The Fever



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Subtext/Maintext, Violence, Conqueror Action: Hear this, gentle reader: This story assumes that X&G are lovers and life partners. There is major sexual contact, including details <g>, and a twist on the Conqueror. If you don’t like these type themes, stop reading now.

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Gabrielle pulled the furs closer around her and turned to face the fire more directly. She hated this feeling – her body insisting on shuddering with fever, her breathing rough, her skin clammy. She had been fighting it for days, and had finally given up tonight.

Xena returned from the lake’s edge with another pot of water, and the herbs she had pulled from her healing pack. She gazed at the bard, worried about the fever that had risen so quickly. Gabrielle did not often get sick, but when she did… Xena remembered when the coughing sickness had taken the bard last season – Xena almost lost her that time. She was determined to break this fever before it settled in her lover’s chest.

Mixing the herbs in water warmed from the fire, she handed the cup to Gabrielle, then settled in behind the bard, pulling the smaller woman close in to her chest. Gabrielle rested against the warm leather covering Xena’s breasts, her head tucked under the Warrior’s chin. She sniffed the cup, then wrinkled her nose.

"What is this stuff, Xena? It smells different from what you’ve given me before."

Xena pulled her love closer, and wrapped her arms around her. "It is a new combination, meant to break your fever before it can really take hold." Xena sighed. She had decided to try this cure, but the side effects were worrisome. How much to tell the bard?

"Then why are you nervous?" Gabby read the warrior’s thoughts – as usual.

"I am not nervous – I don’t get nervous… Well, not often." Xena had to smile at how well the bard knew her. "These herbs may cause you to have strange dreams. They are quite strong, and I don’t want you to be scared at where your mind might take you. So I’m staying right here, and will hold you until you wake up."

"What kind of dreams?" Now Gabrielle was tense. She did not want her mind filled with the heartbreak of Hope, or the guilt of Solan’s death, or with images of Callisto… But she trusted Xena with her life, and knew the warrior would rather die than hurt her. She hadn’t tasted the medicine yet, however…

Xena took a breath. "People sometimes dream of secret longings – things they would never admit while awake, even to themselves." Her old fear gripped her – that Gabrielle would dream of leaving her, of settling down, or of returning to rule the Amazons. The bard had many options, and staying with an old ex-warlord might not be at the top of her list. Xena knew it was a risk to give Gabrielle these herbs. But she must not get sick again, she thought to herself. Her health and safety are worth the risk… no matter what she discovers… Xena pulled Gabrielle’s body closer, and held her tightly.

Secret longings? I don’t have any secret longings… at least I don’t think I do… but maybe that’s what they call them ‘secret’… Gabby squeezed Xena’s hand, then downed the potion. It was bitter, and left a slimy aftertaste. "Yuck!" she exclaimed, setting the cup down.

Xena chuckled. "I guess you made up your mind, my bard," she said softly, and kissed the back of Gabby’s neck.

Gabby felt the herbs hit her stomach, and caught her breath as warmth spread through her body. All her muscles began to relax, and she felt tingling in her fingers and down her legs. This stuff is fast! She struggled to stay awake, but could only murmur, "I love you," as her eyes closed and her breathing became even.

Xena shifted her weight into a more comfortable position, her back resting against a large boulder. She pulled the furs over both of them, and kissed her love again. "Sleep well," she whispered. "I’ll be here – always…"

Gabrielle looked around, trying to discern where she was. She had never seen this place before, and yet it felt vaguely familiar. She was laying on a chaise in the corner of a large room. The walls were brightly lit with torches which also contained incense, for a seductive scent rose with the smoke. Ornate tapestries hung between the torches, and a thick rug graced the stone floor. A large table stood in the middle of the room, with six chairs around it. Currently it was filled with bowls of fruit, nuts, bread, and a platter of what smelled like roast lamb. Gabrielle’s mouth began to water, and she struggled to turn her attention away from the table, and to the rest of the room.

Behind the table against the near wall, was a large desk. It was covered in maps and scrolls, and was clearly a work space where work was actually done. A seating area composed of more chaises and low chairs was arranged close to the fire. Beyond that was an alcove which seemed filled with a large bed.

Gabrielle was alone. Where was she? Had she been her before? Why did this seem familiar? And where was Xena? Looking down, the bard gasp at her own attire. She was dressed only in a thin silk robe, which was tied loosely around her waist. She had no undergarments on, surprising in itself, and her brows raised when she noticed that the fur around her mound had been neatly trimmed.

But what made Gabrielle’s breath catch in her throat was when she examined the soft leather cuffs which encircled her wrists, ankles, and her throat. They were lined in sheepskin, tight without being uncomfortable, and each had a small metal ring attached to the outside of it. She felt the collar around her neck, noticing it had two rings -–one in front and one in back. She also noticed it, like the cuffs, had no buckles. Where in Hades was she??!

Gabrielle rose and moved slowly to the desk. She felt weak, as if she had walked a very long way. Her head felt fuzzy. That must be it – she must have been ill. A fever, perhaps, interfering with her memory?

The bard put these thoughts aside as she examined the maps on the desk. What was this? Greece was the same shape, here was Potidea, and here was Amphipolis. But why was Corinth so large? And why was it labeled as the capitol? And where was Athens?! It wasn’t even on the map!!

Gabrielle was so intent on her study that she didn’t hear the tall woman enter the room and come close to stand behind her. Her senses finally realized she was no longer alone, and she turned with a start. Looking up into cerulean eyes, she smiled. "There you are! I was wondering where you were, Xena…"

Her voice died in her throat as the woman moved quickly to her and grabbed her collar ring around a strong finger, pulling the smaller woman up on her tiptoes. "What was that?" she asked on a low and frightening voice. "That is Lord Xena to you, village girl. Forget again and you will not like the reminder." Gabrielle almost fell as Xena released the collar, and struggled to find her footing. Gasping with surprise, she forced herself to remain quiet, and took in the woman before her. This looked like her love, sounded like her, smelled like her. But…

Xena was dressed in an elaborate silk tunic, the blue matching her eyes perfectly, the gold trim looking suspiciously like real gold thread. It was long, coming down to her knees, and silk leggings fell below to her ankles. Her feet were sheathed in gold sandals, and her toenails were painted in what looked like gold leaf.

They were clearly no longer in the realm that the bard called home. She instinctively lowered her eyes and said softly, "Forgive me, Lord Xena. My memory is playing tricks on me. I’m afraid I don’t know where we are."

"Then let me remind you, my bard." Xena pushed Gabrielle back to the wall, and raised her arms above her head, fastening the cuffs with a metal clip to a ring in the stone. "Spread your legs," the warrior commanded, slapping the inside of Gabrielle’s thigh. The smaller woman responded immediately, and felt her lover fasten each ankle cuff to another corresponding ring, leaving her spread wide and taunt against the cold stone.

"Now…" Xena smiled coldly. She unfastened the tie around Gabby’s waist, leaving her naked as the silk brushed along her breasts. Gabrielle’s nipples stood up in the breeze, and Xena smiled again as she took one in her mouth. The bard gasp at the sensations fighting inside her – the warm lips on her breast, the cold air on her stomach and legs, the feeling of immobility as she struggled against her bonds… She felt herself becoming very wet, and a moan escaped her lips.

"Now do you remember?" Xena asked. "Do you remember who you belong to, village girl? Who owns you? Who decides how you live, and even IF you live?? Who takes her pleasure on you, and gives you pleasure as she sees fit??"

As she spoke Xena pinched the bard’s breast, then moved her hand down to cup her mound, stroking her outer lips and smirking at the wetness she found. "Who makes you wet, village girl? Who cums on you, and allows you to cum as she desires it? WHO??"

Gabby found her voice enough to whisper, "You, Lord Xena. Only you…"

"That’s right, bard… you belong to…"


"You love only…"


The Warlord stroked the bard’s slit, increasing the wetness, lubricating her fingers and the back of her hand. "Who makes you cum?" she asked, as she thrust four fingers into the smaller woman.

"YOU!" Gabby gasp at the thrill of being taken like this. Her Xena had never been this forceful – had never conquered her like this. She was surprised at her reaction, and more surprised that she wasn’t satisfied.

Xena recognized the bard’s need, and unfastened the cuffs. Gabby dropped into her arms, limbs asleep after being strained so. Xena picked the smaller woman up and carried her to the alcove, depositing her on the bed. Quickly stripping off her clothes, she lay atop Gabrielle, pinning her to the bed. Xena kissed her softly, increasing the pressure as she took possession of the bard’s mouth. Gabby responded with a moan, kissing her love back with a passion she had never felt. She began to writhe under Xena’s weight, her struggle increasing her pleasure.

Xena nipped Gabrielle’s neck, and then bit down her chest, hard enough to leave marks but not break skin. The simultaneous pleasure/pain was enough to bring the bard to the brink, and she struggled harder against Xena’s weight.

Suddenly Xena raised up, grabbing the bards arms hard enough to bruise. "You are moving too much!" she growled, pushing Gabby harder into the bed. "You will not pleasure yourself on me. You are here for MY pleasure – nothing more!"

Gabrielle gasp and became still. Her senses were heightened by her fear, and yet she knew she was safe with this woman. Even in this alternate reality, Xena was her life – her soul. The two sensations – love and trepidation, combined to take her to new heights of arousal.

It took all her willpower, but the bard stayed still as Xena rubbed herself on her thigh. She watched as her love’s eyes closed in pleasure, then opened to stare at her with a hooded look. Her arms were still pinned at her sides, and Xena held her tightly as she took her pleasure on the sub.

Xena came with a groan, and stared down at the bard. She let go of her arms, and Gabby winced as she felt where fingertips had been. She would carry bruises from this encounter, but she didn’t care. She wanted the Warrior to mark her – so everyone would know to whom she belonged.

Xena sucked a breast again, as her hand moved back down to Gabby’s centre. She grabbed the bard’s mound and shook it. "This… is mine," she growled.

"Yes, Lord Xena… all yours…"

Xena thrust inside the bard, moving fingers in such a way that Gabrielle gasp, and it took all her power not to writhe against the warlord. Xena quirked an eyebrow at the bard. "Does this feel good?" she asked.

"Oh, yes…"

"Do you want more?"

"Please," Gabby gasp.

"How much do you want?" Xena’s voice was like honey.

"As much as you will give, Lord Xena…"

Xena smiled at the bard, and thrust her fist inside Gabrielle, taking her with a force the smaller woman had never fathomed. "Don’t cum, Gabrielle… not until I give you permission… do you understand?"

Gabby nodded slightly, all her focus on the hand inside her and the sensation of being filled beyond measure. Every slight movement of finger was like fire in her – every twitch enough to make her crazy with desire. It took all the willpower she had ever used not to cum now on Xena’s hand.

Xena recognized the struggle the bard was having, and smiled at her willingness to submit to the Conqueror’s command. She moved her hand again, smirking at the distress she was causing the bard. Almost… Gabrielle couldn’t take much more…

Bending close to Gabby’s face, she kissed her gently, nipped her earlobe, and said, "Now!"

Gabrielle came with a scream that shook the stone walls. Her entire body shuddered with the intensity of the climax, and she shook for what seemed like an eternity.

Xena held her gently, now behind her. "That’s my girl," she whispered…

Slowly Gabrielle opened her eyes. She was in Xena’s arms, under furs, beside a campfire. The sun was rising, and the sky was filled with pale pink streamers. Argo stood quietly beyond the fire, having a bit of breakfast. The bard took stock of her body - realizing her fever was gone, her chest and head relaxed and feeling much better.

Gabby felt her love’s arms around her, and turned to look into Xena’s eyes. Xena looked back with love and concern. "Are you all right?" she asked. "You were crying out in your sleep... Did you...dream of anything?" Xena held her breath as she waited to hear what the bard might say.

Gabrielle turned her body so she could hold tight to the warrior. She listened to Xena’s heart pounding in her chest, and breathed with her love as the beating slowed to a more calm tempo. "Us, my love… I dreamed of us…"

"And was everything… ok?" Xena whispered.

"Oh, yes… More than ok… I love you more than life itself." Gabrielle knew now, more completely than ever before, how true those words were.

The bard settled again in the warrior’s arms, and together they watched the sun come up.



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