Taught by Love

Part 13

Neither woman spoke again until they reached the warm haven of Noelle’s house. The walk home through the snowy night didn’t allow for words because the wind had picked up considerably. The snow swirled more furiously and with greater quantity than it had when they set out.

Noelle silently took Molly’s saucer from her, dragging both sleds into the garage to hang up in their rightful places. As she made to leave the outbuilding, she ran a mittened hand across the small boat tucked snugly inside its cover. Very suddenly, the magnitude of her words to the other woman hit her like a Mac truck. And it scared the hell out of her. Oh God, maybe I’ll just stay out here until I freeze to death.

Unknown to Noelle, Molly stood outside, lost in thoughts of her own. Is this really going to happen? Will she really let it this time? Jesus, I don’t… The dark woman shook her head, determined not to let any doubt creep in and ruin the night before it even began. She wanted it to be good for Noelle. She didn’t want to scare her. Molly sighed heavily, the weight of what was going to occur almost too much to bear.

My God, what’s wrong with me? This is supposed to be exciting me, not freaking me out. The dark woman shook her head ruefully. You’d think I was walking to the gallows instead of waiting to make love with the woman I’m ass over tin can about. The thought caused Molly to laugh. "Chill out, babe," she cautioned herself. She stomped her feet and flapped her arms in a vain attempt to keep warm. "Much longer, though, and any worries I have will be moot," she groused good-naturedly.

As much as she would have liked to stay in the garage, Noelle knew Molly was probably getting cold, so she closed and locked the big door. Without a word, she led them toward the front door, the porch light guiding them like a beacon in the dark, now moonless night. Carefully they picked their way up the slippery steps, neither wanting to fall.

Once inside, both women shed their outerwear quickly, hanging clothing to dry and sticking their boots near the heat grate. Molly looked at Noelle and saw just how nervous the younger woman was. She looks so scared, she thought, her chest tightening in sympathy.

"Noelle? Honey?" She waited until Noelle looked at her before continuing. She stepped closer to her and took the smaller hands in her own. "It’s okay if you’ve changed your mind, Noe. It’s okay."

"I want you so badly that it hurts me. It hurts inside my chest," was Noelle’s soft admission. "Please stay with me tonight," she whispered, looking down at their joined hands.

Molly just nodded and tugged the blond into her arms to hold her.

Then she chuckled. "You hungry?" Molly asked, feeling Noelle’s stomach rumble low against hers.

The words eased the tension between the women and they laughed softly as they walked into the kitchen. They shared a quick snack of cinnamon graham crackers and hot chocolate. "Sledriding food," Noelle said between mouthfuls.

The nervousness and fear came rushing back as they shut lights and padded silently into the bedroom. Noelle snapped on the lamp on the nightstand, bathing that part of the room in its soft, golden light.

"I like it," Molly said, her eyes taking in the details this time. The other times she’d been in the room, she hadn’t paid attention to the atmosphere. But this time she did.

The room was small, the biggest piece of furniture the full-size bed. The bed was under a crescent shaped window, and underneath it was a braided rug in pastel colors. The duvet and quilt that covered the down comforter was also pastel, their colors loosely matching the ones in the rug. There was another quilt folded over the footboard, a different pattern, but the same colors. And on the one window in the room hung a pale seagreen curtain.

"It fits you."

Noelle smiled nervously as she turned down the quilts and sheet. "I… you, umm, want a toothbrush?" she asked hesitantly, totally unsure how to proceed.

The words mildly surprised the dark woman. "You have a spare?"

Noelle nodded. "Four, actually." She chuckled when Molly laughed.

"Wow. That’s a bunch of brushes. You expecting that many guests?" she teased, not making any move to leave her spot at the foot of the bed.

"No. I bought them in a pack of five because you’re supposed to change your toothbrush every six months. I didn’t want to run out," Noelle finished with a shrug.

She is so sweet, Molly thought. God, I love her.

"Lead on, milady."

Molly followed Noelle across the hall into the bathroom. The sailboat scene on the shower curtain and rugs didn’t surprise her at all. "Nice," she admired.

It didn’t take them long to take turns with their nightly routine. Before she knew it, Noelle was standing with Molly in her bedroom once again.

Molly walked to stand directly in front of the other woman. "Afraid?" she asked softly.

Noelle swallowed nervously. "I’ve… I haven’t… I don’t know what to do," she admitted.

Molly tilted the small face up so Noelle was forced to meet her eye. "We’ll just do what feels good."

"But what if I don’t make you happy? What if I don’t satisfy you?"

Molly pulled Noelle into her arms. "Shhh, it’s okay. Anything you do to me or for me or with me will feel wonderful. Just being here with you is what’s important. Anything more will be the icing."

Noelle pulled back slightly. "I want to kiss you," she whispered, reaching up to cup Molly’s face in her hands. She slowly pulled the other woman down to meet her lips, touching their fullness softly with her own.

She ran her tongue gently across Molly’s lips, seeking entrance. Her breathing picked up when she felt the other woman let her inside, their tongues touching softly.

"Oh, Molly," she breathed when she pulled back. Then she took a step away from the other woman, dropping her hands to the buttons on her flannel shirt. "Can I…?"

Molly nodded, letting Noelle take them where she wanted. She saw how badly Noelle’s hands shook as she started to undo the first button. "It’s okay," she soothed, wishing desperately that Noelle wasn’t so frightened.

It took the small woman so long to unbutton the first two buttons that she finally turned to Molly. "Help me," she asked.

Molly made short work of the shirt, letting it drop to the floor next to them. She stood there in only her bra, wanting so much for Noelle to touch her.

When Noelle made no move to touch her, instead just taking in the sight of the near-naked woman, Molly finally spoke softly to her. "It’s okay to touch me," she offered. "Please."

She watched through half-lidded eyes as Noelle reached out tentative hands, brushing her firm breasts so softly that she almost didn’t feel it. Then those hands cupped her, feeling the weight of her for the first time.

Molly groaned at the feelings that shot through her body. And her heart. She’s touching me, the thought thrilling her more than anything else could. Or almost anything.

She closed her eyes when Noelle moved behind her to unhook her bra. She shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it, too, fall to the floor. Molly felt the small woman run light hands down her back, the sensation causing her nipples to pucker sharply. She let her head drop to her chest and she clenched her fists when those hands brushed the dark curtain of hair aside so Noelle could place tiny kisses all over her skin. When the other woman came back around to face her, Molly opened her eyes, letting them burn hotly into deep green.

"I want you," she said simply.

Not breaking that eye contact, Noelle once again reached out to cup and lift Molly’s breasts. This time, however, she allowed her thumbs to lightly brush the already aroused nipples.

"Oh, God," Molly gasped.

Needing a firmer touch, she brought her hands up on top of Noelle’s and showed her how she wanted to be touched. She dropped her hands when she felt the smaller ones hold her firmly, fingers massaging gently.

Her knees almost gave out when a warm, wet mouth closed over her nipple. "Noelle, honey, I think I need to sit down if you’re going to keep doing this."

Immediately the other woman stopped and stepped back. "I’m sorry," she whispered. "I won’t do that anymore."

"Oh, no, love. You misunderstood me," she said as she brought Noelle’s hands back to her body. "It feels so good that I’m afraid I’m going to- Oh!" she sucked in sharply when she felt teeth graze her nipple. "Fall over," she finished. "Please. Let me sit down."

Molly sat on the bed, feeling it cushion her body. She watched Noelle come closer to stand between her legs.

Noelle rested her hands on broad shoulders, feeling the muscles move and shift beneath them. "I want…." But instead of completing her sentence, Noelle knelt between Molly’s legs, almost as if she was worshipping at an altar. And maybe she was.

"You are so beautiful," she whispered, marveling at the bronze skin. "Your skin… it’s so beautiful," she repeated.

Again, Noelle took a nipple into her mouth to suck gently, but she stopped when Molly buried her hands in her hair. "No," she pleaded. "Please don’t do that." She stayed perfectly still, not moving and not looking at Molly.

Molly quickly took her hands from the gold they were just buried in, letting them rest at her side. She waited for Noelle to continue, but the small woman didn’t. "Noe? Honey?" When Noelle still didn’t meet her eyes, Molly cupped her face, her thumbs stroking cheeks softly. She didn’t force Noelle to look at her, but she did talk to her. "I’m not him, baby. I won’t hurt you. I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to." Before she finished, she waited for Noelle to finally look at her.

"I swear it." Molly watched as memories chased each other across the expressive face.

Noelle nodded as a shudder passed through her, her green eyes wide. "Thank you." She looked back at her hands on Molly’s body. "Tell me what to do."

Molly’s chest tightened at the trust she saw shining on Noelle’s face. "Let’s get undressed, okay? I want to feel your skin with mine."

The kneeling woman looked up into Molly’s face. "How do we do that when you’re sitting?" she asked in confusion.

Molly laughed softly. "Oh, you are wonderful, Noelle Beatrice. Absolutely wonderful." With that, Molly stood and quickly rid herself of the barrier that her clothing had become. Then she sat again.

When she sat back down, Noelle got up from her position and reached over to turn off the lamp. Without it, the only brightness came from the streetlight outside her window. The heavy snow caused the light to take on a hazy, dim quality that exactly fit the mood in the room. It was as if they were in their very own world. Nothing else mattered except what they were doing and feeling right then. Time stood still for Noelle and Molly in that moment.

Noelle stepped back and stood bathed in only the glow of the outside light that shone weakly through the window. Watching her slowly undress in that circle of light took Molly’s breath away. When the woman finally stood almost naked in front of her, Molly simply gazed at her, basking in the feelings the small woman caused to swell in her chest.

Noelle still wore the flannel shirt, but she had unbuttoned it except the very bottom one. It hung open, giving Molly a tantalizing glimpse of milky white skin the shirt covered.

"Come here," Molly reached out to her. "Please. Let me," she whispered.

Molly was completely mesmerized as she watched Noelle approach. The gentle grace and beauty with which Noelle moved was indescribable. The innocence that this woman exuded was never more visible than at that moment.

God, she prayed suddenly, please help me do it right for her. She deserves so much. Let me be the one to show her the beauty of loving another person.

When Noelle stood between her legs, Molly unfastened that last button. The she slid her hands up Noelle’s torso until she reached her shoulders.

Knowing what she intended to do, Noelle looked down, feeling a bit self-conscious suddenly. Just as Molly was about to push the shirt off her body, Noelle’s hands flew to the bigger ones, stopping their movement.

"I… it’s…" she stumbled.

"Shh," Molly eased. "Let me see you."

Noelle looked into gentle blue eyes, eyes that were filled with desire. For me. With that realization, the embarrassment faded and Noelle let her hands drop to her sides.

Molly smiled her thanks and gently pushed the shirt off the woman in front of her. Seeing the treasure in front of her made her breath hitch. "You are absolutely amazing," she said reverently.

Noelle swallowed nervously. She felt the blush starting to creep up her neck to her face.

Molly slid her hands to rest on the gentle swell of Noelle’s hips and laid on the bed, tugging Noelle down with her. The soft, crinkly sound and that special smell made the tall woman smile and bury her nose briefly in the sheet underneath them. "A featherbed?" she asked with a grin.

Noelle nodded. "Yeah. I sort of like the sound."

"Mmm. I like the smell. It has that goosy smell to it," the dark woman agreed. "But down’s softer, you know. Won’t poke you," she said matter-of-factly.

"But down doesn’t make that sound," Noelle contradicted. "And I like that sound." Noelle grinned slightly. "Some nights, though, with all these feathers around me, I feel like I’m sleeping with Mother Goose."

Molly laughed loudly and pulled the blond woman close. "I like you, Noelle Potter. I really like you."

The absurdity of a conversation about feathers versus down while they were completely naked lying on the bed made Noelle chuckle. And it eased the tension that had risen.

Then all conversation stopped. Molly ran her hand lightly down Noelle’s side, watching the goosebumps chase each other across her fair skin. She leaned in to place a gentle kiss on Noelle’s collarbone.

Then she rolled to her back, letting the other woman set the pace. Noelle sat up, not uncomfortable with her nakedness because of the darkness of the room. But she was able to see the outline of the bigger body lying across her bed. She traced a single finger down the center of Molly’s chest.

"We’re going to make love," she said, more to herself than her companion.

The dark head nodded. "Yes, we are," she affirmed with a sweet, loving smile.

Noelle’s finger circled a nipple, causing the other woman to close her eyes and clench her hands into fists. Then Noelle leaned in to take the aroused nipple into her mouth, gently flicking it with her tongue then nipping the darker skin around it with her teeth.

Molly longed to bury her hands in Noelle’s hair, but she still had enough good sense left to know that wouldn’t be a wise idea. So she laid still, praying for strength.

Noelle settled herself half on top of Molly, half next to her. One arm was used to brace herself, leaving only one hand to roam and familiarize herself with the body beneath her.

Shyly she situated one of her legs on top of Molly’s, letting her lower leg lie between the longer ones. She brought her body fully against Molly’s, needing to feel skin against skin. With her free hand, she traced Molly’s cheekbone and lips.

"I want to kiss you," she whispered before lowering herself to do just that. This time, she thrust her tongue more boldly between parted lips, her hand kneading Molly’s breast.

Molly groaned, wanting, needing this small woman to fill her body and soul. The feelings, both physical and emotional, swirled all around her like the snow outside the bedroom window. It was a feeling she cherished, one she welcomed.

She took the kiss further, her tongue delving deeply into Noelle’s warm mouth. She raised her hands to cup Noelle’s face, bringing her even closer.

"God, I love to kiss you," she breathed into the mouth above her.

Noelle shifted more onto Molly, a thrill of arousal sailing through her when the long legs opened wider, allowing her smaller body to settle between them.

"Oh," she said when she felt the hot wetness under her thighs. She sucked in a breath and unconsciously ground her hips into Molly’s flesh.

Molly bucked slightly against her. She wrapped strong arms around Noelle, pulling her closer and kissing her heatedly. She felt small hands roaming over her arms and shoulders.

"I want to… feel you," Noelle whispered hesitantly, her hands never stopping their exploration.

Molly opened hot blue eyes and turned them full force onto the woman touching her. Instead of saying a word, she grasped one of Noelle’s hands in hers and slid it between their bodies.

Noelle was held captive by the heat and desire she saw in those eyes. She was unable to tear hers away. But she didn’t want to. She wanted to see everything the woman would allow her. She wanted to see Molly’s soul.

Molly brought their hands to the heat and wetness that spoke of her arousal. She moaned softly as shy fingers brushed her wet folds, wanting so badly to feel them inside of her.

"Noelle, please," she gasped. "I need you inside of me," she whispered.

Noelle searched Molly’s blue eyes, reading the need in them. Fingers fumbled until Molly reached down to help, guiding the fingers where she needed them. Noelle never broke the contact as she slowly slid one finger inside the heat.

"Ohhhh," Molly moaned again as she closed her eyes. Her back arched causing her body to take those fingers in further. "Yesss," she hissed. Then, "Another one."

Noelle slid another finger beside the one already in the other woman’s heat. Then she didn’t move. She was absolutely still above Molly. "Please. I want to see your eyes."

Molly opened desire-filled eyes, catching green and not letting go. She swallowed and bent a knee, allowing Noelle greater access. "Move your fingers," she instructed softly, looking deeply into Noelle’s eyes.

Noelle began to move her fingers, slowly, tentatively. She watched as the blue flame flared brighter and breathing became more ragged. She felt Molly’s hands slide down her back to clasp and gently knead her backside.

Then Noelle broke the eye contact and let her eyes fall to Molly’s broad shoulder. Seeing the fine sheen of sweat there, the need to taste her golden skin was overwhelming, so she leaned in to firmly suck and nip it.

Molly closed her eyes again, reveling in the feelings of the fingers inside of her and the woman above her. Her hips started to move with the fingers, setting a rhythm that was at once gentle and wild. "Oh, God." She moved one of her hands to the back of Noelle’s head to guide lips to lips for a soul-searing kiss. Tongues mimicked the movement in other parts of her body, and it was almost more than she could take.

When Noelle felt the slight tightening around her fingers, she broke the kiss and licked her way down to suck on the skin of the other woman’s neck. "You feel different than me," she whispered. "Why? Is it because you had a baby?" she asked in between sucking and nipping.

"Oh God, Noe," Molly breathed, laughing softly. "Let’s talk about this later, please?" She grasped Noelle’s wrist again, urging the woman to move her fingers faster. "Right now, I’m so close to exploding that it’s making me crazy," she whispered, her back arching.

Noelle moved to the side a bit, leaning on an elbow so she could watch the body beneath her. Molly had thrown an arm above her head, bunching the feather pillow in her fist, her other arm wrapped around Noelle’s shoulders, fingers digging gently into her skin.

"I’m so close, Noe," she whispered raggedly, her eyes closing. "Don’t stop."

"Never," Noelle promised, thrusting her fingers deeper. She watched in amazement and awe as Molly brought her free hand down her body and began to massage her own clit. The woman bent her knee even further, loving the feel of the two of them touching her together. "Yes, Noe. Like tha-OH!" she exclaimed as fingers curled just right inside of her.

"Oh, Noelle," she moaned as she stilled momentarily. Then she shuddered and her body clasped Noelle’s fingers tighter as she came finally, the feelings racing through her entire body. "God, yes… ohhh," she moaned.

Noelle kept up the movement of her fingers until a strong hand gripped her wrist, stilling the movement.

"Please, you’re going to kill me," Molly said shakily. She slowly slid Noelle’s fingers out of her body, gasping when the tips slid out. "OH!"

She opened her eyes to see worried green searching her face.

"Was it… are you…" the blonde began hesitantly.

Molly wrapped long arms around her, crushing her to her in a fierce hug. "You were perfect," she reassured her, kissing her head and rubbing her back softly. "You were absolutely wonderful."

Noelle nodded, tracing a hand idly along Molly’s sweat-soaked belly as the tall woman caught her breath. Then she said, her voice laced with awe, "We did it. We actually did it."

"Only half did it. We’ve only just started," Molly answered wickedly. Though she teased Noelle, her voice was gentle and loving. She didn’t want to frighten the small woman, didn’t want to shatter the special feeling that was in the room with them. Molly wanted to show Noelle how sweet and good making love with another person could be. She wanted her to feel the things she had just felt, over and over again.

She rolled to her side, Noelle settling next to her, their legs intertwined. She leaned in to kiss the small woman, her touch soft and steady.

"Oh, Noelle," she whispered earnestly, looking deeply into big green eyes. "Let me love you. Let me show you. It’s so beautiful and amazing. Please let me show you."

Noelle searched the soul she saw through the blue eyes, and when she found what she was looking for, she nodded slowly, not saying a word.

"Thank you," Molly breathed. Then she slid her hand down Noelle’s hip, kneading the muscle there firmly. Gently she urged the other woman on to her back, leaning up on her forearm to admire the body beneath her.

"It’s not much," Noelle apologized, not looking at the dark woman.

Molly turned the heart-shaped face toward hers. Then she kissed Noelle deeply, yet she was still gentle. She shifted so she could slide a leg over and between the freckled ones next to her.

"I think you’re beautiful, Noelle Potter."

A long finger circled a pink nipple, the dark woman reveling in the small shudder that passed through Noelle. Slowly she bent her head to first lick, then suck the nipple into her mouth. She almost smiled when she felt Noelle arch into her, unconsciously asking for more.

Small hands came up to hold on to broad shoulders, needing a safe harbor in the storm. The feelings the dark woman brought to the surface made her feel unbalanced. Noelle felt like the storm was spinning her out of control. And it frightened her.

"Please… can we… I…" she stammered breathlessly, wild green eyes searching the face above her.

Molly’s eyes snapped to Noelle’s face. The instant she saw the fear there, she gathered the small woman in her arms and rubbed her back rhythmically. "Shhh, Noe. We’ll slow down. It’s okay," she soothed.

Noelle buried her head into the spot where neck met shoulder, holding tight to the other woman. "I… I need… something," she said, her voice barely audible.

"Tell me, love. Tell me what you need."

There was a long pause, then a tiny "You" broke the silence.

That one word, that soft admission brought tears to Molly’s eyes, and her heart ached for Noelle. There was so much that Noelle deserved to know. Molly wanted to ease the battered soul, she wanted to walk with Noelle on that lifetime road that the healing would be. She looked into Noelle’s eyes, unashamed of the tears she knew were in hers.

Tenderly, slowly, Molly kissed the blond woman, her tongue softly touching lips until they opened for her. As she tasted the other woman, Molly traced a light hand down Noelle’s side, stopping to cup a small breast in her big hand. Then she broke the kiss, moving to place tiny kisses all over the fair skin on Noelle’s face.

Molly brushed a thumb over Noelle’s nipple, smiling slightly when she felt it harden, the skin around it flushing a darker pink. She nipped a path down to that nipple, wanting to again taste it, feel it in her mouth.

Noelle had her eyes closed, but when she felt a warm, wet mouth enclose her sensitive skin, she gasped and her eyes flew open. "Molly!" she exclaimed, hands moving restlessly on the bed.

Not stopping this time, Molly just murmured words of praise and encouragement to the small woman as she moved to love the other breast as she’d done the first. She let a hand drift across Noelle’s belly and down the outside of a softly muscled thigh. Then she traced a single finger up the inside of that thigh, dragging her nail gently along soft skin. When she came near to Noelle’s heated center, Molly moved her finger to the other thigh, repeating the process.

"Molly, please," Noelle whimpered.

"Not yet, love," Molly answered, her hands never stopping their caressing. "Soon."

"Oh God," Noelle groaned.

Lightly, so very lightly, Molly slid a long finger up the inside of Noelle’s thigh, all the way to her wetness. Finally she was where Noelle wanted her to be. "God, you’re so wet, so hot," the dark woman murmured, her own body responding to the arousal in the smaller body underneath her.

"Please, Molly…," Noelle pleaded again.

"Look at me," Molly whispered, her fingers still stroking the heated flesh beneath her. "I want you to see it’s me touching you and loving you. I want you to see me."

Noelle brought her green eyes to Molly’s blue ones, her body quivering like a bowstring pulled taut. The waiting was driving her insane.

Then, "Ohhhhh", she moaned as a long finger slid so very slowly inside of her. She closed her eyes, but a gentle word from the woman above her caused her to open them again and focus intently on her face.

Those blue eyes became her world, they were the only thing that mattered to her at that moment.

That and the finger beginning to move inside of her.

"Oh, please," she gasped, her hands reaching to touch Molly.

Molly smiled. "Open further for me, sweetheart," she coaxed, using her knee to nudge Noelle’s legs farther apart. "Good," she whispered. Sensing Noelle’s frustration, she leaned in to suck hard on the nipple closest to her. "Move your hips, Noe. Move with me."

The dark woman exulted when she felt Noelle’s body begin to move. "You feel so good around my finger, baby. So hot and wet. I want you to feel as good as I did," she whispered huskily.

The words, whispered hotly into a small pink ear inflamed Noelle’s senses to an even greater inferno. The tongue that snuck out to lick that ear fanned the flames higher. She was so close to… the peak. "Molly?" she asked, panic in her voice. No matter how many times she touched herself, she had never felt so… much.

Molly smiled again, knowing what was happening to the small body under her. Feeling Noelle’s body tightening around her finger, she began to move just a bit faster. "It’s okay, Noe. Just let it happen, don’t fight it," she whispered. "It’ll feel so good if you let it happen…"

Green eyes stayed focused on the eyes above them even as she moved her body to match the finger moving inside of her. White teeth peeked out as she bit her bottom lip.

The dark head shook. "No, baby. I want to hear you when you come for me. Let me hear you."

Molly shifted just a bit, curling her finger inside of the other woman. "Mmm… come for me, Noelle," she urged. "Let me hear you and see you. Come for me." With those words, Molly used her thumb to put gentle pressure on Noelle’s clit, instinctively knowing that it wouldn’t take much to send the smaller woman over the edge.

The long finger thrust twice more before the tremors started. Noelle gasped, her back arching, her hips thrusting hard into Molly. "Molly!" she panted. "Ohhhh…"

When the small body finally stilled, Molly stopped moving, her finger still inside the wet heat, feeling the quivers that coursed through Noelle’s body. She leaned in to kiss the sweat-covered skin on Noelle’s breast, licking and tasting the saltiness. "You are so sexy," she complimented the other woman.

"Hold me," a small voice asked.

"Yes," Molly agreed. Slowly she removed her finger from the tightness of Noelle’s body. "Sorry," she whispered with a smile when Noelle gasped. Then she gathered the small woman into her arms, positioning herself so she was as close to Noelle as possible.

Noelle held tight to the woman. "I… that was…it… never feels like that, not when I do it. Thank you," she finished softly. "I’ve never felt anything so incredible," she said in a tremulous voice.

The two women stayed in each other’s arms for some time before Noelle spoke. "When can we do it again?" she asked, rolling over to slide her hips between Molly’s long legs.

Molly grinned wickedly, her hands caressing Noelle’s back before moving to cup her backside and pull her closer. "You want to again, huh?"

Noelle nodded, her green eyes sparkling with arousal. "You created a monster, Dr. Frankenbeans," she said sassily.

The two women laughed. Then the only sounds were soft words and low moans.

***** ***** *****

It was still dark when Noelle woke. She kissed the collarbone next to her before slipping out of bed to use the bathroom. She grabbed Molly’s big flannel shirt and put it on before leaving the bedroom. When she came back, the big woman was still sleeping. Noelle looked at the alarm clock on her dresser as she walked silently to the window. It read 3:43 am.

"Oooh, a white out," she said with delight. The snow was so thick and so heavy that she couldn’t even pick out the streetlight anymore. All she saw out her window was white.

Noelle felt, more than heard, Molly come up behind her. Strong arms slipped around her and she was pulled back against a toasty warm body. She snuggled back into the naked body, liking the feeling of safety and warmth.

"Uh, Noe? What is it that we’re looking at? All I see is white," a sleep-husky voice said in her ear.

Noelle chuckled. "It’s a white out."

"What the hell is a white out?" Arms tightened around Noelle’s body.

"Like a black out, but with snow. Usually the roads aren’t even plowed anymore. Everyone just stays inside and waits it out," she explained.

Molly’s big hands drifted down Noelle’s body until they came to rest on her hips. She gently thrust her hips into firm backside in front of her before murmuring "Let’s get back in bed."

The deep, sexy voice fanned the embers inside Noelle. "Mmm, good idea," she agreed.

After the two women were tucked once again amid the feathers, Molly held Noelle until she felt the smaller woman relax in sleep. She kissed Noelle’s forehead. "I love you," she said.

Much later that morning, Noelle was woken up by a minty fresh mouth kissing her lips.

"Morning, sexy," a familiar voice murmured in her ear before kissing her deeply.

Noelle pulled back. "No fair," she mumbled sleepily, not bothering to open her eyes. "You brushed your teeth."

Molly chuckled then yelped as Noelle hauled her onto the bed. Just as she was about to pull Noelle into her arms, a pillow smacked her in the face.

"SHIT!" Noelle hollered as she sat up and frantically looked at the clock. "Shit! It’s almost 8:00! We’re late!" She scrambled out of bed, yelling at Molly as she yanked open her closet door. She was clad only in Molly’s flannel shirt which came mid-thigh on her smaller frame. "Come on, damn it. We’re late. Shit, shit, shit."

When Molly didn’t jump off the bed and run around like a chicken without her head, Noelle turned to glare at the woman lounging on the bed. "Get your ass off that bed NOW," she warned.

"What the hell’s so funny, Cartwright?" she asked as Molly started to laugh.

"You don’t remember the call?" Molly managed to ask.

Green eyes narrowed as hands came to rest on flannel-covered hips. "What call?" she asked suspiciously.

Molly hooted with laughter at the woman standing in front of her. "The call… from… Tony."

"Oh fuck," Noelle said in horror. "Tony called and YOU answered the phone?"

Molly could only nod.

Noelle threw up her hands in exasperation. "What the hell were you thinking, you clown? Now what the fuck do we tell him when he asks? Jesus Christ!"

Molly had stopped laughing, the sight of the agitated woman pacing the floor intriguing and arousing her. "Noe, I already told him that I came over last night to go sledriding and got stuck here. It was the truth, so please don’t worry."

Molly narrowed her eyes briefly, a quick thought rearing its rather ugly head. She’s right. We DO need to be so careful. I hate to think about what’d happen if anyone found out. Her thoughts were interrupted when Noelle laughed.

"Molly Cartwright, I oughta kick your ever-loving ass for scaring me like that!" Noelle took a few running steps and threw herself on the bed, grabbing the woman and starting to tickle her unmercifully.

Caught off-guard like she was, it took Molly a few precious seconds to counter with an attack of her own. Once she got her wits about her, Molly turned the tables on Noelle. She rolled and scooted so that the smaller body was pinned to the bed under her bigger one. She grinned wickedly at the struggling woman.

Try as she might, Noelle was unable to dislodge Molly from on top of her. Finally she stilled. "Okay, Cartwright, get off me now or I’ll be forced to do… to do… well, something," she growled.

A dark brow raised into similar colored hair. "Oh? And you plan on doing what, pipsqueak?"

"Hey! I’m NOT a pipsqueak, damn it. You’re asking for big trouble, Cartwright," she warned again.

"Big words, Potter. And you sound just like a kitten trying to sound like a big cat with that thing you call a growl. Ain’t happening," the dark woman teased. "But let’s face it, you couldn’t get me off you even if I let you," she boasted.

Suddenly Noelle looked toward the window. "Holy shit," she breathed, awe evident in her voice.

Molly turned to look at what Noelle was looking at.

And found herself dumped on the floor with the blond imp leaning over the edge of the bed staring at her, a big grin lighting the heart-shaped face. "Big words, my ass." Noelle shook her head in pity. "You always fall for that gag."

Molly put her hands under her head and just looked at the woman.

"I want to make love with you." The words were simple, yet they came straight from Molly’s heart.

The grin faded from Noelle’s face. "During the day?" she asked, properly scandalized.

Molly laughed. "Eyup. During the day. I want to touch you," her voice dropped to a sexy whisper as she slowly sat up and rested her chin on the bed. "And see you. And hear you." Her nostrils flared. "And smell you." She licked her lips suggestively. "And taste you," she finished, her voice barely audible to the other woman.

"Oh my," Noelle breathed, her green eyes wide. The mere thought of touching, and being touched, by the dark woman in the light of day was wickedly delightful, if a bit scary.

Green eyes continued to watch as the dark woman stood up from the floor and began to slowly unzip her jeans. Just as slowly she pushed them down and stepped gracefully out of them. Molly wore a man’s white v-neck t-shirt, and that was it. When the woman stepped closer to her, Noelle’s attention was caught by glimpses of dark curly hair that peeked out from the bottom of the shirt and dark pink nipples that were evident through the thin material.

She swallowed nervously and licked her suddenly dry lips. Without thinking, Noelle stood up and brought her body close to the bigger one. Not touching anywhere else, she stood on her toes to kiss Molly thoroughly, tongues dancing heatedly with each other.

I… I want to touch her, taste her, Noelle thought, amazed that the fear that was always a constant companion wasn’t present. She just wanted to be with this woman. Noelle looked up into hot blue eyes. "I want you," she whispered.

She reached for the hem of Molly’s white shirt as she broke the kiss. Noelle went down on one knee, placing a delicate kiss on the sensitive skin on the inside of Molly’s left knee. Slowly she dragged her tongue up the strong thigh until she reached the juncture of leg and body.

Noelle pushed the shirt up just enough to allow access to the dark curly hair it hid. She kissed that spot before sliding her tongue up the firm stomach as she continued to push the shirt up.

The entire time the smaller woman was undressing her, Molly was gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, not wanting to disturb the progress.

But the progress was damn near going to kill her. "Noe, honey, I want you right now."

Green eyes sparkled playfully up at her. "What was it that you said to me last night?" she asked innocently, her eyes belying that innocence. "Something about soon but not yet? So… soon, Molly Cartwright, but not yet."

Molly’s only comeback was a deep, long groan.

Noelle was standing now, her hands just under Molly’s breasts. She pushed the shirt up over the full breasts, then she let the shirt go and cupped Molly’s body firmly. Just as she was about to take a nipple into her mouth she stopped.

"Mmm, on the bed, Molly," she instructed softly. "I want to see you lying on my bed. Naked."

The dark woman moved to do as she was directed. She laid on the bed, waiting for Noelle. She watched as the smaller woman stepped to the dresser and turned on the radio attached to the alarm clock.

It’s only 8:13. Thank God. We have all day to do this… if she doesn’t kill me first, the dark woman thought delightedly. But what a way to go.

Noelle tuned the radio to a soft rock, love song-y station and turned the volume up just enough to fill the room with the soft music. She turned to look at Molly and just stared at the smile she saw on the other woman’s face.

She leaned her body against the furniture and crossed her arms. She took in the sight of the nearly naked woman lying on her bed.

"You’re beautiful, you know that?" she finally asked. "And sexy. And amazing. And smart."

"And horny as hell," Molly added after Noelle stopped talking. She held a hand out to Noelle and grinned wickedly. "Come on over here and let me show you."

The blond head shook. "No. I want to show YOU, Molly Cartwright," was the whispered response. "Please let me."

"Okay, honey. Shhhh… come lie with me," Molly replied, sensing the atmosphere in the room taking a different turn.

Noelle shook her head again. "No," she pleaded. "Tell me what to do. Tell me how to make love to you."

At that, hearing the tone of Noelle’s voice and knowing she was somewhere else, Molly stood up and walked to Noelle. She cupped the small face in her hands and leaned over to kiss the pink lips.

"Let me show you," she whispered. Then, taking Noelle’s hands in her own, she stepped back to the bed and sat on the edge. She looked up into the serious green eyes and just nodded, waiting for Noelle.

Noelle looked away but brought her eyes back to Molly when she heard the whispered "Please." She closed her eyes when a hand cupped her cheek and a thumb stroked her lips.

"Noelle, I want to show you. There is so much more to do and feel." Molly waited in silence, giving the other woman time.

"Show me."

Molly smiled gently as she stood up. She cupped Noelle’s face in both hands and kissed her softly. Then she turned them so that the smaller woman was against the bed. Then she knelt in front of the woman.

She urged Noelle to sit on the bed and she separated Noelle’s knees just enough to move between them. She looked into green eyes that spoke volumes, eyes that told of fear and pain… and arousal. Molly took heart at the desire she saw in the green depths. It’ll be okay. I know it will.

Molly reached up her hands to slowly unbutton the flannel shirt Noelle wore. When she would have pushed it off the slim shoulders, though, Noelle stopped her hands.

She shook her head. "Leave it. Please," she asked, her eyes wide and painfully young.

Molly stopped what she was doing. She rested her hands on Noelle’s thighs. "Tell me why, Noe. Tell me why you want to leave it on," she coaxed, her blue eyes soft and deep.

Noelle looked away and shrugged. "I just do, that’s all." Her hands continued holding the shirt.

Molly moved her hands to gently separate the hands from the cloth of the shirt. She began to speak softly. "You’re so very beautiful to me, Noelle Potter. You are perfect. Oh, not in the way most people see perfection," she continued as she slowly traced a finger all over Noelle’s stomach and chest. "Your perfection is deeper than that, deeper than most people bother to look for." Her eyes never left her finger as it moved. She kept up the steady whisper, her tone more than her words calming the younger woman.

Noelle listened to the woman in front of her, her body relaxing by degrees. She unconsciously slid a hand into Molly’s bigger one, her fingers holding tightly.

"Touch me," she said suddenly, her eyes coming around to look hauntedly into sky blue.

"Always," Molly whispered, her free hand moving to rest lightly on Noelle’s thigh. She leaned farther up on her knees to kiss Noelle, her tongue moving boldly into the dark warmth of Noelle’s mouth. Breaking the kiss, she sat on her heels and looked into Noelle’s eyes. "I want to do that to your body. I want to taste you. I want to feel you. I want to kiss you so very intimately."

"Oh," was all Noelle could think to say.

"Will you let me?"

Noelle remained motionless for a long time. Then she nodded. But when the dark woman started once again to take the flannel shirt off, she shook her head.

"Okay, sweetheart, we can leave it," Molly responded. She slid her hands inside the shirt, though, her hands chilly against heated skin.

Noelle gasped at the sensation, shivering slightly. She reached out to put her hands on the broad shoulders, but stopped.

Molly smiled. "You can touch me. I’d like you to." Small hands gripped her shoulders almost painfully, but it was a feeling she readily accepted. As she continued to touch Noelle, Molly whispered to her, saying things she knew would arouse the other woman. She smiled when Noelle laid back at her urging.

Green eyes never left her as she stroked the baby soft skin of inner thighs. Between tiny kisses, Molly spoke to Noelle. "I finally" kiss "get to" kiss "taste your" kiss "freckles" kiss "like I" kiss "always wanted to," she finished, looking up into the face that had become more important to her than all others. The green flames she saw in those eyes fanned her own.

Never breaking eye contact, Molly licked a path of fire up Noelle’s skin until she reached the curly light brown hair. She skipped over that and moved her lips to Noelle’s stomach, nipping and kissing the skin there.

As she caressed the skin under her lips, Molly slid her hands from Noelle’s knees up her thighs. She separated Noelle’s legs further, then she sat back to look at the woman lying on the bed.

"God, I want to taste you," she whispered raggedly. Then finally she did.

Molly leaned in and kissed Noelle as intimately as a woman could be kissed. That first taste of the smaller woman’s arousal almost sent Molly over the edge. To Molly, Noelle tasted more sweet than salty; it was a taste that she knew she’d never grow tired of.

Slowly and lovingly, Molly brought Noelle to the edge, and when she knew the blond woman was ready, she slid a finger inside of the wet heat, moving it gently.

"Oh, Molly…" Noelle whimpered, the feelings sailing through her like a hurricane wind. "I… please… please…"

Molly looked up to find green eyes had closed and the pink blush of arousal had suffused Noelle’s chest, neck, and face. One of Noelle’s legs came up of its own free will, her knee resting on the bed.

Unconsciously needing to touch her, Noelle buried her hands in Molly’s dark hair, pulling her slightly closer. "Uhh…" she moaned

Yes, Molly thought. "That’s it, baby. Let me hear you," she encouraged before returning to the chore of love she willingly performed.

The long finger began to move faster as Molly’s tongue found the tiny bundle of nerves. She licked Noelle with the flat of her tongue, then flicked the small woman’s clit with just the tip. As Noelle got closer, almost to the edge, Molly sucked gently.

"Oh!" Noelle gasped, sliding over the edge. Her body trembled, her fingers digging into Molly’s scalp. "Mmmm… oh, Molly," she breathed, the tremors still racking her body.

Molly didn’t stop the gentle sucking, delighting in the feeling of Noelle’s body gripping her finger convulsively. She stopped, however, as soon as she heard the whispered word.

"Stop. Please," Noelle said softly.

Molly quickly looked up, worry overtaking her for a brief second. But when she saw the sated look, the look of warmth and satisfaction in the green eyes that connected with hers, she grinned.

"Jesus," Noelle said shakily, shocks occasionally rippling through her body.

Molly shook her head, her grin widening. "No. Molly," she corrected wickedly, once again starting to move her finger slowly inside the other woman.

"Wha… ohhh," Noelle sighed, the feeling building inside of her.

"I’m going to make you come again, Noelle Potter," the dark woman whispered sexily, her voice husky with need. "And this time it’s going to be even better."

She leaned in to taste Noelle again. She used her tongue harder and faster this time, determined to completely satisfy this woman she loved. With her free hand, she lifted Noelle’s foot and placed it on the bed, opening the smaller woman to her more fully. Then she danced a finger across the trembling belly to an exposed nipple.

Molly pinched the nipple between her finger and thumb, then rolled it, tugging lightly on it.

Noelle arched into the fingers on her nipple, her hips thrusting in rhythm with Molly’s finger inside of her. In what seemed like seconds, she was again standing at the edge, waiting for Molly to push her over it.

And the tall woman obliged. With delight.

Continued part 14

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