A Beautiful Moon Tonight


Jenah Watson


This is a work of original fiction. Please do not reproduce it without permission from the author. Copyright by Jenah Watson, October 2005.

A Beautiful Moon Tonight is another installment in the lives of Kellie and Shannon. Links to the previous parts, Just Another Day and The Title Needs Some Work, can be found at: www.academyofbards.org/authors/jenah.html

The theme for the Halloween Special this year is the moon. Although this story has nothing to do with the Halloween holiday itself, it has everything to do with the moon <g>.


It was, what some would call, a picture-perfect evening. Not too warm or too cold, just the right amount of breeze and the full moon casting it's glow on the lake and it's surroundings. On the screened-in porch, two women swayed gently back and forth on a wooden bench glider in companionable silence. The pair were a study in contrast. Kellie was slim, with light hair, blue eyes, and possessor of a rapid fire Yankee accent. Shannon was muscular, with dark hair, deep brown eyes and spoke in a southern drawl. However, they did have several things in common. They were both tall, intelligent, had a healthy sense of humor, and enjoyed similar hobbies. And, although neither of them had voiced it, they liked each other a lot.

Shannon snuck a peek at the attractive blonde who was sitting tantalizingly close to her. I wish I were better at small talk. Ishould say something. She took a deep breath. “Nice night.” Sheesh-that's original. Feeling foolish, she felt the heat rise to her face.

“Yes, it is.” Kellie replied, trying to suppress a smile as she saw Shannon blush. She sure doesn't say much, but she's been over here doing every kind of fix-it project that needs to be done.There's no mistaking the way she looks at me... and the frequent blushing on the otherwise tough exterior is adorable. “Especially the moon. Isn't it beautiful tonight?”

“Yeah. It's really bright.”

“Exactly what I was thinking!” Kellie exclaimed. “It's like a quiet, brave guardian with a bright heart.”

Shannon looked skyward thoughtfully. “You see all that?”

“I see it up there.” Kellie reached for Shannon's hand and held it loosely, in case the woman wanted to pull away. She waited for Shannon to turn and look at her. “Like I see it in you.”

“You think so?” Shannon looked into Kellie's twinkling eyes before returning her gaze to the night sky. “And what about the stars?”

“Well, we can't have the moon being lonely, can we?” Kellie pointed at a star that seemed to be sparkling more than the others. “That must be a special one.”

“Special.” Shannon nodded. “Like you.”

Kellie smiled.

Shannon blushed again. “Umm... You ready to go inside and watch the movie I brought?”


They both stood and Kellie continued to hold Shannon's hand as they headed into the house. “It's not a scary movie, is it?”

“No. I picked a romantic comedy.”

Kellie chuckled. “Good choice.”

As she stepped through the doorway, Shannon took a final glance over her shoulder at the sky. Yeah... it's a beautiful moon tonight.

The end.


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