DISCLAIMER: This is just your most basic PWP. There isn’t one tiny bit of plot, so if that’s what you’re looking for, please don’t bother here. There’s no Xena/Gab look-alikes, so I don’t need to disclaim that. But I will disclaim the sex. There is lots of it. I mean a whole lot of sex between women. Three women, to be exact. So if that’s not your bag, please go shopping somewhere else.

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By Zoe

It's noisy in the bar, smoke filling the air. We sit at a small table in a dark corner, watching the women, deciding on the one. We're two redheads, you and I, one of us natural, the other suicide. Our coloring is similar, similar enough to make people, men and women alike, look twice at us when we're together. And we turned heads tonight when we walked into the bar earlier. Now we searched for the woman who was right for us.

I run my fingers through my short hair, making it stick up even more, as my eyes stalk through the crowd on the dance floor. I am prowling the room with my eyes, and I know you're doing the same. We'll find her, of that I'm certain. And when we see her, we'll both know, without a doubt, that she's the one.

I feel you shift next to me and my eyes track to you, taking in the sight of you. You look amazing tonight. Your hair is loose, flowing around your shoulders like a curtain of fire, and your green eyes are dark and intense as you, too, search to find the one that measures up. You're wearing a white man's dress shirt, and I can clearly see the outline of your nipples through the material. Your jeans are tight-fitting and the shirt is tucked into them. Knowing that you're wearing no underwear makes me ache to touch you.


Without trying, you've portrayed well the "butch". Probably because it's who you are.

My thoughts naturally turn to my clothing now. I smile when I think how femme I must look to all the big leather dykes. I'm wearing a dress. But it's not the type of dress you would normally see here. It's not leather, it's not short, it's not denim, it's not tight. It's none of those things.

I am wearing a green and white gingham dress that hugs my body and flows loose around my legs. The skirt of it is long, the collar white lace. On my feet I have white leather dress sandals. And, finally, to complete the picture, I have on a white knit cardigan.

The picture of innocence.

If only they knew…

Then suddenly I spot her. She's leaning against the wall, arms folded, watching the crowd. I can't tell the color of her eyes, but her hair is a honey brown, and it’s long. We both agreed that we'd not approach a blond. And she's not femme. We both knew, without having to discuss it, that there will be no other "girl" with us.

She's big, bigger than either of us, but she’s still lean… more like a lion than a bear. And her presence is commanding, yet oddly laid back. She’s wearing faded blue jeans and a dark blue long-sleeved t-shirt. The look is completed with men's brown sued hiking boots. While she's not perfect physically, she is definitely good-looking. It’s almost overwhelming. If I were alone, I might very well have been afraid.

But you're with me, and I feel you next to me, with me… inside of me.

I turn to you and grin, cocking an eyebrow. Then I go back to looking at her. I haven't said a word to you because I know she's perfect so you'll see her very soon.

And you just did.

I can tell you did because you unconsciously move closer to me, your thigh brushing mine. Your body stiffens slightly; I can feel the attitude coming on.

I lay my hand on your thigh, rubbing my hand in a firm, soothing movement. Feeling wicked, I let my hand move slowly closer to your heat. I look at you out of the corner of my eye and I see you smile slightly.

I turn fully to you, a question in my eyes. When I get the almost imperceptible nod, I drain the rest of my drink and stand, making the short walk to her.

I stand next to her, not too close, but close enough for her to know I'm there because of her. I make contact with you across the dance floor, seeing the look of part annoyance, part arousal, all you.

"You need something?" she asks suddenly. I smile when I hear her voice because it fits her. It's husky, soft, and it makes me think of long, slow, hot sex.

Turning the femme charm on high, I take a half-step closer to her, turning my body to face hers.

I look up into eyes that are so dark as to appear black. Eyes that promised things, eyes that threatened things.

"You," I whisper. I reach up to touch her face, but the look in her eyes stops me. I smile gently and lower my eyes, biting my lip nervously.

Then I draw in a deep breath and gather my courage. Looking once again at her, "Will you dance with me?" I whisper.

Not answering, she simply takes my hand and leads me on to the dance floor. Toni Braxton was crooning in the background, and I felt her hands settle on my hips. I bring my hands up and clasp them behind her neck, my fingers playing with the fine hairs I feel there.

She pulls my body closer to hers, grinding her pelvis into mine. She's moving her hips in tiny circles, and it's driving me wild. I close my eyes and lean closer to her, my hands moving to bury in her silky hair.

At her next words, my eyes snap open and stare into her dark ones.

"I know a wicked devil lies just beneath the surface," she whispers in my ear. "The innocent act doesn't fool me. And I'm going to fuck that devil tonight."

I gasp, the words pushing the right buttons.

I stand on tiptoe to whisper back to her. "If you're lucky."

As we move together, I feel your eyes on us. I know that it must be killing you to see us dancing like this, making love on the dance floor.

And I also know you're incredibly aroused right now. I can feel it from where I am.

We continue to dance, moving slowly and closely even when the music changes. And then you're there, behind me, close to me, touching me. You block out the rest of the crowd, the rest of the dance floor. It’s only the three of us now.

I feel your hands settle on top of hers on my hips, and I sense the struggle for domination. Feeling your pelvis move slow and hard against my ass, feeling her pelvis move slow and hard against my heat… I want to go now.

I know, without even having to look, that the two of you are dueling with your eyes. Finally, but not soon enough for me, a compromise is settled on. Your hands clasp with hers and resettle on my hips, neither one of you on top, neither below.

I feel your nipples through our clothes as you brush against my back, pushing me closer to her. Then I feel her nipples…

I leave the dance floor, anxious to get out from under public scrutiny. I know you'll both follow, and it's not long before we're driving home, she not far behind in her vehicle.

As soon as the three of us get into the house you push me against the wall and kiss me hard, your tongue thrusting deeply into my mouth, stealing my breath.

She's behind you, her hands on your hips, her mouth on your neck sucking hard enough that you know it'll leave a mark.

The thought of her touching you like that makes me angry and I step around you to push her away. "She's mine," I hiss. "No one touches her but me."

Her dark eyebrow raises in challenge, not really believing the little femme would actually stake a claim.

"If you need to touch, you touch me," I tell her, my voice low and angry.

"Oh?" she asks, an instant before she puts her hands on my waist and pushes me against the wall. "I can't touch her, but I can touch you." I know she's laying down the foundation for the night.

"Not unless I say you can touch her."

"But I can touch you any way, any time I want." She's stating the obvious so I nod.

Then her mouth is on mine, her kiss hard and demanding. I feel her hips moving against me again, thrusting into me… fucking me.

"Ohh," I moan when her mouth leaves mine to move to my neck. She sucks and nips, her teeth biting into my skin.

I open my eyes and see you, see the arousal smoldering just below the surface and I hold a hand out to you, my other in her hair. The look of pure animal hunger in your eyes shocks me. To know that you're that aroused…

I feel myself getting wetter. I want to be naked with you, both of you, right now.

But you both want to play.

Your hands snake around her waist to cup her full breasts, your body pressed against her back. I see your tongue licking her neck, tasting her skin. I feel your hips moving in rhythm with hers… fucking her.

"Oh God," I whisper. Then I push you both away and walk into the bedroom.

I direct you both to sit on the bed, side by side, deciding I can play, too.

I turn my back to you both and bend over to unbuckle my sandals, purposefully not crouching like I normally would. When they're unfastened, I straighten and step out of them, my back still turned to you. Then I begin to slowly pull the skirt of the dress up, pulling it over my head and letting it fall to the ground.

I turn around, clad now only in a pure white half -slip and bra. Both are lacy scraps of material, and I know it looks good against my tanned skin.

I smile then shimmy out of the slip, my white lace bikini underwear matching my bra.

I slowly slide the straps of my bra down, pulling it with me. My breasts spill free and I can see you both color with arousal.

I look you both in the eye in turns and then lick my lips seductively as I take the bra off. The only thing left now is my underwear.

So I turn my back to you both again and slide my hands into the waist of my underwear, pushing slowly… slowly… until I can step out of them.

Then I'm kneeling in front of her, looking at you. I tug her shirt out of her waistband and pull it off of her. Still looking at you, I put my hands on her breasts, my palms feeling her nipples sharp against my skin.

I watch as you lean over, your mouth taking mine in a slow, hot, deep kiss. And I feel her hands on my naked skin, touching me.

When I'm finished undressing her I move to stand in front of you. I pull you to your feet and lick your lips as I unbutton your shirt. I make short work of your clothing, and soon we're naked.

You look at me, silently asking a question. I nod and turn to her, my hands all over her.

You know how aroused I am right now, how impatient, so you stop playing and get serious.

You walk to the closet, and I watch you, loving the look of your ass, your body in the darkness. The only light comes from a streetlight outside, but it's enough. And it lends the right atmosphere to the room.

I feel her standing behind me, so I step back into her, her curls tickling my ass. I reach a hand up to cup her head, pulling her mouth to my neck. She slides a leg between mine, and I rub my ass against her, feeling the velvet-covered hardness of her leg. Her hands slide up my stomach and cup my breast, kneading them firmly as she sucks and nips my shoulder.

When you return to us carrying our bag, I feel the heat between my legs grow. You put the bag on the dresser and pull out the bigger toy and a spare harness. You step to us and gently push me aside. As you're going to kneel to help her put it on, I grab it from your hand.

"I'll do it," I growl. I can tell you're about to argue with me, but I stop you with three words.

"Get the other."

Immediately you know what I'm telling you, and your nostrils flare with desire.

When you move to do as I bid, I sink to my knees in front of her. I let my eyes travel up her body until I connect with hers. She's grinning wickedly, her eyes half-lidded with arousal.

She wants to fuck me.

And I want her to.

Before buckling the harness on her, I slide a finger through her folds, her wetness fueling my own. I don't enter her, but I get my finger wet. I keep the eye contact with her as I slowly slide my finger into my mouth and taste her.

I suck her off me then put the harness and dildo on her. Without touching her further I stand up.

"Go lie on the bed," I tell her softly. When she does what I asked, I move to straddle her, turning once to see you standing there, harness and dildo on, arms crossed, eyebrow raised. I beckon you with one finger and you come to kneel next to me.

"Kiss me," I tell you. My hands move to your breasts, playing with your nipples, tugging on them as my tongue strokes yours deeply.

When I break the kiss I ask you to get the clamps. I play with my own breasts as I wait, my eyes holding her dark ones. I'm still straddling her, but I'm not touching her.

You kneel next to me again and hand me the chain. It's a pearl one, and I hand one end to her, and give the other end back to you.

"Put them on me," I command you both. I close my eyes as two sets of hands touch my body. I gasp when I feel the tiny clamps bite deeply into my nipples.

"Oh yeah…" I moan. Then I tug on the chain, the pleasure-pain almost sending me over the edge.

"Oh God, I need you inside of me."

"Spread yourself for me," I hear her command in her come-fuck-me voice. I'm unable to do anything except what she bids me.

I reach down and coat my fingers with my own juices, getting fingers on both hands wet. Then I slide them into both of your mouths, feeling two mouths sucking, two tongues swirling around my fingers.

Then I take my fingers out of your mouths and reach again to my wetness. This time I spread my folds for her, and she strokes her fingers through the wetness. Quickly she gets the dildo lubricated and then she looks into my eyes.

"Lower yourself on to me now." Her eyes leave mine to watch my body take the big dildo inside. When the head is just inside, her hands move to my hips to steady me. "Oooh, baby, you take it so easy… it looks so hot, so fucking sexy going inside of you."

Then her hands are separating my curls so she can see clearly my body taking her dick. My movement down is pushing her end further into her and her eyes narrow.

Suddenly her hands are on my hips pulling me down onto her.

"Ohhh, baby," she groans. I start to move slowly up and down on the dildo. I pull almost all the way off before plunging back down, riding her piece hard and slow.

After only a few moments of this, I look at you, and you move to kiss me, your tongue mimicking the dick inside of me. Then you move into place behind me.

I lean over to kiss her, offering to you what I know you want… my ass.

My tongue slides into her mouth, then I coax hers into mine so I can suck on it. I'm still riding her piece, my movements not so big now because of my position.

I close my eyes and hiss when I feel the cold wetness of the lube dribbling down the crack of my ass. With your thumb, you spread it around, pressing against my hole but not penetrating me. Not yet.

I lean my forehead against her shoulder, my breasts brushing hers, her nipples causing the chain to swing and pull on the clamps. The pleasure borders on torture… but it feels so good.

Your hands are on my ass cheeks now, separating me, and I know you're taking a second to enjoy the view. Her big dick is deeply inside of me and I know you can see it.

When I feel the head of your dildo rest against my hole, I stop moving. Her hands cup my face and pull it to her. She kisses me, her tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth slowly, deeply.

I feel you start to push into me and I relax, my forehead resting on her shoulder again. Her hands are roaming over my back, her nails dragging gently across my skin.

I arch my back to further open myself for you and I feel the head penetrate me. I moan low and long, a sound I know will push you closer to the edge.

I look over my shoulder just in time to see you throw your head back as you penetrate me fully now. I see the muscle in your jaw working the instant before all thoughts are pushed out of my mind.

You start to move inside of me, long, slow, deep thrusts. You’re being gentle even though I know you want to fuck me hard and fast.

Then she begins to thrust up in to me. The two of you inside of me, filling me, taking me, is almost more than I can stand. I’m so close now, so close to exploding.

The two of you fuck me and it feels so good. I feel your hands on my hips, holding me as you pump slowly into me.

She can tell from my breathing that I’m getting closer and she moves her hands to tug on the clamps attached to my nipples. Again I moan. I bite her shoulder none too gently and she pushes deeper into me.

I pick my head up and look into her eyes.

"Fuck me," I whisper raggedly. "Now."

She grins wickedly then places her hands on top of yours. I feel your hands lace again, this time without any struggle for domination. You’re both dominating me.

And I want that.

Both your fingers are digging into my skin, holding tightly, as she plunges her dildo into me. Faster she thrusts while you keep up the slow and steady movement in my ass.

"Ohhhh, God," I grind out. "I need to come," I beg.

Someone, I don’t know who, moves a hand around my hip to my clit. A finger touches me and I jump, the feelings racing through me at the speed of light.

The finger starts to flick my clit, gently at first, but soon harder and faster.

"Uh," I pant. "I’m going to come. I’m going to come," I chant, the feelings threatening to wash me away.

I can feel the tremors start. It’s deep, deeper than any I’ve felt before. And I know I’m going to explode.

"Oh fuck," I grunt. "Oh yeah… keep going… fuck… fuck…"

Then I stop for a split second before exploding into a thousand pieces as she slams into me and you thrust deeply and slowly.

"OHHHH! Oh God, YES!"

The orgasm is long and intense. I don’t think it’ll ever stop. But it does. Eventually my body slows, as do yours and hers. Both dicks are inside of me still, and I feel my body pulsating around them.

"Oh God," I gasp, sucking in big gulps of air. "Sweet Jesus…"

"I’m going to pull out now, baby," I hear you whisper. I relax more knowing it will go easier if I do.

When you’re out, I slide off and to the side of her, gasping when the head of the dildo comes free.

I lie there with my eyes closed, but I hear you both quickly divest yourselves of the toys. Then she wraps her arms around me and pulls me close.

I smile when I feel you settle against my back, your leg thrown over mine and hers. You kiss my shoulder blade as she kisses me deeply, her tongue in my mouth. We lie together, the three of us, hands caressing me, touching me, soothing me.

Arousing me.

I chuckle wickedly as I pick my head up.

"Who’s next?"

I roll toward you, my back to her. I dismiss her as easily as one dismisses an annoying child. I thrust my fingers into your hair and kiss you angrily, my tongue sliding boldly into your mouth. I want you again. And you know it.

You move to touch me, but I grab your hands and hold them above your head. We've done this before, but this time I don't lace my fingers with yours.

I break the kiss when I feel a hand lightly stroking my ass. I look over my shoulder at her.

"Don't touch me," I snarl at her.

She smiles defiantly. "I seem to recall you saying I can touch you," she says as she slides a finger down the cleft of my ass, separating me slightly. I can't help it; I shiver at her touch. "Any time, any way. And I want to touch you right now," she demands in a dangerously soft voice.

Deciding that ignoring her is the best route, I turn back to you and begin to fuck your mouth with my tongue. Still holding your hands on the pillow above your head, I move my leg between yours. I can feel how hot you are.

I pull back and look into your dark blue eyes. "Don't move your hands," I hiss. I shift so both of your wrists are clasped in my right hand, my left free to roam. I trail a finger down your chest… between your breasts… then I drag a nail slightly under one of them until I get to your nipple.

I pinch it firmly between my fingers.

You gasp and your eyes slowly shut as the gasp turns to a moan. Your hips buck against my leg and I grin.

Then hands are on my back again, this time light as a feather. "Mmm," I hum when I feel a tongue tracing wet patterns on my skin.

"Bite me," you groan, bringing my attention back to you.

I'm torn between wanting to touch you and wanting her to touch me.

"Stay still," I command you as I get up from the bed.

I step to the bag on the dresser and pull out a long, white, silk scarf. I look into the mirror just in time to see her move closer to you, her hands on your breasts.

Just as I'm about to snap at her to stop touching you, her eyes connect with mine. She grins in defiance again and slowly leans down to circle your nipple with her tongue.

Your hands are still above your head, but now they clench the pillow as your back arches into her mouth. I know the exact moment she uses her teeth because you gasp loudly and your eyes fly open.

I turn back to the bed and stand at the side… watching.

I feel my body get hotter, wetter, and I want you. I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me again.

I have the scarf in my hands, and I kneel on the bed on the other side of you. I reach over to run my fingers through her hair. Suddenly I grab it, forcing her to look at me.

"I told you not to touch her," I say angrily.

She chuckles wickedly. "But it makes you hot."

Her observation makes me angrier, but the anger dissolves a bit when she reaches a hand between my legs and strokes my wet folds. My eyes sink shut of their own free will and I move with her fingers.

She goes back to teasing your nipples while she continues to stroke me.

Roughly I push her away. "Don't touch her."

In an instant she's in my face.

"The little girl wants to play rough?" she growls. "How’s this for rough?" she asks as she grabs your shoulders and forces you onto your back, turning the roughness to the one place, the one person she knows will make me crazy.

I move next to her, and the desire washes through me when I see you lying there.

She has the scarf in her hands now and she reaches to bind you to the bed frame.

I curl my lip at her. "Don't even think about it." I take the scarf from her and before long I have you secured to the bed. In an instant, I need to see you like this, take you like this.

You struggle briefly against the binding, but soon stop. Your arms are stretched out straight, and you’re lying in the middle of the bed, your feet touching the footboard. You moan low in your throat, and I feel myself getting wetter.

She grins smugly at me, brown eyes dancing with humor… and dominance.

"Bitch," I hiss.

She laughs softly, then turns toward you, her eyes still on me. "You're going to call me far worse before this night is over."

Then she grabs your hair with one hand and yanks your face to hers. She kisses you fiercely, her tongue forcing its way into your mouth. I watch as your hands move to bury in her hair, but they’re stopped by the scarf. The two of you once again fight for dominance.

She wins this round. But I know it's because you let her.

Releasing you, she pulls me roughly off the bed. Then she bends me over the side of it, my face very close to yours. I can clearly see the desire in your eyes, read it on your face.

I feel her hands on my hips, her body pushing rhythmically against my ass. One hand moves to firmly rub my back while the other massages my hip.

Then she's moving to the side of me. She wraps an arm around my waist, and raises a hand.

"Don't do it," I snarl at her, helpless to stop her because, deep inside, I want her to do it.

Then you shift slightly, enough to be able to kiss me. "Shut the fuck up. You know you want it," you hiss in my ear an instant before you take my mouth in a savage kiss. It's a kiss meant to hurt; it's meant to arouse.

And it does. My hands slide into your hair, pulling you closer to my mouth because it’s the only way I know to shut you up.

"Uhn," I grunt when her hand connects sharply with my ass. As she continues to strike me, I know you're getting wetter. I can tell by the way you're moving that you're aroused… hot… wet…

And so am I.

After only a few more slaps, she's directly behind me again. Her brown eyes look at you as she grins ferally.

"I'm going to fuck your girlfriend now," she states to both of us.

Without warning, she thrusts two fingers inside of me, her other hand still holding me by the waist . She's pumping her fingers inside hard and fast, fucking me like I want it.

You start to struggle against the silk, but it’s to no avail. She leans over to sink her teeth into my shoulder.

"Uh… uh… uh," I pant with her thrusts. I’m moving my ass against her. Then I look back at her. "Don’t fuck my ass," I beg her, my voice nothing more than a whimper. It’s only a token plea because I’m waiting for her to do it. "Please…"

You’re still moving against the scarf, but it’s a different movement now. It’s one of desire… arousal… "You want her to and you know it," you tell me roughly. Then you look up at her. "Do it."

Abruptly she pulls her fingers from inside of me. "Get up on the bed. On top of her," she instructs me.

I do as she tells me, kneeling over you on my elbows and knees. I’m just about to kiss you when her voice stops me.

"No. Turn around so she can see me taking you in the ass," she says in that low voice. She helps me position myself so that your face is between my legs and mine is just above your wetness.

"That's much better." Then she kneels behind me.

"Oh God," I moan. I am able to feel both of your bodies, and I know how wet both of you are. My fingers curl into fists with the desire to touch you both.

I look over my shoulder and she looks into my eyes. "Now feel me do what you want so badly."

She slides her fingers again into wet folds to get them lubricated. She strokes me deeply, her movements re-igniting the fire inside of me.

And the one inside of you.

The she pulls her fingers out again, spreads my cheeks with her other hand, and slides her finger all the way into my ass.

"Ohhhh," you and I both moan.

She holds still for a moment before starting to pump her finger into me. With her other hand, she rakes her nails down my back and I arch into her.

Your mouth is close to my heat and I feel your breath on me. I spread my legs further, then use my own hand to separate my folds for you.

My hips buck against her hands and I close my eyes. I suck in a breath when I feel you insert just the tip of your tongue in my body. I spread my legs further to give you better access.

I feel her stroking my ass as she drives her finger inside of me again and again.

Then my eyes close when you thrust your tongue into my body as far as it will go. "Yessss…"

Your tongue is thrusting in time with her finger. I know you’re watching as she leans over to lick the sweat off my back. She alternates the rhythm of her pumping. Now so slowly… now faster and harder.

I hear you grunting, the sound arousing me further. Then I feel your mouth on my inner thigh, sucking and nipping the skin hard.

But you're not focused. Your attention is on… other things… and you're just teasing me now.

I growl in frustration when you stop completely. Your forehead is on my thigh and you’re still, not moving. Your breathing is ragged and you're moaning with need. I know your eyes are on what she’s doing above you, what she’s doing to me, to my body.

"I need… I need to come," I pant.

I hear her laughing behind me and it's a sound of triumph. Then she pushes my body down closer to your mouth.

"Taste her," she tells you, and you readily comply. Your tongue lazily traces my wet folds, tasting what she's done to me.

"You taste so good," you whisper to me. The only reply I can give is my hand spreading my folds further for your tongue.

"Oh yeah, let me lick you…" you coax me.

"Uhn," I grunt, my hips moving slightly against her finger and your tongue.

I feel you taste my juices, the saltiness staying on your tongue, in your mouth like it has so many times before. I put a finger on either side of my clit, pulling the hood back slightly.

Then you flick my clit with the tip of your tongue and I gasp loudly. "God, yes!"

You use your tongue on my clit, first licking it firmly then teasing it with just the tip. You know I’m close when my teeth take hold of your thigh and don't let go. It's going to leave a bruise, but I'm past the point of caring.

I feel my body starting to quiver. I’m getting ready to come… I’m so close.

You know what I want now, and as she fucks my ass, you suck my clit firmly into your mouth and put direct pressure on it with your tongue.

"Ohhh fuck!" I explode, my hips thrusting wildly against her finger. She holds me still so she can keep fucking me. And you don't stop licking me.

Quickly, before my body has time to stop, she pulls her finger out of my ass and switches hands, sliding two fingers into my heat. She's fucking me hard and fast now, and you’re licking me with the flat of your tongue.

It's not long before I come again, crying out my pleasure. I know it's music to your ears. And fuel to the flame in your body.

And in mine.

Finally she stops and abruptly pulls her fingers out. I look back just in time to see her sucking my juices off her fingers. The sound she makes as she sucks and licks her own fingers makes me out of control.

"Take this fucking thing off," I hear you demand, yanking your arms against the scarf. "Now, damn it."

She chuckles then moves to forcefully pull me up and kiss me. I sense you watching the two of us, watching our tongues dancing… fucking… I can taste me on her tongue.


We both turn to look at you, matching grins on our faces. I rest my elbows on her shoulders and bury my hands in her hair, directing her mouth to my nipple. I’m still looking at you, still grinning at you.

Then my eyes drift down to her mouth. I watch as she snakes her tongue out and circles my nipple, not actually touching it. My head slowly drops back, a long moan slipping out of my throat. I take my bottom lip between my teeth and pull her closer to my breast.

"Take it," you instruct her, and I open my eyes to watch as she sucks my nipple into her mouth. It's not a gentle sucking; it's hard, it's rough, it's meant to excite.

And it does. It excites me.

Then she takes my nipple between her teeth and tugs hard, making me gasp in pain. And I hear you laugh.

"You bitch," I say again to neither of you in particular. Or maybe I say it to both of you.

She looks at me, and I can see the anger in her eyes. She doesn't like being called a bitch again.

"Do not call me that again," she warns in a soft voice. The tone of her voice makes me hang between fear and complete arousal.

"Bitch," I taunt softly.

Then suddenly she's all motion. She's off the bed in an instant, pulling you with her, positioning you so your feet and lower legs hang over the side of the bed. Your arms are still tied to the bed, but now they’re off to the side.

Then she pulls me off the bed to stand next to her, looking at me with dark desire in her eyes.

She searches for something, and instinctively I know what it is.

She picks up the harness and dildo off the floor and takes them into the bathroom. While she’s taking care of it, I move to stand between your legs.

I stroke the skin on your thigh and hip gently as I watch your face.. In a hypnotic voice, I talk to you, my eyes never wavering from your face.

"She’s going to fuck me… give it to me deep and hard. You're going to watch her take me so deeply and so hard that it'll stay with you for days." I know how the fly must feel waiting for the spider to devour it. "And I’m going to take you again."

I see her come back into the room out of the corner of my eye. She’s carrying the harness and toy and she stops beside me.

She just raises an eyebrow and holds the gear out. Then she folds her arms, the motion lifting her breasts. I ache to take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it. But I kneel at her feet and strap it on her.

She puts a hand on the back of my head and guides my mouth to the piece. I know it’s turning you on, so obediently I open my mouth and take it in as far as I can, my eyes never leaving your face. She pulls it out and leaves just the head on my bottom lip. My tongue circles the head, then I close my mouth around it and she pushes it into my mouth.

Unconsciously you spread your legs more and it's then that she moves. Before I can react, she yanks your legs further apart and stands between them.

She reaches a hand out to me, and I take it, standing up and next to her. She steps aside and positions me between your legs. "I want you to fuck your girlfriend while I fuck you," she tells me, her words both angering and exciting me.

"Once was enough. Don't do it again," I grind out.

She bends me over you, physically placing my hands on your thighs. Then she strokes my ass. "You want me to fuck her again, don't you?" she asks you.

You look directly into my eyes.

And nod. "Fuck her," you tell her.

I feel her reach between my legs, but I can’t see her hand because it’s out of my view.

I throw my head back and arch my back when she thrusts two fingers deeply inside of me.

"Oh fuck," she says softly, her eyes boring into yours. "You should feel how wet she is, how easily my fingers slide into her. Mmm… tell her how good it feels," she whispers as she leans over my back and traces my ear with her tongue.

I can feel her arm pumping and I close my eyes as I concentrate on her fingers stroking me, thrusting into me, fucking me.

"No way. Keep your eyes open and look at her so she can see the lust when I do you," she taunts me. I know she’s just getting even with me for calling her a bitch, but the knowledge doesn’t make me any less hot.

I risk a glance at you, and the pleasure I see written all over your face makes me writhe in agony.

Or is it a desire so deep, so all-consuming that it’s painful?

"What do you need, little girl?" she asks, her fingers still inside of me.

"Nothing," I hiss.

"Oh?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "Maybe you need to watch me suck your pleasure off my fingers. Or maybe you want to feel my big dick fucking you. Hmm…which is it?" She pulls her fingers out of my body, a groan tearing from my lips, and I automatically arch into the motion, seeking them again. My eyes are closed, but I know I would see the desire in your eyes, on your face.

"Look at me," she says softly, and my eyes automatically move to her face. I grit my teeth as I watch her suck one finger into her mouth, her eyes blazing dark with pleasure. Then, when I think she’s going to do the same to the other finger, she moves next to me and reaches out to paint my lips with my own juices.

I snap at her, and that makes her angrier.

"Want to play? I’ll play, all right. And it’s a game you won’t win," she growls at me.

Then, before either of us knows what she’s doing, she’s behind me, mounting me, slamming the dildo into me. She’s ramming the piece into me hard, and it makes me so wet. I need her to fill me, take me like this.

I drop my head onto the mattress, my fingers digging into your thighs.

She’s behind me, grunting as she pumps into me. I envy her her position just as much as I envy you yours.

Suddenly she stops moving, her hands on my hips, the piece still inside of me. "Make her come," she tells me.

I can feel her sweat-slick mound against my ass, and I push back into her, wanting her to continue.

She slaps my ass hard. "I said make her come," she growls. She pulls out almost all the way then slams back into me, forcing my head closer to your body.

I arch my back again, wanting to take her dick as deeply as it will go. But she slaps me again.

I look up into your eyes. "I’m going to make you come," I whisper to you. The desire I can see on your face makes me ache to come.

I push your legs further apart, my fingers still digging into your inner thighs.

Then I’m touching you softly, my fingers tickling your skin, making you squirm. I slide my hands up to your folds, spreading your curls so I can lick you.

When I do, you arch your back, your hips thrusting into my mouth. "Oh God," I hear you moan.

I slide a finger through the wetness, coating it, then tasting it. "Mmm, I love how you taste."

She slaps me again, this time more playfully than the first. "You won’t come until she does," she informs me as she once again pulls almost all the way out then slams back into me .

I get serious then, knowing she won’t let me come unless you do.

I see your hands grab the silk scarf as I start to lick your folds, my tongue first delving deep inside of you, then sliding to your clit.

She leans slightly to the side of me so she can watch. "Use your fingers."

She chuckles wickedly as I slide two fingers inside of you. You clench your ass together so you can thrust more fully into me. With the exact rhythm I fuck you, she fucks me. In… out… in…. out…

I can feel my body tightening. "Oh yeah."

As I thrust into you faster, she does the same to me. I concentrate the movement of my tongue on your clit now, wanting you to come so I can.

I turn my head briefly to your thigh so I can bite the skin, then I drag my tongue back to your clit as I move harder and deeper inside of you.

"Uhn… I’m going to… come," I gasp, my body responding to her motion and your wetness.

She’s pumping hard into me now, knowing I’m about to explode. The sound of her skin slapping against my ass as she fucks me coupled with my fingers inside of you send me over the edge.

"OHHH! Fuuuuuuuck," I grind out, my body gripping her dick hard as she moves it. "Fuck yeah," I pant, my hips bucking uncontrollably against her.

I’m slowing but then I feel her slide a hand around my hip to massage my clit. She’s pumping into me still, rubbing my clit, and I arch my back. My hand is at the side of your hips clenching the sheet in my fist as my other fingers pump into you. I feel another orgasm coming, and I’m determined to make you come.

I lick you harder, fuck you harder, and I feel your body starting to convulse.

"You want to come again?" she asks unnecessarily between gritted teeth. I look back and can see the beads of sweat trickling down her temple as she fucks me.

"Uhhh… yeah… now…" I moan.

With her other hand, she grabs a fistful of my hair and uses that as leverage so she can finish me.

I lick you one last time before sucking your clit into my mouth, and I feel you come, feel your body grabbing my fingers hard. I hear you cry out, the sound turning into a gutteral, deep moan.

Another three thrusts and I’m moaning my release loudly. She’s holding me still as she continues to move inside of me. Another few seconds of her thrusting and I reach back to grab her ass and stop her.

"Christ, you’re going to kill me," I tell her as I lay my cheek on your thigh.

Quickly she pulls out, the movement causing me to wince slightly. As she’s taking the piece off, I kneel on the bed and untie you.

Then, like before, I lie between the two of you, our bodies intertwined, hands stroking heated flesh.

She gently nips my shoulder and I push my ass back against her.

"Don’t get comfortable," I tell you both. "I’m not done yet."

********** ********** **********

I awake to the unmistakable sounds of two people having sex… and enjoying themselves tremendously. I pretend to still be asleep, but roll over slowly, not wanting either of you to know that I'm awake.

I open my eyes, a tiny gasp escaping at what I see. You and she are so involved with each other that neither of you hears me. I continue to watch you, my pulse and breathing accelerating.

You’re standing in the door of the bathroom, and she’s kneeling in front of your naked body. You’re holding onto the door-frame, one leg over her shoulder.

I hear you whispering to her, and your words make me wet, they make me burn.

"Suck my clit, bitch," you say, moving a hand to slide into her honey brown hair to pull her closer to your body.

I watch as you throw your head back, your long hair falling sensuously down your back, the ends brushing your ass. It’s so hot to see. I can imagine how it feels…

Not able to be still any longer, I slide a hand down my sweat-slicked belly. I pause only briefly to finger my curls before sliding to my wet folds.

I don’t take my eyes off of you as you make her do your bidding. Your words, her actions… it all makes me so much wetter, makes me burn hotter.

"I want to make you my whore, my slave," you hiss. "I’m gonna make it hurt, but you’ll beg me for more."

"Fuck you," she grinds out, starting to get to her feet.

You grab her roughly by the hair, forcing her back to her knees. She puts up a token struggle, wanting it, but not wanting to give in. I can tell she’s warring with her pride as much as with you. In the end, though, unadulterated desire triumphs.

You force her back to her knees, spreading her legs. I see the pleasure on your face as you take a moment to run your fingers up her the crack of her ass none too gently.

"Oh my God," I whisper to no one. I thrust two fingers deeply into my wet folds, setting a rhythm that I know will bring me to a slow but intense orgasm.

As you position yourself next to her, I spread my legs further, my fingers moving so slowly, so deeply. I don’t know what I want more, to watch you fuck her or call you to me.

I decide to watch you two, my fingers stilling momentarily.

"How does it feel to be on your knees, bitch? Do you like being spread wide open for me? Do you like how I’m taking what I want from you?" I watch your tongue snake into her ear and it makes me shutter with arousal even as she does.

I clench in sympathy when you slap her hard on the ass. My eyes move to her face, and I see her grit her teeth and ball her hands into fists. I know, with a certainty, that she wants to turn around and take you. I admire her when she doesn’t. It can’t be easy submitting herself to you like that.

And you know that. We’ve done it countless times, switched places, so you understand exactly what she’s battling right now. And you’re enjoying breaking her into the role.

I see the evil grin that washes over your face as you continue to slap her ass, her cheeks reddening until there are no longer distinctive handprints.

Just as suddenly as you start, you stop, moving behind her until your wet folds are pressed against the sensitive skin. You reach around to roughly fondle her breasts, tugging hard on the nipples.

I hear her moan and I see her lick her lips, her eyes closing tightly. When you drag your fingernails across her ass none too gently, she lets her breath out in a long hiss, her ass moving against you.

With one more slap for good measure, you lean back on your heels and slip two fingers deeply into her body. You thrust into her, scratching her hard with your other hand. Then I watch as you push her legs even further apart, working a third finger into her wetness.

My eyes close and I start to move my fingers inside myself again, keeping time with your thrusting into her. I bring a knee up, resting my foot on the mattress; my hips start to move, allowing deeper access to my fingers.

I open my eyes just in time to see you slowly, torturously slowly, work in your fourth finger. She arches her back and you move so easily into her. I can hear the sucking sound her wet folds are making as she accepts your fingers.

My eyes open in amazement. I wonder if you’re going to do what I think you are.

"Do it," I hear her, her tone almost one of begging. I smile because I remember you telling her she would ask you for more. And she just did.

The grin widens on your face at her words. "You’re so wet for me, bitch, so wet I can use my whole hand. And I know you want it. I hear you begging for it," I hear you whisper hotly, the movement of your fingers in her body never stopping.

"Not begging," she pants.

You stop moving your fingers, your other hand resting lightly on her ass. "No?" you ask wickedly. "No?"

I shake my head slightly at what I know is coming next. I almost pity her. She’s about to be broken.

"Then you’ll not have any of it, bitch." You yank your fingers from her folds and stand up. Your hands are on your hips, your legs splayed arrogantly. "Go get off from someone else."

Just as you turn away from her, we hear the word.


I watch the drama continue to unfold as you look at her over your shoulder.

"What’s that?" you ask her lazily, tossing the words over your shoulder.

She’s still kneeling on the floor, her back arched, her head bowed in submission. She swallows nervously, her eyes closed tight.

"Please," she whispers again, her voice ragged and broken.

I see you turn to face her fully, your arms still crossed. "Please what?" you hiss.

"Please… fuck me," she pants out, pushing her still-reddened ass toward you, offering to you her deepest secrets.

In an instant, you’ve dropped to your knees next to her again. I watch through half-closed eyes as you savagely grab her hair and yank her head around so she can see your eyes.

"Do not ever forget who is in charge here, bitch. Not ever. You’ll come only if I want you to come," you whisper roughly in her ear, your eyes never leaving hers. "You’ll come when I tell you to come, and not any sooner. Do you understand me," you finish, your voice nothing more than a snarl. You yank her hair once more… for good measure.

You quickly slide two fingers inside her heat, your other hand still in her hair. There is nothing at all gentle about you two… it’s pure animal instinct. It’s the most basic of desires, after water and air, being fulfilled.

I am mesmerized by the sight of your fingers pumping hard and deep in her body. My fingers are keeping time with yours, the wetness and heat between my own legs building.

I slip a third finger into my body when I see you use a third. In tandem we’re moving, only you don’t know it. I briefly glance to your face and see your nostrils flared in desire and domination. I draw in a ragged breath.

God, I want you…

I want that to be me, on my knees in front of you, taking what you’re giving. Instead, I have to be content with bringing myself to orgasm as you fuck her.

You’re talking to her again, but you’re bent over her, your mouth close to her ear. I can’t hear what you’re saying, but I know it’s making her want you even more… she arches her back even further, her elbows on the floor now, her legs spread wide.

I gasp when I see you twist your wrist, working your thumb into her.

My God, you’re going to do it.

"Give it to me, baby," I hear her moan.

You let go of her hair and slap her ass hard, causing her to flinch. "Shut up, bitch. I didn’t say you could speak," you growl.

You move your fingers slower now, working your thumb in deeper. Soon I know I’m going to see your entire hand disappear inside of her… Jesus, it makes me groan. I can feel the same hand deep inside me, touching my deepest places, places that no one has ever gone, or will ever go.

I spread my legs as far as I can, not caring anymore if you know I’m awake. I reach down with my other hand and use two fingers to massage my clit.

"Unh… yesss," I hiss, my hips thrusting to meet my fingers.

"I need… to come," she whispers, her hands curled tightly into fists, her forehead on the carpet. "I’m going to… come…"

Just as she says that, your entire fist pushes into her.


I’m not sure who moaned that, she or I. I can’t take my eyes off you, can’t take my eyes off the scene in front of me. You still for just a moment before you start to rock your fist inside of her.

"Oh yeah, bitch… take my fist, take my fist deep inside… you’re so hot for me, so open… feels good, doesn’t it? You like it, don’t you?"

Your words are fanning the flames to a fever pitch, both hers and mine.

God, I’m so close…

I can tell by her frenzied movements that she is, too. I wonder, for a mere second, if she’ll come without your permission. I almost hope so just to see what will follow. Then my attention is drawn back to the scene at hand.

"The big, bad, bitch wants to come. I can tell you do. My fist moves so easily… you want to come?" you ask.

But she’s stubborn, she’s not answering you.

"Oh, you’re not going to answer me, are you?" you continue when she doesn’t say a word. "You think you won’t come until you’re ready, is that it?"

You chuckle, a low, evil sound, and it makes the fine hairs all over my body stand up. This is where you break her…

"You’ll come when I make you come," you hiss, an instant before your teeth sink into her shoulder and your free hand yanks her head back again.

A breath explodes from her mouth, and I watch her jaw clench as she grits her teeth.

You drag your tongue down her back as you straighten behind her, your fist still moving slowly and steadily. Then your fingernails trace the same path as your tongue.

Your hand slides gently around to her belly. I almost smile because I know this tact that you’re taking. You’re going to make her come with gentleness now.

My fingers slow as the movement of your fist slows a bit. My fingers on my clit are slower, as well.

I watch your arm move as you reach up to gently stroke and massage her nipples, pinching them slightly, a gentle, almost soothing movement.

"Mmm, so good… so good…" you whisper, your hips starting to move softly against her ass.

The movement of your fist never ceases, not even as you move your other hand down. I know your playing with her curls because she just hissed.

"Oh God," she pants, your fingers now caressing her hyper-sensitive clit. "Oh God," she repeats.

"I told you," you whisper mesmerizingly to her. "I told you I would make you come when I wanted to." Your words, at another time, would have caused a power struggle, but right now, she’s completely at your mercy. Your gentleness and soft words have done what roughness couldn’t.

"I want you to come for me now, baby," you tell her, a soft command in your words.

There’s nothing she can do. I know exactly what she’s feeling. She’s going to come because you’ve made her come, not because she wants to.

It’s a heady mixture of arousal and defeat, and it fuels the orgasm to a greater height.

I watch as her body starts to shudder and she keens her orgasm softly, pushing still further into you.

Her coming makes me come and I feel the wave wash over me… through me… sweeping me up in its gentle fury.

I finish just as she does, and I allow my leg to slide back down onto the mattress. I let out a deep, satisfied sigh and close my eyes, one hand thrown over my head in complete abandon.

God, you’re good.

Before I know it, I hear the both of you standing up. I open my eyes a crack and watch as you kiss her deeply, your tongue sliding effortlessly into her mouth, your hands cupping and kneading her ass.

Then you break the kiss and step back from her, coming to stand by the bed.

You crawl in close to me and your arms wrap around me, your next words to me making me chuckle.

"I know you were watching, and I know you liked it," you say, your fingers wandering aimlessly to my curls, then through the wetness. I squirm the slightest bit, but my attention is drawn back to her.

She’s standing there looking at us. I can see she wants to join us again.

"You know the way out," you say carelessly, never looking at her.

I watch in amazement as she grins smugly, even as she dresses and slips into her boots.

"And I know the way in," she tosses over her shoulder as she strolls out of the bedroom.

I snuggle closer to you now, my hand lazily rubbing your belly. "I love you," I say quietly. "Thank you."

I feel your lips soft against my forehead as you pull me ever closer to your warm body. "You’re welcome."

Quiet prevails for a time and I think you may have fallen asleep. "We’re going to have to find her again."

I smile as I feel your body shake with laughter.


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