A Million Ways

copyright 2/2000
by Xena's Little Bitch

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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I just love writing about them. This is a piece of erotic fiction, so if the idea of Xena and Gabrielle getting it on doesn't excite you beyond measure, or for some reason it's illegal for you to read about it, don't read the story.

Description: Okay so there's not much of a plot, it's kinda raunchy, and there's some Dirty Words, but it works for me. I figure it takes place just after "Eternal Bonds" or something, as Xena isn't pregnant but she's still wearing the black leather pants. I guess they got a baby sitter for Eve or something...I don't really care...and in this story, neither does Xena.

It seems as if all I think about these days is all the different ways I want to fuck her. I've held my desire in check for five years and, inevitably, I have become it's victim. Even now, sitting at this table in this noisy tavern, surrounded by people and music and all manner of distractions, all I can think about is pulling Gabrielle up from her chair, and bending her over the table, pressing her naked stomach against the sticky, ale-covered wood. Roughly I pull her panties down to her knees and push her skirt up just far enough to expose her ass to my eyes. My hand moves to caress her sex from behind. She is already wet and by my third stroke she is thrusting her cunt back and up to meet my hand.


"Ack! What?" I ask her, startled from my fantasy. This is exactly what I meant. I am out of control. Were we having a conversation?

"What is up with you?" she asks, smiling at me and taking a sip of her ale. Gods she's beautiful.

"Nothing." When did this begin? Of course I have always wanted her, always, even when she acted like a kid and I couldn't even allow myself to fantasize about her, I wanted her. Just something about her. Gods. I can't remember ever not being in love with her. And then, well, watching her become a woman...it was hard but somehow, one day, there she was. A brave and confident warrior, a strong, experienced woman; someone I could want. The haircut was the final sign--how many times I wondered why I cut her hair and not Alti's arm. Perhaps to help myself finally see she had grown up. She was her own person, someone to be reckoned with. Someone to be desired and I desired her past reason.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" Gabrielle asks, "There's that fair coming to town..."

In my mind she is still bent over the table, naked from the waist down, and she pleads with me to fuck her.

"Sounds great," I say.

That night I stay up late on purpose so she won't notice if I fall asleep in the chair by the fire. She is wearing the red silk pajamas and I know that I would not be able to keep my hands off her if I were to lie with her. Oh, it would only take one word from her and I would be laying her out on her back, slowly unbuttoning her top, moving my hand down under the drawstring of her pants, slowly creeping down to cup her musky--

"Come to bed, Xena," she whispers sleepily.

I ignore her.

Soon it is morning and I am gone. Who cares where she thinks I am? It doesn't matter. I'm everywhere. I lie naked by a lake and touch myself, imagining I am holding her against the ground beneath me, grinding myself into her cunt. She reaches up to bite my neck as I come, screaming out her name over the quiet lake. I sit up slowly, touch my hand to my breast to feel my heart beating far faster than necessary. I can't breathe. It is desire like I have never known it. Something's got to give. Walking through the village to the inn, I barely notice the preparations for the fair. I head to the stable and groom Argo. For hours.

I enter our room quietly to find her lying asleep on her back, arms flung above her head, elbows bent, naked from the waist up. Her breasts are magnificent, her skirt hiked up exposing the tops of her thighs. She lies there as if in invitation and I look at her body spread out before me as I imagine myself crawling towards her, placing my mouth above her cunt and breathing warm air down onto it before slowly entering between her lips with my tongue. I make my tongue hard and thick and I lick her slowly, just at the surface of her wetness, pushing the tip of my tongue between her lips after every stroke along the surface. Gods she is delicious and in my fantasy I crawl along her body until my cunt hovers over her face and I lower myself to her mouth. Her tongue meets my softest place and I can't stop myself from moving against it, so gently, resting my forehead against the wall as I pant in rhythm with her strokes. Gabrielle's hands caress my ass as I move above her and I hear her moan in her sleep. From my vantage point across the room I see that she is still dreaming. I stand there staring at her and unlace my black leather pants. Though I am already soaking wet, I lick my fingers before placing them against my throbbing clit. As I touch myself I stare at her and imagine I'm watching myself crouching over her body, and though I have nothing to enter with, I enter her. Her body convulses and I push her back onto the bed. Her legs wrap around my waist and as I continue to thrust into her I imagine her voice telling me she loves me and I come, I hope quietly. She seems to still be asleep, as I look down at her, so beautiful and pure. I have never touched myself while I was watching her before, and I feel as if I have crossed a line; it's just not the kind of thing best friends do. I can't go on like this. I need to take action.

It's night. I return, again, to the village from the forest. The fair has turned out to be a Bacchanal. Hundreds of people, drunk, crowding the streets. Gives me the shivers. Anything can happen on a night like this, and if there's violence, I know I'll have no choice but to get involved; to become part of the violence in order to stop it. It sounds insane sometimes even to me. I notice passionate trysts all along the side streets, musicians playing for the crowds, barmaids serving patrons in the street. I buy and slug down a succession of drinks quickly, to quiet that one small voice that says she will reject me. I grab a mug of ale and wander the streets in search of her.

There's a stage with drummers and dancers performing upon it but I don't really notice, I see only Gabrielle. She stands under a balcony, leaning her elbows on a low stone wall, facing the stage. No one is right by her and I quietly approach from the rear. I stand directly behind her, quickly grabbing her waist with one hand and her chest with the other, cupping her breast in my hand and kissing the side of her neck. My arm snakes around her waist and holds her tight against me, her breathing quickens as I stroke her abdomen and she presses back against me, not trying to turn around. I hope it's because she knows it's me, but I don't really care. All I care about are the sounds she is making. My hands on her breasts elicit moans of such naked passion. As I kiss her neck I feel her hand take mine and move it down to the top edge of her skirt, holding it there, caressing it, making clear her desire.

"Please," she whispers, "touch me, Xena." She turns her head around as far as it will go, and I bring my lips to meet hers in a kiss of such smoldering intensity, such desperate need. My hand slides under the waistband of her skirt.

"How did you know it was me?" I whisper, my hand moving down to caress her mound, feeling the wetness almost dripping from it.

"A million ways...please don't stop," she whispers.

I turn her in my arms so she is facing me, and I push her back against the wall. Looking into her eyes I hike up her skirt, giving myself full access to her throbbing pussy, pressing the length of my body hard against hers, my hand snakes between us and again finds her wetness. Her eyes are locked with mine as she moans at my touch, looking at me with surprise and desire.

"You like it, don't you?" I tease.

"Oh, yes," she whispers, smiling.

I slide my fingers gently in her wetness, moving my hand slowly, listening to her breathe. I can see she's struggling to keep her eyes open. Her head falls to my chest and she lifts her arms and slides them around my neck. My hand has created the rhythm for her body, and she moves with it, out of her own control.

"Don't you care if someone sees?" I tease her as I untie her top with my other hand, suddenly exposing her breasts to the night air. All around us I can sense other couples, other people's passion. I can hear the sound of drumming, faint when compared to Gabrielle's rhythmic breathing. She is incredible...I could never have imagined.

"Gods! No! Just...don't...stop." She suddenly looks up at me and smiles and kisses me long and hard and so full of love. She rests her forehead on my chest and I can tell her climax is nearing. I continue moving my hand against her pussy and lower my head to kiss her neck. In a slow rush of air and sound, Gabrielle comes, her body falls against me and slowly sinks to the ground. Gabrielle is on her knees in front of me and I press her head to my thigh, caressing her hair. I am beyond exhilarated; Gabrielle desires me; there is no faking that kind of passion. I feel her hands at the crotch of my pants, swiftly unlacing them. Just the thought of this makes me want to moan and I do. She slowly peels the leather down my legs to expose my pussy to her face, and I feel the coarse fabric of my coat against my naked ass. I feel the breath she exhales, hot against my thighs, and I spread my legs as much as my pants will allow. Gabrielle's lips at the tops of my thighs are incredible and when her tongue touches my pussy for the first time I fall forward, grabbling onto the low wall for support. Her tongue moves slowly in a vaguely circular motion, I feel it take me over; within seconds I am nothing, nothing but the way Gabrielle feels. I can't think. I can't breathe. I can't see. It is endlessness and tiny blinding bursts of light, her tongue is so hot and I move one of my hands from the wall and I touch her hair. The palms of her hands cup my ass and and push me forward against her vibrating tongue. Wishing this moment could last forever, I am still victim to my desire and I come, my fingers buried in her hair, gasping her name, my pants around my knees, in the middle of the street.

I lower myself to the ground and I pull her into my arms. She kisses me, her lips slick with my juices.

"Oh, Gabrielle," I moan into her ear, "You're everything I've ever dreamed of. In fact, you're all I've been able to dream about for ages."

Gabrielle pulls her head back to look at me. The grin on her face is beyond cute. She is dazzling.

"Ah, now I understand why you've been so distracted! Makes perfect sense."

Gabrielle pulls my pants up and laces them as we kiss. She whispers into my mouth, "Can we go back to the room?"

"Oh, yeah."

And we stay in our room for a very long time.

The End

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