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Gabrielle wondered which way Xena had gone and started heading for the 
beach figuring that was the best place to look.  Xena had always liked 
to sit on the beach at the end of the day when the opportuniy 
presented itself.  The water had always had a calming effect on her 
lover and on herself as well.
Xena sat on rock looking out at the waves crashing into the shore.  So 
many thoughts weighed on her mind.
Aphrodite (materializing): Sort of like life.  No matter what happens 
it goes on one way or another.
Xena (not looking up): Good analogy.  Aphrodite listen to me its 
nothing against you.  You've always been a good friend to Brie but I 
just don't understand a lot of things.
Aphrodite (sitting next to her): I know and it's harder to explain.  
There's you then there's your other haf.  Two people who couldn't be 
more opposite but who love one another so effortlessly and 
unconditionally.  I know you've considered the options afforded you 
and so has the little one.  
Xena (nodding and picking up a few pebbles skipped them along the 
surface of the ocean): You know I've thought about a lot of things.  
You've never once lied to us or tricked us.  You've always had good 
intentions even if a few of your spells have gone a little awry.  
You're a good friend and that's why I'm sitting her listening to you.
Aphrodite (moving closer to her): We need help Xena and you and 
Gabrielle are the only two who can do this.  
Xena (tentatively wrapping her arm around her): For what it's worth, 
I'm sorry for Hephestus dying in battle…
Aphrodite (pressing two fingers to her lips): Xena we've been over 
this let it go.  Let it go and move on.  I can't and won't harbor any 
ill feelings toward you or your family.  He did what he wanted to do 
and wouldn't listen to the voice of reason.  
Xena (softly): Thank you.
Aphrodite (leaned against Xena feeling the warm sensual enrgy that 
surrounded her): So have you thought about what Gabrielle said?  (Xena 
nodded) you're considering it aren't you.
Xena (taking a deep breath): I am only because Gabrielle wants this, 
so we can help people and what Gabrielle wants…
Aphrodite (smiling): Gabrielle gets.
Xena (smiling): Exactly.  I've always tried to do the right things 
with her.   I fell short a lot of times…
Aphrodite (running her fingers through the dark raven locks): But she 
loves you and sees past all that.  No matter what's happened between 
the two of you whether good or bad, she's always seen your true 
intentions.  That's unconditional love.  And it's very rare.
Xena (nodding): That it is.  Can you tell me one thing (Aphrodite 
nodded?)  I can understand Hades abandoning me but why did Apollo 
abandon Gabrelle?
Aphrodite (bting her lip): Well we Gods have always had a problem with 
our infidelity.  He just didn't want the same things happening to 
Gabrielle as what happened with Hercules.  He thought it was the best 
thing for her.  As for you and Hades, he didn't abandon you.  He 
watched over you…
Xena (tensing): Watched over me.  Watched over me.  Where was he when 
I followed Ares?
Where was he when I needed him the most?  
Aphrodite (undestanding): He was there Xena but like Apollo, he didn't 
want you to go through what Hercules went through.  Many a time when 
things could have been worst then what they were he was there.  It 
broke his heart that Fates deemed for you what they did.  And it 
wasn't supposed to be ten years of you being a terror it was supposed 
to only be five to seven.  Someone intervened and that's when Apollo 
Artemis and I set you on the path to Potedeia when we did.  We had to 
help you find your balance; your light and your soul mate.  Otherwise, 
you would have ended up dead never fulfilling the original destiny you 
were supposed to.
Xena (shaking her head): Gabrielle and I were destned to meet I know 
that.  Somehow, I always knew that.  Did someone mess with her as 
well?  (Aphrodite nodded) wonderful.  Let me guess Ares, right?
Aphrodite (nodding): Yeah but he got into a lot of trouble for that 
and then some.  
Xena (taking a deep breath): Where has he been?  I've seen him only a 
couple of times since we've come back from Mt. Olympus but other than 
Aphrodite (looking up at the night sky): Training his protégé Mars and 
keeping a close eye on the Romans.  They're slowly invading Greece 
making it a part of the Roman Empire.  But with all the treaties and 
stuff between some city-states and Rome, it's a big mess.  I'm sure 
he'll come around when he hears news of you and Gabrielle's Godhood.  
Xena (mumbling): Just keep him out my way.  My powers were taken away 
from me when I went down the wrong path weren't they.
Aphrodite (nodding): Not all of them.  Your streght and stamina; your 
passion and zest for life.  The ability to do the things you do.  You 
would have been unstoppable.  And in a lot of ways, you were.  
Hearing footsteps, they both turned around and smiled seeing 
Gabrielle (smiling as she saw the position Aphrodte and Xena were in; 
it was actually kind of cute; the Goddess of Love cuddling against 
Xena Warrior Princess): Keeping her warm Xena (smirking) I thought 
Goddess' didn't get cold (arching an eyebrow and moving closer to 
Aphrodite (wrapping her arm tighter around Xena; she wouldn't come 
between them although the thought had crossed her mind a couple of 
time; being with either of them could prove to be interesting; she 
remembered kissing Gabrielle one time and oh no, no don't go there bad 
Goddess): I just like to cuddle (smirking at Xena's growl.)
Gabrielle (sitting on Xena's lap): Sure you do.  
Xena (kissing her neck): We were just talking about some things.  
She's given me a few answers.  
Gabrielle (tilting her head back to give Xena better access): It's all 
right.  I know where your heart is.  But you better not even think 
about doing what you did in Pirros a few months back (moaning as teeth 
grazed her neck.)
Aphrodite (fanning herself): Dam it's getting hot here.  I'm going to 
head back to my place.  I'll see you two in the morning.
Xena (softly): Thank you for everything.
Aphrodite (nodding and kissing them both on the cheek): You're 
welcome.  I would strongly suggest you two get back to your cabin 
unless you want to give anyone passing by a show.
Gabrielle (teasing): Aphrodite maybe we can give you a few pointers 
Aphrodite (rolling her eyes): Please not that, that idea (seeing 
Xena's light blue eyes glaring at her in the moonlight) uh never mind. 
 I'll talk to you later bye (vanishing in an array of pink sparkels.)
Xena (pulling Gabrielle tighter against her): I want you (her voice 
low and seductive.)
Gabrielle (moaning as Xena's hand moved down her body igniting the 
embers of her deisre into flames): Let's go back to our cabin so you 
can have me.
Xena (shaking her head and shifting to give her right more room to 
manuever): No, right here, right now.  You and me.
Gabrielle (shifting so she could get closer to her partner): Do you 
want anyone who might be walking by, to see you in all your 
magnificence (arching her body into her patner's knowing touch.)
Xena (softly in her ear): Who said anything about me being naked?  
It's you who's going to be naked and sprawled out (nipping her 
Gabrielle (groaning; her body making the decision for her): No more 
talking just take me.
Their lips met passionate; seizing; demanding; their hearts and souls 
speaking to one another.  And all thought of anyone catching them 
vanished from their thoughts.  Of course having the Goddess of Love as 
your friend helped matters tremendously.  She covered them in a warm 
mist so no one would see them.
Sapho was walking along the upper path towards her famous guest's 
cabin.  She wanted to invite them all to dinner again and hopefully 
get a story or two out of Gabrielle the Battling Bard.  She remembered 
their cabin numbers from their booking and went to Xena and 
Gabrielle's cabin first and knocked on the door.  She only hoped she 
wasn't disturbing anything.
Eve rolled over and reached for her partner, surprised she wasn't 
still in bed.  Stretching and wincing at the pleasant soreness to her 
body she got up wrapping the sheet around her.
Eve (softly calling out): Varia, honey where you are?
Varia (walking in from the balcony): Right here sweetheart.
Eve (hugging her tightly): I woke up and you weren't there.  Are you 
all right?  
Varia (shaking her head): I have a vague sense something's wrong.  I 
can't put my finger on it but I feel it.
Eve (understanding and kissing her on the lips): Go with your 
instincts love.  And you'll know I'll be there wherever you need me.  
Varia (wrapping her arms around her and carrying her back to bed): 
Well maybe right now, you can help me take my mind off things (pulling 
off her robe.)  After all, we got about three days left of peace and 
quiet.  And I figure once we get back with our joining plans and 
everything else we are going to be pretty busy (nipping her throat 
Eve (arching up into): I have lots of ways I can distract you but I 
think your doing a pretty good job of distracting me (groaning as 
strong hands pushed the sheet off her body and began caressing her 
flesh) I love you (spreading her legs wider to accodomate her lover.)
Varia (moaning at the feel of their flesh touching): You feel so good; 
so hot (gliding her hands lower) ooh is that all for me?)
Eve (thrusting her hips upward): All for you (moaning as her partner 
penetrated her gently) that's it right there.
Varia (kissing her softly): I love you.
They made love slowly tenderly and they felt the connection between 
them much like the one Xena and Gabrielle had talked about and the one 
they shared themselves.
Xena was in the shower finishing up her hair as Gabrielle finished 
washing her back.  Her little blonde minx was apologizing profusely.
Xena (satisfied that her hair was thoroughly rinsed): Love it's 
nothing to be sorry for.  You've got a few too, remember.
Gabielle (shaking her head): I'm not apologizing for all of them.  
It's this one right here (pointing to the deep scratch on Xena's neck 
trailng down to the top of her breasts.)  That has got to hurt.
Xena (taking Gabrielle's hands in her own): You didn't know that rock 
was there when you pushed me down and I was too up caught in the 
moment to stop even if I had noticed.  
Gabrielle (looking up into twinkling blue eyes): I didn't think of it 
that way.
Xena (smirking mischievously): I did well not until now it was hard to 
think when you had your hands all over me and in me… (smiling through 
the kiss.)
Gabrielle (niping her lower lip): Stop that.  I promised Eve I would 
go to the library with her and if we keep this up then I'll never get 
out of here.
Xena (softly; reaching around to turn the lever to shut off the water
): I'm sure Eve would understand.  Besides, we haven't heard from 
either of them since last night.  Come on my little minx let me pay 
you back for wearing me out so exquisitely last night.
Gabrielle (grabbing two towels and began using one to dry off her 
partner's lanky physique): Since you put it that way but remember we 
still have that dinner invitation with Sapho (following her partner 
onto the bed.)
Xena (leaning back and licking her lips as Gabrielle dried her hair): 
Come here my love…
Gabrielle (straddling her partner's waist): I love you.  This vacation 
was a great idea. I just wish (soft lips captured hers and she lost 
all train of thought.)
Xena (growling playfully): Hush less talking and oh good God's Brie 
(as Gabrielle teased her mercilessly.)
All thoughts and plans for the day went out the door as their desires 
despite having made love only a few hours ago thrummed through their 
Varia (lying on her stomach with a pleasant weight draped across her 
back): You're trying to kill me (as a knee pushed its way higher and 
teeth sunk into her shoulder.)  I thought you wanted to go with your 
mom to the library (panting as Eve trailed her wetness up and down her 
ass teasingly.)  
Eve (nipping the back of hr neck): No just loving you baby and I think 
my parent`s are otherwise occupied (and she began her assault all over 
again much to the pleasure of her Amazon lover.)
It was much later in the day when either of the two couples decided to 
emerge from their warm and loving nests.  Xena was listening as 
Gabrielle helped tie the leather ties to her pants.  
Xena (grumbling): I think I'll go back to my battle dress.  It was 
much easier to get on and off…
Gabrielle (standing and looking at Xena's new glove and gauntlet): But 
not nearly as much fun.  So this new glove beside keeping your hand 
warm and protected…
Xena (smiling): It has several reinforced metal studs inside so if I 
have to use my left hand for something it'll be a big help.
Gabrielle (taking Xena's left hand in hers): How's the numbness and 
Xena (shaking her head): Still there.  Pain's not as bad.
Gabrielle (rubbing her thumb across the back of Xena's hand): And your 
Xena (lowering her head): It's a little stiff but it's getting better. 
 Probably another week or so and I'll be working it back into shape.  
Gabrielle (softly): You know I love you no matter what.  
Xena (feeling her heart warm at that declaration; she knew, somehow 
Gabrielle would always be beside her but to actually hear it and 
considering her disability she needed to hear it): I love you.
Gabrielle (understanding): Xena this (lifting Xena's hand) does not 
make you who you are to those that love you this (pointing to Xena's 
heart) makes you the woman that people know.  Nothing has changed and 
nothing will, you got me?
Xena (nodding and pulling Gabrielle into a tight hug): Don't ever 
Gabrielle (leaning back and kissing her softly): I won't and you 
Xena (smiling): I promise.  You going to get Eve (Gabrielle nodded) 
I'm going to have a talk with Aphrodite.  Then I'll get Varia and 
maybe do some sparring.
Gabrielle (smiling): Just behave.  You cause any more mischief and you 
will be sleeping by yourself for a week.
Xena (arching her eyebrow): You mean you're willing to give up your 
favorite cuddle toy (chuckling as Gabrielle playfully threw a pillow 
at her.)  Careful you might want to keep that.
Gabrielle (laughing and advancing on her partner): You're so bad (Xena 
wiggled her eyebrows) and yes you are good when you're bad.  We'll 
meet back here later then (Xena nodded then kissed her lips softly) I 
like that type of answer.  
Xena (watching her partner leave then placing her hands on her hips): 
Aphrodite.  Get your gorgeous bum down here.
Aphrodite (materializing and smacking Xena on the bum): Ooh, you're 
getting fresh with me.  What I wouldn't….
Xena (waving her hand in a dismissing motion): Don't even go there.  
Cause if I'm thinking right somehow, you and I are related.
Aphrodite (walking around and admiring Xena's new wardrobe): Tight 
leather pants; white silk shirt; black leather vest; thigh high black 
boots (those weren't new) nice Warrior Babe.  
Xena (rolling her eyes): I've got some questions for you.
Aphrodite (looking up into soft blue eyes): You want to know how this 
works; what happens with Gabrielle; how often you can return to the 
mortal realm that type of thing once you become a Goddess.
Xena (nodding): And how I get my powers.  I heard that I had to 
undergo a spiritual journey.
Aphrodite (thinking): Well there's that and then I can always give 
them to you.
Xena (quirking her eyebrow): And how do you intend to do that.
Aphrodite (holding up her hand): Now wait a minute here.  If I give 
you your powers back then you must assume the throne of the underworld 
within four days or something like that.
Xena (pacing the room): Why?
Aphrodite (softly): Cause you'll lose them and you won't get them back 
which could cause a cosmic mess.  Also, once you have them you can 
pass them onto Gabrielle and she becomes the Goddess of medicine and 
Xena (nodding): We stay together, right.  (Aphrodite nodded)  we just 
have separate jobs (another nod.)  All right do it.  Give them back to 
Aphrodite (placing her hands on Xena's arms): You understand you not 
only get the powers that were taken from you but whatever powers Hades 
had as well.  You are his daughter whether you like it or not.  (Xena 
shook her head) we'll talk about this after.  Are you ready?
Xena (mumbling): As I'll ever be.
Aphrodite (thinking): Just close your eyes and relax (gently she 
placed her lips against Xena's and transferred the power of a God to 
mortal well Demi God and a silver light surrounded them then entered 
Xena quickly knocking her backwards and to her knees; gasping for 
breath; Aphrodite held her) just let it take its course.  
Xena felt like her body was on fire; every nerve ending alive and 
pulsing; her blood rushed through her veins and images flashed through 
her mind.  The burning sensation quickly gave way to a sensation like 
she was falling and she braced her right hand on the floor.  As 
quickly as it had come, it was over.
Xena (shaking her head): What the hell just happened?
Aphrodite (noticing the glow around her; only another God could see 
this glow): Well you're officially Goddess of the underworld.  How do 
you feel?
Xena (smirking): Like I just had…
Aphrodite (grinning): I know that's one awesome rush.  Now listen to 
me very carefully.  Be very careful with this for the next couple of 
days.  Be careful what you think and where you direct your thoughts.  
And you better talk to Gabrielle before you do anything physical with 
her.  (Xena gave her a questioning glance)   Because of your bond, you 
can easily give her, her powers and well wouldn't she be surprised.  
(Leaning down and helping her stand.)  Just be careful your powers are 
stronger than hers.  More potent if you will and oh, before I forget 
(taking Xena's left hand in her own) you won't need this any more well 
that is unless you like it.
Xena (flexing her hand and noticing for the first time it was healed): 
It's healed.  (Aphrodite nodded) thank you.
Aphrodite (smiling): I can't take all the credit.  Seriously though.  
I'll see you soon.
Xena stood there looking at the pink and glowing sparkles that the 
Goddess of Love had left behind.  She had the power of a God now.  She 
thought of all the people she could help; all the good she could do 
and began laughing.  Years ago, she could see herself using them for 
all the wrong purposes but now she would help people and it was all 
because of Gabrielle.  She flexed her left hand ecstatic that it was 
healed and wondered why after all this time.  Now to go find a certain 
Amazon and tease her just a little.
Gabrielle and Eve sat on the balcony of the library reading over some 
old scrolls.
Eve (folding up a scroll): Nothing in here on joining ceremonies.  
We've looked everywhere.  I was certain that on Lesbos there would be 
something in a scroll somewhere.
Gabrielle (reading a rather interesting tale of a woman mystic who had 
disappeared and was never found again; but there were rumors of her 
wandering the forests at night around the fall harvest): There's some 
scrolls back at the Amazons in the back of the library.
Eve (questioning her): But you and mother…
Gabrielle (smiling): Never officially.  But unofficially yes.  Your 
mother and I have something rare and special and that is enough for 
Eve (agreeing and looking at another scroll): Did you know at first 
Gabrielle (folding up the scroll): Eve when we first met all I wanted 
to do was follow this courageous woman.  I wanted adventure and a life 
outside of Potedeia.  I never imagined some of the stuff we 
experienced or seen and I certainly never thought in my wildest 
imagination a woman like your mother could love someone like me.  It 
took us over two years to realize our feelings for each other.  But I 
wouldn't change anything for what we have because even through our 
hardest times its made us who we are.  That's something I'm still 
trying to teach her.
Eve: Who well you know?
Gabrielle (laughing): Well it was mutual.  Your mother can be pretty 
thick headed about things.  We had shared a kiss but she let me go as 
fast or as slow as I wanted.  It was after the whole mess with Dahak 
and Hope and the Persian Army.  
Eve: Who gave in first (smirking?)
Gabrielle (remembering the first time her and Xena had made love): I 
did.  I just was so emotionally keyed up.  Our world, our lives had 
been torn apart and recently put back together.  I couldn't go on as 
we were.  I made the decision and I've never looked back.  And do you 
want to know why (Eve motioned for her to go on) because in her arms 
I'm safe and loved.  I'm home Eve.  And I see that between you and 
Varia as well.  You two found each other don't let go of that.
Eve (shaking her head): Varia is the best thing in my life.  She 
looked beyond Livia and saw the real me much like you and mother.  
Speaking of which I wonder what they're up to.
Xena and Varia were standing on the beach well Xena was Varia was 
several feet off the ground.
Xena (holding out both of her hands): Varia just relax will you.  
You'll be fine, besides the worst that can happen is you'll get a nice 
cold bath.
Varia (levitating off the ground several feet no thanks to Xena's 
powers): Thanks a lot Xena.  You know somehow you becoming a Goddess 
makes me just a bit nervous (feeling herself propelled over water.)  
Wait I said just a bit.  I didn't mean anything bad by it.
Xena (smirking; this Goddess thing had its perks; messing with her 
daughter's intended was one of them): Varia you keep digging yourself 
a deeper whole.  
Varia (moving back over dry land; at least if she was dropped here it 
would just cause her bruises not frost bite or hypothermia):  Sorry, 
very sorry.  
Xena (grinning wickedly): Tell me Varia did you seduce my daughter or 
was it the other way around (concentrating to keep Varia still until 
she answered.)
Varia (gulping): Well it was both ways.  Your daughter is a very 
attractive woman yeow Xena please (she was now dangling over the 
Mediterranean even further out than before.)  I'm sorry please…
Xena (chuckling): What did you say (tilting her head?)
Varia (pleading with someone to intervene before she got a cold bath): 
I said I seduced Eve.  But I also gave her flowers; took her for walks 
that type of thing.  
Xena: You courted her.  How long?
Varia (trying to remember but couldn't; hey you try it when your 
dangling over a very cold ocean with a Goddess bent on torturing you 
and see how well you would do): I can't remember.  Please Xena let me 
Xena (licking her lips): Nuh uh.  Come on what's the matter big bad 
Amazon can't take a little heat.   
Varia (seeing Gabrielle and Eve coming up the hill): Xena um….
Xena (pushing her out further): Just tell me what I want to know.  How 
long did you court my daughter?
Eve and Gabrielle were coming up the beach looking for their partner 
when Gabrielle saw Varia dangling over the water.  
Eve (a little upset): Mom please tell me she isn't doing what I think 
she's doing.
Gabrielle (pursing her lips): Just wait till I get my hands on her.  
Eve (placing her hand on her mother's shoulder): Don't give her any 
ideas.  She might dump Varia.
Gabrielle (shaking her head): She had better not or so help me.  Xena 
of Amphipolis put her down right this instant.
Eve (closing her eyes): Mom perhaps (she heard the scream then the 
splash followed by laughter) your delivery needs to be worked on.  
I'll go get Varia you two had better get some towels.
Gabrielle stormed over to her soul mate who was holding her side and 
laughing hysterically.
Gabrielle (smacking Xena upside the head): Now why did you go and do 
Xena (laughing all the more at her partner): Brie please.  I was just 
having a little fun.  Surely, you can understand that.
Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): No, I can't.  We'll talk about this 
later.  Oh Gods you have your powers.  Well get your Godly bum over 
there and help your daughter with her partner.  I'll go make some tea 
and get some blankets ready.
Xena (still laughing): Brie please (getting a glare from her partner) 
I'm going.  I can't have any fun.
Gabrielle took one last look at her partner then stormed off to their 
cabin.  She knew at heart Xena was a big kid but this was pushing it.
Eve (helping her wet and cold partner out of the surf): I'm sorry.  
Did you get hurt?
Varia (teeth chattering): No.  Just freezing my err um pertinent parts 
off.  Just get me back to our cabin and get me warm please.
Eve (leaning up and kissing her soundly): You got it gorgeous.
Varia (feeling warm really warm all of a sudden): You keep that up and 
we won't make it back to our cabin.
Eve (wrapping her arm around Varia's waist): After you take a bath and 
I get some hot tea in you…
Varia (seeing an amused Warrior Princess/Goddess/ torturer): Hide me.  
Eve (dragging her with her): My mother knows better (she hoped.)
Xena (trying to stifle her laughter, she really did feel bad but now 
seeing Varia was ok just wet and cold): Hey Varia want me to help you.
Eve (stepping up to her and poking her in the chest): Don't even think 
about it   You play nice from now on, you got me..
Xena (smirked; Eve was the only one beside Gabrielle that could get 
away with poking her and going toe to toe with her): All right.  Geesh 
no one can take a joke.
Eve (growling): Mother…
Xena (holding up her hands): All right no more I promise.  Here let me 
(she picked Varia up with ease she only weighed about ten more pounds 
then her partner) come on I got you just wrap your arm around my neck.
Eve (shaking her head): Let me guess when you got your powers you were 
healed (Xena nodded) that's great.
Gabrielle had tea water boiling and some warm towels and blankets.  
She knew Xena would bring Eve and Varia here.  When the door banged 
open, she smiled at the sight  of her lover carrying Varia.
Gabrielle (helping Varia into a chair by the fire): Are you all right?
Varia (nodding and leaning into Eve's touch): Fine.  Couldn't be 
Gabrielle (looking up at her partner who had a sheepish grin on her 
face): Xena you me now in the bathing chamber (she grabbed her partner 
by the front of her leathers and dragged her behind her.)
Eve (pouring Varia some tea): Here drink some of this.  
Varia (sipping the hot liquid): Thank you.  I'm alright though.  
Eve (kissing her partner on the cheek): I was hoping you weren't 
(seeing Varia's raised eyebrow) because if you were I'd make sure you 
got a lot of tender loving care.
Varia (moaning as Eve's lips captured hers): In that case, I ache all 
over.  My body is on fire and…
Eve (smiling): Just sit here and let me take care of you.
Gabrielle (her arms folded across her chest): So you got your powers 
and decided to have a little fun at someone's expense.
Xena (pleading): Brie I swear it wasn't like that…
Gabrielle (forestalling her partner's explanations): Well then, what 
was it? Varia loves Eve so what's the problem?
Xena (not understanding her): Baby there's no problem.
Gabrielle (shaking her head): You better think real hard the next time 
you pull something like this.  Now go out there and apologize.  Then I 
want you to go down and find Sapho and cancel our dinner engagement.  
Tell her tomorrow or the night before we leave.  Now get (smacking her 
on the ass.)
Xena (trying to apologize): Brie come on love, please.
Gabrielle (pointing to the door): Out.
Xena sulked all six feet of Warrior Goddess actually sulked and walked 
out into the sitting room.
Eve (looking up at her, she could see her mother was in trouble): 
Xena (holding up her hand): Eve, Varia I'm sorry.  I guess I got a 
little overexcited and well you know.  I'll be back later.  (With 
that, she walked out the door feeling a little down.)  A nice stiff 
drink would help right now (mumbling.)
Gabrielle (walking out): Did she apologize?
Varia (nodding her head): Gabrielle she was just having fun.  There's 
no hard feelings.  I wish I had a mother like the both of you growing 
up.  Maybe I wouldn't have been so, so…
Eve (clamping her hand over her mouth): Don't go there.  My parents 
taught me that you have to let go of the past and move on (looking at 
her mom and smiling.)
Varia (sitting up): As soon as I change, I'll go find her.
Gabrielle (realizing she might have been a little hard on her): I'd 
appreciate that but are you sure.  I mean I don't want you getting 
Varia (shaking her head): I'll be fine after I get a hot bath.  Then 
I'll go get her.  
Eve (taking a deep breath): Mom when do you get your powers?
Gabrielle: I'm not sure honey, why?
Eve (teasing):Cause having you both as Goddesses is going to be a lot 
of hard work.
Gabrielle (laughing): Just you watch it.  
Varia (standing): Eve I think before you get in more trouble we should 
head back to our place.
Gabrielle watched them leave hoping her partner wasn't in too much 
Sapho's place was lavishly decorated but still quite cozy and this is 
where we find the Warrior Princess now Goddess of the Underworld 
sitting and listening to her friend.
Sapho (pouring them both another  glass of wine): So you got into 
trouble for teasing your daughter's intended?  I don't understand 
that.  Surely she knows that being your daughter's intended has its 
Xena (she had not told her about becoming a Goddess knowing in times 
like this it wouldn't go over very well at all): Yeah I guess I got a 
little carried away (finishing her drink in one swallow.)  I was just 
having some fun I might have gone a little too far.  Varia's a good 
kid but I still see my little girl at times.
Sapho (cautioning): Careful with that stuff there.  It packs quite a 
wallop.  All parents do.  I'm sure she's not upset with you.  
Xena (grabbing the flask): I'll be fine. 
Sapho (nodding):  Speaking of your daughter and her intended what`s 
their story it seems there`s more to it.
Xena nodded and began telling her of the time they had first met Varia 
and her tribe.
Varia had bathed and changed and was grabbing her cloak when Eve came 
up behind her wrapping her arms around her.
Eve (softly): Now don't go getting into any trouble love.
Varia (smiling and kissing her lips): Me, you should talk (giving her 
another kiss) I'll be back shortly.  Go spend some time with your mom. 
 (She smiled and walked out the door.  The night air had  turned 
cooler and she was glad she had her cloak.)
Gabrielle was making tea and hoping her partner was behaving herself.
Apollo (materializing): She's going through some changes  she'll be 
Gabrielle (looking up): I was wondering when you were going to show 
Apollo (leaning against the mantle): She still has to give you your 
powers then that will bring balance to you both.
Gabrielle (questioningly): What do you mean, balance?
Apollo (reaching out to touch her hair): You are so much like your 
mother.  Curious, strong, loving.  She had a heck of a reputation; 
fierce in battle but she had a good heart and was a strong protector 
of her fellow sisters.  By balance, I mean by nature the underworld is 
a dark foreboding place.  With you as her partner, you'll bring light 
and joy into it.  Persephone could only do so much as you know the 
story behind it.  But Hades did love her deeply so much so he was 
willing to let her go for six months.  You and Xena won't have that 
problem though.  You two will have an easier time of it.
Gabrielle (listening and looking up at him; he was good looking; the 
eternal youth; strong): How long will she rule?
Apollo (thinking): Until mortals lose their faith in us completely or 
another God takes her place.
Gabrielle (thinking): What about our future lives?
Apollo: It depends on what you want.  You can live forever as an 
immortal or will yourselves to pass on into the afterlife.  
Gabrielle: Has it been done before?  (Apollo nodded) well it'll be up 
to Xena as well.
Apollo (shifting): Gabrielle I sense you have other concerns on your 
Gabrielle (softly): Is there a chance I can meet my mother?  I'd like 
to see her.  I'd like a chance to talk with her.  If (softly) she 
remembers me.
Apollo (smiling): She thinks of you and several time I've given her 
the chance to see you.  To see how strong you've become; the woman 
you've grown into.  Once you're in the underworld, you can see a lot 
of people.  Be careful though someone can use it against you and 
become malicious.  
Gabrielle (concern): Why?  It would be pointless.
Apollo (sitting down): No not necessarily.  If someone is spending 
their afterlife in Tartarus, they could use someone against you to 
gain access to the elysian fields. And be especially careful around 
any enemies you and Xena might have had.  Gabrielle I want to try and 
be there for you if you're willing to accept it.  I'm proud of you; 
proud of the woman you've become.
Gabrielle (calmly): I'm not ready for that.  I have a lot to think 
about and do.  I appreciate your honesty but there's a lot of things 
that I have to consider.  
Eve (knocking): Mom…
Apollo (smiling): She's a lot like you and Xena both.  If you want 
just call for me and I'll be there (leaning forward he placed a gentle 
kiss on her forehead and then vanished.)
Gabrielle (wondering then): Eve come on in.
Eve (walking in): Varia went to check on mother.  Hey, what's smells 
Gabriele (sniffing): Apollo just left.  He came by to clarify some 
things with me.  I've heard the stories that say that when Apollo is 
around it smells like grass and flowers.  I guess it's true but I 
didn't notice yesterday.
Eve (sitting down): What do you feel about all of this?
Gabrielle (taking a deep breath): I have a lot to consider.  Some 
things more painful than others.  
Eve (understanding): I'll be here if you need me.
Gabrielle (leaning forward and squeezing her hand): I appreciate that. 
They sat talking about Eve's upcoming joining.  Xena and Gabrielle's 
transition into the underworld and the fun they had, had on vacation.
Varia was listening to Xena and Sapho enjoying a glass of wine.
Sapho (laughing): So you were covered in mud and had found her quill.
Xena (nodding, she was referring to time when Gabrielle had dropped 
her supposed lucky quill in a muddy grassy field): Yep.  The whole 
thing was she didn't actually drop it till I was up to my elbows in 
Varia (laughing): She didn't actually drop it (Xena shook her head) 
but you went crawling through the mud for her.  That is so sweet 
(chuckling shifting to avoid a playful punch.)
Sapho (raising her glass): Let me guess you two were just starting to 
get serious in your relationship (Xena nodded) I hope you got rewarded 
Xena (groaning): No not really.  I told her to forget about it but I 
did make her help me clean my leathers and armor.
Varia (encouraging): I heard something about chickens too.
Xena (smacking her playfully): That was the time she wanted a chicken 
dinner.  We met a farmer and I asked him how much he wanted for a 
chicken.  He told me if I caught one barehanded then I could take it.  
What I didn't know was that these were wild chickens not the kind 
raised on a farm strictly.  
Sapho (thinking): Let me guess mud, muck and feathers.
Xena (rolling her eyes): Exactly.  But I can recall a time when 
Gabrielle was hunting deer and hit a tree instead.  I told her I 
didn't know what type of wine went with bark but hey, she was the one 
that wanted a romantic dinner.
Varia (thinking): That was the time with the cannibals (Xena nodded.)  
She wasn't focused which is hard to believe (thinking) then it isn't.
Xena (shaking her head): No.  But I understood and I was ready and 
willing to do anything to make her feel better…
Sapho (pouring them all another glass): Except get covered in mud and 
chicken feathers.
Xena: Exactly.
Eve and Gabrielle were walking along the beach looking at the night 
Eve (running her fingers through her hair and pushing it behind her 
ear): After the vacation is over you probably go right to the 
underworld so you can begin your duties  as healing Goddess, right.
Gabrielle (looking at Eve): That's probably best.  You know Xena and I 
won't stay away long.  And we'll be there for you whenever you need 
us.  The same goes for Varia.  
Eve (stopping and looking out at the ocean): It's going to be 
interesting to say the least knowing that I have two Gods as my 
parents when I'm the messenger of the one God.  I don't care though.  
It's what's in your hearts that matters.
Gabrielle (wrapping her arm around her shoulder): Thank you for being 
so understanding.  I know it must be a shock for you and Varia.  
What's really strange is that at first we were only supposed to be 
Demi Gods but now well at least Xena is a full-blown Goddess.  
Eve (smiling): It's not so strange considering some of the things 
we've seen.  I'm just happy that you two have each other to get 
through this.  And you know we'll be there for you both.  Well you did 
tell me that without a ruler to the underworld things could get ugly.  
Maybe that's why.
Gabrielle (kissing her cheek): I know.  You're probably right.  We'll 
find out soon enough.  Now let's go find those two troublemakers of 
Xena and Varia had thanked Sapho and were walking back to the cabin.
Varia (looking up at the night sky): It's a nice night.  
Xena (nodding and turning down an alleyway): That it is.  Listen I'm 
sorry about dumping you in the water like that.
Varia (putting her hand on Xena's shoulder): It's all right.  If the 
water hadn't been so cold,  it would have been fun.  Are you going to 
give Gabrielle her powers tonight.
Xena (smirking seeing her partner and her daughter heading down the 
beach): Yep.  
Varia (wincing): Great I'm in serious trouble now (Xena's hand on her 
shoulder stopped her.)
Xena (seriously): Varia you have nothing to worry about except the 
usual teasing and banter.  As long as you treat her right and take 
care of her then you're fine…
Varia (looking up at ice blue eyes reflecting in the moonlight): And 
if not I better put my head between my knees and kiss my ass good bye.
Xena (chucking her on the shoulder affectionately): But I doubt that 
we'll have that problem.
Gabriele (smiling and walking up to her lover with a grin on her face
): Is everything all right?
Varia (nodding and pulling Eve into her arms): Just fine.  Sapho 
extended the dinner invitation to the night before we leave.
Eve (wrapping her arm around Varia's waist): That's great.  So what 
are our plans.
Xena (thinking): Well this will be the last few days of peace and 
quiet.  Let's just rest and see what comes up.  How's that?
Gabrielle (chuckling): Sounds good as long as you behave.
Varia (mumbling): That'll be the day..
Eve (kissing her cheek): You shouldn't talk.
The four of them walked in silence up to their cabins and after saying 
goodnight, they went their separate ways.
Xena (adding another log to the fire): You mad at me (looking bashful
Gabrielle (laughing): Stop that.  No not anymore.  I know your playful 
side and that side just couldn't resist torturing poor Varia. Just 
don't do it again.  I love you (leaning into Xena for a kiss that 
turned heated quickly.)
Xena (nipping Gabrielle's lower lip): Do you want me to give you your 
powers now?  (Gabrielle nodded) ok let me see how Aphrodite did it 
(thinking) oh yeah right.  Close your eyes love and just relax (softly 
she touched her lips to Gabrielle willing Gabrielle's powers to enter 
her and separate from her own.  She could feel the energy pulsing 
around them and then a cold sensation followed quickly by heat.  
Gabrielle tensed as she felt the same things Xena did and grabbed her 
partner's upper arms to steady herself.)  I'm here just let go.
Gabrielle (opening her eyes): What a rush sort of like that time you 
took me waterfall diving.
Xena (pulling her to her tighter): Give yourself some time.  How do 
you feel?
Gabrielle (shaking her head to clear it): Like I could (eyeing Xena 
appreciatively) oh yeah.
Xena (gulping): Gabrielle maybe we could um (as Gabrielle nipped and 
grazed her neck with her teeth) baby (feeling strong sure hands 
untying her laces.)  Love…
Gabrielle (pushing Xena backward): I haven't properly ravished you 
since before Valhalla.  I had to always be careful if I would hurt 
your arm or your hand (ripping open Xena's shirt) but now free and 
easy access.
Xena (wrapping her arms around Gabrielle): In case you didn't know it 
you've always had free (groaning as those same hands worked their way 
inside her pants and were arousing her further) access.  Just like 
that (spreading her legs wider for her partner.)
Gabrielle (kissing her soundly): You feel so good.  Relax love I've 
got you.
Xena (looking up into soft green eyes darkened with desire): Always 
(she melted into her partners' voracious caresses; pushing her 
pleasure; taking what they both needed and when the tables were turned 
Xena willingly returned the favor and then some.)
Varia (opening one eye and moving stiffly): What a night? 
Eve (carrying a tray of breakfast): Morning love.  I brought you 
breakfast in bed.
Varia (wondering what she did to deserve this and thanked every God 
she could think of for bringing Eve into her life): Morning.  You 
shouldn't have.  Seeing you first thing in the morning make's my day.
Eve (setting the tray on the table beside the bed): You are so sweet … 
Varia (wrapping her arms around her and hugging her tightly): Hey, 
don't let that kind of information get out.  It could ruin my 
Eve (nuzzling her neck): I promise.  (Moving against her lover) how 
about we skip breakfast and just continue from last night.
Varia (placing her hands on her hips): Good idea.
Both couples spent the few remaining days just being with their 
partners and enjoying some much needed one on one.  Eve and Varia knew 
they would spend a week apart before their ceremony and Gabrielle and 
Xena didn't know what to expect once they made their transition to the 
The night before they left they, enjoyed dinner with Sapho and her 
partner Diana with Gabrielle reciting several of her and Xena's 
The morning they were to leave Aphrodite showed up stating that she 
would take Eve and Varia back to the Amazons then they could decide 
where they might want to go after.
Eve (hugging her mother tightly): I'll miss you.  Don't stay away too 
long softly crying.)
Xena (fighting tears): Don't cry.  Things will be fine.  You've got 
your ceremony to look forward too and someone has to keep Varia out of 
trouble.  Just call us if you need anything ok.
Eve (nodding): It's just these past few weeks have been the best in my 
life even though well you know and I can't thank you both enough.
Xena (kissing her on the cheek): You're welcome.  I'm proud of you and 
I love you.
Eve (kissing her mom): I love you too and thank you.
Gabrielle (hugging Eve tightly): You take care ok.  And if you need us 
just call ok.  I love you.
Eve (softly): I love you too.
Xena (hugging Eve tightly): You take care of her and if you need us…
Varia (nodding): I will and you too.  Thank you.
Gabrielle (squeezing Varia's shoulder): You're welcome.
Aphrodite (wiping her nose with a tissue): Come on you two let's get 
you home.
Eve (wrapping her arm around Varia): That sounds good.  
Xena stood there watching as Aphrodite took Eve and Varia home 
courtesy of her powers.  She shook her head and took Gabrielle's hand.
Gabrielle (understanding): Let's just think of this as a new 
Xena (waving her hand and opening a portal into the under world): 
Sounds good.  Come on let's go and take a look at our kingdom.
Gabrielle (smirking and walking alongside her partner): I can't wait 
to redecorate.
Xena (grumbling as they stepped through the portal and onto the other 
side): Don't even think about it.  (Looking around the castle they 
would now call home) although maybe a few improvements are in order 
(looking at a very dark color scheme.)
Gabrielle (looking at the rich dark tapestries on the wall): Maybe 
Xena (acquiescing): Yeah.  
Xena led her partner through the foyer of the castle that was once 
home to Hades.  It was their home now and she was planning to make the 
most of it and their life here together. Gabrielle sensed her 
partner's thoughts and leaned up kissing her on the cheek.  
Gabrielle (looking around): Remember as long as we're together, it 
doesn't matter where we were.  We're each other's home love.
Xena nodded and guided her partner down the hall wondering what the 
future held for them but like Gabrielle said they were each other's 
home and there was no place that she would rather be.
"Sometimes a home is a person not a place."  Renee O'Connor 
More to come
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