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Other such stuff that maybe important to the potential reader, contained in the story: violence, blood, bad language, sex, and lesbians. 

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By Zee

Danny smiled as she watched the people run up and down the field from the tree she sat under.  Not really her idea of fun, but she did get to see Tori in something other than the nice work clothes she normally wore. 

It was a beautiful Saturday. The sun had finally managed to work itself out of the thick dark clouds that had given them rain all week.  The day was warm but not warm enough that Danny would forgo her black colors or even don a pair of shorts.  She figured the whole Wolfe clan must be hot blooded. 

Turning to the woman next to her, she asked yet again.  "They are all insane, right?  It's a genetic thing?"

Her companion, Gina, laughed.  "I forget you're new to the rites of spring.  Yes, they are all insane.  Why else would they do this every spring?" 

There was a particularly nasty crunch that came from the field in front of them and both women's heads turned back to the spectacle in front of them.  Four figures covered in mud and doing a great impersonation of the swamp thing rose off the ground.  As they got up, an unmoving figure was revealed underneath them.  Danny's heart leapt into her throat as she realized it was Tori. 

After a frozen moment, Tori stirred and then got up yelling, "I'm okay."  She triumphantly held a mud - incrusted football up for all to see.

Danny grumbled, and slowly relaxed her death grip on the arms of the lawn chair.

"They do this every spring?" she muttered out loud.

 "Oh yes.  They get frisky like pups each spring.  I won't even tell how drastically the birth rate goes up in nine months, not that you and Tori need to worry about that."

 'Thank God,' Danny thought.  She smiled evilly at Gina, "So are you and Harrison going to be expecting a bundle of joy?"  She laughed as the older woman was struck silent and blushed.  Gina was Harrison's wife and, upon Danny's arrival at this event, had taken it upon herself to show Danny the ropes.  So here she was, sitting under a tree with all the partners and spouses; the only thing they all had in common was that they were normal.  Well, they didn't go all furry when the moon was full.  Danny found most of the people boring and dull.  Although she did get a kick out of the lawyers who shed their stuffy clothing to play football in the mud.  Except for Gloria.  Oh no, the alpha mega bitch stood off to the side holding an umbrella over a wrinkled old man who was sitting in a wheelchair.  Danny would have paid money to see Gloria get tackled and covered in mud or see some sort of crack in the woman's stuffy veneer. 

"Tori seems to be much happier now.  Although from what I understand she still is having a problem with control, you know, holding 'it' in."

Danny rolled her eyes, damn nosey woman, made it sound like Tori was having potty training issues.  She knew what 'it' was; apparently, it was actually in bad form to say what 'it' was. 

"Yes, Tori's wolf seems to not want to be tamed," she said bluntly, getting a kick watching Gina suck in a breath.  It made her look like she had bitten into a sour lemon.

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"That's some piece of ass you got on the sidelines Spector.  I wouldn't mind having some of that."

Tori's eyes shot up staring at the mud covered man in front of her.  He smirked back, his teeth seeming even whiter in contrast to the dark mud on his face.

"You know, I bet she would love to be with someone who was in control.  Human's can sense it you know; when they might be in danger.  Then their flight and fight response kicks in.  Oh, yeah.  Once I give her a taste of me, she won't want to go back with someone who's feral," he taunted.

Tori's face turned red under the mud, and her green eyes stared daggers.  "Fuck you Calvin!"

Before he could respond, the ball was snapped and the teams rushed into movement.  Tori growled and took off, slamming her body into Calvin's.  She sent him up and on to his back, mud spraying out everywhere, his wide surprised blue eyes giving her great pleasure, before she took off after the quarterback

Gloria watched the field frowning at Victoria's display of anger, she also didn't miss how Victoria was able to knock someone twice her weight and height on to their back.

Thin hands wrapped around her wrist and she looked down. 

"She still has no control."  The statement was made in a whisper. 

She leaned down looking at her father's sharp black eyes.  "No she doesn't."

Brent Wolfe nodded.  "This is bad.  It is starting to spill out into her everyday life."

Gloria just nodded.  "But in her defense, she did start the change late in life.  We thought that it might bypass her all together."

He shrugged thin shoulders. "Do you really think that matters?"

She sighed.  "No, but in my heart I had hoped."

"You know what must be done if it gets too bad."

She nodded.  "I had hope . . . that night she got loose, she showed remarkable restraint."

"That was two months ago.  She has shown no other improvement since.  In fact she seems to be going backwards."

Gloria's black eyes looked down at her father in surprise.

He chuckled, "I am not so out of affairs that I do not know what is going on with my children.  She may have the surname 'Spector,' but she changes on the full moon just like all my other blood."

Gloria nodded and looked sadly out onto the field.

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Danny crowed and pumped her fist.  God, Tori, was so hot when she let loose.  Her girlfriend had a tendency to be a tad uptight, so to see Tori, dish it out, and match the boys crunch for crunch on the field was a bit of a turn on.  That and her girlfriend was actually wearing shorts and a t - shirt.  She had just about done Tori in the car on the way over.  She still remembered watching the muscles twitch as she stroked the skin on Tori's leg.  Only Tori's sense of decency had stopped them. 

"Stupid sense of decency," she muttered.

 "Uh oh."  She heard Gina breathe out next to her. 

Turning she quirked an eyebrow in question. 

Gina pointed to where Gloria and the wrinkled old guy sat in his wheelchair.  Danny looked over. 

"So, she's frowning.  She does that a lot."  Danny really couldn't recall a time that had Gloria smiled.

 "Yeah but today she's normally laughing and enjoying herself.  I wonder what's up, and Brent doesn't look to happy either." 

Danny did a double take at the guy in the wheelchair.  "That's Brent.  The way you talk about him I expected; I dunno, a 12 - foot giant full of strapping masculinity."

Gina laughed.  "Oh he was, but that was probably 16 years ago.  One day he just started showing his age."

 "How old is he?"

Gina thought for a moment.  "Hmmm, I'm not real sure, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say 91."

Danny blinked.  "Wow.  He's a relic."

Gina's face became less friendly.  "Yes, he may be that, but he's still head of the family so you best be giving him the respect he's earned," she snapped back.

Danny rolled her eyes, and went back to ignoring Gina.  Glancing one more time at Gloria and Brent, she gave her own frown as she noticed that Tori seemed to be the object of their distress.  'How had her sweet girlfriend managed to worry them?' she wondered.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tori's teammates slapped her on the back, congratulating her on a good block.

 "I heard what Calvin said to you," her cousin Rachel whispered to her.  "I don't blame you for slamming him one bit.  That jerk - wad deserved it."

Both women snuck looks at Calvin as he pulled himself up out of the mud.  He flipped them the finger as he noticed them staring.  Green and brown eyes flashed back at him in anger and he gulped and got busy wiping mud out of his face. 

As they went into a huddle, Rachel grinned as she retied her muddy blonde hair back into a ponytail.  "Okay troops were going to give them a play they will never see coming."

The gathered teammates returned her grin, then as Rachel began to explain her plan, everybody's grin turned evil; some of them snickered. 

 "Got it?"  Rachel asked her intense brown eyes meeting everyone's eyes until she was happy with what she saw.  "Good.  Let's go give them something they will never forget."

Tori clapped Rachel on the back, before going to take her own position across from Calvin.  She grinned then quietly said.  "I'm going to smoke you so bad Calvin."

He laughed as he crouched down.  "Whatever, little girl.  I'm going to squash you then I'm going to go take your girl for a spin."

Tori chuckled.  She almost wanted to see him try that with Danny; to say Danny suffered fools lightly was an understatement.  She'd squash Calvin then strip his ego and testosterone with a glance.  "Better men than you have tried, Calvin my boy, and now all the Viagra in the world won't help them get it up."

He rolled his eyes.

As the ball was snapped, she sprinted forward then cut left, giving Calvin a run for his money.  Just as she broke into a clear spot, she planted her feet stopping cold; this let Calvin burst out in front of her.  As he stopped to back - peddle, Rachel launched a sweet bullet pass, which he caught with his crotch.  For a moment he stood, not moving then his eyes rolled up into his head and he passed out face first into the mud. 

Harrison, Calvin's team captain tried to look upset.  "Oh, for crying out loud.  Somebody pull him out before he drowns."  While most of the men on the field subconsciously covered their privates, they didn't feel bad enough to help.

Another man yelled back.  "Not me, that prick deserves it.  He groped my girlfriend's breasts at last game." 

Couple of guys nodded while a few women in lawn chairs cheered.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Danny laughed, at first she had felt bad for the guy, until some of the other women cheered saying that it couldn't have happened to a bigger prick. 

She leaned over to the man on her right, Jim, James, Jamison; something like that.  "What's the deal with that Calvin guy?"

He lowered the PC magazine he was reading and adjusted his glasses peering out at the unconscious figure of Calvin.  "Oh, he's a dick.  He's always hitting on the women at these outings whether they are single or not."  He went back to reading his magazine.

 "Not one for sports, huh?"  Danny asked, getting a kick at the annoyed look on his face.

He sighed.  "Not really, but Robbie loves these family gatherings."

 "Which one is Robbie?"

Mildly put out, he put the magazine down in his lap and pointed at a blonde with short blonde hair who was laughing with another blonde.  "The other is her younger sister Rachel."

 "Wow, they're hot.  You lucked out."

He beamed.  "Thank you." His smile faltered, "I think."

She laughed.  "Don't worry I'm no Calvin.  That ones mine."  She pointed. As she pointed out Tori, she realized she had become, oddly, one of the sideline spouses that sat on the edges and pointed out their partner to everybody who would listen.

 "Oh Victoria.  She's Robbie and Rachel's cousin.  How nice?  I always liked Tori; she's kind of refreshing.  They all are Wolfe's," he pointed to the field.  "That name has a history to it, gives some a sense of elitism.  She's a Spector; no weighty history with that name."

Danny laughed.  "Tori's too sweet to be elitist.  She'd feel bad."

 "It can happen to the best of them.  I mean look at them.  They're healthy, happy; rarely get sick or hurt, and one night out of the month, they get to be the very top of the food chain.  That kind of power can mess with even the nicest person's head."

Danny felt her skin break into goose bumps.  "Sounds like you know from experience."

 "Yeah.  Robbie and Rachel's brother Jack.  He was a sweet guy.  We went to college together.  In fact, he introduced me to Robbie.  About seven years ago, he started changing.  Started getting into fights for no reason other than some guy looked at him funny. Began treating everyone who wasn't in his family like shit; we normal humans were too fragile and weak - no better than food.  Then he started treating the people in his family like they were beneath him other than Gloria and Brent. Then he challenged Gloria for Alpha."

 "Alpha?  You mean they really have a family structure like a pack?"  She asked incredulously.

He shrugged.  "It's complicated.  Um, what's your name again?"


 "Jamison."  He shook her hand.  "Nice to meet you."  He gave a goofy grin.  "You see Danny they aren't a normal family, part of them has to be treated with a pack mentality."

 "Well they're not animals," Danny argued.

He laughed.  "A part of them is.  A part of them is very dangerous."

Danny shivered remembering Valentine's Day and the first time she'd seen Tori in her 'other' form.  "Yeah I know."

"I know that look.  I'll never forget my first time seeing Robbie in her wolf form.  It's a humbling and frightening experience."

Danny smiled, finally somebody who understood.  "Yeah it is.  Sometimes I think I see that wolf looking at me through Tori's eyes," she whispered confidentially.

He nodded and patted her hand.  "Yeah, sometimes I see it with Robbie.  I think they're more closely tied to the wolf side of themselves than they realize.  They think it's a once a month thing, but, I'm not so sure.  Where does it go the rest of the days of the month?  I think its still there inside of them, waiting."

Danny shivered again and felt her heartbeat pick up, as she felt a jolt of fear.

Jamison looked worried.  "I'm sorry I didn't mean to spook you."

"I'm fine."

He didn't look convinced.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the field, Calvin was finally carted off.

"Hey sis.  That was a wicked pass you tossed at Calvin's balls." 

Rachel and Tori looked up from where they had been, snickering.  Rachel beamed and hugged her sister.  "I know he's on your team.  No hard feelings?"

Robbie grinned cracking some of the mud around her lips.  "Nah, I didn't want that waste of space in the first place."

Robbie looked over to her boyfriend and waved.  "Hey Tori that your girl talking with Jamison?"

Tori looked up.  "Yeah, that's Danny."

"She's a looker.  Congrats."

Tori blushed.  "Thank you."

"She got any sisters?  Rachel needs to get hooked up."  Robbie broke in embarrassing her sister.

Rachel swatted Robbie on her thick shoulder.

Tori laughed at their antics.  Robbie and Rachel were her two favorite cousins.  She had grown up with them coming to visit with their brother Jack every summer.  Their father was her mother's biological brother; sometimes the family line was a bit confused in the Wolfe family.  She missed Jack, she had been sad to hear about his accident.  He had been a great guy, almost a big brother to her.  Robbie and Rachel looked so much alike they could pass for twins even though Robbie was 5 years older.  They both had blonde hair, brown eyes, and the same bone structure in the face.  Robbie however, was thick and short while Rachel was tall and wiry. 

"Nope, no sisters.  She's an only child like me."


"But she does have some friends, Angel and Gwen."  She made a face when she mentioned Gwen.  Tori was still not happy with Gwen; she had most definitely not forgiven the woman for the crap she'd pulled on Valentine's.  Danny on the other hand, had forgiven Gwen after a short time. 

"Really?  Maybe we should have Danny and her friends over for a barbeque?  What do you think squirt?"  Robbie asked Rachel.

Rachel sighed.  "I'm taller than you, stop calling me squirt and, for the last time, stop trying to hook me up.  It will happen when it's meant to happen."

"It won't happen at all if you keep playing the part of the nun."  She looked at Tori and whispered loudly.  "You know I wouldn't be surprised if she was still a virgin."

"Robbie you did not just say that."  Rachel scowled and took off after a laughing Robbie.

Tori laughed then winced as Rachel tripped Robbie into the mud.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The game over; the muddy football warriors trudged up the tiny rise to where others sat watching. 

Tori grinned.  She was happy she finally had someone there.  Football Saturdays were a monthly tradition from spring until winter hit.  A way for the family to stay connected and bond.  One Saturday each month was set - aside for the family to come out to Brent's huge ranch to play football.  Sun or rain; it didn't matter, they played in it.  She might have her mother or father there on occasion, but unlike the others she had never had a girlfriend come to one of the games. 

She grinned at Danny.  God it felt so good to see Danny up here with her family.  She was actually surprised Danny had agreed to come.  It didn't really seem like something Danny would enjoy, but Tori appreciated her trying.

She flopped down on the cool grass between Danny and Gina's chairs.  Leaning back on her elbows she looked up at Danny.  Dark roots were starting to show, and she wondered if Danny would bleach her hair again.  Tori didn't like the harsh white color; she liked it better when it grew out, made it seem softer.  But Danny wasn't big on seeming soft to the outside world. 

Danny smirked looking down at Tori.  "So this is what you do once a month.  Even in the rain?"

Tori nodded.  "Yep.  It can get really interesting if the field gets wet.  In the summer if it's too hot we have night games."

"You're family is insane; you know that, right?"

Tori laughed.  "Yeah.  But it's important."  She hesitated, searching for the right words.  "Not sure if I can put it into words, but I feel better, more connected, after these games."

Danny frowned trying to make sense of what Tori was struggling to say.  "Is it a pack thing?  Re - establishing yourself with your pack but instead of sniffing everybody's ass you play football," she teased

"We're people, not animals Danny," Tori huffed. 

"Actually you're very special people, with special needs."

"Danny, just stop before I get pissed at you."

Danny got up suddenly angry with her girlfriend.  She had been trying and Tori just got all bent out of shape.  "Fine.  Whatever."  She stormed off towards where she thought the car was parked.

Tori blinked in confusion.  What just happened? 

"Ouch trouble in paradise." 

Tori looked up at Robbie who was hugging and smearing mud all over her boyfriend at the same time.  Jamison looked like he was trying to be upset but a grin kept coming over his face.

"Tori, if she makes it to the car you'll have to spend a month groveling."  Jamison spoke up. 

Robbie just nodded.  "He should know."

"Shit!"  She scrambled to her feet and took off down the rise and over the small bridge that crossed a small stream.

As Tori rushed off, Gloria watched with interest. 

"I don't like that girl." 

Gloria looked down as her father whispered to her.

"Who?  Danny?"

He nodded.

"Danny's fine.  Not my favorite person, I will admit, but she seems to have handled the family secret just fine."

He shook his head.  "She's too full of chaotic energy.  She's not right for Victoria; this could be part of Victoria's problem."

Gloria frowned.  She normally agreed with her father, but not on this.

"You don't agree," he breathed out in a rattling whisper.

"No I don't," she finally said after a moment.  "You weren't at that warehouse.  You didn't see the way her wolf responded to Danny."

He frowned not happy with the answer.

Gloria sighed.  The call of pack was strong and comforting, but so was the call of ones mate.  Not that Gloria would know, but from what her brother Harrison had told her it was.  She had no doubt that Victoria and Danny were mates, and she wasn't positive, if asked to choose, Victoria would choose her pack over Danny.  Perhaps it was in her blood; Victoria's mother, Harriet, had broken convention.  Harriet lived miles away in a small town, was a vet of all things, and had chosen to take her husband's last name 'Spector.'  It was an honor to have the surname Wolfe and, until Harriet, nobody had given it up.  Yet Harriet had done so without a fight and had nearly shut the door on the Wolfe family as well.  Gloria couldn't think of anything that had occurred to cause such a rift but she knew that Tori was very much her mother's daughter.  Brent had once asked her to take the Wolfe surname.  Tori had just looked back at the Pack elder and in a clear strong voice told him 'No,' and that, 'If the name is good enough for my father its good enough for me.' 

Gloria smiled at that memory.  That was the moment Victoria had gotten a special place in her heart and she had done her best to look out for the cub.  As she started pushing Brent's wheelchair towards the house, she thought perhaps she would need to have a talk with Danny, about Victoria's problem.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Danny looked left and then right.  She knew she should have spent more time watching where she was going rather than the exposed flesh of Tori's thigh.  Turning around in the trees, she wondered which way to the dirt road where all the cars were parked.  They'd followed a path from the road, through some trees, over that bridge and then up the hill.  So she was in the trees but she didn't remember walking for so long.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tori looked around.  She was at the car and there was no sign of her girlfriend.  Turning around she stared at the trees.  Shit.  Danny must have taken a left rather than a right.  She scratched her arm.  The mud was drying and it was driving her nuts, all she wanted was a shower and some food, but no, she was off in the middle of her great - grandfather's vast acreage looking for her girlfriend. 

Walking into the trees, she shouted.  "Danny!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Danny cocked her head to the side.  Had she heard her name? 

"Over here," she shouted.  After a moment, she started walking in the direction she thought she heard the voice coming from. 

After a moment of crashing around, she froze when she realized how quiet it was.  She wasn't positive but she thought that might mean something bad.  Weren't characters on TV always freezing in the forest and going, "Do you hear that?"  Then somebody would say, "Hear what?"  Then the person would reply, "That's my point."  Then some animal or monster would burst out and somebody would die.

Freaking out Danny decided to make it hard on anything that might want to snack on her by becoming a moving target.

Tori stopped moving for a moment, listening. Either it was a deer or somebody was running her way.  She stepped around a large Elm tree for a better look when a body collided with hers and sent her tumbling on to her back. 

"Tori?"  Danny asked shakily.

Green eyes stared at the cool blue sky that was visible between the branches.  Reaching out a hand, she pulled a twig and a few leaves out of her mouth. 

"Yeah," Tori croaked out.

After a moment Danny's head blocked out the sky, and blue eyes looked down at her. 

"You look like shit."

Tori rolled her eyes.  "You went the wrong way," she responded.

She felt relieved when Danny gave a sheepish smile.  After a moment, Danny stuck out a hand to help her up.  With an evil grin, Tori took the hand and pulled Danny down on top of her. 

"Oops," she said with a chuckle.

"Victoria Spector!  That was so not funny," Danny shouted.  "Look at that," Danny said arching her longer frame off of Tori's staring at the mud on her shirt.

Tori grinned.  "Maybe you should take it off.  That way it won't get any more mud on it."         

Arching a dark eyebrow, blue eyes looked down at green.  "And why would it be getting more mud on it?"

Tori shrugged and then rolled them over.  Leaves and twigs snapped and crunched under their weight.  Straddling Danny's slim hips Tori leaned over so she could whisper into Danny's ear.  "You want me to get up?"

Blue eyes closed as the words whispered across and into her ear.  She weighed her options: she wasn't fond of doing it outdoors and there was the whole Tori was muddy factor; but she had been incredibly turned on all day, and watching Tori run around and really let loose had her thinking about sex every other second.

"I'm still mad at you," she replied.

Tori shrugged and sat up.  Staring at Danny until her eyes opened she said, "You're always mad at me for something."  With that said, she pulled her muddy t - shirt up and over her head.  "Look at that; the make - up sex fairies stole my shirt."

Danny had to laugh at the innocent expression on Tori's face.  "You're such a horn dog."

Tori giggle and leaned over whispering into Danny's ear.  "On some days literally."

Danny groaned as Tori's breasts pressed into hers. 

Closing green eyes, Tori inhaled, taking in the Danny's perfume mixed in with the smell of the earth.  Rising up, she lifted her hips and untucked the black shirt from equally black pants.  For a moment, she looked down into dilated blue eyes.  She knew it wasn't a question of wanting sex but weather or not Danny would continue to let her have control of the situation. 

Letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding Danny nodded and reached her arms up to help Tori get her shirt off. 

When she had the t - shirt to Danny's wrists, she pulled it tight and wrapped it, securing the hands together.  Then with a firm hand, she pushed the hands back down to the ground over Danny's head.  Bright green eyes watched as Danny switched from arousal to agitation.  Happily, she noted Danny was wearing a black bra that clasped in the front.

"Tori undo my hands."  She was still calm, but if Tori didn't do as she asked in the next two seconds, she was going to get pissed.

Distracted Tori responded, "In a minute."  She flicked the clasp open and leaned over to nuzzle a nipple with her lips.

"Tori!  I'm about to get really . . . ." She tried to stay mad.  But this was so not like her girlfriend; Tori was never aggressive when it came to having sex.  Danny secretly thought it was the whole wolf thing, Tori tried to overcompensate in her everyday life for the one day a month she was so out of control.  "God you're really letting loose today," she groaned.

Tori circled the nipple with her tongue encouraging the nub to grow harder.  She scrapped her teeth over it, delighted at Danny's shiver.  Looking up the line of Danny's body, she squirmed a little at the sight of aroused blue eyes looking back at her.

"If you really want me to stop say so.  If not just relax and enjoy," Tori breathed out onto the pale skin. 

Danny shivered and felt goose bumps break out on her skin where Tori's words caressed her skin.  At the husky tone in Tori's voice she felt herself get even wetter. 

She waited for a second before she was certain Danny was not objecting to what was happening.  She returned to lavishing attention to Danny's breasts.  After she felt they had been properly worshiped she began to kiss a wandering path down Danny's ribs and abs. She had planned on just finding Danny and going home but something about the smell of the woods and Danny's body under hers had caused a chain reaction of desire she had been unwilling to fight against.  Maybe it was leftover adrenaline from the game, Calvin coveting what was hers, or both; she wasn't positive which it was, but she wanted Danny, and she wanted Danny right now.  Teeth barred, she nipped the flesh right above Danny's bellybutton, then letting go, she laved her tongue over the red marks that her teeth had left.

Danny hissed and then moaned as pain and then pleasure burned through her system radiating out from her stomach.  Whimpering, she jerked her hips hoping Tori would get the clue and go where she needed her.

Tori grinned and returned to her slow kisses on Danny's flesh, while her hands went to the buttons on the fly of black jeans.  Getting them undone, she tried to push the fabric down and away but they were slow to move.  She growled and cursed the fact Danny needed to wear such tight clothing.  Lifting up she yanked Danny's jeans down smirking as she saw her girlfriend was going au natural today.

Danny cried out as the cold air hit her over heated flesh cooling the wetness on her thighs.  She struggled to get her hands loose. Tori was taking too long, apparently she needed some guidance.  "Tori, fuck, just, fuck, get down, oh fuck."

Narrowed green eyes took in the flushed and sweaty skin, and nostrils flared enjoying the smell of Danny's arousal.  Moving between trembling legs she licked the wetness she found there moving closer and closer to where Danny needed her but then she would veer off.

Danny felt like she should be screaming out; "Warm, warm, warmer, hot, cold, Alaska, GOD DAMN YOU TORI!"  But all she managed was some moans.

Tori teased the clenching opening, slowly she entered and then retreated never going in very far.  As Danny's hips began to roll like the ocean on a stormy day she shoved her tongue in as far as it would go and began a slow fucking rhythm until the muscles tried to grab hold.  Only then did she take Danny's clit into her mouth, sucking the little head until Danny came.  Thighs crushed around her head and she felt Danny's muscles ripple around her.

Danny kept pushing forward then suddenly she arched back, lights streaming behind her tightly closed eyelids.  "Fuck," was the only thing she managed to say before she limply returned to the ground.

Panting, Tori laid her head on the limp muscled thigh and looked up the glistening lines of Danny's body.  She grinned, so very proud of herself, and her grin got even wider as she realized Danny would pay her back for this.

Clapping broke Tori from the happy place she was floating in. 

Startled Danny jerked throwing Tori out of her lap and started trying to pull her pants up at the same time she was trying to get the t - shirt loose around her wrists.

"You know if we weren't related, Tori, I'd be so turned on."  He looked down at the bulge in his pants.  "Guess I am anyways.  That was a hot show you and your girlfriend put on."

Tori growled.  "It was a private moment, not a show.  Get out of here you creep."

"Maybe I don't want to leave.  Maybe we should see if your girl would like a go with a real man," Calvin said, rubbing his crotch suggestively.

Tori's vision went red and her lips pulled back exposing white teeth in a snarl.  Her feet dug into the ground as the muscles of her legs coiled building up energy.

Danny's breath caught as she saw something flash in Tori's green eyes.  Without a doubt she knew it was the wolf.  It was like watching two negatives being superimposed over one another.  It was still Tori, but there was something off about the face, but mostly it was the eyes.  They were fierce, almost wild.  The face churned breaking into a mask of feral anger. She almost expected the flesh to rend at any moment to let the wolf climb out with its fur and fangs.

The muscles in her legs vented their energy and Tori leapt at Calvin; fingers tangled in his muddy shirt and she easily dragged the taller man down.  They wrapped around each other growling and limbs swinging.

Danny cringed as she heard the crunching of a bone.  Getting her shirt loose, she pulled it back down then fumbled with her pants pulling them up.  Stunned at the display of brutality in front of her, she shrank back until her back smacked up against a warm chest.  Jumping, she gave a sequel of fear.

Tori's head jerked towards the sound of her girlfriend's distress.  In that moment of distraction, Calvin caught her under her jaw and whipped her head up with the force of his punch.  Stumbling back, she collapsed onto her back.

Hands caught Danny.  "Its okay it's just me."  A quiet voice spoke in her ear.  Turning, she was actually relieved to find Gloria. 

Stepping away from Danny, Gloria quickly walked over to Calvin who was advancing on the fallen Tori. 

"Calvin!  Tori!  Stop this at once.  We are family."  She grabbed Calvin by the back of his shirt stopping him.

He growled turning on Gloria but instantly stopped when he realized who it was.  Ducking his head, he looked at the ground, trying to seem small and unthreatening.  "Gloria, its Tori, she just attacked me," he said trying to act shocked about the event.

"Bullshit!"  Danny exploded.  "That creep was watching us."

"Hey.  Whoa," Calvin broke in holding his hands up.  "I stumbled on them.  This isn't a private place.  So I hassled them a bit."  He shrugged.

"You did more than hassle us you asshole," Tori growled getting up.  Stalking up to Calvin, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her level.  "If you ever try to touch Danny I'll break you hands off and feed them to you."

Calvin flinched and went pale as her bright green eyes bored into him.  For a moment, he swore she had fangs.  "Jesus, Gloria.  Look at her!  She's out of control."

Gloria grabbed Tori's hands and pulled them off of Calvin.  "Danny, take Tori home," she ordered.

"What?"  Danny questioned confused.

"Take.  Tori.  Home."

"Hey why are we being punished?  What about Mr. Potential Date - Rape here?"  Danny argued.

Gloria grabbed Tori and pushed her towards Danny.  Looking at Danny she said, "Will you stop questioning everything I tell you?  Just take Tori away from here."

"Well if the things you asked of me made sense I wouldn't question them," Danny shot back grabbing her upset girlfriend.  She paled as Gloria fixed angry black eyes on her.  "Going now."  She pulled her resisting girlfriend after her.

Calvin put on his most endearing puppy - dog face.  "Gloria thank goodness you showed up when you . . . ."

"Can it Calvin.  Brent may have pulled that boys - will - be - boys party line, but I'm Alpha now not Brent and I don't believe that shit.  You've been warned.  That display I witnessed ranks up with sexual assault in my books.  I hear about you doing that with anybody, family or not, and I will make sure that you are not capable of pulling such stunts again.  Am I clear?"  Gloria said in a serious quiet voice.

Calvin rolled his eyes.  Brent always looked the other way or bailed him out, and Gloria would do whatever her father wanted.  "Whatever.  They're just dykes.  Tori should have been drowned at birth."  Suddenly his eyes went wide and his mouth opened in a silent scream. 

"Apparently I wasn't clear."  She steadily increased the crushing pressure until Calvin's eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out. 

As he fell back, she finally let go of his genitals.  Wiping her hands on her jeans she stepped over his prone body and didn't look back.

part 2

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