Part 18

Noelle could feel the distinct chill of fear sneak down her spine causing the small hairs on the back of her neck to raise in alarm. "Well sure, Tom. What is it you wanted to talk with me about?" she asked, trying to keep the fear out of her voice.

There was a long pause. Tom just stared at Noelle, and it took every bit of strength inside of her not to bolt. Her gut was telling her to run like hell, but she stood her ground and returned his stare with what she hoped was an open, frank gaze. Don't look too aggressive… don't look too aggressive… she chanted silently, not wanting to do anything to turn the situation ugly. But she was afraid. If ever she wanted Molly to jump to her rescue, it was at that moment. This can't be good.

"Tom?" she prompted again, willing strength into her voice.

"Jilly," Tom answered quietly.

When nothing more was forthcoming, Noelle spoke again. "What about Jilly, Tom? Is something wrong?"

His eyes narrowed and he took a half step closer. "She told me you bullied her into playing. She told you she didn't want to play but you told her she had to," he growled softly, his young voice taking on a menacing edge. "She doesn't want to play…"

Oh shit. This really isn't good. For the first time since meeting Molly and hearing what she had to say about Tom Kline, Noelle finally got a glimpse of the man that the dean insisted on watching so closely. And, for the first time since meeting Tom, she feared him. Oh, Tom. What happened to you? Where'd the boy go that I kn-

"She doesn't want to play," he said louder this time, interrupting Noelle's thoughts.

A very small part of her wanted to defend herself and say that no such thing happened, but the much larger part wanted to keep the young girl as safe from her boyfriend as possible. She listened to the teacher part of her and decided to accept the full brunt of Tom's anger rather than have him turn it toward Jilly.

Going for casual and friendly, Noelle leaned against the locker to her right. She started to cross her arms but thought better of it. Too combative, she thought fleetingly. Instead, she hooked her thumbs into the pockets of her coat.

"Okay," she said softly, nodding her head in understanding. Noelle tried to remember all that she'd ever learned about dealing with volatile students. Get him talking… keep things light and non-aggressive… "You're right. I'm sorry for doing that. I'm sorry if I've cut into the time you two spend together." Jesus, Molly, where are you? "It's just that… I thought she liked to play. And I remember you used to come watch her play, Tom. Why don't you come anymore?" Her voice was soft, genuine caring in her voice.

She watched his hands ball into fists and his posture become even more aggressive.

"That bitch Cartwright told everyone I wasn't allowed. I came to watch Jill tonight, but they told me I couldn't," he snarled.

"Wait, Tom." Noelle straightened up and put a hand up as if to physically stop him. "Ms. Cartwright was only doing what she's supposed to do. It wasn't just against you. She'd have done it if it was anyone. She has done it to others. Please, Tom, it's not just you," Noelle finished. She had spoken quickly, suddenly fearing for Molly. The fear she felt for Molly took precedence over her fear for herself.

"Yeah, well, she'll be sorry… they'll all be sorry," he hissed at her.

Instinctively, Noelle took a step back and let her hands drop to her side, unconsciously preparing to flee if she had to. Warning bells sounded loudly in her head. "What does that mean, Tom? Tell me what you mean," she whispered urgently, seeing the words for what they were…

A warning.

Then the young man's posture changed. His face softened, his fists unclenched, and his eyes were no longer hard. "I… I like you, Ms. P. You've always been… nice to me," he began hesitantly, almost shyly. "I don't want to see you hurt. I… I'm… something's going to happen soon. I have to show them they can't be mean to me anymore."

Noelle saw the boy she remembered from two years ago. She saw the deep hurt and fear in his eyes, heard it in his voice. "Tell me, Tom. Tell me what's going to happen," she encouraged him softly. "Please tell me."

"I… there's goin-" His words were interrupted by one of the outside doors opening. He looked toward the turn in the hall then at her. "Just be careful!" he warned her, then he slunk into the gym and out of sight.

Noelle looked after him, her mouth open in shock. "What the hell?"

So wrapped up was she in what just happened that she never heard Molly until the tall woman was standing right next to her. She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Easy," came the familiar voice.

Noelle looked up at the woman standing next to her and had the sudden urge to just throw herself in the strong arms and never leave from the warmth she knew she'd find there. Knowing that that wasn't possible, Noelle sighed instead.

Blue eyes looked at her quizzically. "You okay?"

Noelle nodded quickly. "Umm… yeah."

"Were you just talking to someone?"

The coach sighed again. She knew, without a doubt, that if she told Molly to whom she was speaking, it would start the mother of all fusses. But she didn't want to keep it from the her, either. "Let's just go, okay?" she asked, suddenly weary. "We'll talk about it at home."

Confusion warred with concern in Molly's head. The concern for Noelle finally won. "Okay," she said softly. "Let's go home." The need she felt to touch the small woman was almost overwhelming. And the best place to do that was at home.

They walked out into the frigid night air together, Molly holding the door for Noelle, letting her pass through ahead of her. Their breath rose in tiny clouds, and the snow under their feet crunched softly. The Rover was parked right in front of the doors, the engine purring loudly. Noelle started laughing when she saw the bike shoved in the back seat.

Molly opened the door for her and waited until she was seated before closing it and climbing in behind the wheel. She glanced over her shoulder then at Noelle, a sheepish grin touching her lips. "Sorry?"

"It's o- Is that a blush?" Noelle asked suddenly. She leaned closer to Molly and grabbed her chin in her hand, turning Molly's face toward her so she could get a better look. "Holy smokes! It is a blush. Molly Cartwright is blushing," she breathed, properly awed.

"Oh, it is not. Now cut it out." Molly put the SUV in gear and pulled out of the parking lot.

Noelle folded her arms and sniffed in self-righteous indignation. "Well, you should be blushing, making me ride your bike like that in this weather. I could've frozen to death, for pete's sake! Why, my hands were so cold when I finally got here, that I could barely feel my fingertips. I think they were frostbitten! Frost-bit-ten!" she said while indignantly pointing at the digits in question." There was some general mumbling, then one last outburst. "Riding a bike, indeed! And just what are you laughing at?" she asked when she heard the laughter coming from the woman next to her.

"You. You're funny," Molly sputtered. "I swear, if you were writing, you'd have just bold-faced me to death. Wow, I l… that was funny." Almost slipped there. I really need to be careful. But damn it, I do love her, and I want to say it to her.

"Nice bike, by the way," Noelle said by way of an answer.

Molly shook her head at the sudden change of subject. She sure can change her tune. Good. It'll keep me on my toes. "Thank you."

"I didn't know you ride," the blond said, curiosity lacing the question.

"Mmhm," was the distracted reply. "I used to do it just about every weekend when I was in Pitt."

"No kidding? That's awesome. But it must've been scary riding in the city with the traffic and stuff."

Molly navigated a turn carefully before answering. "Umm… no."

"It wasn't hard?" Noelle asked, not sure what Molly was trying to say.

"No, I imagine it would have been hard if that's what I was doing. But I mountain bike." At Noelle's look of confusion, Molly tried to clear things up for her. "You know, like in the mountains? Trails, knobby tires, all that?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know that much. Jeez, give me some credit. What I meant was where the heck did you ride? I don't recall there being any mountains in Pitt." Noelle turned a bit in her seat, really interested now in what Molly was saying.

Molly chuckled. "There aren't any mountains in Pitt, at least not mountains in the true sense of the word. I used to ride on a couple trails further this way and down in West Virginia." Molly's deep voice took on a far off note. "Some days I just needed to get away from the noise and people."

Noelle could see her mentally shake herself before finishing.

"But it's been a while since I've ridden."

The blond was thrilled to finally have found something that Molly enjoyed doing, and she wanted to find out more. "I know what you mean about getting away. That's part of the reason why I go out on the water. After a long day at school or doing whatever, I like the solitude." Then Noelle turned a gentle smile to Molly. "But it's much nicer with someone else."

Molly's heart warmed at the words, knowing exactly what the other woman meant. "Well, maybe this spring, we can hit a trail or two around here."

Noelle laughed. "Yeah right. Your bike looks like it cost half a zillion bucks. Mine is an $89 blue light special from Wal-Mart." Noelle looked out the window. "Besides, I'm lucky I can even ride a bike on the road, much less a steep and treacherous mountain trail. Thanks, but no thanks."

"That would be a K-Mart blue light special, and besides, you don't need fancy equipment. You just need a couple gears, good tires, and a helmet, that's all," Molly informed her.

"Mmhm, whatever. I'm still not going." Noelle refolded her arms and pouted out the window. "And even if I did go, I wouldn't wear a helmet."

"Sure you'll go," the tall woman answered reasonably. "It's fun, and I bet you'll like it. And you will wear a helmet," Molly emphasized.

"No. I won't go and I won't wear a helmet," Noelle said belligerently.

"Yes, you will. And what's the big deal about a helmet? You make me wear a life jacket when we go out on the boat. So you'll go and you'll wear a helmet."

"I won't go and you wearing a PFD is completely different than me wearing a helmet."

Molly looked at her askance. "Why is it different?"

Noelle opened her mouth to respond but closed it when she couldn't think of anything. So she shrugged and replied, "It just is, that's all."

Molly laughed incredulously. "It's no different, and you know it. You'll go and you'll wear a helmet."

"Nope. I won't."

"Yes you will."

"Won't!" Noelle yelled playfully.

"Will!" Molly answered, a grin brightening her face.

Noelle turned to look at Molly. "I won't," she whispered.

A determined mask dropped over Molly's face then, and she pulled the Rover to the side of the road under a tree, the naked branches blocking out most of the moonlight. After she had put the vehicle in park, Molly unbuckled her seatbelt and slid closer to Noelle.

"You will," she whispered back, an instant before cupping Noelle's face and claiming her lips with her own. She slid her tongue into Noelle's warm mouth, tasting that special taste that was the woman she loved. When her breathing became slightly ragged with desire and arousal, she pulled back and kissed the end of the pretty nose.

"Wow. What was that for?" Noelle finally asked, sighing deeply.

"Just because I wanted to all night, that's why." Molly reached up a hand to lightly stroke the golden hair, her fingers tangling in the short locks.

Noelle made to move closer to Molly, wanting to snuggle, but was stopped by her seatbelt. "Damned thing," she growled.

Molly laughed and moved back behind the wheel. "Let me take you home so I can touch you."

Noelle's eyes got bigger, more solemn. She swallowed nervously before nodding. "Please," she whispered.

Molly put the SUV in gear and pulled back out into the road. Then she reached a hand out and clasped Noelle's small hand in her bigger one. She squeezed it gently as she drove, her thumb caressing the pulse point in Noelle's wrist. She almost chuckled because the closer they got to her house, the more rapid the pulse became.

Not looking at the small woman next to her, Molly whispered, "It's okay, Noe. We can just snuggle tonight. We don’t have to do any more than that." She paused for a moment and looked at Noelle quickly, gauging her reaction. "I just want to be with you."

Noelle looked at their joined hands, for some reason feeling very protected and loved. Molly's hand covering her own was almost symbolic to her. Just as Molly shielded her hand from the cold, so, too, did the dark woman shield Noelle's heart and soul from pain.

"I want to be with you, too." Shy green eyes turned to peek at Molly. "I want… I want to feel your body with mine. I want to feel… your skin… against mine, Molly. I… I need that."

"Yes," was the warm reply. "I need that. I want that." They had just pulled into the driveway at Molly's house before she continued. She unbuckled her seatbelt again and slid closer to her passenger. "Noelle, I need to feel you like that just as much as you do. I need to have that contact with you, that flesh on flesh contact. But…" she paused and looked out the window. "It's more than that. I… for me, the physical contact is important, but not as important as the emotional. You know?"

Noelle looked into eyes so unguarded, so open to her, that it was almost scary. She didn't know what to say, how to answer. So she went with her gut reaction. "Come inside and lie with me, Molly." Her voice was gentle, soft, and, unknown to her, filled with love. It was her heart speaking to Molly.

The voice that spoke the words brought tears to Molly's eyes at the same time it filled her with such love and comfort. She nodded, got out of the Rover, and walked around to open the door for Noelle.

Silently they walked into the house, quickly divesting themselves of their shoes and coats. Molly looked toward the kitchen.

"Hungry?" she asked.

Noelle shook her head. "Please… I want… just…" She took Molly's hand and led the tall woman into the bedroom, not bothering with the light.

Slowly she turned to Molly, her arms going around her waist. She leaned her forehead against Molly's chest, breathing in the scent of her. But she didn't stay motionless for very long.

Molly' s hands moving sensuously on her back ignited a fire that had been dormant for the past week. Noelle moved her own hands down to cup Molly's cheeks, pulling the taller woman closer to her body. She started a slow, circular movement with her hips against Molly's, the heat in her body building. Blindly she turned her face up to Molly, standing on her toes to reach the other woman's lips with her own.

The instant their lips connected, the fire inside of Noelle erupted into an inferno. She slid her tongue boldly into Molly's warm mouth, tasting the dark woman, taking what she offered.

And Molly offered everything that she had, everything that she was. She wanted to hold nothing back from this small woman, wanted to keep nothing from her. She needed Noelle to feel the same connection she did, needed her to feel the same emotions she did.

And Molly suspected that Noelle did feel those same things but had no words to describe them, no experience to base them on. But she knew that Noelle didn't need words as long as she felt them in her heart and soul.

It was love. And comfort. And compassion. And desire. And friendship.

It was forever.

Noelle pulled back from Molly, breathing deeply. "I want to touch you, Molly. Let me touch you. Please," she whispered, an urgent note in her voice.

Big hands cupped her face and brilliant blue eyes searched hers. Then the dark head nodded and a smile graced the perfect lips.

Small hands slid slowly around to cup full breasts, kneading them and tugging softly on the nipples through the cloth that covered them. Then she bent to take one in her mouth, catching the nipple between her teeth and biting gently.

Molly automatically buried her hands in Noelle's hair, pulling the smaller woman closer to her body. When Noelle froze, Molly looked down and whispered to her, "It's only me, Noe. It's just me…"

Frightened green eyes looked up at her as Noelle straightened. Molly kept her hands in Noelle's hair, wanting her to get past the fear to the closeness of being held like that.

Noelle fought the urge to flee, both emotionally and physically. She wanted to do nothing more than run from the fear. But the look in Molly's eyes kept her where she was, it anchored her to the woman in front of her. The emotions, the feelings she had for Molly, gave her the courage to take the chance again.

The fear was still there, but the other, warmer emotions were slowly pushing it aside.

It was a wonderful feeling.

"Molly… I… it's…" Noelle whispered.

Molly stopped her with a finger to her lips. Then she captured those lips with her own, her hands still buried in the softness of Noelle's hair. She kissed her gently at first, but in an instant it grew into something more intense, sending the desire she constantly felt for Noelle soaring through the clouds.

Noelle finally broke the kiss, drawing in deep breaths of air into her lungs, trying to steady her nerves. She looked up at Molly then took a half step back. She moved her hands to the button of Molly's pants, her fingers fumbling slightly as she undid it and slowly pulled down the zipper.

Almost reverently, Noelle knelt in front of Molly, tugging her pants down to reveal what she searched for. She combed a finger through the dark curls she found, briefly comparing them to her own. "So dark… you're so different from me," she breathed.

Then she looked up at Molly again. "I want to… can I…" she whispered, a light blush washing over her face.

Dark lashes shuttered blue eyes. "Yes," Molly growled, her hands once again finding their way into golden hair.


But instead of continuing, Noelle simply turned her attention back to Molly's body. She pushed Molly's pants down further then gently scraped her fingernails up the naked skin of the strong thighs. Then she used her thumbs to separate the outer folds, her eyes drinking in the sight of the dark pink she saw there.

The smell of Molly's arousal suddenly spurred her into action. She wanted to taste Molly, wanted to imprint her taste and scent in her own mind and in her soul. Noelle leaned forward and gently stroked the woman before her with her tongue, closing her eyes and moaning softly at that first taste.

Molly kept her eyes shut, wanting to savor the moment. But when she felt the first tentative touch of Noelle's tongue on her body, she almost sank to the floor.

She let her head drop back and groaned. "Oh, Noelle… yes, baby…"

Noelle moved her tongue down the full length of Molly' s folds, delighted at the sounds coming from the woman standing in front of her. Venturing further, Noelle spread the folds and slid her tongue inside the warm wetness as far as she could.

"Noe," Molly ground out. "Jesus, you're going to kill me," she whispered. Yet she made no move to stop the woman, enjoying too much the sweet torment that was Noelle's tongue. She tried to move her feet further apart, but was tangled up in her pants.

"The bed," she hissed between clenched teeth, barely holding on to her arousal.

Noelle sat back on her heels, her hands still on Molly's body. She smiled, a tiny wicked little movement, and shook her head. Then she dipped her head again to continue what she was doing.

When her tongue flicked the bundle of nerves at the top of Molly's folds, the bigger body jerked and she heard the gasp, bringing a smile to her face. Again she licked down, then back up the wet skin, savoring the taste that was uniquely Molly. Slowly, ever so slowly, she swirled her tongue around Molly's clit, not touching it, but teasing…

"Harder," Molly instructed, feeling the pressure build… "Oh God, yes…"

Without warning, Noelle slid two fingers inside of Molly, feeling how tight and wet she was. As she teased Molly with her tongue, so did she tease her with her fingers. She began a slow, deep thrusting, keeping time with the licking movement of her tongue.

"Don't stop… please," Molly groaned. "So close…"

And Noelle could feel how close Molly was. She was wetter, and her body tightened even more around the fingers inside of her.

"I'm so… close. Oh, Noe… suck me, baby," the dark woman panted. "Hard…"

And for once, there was no fear. There was only the overwhelming desire to make this woman feel good. There were no memories, no pain, only the need to do this one small thing for Molly.

Noelle gently sucked Molly's clit into her mouth at the exact time she thrust her fingers deeply inside of her body. She moved her fingers faster, harder, and she flicked Molly's clit with the tip of her tongue.

Molly could feel the waves coming, she could feel the pressure building to the point of no return… and she didn't want to return. She wanted Noelle to give that one last push to send her over the edge.

And she got her push when she heard the words "Come for me, Molly" and felt teeth clamp gently on her clit.

"YES!" she moaned loudly, the orgasm speeding through her. "Oh yeah, baby…"

Noelle felt the body begin to pulse around her fingers as she alternately sucked and nipped gently on Molly's clit. She moved her fingers with almost blinding speed, thrusting them in and out… deep… hard…

Then finally the body slowed, Molly panting, her body affected by small spasms.

"I think I need to sit down," she whispered hoarsely.

Noelle grinned up at her and stood up, pulling Molly’s pants up with her. "I think I like…you."

A dark eyebrow raised, and a small smile played at the edge of the lips. At the look, Noelle took a step back and put her hands up as if to ward off an attack. "Now, Molly, don’t look at me like… that."

Molly took a step toward the retreating woman. She grinned wickedly. "Like what?"

"You know." Green eyes went wide with the roller-coaster effect as she continued to back up.

The dark head shook. "No I don’t. Tell me," she responded as she inched ever closer.

To Noelle, Molly looked for all the world like a panther stalking its prey, waiting to pounce. Both women froze at the same time, neither moving, green eyes watching the long, lean body, waiting for that one sign that would alert her to the action.

Then suddenly the thought of a kitten’s butt wiggling as it prepared to pounce popped into her mind, and, no matter what she did, Noelle wasn’t able to shake the picture of Molly’s backside wiggling in exactly the same way. She erupted into a fit of laughter that doubled her over.

Taking her eyes off Molly was her first mistake; answering "You" to Molly’s question of whom she was laughing at was the second.

Noelle squealed in fear and delight when she was swept up in the tidal wave that was Molly Cartwright. Molly grabbed the smaller woman around the waist and catapulted the both of them onto the big bed. She landed squarely on top of the wriggling Noelle, her elbows supporting the weight of her upper body, and her lower body sprawled across Noelle’s.

"Now what are you going to do, Squealie-girl?" she growled playfully in Noelle’s ear, quickly nipping the lobe she found conveniently close to her mouth. "Huh?" she teased, adding a feather soft lick just to feel Noelle shiver.

Noelle tried to squirm away, totally unaware that her actions only served to make Molly's nipples ache. The dark woman groaned, feeling herself get wetter.

"I did not squeal!" Noelle exclaimed indignantly.

"No? Then what did you do, exactly?" Molly asked, her voice dropping to a huskier note.


The dark head shook. "Nuh-uh."

"Yelled?" Noelle asked.

Molly shook her head again. And again she flicked Noelle's ear with her tongue, receiving the desired result, and feeling quite smug about it.

"Gasped in horror?"

The hopeful note in Noelle’s voice made Molly grin. "Nope. Squealed."


Then the room fell silent as blue and green connected at a level that was much deeper than the physical. Unconsciously, Molly started a gentle rocking of her hips against Noelle's. She leaned her head in after a moment and whispered in Noelle's ear, causing the smaller woman to blush and gasp slightly.

"Spread your legs for me, Noe."

Molly picked her head up to watch the blush creep up the smooth neck and across the pretty face. She grinned slowly, a sexy look that made Noelle's breath catch again. "I want to make love with you."

What followed was a litany of loving comments from Molly to Noelle, interspersed with tiny kisses as she undressed the other woman. When she finished doing that, Molly stood up to her full height and slowly began what could only be described as a striptease.

Molly pushed her pants down to the floor and stepped out of them, then she brought a foot up and placed it on the bed between Noelle's legs, running her fingers slowly up her own thigh. She stopped where her underwear began and lifted her hands to the buttons of her shirt, taking her time undoing each one.

She pushed the shirt torturously slowly off her broad shoulders, letting it fall in a soft puddle at her foot. She stood before Noelle clad only in her underwear and bra. She dragged a fingernail lightly up her thigh again, running it around the elastic on the leg of her underwear, slipping her finger under it briefly.

Unconsciously the tip of Noelle's tongue peeked out to wet her suddenly dry lips. "Molly… please," she pleaded desperately as she reached out to the standing woman.

Molly shook her head, her hands still roaming her body. She had intentions of teasing and tormenting Noelle, so she was taking her sweet time. Not taking her eyes from the luminous green ones, she licked her own lips, mimicking Noelle's earlier motion. Yet hers was far sexier; it was meant to arouse, to excite. And it did.

Noelle's nostrils flared and she swallowed with some difficulty. "I… Molly…" but her words died quickly as she watched big hands reaching up to cup full, firm breasts. Molly's thumbs stroked her own nipples, and it made Noelle's mouth go dry.

"You're going to kill me."

The dark head shook. "No I'm not. It'll hurt, maybe, but it won't kill you," she whispered wickedly, her voice like dark silk gliding across already aroused nerve endings.

Noelle wasn't even aware that she vocalized that particular thought, but, for some reason, Molly's answer didn't surprise her. It made her burn hotter and ache deeper for the other woman.

When Molly finally finished undressing, Noelle let out the breath she had been holding since the beginning of the little routine. That last movement, Molly sliding her underwear down past her hips and knees then stepping out of them, her breasts swaying the tiniest bit, was nearly Noelle's undoing.

Molly lay down next to Noelle, then she reached for her, urging the small woman to roll on top of her bigger body. When Noelle did, Molly immediately captured her lips in a deep searing kiss, her tongue mating intimately with Noelle's shyer one. She traced her hands down Noelle's sides, thumbs just brushing the underside of her breasts. She caught the resulting gasp in her mouth.

She began a slow, hypnotic thrusting of her hips against Noelle's, spreading her legs to allow Noelle's to slide between hers. Her big hands drifted down to Noelle's hips to hold them as she thrust slowly against them.

"Uhh," Noelle groaned, her body doing its own thing. Her hips ground against Molly's body, and she blindly searched for, and found, the crease of Molly's neck and shoulder. She nipped and sucked the skin there, her hands supporting her upper body.

Molly drew her hands down Noelle's strong thighs, separating them further so she could better feel Noelle's arousal. The wetness and heat she felt in the cradle of the blonde's body, her own flames were fanned to a fever pitch again.

Automatically, Molly urged the younger woman to straddle her hips. When she did, Molly looked up at a sight that took her breath away. Noelle had her head thrown back, her eyes closed. Her nostrils flared with desire, and her body trembled with anticipation and arousal.

Molly let out a soft sigh, wanting very much to make this woman feel good. She reached up to gently cup Noelle's small breasts, squeezing softly, thumbs brushing over sensitive nipples. When she pinched them lightly, Noelle gasped and her nipples hardened even more.

"Ohhh," she moaned, her hips starting a rhythm of their own against Molly's dark curls.

Molly reached up strong arms, pushing her fingers through the gold locks, inexorably pulling Noelle to her. She wanted desperately to taste Noelle's lips, taste the sweet taste that was Noelle.

Noelle's body lifted slightly when she bent over to kiss the dark woman, the movement causing a wicked grin to touch Molly's lips a second before she kissed Noelle roughly, her tongue sliding boldly into the dark warmth of Noelle's mouth.

As she kissed Noelle thoroughly, she slipped a hand between their bodies, briefly passing over the moisture left on her lower belly by Noelle. As she continued to thrust her tongue deeply into the blonde's mouth, Molly slid a finger into her body, reveling in the tight wetness that enveloped her.

Noelle tore her mouth from Molly's and gasped loudly, her body tightening immediately around the finger inside of her.

"That's it, baby," Molly crooned, her voice a deep, sexy whisper meant to excite and entice. "Move your hips with me," she instructed, her free hand pushing down on Noelle's hip, wanting to be as deeply inside of her as possible. "Let me love you… let me make you feel good…" The husky voice kept up the whispering, feeling Noelle get tighter and tighter.

"Ohhh… I can feel how tight you are, how close, Noe… I love to be inside of you, touching you like this, loving you…"

Molly watched the change move quickly over Noelle's face. The small woman looked very much like she was straining for something, and Molly chuckled low in her throat.

"Molly… please," Noelle breathed raggedly, the movement of her hips becoming more frantic as she reached for the climax. She leaned her hands on broad shoulders, the action freeing her hips so she could move easier.

"Shh," Molly soothed. "Just let it happen… let it happen…" Her voice faded into silence as she watched in rapt amazement as Noelle caught her lip between her teeth, her fingernails digging into the flesh on Molly's shoulders. Oh yeah, babe. Mark me, make me yours.

"I want to use another finger. I want to fill you, Noelle Potter, fill you completely. Spread your legs wider for me," she whispered hotly in the ear that was next to her mouth.

When Noelle complied, she pulled her finger almost all the way out then slowly, gently inserted two fingers. She sucked in a breath at how tight Noelle was. When she was in completely, she paused for a moment, allowing the younger woman time to get used to the feeling.

"Ohhh… so full…" Noelle panted, even as her hips began to move again.

Molly could feel Noelle get wetter, could feel her body tightening just a bit more. She knew the other woman was close to attaining what she was reaching for, knew she was close to exploding. With just a little more coaxing…

"I want you to come for me, Noelle," Molly breathed, her thumb glancing across Noelle’s clit before coming to rest firmly on it. She used her thumb to stroke Noelle, even as she moved in and out of the body steadily. She moved her hips, hearing the change in the other woman’s breathing. "Come for me, baby…"

And with that, the wave washed through Noelle, carrying her farther and farther away until it threatened to drown her in its intensity.

"Ohhhh, God! Molly!"

"That’s it, Noe… come for me, give it to me. Let me hear how good it feels." The dark woman continued to whisper nonsense words in the small pink ear, coaxing a shorter, but more intense second climax out of Noelle before the blonde finally collapsed on top of her.

"Jesus," she gasped after a moment.

Molly chuckled. "Nope, but I bet you think I am right now," she said smugly.

"Bitch," Noelle grumbled, even as she snuggled closer to the warm body next to her. She tucked her head sleepily in the crook of Molly's neck and shoulder, her limbs unconsciously tangling with Molly's longer ones. "Mmm," she hummed softly, her sleepy, contented voice bringing a smile to Molly's lips.

The tall woman tucked an arm around Noelle, pulling her gently closer to her body. She closed her eyes in complete contentment and sighed deeply. Life is so good, so sweet.

Much later, in the quiet, still hours of the early morning, the two women were seated at the island in the kitchen sharing a turkey and Swiss sandwich and some chips.

Noelle took a gulp of the pop in front of her, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "That was good; it hit the spot."

"You want another?" the deep voice asked.

Noelle shook her head. "Nah, but thank you." She stood up and stretched, standing on her tiptoes and reaching her hands high into the air. "Mmm… let's go see what's on TV," she suggested.

Molly chuckled as she deposited the dish and cups in the sink. "What is going to be on at…" she looked at the clock on the microwave… "4:37 in the morning?"

"I dunno. Let's go see. Hey, we could always watch QVC, you know." A mischievous twinkle was deep in the green eyes that regarded Molly solemnly.

"QVC, huh?" Molly growled playfully. "You better hope there's something better on," she threatened as she shoved Noelle into the living room.

The two women sat on the couch in the dark room, the only light coming from the TV. It shed an eery light on the furniture it reached, but neither woman noticed. They were close together under the light quilt, Molly's arm across the back of the couch, her fingers playing idly with the golden strands of Noelle's hair.

After a short time of aimlessly flipping the channels, Molly asked the question Noelle had hoped she had forgotten.

"Who were you talking to after the game, Noe?" Molly asked, not taking her eyes off the screen.

There was a long pause and Molly wasn't certain if Noelle heard her. "Noe?"

The woman beside her sighed. "Tom," she finally ventured, hoping against all hope that Molly wouldn't say or do anything at all.

Noelle sighed again when she felt the big body next to hers go perfectly still. Ah nuts, here it comes, she thought in near hopelessness.

"Who?" Molly questioned, her voice dangerously low.

"Tom Kline. But please let me explain," she said hastily, turning her body more towards Molly. "I… he was just… there. And I couldn't not talk to hi-"

"The hell you couldn't!" Molly exploded, interrupting the hesitant explanation. She got off the couch and began to pace, much like an agitated cat would. "Damn it, Noelle," she hissed. "I told you not to be alone with that guy. He's dangero-"

"Oh he is not! He's just a kid!" Noelle said, her voice raising as she, too, stood up. "Jesus Christ, Molly, he's a-"

"Don't start with that crap, Noelle. He's no more a kid than you or I are. He's a criminal and he's not saf-"

"No. You cut the crap, Molly," Noelle said angrily as she stepped closer to Molly. "He's a kid that needs help. And I will help him."

Molly looked at Noelle, incredulity and anger warring on her face. Then she laughed, a mirthless, humorless sound. "You're kidding, right? You're just pushing my buttons, right?"

Green eyes glared daggers at her. "Do I look like I’m kidding?"

"You must be kidding to really believe that! He’s a criminal. He’s dangerous, and he’d just as soon slit your throat as he would talk to you!" Molly resumed the pacing that had stopped only a moment ago.

"Now you’re being dramatic," Noelle responded. "He’s a boy who slipped through the cracks somehow. And I can pull him back through. I will, damn it."

"Listen to yourself! You’re defending a convicted criminal! He beats other kids up. You can’t be serious. The best thing for a kid like that is to beat his ass and throw him in prison," Molly hissed.

Noelle could not believe what she just heard come out of Molly’s mouth. She turned on her heel and threw herself on the couch, picking up the remote, not sparing another glance toward the ranting woman.

"What do you think you’re doing?" Molly asked in total disbelief. "You can’t just stop a conversation like that!" Can you? What the hell is wrong with her? Why doesn’t she understand?

"I can and I just did," was Noelle’s reply. "I refuse to talk to you when you’re like this," she finished, her tone telling Molly that the blonde was miffed.

"You refu- You have to talk to me!"

"I do not."

"Damn it, Noelle! We’re not finishe-"

Molly was interrupted from further arguing by Noelle’s next words.

"Oh wow! Look! It’s a mini-scooter!" she yelped, her eyes glued to the TV. She turned shining green eyes to Molly. "I want one. Get me one for Christmas?" she asked innocently.

"Get you one for Christmas?" Molly repeated stupidly. "But… I… we’re… oh forget it!" she groused, turning to leave the room. She stopped when a small pillow from the couch hit the wall next to her head. Without turning to Noelle she said, "You are so lucky your aim is bad, pal."

"If I would have wanted to hit you, you big baby, I would have."

Molly could almost hear Noelle sticking her tongue out at her. Knowing that if she turned she’d see Noelle standing there, eyes sparkling wickedly, tiny grin playing at her lips, hands on her hips. She shook her head. How can I stay mad?

Just then a pillow hit her squarely in the back of the head, the force causing her to stumble a step. The minx! Two can certainly play this game, the tall woman thought with wicked glee. She bent to pick up the pillow and turned, fully intending to hurl it back at the other woman.

After firing it back at her, missing Noelle because she ducked, Molly just grinned and turned to leave the room. She was stopped by a sound behind her after only taking two steps.


"What the hell?" she asked, turning back to look at Noelle. The sight that greeted her when she did chased all thought from her head. All except one.

She’s amazing.

Noelle had thrown the quilt over her head, holding her arms out slightly, making ghost noises. Molly just stood watching her until Noelle slowly lifted the blanket up, her face peeking out from amid the folds. Green eyes were wide and clear, the sparkle there coming from deep within the small woman.

"Don’t be a-scared," she whispered conspiratorially. "It’s just me."

Molly found herself enchanted yet again by the woman in front of her, and she felt herself falling in love with her all over again, so completely and deeply. She loved her, loved Noelle with all of her, every nook and cranny and fiber and part and piece and bit. Loved her enough to want to spend a lifetime with her. Molly wanted forever with Noelle Potter. Forever and a day. And another six hours. And then a bus ride on the eternity route.

Molly adored Noelle, And I have all intentions of spending the rest of my life showing her just how much. The intensity of the emotions made Molly’s throat clog and her heart swell joyously.

Noelle became concerned when the only response she got from the tall woman was staring. But she noted that it was a good kind of stare, the kind of stare that a baby animal would get rather than the stare a dragon or two-headed man would get. Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? I hope so. I really hope so here.

Keeping the quilt over her head, Noelle wrapped it around her shoulders. But then she opened her arms in invitation. "Kiss me?"

Molly gave her a small, sweet, loving smile. Then she stepped into the circle of Noelle’s arms and wrapped her own around the smaller body.


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