Technical stuff: Danger Will Robinson… This story has virtually no plot. If I even suggest that it has some form of plot, that’s simply because I took a minute or so to lay down a few brief facts about setting, though even they aren’t too comprehensive. In other words, the alternate title for this piece could be ‘X & G Get It On’. It’s short, so if you’ve got two spare minutes, you can probably fit this in with no problem. I hereby disavow all claim to the characters, which doesn’t really matter because I sincerely doubt that any profit could ever be made off of this. No one beta read this for me, so I can't guarantee that it's a stunning piece of literature. If you'd like to provide feedback, feel free. You can reach me at

Just A Little Drink

She didn't usually allow herself to drink, preferring to keep her wits about her in case any unexpected trouble presented itself. Tonight, however, she had succumbed, she had let herself slide into the seductive depths of the deep flagon of ale and now, well… now she was completely and totally wasted. Gabrielle had left her after dinner, annoyed with the warrior's increasingly curt answers to what she considered perfectly acceptable questions. She was no doubt asleep by now, occupying one half of the bed that the ex-warlord would soon have to stumble up the stairs and find. Gods, but she didn't want to face the petite spitfire though. It wasn't Gabrielle's fault that she'd been so testy. Well, amended Xena, it was her fault, though not directly.

She'd been tortured for weeks it seemed. Everywhere she turned, there was the bard. When she awoke in the morning, it was to see the young blonde highlighted by the first rays of the sun, her features relaxed and smooth in repose. During the day, she was there, trudging along beside Argo, face bright as she practiced some story or the other. When they stopped… well, it was amazing how the warrior seemed to be able to find a campsite by a stream night after night.

Watching Gabrielle bathe was a guilty pleasure, one that she probably shouldn’t have continued to indulge in once she realized just how it ratcheted up her arousal level. As it was looked almost good enough to eat clothed, much less wearing nothing but bare skin, and Xena was certainly not above appeasing her hunger in that exact manner. Gabrielle, however, was an innocent where the warrior was concerned, and she wasn't about to be the one who tore that innocence to shreds. Nope, she wasn't going to let Gabrielle know how she felt about her, how she dreamed of her at night and held her in her heart as her one true love, as ridiculously corny as that sounded to the warrior that was chagrined to even think such words, much less say them. If she told her and the girl didn't faint from the shock, she'd no doubt take off running as if the hounds of Hades were on her heels. Things were better this way, even though the warrior was suffering from an acute case of bard-overload.

Sighing, the thick exhalation of breath sounding loud and downright forlorn even to her own ears, the warrior ran one hand through her already disheveled bangs before crossing her arms on the table and resting her forehead on them. Moaning slightly when she realized that the world was spinning even though her head was down and her eyes closed, Xena contemplated falling asleep here. That way she wouldn't have to face the wrath of the bard when her clumsy, heavy self fell into bed and woke the other woman up. Peeking through one barely opened eye, studying the slightly greasy tabletop, she mentally tried to count the pros and cons of that particular action. Finding the endeavor to be too much for her spinning mind, she sat up again, letting her head loll against the wall, eyes closed, as she prepared to hoist herself from this ever so comfortable bench and hie herself to bed.

"Xena?" came a soft voice to her right, and the warrior jumped at the feel of soft warm fingers on her shoulders. Her reflexes weren't as quick as she would have liked, however, and when she reached for the hand, she came up with nothing but empty air. Hoping that this intruder didn't want anything more than to inquire as to whether or not she'd like more ale, she pried her eyes open and tried to focus.

"Oh, its you Gabrielle," she said, her voice slurred. "I was just about to come up to bed."

"Oh you were," the bard replied, humor heavy in her words, though it flew right over the head of the intoxicated warrior.

"Yep, sure was. Just sitting here until the room stopped moving so much," came the slow reply.

"Hmmm, I know. What were we thinking, picking the one ale with the spinning taproom option? Come on Warrior Princess. Put your considerable skills to use, and I’m sure that you can conqueror the wicked and evil rotating room," the younger girl teased, smiling at her obviously drunken companion. It wasn't like Xena to drink, so far be it from her to ignore the humor in the situation.

'The only thing I want to conquer right now is you,' Xena thought, then paled when she couldn't determine whether or not she'd spoken the words aloud. The bard hadn't gasped yet, nor moved away, nor ran screaming across the floor looking for the nearest exit, so she assumed that she must have managed to keep the words behind her teeth.

"Why don't you take me to bed," she said instead, hoping against hope that the words didn’t sound as seductive to Gabrielle’s ears as they did to hers, then reddened when she heard a snicker from a nearby table. She had been whispering, she thought to herself. That fool must have been eavesdropping on their conversation. The little swine, she'd teach him to mind his own business. Jumping to her feet, and just as quickly landing right back on her bottom when her scabbard snagged on a rough patch of the wall behind her, the Warrior Princess cursed long and loud, punctuating her most vicious threats with the shake of a closed fist, her venom directed toward the unfortunate soul who happened to have misinterpreted her words.

"Xena!" Gabrielle gasped, grabbing the wildly flailing fist in her small hands, unsure what the poor fellow seated at the table to the left of them had done to earn the warrior's wrath. "It’s definitely time to go to bed. Here, I want you to wrap your arm around my shoulder and let me lift you up."

Moving her arm complacently, grasping the smaller bard around the shoulder, Xena did the best she could to assist her friend in pulling her up from the bench. Leaning much of her weight into the slim form beside her, Xena let her head drop down to her arm, the top of her head brushing against the side of Gabrielle’s face.

"You're my bestest best friend in the whole wide world, did you know that?" Xena said with a sigh before realizing how incredibly stupid it sounded. "I mean, I love you. You know that, right?"

"Of course I do silly," Gabrielle said, laughing. Who knew that too much drink would have the warrior spouting emotional mush? Xena stumbled then, dragging Gabrielle forward slightly, pulling her from her musings of just how vocal an inebriated warrior might become. She wasn't sure how much longer she was going to be able to support the warrior's rather heavy, inert form. She wasn't sure how much longer she would going to be able to take the close contact either. As it was, the long fingers attached to the arm across her shoulders were stroking her side, the warrior's soft hair was tickling her cheek, and the long length of the other woman’s body was burning into her side. Gritting her teeth against the jolt of arousal that shot through her, Gabrielle slowly guided her friend up the stairs. Halfway up the stairs she groaned, feeling Xena deliberately come to a stop.

Pulling back, suddenly serious as intense blue eyes seared into sparkling green ones, Xena placed one hand on either side of the bard's head, effectively trapping her in a prison of flesh.

"Do you love me too, Gabrielle?" she asked, breathing heavily as she tried not to notice the way her young friend's tongue darted out nervously to wet her pink lips.

"Of course I love you, Xena," the bard replied, confused at the warrior's sudden dramatic turn.

"That's good," Xena sighed, leaning in ever so slowly, completely forgetting why it was that she might not want to kiss the delectable lips that were all her eyes could see. Before the bard completely realized her intent, the warrior had covered her lips in a sweet kiss, incredibly soft lips seeming to sear a path through her body. Turning her head slightly for a better angle, Xena deepened the kiss slightly, her tongue flicking out to trace the lush contours of her companion's lips. A few moments later, she pulled away, her breath rasping harshly in the confused bard's ear.

"That was very nice," Xena said thoughtfully, then pulled away, weaving her way down the hall in search of their room.

Gabrielle was stunned. She had thought about it before, of course. Sometimes, late at night, she had wondered what it would feel like if the warrior kissed her, how she would respond and how far they would go. She had pictured eloquently worded declarations of love from her normally taciturn warrior. Often, the scene was accompanied by a field of wildflowers or a beautiful waterfall, and an equally beautiful warrior down on her knees. The scenes had been silly, of course. There was no way that the normally gruff warrior would ever find herself on her knees before the bard, butterflies swirling around her raven head as she poured out the contents of her soul to the younger woman. Well, Gabrielle decided with a huff, she supposed that she had gotten some type of declaration of love, though she doubted that the declarant would remember it in the morning. Would Xena remember the kiss? she wondered. Would she remember the heat of their lips, the fire of their bodies? Would she… Oh Hades!

"XENA! Wait, that's not our room!" Gabrielle yelled, chasing the dark warrior down the hallway. She had allowed herself to daydream, losing track of her inebriated friend. Said friend was currently trying to pull open a door that Gabrielle sincerely hoped was locked. Actually, she realized quickly with a smile, it didn't matter how hard Xena pulled on that door handle. If she wanted to get into the room, any room in this inn to be exact, she'd have to push.

"We're right down here," Gabrielle said, her hands wrapping around the forearms of the warrior, guiding her down the hall. Allowing herself an illicit squeeze, she sighed softly at the feel of strong muscle moving under silky flesh. Guiding the befuddled warrior into their room, she let go of her to close the door. Hearing a loud clang behind her, she spun quickly, wondering what kind of trouble Xena could have managed to get into so quickly.

The loud clang hadn't been anything more than her armor falling to the floor. The one clang was followed by several smaller ones as bits and pieces of armor were taken off and thrown in the general direction of the corner. Boots followed with a loud thump, and then with a swoosh of leather, and with a feral grin that slashed across her face in a flash of white, Xena was naked. The bard stood completely still, watching the proceedings with interest. She loved to see Xena's sleek body, and normally only got glimpses from a distance when they encountered a stream somewhere or through the haze of steam when they bathed. This time, the object of many of her fantasies, well all of her fantasies to be exact, was live and in person, not three feet from where she was standing, and she couldn't resist letting her eyes slide over the inviting flesh.

"See something you like?" The low, seductive voice snaked across the space separating them, and Gabrielle raised her head in surprise, catching the heavily lidded eyes of the warrior with her own. The look she saw there was very interesting indeed, full of seduction, smoke, and teasing. She hadn't known that the warrior was sober enough to notice her rather thorough appraisal, and color stained her cheeks in embarrassment.

"It's late," was her only reply, her mouth suddenly very dry.

"I see something that I like," Xena replied playfully, her singsong voice preceding her as she advanced predatorily toward the bard. Eyes widening in shock and arousal, Gabrielle backed up until her back hit the door. With nowhere else to go, she awaited the arrival of the warrior, her body ripe with anticipation. When naked flesh pressed against her, she moaned, unable to help herself.

"If I didn’t know any better, I would think the little bard likes this," Xena whispered, tracing a finger over the blonde's delicate jawline. Bending, she pulled Gabrielle's earlobe into her mouth with her teeth, tasting the flesh with her tongue before letting it slide from between her lips. The warm searching mouth moved lower, tracing the tendons of the smaller woman's neck, teeth nipping flesh that they found intriguing. Moaning, Gabrielle reached up reluctantly to weave her hands through thick, dark tresses, tugging backwards slightly.

"Xena, you're drunk," she said, breathing heavily, her normally bright green eyes now almost black with an arousal that she couldn't deny. "You don't know what you're doing."

"You're wrong about that, Gabrielle," the warrior replied, smirking in satisfaction as she catalogued the changes in the bard's body that marked the extent of her arousal. "I know exactly what I'm doing, have had plenty of practice actually, and think that its time that I instruct you in this fine art. I’ve always been a good teacher, haven’t I? I wouldn’t want to leave your instruction… unfinished, as it were."

"Xeee-eee-na," Gabrielle moaned again, stretching the name out so that it was almost a plea. Warm lips had again returned to the flesh of her neck and she worked to suppress a shiver. Who knew that one's neck could be so sensitive? Shivering, trying to block out the feeling of a deliciously warm tongue tracing the underside of her chin, Gabrielle tried to focus.

"Whaaaa-aaa-aat?" the warrior asked, drawing the word out just as the bard had, her blue eyes dancing as she looked at her obviously flustered bard. She was sobering up rather quickly now, brought back to her senses by the feel of silken skin beneath her lips and the melody of harsh, ragged breathing mixed with moans and sighs that the bard couldn't seem to keep from emitting. Moving one strong knee between Gabrielle's slim thighs, she pressed up, noticing with glee the slight tinge of moisture that greeted her flesh through the thin cloth separating her skin from that of the bard's. Beginning a slow, rocking rhythm, she let her hips press up against the bard’s, her thigh pressing rhythmically against the shorter blonde’s aching flesh.

"Oh gods… I… I'm not sure… that is, you're not yourself, and I want this, gods do I want this, but I don't want you to do something you'll regret. Its up to me to protect you from yourself, but you’re going to have to… gods Xena, you’re going to have to stop. Just move your knee, that’s a good girl, and let me down from here. You’ve got to stop kissing me like that Xena. I’ve got to save you, save you from yourself. It’s just the drink, just the drink. Please gods, move your knee!" Gabrielle cried out, rambling almost incoherently, her head thrown back to rest against the hard wood of the door as her hips squirmed, settling herself even harder on the hard thigh upon which she now found herself suspended.

Clamping her hand over the mouth of the babbling bard, Xena wrapped the other strong arm around the smaller woman's back and carried her over to stand by the bed. Reaching down to pull her skirt free, she tossed the offending garment to the side before quickly reaching up to the Amazon Queen's top. Sighing, not sure exactly how she was going to manage the ties and keep her hand over mouth of the bard, stifling all further protestations, she looked around frantically before catching sight of her breast dagger. One quick slice and the fabric of the garment separated, falling in rather ugly green tatters to the floor.

"I want to make love to you," Xena murmured, her icy blue eyes catching those of the bard. "Is that okay with you?"

Eyes wide, the bard simply nodded helplessly, nostrils flaring wide in arousal, her mouth still covered by Xena's hand. With a wide grin, the warrior removed her hand, instantly replacing it with her mouth. At the feel of her hot tongue sweeping into her mouth, sliding against the blonde’s own, the bard felt her knees grow weak and she buckled, drawing them both down onto the bed in a tangle of limbs. Xena laughed huskily before moving her mouth down the side of the bard's neck, sharp teeth teasing the soft flesh, leaving a trail of small red marks down the other woman’s flesh. Small hands wrapped themselves in her hair, pulling and tugging Xena's mouth to where they wanted it the most.

Grinning against the bard's warm skin, Xena finally shifted her attention to the younger woman's breasts. Large, callused hands traced the delicate curves as her eyes drank in the sight of lightly tanned flesh. Pinching rosy pink nipples between her thumb and forefinger, watching the pale skin flush red in a combination of pleasure and slight pain, Xena felt a shudder of arousal run down her spine.

"So beautiful," she whispered, bending down to trace her tongue over one taut nipple. Gabrielle's back arched as she moaned, her hands clutching the warrior's hair, trying to pull her closer. Taking one pink nipple between her teeth, the warrior growled playfully, pulling slightly and shaking her head like a dog worrying a bone, pleased with the sound of Gabrielle's delighted gasp. Soothing the flesh with the harsh rasp of her tongue, she allowed her hands to roam the expanse of flesh that now lay open to her. Long fingers traced up and down slim thighs, teased the tight muscles of the Amazon's abdomen and lightly grazed the soft down of hair hiding the treasure she coveted most.

Hearing the other woman whimper from the treatment, torn between the sensations of Xena's mouth alternating between her aching nipples and the feel of her slightly rough fingers tracing over her flesh, Xena moved further down the bard's body. Her mouth traced a shining line down the blonde’s belly, nose twitching as the scent of her lover’s arousal wafted up to her. Moving her torso between Gabrielle's thighs, spreading them wide with strong hands so that she could have easy access, Xena finally gazed down at Gabrielle’s sex. Smiling, seeing the sheen of moisture covering the reddish-blonde curls, she lowered her head for a quick taste, her tongue sneaking between the soft lips and teasing past the bundle of nerves at the tip. Gabrielle gasped, her hips jerking wildly and the upper half of her torso shooting off the bed, almost knocking Xena off of her body.

"Gods… please, I can't take it," Gabrielle begged, her voice dark with desire as she watched the raven head between her sleek thighs.

Smiling up at her, blue eyes promising relief, the warrior lowered her head once more. Strong fingers parted Gabrielle's flesh, opening her up to the sweet rasp of the warrior's tongue. Her body shuddering from the bolts of pleasure that coursed through her, the bard dug her hands into the warrior's hair, pulling her in closer. Xena smiled wickedly against the slick flesh, moving her hand so that two fingers could slide deeply into the other woman. Beginning a slow rhythm, she alternated pulling the younger woman’s straining clit into her mouth and plunging her fingers deep into her warm, moist tunnel. The sounds of her flesh moving against her lover’s was intoxicating, and Xena let her hips press deeply into the bedding, seeking relief for her own aching passion. Hearing the sharp gasps and cries coming from above her, the warrior pulled hard on the flesh at her lips, adding another finger to the two already in use as she thrust harder into waiting flesh. Gabrielle bucked up, frozen, her mouth opened on a soundless scream as she felt her body explode. Her strong fingers pulled fiercely at the warrior's hair, bringing her face up so that the bard could cover her lips in a fiery kiss. Moaning as she tasted her own essence on Xena's lips, Gabrielle pressed on the warrior's shoulders, lowering her to the soft bed.

"Oh that was good, so so good," she said breathlessly, bending run her tongue along the seam of the other woman’s lips. "And I’m bad, so so bad."

With a mischievous smile, she tore her lips from Xena's, bending so that her teeth could nibble on the strong tendons of muscle lining the other woman's throat. Quick hands moved to cup the warrior's heavy breasts, fingers finding hard nipples. She pinched and massaged the sensitive peaks, her efforts rewarded almost immediately by the warrior's low moan. As she moved her head lower to capture one nipple in her mouth, a hand moved between their bodies. Fingers parted raven curls, quickly finding the hard bit of flesh begging for her attention. Pressing her body hard against the warrior's as her finger pressed deeply in hard circles, alternating in a clockwise and counter-clockwise rhythm, her mouth and teeth drew one sensitive nipple into her mouth, the bard delighted in the shivers running through the warrior's body.

Knowing instinctively that Xena was near climax already, the combination of her fingers and the earlier excitement of claiming the bard combining to put her on edge, Gabrielle pulled up, wanting to see the warrior's eyes as the pleasure overtook her. Trembling hands cupped the bard's face as the warrior drew her down for a long, very wet kiss. Strong fingers rewarded the action, and Xena's head flew back in pleasure, her neck arching as a sharp hiss of breath rushed past bared teeth. Gabrielle took advantage of the opportunity, sealing her lips on the sweet skin. Feeling the warrior start to convulse, she bit deeply into Xena's soft flesh where her shoulder met her neck. The delicious sting of Gabrielle's teeth pushed Xena over the edge and she came, screaming the younger woman's name.

Falling to the bed in exhaustion, her long body draped bonelessly across the rough sheets, she drew the bard close to her, the sweat covering their bodies intermingling as slick limbs slid over equally slick limbs. Planting a light kiss on the blonde's forehead, Xena stretched, yawning. The combination of pleasure and ale was too much for her, and Gabrielle was startled to hear a soft snore a few seconds later.

"Just like a warrior," she muttered, snuggling closer to the warm flesh along her side. Giggling slightly when she saw the perfect set of red teeth marks adorning the other woman's shoulder, she closed her eyes, waiting on the delicious comfort of sleep to overtake her as well.

The overly bright presence of the sun's first light against the inside of her eyelids was the first thing that alerted Xena to the fact that it was morning. Bleary blue eyes opened slowly, looking down to see if what she thought she felt was actually there. Yep, she concluded with a small smile. The bard's warm, naked flesh was plastered to hers, small puffs of breath warming the flesh on the inside of her right breast. Her head ached and she was more thirsty than she had ever been in her entire life, but there was no way that she was going to move and break the wonder of this moment.

She had never intended for the younger woman to find out her feelings, much less while she was in an inebriated haze, but she supposed that since the damage had already been done, the least she could do would be to enjoy the sweet aftermath. Caught up in the bliss of the moment, Xena didn't realize the bard was also awake until her sleep-scratchy voice broke the tranquil silence.

"So Xena, when you said you'd had lots of practice, exactly how much practice are we talking about?"

What could have been a mixture between a groan, a sigh, and a laugh passed Xena's lips as she turned to face her overly inquisitive new lover. Oh well, she mused, placing a soft kiss on the other woman’s swollen lips, peace can't last forever…

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