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Journal entry: It has been two weeks since the accident that disabled Xena's left hand. She is no longer wearing the sling and to watch her you would not notice the limp unless you look real close. She is devising a device for her left hand to not only protect it but also somehow use it in battle if need be. I can only imagine with her there is no telling what she might come up with. Eve and Varia remind me so much of Xena and myself. They have gotten closer and I feel they share the same bond that Xena and I do. To think that nearly two years ago they were ready to kill each other and now they are inseparable.

We are on vacation courtesy of Aphrodite on the isle of Lesbos enjoying some relaxation and much needed time together. Eve and I enjoy shopping together something that she definitely inherits from me. Xena and Varia are bonding in whatever way two warriors can bond. They are so much alike in so many things it's cute. Although using the word cute in a sentence with either of them would not be a good idea.

Xena is coming up from the beach now after having spent some time sparring with Eve and Varia to get her strength back. Her hair blowing in the wind; the sheen of sweat on her skin; the mischievous glint in her eyes and I wonder if it's possible to love her more than I already do. I do know without her I wouldn't go on. She completes me and fills me with so much joy. End of journal entry Gabrielle Bard of Potedeia, Consort to Xena of Amphipolis.

Xena (setting her weapons down then sitting next to her partner under the tree): Hi, love. What have you been writing about?

Gabrielle (leaning in for a kiss, she could never get enough of those soft lips): Just some thoughts.

Xena (kissing her again): And have you given any thought to what I said?

Gabrielle (biting her lip): I have and I think I'm going to at least talk to him, let him explain to me some things. However, it doesn't mean I accept it. And what about you, are you willing to talk with him about your...

Xena (holding up her hand): Brie don't please. Our situations are completely different.

Gabrielle (reaching up to caress Xena's face): Are they? Both of our father's in my opinion abandoned us.

Xena (shaking her head): At least you didn't kill yours...

Gabrielle (pressing two fingers to her lips): You did what you had to do. You did what you were trained to do and you protected your family. Everyone was going to kill Eve and they were going to kill me too. There's no shame or guilt in that love. You and I both know it.

Xena (angrily): Why? Why after all this time does he come forward like this? I can't understand how he can claim to be your father when he did nothing to protect you.

Gabrielle (looking around): I don't know and I have the same questions about Hades with you. However, right now I'd rather do something other than talking. Watching you out there got me a little (moaning as soft lips claimed hers.)

Xena (smiling through the kiss): A little hot and bothered love? (Gabrielle nodded) then let's go in take a bath and see if I can help you with you little problem.

Gabrielle (grabbing Xena's weapons): I like the sound of that Warrior but I don't think my problem is very little. Can you handle that?

Xena (nodding, feeling her heart rate pick up; the blood course through her veins like molten lave): Oh, I can handle it the question is can you (as she held the door open for Gabrielle.)

Gabrielle (walking into their cabin, it was lavishly decorated with silk tapestries; oak paneling; hardwood floors with a few skins thrown over it; two fireplaces; a bathing chamber and a large bed occupying the wall): Then show me Warrior, love me.

Xena pulled her soul mate into her and kissed her softly; trailing kisses from her ear to her neck to her mouth; pulling her closer to her body. Gabrielle tangled her hands in Xena's hair and nipped at her chin and throat. She gasped as she was pushed backward to the bathing chamber and Xena's hands tugging on her clothes with impatience. She smiled when she heard the low growl and decided to help by tearing the fabric that covered her breasts and groaned as she was pushed to the floor and a strong body covered hers quickly followed by a hot sweet mouth that licked and kissed every inch of her skin. She was brought to the point of ecstasy over and over holding onto her lover feeling as though it would never be enough. Then she turned the tables and showed her soul mate how much she loved her. Afterward sated and loved they shared a warm bath and a glass of wine just immersed in each other.

Varia lay on her side holding Eve against her chest. They had a cabin similar to Xena and Gabrielle's and theirs was connected by a stone walkway surrounded by beautiful trees and plants. The fire crackled making Eve shift closer to her body and she pulled the blanket tighter around them.

Eve (nuzzling Varia's throat): I don't want to get up.

Varia (tilting her head back): Well we did promise your parent's that we would share a meal with them and Sapho tonight. After all one can not turn down a meal with an exceptional woman like Sapho it would be bad manners (groaning as small hands touched her gently and she thrust her hips in response.)

Eve (smiling as she got comfortable and pushed Varia onto her back): That's it be a good Amazon and let me love you (kissing her way down Varia's body.)

Varia (moaning): Eve oh good Gods woman you are ungh (thrusting her hips for more) just like that (as Eve mouth touched her sex.)

Eve (licking softly then turning her head to nip her inner thigh): I love you (bending her head and proceeding to lick and suck at Varia like a woman dying of thirst.)

Varia ran her fingers through Eve's hair thanking every God she knew that Eve had come into her life and changed it for the better.


Xena moaned at the loss of body heat and the weight of her soul mate as Gabrielle got up to wash up and dress for dinner.

Gabrielle (smacking Xena playfully on the ass): Come on gorgeous up and at them (walking into the bathing room to wash up then coming back in the bedroom to get ready.).

Xena (groaning; she ached; her body was on fire and all she wanted to do was go back to sleep with her lover in her arms): Brie...

Gabrielle (trying not to laugh at the hickeys and bite marks that covered her lover; she knew she probably had some too but it wouldn't matter not on this island): Oh what's the matter did I wear you out (tugging on the blankets.)

Xena (growling playfully): Brie just let me sleep (moaning as soft lips touched her own.)

Gabrielle (moving on top of her partner): I love you.

Xena (sitting up so Brie straddled her thighs facing her): And I you. Now let me go back to sleep you little imp.

Gabrielle (pushing Xena back on the bed): Imp. I'll give you imp you heathen (sucking a spot on Xena's neck leaving another hickey.)

Xena (pulling her tighter against her): I think someone's asking for it.

A knock on their door halted their affectionate play.

Gabrielle (grabbing her robe and pulling it on tugging the belt as she opened the door and found Eve standing there smirking): What' so funny?

Eve (shaking her head): Just wondering if you two are ready? And from your clothes, I would say no.

Gabrielle (moving aside inviting her in): No but I was just going to.

Eve (moving the collar of Gabrielle's robe aside just a little): Nice hickey you got there and bite marks. Have you thought about feeding her?

Gabrielle (smacking Eve's hand playfully): You have a few too. And yes, I feed her.

Xena (stretching and walking in wearing her robe inside out): Not enough. Beside... (a hand clamping over her mouth stopped her.)

Gabrielle (playfully): Don't say it. We don't want to scandalize her now do we?

Eve (enjoying the playful banter): Please and mother your robe is on inside out.

Xena (pointing to the door and smiling): Eve the door is that way. I suggest you use it and get your partner ready. We'll be ready in about fifteen twenty minutes. That is if your mom can keep her hands to herself. Oh and nice hickeys by the way. Have you thought about feeding Varia?

Eve (smacking her mother playfully): Gee, you don't have to be so pushy. I have but she...

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Eve don't encourage her. We'll be out in a bit (kissing Eve on the cheek.)

Eve (nodding): Oh by the way mother make sure you cover that up (pointing to the bite mark visible on her shoulder; laughing she left them alone.)

Xena (groaning): I liked it so much better when she couldn't talk.

Gabrielle (pulling out tight black leather pants and a loose silk blouse for Xena to wear then pulled out a thigh length tunic and a pair of shorts for herself): Xena you encourage her just as much as she does you and I think it`s cute. (Noticing her partner standing in front of the looking glass washing her face and upper body and scrutinizing herself) what's wrong?

Xena (softly): I'm just thinking.

Gabrielle (moving to her partner's side and taking a vial of sandalwood oil and applying some to her skin): About?

Xena (lowering her head): Nothing much. Just some thoughts. Gabrielle (helping her with her shirt): Xena (looking up into soft blue eyes) the loss of the use of your hand doesn't change you in any way. I love you baby and I'll always be here love. We'll talk later, right now before those two come back in here let's get ready. Unless you want to...

Xena (kissing the top of her head): No, you're right of course but I was just thinking (reaching for her pants to find Brie holding them) I don't need help getting dressed.

Gabrielle (kissing her lips): I know but let me do it. It makes me feel good among other things.

Xena (getting in the pants): Among other things (feeling fingers graze a very sensitive spot) Brie...

Gabrielle (washing up and getting her own clothes on): Yes (smirking.)

Xena (shaking her head): Just you wait until later.

Varia was dressed similar to Xena though her blouse was red and accented the black leather pants perfectly.

Eve (helping her with the placement of a few daggers): Remind me to show you how much I appreciate the way you look later love (leaning in for a kiss.)

Varia (caressing her face with her knuckles): I will but remind me also to thank you properly for coming in my life. You've given me so much (two fingers pressed her lips.)

Eve (sitting on Varia's lap): You've made me happier than I thought possible. Come on let's get going before they come in here and tease us about not being ready.

Varia kissing her one last time then watching Eve stand then got up and grabbed a small package from inside a drawer and followed Eve outside to meet her parent's.

Gabrielle (coming up the walk holding Xena's hand): You two ready (they both nodded) good. I can't wait to see Sapho again. It was really nice of her to invite us for dinner.

Eve (wrapping her arm around Varia's waist): The whole vacation thing was a great idea. Thank you both of you.

Varia (entwining her and Eve's hands then kissing Eve's): Yes thank you.

Xena (looking at the waves coming in): Well it was Gabrielle's idea. Gabrielle (leaning up and kissing Xena softly): Doesn't matter as long as your with us. That's all that matters.

They walked to the Inn Sapho had directed them to and were seated immediately.

Sapho (walking up): Gabrielle an honor to have such a fine Bard as yourself in my establishment. And Xena I've heard many tales about you over the years but I'm sure Gabrielle can do much better since you know Xena so intimately (kissing Gabrielle on the cheek then clasping Xena's hand.) And this is your daughter Gabrielle?

Gabrielle (glancing at Eve who was trying not blush and at Xena who was trying to stifle laughter): Actually Xena's her birth mother I'm her adopted mother. It's a long story Sapho and thank you for extending your hospitality to me and my family. This is Varia, Eve's intended (motioning to Varia who looked ready to crawl under the table.)

Sapho (clasping hands with Eve): The pleasure is mine. Varia you're an Amazon I take it (Varia nodded) great I love to hear tales of Amazons and their bravery their commitment to each other and their life. Perhaps we can set some time aside to share some stories.

Varia (nodding): Thank you and yes but I'm no bard not like Gabrielle but Eve here (grunting as she was subtly poked in the ribs) can tell you all about our lifestyle.

Sapho (motioning to someone for some wine): I look forward to it from whoever is telling the story.

Diner was pleasant filled with lively conversation and light banter. After dinner, they were directed outside to an outdoor play and sat to the side on a small hill. Sapho's partner Diana joined them and introductions were made and Diana explained that she couldn`t be at dinner because she had some matters to attend to.

Diana (watching as a play about Three Muses was enacted): Too bad this will never make it in Athens. They want to much drama and death. Gabrielle (nodding): You also need passion and laughter and many other elements that some of those Athenian scholars don't use.

Sapho (noticing Eve and Varia talking softly; young love she thought): You studied there once before if I'm correct.

Gabrielle (nodding): Yes but I chose to follow Xena and live and learn the adventures instead of just writing about them.

Xena (kissing the back of Gabrielle's hand): She is a wonderful bard the best I've heard in my life.

Diana (smiling): So the great warrior Princess has a penchant for art and theatre as well as battle.

Xena (smirking): Actually, it's the passionate ones that draw me. Anything that gets the blood flowing more intensely is always worth my interest...

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes; her partner was being fresh and sincere as usual): Xena you and I both know that it takes very little to get your blood flowing.

Xena (seductively): On the contrary (dropping her voice), a certain little blond can get my blood flowing quite easily and very hotly.

Gabrielle (chuckling): Xena of Amphipolis you are incorrigible.

Sapho (smiling): And quite full of herself.

Diana (nodding): I wouldn't go there if I were you (smirking.)

Eve (softly): Excuse me but mother, mom, ladies (looking at Sapho and Diana) um Varia wants to ask me something.

Xena (raising her hand): Varia what are you...

Varia (pulling a small pouch from inside her pocket): Eve (getting on one knee and looking around making sure they weren't being watched) I've known you a short time compared to your parents but it doesn't lessen my feelings. You've made a better person; shown me a different way in life instead of pain and violence and anger. I'm asking you in front of your parents; the two people who gave me a second chance and my greatest gifts will you join with me and become my life mate.

Eve (looking at her mother's then at Sapho and Diana): Varia yes (smiling as Varia placed the bracelet on her left wrist) its beautiful but you...

Varia (standing and kissing her softly): You deserve the best love. Gabrielle turned to her head to look at her lover who looked like she was tense or in pain. Sapho and Diana were clapping and she smiled raising her glass to them both.)

Xena (standing slowly): Excuse me a minute...

Gabrielle (trying to grab Xena's arm): Xena where are you going?

Eve (concern): Mom what's the matter?

Varia (biting her lip): I think...

Sapho (shaking her head): No Varia you followed your heart. Something is bothering her I could see it in her eyes.

Gabrielle (standing): Eve (hugging her daughter) I'm happy for you and so is your mother. I think I know what this is about and I'll take care of it. Varia (pulling her closer and whispering in her ear) you had better be good to her (Varia nodded.)

Sapho (kissing Eve on the cheek): Congratulations. You're mothers are both proud and you such a romantic from a Warrior (smiling and clasping Varia's hand.)

Diana (smiling and wrapping her arm around Sapho's shoulders): Congratulations I'll go get a skin of wine and we can make a toast to these two young woman.

Eve turned and wrapped her arms around Varia and kissed her softly. Varia (pulling her tighter): I love you.

Eve (smiling and nuzzling her throat): And I you. I just don't understand my mother.

Varia (running her fingers through Eve's hair): I don't either. I'm sure she's happy for us but I think it's something else.

Sapho (nodding): I'm sure it is.

Gabrielle followed her lover to the beach and watched her standing there in the moon light; her body tense and she was flexing her left hand.

Xena (softly): I'm happy for them.

Gabrielle (moving closer to her mate): Then why do you look like you want to strangle someone.

Xena (fighting tears): I never proposed to you. I never asked you for your hand. And we never courted. I can't even begin to think of all the mistakes I made with you over the years.

Gabrielle (stepping in front of her lover and pressing two fingers to her lips): And how many mistakes have I made with you. But you know what those mistakes pale in comparison to the joys of our life together and what we have now.

Xena (stepping back): Really. What about all those nights we were out in the elements; or fighting off thieves or brigands instead of having a quiet moment; Let's talk about the pain I've caused you...

Gabrielle (shaking her head; taking Xena's left hand in her own): And what of the pain, I've caused you. It goes both ways love...

Xena (tightening her hand, the pain was really aggravating her): Gabrielle...

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Xena to me it doesn't matter that you've never proposed or any of that. I want you to think about something. Do you remember the time we spent in India (Xena nodded) then think about the Mendhi those lines represent us and when you wear them they are supposed to be a link between two people who love each other. Those lines represent the beginning of our joined lives.

Xena (shaking her head): Still we have never had a ceremony. By the gods Brie, you're an Amazon Queen...

Gabrielle (smiling): By title love. No, we have never had a ceremony but we do have our anklets and we have each other. As for courting and asking for my hand. Xena look at us; look at our lives where we've been. You and I courted for practically three years before we became intimate and even that was slow and romantic (Xena arched her eyebrow) yes romantic. You never made an advance or move that I didn't welcome and you held your desires at bay while I probably drove you crazy. I remember the first time we made love...

Xena (smiling thinking about that): Yeah but even that wasn't slow and romantic...

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): Xena slow and romantic was something we couldn't do right then. We had so much pent up energy and passion how long do you think we could have held out.

Xena (nodding): I love you...

Gabrielle (leaning up and kissing her softly): And I you. The point I'm trying to make is that no matter what we've done or where we've been you given me more in life and love than anyone can ever hope to have. I don't need you to be on your knees handing me a ring or a bracelet (smirking) although last night you were on your knees for a completely different reason but still it was romantic...

Xena (smiling): Yeah but I don't think me stating that I'm going to....

Gabrielle (kissing her softly): Xena just shut up. Accept it I love you and nothing in our lives have been a mistake (thinking) ok there were some times but we talked about them and moved on. I'm in love with you and there's nothing about our lives I would change because we wouldn't be where we are.

Xena (wrapping her good arm around her): Thank you.

Gabrielle (understanding): Your welcome. Now come on we have to congratulate our daughter and her intended.

Varia held Eve in her arms while Sapho told them the story of soul mates and a few other tales. Everyone looked up as Xena and Gabrielle walked back to their spot on the hill.

Eve (standing): Mother...

Xena (giving her daughter a one armed hug): I'm happy for you and I'm proud of you. I just needed time to think about some things I wish I had done.

Eve (understanding): You love her and she wouldn't be with you if she weren't happy.

Xena (nodding): So when's your ceremony (looking pointedly at Varia.)

Varia (stammering): Well uh, that is I um...

Sapho (smiling and smacking Xena playfully on her leg): Be nice. The poor woman had enough courage to propose to the daughter of the Battling Bard and Warrior Princess.

Gabrielle (sitting down and pouring her and Xena a glass of wine): We're not that bad...

Eve and Varia "yes you are."

Xena (sitting beside Gabrielle, smirking): No, we're not. We just don't take kindly to someone threatening our family (sipping the wine offered her.)

Varia (shaking her head): Well if you'll excuse us Eve and I are going to take a walk along the beach. Diana, Sapho thank you and it was a pleasure.

Sapho (clasping Varia's hand): Enjoy and the pleasure was mine.

Diana (nodding): Have a nice evening ladies.

Eve (hugging her mother's): We'll see you in the morning.

Xena (nodding and kissing Eve on the cheek): Sure.

Eve (clasping both Sapho's and Diana's hands): Thank you.

Gabrielle (smirking): Enjoy but not too much.

Varia and Eve groaned and took off down the hill.

Xena (stretching): Ladies its been fun but I'm going to retire.

Sapho (smiling): You have a remarkable daughter. Varia suits her very well.

Gabrielle (watching the two younger women): That they do. Good night and thank you.

Xena and Gabrielle walked slowly back to their cabin hand in hand. Inside Xena began making a fire in the fireplace while Gabrielle changed.

Xena (softly): Tired love.

Gabrielle (kneeing next to her): No just excited for them. How are you feeling? I noticed your left hand is bothering you.

Xena (looking at her hand): Just a little pain. It's more stiff then anything.

Gabrielle (taking the larger hand in hers): I wonder why I couldn't heal you completely instead of just bringing you back.

Xena (shaking her head and pulling Gabrielle to lean against her): Probably because you brought me back and that used up most of your powers or whatever.

Gabrielle (tilting her head back for a kiss, which Xena gladly obliged): Maybe I think tomorrow I'm going to talk with him I mean Apollo.

Xena (tightening her hold): I'll be there if you want.

Gabrielle (kissing Xena's shoulder): You have to talk with Apollo as well about (soft lips seized hers making a gentle request.)

Xena (pulling back and reaching for the ties on Gabrielle's top): I'd rather be talking about something else love (leaning forward and sucking on Gabrielle's right breast while squeezing her left.)

Gabrielle (arching into her touch): Typical Warrior all action (groaning as strong teeth grazed her nipple) but dammit I like it.

Xena (licking the sensitive bud): So do I.

Hands and mouths moved to caress and stimulate bringing the other to points of ecstasy and back. They made love until early morning sated and loved.


Varia (pleading with her lover): Baby please can we just cuddle for a while (running her fingers through Eve's hair.)

Eve (looking up from the delicious spot between Varia's thighs): But hey (yelping playfully as Varia dragged her up her body and settled her beside her.)

Varia (rolling over to her side and pulling Eve against her): You're going to either kill me or drive me insane (running her hands up and down Eve's back):

Eve (smiling): Isn't that a good thing?

Varia (nodding her head and trailing kisses up and down Eve's neck): A very good thing (moving her mouth down lower) and allow me (nipping sensitive flesh gently) to return the delicious favor (settling her shoulders between Eve's thighs.)

Xena sensed the intruder before even opening her eyes. She reached for her sword and pulled the blankets tighter around Gabrielle. Then with a tuck and roll maneuver she rolled out of bed and stood on her good leg gaining her balance; her sword held out defensively in front of her.

Apollo (shaking his head): Well good morning to you too. (Waving his hand gently he made sure Gabrielle would sleep though this conversation.)

Xena (rolling her eyes and snarling): What did you do to her and what do you want (turning and reaching for her robe?)

Apollo (turning his back to give her privacy): I made sure she'll sleep and I came to talk with you.

Xena (tying the belt): And I remember Gabrielle saying that she wanted to talk with you but I don't remember you being invited here.

Apollo (moving to her side): Xena you have to swallow your pride sometime. I thought my daughter taught you that.

Xena (pointing the sword at him): Don't call her that. You were never there when she needed you the most.

Apollo (scratching his chin): We're back to that are we? Ok I'll admit maybe I should have been in her life more often and come forward with the truth a lot sooner but there are many reasons for this.

Xena (sarcastically): Try me.

Apollo (moving behind her): Answer me this why do you think you weren't healed like Gabrielle after the battle with the Vikings?

Xena (stepping away from him and going to start a fire but it was lit in front of her): Great party tricks.

Apollo (deciding another course of action was in hand; he grabbed Xena by the upper arms faster than she could blink): Xena I have done what I could when I could. Way before things got worst than they did. It was me who guided you to Potedeia all those years ago. It was me who made sure that you saw the storm above the temple and it was me who saved her from that lave pit and led her to you in her home village.

Xena (struggling): And what about when she was raped and we were torn apart by hatred. What about when Eve was snatched from our arms or when people were out to crucify her because of your brother.

Apollo (letting her go): I was there. Who do you think helped to guide you both through your dreams? I've watched over you both and so has Hades that is why you two have come back to life.

Xena (taking a deep breath): It doesn't matter now. It's up to Brie what she wants.

Apollo (gently touching her arm): And what do you want Xena?

Xena (shaking her head): I want nothing but for the Gods to stop interfering in our lives when it suits them (she walked into the bathing chamber and slammed the door.)

Apollo sat in the chair and waved his hand toward Gabrielle and smiled as she woke up slowly looking around for Xena.

Gabrielle (softly): Xena...

Apollo (pointing to the door): She's in there. She's a little upset this morning.

Gabrielle (blushing and pulling the blanket tighter around her): Um hi. What are you doing here and what did you say to her?

Apollo (moving to get her some tea): I came to talk with her. She doesn't want to listen.

Gabrielle (accepting the mug of tea): And you think I do.

Apollo (nodding): Yes. I think you want to know why she wasn't healed when you were. Or why now?

Gabrielle (softly): Something like that.

Apollo (moving beside her): Because she won't accept that part of herself. She is so strong, stubborn; full of pride. When she learns to accept things then she will be healed.

Gabrielle (looking at him): And how will she do that?

Apollo (looking at the closed door): By going on a spiritual journey and connecting with that, part of herself just like you must.

Gabrielle (holding up her hand): Then we're both Demi Gods after that right (Apollo nodded) and what of Eve.

Apollo (shaking his head): She's mortal, mostly. I'm not sure. She's hard to read.

Gabrielle (understanding): Let me talk with Xena.

Apollo (kneeling in front of her): I know this is hard to accept and understand. But please believe me when I tell you that I only wanted what's best for you. I know you have no faith in the Gods with good reason but you are my child and I want a chance to make things right with you and I want to help Xena too.

Gabrielle (closing her eyes): In all reality and fact, you abandoned me. Her father abandoned her and you want a second chance. That's asking a lot.

Apollo (reaching out to take her hand): I know it is but please. The Gabrielle I know never gave up on a certain Warrior or another woman whose path was filled with darkness.

Gabrielle (squeezing his hand): She's everything to me and I know she loves me. Give me some time.

Apollo (standing and moving to leave): I'm proud of you Gabrielle (and he vanished.)

Gabrielle sat there for a moment looking at the golden sparkles he had left behind then got up and went to see her partner. Opening the door, she smiled at the beautiful sight before her. Xena was sitting in the tub; her head back against the rim and her arms stretched out. Her hair was slick from water and her breathing shallow with her lips slightly parted. Moving cautiously she knelt beside the tub and reached out to trace the long scar on her left shoulder.

Xena (softly): I love you.

Gabrielle (smiling): And I you. Are you mad?

Xena (shaking her head): Not mad more like upset with the whole situation. (Opening her eyes slowly) Gabrielle this is your choice but no matter the outcome I'll be beside you always.

Gabrielle (untying her robe): Just like me with you Xena. And you wonder why I love you so much.

Xena (arching her eyebrow and smirking mischievously): Is it because of my good looks (Gabrielle nodding and stepping into the tub) my charm and tact (Gabrielle smiled) cause I'm good in bed (Gabrielle moved to straddle her lap) or is it because I'm such... (she was kissed passionately and all train of thought vanished)

Gabrielle (rubbing her hands across Xena's chest): Xena you are so full of yourself.

Xena (resting her hands on Gabrielle's hips; her left hand had nerve lost and the feelings weren't all there but she could sense the warmth of her partners body): Yeah but you love me.

Gabrielle (smirking): Well there are a few reasons (rocking her hips rhythmically.)

Xena (moaning as their centers touched causing delicious friction):

Care to share. Gabrielle (leaning forward and nipping Xena's bottom lip, which caused Xena to growl playfully): Nope. Cause right now (reaching between them and stroking Xena's center) I have other things I'd rather concentrate on.

Xena (thrusting her hips to meet her partner's hand): I love you. You're beautiful; loving; intelligent; sexy; awesome in bed...

Gabrielle (pressing harder): Xena later right now I have a Warrior Princess to ravish (bending her head to take Xena's nipple in her mouth.)

Xena succumbed to the pleasures her love was bestowing on her body. Who was she to argue smirking as Gabrielle's fingers slid inside her? Nope no argument here.


Eve rolled over to watch Varia dress admiring the smooth play of muscle and grace on her lover's back...

Varia (tying her boots): Stop that. I'm going to get breakfast.

Eve (pulling the sheet aside): You want food instead of this. Varia watched mesmerized by the gorgeous woman and slowly began removing her weapons. To hell with breakfast as she dropped her sword on the floor and picked her lover up in her arms and pushed her back on the bed.

Varia (trailing kisses up and down Eve's body): Who said anything about breakfast (pushing Eve's thighs apart) I have all I need right here (tasting her lover with abandon.)

Eve (groaning and thrusting her hips up to her partner's mouth): I love you.

Varia nodded and continued licking and sucking while holding her partner in her arms tightly.


Gabrielle lay on the furs in front of the fire enjoying the feel of Xena behind her sleeping soundly. She smiled at that thought remembering when they first met her Xena would wake at the slightest noise but now she could sleep through the night peacefully. She guessed it would have to do with the fact she felt safe and knowing Gabrielle could more than take care of her self and Xena. The knocking on their door roused her from her comfortable position and reluctantly she got up to see who it was.

Varia (smiling as the door was opened): Good morning. Thought I'd come by and see if you two would like to join us for lunch.

Gabrielle (noticing more marks on Varia's neck than there were yesterday): No (trying to stifle laughter) but you two had better go get something to eat. Varia you have to feed her. She has a very hearty appetite (smirking.)

Varia (rolling her eyes): And I see that Xena was using you as a midnight snack. Speaking of which...

Gabrielle (chuckling): After her midnight snack I knocked her unconscious. You want to come in or...

Varia (shaking her head smirking): No. I'm going to get Eve and go get some lunch. She wants to go shopping later on so maybe (batting her eyelashes.)

Gabrielle (laughing): Alright knock it off. Come by later and I'll take her shopping and you and Xena can find something to do. Varia (nodding her head): Thank you.

Gabrielle shut the door and turning around to find herself face to face with her lover.

Xena (her voice hoarse): Gabrielle...

Gabrielle (smiling and wrapping her arms around Xena's neck): Good you're up. Do you want lunch or...

Xena (wishing she could carry her partner): No what I want is to pay you back for making me hoarse (pushing her towards the bed.)

Gabrielle (realizing she was in trouble and enjoying every moment of it): Now Xena we have hey (landing on the bed and being pinned by six feet of amorous Warrior.)

Xena (untying Gabrielle's robe): Now let's see if I can make you scream yourself hoarse love (leaning down and beginning a delicious assault on her lover's body.)

Gabrielle (grabbing Xena's hair): Animal...

Gabrielle did indeed scream herself hoarse and then returned the favor. Lunch could wait.


Eve held Varia's arm while she carried the basket of food. She had a feeling neither one of her mother's weren't coming to lunch so she would bring lunch to them. They deserved this the vacation; time together; just being themselves. They had, had a hard life up until after Jappa and this trip was the best thing for them.

Aphrodite (calling from the beach): Hey.

Varia (looking up): Aphrodite...

Eve (setting the basket on the bench outside their door): Nice of you to drop in.

Aphrodite (reaching out and hugging Eve then clasping hands with

Varia): Nice proposal there. So when's the ceremony (seeing two confused looks.) Oh come on you have to have a ceremony.

Eve (leaning against Varia): Well we thought about it but haven't talked it over yet. Besides my parents...

Aphrodite (shaking her head): Now hold it right there. You see technically your parents did. And technically they didn't. When they went to India and the lines in the Mendhi well you know the story...

Varia (kissing the top of Eve's head): Yeah it's one of my favorites.

Eve (tightening her hold on her partner's arm): Mine too. Aphrodite I'm not sure there's still a lot of things that we need to talk about and my parents need some support with everything that has happened.

Aphrodite (understanding): Things will be just fine. Trust me on this. Anyway how are you two enjoying your vacation (seeing them both blush) I see you've had the honeymoon part covered first (smiling.)

Varia (laughing): Well can you blame me. I mean she is beautiful.

Aphrodite (shaking her head): That she is and so are you (Varia shaking her head) yes you are and it doesn't matter what you think it's your heart and soul. Something I tried to tell Xena but you know how it is. You two have a special love treat each other well. I'll see everyone later (winking then vanishing leaving pink sparkles.)

Varia (tugging her partner toward the bench): She cares a lot for Xena and Gabrielle doesn't she?

Eve (nodding and cuddling up to her partner; the love between them felt so right; so good it completed her): Yes she does. When they first met they barely tolerated each other then eventually they became friends. Aphrodite has always kept a watchful eye out on Gabrielle though. Xena has told me a couple of times that she thinks Aphrodite has always had a little deeper of feelings for her.

Varia (smiling): I can see why anyone would be infatuated with them both. I mean look at you you're absolutely gorgeous....

Eve (tilting her head up and kissing her): Flattery will get you everywhere.

Varia (smiling): You know I mean it. And hey you are the daughter of two Demi Gods. I'm such a lucky girl in so many ways. I was given a second chance and found the love of my life

Eve (caressing Varia's face): We're both lucky. In all reality my parents put us together by saving my butt and yours.

Varia (closing her eyes at the memory of trying to kill Eve at one time): I'm sorry. I was so blinded by my hatred and anger that I...

Eve (pressing her fingers to Varia's lips): No don't go there. We both made a lot of mistakes but the important thing is we learned from them and moved on and we talked about them. We have each other; we have our life together. Let's concentrate on that. (Fingering her bracelet) this is beautiful. Where did you get it?

Varia (taking Eve's hand and kissing it softly): I'm not telling. I will tell you that Gabrielle gave me her blessing before I asked for your hand.

Eve (smiling): And when did you do this (nipping and kissing Varia's throat and smirking at the hickeys and bite marks that were there.)

Varia (groaning): No fair you're tormenting me for information.

Eve (sliding her hand down but got caught by Varia's strong grip): I uh that is....

Varia (kissing her lips softly): You're so bad...

Eve captured her lips in a passionate kiss that turned heated rather quickly.

Gabrielle and Xena came out of there cabin talking and making some plans for the rest of the day when they spotted Eve and Varia on the bench. Xena looked at Gabrielle and smirked mischievously. Gabrielle just shook her head and watched with amusement as her soul mate went to torment the younger couple.

Xena (softly): Why is my daughter outside in a compromising position when you claim to love her? And why is it that whenever I see you two you either are examining every tooth in each other's heads or your hands aren't where there supposed to be (growling low in her throat.)

Varia (breaking off the kiss): Um hi Xena...

Eve (not moaning; unfazed): Mother why don't you go and check out mom, again. Right now I'm rather busy.

Xena (shot Gabrielle a dirty look hearing her laughter): Alright both of you up. Varia you and I have some things to discuss and Eve you're going shopping. (She was further ignored and groaned at Eve's stifled laughing.)

Gabrielle (walking up and wrapping her arms around her partner's waist): Xena leave them be. Obviously.....

Xena (throwing her right arm up): I get no respect. No one listens to me and my daughter finds her mate more interesting (playfully pouting .)

Gabrielle (leaning up and kissing her): Xena think about it I find you more interesting than anyone else and don't pout it doesn't work with me.

Xena (pulling her tighter against her body): You are so going to get it later.

Gabrielle (smirking): Promise (that got her a low growl from her lover.)

Eve (breaking off the kiss; she knew how her parent's were and was glad to have been exposed to the depth of love they shared; of course their timing could be better): Mom, mother you wanted something. Gabrielle (laughing at Varia's dazed look): Yeah but I think you better make sure Varia's alright. She looks a little flushed.

Xena (teasing): Come on Varia nice deep breaths. It's a little easier when Eve's...

Gabrielle (clamping her hand over Xena's mouth): Xena of Amphipolis you're incorrigible.

Eve (playfully shoving her mother): I swear we can't take you anywhere. Varia hey come on sweetie you and my mother are going to spend some quality time together while mom and I go shopping.

Varia (shaking her head): Take advantage of me and then send me off with your mother. How do you like that?

Xena (motioning with her arm): Come on stud let's go.

Gabrielle (poking Xena in the chest playfully): Behave. Or you will be sleeping (soft lips captured hers and she forgot what she was going to say.)

Eve (shaking her head): Wait a minute we brought back lunch (looking at her parents then turning her head) and they say we're bad.

Varia (grabbing a water skin): Let's return the favor, shall we (smirking mischievously.)

Eve (groaning): I wouldn't if I were you. I got dumped in a river once for teasing them like that.

Xena (pointing her finger at the two culprits): Varia...

Varia (putting the water skin down): Who me?

Gabrielle (leaning against Xena): Yes you. What did you bring us for lunch?

Varia (holding up the basket): Some roasted chicken and fish; fruit; and some flat bread.

Xena (shaking her head): I'm not real hungry just let me grab some fruit and we'll meet back here for dinner.

Eve (wondering): Mother...

Xena (holding up her hand): Nothing's up. Come on Varia we've got some things to check out.

Varia (kissing Eve softly): You have my Rite of Caste and anything I own.

Xena (laughing): I'm not going to kill you.

Gabrielle (smiling): You better not.

Varia (groaning): I'm in trouble.

Eve (pushing her partner into her mother): Behave the both of you. (She smiled as she watched them both walk toward the beach and veer left.) Mother is not going to kill her is she?

Gabrielle (wrapping her arm around her shoulder): No she isn't. She just likes to tease her. Besides it's a mother's prerogative to tease their children about their love lives.

Eve (sitting down next to Gabrielle): Thanks mom (grinning.) Actually I have you and mother to thank for bringing Varia and I together.

Gabrielle (wondering): What do you mean?

Eve (shaking her head): Mom I've realized a lot of things in the past week and let's just say that because of you both, a lot of good things have happened in my life. Varia being the best in my life.

Gabrielle (kissing her cheek): And we're happy for you both honey. I'm glad you didn't wait two years of your life in telling her.

Eve (squeezing her hand): But things happen for a reason. You both taught me that. I'm just glad you two have each other and I am very thankful you showed me the true meaning of unconditional unselfish love.

Gabrielle (smiling): Come on let's go do some shopping and you can fill me in on what plans you and Varia have made for your joining. Eve (walking with her): Nothing yet but Aphrodite seems very interested in it.

Gabrielle (smiling): She's the Goddess of Love and she cares about us. We're her only friends. Come on I saw some great pieces of leather down on the southern end of the market.

They walked along the beach heading for the market place looking out for there two partners. Gabrielle had a lot to think about mainly talking with Xena about her parentage and accepting that they were both Demi Gods but for now she would just enjoy the afternoon with her daughter not of the flesh but definitely of her heart.


Xena's Girl