Dale started awake, lifting her head from the pillow and looking around the dark bedroom.  Nothing was amiss, though she saw a blue glow coming from the living room.  Wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she pushed the sheet back and slipped her shorts on.  Padding into the living room, she figured Sutton must be watching TV.  What she saw stopped her in her tracks.

The brunette lay on the couch, head propped up on two pillows, hands hovering over her stomach with her fingers curled, hands not more than six inches apart.  Between them arched brilliant blue tongues of electricity, creating a bit of a cat's cradle.  Dale's gasp of surprise got the brunette's attention, the light fading with a soft hiss.

"Sorry if I woke you," the brunette whispered, feeling as though she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  Dale couldn't speak for a moment, still seeing the brilliance of the light show in her mind's eye.  She'd never seen anything like it, and was mesmerized.  Sutton cleared her throat nervously as she studied the blonde, unsure what to say.  She looked as though she'd seen a ghost.  "Sorry.  I couldn't sleep."

Finally shaking herself out of her daze, Dale ran a trembling hand through her hair.  "What were you doing just now?"  She could barely make out Sutton's features in the newly darkened room.

"Just playing, I guess.  Keeping myself occupied."  Sutton's grin was sheepish.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful in all my life.  Can you just do that at will?"

"Yes."  With a soft hum, a string of electricity spread out between the fingers of her left hand, the bolts licking between her fingers and swirling around her hand..  Dale took a step toward the couch, but then stopped, remembering that the light show was deadly.  She watched as the blue light sent shadows to Sutton's face, painting it with eerie patterns of darkness, and sunken features.

"Can, . . . can you shoot that out?  Like Zeus and his lightning blots?"

Sutton chuckled, shaking her head. "No."  She glanced up at the blonde woman.  "Come here, Dale," she said softly.  Cautious, Dale stepped over to the couch, sitting on the coffee table in front of it. "Hold your hand up."  The blonde looked at her, unsure and nervous.  Sutton smiled. "It's okay.  It won't hurt you."  When Dale did as asked, the brunette brought her own hand up, placing it within a foot of the blonde's.  The electric current swirling around her own hand began to react slightly, a finger or two licking out at the air in the direction of Dale's palm.  Sutton brought their hands closer together, the current stretching out further as it neared Dale, the blonde's heart rate picking up, her breathing growing heavy with nervous excitement.  She noticed the closer the bolt got to her hand, the more the light turned from the blue brilliance to a dull purple.  "It's okay," Sutton whispered, noting the sweat that was beginning to form on Dale's forehead.

Dale swallowed hard, watching with wide eyes as the finger finally reached her palm.  On contact, she gasped, a small, not unpleasant, jolt racing up her arm.  As she watched, the purple light began to spread out from her palm to tickle her fingers, the line unbroken from Sutton.  It reminded her of one of those electric balls at novelty shops, where the bolts of mild electricity followed the touch upon the glass globe the bolt was jailed inside.

"I can't believe this," she whispered, breathless.  She watched in awe as Sutton moved her hand, making the current dance between their palms, coming closer, further apart, then close together again, until their fingers were entwined, the dazzling blue/purple spectacle crawling over their joined hands.

Sutton watched Dale's face, loving the look of wonder and awe she saw reflected in those green eyes.  She was careful as she controlled the level of current racing from her body, but increased it ever so slightly, just enough to make the color more brilliant.  Dale gasped at the new jolt, which she felt all the way down to her toes, and everywhere in between, all of her nerve endings twitching and tingling.

"What do you feel, Dale?"

The blonde tried to think, her eyes half - hooded at the sensations flooding her body.  She heard the question, but it took her a moment to decipher what Sutton was asking.  "I feel.. alive.  Everything is jumping, all my cells, all vying for attention, it seems.  I feel a tingle weaving its way through me."

"That's how I feel at every moment of the day," Sutton whispered, unclasping Dale's hand and pulling back, the string of electric current stretching with it.

"This is incredible," Dale breathed, eyes finally falling shut.  She barely heard Sutton's request for her to lie on the couch.  Slowly she moved herself over, the tingle momentarily gone as Sutton pulled back.  The blonde rested her head on the pillow the brunette had recently abandoned, the softness seeming more intense, acute, as her body tried to adjust.

Sutton took the blonde's perch on the coffee table, looking over the prone body of Dale.  She was curious, her own heart racing double time, and she had no idea why.  She could see Dale's breasts through the thin t - shirt she wore, heaving with every breath the blonde took.

"Relax," she whispered, taking Dale's hands and unclenching them, where they lay on top of the blonde's stomach, resting them at her sides.  "I won't hurt you."

Dale nodded, knowing this was true.  She took several deep breaths, her fists unclenching.  She could still feel the tingle at the center of her palm, almost as though someone had stuck it with a very hot pin.  She opened her eyes, looking up at Sutton.  The brunette hovered over her, her hand almost levitating over the blonde's torso, Sutton looking at it in infinite concentration.  Lowering it to just an inch or two above her stomach, Dale heard a soft hum, then felt as though a wave of white heat caressed the muscles over her stomach

Sutton watched, almost hypnotized, as she could see the skin and muscles of Dale's stomach and torso reacting to the light touch, through the material of her shirt.  The brunette used what she called a soft touch - pressure gauged in her mind, as though using a feather - light caress atop skin.  The current was small, a mere tickle for the body's cells.  She brought her hand up, concentrating the touch into her finger, running a line up from the area of Dale's belly button up to her breast bone.  She noticed with a bit of panic that she'd left a thin line of scorched cotton in her wake.

"Shit, I'm sorry, Dale," she whispered.  The blonde's eyes opened, and looked down at herself, chuckling lightly at what she saw.

"It's okay."  Biting her bottom lip, she studied the brunette for a moment, then without allowing herself to think, or rather, re - think, she sat up, whipped her shirt off and laid back down.  Sutton stared in astonishment, frozen for a moment before taking a breath.  Her gaze was drawn to the blonde's bared breasts, the light, pink nipples hardening before her eyes.

Sutton felt a pull in her sex, which she'd never felt before, and had no idea what to do with.  She thought Dale was beautiful, one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen.  Bringing her attention back to her own hand, she resumed its placement, gently touching with current, careful to avoid the blonde's heart.  Though the voltage was extremely low and harmless, she could tell by the more - than - steady rise and fall of Dale's chest that her heart was already pounding. 

Dale had never felt anything so exquisite as Sutton's hand moved up, between her breasts, and down around her right one, skin never touching skin.  The small hum of the electricity Sutton was sharing with the blonde filled the air around them.  She could feel her skin tightening, her sensors expanding and pulsing.  The blonde gasped when she felt an intense tingle wash through her right nipple, sending jolts of home - grown electricity to the blonde's center.

Sutton was infinitely fascinated by Dale's reactions.  She wasn't sure what this little exercise would do, but never expected the reaction she was getting.  The blonde's body began to move subtly, her back arching ever so slightly.  Her hands clenched and unclenched at her sides, head back, eyes closed.  Sutton's gaze traveled back to the blonde's body, her breasts in particular.  They were beautiful. 

She hadn't meant to touch over her nipple, but liked what happened when she had, so decided to make a second pass.  Dale moaned softly, her back arching a bit more.  Sutton concentrated the finger of electricity on the area, feeling her own insides clench even more.  She glanced at the blonde's left breast, noting the painfully hard nipple, the fingers of her other hand itching to touch it, feel the softness of the skin around it, the firm roundness.

"Oh, god, Sutton!" Dale whimpered when she felt her left breast enveloped in soft warmth.  Her panties were slick with the sudden need that filled her.  Opening her eyes, she looked into the brunette's flushed face, noting the pulse point in Sutton's neck, pounding her own desires.  The blonde reached up, and in a surprise move, cupped the back of Sutton's neck, pulling the taller woman down.  Their lips met, creating sparks of their own. 

Sutton was surprised, but moaned into Dale's mouth, her body igniting as the unfamiliar craving spread through her.  She needed desperately to touch Dale, and be touched by her in turn.  The feel of Dale's mouth against her own was like magic, the softness taking her breath away.  Her hands left their posts as she was pulled fully down atop the blonde.  She settled her body out along Dale's,

Dale had no idea what came over her, never in her life initiating sex, let alone with a stranger, and a woman to boot.  But something inside her had awoken, and she had never wanted anything as badly as she wanted Sutton in that moment.

Sutton felt hands slide down her back and rest on her ass, pushing her further into Dale.  She gasped at the sensations running through her, trying to help as suddenly those hands were on the hem of her t - shirt, tugging frantically at it.  She lifted herself to her knees, kneeling between the blonde's legs.  The shirt went flying into the darkness.  She looked down at the beautiful woman beneath her, whom had invaded her thoughts for more than a year.  She could see the need in Dale's eyes, and figured it undoubtedly matched that in her own.  She decided to take a  chance, and grasped the waistband of Dale's shorts and panties, tugging them down in one, smooth stroke.

Dale groaned softly, lifting her hips and pulling her legs out of the garments, not caring where the landed, as they, too disappeared into the darkened room.  She reached down between her spread legs, tugging on Sutton's own shorts, which were promptly removed.

"Come here," she breathed, pulling the brunette back down on top of her.  She moaned at the feel of Sutton's overly heated skin pressing against her own.  It was pure bliss.  She found the brunette's mouth again, finding her tongue and sucking it into her mouth.  Sutton moaned, her hands slithering between Dale and the couch cushions, hugging their bodies together and pushing down with her hips, crying out when Dale pushed back into her.

"I don't know what to do," she gasped, unable to concentrate on just one part of her body - all of her was on sensor overload, and she was overwhelmed.  The blonde seemed to be able to sense this, cupping Sutton's face in her hands and making the brunette look at her.

"It's okay, baby.  I don't, either.  We'll figure it out, okay?"

Sutton felt relieved and nodded, bringing her mouth back to Dale's.  She had no clue what she was doing, no, but was eager to try it out.  She now realized that a small part of her had wanted to kiss Dale since the moment she'd seen her, even broken as she was.

Sutton met Dale's hooded gaze as she began to move her hips, both gasping at the ripple of pleasure that shot through both of them as their sexes made contact.  She kissed the blonde gently, then lifted to look into her face gain.  She felt such a connection to Dale, one that she couldn't explain, but the ability to allow that connection to manifest in their physical bonding was incredible for her.

Dale couldn't believe the heat that was pouring from Sutton - her wetness was almost too hot against the blonde's skin.  She wrapped her legs around the taller woman, burying her hands in long, thick hair as she brought their mouths together in a deep, heated kiss.  She couldn't believe how ready her body was, and knew that it wouldn't take long for her to reach her limit. 

As they moved their hips against and with each other, the room was filled with heavy breathing and the mixture of their wetness.  Sutton felt her orgasm closing in, her hips working hard, lower stomach slapping against Dale's.  She heard the blonde suck in a breath, then he body went rigid, legs tightening around her to keep their bodies close, the pressure exactly where she needed it.  Watching Dale's release brought on Sutton's own.  She cried out in surprise at the waves of pleasure that pounded her into near blackness.

Dale clung to the taller woman, waiting for her convulsions to calm.  Just as the blonde was getting her breath back, it was stolen again as a hot mouth wrapped around her nipple, sucking on it and batting at it with a gentle tongue.

"Oh, Sutton," she cried, pressing the dark head closer into her.  She felt Sutton's stomach between her legs, and pressed u into it.  She couldn't believe how quickly she was aroused again.  Typically with her, one and she was done.  But as she felt Sutton's skin upon her own, mouth licking a scorching trail over her chest, Dale knew she was far from done this night.

Sutton couldn't get enough of the taste of Dale's skin.  She used her mouth, tongue and instinct to guide her down the blonde's body, sculpting the pliant flesh into her own creation as she went.  The sounds Dale was making fueled her on, giving her confidence which she had no right to entertain.

Dale nearly shot off the couch when Sutton's tongue grazed the apex of her thigh.  Flopping back to the pillows, all she could do was groan and spread her legs, one raising to rest along the back of the couch.  Sutton took the blatant invitation to heart, using her fingers to stroke the soft skin of Dale's leg while her tongue tasted the blonde for the first time.  It was like nothing she had ever tasted or done - strange and foreign, but beyond sensuous.  She ran her tongue through the blonde's sex, gathering the abundant moisture as she went, allowing it to coat her lips and chin. 

Dale was lost in a world of lustful haze as her eyes slipped closed, her head arched back.  She reached down, buying her fingers in Sutton's hair, pressing her a bit harder into her task.  When the brunette began to lap at her clit, Dale thought she'd pass out.  Her breathing was growing shallow as she tried to retain control of her body.  It was a losing battle.

Sutton brought up a hand, teasing around the blonde's entrance, waiting for some kind of permission or sign that she should.  Dale bucked her hips, slightly bringing the tip of Sutton's finger inside.  It was enough for her.  She heard the long, guttural groan as she pressed on, entering with one finger.  Dale reached down between her own legs, urging Sutton to use a second, which she swiftly did.

Sutton returned her mouth to the blonde, lapping up everything she had to offer, continuing her thrusting in a quick, steady rhythm.  It wasn't long before she felt Dale's inner walls tightening around her fingers, the blonde crying out as she exploded for a second time.  Dale felt dizzy and lightheaded at the intensity of her release, her entire body shuddering with the aftershocks. 

Sutton climbed back up her body, gathering her into a tight embrace as the brunette whispered nonsense words in her ear, kissing her face and lips.

"That was so intense," she finally was able to mutter, looking up into Sutton's beautiful eyes.  The brunette nodded.

"It was.  Thank you for that."

"no need."  Dale pulled the taller woman down until Sutton's head was lying on her upper chest, their bodies fully entwined.

"Am I too heavy?" Sutton murmured against the blonde's skin.

"No.  Please stay here."

Sutton sighed heavily, fully content.  She didn't have to be asked twice.


Vaguely Dale remembered being woken up and helped to the bedroom.  As she opened her eyes, the tiniest signs of a new morning filtering through the curtains, she realized that she was lying on top of Sutton, her arms tucked at her own sides.  Sutton had the blonde wrapped fully in her arms, the blonde's head rising and falling along with Sutton's steady breathing.  The smell of the brunette's upper chest was intoxicating, and Dale inhaled deeply.  She brought her hand up, touching the warm, soft skin.  The scientist in her kicked in, thoughts parading through her mind - what was Sutton's steady body temperature?  What did her organs look like?  What did she taste like?

The last question took the blonde off guard, her mind managing to stay in fairly even territory; or she thought.  But now that the thought had been planted, it was starting to grow.  She raised her head, looking into the peaceful face of Sutton, still very much asleep.  A bit of mischief in her green eyes, Dale lowered her head again, though this time face - first.

She could feel the soft skin of Sutton's breasts against her upper chest.  She placed a soft kiss just above and between the firm breasts, slowly moving her body down until she was at eye - level with them.  Sutton sighed in her sleep as Dale gave one nipple a tentative lick.  She watched, fascinated, as the skin quickly hardened and increased in size.  Liking the effect, she moved to the other, this time sucking it into her mouth rhythmically.

Sutton awoke to the sensations pulsing through her.  Immediately she knew who was touching her, and her body relaxed, a hand finding its way into the soft, blonde hair at her breast.  The feel of Sutton's encouraging hand spurred Dale on.  She eased off the brunette's body, lying along side her, mouth never leaving its prize. 

As Dale concentrated on Sutton's breast, her hand began to wander, feeling the soft skin, the warmth that poured from it.  She inhaled deeply, taking in the new smell that wafted to her nose - Sutton's arousal.  She kissed her way up to the brunette's mouth, finding it hot and ready as her fingers delved into the extremely hot wetness between Sutton's legs. 

Sutton moaned into the blonde's mouth, her legs falling open, allowing Dale's fingers to slip deeper into the wetness, lightly stroking the hard, slick center of Sutton's current world.  Their kiss deepened, growing passionate and desperate.  Sutton held Dale's head to her, tasting every part of her mouth that she could, her own hand finding its way to the blonde's breast.  Dale moaned into the kiss, increasing her strokes between Sutton's legs.

Sutton could feel the pressure rising, building to an uncontainable high.  She clenched her thighs shut around Dale's hand, crying out into the blonde's mouth,.

"Yes, baby," Dale whispered, "let it go . . . "

Sutton rode out the waves that crashed over her before falling limp on the bed, eyes closed and mouth open as she regained her balance on reality.

"Are you okay?" Dale asked, gently kissing Sutton's lips.  The brunette nodded, a soft smile on her lips.

"Yes.  That was wonderful."

"Good morning," the blonde grinned.

"What a way to wake up!"


After breakfast, Sutton went to take a shower, Dale checking in on weather reports.  She prayed the summer storms were here to stay for at least a little while, as she knew Sutton would be gone as soon as they were.  The weather man answered her prayers.

"Yes!"  The blonde hopped up from the couch and walked over to the closed bathroom door.  She could hear the sound of the running shower, and was about to turn away, knowing the brunette wasn't likely to be able to hear her over the spray.  A grin spread across her face as an idea bloomed.

Sutton was humming softly to herself as she washed her still - sensitive body, closing her eyes and sighing at the recent memories.  It had been nothing she was prepared, either to happen, or for it to be as amazing as it was, when it did.  Dale had taken her places the brunette didn't even know existed!  She was enthralled with the new experience, and knew she could never get enough of the blonde.  She needed to figure out a way to stay in the area.  She might have to go back to using random power lines.  She hated doing that, but . . .   She would do it for Dale.

Sutton was startled by a sudden spark and cry.  She shoved the shower curtain aside to see a dazed Dale sitting flat on her ass in the middle of the bathroom floor.  The blonde was naked, and wide - eyed.  Sutton tried to keep her laughter inside, knowing that the blonde was alright.  When Sutton wasn't expecting company near water, she didn't know to keep her energies down and natural current low.

Stepping out of the tub, she walked over to the prone blonde, kneeling. "Shocking, isn't it?" she grinned.

Dale could only stare up at her, wondering how the hell she'd gotten on the floor.  She accepted Sutton's help to her feet, still feeling a trace of the shock that had run through her body, knocking her off her feet.

"What the hell just happened?" she finally asked, taking a shaky breath.

"You don't need a small appliance to throw in the tub when you have me.  I'm sorry, Dale.  I didn't know you were coming.  I wasn't controlling the current."

"S'kay," Dale breathed, still dazed.  She smiled at the gentle kiss she got, then took Sutton's hand when it was offered, the brunette leading her toward the tub.  Dale was now weary, but believed the brunette's promise that it wouldn't happen again.  Dale found that showering with Sutton was certainly electrifying, and it had nothing to do with an abundance of current running through the blonde.

An hour and a half later, the women were giggling as Sutton tried to use her energy to fry a piece of toast.  Tiny scorch marks marked the piece of bread in a smiley face.  They almost didn't hear the knock on the door for their laughter.  Dale sent the brunette to answer it, as she was trying to get herself under control.  She hadn't had this much fun in years!

Sutton still chuckled as she unchained the front door and pulled it open.  A less - than thrilled Blake stood on the other side.  He looked the brunette over, noting the wet hair and flushed cheeks, as well as the fact that she wore only a t - shirt and panties. 

He was surprised to see Dale's friend answer, but as he looked at her, his brows drew.  Something was wrong with this picture, and he couldn't quite put his finger on it.


His gaze moved past the brunette to where Dale stood at the entrance of the hallway, dressed similarly to Sutton, a spatula in hand.  "Uh," suddenly he very much felt like he was intruding.  He didn't like it.  "I brought you your Saturday morning newspaper and bagel.  Though I'm late today."  He held up the bag lamely.  He had purposefully come late, hoping Dale's friend would be gone.

"Oh.  Right."  Dale had forgotten.  For some reason, every single Saturday, come rain or shine, her co - worker had done this.  It was a sweet gesture, but never asked for.  "Thank you.  Um," she glanced at Sutton, then back to their uninvited guest. "We were just making breakfast."

"At one in the afternoon?"  He noticed for the first time that Dale's hair was just as wet as the brunette's, and the unmistakable flush of post - coital happiness tinged her cheeks.  Anger and jealousy flared through him at dangerous speeds, and he felt nauseous.  "I see," he said softly, setting the bag and newspaper on the entryway table, and slamming out of the apartment.

"Shit.  Blake!"  Dale ran after him, managing to catch him before he got onto the elevator.  The dark - haired man stared at her, eyes hard.  "First of all, I don't owe you any sort of explanation, but I do consider you a friend, so I'll give you one."

He cut her off. "Is she why you would never give me a chance?"

"No, Blake, it's not.  I just didn't feel the same way about you, is all.  I'm sorry - "

"Forget it.  If you want to play your dyke games, fine."  Blake stepped into the car and hit the button with finality.  He glared at the blonde as the doors closed, and he disappeared.

"Well, that went well."  Dale ran a hand through her hair as she headed back to the apartment.  Sutton was back in the kitchen, making sure the eggs and bacon wouldn't burn.  She glanced sheepishly at the blonde, waiting to be tossed out onto her ear.  She was surprised when the blonde walked over to her and hugged her from behind, resting her forehead on Sutton's upper back.  "I'm sorry about that," she mumbled into the cotton of the taller woman's shirt.

"No, I'm sorry.  Maybe I should - "

"No!"  Dale turned the brunette around, looking up into her blue eyes.  "Blake doesn't own me, and I don't owe him a damn thing.  He's a friend to me, and that's all.  I think he finally got the message loud and clear today."  She reached up and placed a gentle kiss upon Sutton's lips. "Let's just enjoy our day, okay?"


Blake couldn't believe what he'd seen earlier in the day.  Never in a million years had he figured Dale for a dyke.  Never!  If that were the case, why hadn't she just told him, and spared him the humiliation?  Not to mention money.  If he added up the cost of the fucking bagels on Saturdays, coffee and lunches during the week, time spent at the hospital . . . The thought made him angry all over again.

Slugging back his fifth shot of Jack, the man returned his attention back to the stage before him, the girls wiggling their tits and ass at him, looking for a good tip.  As he stuffed a nice, crisp twenty into the g - string of the closest dancer, he wondered what else they needed.  Maybe he'd get lucky again, and could grab a quick bit of snatch out back, like before.  His body burned at the thought.  He was a man, goddamn it, a natural, hot - blooded, meat - packin' man!  Any woman wanted that, and by god, he was going to prove it!


Sutton had hated leaving Dale, who slept soundly after another marathon session of lovemaking, but she had to.  The exertion of the past day, as well as lack of recharging, had taken its toll on the brunette.  She had been out prowling for about an hour, waiting for the rains to start.  She could smell it in the air, and knew it was coming.  Glancing up into the heavy night sky, she sighed, impatient.  All she wanted to do was get back to the blonde and feel her naked skin against her own.  Who knew that was such an amazing experience? 

Sutton hummed softly to herself as she walked the streets, ducking out of view at every pedestrian that came near.  Spending time with Dale over the past couple days had made her feel as close to normal as she ever had.  Well, since her father had been alive.  He'd always told her no matter what, she was just like everyone else, and those who thought differently be damned.  It didn't take long after his death for her to see differently.  The world hated her, and she had become one with the world of darkness and freaks, escaping normalcy and all its expectations. 

But, Dale . . .   The blonde made her feel like she could do anything, be anyone, even normal.

Sutton was rocked out of her thoughts when she realized she almost walked right into a couple in the alley.  She slunk back into the shadows, ready to climb away into the night, but something stopped her.  Something about one of the people seemed . . . familiar.  As she watched, she realized it was a man and a woman, the woman's back against the wall.  They were kissing, some light petting.  Everything seemed fine, just a horny couple, but then the man brought his hand down to the hem of the woman's short skirt. 

"Wait, baby," she said, breaking the kiss and reaching down to remove his wandering hand.  "I'm not ready for that, yet."

"The state of your underwear says a little different," Blake said.

Blake?  Shit!  Sutton scurried closer, staying close to the wall, her body buzzing with possible trouble.  She should leave now, get out before she was seen.  The next few minutes made that impossible.

"Wait, I told you I don't want that!"  A slap resounded in the smelly alley, Blake jerking back as his cheek still stung.

"Oh, you bitch," he growled, shoving his entire body - weight against the whore who looked at him with wide eyes.  He could feel himself growing hard as she played his game.  She struggled, sure, and even made a few whimpered noises, but he could smell her arousal, hell, he felt her wet pussy!  "Yeah, you're ready for me," he panted, his excitement growing beyond his control.  This bitch would be perfect.  When he looked at her bleached blonde hair, heavily made - up face, he could use his imagination and see Dale.  He'd show her who could give it to her best -

Blake yelled out in surprise and pain as his head hit something hard, his erect penis sticking out of his pants obscenely as he lay sprawled against the opposite wall of the alley.

The woman had no idea what had just happened, but didn't care.  That bastard was off her, so she took the chance to get the hell out of there.  She caught a glimpse of another woman in some weird - ass outfit just before she ran around the corner.

Sutton looked down at the man, her breathing heavy, hands clutched into fists.  Energy pulsed through her.  She glared at the dark - haired man, daring him to get up.  Her gaze was met by Blake's, his surprise quickly turning to rage.  As he stood, he experienced a slight vertigo, but shook it off, stunned to see who stood before him.

Dale's whore.

Somewhere in his pickled brain, reason came to him, and he knew that everything could be ruined in a split second.  Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself for the acting role of a lifetime.

"Sutton, right?  Listen, I'm sorry you had to see that.  Hell, I'm sorry it happened," he ran a shaky hand through his hair.  "It, things got out of control.  I didn't mean to hurt that woman, you know?"

Sutton remained silent, keeping an eye on the man.  She didn't trust him for a second.

"I've had a lot to drink."  He fell back against the wall, feigning sickness.  "Oh man, too much.  I need to get home."  Looking down at himself, he stuffed himself back into his pants, groaning at the painful hard on he still sported.  Damn bitch.  He turned to head out of the alley, curious to see what the woman would do.  She remained silent, watching his every move.  Turning, as if in afterthought, he made a final plea. "Please don't say anything to Dale, Sutton, okay?  This was a horrible, horrible incident.  I'm deeply ashamed, and couldn't stand it if she thought less of me.  Okay?"

Sutton chewed over what he was saying, not sure what her place even was with this.  She knew she couldn't go to the police, and what if Blake was telling the truth?  It was just a horrible, alcohol - induced incident?  She nodded, if for nothing else, to give her time to think about it.  Besides, she felt a storm coming on.

Blake was infinitely relieved as he hailed a cab, leaving that bitch behind.


The energy still tingled in every cell of her body as Sutton made her way back to Dale's apartment.  She slipped in the same way she'd slipped out, peeling the bodysuit from her skin as she stood in the darkened bedroom.  The blonde was still in bed, lying on her stomach, clutching the pillow Sutton had been sleeping on.  Her naked back was exposed, the skin smooth and beautiful. 

Sutton felt alive and charged as she climbed onto the bed from the foot.  She climbed over Dale's body, hovering above the still - sleeping blonde.  Carefully, she pulled the sheet further down, exposing the rest of Dale's back, and the tops of her hips.  Hungry, blue eyes took in the bounty before her, her fingers and mouth itching to partake.

Leaning slightly in, she nuzzled the skin between Dale's shoulder blades, placing a soft kiss there.  She smiled against the warm skin as Dale let out a long sigh, her hand reaching back to caress Sutton's naked thigh.

"Where'd you go?" she whispered, sighing again at the trail of kisses that led up to the back of her neck.

"Had to recharge," the brunette whispered into her ear, making Dale shiver.  She pushed visions of what she found out of her head.  For right now, she wanted to concentrate fully on Dale.

"Mm, I missed you."  Dale's hips began to squirm slightly as her body slowly ignited.  She felt Sutton's warm touch caressing her back and sides, the brunette's mouth paying homage to her neck and shoulders.  She'd never had a lover that was so completely intoned to her body, or who took so much time with it.  She moaned when Sutton brushed her own hard nipples along the blonde's back.

"I missed you, too," Sutton whispered into her neck. "The entire time I was out there, all I could think about was coming back here and making love to you."

"Oh, Sutton," Dale breathed, the soft words sending jolts of excitement throughout her body.  She felt the brunette's simmering excitement against her ass and pushed back into it.  Sutton gasped, not expecting that little maneuver.  It fueled on her excitement.  Dale smiled when she felt Sutton press herself against her, grinding.

Sutton reached down, yanking the sheet out from between their bodies, settling herself down once more against Dale's naked ass, the blonde pushing up to her knees.  She leaned over Dale's back as she gently thrust herself against the firmness.  "I wish I could be inside you while I did this," she moaned, Dale returning her excitement. 

"Does that feel good?" Dale panted.  She was shocked that her own excitement had doubled from the position, able to hear Sutton's pleasure in her every breath.

"Yes," Sutton whispered, raising to her own knees, holding on to Dale's hips as she ground her clit and pubic bone into the blonde's flesh.  "Feels wonderful."

Dale felt so vulnerable on her hands and knees, even more naked than she already was.  But somehow that added to the moment, raising the level of taboo.  She cried out in surprise and pleasure as she felt two of Sutton's fingers enter her from behind.  She began to move her hips in rhythm with the brunette's thrusts against her.

"Oh, Jesus, Sutton," she gasped.  The combination of the taller woman's thrusts against her, plus her thrusts inside of her, was driving the blonde toward orgasm quickly.

Sutton arched her head hack, eyes closed as she continued to pump, moving her hips in a circular motion to change the pressure on her clit.  She couldn't believe how wet Dale was, her hand filled with her essence. 

"Oh, god, harder, baby, please," Dale begged, the bed beginning to squeak as Sutton not only thrust harder inside the blonde, but also moved her own hips faster.  They could both feel the pressure rising inside, Dale gasping as she felt Sutton's almost molten - like desire painting her backside.  Within moments, Dale exploded, crying out loudly as she clung to the headboard to support her sagging body.  Sutton was so close, but hearing Dale's rapture was all it took to send her flying.  She gasped loudly as she held on painfully tight to the blonde's hips, grinding the last of her pleasure out against her.

Dale was grateful as Sutton quickly wiped away the liquid fire from her skin.  "You're hotter tonight," the blonde commented, turning over to her back, Sutton lying alongside her.  The brunette nodded.

"Fully charged now."

"I figured."  She reached up, kissing Sutton soundly before falling back to the bed, sighing in happy contentment. "That was wonderful."

"Glad you liked it.  I don't know what came over me," Sutton explained softly, almost shy.  "I just saw you lying there, so beautiful . . . "

"Oh, Sutton," Dale placed her palm against the brunette's cheek. "You never need to justify touching me.  I loved it.  I absolutely love making love with you."

"Me, too."  Sutton rested on her back, pulling Dale to cuddle on top of her.  She loved feeling the blonde against her, her comforting weight.  Dale tucked her head in what was quickly becoming her favorite place, right under Sutton's chin.  They sighed in unison, chuckling at the sappiness of it all.  Dale had no idea she could become so happy, and so quickly.  She barely knew the brunette, yet something inside told her this was what true happiness was like.  She wanted so desperately to finally show Sutton what being happy could be like.  Hell, Dale wanted to know what true happiness felt like.

Sutton's thoughts were very different as she held Dale close, loving the feel of the blonde's warm, steady breath against her skin.  She thought back to Blake and the woman he was accosting in the alley.  Regardless of what he told her, Sutton had a very bad feeling about the situation.  If she hadn't shown up when she had, undoubtedly that terrified blonde would have been raped, or worse. 

Yes, Blake had been drunk - Sutton could smell the alcohol on him, but still . . .   That didn't excuse anything.  Dale deserved to know what her friend really was.  His jealousy earlier that day had been unmistakable, and what if he decided to turn that darker side on Dale?  The brunette would never forgive herself if anything happened to Dale.  Besides, she may have to be moving on soon, which tormented Sutton's soul.  She felt like she had finally found a place to call home in Dale.  She felt as though not only did she belong, but that she was actually wanted.

Would telling Dale what had happened hurt her chances with her?  Perhaps the blonde wouldn't believe her; after all, Dale had known Blake for a hell of a lot longer than she had Sutton.  Also, Blake had been there for the blonde during her accident, had been there for Dale.   Dale had said as much, herself, let alone what Sutton had seen with her own two eyes.  She was hopelessly torn.


Dale noticed Sutton scratching her thigh for the fifth time in an hour.  She stopped their progress through the open - air market with a hand on the brunette's arm.  "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," the brunette said sheepishly, "just not used to this."  She indicated the jeans she wore, bought earlier in the day for their shopping expedition. 

"Yeah, because you're not wearing a second skin," the blonde chuckled.  She leaned in, whispering in the taller woman's ear. "I think you look hot as hell in those."

Sutton blushed, swallowing audibly.  Her companion laughed and they continued on their way.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the two women seeming to not have a care in the world as they strolled, Dale picking up fresh fruits and vegetables.  Even so, Sutton's thoughts were dark and troubled.  What would happen once the magical weekend was over?  Tomorrow morning Dale would head back to work, and undoubtedly Sutton would be sent on her merry way.  She didn't want to leave, didn't want to lose the blonde in her life.

"Are you okay?" Dale asked, almost able to feel the brunette's troubled thoughts like crackles of static in the air.  She met sad blue eyes.  Once again stopping them, she gently tugged on the brunette's hand, getting them out of the main traffic.  "What is it?  Sutton, if you're not comfortable, we can go - "

"No, that's not it."  Sutton took a deep breath, deciding it was best to speak her mind, and not go on assumptions.  Her father always said it only made an ass out of u and me.

"Then what is it?"  Dale felt her heart rate pick up, nervous sweat beginning to gather under her arms.

"What happens tomorrow, Dale?  Was this just a wonderful couple of days?"

The blonde was struck by the candid question, and relieved to have it out in the open finally.  The same thoughts had troubled her since the night before.  After they'd made love when Sutton returned, she had lain there for a long time, comforted and at the same time, tormented by the brunette's steady breathing under her head.  "What do you want this to be, Sutton?  Do you want it to be just a wonderful couple of days?"  Dale's voice was weak.  She was almost afraid of Sutton's answer.  She nearly cried in relief when the taller woman merely shook her head.  "Okay.  Then what do you want?"

"I want to be with you.  I've never felt like I truly belonged to something before . . . until you."  Sutton saw the blonde's radiant smile at her simple words.  "I feel like you accept me, and don't judge."  She looked down, feeling more like a silly, love - sick school boy than a thirty - two year old woman.  "I don't want to lose that."

"Neither do I."  Dale pressed two fingers underneath the brunette's chin, raising her face so she could look into her startlingly blue eyes. "I don't want to lose you.  I think we've been thrown together so many times for a reason."

Overcome with her relief, Sutton grabbed the smaller woman and held her close, letting out the breath she'd been holding.  Dale closed her eyes, absorbing the smells and feel of the brunette.  A thought occurred to her.

"Wait," she pulled back just enough to look up into the beautiful face. "What about the storms?"

Sutton smiled toothily.  "I've been thinking about that.  There are ways around it.  They're just highly illegal."

"Oh, lord," Dale rested her head against her neck again.

"We'll work it out, Dale.  I promise."


Dale had never known such happiness as she did the first week Sutton was with her.  They'd quickly managed to turn a strange situation into a happy, satisfying domestic one.  She was working with Sutton every night after work, getting her out and about, around other people to make her feel comfortable.  They were also beginning to stock up a wardrobe for the brunette.  The way to acclimate into society was not to run around in a skin tight bodysuit made of rubber.

Friday afternoon was upon them, and Dale was happy enough to whistle.  She couldn't wait for the weekend, as she and Sutton had plans to take a road trip and get out of the city.  Sutton said she had some places she wanted to show the blonde.

As Dale entered her office, she cried out in surprise.  Blake sat in one of the chairs for guests, his hands behind his head as he sat casually, waiting.

"Jesus, Blake.  You scared the hell of out me.  What are you doing here?" the blonde peeled off her lab coat, hanging it on the hook mounted to the back of her office door.  Taking a seat behind her desk, she looked at the dark - haired man expectantly. 

"So how are you doing?  Did your . . . company leave, yet?"

"What business is that of yours?"  Dale could feel something coming off of Blake in waves.  She couldn't quite identify it, but didn't like it.  She immediately felt her defenses rising.

"I'm asking as a friend."  Blake sat forward in the chair, a beseeching look on his face. "This isn't like you, Dale.  I know you're not like . . . that.  Come on, we're friends.  You would have told me if you were."

Dale looked into his pleading eyes, seeing something much darker just underneath the surface.  "This isn't about me, is it?  You could give  rat's ass if I were gay, or fucking another woman, or whatever.  This is about you.  Isn't it?"  She searched his face, looking for some sign of recognition, something, anything.

"I don't know what you're talking about."  Blake was taking it easy, playing his cards close to the vest.  He had no idea what, or if that brunette bitch had told Dale anything.  He'd purposefully stayed away from the blonde over the past week, hoping it would all blow over.

"You're pissed off because you lost, not because I'm happy."

"Happy?" he hissed, is anger taking over his good sense.  "How can you be happy with some woman who gets her kicks crawling around in some strange bodysuit, watching people in alleyways?  She's weird, Dale," he said, his voice low.  "I don't get a good feeling about her."

Dale sat there, confused.  "What are you talking about?  Watching people in alleyways?"

Shit.  Blake backpedaled, swallowing.  "I saw her.  The other night.  She was sneaking around like some sort of thief.  Hell, there was even some guy attacking a woman in the alley, and she just stood there, watching.  I think she was getting off on it, Dale."

"Oh?" the blonde asked, brow raised.  She wasn't convinced for a  second.

"Yeah!  If I hadn't stepped in, god only knows what may have happened to that whore."

Dale studied him, every hair on her body standing on end.  Something was wrong here, very, very wrong.  She wiped any expression off her face.  "Thanks for the warning, Blake.  I'll keep that in mind."

"You do that."  Blake stood up on shaky legs, his heart pounding.  He had the feeling he'd blown it. 


Blake swung his suit jacket over his shoulder, digging his car keys out of his pants pocket.  About to insert the key, he noted someone walking along the building, heading toward the back entrance where he'd just left.  He recognized Dale's bitch immediately.  The tall brunette tried the door, finding it locked.  Looking around, making sure no one was watching.  Blake was most interested, wondering what the woman planned to do.  He quietly made his way between two other cars to get a better view, ducking down.  He sucked in a breath when he saw a single finger of electricity jump from the woman's fingertips to the plate next to the door, where an employee's I.D. was swiped in front of.  The computer would read the code - bar and unlock the door.  He heard the click of the lock released, the brunette slipping stealthily inside.

"What the fuck was that about?" Blake whispered to himself, unsure he had seen what he thought he saw.  He knew she had nothing in her hand, no tools, no zapper device.  Something was strange, here.

Sutton made her way down the hall, consulting the wall map she passed, looking for the direction of the chemists offices.  She knew that's where Dale's office would be.  A small smile spread across her lips as she thought how surprised the blonde would be.  Hopefully she wouldn't be mad.  Coming to another set of locked doors, the brunette used the same handy way to get in, the doors wheezing shut behind her.

"Excuse me?  Do you work here?"

Sutton stopped at the sound of the man's voice.  She turned, cursing herself for missing the security guard at his station.  About to answer, she was rescued by another voice.  A familiar voice.

"I'll take care of this, Derrick.  She's a friend."  Blake walked over to Sutton, taking her arm in tight grip, letting her know not to argue.  She followed him through another set of doors, then yet another, deeper into the heart of the facility.  Blake said nothing, and Sutton wasn't sure if she should, either.  It wasn't until Dale's co - worker let them into a room with the swipe of his card, that the brunette became nervous.  The room was large, a lab of some sort.  Small cages lined the back wall, some with various types of rodents inside, others empty. 

Prickles of ice began to slide down her spine.  She turned, about to say something when her world went dark.


Dale gathered her purse and keys, shutting her computer down and lights out for the weekend.  Closing her office door behind her, the blonde headed out, calling out a "Have a good weekend," to Derrick as she went.  The radio in her car was turned up loud, the blonde enjoying the music on her commute home.  She was excited to see Sutton.  Maybe they'd get some Italian for dinner, and then a gorgeous brunette for dessert.

Dale grinned at the lecherous thoughts. 

She pulled into the parking garage under her building, heading up to her floor and unlocking the door.  Everything was quiet and neat.  She saw that Sutton had done the dishes, as well as the bed was made up with clean sheets.

"Baby?" Dale called out, tossing her jacket to the bed to be hung up after she changed into more comfortable clothes.  There was no answer.  "Sutton?  Are you here?"  A check in the bathroom told her she was alone.  Disappointed, but figuring the brunette would be back soon, Dale got settled in to relax after a long week.


Blue eyes slowly blinked open, the sound of muffled voices entering her reality.  A pounding in her head caused her to groan, a hand to find the injured area.  The dark hair was hard from dried blood. 

"She's awake."

Dr. Eugene Samms walked over to the large, metal cage, looking down at the woman who was starting to come around.  Blake had filled him in on what he'd seen the woman do, and after a thorough search, nothing had been found - no pocket laser, no high - tech electric gadgets.  Just a beautiful woman with extraordinarily high vital signs and an average body temperature of one hundred seven degrees, yet she showed no signs of clamminess or illness.

Dr. Samms assistant, Bobby Reynolds, followed the doctor, clipboard in hand.  They stood near the cage, watching with curious eyes as the woman sat up, immediately touching the back of her head.  Blake told them she'd given quite the struggle, and he'd had to hit her a few times.  Hard. 

"How are you?" the doctor asked, placing his hands casually on the bars of the cage.  He met tormented blue eyes.  Such a pretty color.  "What is your name?"

"Where am I?" Sutton asked, ignoring the man's question.

"I'm Dr. Samms, and it seems you have some very interesting bodily functions.  Care to tell me about them?"

"Not really."  The brunette took in her surroundings, trying to figure out how the hell she'd ended up in a cage.  The room beyond was a lab of some kinds - tables, counters and various scientific paraphernalia scattered.  Then it hit her, literally.  Blake had led her into this room.  "Why am I in a cage?"  She could feel the first trickles of fear tickle the back of her brain as her world came into focus.

"I don't understand you," Dr. Samms said, cocking his head slightly to the side.  "You're human, of course, yet your vitals are off the charts.  Technically, you should be dead.  I want to run some tests - "

At the word tests, Sutton was on her feet, racing to the front of the cage like a rabid animal.  She was starting to understand just how much trouble she was in.  Exactly what her father had feared, and exactly why he'd taken his young daughter and run from her birth city.  It was happening again.

Grabbing the good doctor by the collar of his shirt, Sutton brought the man face to face with her, his glasses thrown askew from being pressed against the bars.  Her other hand wrapped around one of the bars and she let her energy go, flowing through her at deadly levels. 

Eugene Samms cried out in surprise as he felt the metal around him warming, almost pleasant under different circumstances, but then he could feel the icy heat digging into his flesh.  He couldn't look away from the chips of ice that looked back at him.

"Let me out of here," Sutton growled deep in her throat, fear and panic giving it an inhuman quality.  The doctor's body began to convulse as the current rushed through him, his eyes wide, mouth open.

An image came back to Sutton, long ago, her father's body convulsing just like that, still underneath the hood of his car, hands clenched in a death grip around his tool as he was electrocuted.  A nine year old Sutton standing by helplessly, terrified at what she'd accidentally done.

"Jesus!" Bobby screamed, rushing over to the doctor.  He dare not touch the older man, left impotent to help him.

"I will not go through this again," Sutton spit out through clenched teeth, a bit of spittle landing on the doctor's glass lenses.  Small gasping noises escaped his throat as he continued to look at her through wide, terrified, pain - filled eyes.

Sutton remembered her father again, the look on his face, the agony.  With a strangled cry, she shoved the doctor away from the electrified bars, sending him halfway across the polished tile floor.  The other man in the room was at the doctor's side.  Disgusted and afraid, the brunette walked back toward the back of the cage, no more than five feet away from the bars.  She felt nauseous, able to smell burnt skin and hair.  She was partly relieved when she heard the man utter some unintelligible words to the young kid at his side.


Dale awoke to find her neck stiff and screaming curses at her.  She sat up from where she'd lain slumped in the corner of the couch.  She couldn't believe she'd drifted off.  But then again, it wasn't like she'd gotten much sleep with Sutton around.  She grinned at the thought as she stretched, but then realized that the sun was going down, and she was still alone in the darkening apartment.

Starting to get a little worried, she wandered into the bedroom, pulling the closet door open.  The rubber bodysuit was still hanging neatly on its hanger.  The new boots they'd bought for Sutton were missing, as were one of the shirts.  Brows drawn, the blonde searched through the apartment, looking to see if there was a note left anywhere, any sort of clue as to where Sutton had gone off to, and how long she planned to be gone. 

She thought about the possibility that the brunette had to go find a storm, but without her suit?  It didn't sound right.  Heading back to the closet, Dale did, indeed find it hanging.  She hadn't imagined it.  Standing in the middle of the bedroom, the blonde had no idea what to do.  There was no one to call, no one to check with.  Should she just wait, enjoy her evening, and Sutton would come back from wherever in her own, sweet time?  For some reason that didn't sound right, either.  But she had no choice.  She knew the brunette could take care of herself, but still couldn't shake the feeling of unease.

She'd give it until morning.  If Sutton hadn't returned by then, she'd figure something out.


Sutton tried to keep her rage and fear under control.  She'd nearly killed a man, and may have, for all she knew.  The kid had drug him away, and she'd been left alone for a long time.  She had no idea what time it was, or even if it was still Friday.  She guessed that she'd been out for some time before finding the two men looking at her like the circus show she was.

She had examined the bars and lock a number of times.  There was nothing she could do.  Only a metal tool or key could get her out.  She could stop them from prodding her by simply keeping the bars lit, but how long could she last?  Like a battery, she'd lose energy, and then . . . she didn't want to stop and think about 'and then'.  She was trapped, that much she knew. 

Sutton tried to ease her mind by thinking of Dale, but that made things worse, knowing that the blonde was probably worried, and there was nothing Sutton could do.  Couldn't tell her where she was, couldn't send her a message.  Hell, she hadn't even left a note.  Why would she?  She had left the apartment to see Dale.

"Damn it," she muttered, feeling her world closing in on her, panic gripping her heart like a vise.  It was the weekend, Dale would be nowhere near the building until Monday morning.  "Damn you to hell, Blake.  And me, for trusting you."  The brunette swiped angrily at a tear that slid lazily down her cheek.  She felt the horrors of her childhood coming back full force.  As a child, a team of doctors had convinced her father to let them try and "fix" her.  All they really wanted to do was study her, poke and prod, making a three year old cry.  "I can't do this again, dad," she whispered, head falling as she plopped down to curl up in the corner of her prison.


"There's got to be a way.  We've got to move her.  It's too dangerous where she's at," Dr. Denise Combs muttered, glaring over at the woman across the room. 

"I'd suggest a sedative," Dr. William Bryce said, rubbing his chin.

"Do you intend to administer it, Bill?" Eugene hissed. "Look what she did to Eugene!"

"True.  That was a close one.  What about the tranquilizer darts we use on bigger game?"

"I think that would kill her," Bobby said, glancing nervously at the brunette, who briefly met his gaze.  The lab assistant looked away, unable to keep eye - contact.  His conscience was getting to him bad enough as it was.

"I say give it a try.  If it goes wrong, we simply call the police and tell them she broke into our facilities."

"Agreed," Bill said with a nod, then headed out of the room to get what they would need.


Late Saturday morning burned brightly in red - rimmed green eyes.  Dale had only gone to sleep a few hours before, unable to rest while worrying about Sutton.  She turned over, hoping to be able to fall back to sleep with the sun at her back, but the knock on her door smashed that idea.

Sleep forgotten, Dale jumped up from the bed, quickly tugging on a pair of shorts and t - shirt.  "I'm coming!" she called, relief washing through her as she unchained the door and tugged open the locks.  Her hope fell shattered around her when she saw Blake standing at her doorstep, newspaper and bag of bagels in hand.  He smiled brightly.

"Good morning.  Figured I'd bring your morning paper while it was actually morning this week."  Stepping around her, he entered the apartment, setting the bagels down on the kitchen counter, as well as the folded newspaper.

"Blake," the blonde said, more surprise to see him than anything else.  Remembering their conversation at work the day before, she was baffled.  She felt like she was stuck in some sort of strange Twilight Zone episode.  He was acting as though nothing had happened at all, and it was just any ordinary Saturday morning.  "Why are you here?"  She stood in the doorway of the kitchen, crossing her arms over her bra - less chest.  She felt uneasy.

"What do you mean, why?  I brought you - "

"I know about the paper and bagels," she cut him off, feeling nervous irritation creeping up on her.  "Yesterday, you weren't exactly willing to play the 'friend' card."

"Eh," Blake waved it off, taking out one of the pre - sliced bagels and sticking it in the toaster, just as he knew Dale liked them.  "I'm sorry about that.  I guess I got jealous."  He sent a broad smile her way before turning to get the cream cheese out of the fridge. "So you're sleeping with that woman."  He shrugged as though he'd just told her his opinion on the weather.  "We all make lapse in judgment now and then."

Dale was outright chilled by the smile that followed that statement. "Oh?"

"Sure.  We all make mistakes, Dale.  We just have to move on past them, you know?  Like it never even happened."

"What are you talking about?"

Blake studied the blonde for a long time.  He had to make this work, had to keep himself straight and not break.  It was harder than he ever thought it would be, knowing full well what had happened to that dyke.  He couldn't let his conscience and Dale's beautiful green eyes thwart him.  No doubt things wouldn't work between himself and Dale now, but he could be thrown in jail, too.  He played it cool.  "I'm talking about our fight, Dale.  Jeez, keep up."  He grinned, taking a plate down from the cupboard above his head, taking the bagel halves that had popped up onto it, hissing as they burned his fingertips.  "I was being an ass.  I'm sorry."

"Okay," Dale said, still unsure of exactly what was happening.  Something still felt off. 

Blake decided to fish for information as he smeared on a generous amount of cream cheese onto the bagel.  "So, where is your friend, anyway?"  He gave her an innocent glance before turning back to his task.

"I don't know," the blonde said slowly, leaning against the wall of the kitchen entrance.  "She wasn't here when I got home last night."

"Oh yeah?  Where would she go?"  Blake handed the blonde the plate.  She stared at it for a moment, almost as if trying to see the arsenic particles mixed in with the spread.  She knew it was ridiculous, so finally took the plate from him.  "You look like you've seen a ghost, Dale.  Jesus, I'm not going to hurt you."

The blonde stared down at the bagels, admitting to herself that they did look good, but her appetite had been gone since she'd gotten home the night before.  "I'm just not very hungry," she explained, setting the plate down on the counter.

"Well, maybe later."  Blake prepared himself a bagel, dropping the halves in the toaster.  "I'm sorry to hear about your friend.  I'm sure she's fine."  Though it was a common, innocuous comment, Blake felt naked in saying it.  He had left Sutton in the hands of scientists and doctors.  He, himself was a scientist, and would love nothing more than to cut the bitch open and see what was inside.  He didn't want to think about the types of tests his colleagues would be running on her.

"I'm sure she is, too," Dale said, suddenly very much wanting Blake to leave. "Look, I've got a lot to do around here, today.  Can we do this later?"

"Do what?" Blake sucked a bit of the spread from his thumb as he smeared some over his own breakfast.

"This pretending - that - everything - is - fine routine?  I'm not in the mood for it this morning."

Blake looked at her, stung.  "Alright."  He took the halves of his bagel off the plate he'd set them on and balanced them in one hand as he grabbed his keys with the other.  Dale pulled away when he leaned in to place a kiss on her cheek.  He met her gaze, which was filled, to his dismay, with fear.  "I'll see you at work."

Dale followed him out, locking the door securely behind him and leaning her forehead against it.  She couldn't put her finger on it, but Blake's actions, his very presence, seemed wrong to her.  Her gut told her that he knew something, though about what, she wasn't sure.

Pushing away from the door, she headed into her bedroom, gathering clothes and quickly showering.  Once dressed, Dale made one last trip around the apartment, looking for anything that would tell her where Sutton was.  She was about to grab her keys when she glanced over at the computer tucked into the back corner of the living room.  She noticed it was on, only the monitor turned off.  Knowing she always shut the whole thing down, she pushed in the power button on the monitor, and waited for it to come to life.  On the screen was a mapquest page with her home address as the starting point and her job as the ender.  Using the mouse, she scrolled down, noting the entire list of directions, followed by a map.

Chewing on her bottom lip, Dale shut down the computer and headed out.


Sutton opened her eyes, though they felt unbelievably heavy, her vision shrouded in strange shadows, the world blurry and unfocused.  She tried to sit up, but couldn't.  Something rattled as she moved her arms and legs, and to her horror she realized that she was chained to something - a slab or bed.  Her head hurt badly, the pounding in her neck and shoulders.  Her mouth was dry, her body weak and dehydrated. 

The cage that the brunette had been put in was at the center of the largest lab, the bars covered in rubber for the safety of the researchers.  She was alone in the white, stark room, left to shiver as her body was exposed, only a thin sheet covering her nakedness.

"Hello?" she called out, her voice hoarse, barely above a whisper.  There was no response.  Her world was spinning inside her head, thoughts cluttered her brain, none clear or coherent.  She felt woozy and lost in a haze.  She tried to send a current of energy through her body, bring her out of her stupor.  Nothing.  She had no idea how long she'd been in the lab, absolutely no sense of time.  She hadn't charged since Wednesday night, and had used an extreme amount of current on the scientist.  Fear returned, her constant companion since she'd been hit over the head.

She thought of Dale, figuring by now the blonde must be frantic.  I'm sorry, Dale.  She'd do anything to see that sweet face again, even if it was the last thing she saw. 


Blake shoved through the doors that led down the corridor where he'd been told Sutton had been put.  He was pissed, and wanted nothing more than to take it out on that bitch.  Dr. Combs had told him what had been performed thus far on Sutton.  Samples had been taken, temperatures had been obtained every hour on the hour.  They'd kept food and water away, curious as to what the effects would be, and if Sutton needed either, considering it seemed that the electric current sustained her.

They were making plans to drop her off on a street corner within the next forty - eight hours, after a nice, strong dose of drugs to cripple her memories, of course.  Not on Blake's watch!  That bitch wasn't going to leave the facility alive.  He had no idea what would kill her but he would find out.


Dale slid her card along the slot, the red light turning green as the door clicked.  She pulled it toward her and slipped inside, shaking the water from her umbrella before snapping it shut.  The lab was quiet during the weekends, only a skeleton crew running things.  It was so different from the mayhem during the week.  Clicking on the light switch in her office, Dale tried to think.  Sutton must have been heading there, but what had gone wrong between the apartment and here?

Deciding to do some research, she headed out deeper into the facility.


Bobby caressed the handset of the phone, biting his lower lip as he tried to decide what to do.  He felt extremely uneasy about what they were doing to that poor woman.  She had been put through the gamut, darn near torture, in his mind, over the past couple of days.  He didn't feel it was right.  Dr. Combs said it was all in the name of science.  Mularky if you asked him.

He almost picked up the handset once more when something caught the corner of his eye -   a blonde head.  Dale Bailey was a favorite of his.  She was so young, only a couple years older than him, yet she was intelligent, driven, and gorgeous!  He always felt like a fourteen year old boy around her.


"Hi, Dale."  He grinned, goofy as ever.  The blonde scientist hid her own grin.  She knew Bobby liked her and thought he was adorable.  "What's up?"

"I'm looking for someone.  A friend of mine.  When you were here last night, did you happen to see anyone strange walking around?"

Bobby felt his stomach drop, and knew his face must have paled.  "Uh,"

"She's tall, long, dark hair, blue eyes . . . "

Bobby opened his mouth, about ready to spill it all when he felt a hand on his shoulder.  He looked up to see Blake looking at Dale.

"Dale.  Strange seeing you here on a Saturday," the dark - haired man said, hand squeezing Bobby's shoulder, daring him to say a word.

"I could say the same thing about you, Blake."

"I thought you had things around the house to do."

The blonde shrugged.  "Part of my errands were coming here."

Blake nodded in understanding.  He felt a bit of panic grip his insides.  Slowly, he moved his hand up to the back of Bobby's neck, putting just the tiniest bit of pressure there.  "Well, I need to steal Bobby here for a second, so I'll see you Monday."

Dale watched as the two men walked away, Bobby glancing back over his shoulder, meeting the blonde's gaze before he was hurried out of the office.  The blonde chewed on her bottom lip, trying to figure out why the puzzle pieces just weren't fitting.  The look on Bobby's face, like he was about to spill his soul, plagued Dale. 


"What did you tell her?" Blake demanded, pulling the lab assistant off into an unused office.  The young man looked at him, shocked at the vehemence in the scientist's voice.

"Uh, nothing."

"You didn't mention Sutton at all?"


"The woman!"

"Oh.  No."

"Good."  He leaned in.  "You make sure and keep it that way."

Bobby watched the dark - haired an walk away, a chill running down his spine.


Dale stood in the center of the hallway, trying to decide where to start.  She now knew security was a dead - end, so now what?

"Hey, Dale?" Rob Reynolds called out breathlessly, his heavy keys banging against his hip as he jogged to the blonde.  The security guard walked over to her, a piece of paper in his hand.  Holding up a finger, he rested his hands on his thighs, trying to catch his breath. "I'm too outta shape for this shit."  He used to work the weekday shift, but recently went into partial retirement, only working the weekend crew.  "I figured since we couldn't find anything on the security tapes from yesterday, I'd run a report for entries.  This is kind of odd."  He pointed a meaty finger at a line on the page Dale held.  "See that?  There was no card swipe.  There seemed to be a computer glitch or something - the locks were disengaged, but no information was gathered on whoever left, then about two minutes later, Blake Jones entered.  Maybe he saw something."

"Thank you, Rob."  Dale uncharacteristically hugged the security guard, then hurried off in the direction she'd last seen Blake.  She checked the list in her hand, noting the time of the 'computer glitch', which she knew often meant Sutton had been around.  It had been just after twelve - thirty.  Thinking back, Dale realized that Blake had left and come back minutes after he'd left her office.

"Oh, Jesus."


Bobby felt the watchful eyes of one of the scientists on him as he prepared some microscope slides.  They were planning to gather more fluids from, whom he found out, was Sutton, and Dale Bailey's friend.  He wondered if the pretty blonde knew of her friend's abilities. 

He glanced at Tom Landrey, a geneticist called in specifically for this case.  He'd never met the man before today, but wasn't too fond of him.  The man hadn't left his side since Bobby had been talked to by Blake.  Not only was it wrong to keep Sutton in the lab against her will, but it was something much darker - he could feel it.

"Dr. Landrey?  Could I get your opinion on this, please?" Mya Gustovson, an intern with the company, asked the doctor, peeking her head in.  The geneticist glanced at Bobby, giving him a warning glare, then followed the young woman out of the lab.

Bobby walked over to the cage where Sutton was being kept.  She was still chained, though he wasn't sure why.  She hadn't moved in hours, her skin pale, body temperature dropping dangerously, though none of them could figure out why.  They'd stuck heating lamps over her, but nothing helped.  As he watched her, she opened her eyes, the color startling against the color of her skin.

"Help me," she whispered, barely audible.  Bobby felt his insides twist, thinking back to the look in Dale's eyes, how badly she wanted to find her friend.  Studying the brunette before him, he got the tragic feeling that she would die soon.

Glancing over his shoulder, Bobby saw that he was still alone in the lab.  One more look at the chained woman and the assistant was on the run.


Blake slammed the phone down, shocked to see Dale standing in the open doorway of his office.  He plastered a smile on his face, feeling the ends of the situation unraveling more and more per second.  He was damning himself for all of it, knowing that he was getting in deeper with each breath.

"Where is she, Blake?" the blonde asked, not even bothering with the pleasantries.  Her gut told her she was looking at the key to the whole thing.  Blake Jones said noting, just stood from his chair, shoving trembling hands into the pockets of his pants. "I know you know.  You followed her into the building yesterday, didn't you?  She came here, looking for me, and she found you instead.  Didn't she?"

"Go home, Dale.  This is none of your concern."

"None of my concern!?"  Dale was over to his desk in a flash, hands pressed flat against its smooth surface, face the mask of fury and hatred.  "I love her, Blake.  That makes this my concern.  And even without that, she's a human being.  What have you done?"

"She's not a human being," Blake hissed, stepping around the desk, eyes dangerous and filled with the madness the predicament he was in poured over him.  "She is a freak of nature, something to be studied."

"Oh, Jesus," Dale whispered, her hand coming up to cover her mouth.  "Please, no."

"Science deserves a crack at her.  You can have what's left."  Blake never saw it coming, but the hardness of the floor beneath him let him know that it had, indeed happened.  He brought up a hand, gingerly touching his jaw, making sure all his teeth were still present and accounted for.  Looking up, he saw Dale cradling her hand against her chest.

"How dare you, you son of a bitch!"

Quietly, Blake got to his feet, looking down at the petit blonde. "Now you won't even get a crack at what's left."

Dale was chilled by the deathly chill in the dark - haired man's voice, his eyes just as cold and heartless.

"Where is she, Blake?  You're playing with fire, and you will get burned in the end.  This is a life you're talking about.  Give me a chance to save it."

"You had a chance.  You fucked it, instead."

"You bastard," the blonde whispered, a darkness falling over her like a fog.  I will fucking kill you for this."  Before Dale could even take a breath, her co - worker's hands were around her throat, her back coming into painful contact with the wall.  Her head was knocked once, twice, her vision beginning to jump, the edges blackening.

"Blake!" she tried to say, her voice nothing more than a gasp as she clawed at his hands, arms, anything.  His grip only tightened.  Dale could feel her head pounding as her vessels constricted with the loss of oxygen.  She felt her consciousness slipping away, which she knew if that happened, she would not be waking up again.

A loud crash startled the blonde, who fell to the floor, suddenly released from his death grip.  Coughing violently, Dale looked across the office to see Blake lying flat on his back, a broken flower pot laying scattered next to his head.  She met Bobby's gaze, his hand stretched out to her.

"Are you okay?" he asked, chest heaving with the fear of what he'd seen and just done.  Dale nodded, unable to speak as she slowly got to her feet.  Finally she managed a weak thank you.  "I know where your friend is.  Come on."

Dale followed Bobby, running through the maze of labs, hiding in recessed doorways as security or doctors walked by.  "How did all this happen?" she asked

"Long story.  I'll explain later."  He met a frantic green gaze. "You've got to get her out of here, Dale.  It's bad."

The blonde nodded, nausea working its way up from her stomach.  She tried desperately to swallow it down, as well as her tears.  Her head was still pounding, neck bruised from Blake's hold.  She still felt woozy from the lack of air, but never more determined in her life. 

Finally in the lab, Bobby quickly bolted the door closed, praying no body found Blake.  At that point it would be all over with.

Dale hurried over to the cage at the center of the room, shocked at what she saw, yet deeply relieved.  It looked like Sutton was still alive.  She banged at the lock.  "Give me the keys," she said, frantic to get to the brunette.  The lab assistant shook his head.

"I don't have them."

"What?!  We've got to get her out of there!"  Dale hurried over to the cabinets, looking for anything that could help her pick the lock.

"What about this?" Bobby held up pruners, used to break open the chests of specimens.  The blonde took them from him, hurrying over to the cage, whimpering in frustration as her trembling hands dropped them, causing a loud clanging.  Bobby winced, looking at the door, as though he could see through it.

Blue eyes opened at the noise, Sutton's breathing shallow and weak.  The tiniest bit of a smile curled up one corner of her mouth.  "Dale," she whispered, a breath on the breeze.  The blonde stopped what she was doing, meeting the peaceful gaze.

"I'm here," she whispered, "I'm here."  Dale saw the soft smile, then the eyes closed.  She returned to her task, gritting her teeth as she tried to push the arms of the tool together, ultimately snapping the metal lock.

"Here, let me help - "

"No!"  Dale shoved Bobby away, determined to get Sutton out on her own.  "Watch the door."  With a satisfying SNAP, the lock fell to the floor, Dale immediately swinging the door open and stepping inside the brunette's hell.  "Oh, baby," she cried, tears tickling her cheeks as they slid off her chin.  "God, what have they done to you?"  Sutton's skin was cool to the touch, which terrified Dale, her color pallid, almost translucent in some places.  Her arms and legs were badly bruised, which Bobby explained was from Sutton's fight against the doctors before the tranquilizer took hold.

The shackles around Sutton's wrists and ankles proved to be more difficult than the cage lock.  The pruners weren't doing the trick.  Dale asked for a probe, which Bobby immediately supplied.  The blonde fell to her knees, working tirelessly on the locks until finally they popped open.  The flesh of Sutton's wrists were badly bruised, dried blood in some places.  Dale's tears continued - frustration, anger and devastation.

"Come on, baby.  Let's go."  She put a hand under Sutton's back, using all her strength to help lift the heavier woman.  Sutton managed to get to a sitting position, but could barely hold herself up.  She leaned heavily against Dale, never so happy to see another person in all her life.  They were both startled by the sudden pounding on the outer door.  Bobby was over to it in a flash, worried the bolt wouldn't hold.  Looking around frantically, he saw the outer door, which led directly to the director of the department's office.

"Over here!" he called, running to the door and trying to knob.  It didn't budge.  "Fuck."  Standing back, he kicked once, twice, three times.  The door gave a painful - sounding crack, then swung open, the outer knob lodging itself in the wall behind it.

"Come on, Sutton.  Can you walk?" Dale asked desperately, looking at the main door, the people outside banging.  She heard something from the brunette that sounded in the affirmative.

"Hurry before they go to the other door!" Bobby hissed.

Ignoring him, Dale concentrated on getting the taller woman to her feet, not wasting any time with greetings, though she so badly wanted to take Sutton into her arms and make sure she was okay.  "Come on, baby, we've got to hurry," she whispered, easing the brunette off the table, putting one of the taller woman's arms around her shoulders and grunting as she bore a lot of Sutton's weight.

"Come on," Bobby raced over to them, taking Sutton's other arm, the sheet falling from her body as she began to walk, her head hanging, hair falling like a curtain.

"One step at a time, Sutton," Dale said, her breathing heavy with fear and exertion.  The banging was getting louder, as well as shouts.  The blonde felt each one, her heart pounding with fear and anger.  Looking up, she saw the other door, which seemed so terribly far away, like an eternity.  But before she knew it, Bobby was maneuvering them so he could grab the knob and pull the door open.  They all breathed a sigh of relief when they found the offices empty, though they knew it wouldn't stay that way for long.

Sutton felt herself beginning to lose consciousness, her body ready to give out.  It was only the presence of Dale beside her that kept her going.  She'd do it for her, as her own life meant little now.  She was so demoralized, her soul injured far more than her body.

Dale saw the light of day and of freedom as they neared the back hall that led to the east parking lot of the building.  As they neared, she could her the steady staccato of rain still coming down.  A distant boom of thunder rocked the day from time to time.  She sent up a prayer of thanks to whomever was listening.

"Let go of that woman," a female voice growled.

Bobby looked up, his heart falling when he saw Dr. Combs step into their path.  They were so close!

"Get out of my way, Denise," Dale said, her voice equally low and dangerous. 

"I'm not going to let you leave this facility with her, Dale.  She belongs to science.  You, of all people should know and respect that."  The doctor held her ground, arms crossed in front of her chest.  She wanted to be able to talk some sense into Dale Bailey, a well - respected colleague, before calling in the cavalry.

Dale didn't even bother to respond.  She leaned Sutton's weight against Bobby and walked over to the redheaded woman.  Without a single word, she landed a right hook, the woman folding like a house of cards.  Bobby watched, wide - eyed and slack - jawed. 

"Help me!" Dale ordered as she gathered her part of Sutton's weight, dragging the lab assistant out of his shocked reverie.  He shook himself out, renewed vigor as they headed for the door.  The next time they were stopped, it may not be so easy, and they all knew it.

The taste of freedom was in the air as they neared the door, the sky beyond heavy and gray, spider - webs of brilliant light adorning their undersides.

"Almost there, Sutton," Dale panted, using her foot to kick the door open.

Sutton raised her head, the static electricity in the air making her skin prickle, her blood begin to race.  She looked up into the sky, like a surfer, judging that next good wave.  She saw it coming, and turned to the blonde.  Raising a hand, she touched the smaller woman's cheek.

"Get out of here," she whispered, looking into swollen green eyes.  "Be safe.

"Sutton - "

"Shh."  The brunette placed a single finger over the blonde's lips.  "Please.  Be safe."  With a soft kiss, Sutton pulled weakly away from Bobby, one last glance at Dale, then garnered the last of her strength and ran out into the late evening.

Bobby jumped and cried out as a bolt of lightning swept down, striking Sutton right center of those strange markings on her back.  The brunette arched her back, head raised to the skies as the current raced through her.  "Jesus," he breathed.

Dale smiled, knowing in her heart that Sutton would be fine.  Now all she had to do was figure out how to go on without her. 

As they continued to watch, a brilliant explosion of light blinded them, both turning away with raised hands.  Dale blinked rapidly as she tried to focus through the stars in her eyes.  When she looked back, Sutton was gone.


Three months later:

The biggest cover up in her company's history, but Dale went along with it.  She knew that if she went to the authorities, went against the company, Sutton would be hunted, either by the company, or by the police.  She had no idea where the brunette had disappeared to, or if or when she'd be back, but she loved her, and wanted to keep her safe.

Dale had quietly resigned from her position, packing up everything she owned, and took a job as a high school chemistry teacher in Arizona.  She started that position in three weeks.  Driving down the highway, she glanced out her windshield.  It looked like a storm was coming.  The clouds were heavy, the winds picking up.  One thing she had to say since leaving Illinois, she did not miss the snow.

Just up ahead, the blonde noticed something, or rather, someone, standing at the side of the road, thumb out to hitch for a ride, dressed in jeans and a white, button - up.  With a sharp gasp, Dale pulled the car to the side of the road.  Opening her door, she stepped out, looking back over the top of the low Volskwagon.  Blue eyes sparkled at her.

"Heading my way?"  she said, her voice as soft and velvety as always.

"Sutton," Dale raced around the car, swept up in a tight embrace.  She inhaled the brunette's fragrance, her very soul.  "God, I've missed you!"

"I missed you, too," Sutton murmured, eyes tightly closed.  "Do you know how hard it was to find you?  I never thought you'd settle anywhere."

Dale smiled, pulling away just enough to look up into Sutton's beautiful face.  "Need a ride, stranger?"

"With you?" Sutton asked, brow raised.  The blonde grinned.



The End

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