Najara NAJARA!!

By Yasemin


Where Are Ya?

I Know You Fooled Her With Your Lies

And I Can't Console Her As She Cries.

You Led Her To Believe

That You Were Good But You Didn't Do What You Said You Would.

You Killed Those Who Would Not Accept The Light

Murdering Them Without Giving Them A Fair Fight.

You Seduced Her With Your Talk Of Holiness

Only Using Her To Squelch Your Terrible Lonliness.

Thinking I Was No Good For Her,

I Left Her With You For I Believed

What The Djinn Told You Was True.

But You Fooled Me

As Well As You Did Countless Others

All Those Poor Fools

You Call Your Spiritual Brothers.

Najara! Where Are Ya?

You Cannot Hide From My Wrath.

I Am Hellbent On My Path.

Your Pride I Will Break;

Your Life I Will Take,

And To Your Farce i'll Put An End.

Your Soul To Hades I Will Send!

You Soiled Her Innocence

With Your Dirty Mind.

I Will Bathe Her With My Love

And There, Peace Will She Find.

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