How to love her

by Yasemin

How should I love her?

Sometimes I sit by the fire and wonder.

Should I take her like a warrior,

and swiftly make her mine?

Or should I woo her with flowers,

fragrant offerings for a vestal virgin?

Shall I pretend not to see her as she bathes naked in the moonlit lake?

Or shall I swim up to her glistening body

and slip between her legs like a hungry eel?

Should I softly press my lips against her mound

and slowly breathe in her sweet aroma?

Or should I lustfully devour her rubyfruit

like I would a handful of juicy raspberries?

However I decide to love her, my amazon princess,

I'll do it from the bottom of my heart.

I'll do it with my eyes, my hands, my mouth!

I'll do it passionately and tenderly; lovingly, truthfully and trustingly.

My body will be hers to use as she pleases.

My mind and my thoughts I'll no longer own.

My destiny and hers will be one.

How should I love her?

As fiercely as she loves me!

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