail Eve or our children. That's my biggest fear.

Xena (standing and wincing a little at the tightness with certain parts of her anatomy): I was thinking the same thing the other day. I failed two of my children what's going to happen with this child or the next.

Varia (turning to face her): I know about Solan and Eve and I'm sorry.

Xena (smiling): That isn't the point but thank you. The point I'm trying to make sweetheart is to trust in Eve and your love for one another. Ok.

Varia (nodding): Ok.

Xena (wrapping her arm around her shoulders): Come on I want to show you something.

Varia (leaning into her): Hey, mother thank you.

Xena smiled and walked with her daughter in law down to the Elysian Fields. Love could over come anything. She knew that deep in her heart. After all hadn't Gabrielle proved that to her so many times and Eve was just like her partner.

7 Months Later

Varia carried her wife down the hall to the birthing room. It had once been a small series of personal chambers. With Eve and Gabrielle's pregnancy, Xena and her had redesigned the room to welcome the arrival of both of their spouse's children.

Eve (groaning): Where the hell is she?

Varia (smiling and kissing her on the forehead): She'll be here. (Xena had warned her about these fits or outbursts early on. She knew what to expect and not to take anything to heart.)

Eve (trying to double up in her wife's arms): I'm going to kill her. Ugh, baby do something.

Varia (reassuring her): Shh. Take some nice deep breaths like Brie taught you. Calm down (wincing as her wife dug her blunt nails in her arm.)

Eve: I'm going to kill you too.

Varia (pushing the door open with her hip): No, you're not. Here (laying her gently on the bed.) I love you honey.

Eve (clutching her arm): I'm still going to kill you

Hectate (materializing with Gabrielle in her arms and Apollo right behind her): Well we've got two in labor. Aphrodite will be here in a moment with the midwife.

Gabrielle (groaning): Xena….

Varia (rubbing her wife's face): Haven't seen her yet. Honey I'm going to take this off you. Ok I need you to relax.

Eve (nodding and biting her lip): I'm sorry.

Varia (smiling): Don't worry. You're in a lot of pain.

Diana (walking over to them): Once you get that off her I want to see how far she's coming along.

Eve (screaming at the contractions): Son of a bitch.

Diana (patting her hand): Relax and breathe.

Xena (running in and nearly colliding with Apollo): Out of my way. (Kneeling next to her wife) I'm here.

Gabrielle (grabbing a handful of her hair): And if you know what's good for you. You're going to fix his.

Aphrodite (laughing): Dam you're in as much trouble as Varia over there. Here let me help you with that she's going to need you without all this stuff. (Reaching over and helping Xena remove her weapons and armor.)

Xena (standing and climbing onto the bed): I'm here (puling her wife against her chest.) How's Eve?

Varia (grimacing): Fine.

Xena (smirking at Eve's death grip on Varia's hair): Keep her calm.

Eve (yelling) I am calm.

Diana (softly): Easy child. It's going to be a while. The child will come when its ready.

Eve (snaring): I want the child out now. And if any one of you tell me to relax and breath, I'm going to shove that tray up your ass.

Diana (shaking her head): Get her as comfortable as you can. Time her contractions. I'm going to see my other patient.

Xena (wincing as the grip on her hair tightened): Love you have to let go so I can look at you.

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Oh, no this is how this whole thing started. You looking at me. Flashing those baby blues and ouch son of a bitch. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen for another month.

Diana (rubbing a cool cloth on Gabrielle's face): The little one wants out now. You should let go of your partner's hair. Your going to need the rest of her by the time this is over.

Gabrielle (grimacing): That's how all this started.

Diana (watching Xena's face seeing amusement and love): Yes but I'm sure it was a two-way road. Just take some nice deep breaths. (Getting up and moving over to Hectate Aphrodite and Apollo) you'll have to wait outside. My assistants will be in to help in a bit.

Hectate (nodding): We'll wait.

Throughout the night both expecting mother's followed the midwife's and her assistant's instructions. Xena and Varia were with them through it all. Both had been bitten twice and yelled at more times then either could remember getting yelled at. Several colorful phrases came from both mother's that made their partner's cringe.

Diana (grabbing a towel): Almost there breath like I told you. Varia help her push.

Varia (leaning forward and encouraging her wife): Come on baby.

Eve (growling): I'm going to rip your…

Varia (kissing her softly): Easy honey. You don't want to do that. At least I don't think so.

Eve (pushing and screaming): Mother…

Xena (turning her head): Dam she's got a handle on some languages (getting the top of her head smacked as she rubbed her wife's stomach to help her push.)

Gabrielle (groaning): I don't think she was calling you. Son of a bitch…

Xena (excitedly): We'll discuss my parentage later. Right now, though I see the head…

Gabrielle yelling): Pull it out…

Assistant (gently): Get behind her. Help her push. Her delivery looks easier than your daughter's.

Xena (concern): What do you mean?

Assistant (sitting on a low stool in front of the bed): Let's help her right now. She'll be all right.

Xena listened intently to both her wife and daughter, helping Gabrielle to push and anxiously waiting to see what their child looked like.

A few moments later, a loud wail filled the air.

Assistant (wiping off the baby and handing her to her mother): It's a girl congratulations. Here let's clean this up.

Xena and Gabrielle were to busy with their newborn daughter to notice anything else. Gabrielle needed a few stitches but otherwise was fine.

Gabrielle (brushing her fingers through the fine hair): She's got your hair (fighting tears at the happy occasion.)

Xena (kissing her cheek): She's beautiful just like her mom.

Gabrielle (smiling): She's got your lungs Xena.

Xena (laughing as the baby cried louder): I think she's got you appetite love. (Softly) I love you.

Gabrielle (kissing her daughter): Dante Cyrene. She's perfect baby.

Xena (nodding and caressing the tiny infants head gently): That she is.

Eve (screaming): It hurts.

Varia (yelling at the midwife): Help her do something.

Diana (shaking her head): I can save one of them but not both of them. And Eve…

Varia (grabbing the collar of her robe): You better do something.

Eve (yelling): Varia…

Varia (kissing the top of her head): Relax I'm here…

Eve (softly): Save…

Varia (fighting tears): No. I will not make a decision like that. (Loudly) mom…

Xena (looking up): I'll be right back. (Standing stiffly) Eve…

Eve (crying): Mother do something please.

Diana (looking at Xena): She's going to loose one. She's too small to deliver them both.

Xena (pushing her emotions down): No (choking) no she's not. (Turning around) Brie I'm going to carry you over to that nice soft bed next to Eve's ok.

Gabrielle (understanding): I know you can do it honey.

Xena (picking her up gently): Get her some blankets. And some tea (kissing the top of her wife's head) are you hungry…

Gabrielle (knowing Xena was in full protection mode): Honey just help Eve. I'm ok.

Xena (setting her down): I'm right here. I love you (looking at her daughter) I‘m going to do everything I can (under her breath) even if I have to use my powers to save you. (Moving to Eve's side) honey you need to relax. I need to see what's wrong ok. (Eve nodded weakly) just relax (Xena began her examination her fears confirmed the babies were causing a tear to the vaginal wall and if they stayed there much longer Eve could bleed to death and one of the twins could suffocate.) Sweetie I'm going to use a pressure point on you so you won't feel pain. You'll feel pressure but no pain. (Turning to Diana) get me clean water, a towel and a sharp knife. Sterilize the blade first. Also, get me as many bandages you can. And check on my wife. Eve honey just relax and take some deep breaths (looking at Varia she locked eyes with the woman who loved her daughter) Varia take her hands.

Varia (softly; reassuring herself and her wife): Your mother's here. You're going to be ok.

Xena (biting her lip): Ok. (Two sharp jabs to Eve's lower abdomen and Eve gasped) you might want to turn your head. Your not going to feel much but the sight might be (reaching for the blade) ok. Let's bring these babies into the world.

Gabrielle (held her infant daughter nursing her and praying silently that things would be all right; she was so happy with her daughter Dante but felt sad that Eve and Varia's children; no she pushed that thought down. Xena was the best healer and knew more than anyone): Your mother is an amazing woman. She's going to teach you everything she knows and so am I. I love you (kissing the top of her head.)

A loud cry followed quickly by another pierced the stillness of the room.

Diana (shaking her head): Unbelievable I've never seen anything like it.

Xena (wiping her hands on a towel and helping the midwife clean off the two newborns; taking one and leaning over her daughter): Congratulations twin girls.

Varia (gulping): Twins oh (and passed out hitting the floor with a thud.)

Eve (crying and smiling): Thank you mother. Oh Eli she…

Xena (handing her the other newborn): Passed out (laughing.) Poor thing.

Eve (blushing): Um mother how do you…

Xena (biting her lip): Um well just, pull your sheet aside and put their mouth near then um well…

Diana (laughing): And she nursed you.

Xena (shaking her head): Never mind. (Leaning down) hey featherhead wakey, wakey (slapping her face lightly.) Come on you have two very beautiful daughters to greet.

Varia (dazed): Huh what oh (louder) oh. I'm a mother. (Realizing) Eve (an jumping up…)

Xena (grabbing her gently): Easy there. Here go easy. Eve's going to be a little sensitive for a bit. Take it easy.

Varia (sitting on the bed next to her wife): I love you so much honey (kissing her gently.)

Eve (returning the kiss): I love you too. Brienna Ephiny (handing her over to Varia) she looks like you. Light brown eyes and dark hair. (Cradling Nexia Marga in her arms) and this is Nexia. Lighter hair and grey blue eyes.

Varia (kissing both of her daughter's on the cheek): I thought twins were identical.

Eve (smiling and leaning into her wife): Not always. These are a fraternal twins.

Varia (kissing each of the newborns on the head): And they're beautiful.

Xena held Gabrielle and Dante in her arms singing a soft lullaby and smiling contentedly.

Gabrielle (snuggling against her partner tighter): I can't wait to see the twins. Eve and Varia are going to have their hands full that's for sure.

Xena (kissing the top of her head): They'll have plenty of babysitters (smirking at the thought of Aphrodite watching Dante or the twins.)

Gabrielle (pulling the blanket tighter around Dante): Can we go see them?

Xena (chuckling): Baby let Eve rest for a bit. Just like you're doing.

Gabrielle (rubbing her face against the soft swell of Xena's breast): But…

Xena (silencing her by placing two fingers to her lips): Shh, rest now.

Varia (caressing Eve's face): I love you. I'm so happy.

Eve (tiredly): I am too. Because I have you and our girls. Wonder how mom's doing?

Varia (rubbing Nexia and Brienna's heads): Rest now love.

Eve (yawning): But…

Varia (kissing her softly): You gave me quite a scare today love. Just rest for a while.

Eve (nodding and resting her head on Varia's shoulders): Stay with me.

Varia (tenderly): Always baby.

Both couples spent a few days resting and enjoying their newborn daughters. It got to the point as it always does that everyone in their family had to come by and congratulate the new mother's and to see the babies.

Eve and Gabrielle were sitting in soft cushioned chairs holding their daughter's and trying to keep their spouses from being so antsy. Neither woman could get a full request out before one or the other was scrambling to do just that.

Gabrielle and Eve decided on a plan of action to get them to sit put even if it was for a few moments. When Xena came running through the door holding a cup of tea and another blanket Gabrielle looked up at her and smiled.

Xena (setting the tea down then wrapping the blanket around her partner's legs): Anything else.

Gabrielle (shifting Dante who had fallen asleep): Yes.

Xena (getting ready to go and do whatever it was for her partner): Something to eat; another blanket; get my mother or Ephiny…

Gabrielle (smiling): No love. Carry me back to our room and just lay down with Dante and I and take a nap. I need to be held for a bit.

Xena (grinning): Gladly (and scooped her partner and her daughter up in her arms.) Anything for you love.

Gabrielle winked at Eve and snuggled tighter into her partner's strong embrace.

Eve (smirking as Varia came running in almost tripping over the low table in front of the couch): Honey. Can you just come here a moment, please.

Varia (kneeling down next to her wife and daughter's): Sure. What's up? Are you hurting? Do you want me to (soft lips captured hers and silenced her.)

Eve (shaking her head): No. I want you to take me and our girls back to our room and just lay with us so we can get a nap in. Ok.

Varia (picking up Brienna first and placing her in her carrier then Nexia; then kissing them both on top of their heads): I'll be right back (carrying her daughters to her room; placing them both in their cradle and tucking them in. She ran back into the sitting room to find her wife walking towards her.) Sweetheart you should be…

Eve (leaning into her): I'm all right. Come on you promised me a nap and some quiet time. Come on.

Varia (wrapping her arm around her waist): Anything love.

Xena (pulling Gabrielle against her chest and smiling at the beautiful sight of her daughter nursing): I love you both so much and I'm so happy. I never thought I would get a second chance like this.

Gabrielle (tilting her head up for a soft kiss): I know. I feel the same way. She's gong to be a heartbreaker.

Xena (smiling): Just like her mom. You do realize come tomorrow we are going to have a slew of visitors and well-wishers again.

Gabrielle (nodding): Yep but that just means that they get considered for baby sitting duty down the line.

Xena (kissing the side of her face): That's my girl always thinking ahead.

Gabrielle (chuckling): Well I learned from the best that it never hurts to be prepared. Especially if we are going to have several of our children running around.

Xena (wide eyed): Several. You mean…

Gabrielle (seriously): You make a great mother Xena. And this time we'll have the chance to raise them. I'll take down anyone who tries to take that away from us.

Xena (solemnly): So will I. (Thinking) more than one. I like the sound of that.

Gabrielle (promising): As long as you're with me, we can do anything.

Xena (softly): Forever honey. Forever at the least.

They cuddled together Gabrielle holding Dante and Xena holding them both gently. Thoughts of their future and their children's future crossing their minds. They knew that their bond and their love would never be broken and it would see them through everything in life.

Varia (watching the twins sleep): They're so beautiful love. Thank you for this gift you've given me.

Eve (smiling and tying her robe): And thank you. Not only for this but for everything. We're going to be ok. I know that deep in my heart.

Varia (softly): Even though I'm the daughter of Ares and…

Eve (pressing two fingers to her lips): It doesn't matter love (pressing her hand over her heart) its what's in here that counts. I've seen it and our children will see it. I love you, everything about you. And I thank Eli's God for putting us together.

Varia (caressing her face): As do I. Like your mother said to me about my insecurities…

Eve (teasing but knowing her wife): You insecure never.

Varia (kissing her soundly): Yes me, you tease. What was I saying (feeling her wife's hands moving lower) um oh yeah to have faith in our love and you (moaning as strong fingers untied the ties to her pants) baby…

Eve (wickedly grinning): Shh. I can't but I know you can.

Varia (moaning as she felt Eve's fingers teasing rather sensitive flesh): The babies…

Eve (kissing her lips): They'll know their parent's love each other very much. They'll know our love, ours and my parent's. They'll know that love can conquer anything and can bring light into the darkest of places. Now hush up and lay back and let me thank you for loving me when anyone else would have killed me on sight.

Varia (grunting as she was pushed to the bed): Who am I to argue with such a beautiful woman?

Eve (shaking her head): More action and less talking.

As two souls connected again not for the first time, they both knew in their hearts that no matter what love would find a way. It had brought them together. Kept them together and guided them when all hope was lost. Something Eve learned from her parents and it would be something she would teach their children.

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