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Unusual Events
Kim Pritekel

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Christine Ryan sat at the bar, a cold glass of beer in her hand.  She stared into the golden liquid, watching as some of the white, foamy head began to bubble down.  Not much of a drinker, she knew this second beer would definitely get her blood going and head spinning.  That was good and all was well, as she needed the distraction.  She needed to not feel as she faced the day – or didn’t face it, thus the purpose of the beer.  It had been disappointing at best and downright devastating at worst. 

“Can I get you another one?” the bartender asked, leaning her hand on the polished bar top and leaning on that arm.

Christine looked up into the older woman’s kind and somewhat worn face, salt and pepper buzzed hair, a thick body and a blue polo shirt.  She smiled at the woman and shook her head.  “No, thank you.”

Left alone again, the blonde blew shaggy bangs out of her eyes and once again stared down into her beer before taking a sip.

“Looks serious,” a woman’s voice said, suddenly next to Christine.

The blonde glanced over and saw a woman with dark, should-length hair and blue eyes sitting on the stool next to hers.  “Just a rough day,” she said with a small smile.

“I hear ya.”  The woman ordered a stiff appletini then returned her gaze to Christine.  “Wanna talk about it?”  She shrugged.  “Sometimes it’s easier with a complete stranger.”

Christine met the woman’s gaze for a long moment, seeing nothing but understanding.  “I’m Christine,” she said, offering a hand, which was taken in the warm grasp of the other woman’s.


“Galen.  That’s different.”

“As were my parents,” Galen said, tossing a charming grin Christine’s way.  “So?  How ‘bout it?  I’ve had a shitty day and it certainly looks like you have, too.  Maybe a little quid pro quo?”

Christine met Galen’s friendly gaze.  “Sure.  Why not.  A little Halloween confession, huh?”

Galen’s dark brows drew.  “What day is it today?”  She brought her phone out of her purse and perused the apps until she found the calendar.  “Holy crap: it is Halloween, isn’t it?”  She grinned over at Christine.  “Maybe that’s why my brother sent me hate mail today about not being there for my nephew, huh?” 

“Oops?” Christine asked, amused.

“Oops,” Galen agreed.  She accepted her drink from the bartender with a smile and a tip, followed by the bartender offering a plastic Jack-o-lantern pail filled with candy.

“Trick-or-treat, ladies?” she said, looking from one to the other.

“Sweet!” Galen enthused, looking away as she buried her hand in the flood of candy inside, chewing on her bottom lip as she felt around for just the perfect piece.  Withdrawing her hand, she revealed a small packet of candy corns, though rather than the traditional white-topped orange and yellow kernels, these were white-capped orange and brown, Galen always enjoying the chocolate bottoms.  She grinned at Christine, waving the small package around.  “Literally.”

As much as the blonde wanted to roll her eyes at her companion, she couldn’t help but grin, finding Galen’s somewhat goofiness utterly charming.  “Let’s see what I get,” she said, also reaching her hand into the pail, making far less of a dramatic scene as she snagged the first bit of candy she felt.  Withdrawing her hand, she revealed a roll of Smarties. 

“Yum!” Christine exclaimed, noting that Galen’s joy for life was a bit contagious.  Together the women opened their goodies, each quiet as they tossed a piece at a time in their mouths.

“Trade you a candy corn for one of those,” Galen said, nodding at Christine’s nearly empty roll of sweet/sour candies.
Christine glanced down at the partial roll left in her hand then eyed Galen’s open palm, a few corn candies resting there.  She met an amused gaze and tilted her head.  She liked this woman, and she realized Galen made her want to be silly and charming, too, which utterly surprised her, as she didn’t particularly think of herself as either.

“You get one  Smarties for one corn candy and a shot of your choice.”

Galen studied her, surprised by her response.  Without a word, she set the three corn candies that were in her palm into Christine’s hand then waved over the bartender.  “Give me two shots of something fun,” she said, grinning at Christine.  Within moments, two shot glasses were set in front of them.  Galen looked into the red-liquid, noting something floating around in the glass that looked a little like a human body part.  “Uh…”

“Bloody brains,” the bartender explained with a grin.  A bit of Bailey’s, peach Schnapps and a drop of grenadine.  “Good stuff.”

Galen met Christine’s gaze.  “You in the mood to be adventurous?”

“Let’s do it,” Christine said, grabbing her shot.  They clinked their glasses together in salute then downed the sweet drink.

“Mmm,” Galen complimented.  “Tasted like strawberry shortcake kinda.”

Christine nodded in agreement as she wiped her mouth with a small napkin.  “It did.  That was good, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.  And see?  You even got more candies out of the deal than you asked for.”

Christine chuckled, tossing one of the three corn candies into her mouth and offering her roll of candies to Galen.  “Help yourself.”

“Yummy,” Galen grinned, snagging one of the powdery discs.  “So, give me a one-word response to start off why you looked so utterly unhappy when I first sat down,” Galen said, tossing the candy into her mouth.

Christine sighed, her much-improved mood somewhat falling.  “My soon-to-be ex-husband,” she murmured, turning her attention back to her beer.

“Ouch,” Galen said.  “Not only did I get more than one word, but it sounds pretty nasty.”  She took a sip from her appletini, which she’d yet to touch.  “I had one of those, once.”

Christine gave her a small smile.  “Yeah?  How’d that go?”

“Well,” Galen said, meeting Christine’s shy gaze.  “I got my son out of it, but in all honesty, it was pretty awful.”
“How old is your son?”

“He’s twelve.”  Galen couldn’t keep the smile of adoration off her face.  “Lachlen is the center of my world.”

“I can see that in your eyes,” Christine said, giving Galen a bright smile.  “He must be a special boy.”

“It’s funny you say special.  For some reason – no idea why – people have been calling me special my whole life.  Hmmmm….”

Christine couldn’t help but burst into laughter, absolutely loving this woman’s quirky nature.  “Oh my god, Galen!” she exclaimed, hand coming to her chest as she tried to get herself under control.  “This has been the shittiest day of my life, but you, my new friend, have truly made it such a pleasant evening.”

Galen’s grin was bright and big.  “Then my work here is done.”  With a dramatic flourish, she stood from the stool, tossed her hair over her shoulder and turned to leave, making Christine burst into a fresh bout of laughter.

“Sit down!” Christine exclaimed, tears of amusement running down her cheeks.  She reached and snagged the tail of Galen’s women’s cut suit jacket and tugged, causing the other woman to sit down hard on the stool and nearly fall off, which sent the blonde into more hysterics. 

Both women were causing a racket with the few other patrons in the bar, who glanced their way, some amused and others annoyed.  Laughing just as hard as Christine was now, Galen reached up and wiped the tears from her eyes, her cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. 

“Oh my,” she said, letting out a long breath.  She glanced over at her companion.  “Woman, you’re a hoot.”

“I try,” Christine said, even though they both knew she’d not really done anything to cause the laughter.  “Okay, so you know my issue is with Brad.  What made your day so bad?”

Galen let out a heavy sigh, turning her focus into the bright green liquid of her  appletini, seeming more serious than she had since she’d arrived.  “I lost my job today,” she said softly.  “A job that I’ve been working towards my entire life.”  After a long moment, she met Christine’s gaze.  “I’m an attorney, and the case of my life ended in defeat – which I’ll never understand – and my firm fired me for it.”

“Oh Galen,” Christine breathed, reaching over and covering one of Galen’s hands with her own.  “I’m so sorry.”

Galen squeezed Christine’s fingers.  “Thank you.  I guess I just need to figure out what I’m going to do.”  One final squeeze and Galen released the blonde’s hand.

To her surprise, Christine realized she somewhat lamented the loss of Galen’s touch as she set her hand down on the bar in front of her.  Slightly confused, she turned her attention back to her beer, which she knew she just needed to throw the towel in and give it up, as it was highly unlikely she’d finish it. 

Movement caught her eye and she glanced back over at her new friend and watched as Galen removed her suit jacket, revealing a maroon cami beneath it.  Green eyes were drawn to smooth, toned arms, a flat tummy but mostly, beautiful full breasts that were lovingly cupped in the fitted material. 

As Galen set her jacket on the empty stool next to her, she noticed Christine’s gaze on her and where it rested.  She felt a bit of heat suddenly rush through her and reached for her drink, taking a quick sip.

Not realizing she’d been busted, Christine returned her focus to her own drink.

“So,” Galen began, popping another candy corn into her mouth.  “How did you end up in a lesbian bar?” 

“A lesbian bar?” Christine said, brows knitted in confusion.  She looked around the small establishment with its typical neon signs littering the walls advertising for just about variety of beer and alcohol available.  There weren’t that many patrons around, though it wasn’t quite six o’clock yet.  “This is a lesbian bar?”  She met Galen’s amused gaze.


Christine groaned, covering her eyes with her hand.  “Damn him,” she muttered.  “My friend, Larry told me to come here.  He said he figured I’d like the place, and it was quiet.”  She shook her head, amused.  “Well, I guess it is quiet.”  She glanced over at Galen.  “Why are you here?”

“Because I didn’t want to get hit on by any men; not in the mood today to deal with their shit,” Galen sighed.  “It was bad enough I had to deal with my son’s father this week.”

“Well,” Christine chuckled, “I guess this is a good place to go then to avoid that.”  She ran a finger down the smooth, cool glass her beer was in.  “So, I’m guessing you probably have plans with your son tonight, huh?  Halloween and all…”  Christine knew she was fishing, and wasn’t even entirely sure why.

“No, Lachlan is with his dad this week.  We alternate.”  She sipped from her drink then glanced over at Christine with mischief in her eyes.  “Soooooo, I came here to drink away my blues, not get hit on by men, and then get hit on by a woman!”

Christine gasped, eyes huge in panic.  “I did not!”

Galen threw her head back and laughed.  “Oh my god, you are so fun to mess with, Christine.”

Christine glared at her before muttering to herself good-naturedly as she grabbed her beer.  “Hitting on you … I don’t think so.”  She took a long pull from the cool liquid, meanwhile feeling the warmth that spread through her body at the thought of doing just that, not that she ever would, of course. 

“So, you got any ghoulish plans for tonight, then?”

“Not a one,” Christine said, setting the beer back on the bar.  “I don’t even have a costume.”

“Well, there is always your birthday suit,” Galen offered, then turned beat red as a blush suddenly colored her cheeks.  “Sorry.”

“You know, I think now it’s you who’s hitting on women, Galen,” Christine teased

Galen met her gaze but then looked away.  More than once, this woman had made her feel unsure, uncertain and just plain confused at her own feelings.  At length, she looked back at Christine.  “Wanna spend this all Hallow’s Eve with a complete stranger?”  Christine met Galen’s gaze and held it, simply nodding.  Just then, a large group of women came in, laughing loudly, diminishing the quiet intimacy of the bar.  “Want to go somewhere quieter?” Galen asked.

“What?” Christine asked, unable to hear Galen’s words over the obnoxious den of the women.

Galen leaned over to Christine, her lips nearly brushing the blonde’s ear as she repeated, “Want to go somewhere quieter?”  

Christine once again met Galen’s gaze and held it, something quick and intense passing between them.  Without a word, she stood and dug out some bills from her wallet, tossing them onto the bar to cover both their tabs, then turned and headed towards the door.  Surprised for a moment, Galen sat where she was, then quickly stood and grabbed her suit jacket before following.

The bartender grabbed the money and cleaned up the glasses left by the two women, shooting them a knowing smile as she watched them leave.

The warm Southern California air brushed their skin as they headed out into the parking lot, the sun beginning to lower in the sky.  There were only a handful of cars in the parking lot, but one of them caught Christine’s eye: it was a 1965, candy apple red classic Cadillac with a white rag top.  To her surprise, Galen walked right over to it.
“Is this your car?” Christine asked, taking in the absolute perfection of the beautiful, but long car.

“Yep.  Christine, meet L.Y., my law school graduation gift from my folks,” Galen explained, rubbing her hand along the hood.


“Yes, short for Land Yacht.”  Christine burst into laughter at Galen’s simple explanation, which delighted the brunette.  “Isn’t she beautiful?  Killer on the gas pocketbook, but hey, it’s spacious and the backseat is big enough to reproduce if you so desired.”  She chuckled at the slight blush that crept up Christine’s cheeks.  “Have you ever had a cruise in a land yacht before, Christine?”  She asked softly, the air between them suddenly becoming very electrically charged.

Christine looked into Galen’s eyes.  “I’ve never done this before,” she almost whispered, not entirely sure what this was.

Galen gave her an understanding smile.  “Me neither.”

“Let’s go somewhere quieter, Galen,” Christine said, using the brunette’s own words. 

Galen nodded, digging her keys out of the pocket of her suit jacket and unlocking the car.  With a few moments, they were settled in and she was pulling out onto the main road.

Christine’s heart was pounding as Galen drove, the sun setting as they began to leave the busy streets of the city behind, the beach not far away.  Her palms were sweating as she wiped them on the thighs of her jeans.  She had no idea how, after going to a bar to have a drink after a nasty fight with her soon-to-be ex-husband, she was in the car of a perfect stranger, headed out of civilization for purposes that hadn’t been entirely outlined by either of them, though she had a very good idea where it would all lead.

Galen glanced over at Christine, whom hadn’t said a word since they’d left the parking lot of the bar.  The car was filled with complete silence, not even music from the radio.  She could sense just how nervous the beautiful blonde was, which made her wonder what exactly was going to happen once she got the car parked.

The stretch of beach she drove them to was deserted, and the falling sun sank into the gently lapping waves of the ocean.  It was beautiful.  Galen turned off the engine of the car and took a quiet breath before she glanced over at Christine, who was looking out at the scenery.  Studying the blonde’s profile, Galen had to admit just how truly beautiful Christine was, and how much she really wanted to know if her skin was as soft as it looked.  Would her hair actually feel like spun gold?  Would her lips be as sweet as they seemed they would be?  As she studied those very lips, Christine turned and looked at her, their gazes meeting and holding. 

Without a word, Galen reached out and took one of Christine’s hands, which rested in her lap, and gently tugged.  Christine scooted across the small distance between them on the bench seat until she was next to Galen, their thighs touching and fingers entwining. 

Christine’s gaze fell to briefly take in Galen’s lips before her eyes slid closed, soft fullness touching her own lips and soft, gentle fingertips grazed her jaw.  The lingering kiss came to an end and Christine’s eyes fluttered open to see Galen looking back at her.

“Just as soft as I thought,” Galen whispered. 

Christine smiled, not sure what Galen was talking about, but she loved the look in her blue eyes and the soft flush of her face.  “I’m not sure what to do, Galen,” Christine whispered, her thumb rubbing over the back of Galen’s hand, which she still held.

“I’m not either,” Galen smiled.  “We’ll figure it out, I guess.”  She studied Christine’s face.  “I’d really like to kiss you again, though.”

Without a word, Christine brought her other hand up and cupped the side of Galen’s face, closing her eyes as she leaned in, again enjoying the feel of Galen’s lips against her own.  She’d never kissed a woman before, and though when she was honest with herself, she’d always wanted to.  In all the late nights lying in bed next to her sleeping husband, Christine would allow herself to think about it, wonder about it, though never figured she would.  After all, she was married to Brad and that was that.  But, as Galen began to move her lips against hers, she realized that nothing she could have ever conjured up in her mind’s eye during those late nights in the dark, it could never compare with the real thing.

Galen was surprised when she heard a soft moan come from Christine as the kiss deepened, her own answering moan following it.  She had kissed a woman once during college, but had been too afraid to go any further at the time, but now, as she buried her fingers in the short blonde hair, she wanted nothing more in the world than to take this as far as it could go. 

As the kiss came to an end, Christine tried to catch her breath.  As she looked at Galen, she saw her own desire reflected back at her and she knew there was no way that she could stop this now with just an amazing kiss. 

Galen was thrilled at the fire she saw in Christine’s eyes, all of which only fueled her own desire.  “Want to move into the backseat?” she asked, fingers brushing along Christine’s cheek, reveling in the softness, before she dropped her hand, which purposely brushed the side of Christine’s breast as it fell back to her lap, making the blonde gasp slightly.   At Christine’s nod, Galen reached for the handle of the driver’s side door, but then stopped when Christine climbed over the bench seat, falling to the large backseat with a giggle.  Galen shook her head.  “I love this woman,” she murmured, then she, too climbed over the seat.

Christine grinned at Galen as she grunted on her way over the seat.  “This car isn’t made for gymnastics, I don’t think.”

Galen chuckled, getting settled.  “Depends on what kind.”  She gave Christine a rakish grin and scooted over to her before she leaned in, her lips a hair’s width away from Christine’s.  “I really want to have sex with you,” she whispered, stomach fluttering at her own words, brushing soft lips with her own.  “Is that okay?”

Christine gasped at the words and felt even more wetness between her legs.  She nodded, hands tentatively brushing Galen’s breasts, not quite cupping them but more brushing their firm roundness with her fingertips.  She moaned when she felt hardening nipples against her questing fingers, a jolt of arousal shooting between her legs. 

“I want to see you,” Christine admitted breathlessly, her gaze boring into Galen’s, even as her fingers reached for the hem of the cami.

Galen took control and tugged the silky top off and over her head, shaking her hair free.  She was left in a black, lacy bra, her cleavage mouth-watering.  Her extremely hard nipples pushed against the garment.

Christine stared in awe, afraid it was like a mirage, and would vanish as soon as she went to touch it.  “Jesus,” she breathed, her heart racing.  Again, she brought her hands up, fingers tentative as she traced the rounded sides, thumbs bravely moving to run over the hard tips.

Galen’s eyes slid closed as her head fall back, a soft sigh released from her lips.  “Please touch me,” she whispered.

Christine was almost trembling as she reached around Galen and fumbled with the clasp of her bra.  When it released, she let out a small gasp, her excitement at a fever pitch as she pulled the straps down off creamy shoulders and down toned arms.  The real show, however, was when Galen’s incredibly gorgeous breasts were finally revealed.

“Oh, Galen,” she breathed, meeting hooded blue eyes.  “Kiss me,” she gasped, leaning in to meet Galen’s lips, their kiss hungry as Christine pushed Galen back until she lay across the back seat, Christine going with her and settling on top of her.

Galen reached down and cupped Christine’s gorgeous ass, pulling the blonde as far into her as she could.  She groaned when one of Christine’s legs pressed between her own.  With frantic fingers, she tugged at the hem of Christine’s shirt, the two finally getting it and her bra off, leaving them both topless.  As much as she wanted to explore Christine’s body, Galen was so aroused that she desperately needed to cum.

Christine groaned as her breasts pressed into Galen’s, the softness like heaven.   She felt Galen pressing up against her, which sent sensation shooting through her and instinctively she pressed back, making them both moan.  With the feeling of Galen’s thigh pressing between her legs, she lost control.

Galen’s eyes fell closed as they began to move together, the car rocking with their frantic movements.  She shoved her hands down the waistband of Christine’s jeans and wormed them underneath the silky material of the blonde’s panties until she could cup the smooth skin of a firm ass.

“Oh fuck,” Christine whimpered, bracing herself as best she could in the tight quarters of the backseat on her hands to give herself more leverage to thrust into Galen.

“I’m gonna cum,” Galen panted, thrusting up frantically into Christine. 

“Cum for me,” Christine breathed, her own climax not far away.  “Fuck yes, cum for me…”  She barely got the words out before her own body exploded, pulling a cry from her throat, Galen following quickly. 

Christine collapsed on top of Galen, who hugged her tight, both women desperately trying to catch their breath.  After a moment, Christine lifted herself up onto her forearms and grinned down at Galen, who returned it, a shared smile of mutual achievement. 

“Holy shit,” Galen breathed, her hands pulled from the back of the blonde’s pants only to run her nails up and down Christine’s back, causing her to shiver slightly.

“Yeah, holy shit,” Christine agreed, leaning down to place a lingering kiss on full lips.  “I have an idea,” she murmured, bringing a hand up to run her finger along a strong jaw.  “Why don’t you come home with me and we can see what else we can figure out.  Interested?”

Galen felt like she could cum again just from the offer.  “Only if you let me make you cum a whole lot more times,” she purred.

“I really like that idea a really lot,” Christine murmured, initiating a deep, slow kiss, unable to resist the gorgeous woman beneath her.  She groaned when she felt Galen’s fingers worming between their bodies, fingers tugging at the fly of her jeans.  Christine lifted her hips just enough to give her room.  The kiss broke and Christine whimpered when Galen’s hand snaked its way down into her panties and finally, into the fiery wetness between her legs.

“You’re so wet,” Galen breathed, her fingers exploring within swollen folds.

Christine nodded, unable to answer as her hips began to move, running her sex along Galen’s fingers.  She gasped as her engorged clit came into contact.  Instantly, she came again, back arching as she tried to grind herself against Galen’s fingers to milk the orgasm for all it was worth.

“You are so fucking sexy when you cum,” Galen whispered.  “My god…” 

Christine chuckled, feeling somewhat foolish at just how little it had taken to knock her over the edge again.  She sighed as Galen removed her hand, Christine lowering her hips back to rest against Galen’s.  “I think we need to go to my house now,” she breathed, delivering a bruising kiss to Galen’s lips.

“If you kiss me like that again, we won’t make it,” Galen assured with a grin, once the kiss had broke.

Christine gave her a winning smile.  “Fair enough.”

She climbed off Galen and they both climbed back into the front seat, sharing a knowing gaze as Galen started the car and backed out of her parking space and got them headed out back towards the bar so Christine could grab her car.

The drive back was quiet though the tension between them hadn’t diminished.  Christine could feel her heart still racing, though the nerves were now gone, replaced with utter anticipation and excitement.  Briefly, her mind flicked back to her house and how it been left: was it clean?  Did she leave any clothing on the floor in her bedroom?

Galen pulled the Caddy into the parking lot, which was full now as the bar really began to jump to life.  Music could be heard off and on as people entered or exited the bar. 

“Which one is yours?” she asked, indicating the parking lot full of cars.

“The green Taurus over there,” Christine said, pointing. 

Galen pulled the Caddy up behind the Taurus and put the car in park as she turned to Christine.  She could feel nervous butterflies flying around in her belly, even as the pulsing between her legs began again.   One look in those green eyes and she nearly moaned.  She couldn’t help herself as she reached over to Christine and pulled her closer before she took her mouth in a heated kiss, her hands buried in thick, blonde hair.

“I want you so bad,” she whimpered into the kiss.  “I really want you naked and against me.”

Christine suddenly found herself pull onto Galen’s lap, straddling her hips.  The steering wheel was somewhat pushing into her back, but she didn’t care, too lost in their kissing to much notice.  The kiss broke and Christine’s head fall back as Galen began to kiss her neck.  When they’d dressed before leaving the beach, Christine hadn’t bothered to put her bra back on, so Galen slid her hands up under the shirt she wore and cupped her, which brought a groan from both of them.

Galen was losing her self control yet again: this woman absolutely drove her wild with desire and lust.  She just wished there was more room as she really wanted her fingers back inside Christine again.

“There’s a motel not far from here,” she whispered, thumbs caressing rigid nipples.

Christine nodded.  “Okay.  Let’s go there.”

In record time, Galen got them to the motel, forgoing grabbing Christine’s car.  She ran into the main office of the small, somewhat run down motel, paid for a room then drove the Caddy to park in front of room 15.

Galen’s hands were trembling slightly as she stuck the key into the lock, pushing open the door and hurrying inside, Christine not far behind, flicking the light on before she slammed the door shut behind her, hitting the swing lock.

The room was small and fairly plain but seemed to be clean and would certainly serve for the purpose.  The two women met in the middle of the room in a heated kiss, hands working to undress themselves and each other.  They fell onto the bed, Christine on top as they groaned at the feel of naked skin coming into contact, their kiss never breaking.

Galen wanted to feel Christine as close as she could, so spread her legs, inviting the blonde to lay between them, their hips pressing together.  She groaned in pleasure, hands reaching down to cup Christine’s gorgeous ass.  She gasped and groaned again when Christine began to move against her, their engorged, slick clits rubbing together.

“Oh shit,” Christine gasped, pushed up to her hands as her hips moved frantically against Galen’s, her mind empty as sensation washed through her.  “Feels so good.”

“Fuck me!” Galen whimpered, her own hips moving with the rhythm Christine set.  “Fuck me, Christine…”

The bed slammed into the wall with the intensity of the blonde’s thrusts, both cuming loudly moments later.  Panting heavily, Galen held Christine to her, doing her best to get her heart rate back under control. 

Christine raised her head from where it was buried in Galen’s neck and grinned down at the brunette.  “That was fucking amazing,” she purred.  She initiated a slow kiss, bringing a hand up to caress the side of Galen’s face.  Now that her initial lust was sated, she wanted to be able to fully explore Galen’s gorgeous body, starting with the breasts that had captivated her since she’d first laid eyes on Galen.

Galen released a contented sigh as Christine began to kiss her neck, swiping her tongue across a prominent collarbone.  She nearly purred as she reached Galen’s left breast, her tongue reaching out to taste, moaning at the feel of it before she sucked it into her mouth.  She brought her hand up to caress the other one before she gave it equal treatment with her mouth.

Galen groaned, her hands buried in Christine’s hair.  She whimpered when the blonde left her breasts but then moaned as she accepted the deeply passionate kiss as Christine moved back to her mouth.

“I want to make love to you with my mouth,” Christine murmured against full lips, again drawing a whimper from the brunette.  “I’ve always wanted to taste a woman.”

“Yes,” Galen breathed.  “Please.”

A bit nervous, Christine kissed and licked her way down the flawless body and settled between spread thighs.  She’d had this done to her before for certain, but just hoped she could bring Galen pleasure.  She examined her sex for a moment, trying to get a visual feel for where everything was and where she wanted to start.

Galen let out a long breath as Christine’s tongue made a slow swipe through her folds before dipping inside her saturated opening.  “Yes,” she sighed, hands running lovingly through Christine’s hair.  She’d always wondered what it would be like to have a woman go down on her, and her sometime-fantasies could have never prepared her for the real thing.

Christine concentrated fully on what she was doing just so her mind wouldn’t be utterly blown that she was licking a woman’s clit!  She thought briefly on the taste and texture of Galen’s juices, and though it was certainly different, it wasn’t at all unpleasant, and in fact, in a weird way it acted as a bit of an aphrodisiac, knowing that she was the reason the wetness was so abundant. 

As Galen’s hips began to move with her tongue, Christine wrapped her arms around Galen’s strong thighs and held them apart, her mouth trying to continue what it was doing as Galen’s hips began to move and slightly buck.

Galen’s breasts heaved as her pleasure built, every thought and nearly her breath, leaving her body as suddenly she was taken over by a surge of pleasure, no longer even able to distinguish the strokes of Christine’s tongue against her clit, rather her world become one giant sensation, which launched her over a cliff with a cry.

Christine held on, her tongue continuing even though her jaw and tongue were incredibly sore.  She finally stopped when Galen’s hips hit the bed again and her hands weakly pushed Christine’s head away from her pulsing sex.

Beyond proud of herself, Christine grinned, her lips and chin glistening from her feast.  She wiped them with her hand before making her way back up the bed and accepting a breathless kiss from the brunette. 

“Shit,” Galen gasped, a hand fluttering to her chest as she tried to get her breathing back under control.

“Somehow I think I did okay,” Christine grinned.

Galen’s response froze on her lips as suddenly they heard muffled voices through the wall in the room next door.  They couldn’t tell what was being said, but it was obviously the voices of a man and a woman, the man’s beginning to rise.

“Sounds like someone’s having a fight,” Christine commented, her fingers absently running over the smooth skin of Galen’s side.

The man’s voice rose even more then there was a loud thump followed by what sounded to be a woman’s cry of pain.

Galen met Christine’s concerned gaze, which mirrored her own.  “Maybe we should call the motel office,” she suggested.

Christine nodded with agreement as she sat up, reaching for the phone that was on the nightstand on her side of the bed.  She pressed the “zero” for the operator, as the instructions on the handset promised that would ring the main office.  She waited, counting off the rings then shook her head, glancing over her shoulder at Galen.

“Nobody is answering.”  She nearly dropped the phone, startled when a sharp pop was heard from the room, followed by three more.

Galen’s eyes grew wide, her stomach clenching with fear.  “Those were gun shots,” she whispered.  She scrambled off the bed, quickly grabbing her clothes and pulling them on.  “I think we need to get out of here,” she said, tugging her pants up her legs.  “We can call the police from the car.”

Agreeing, Christine hurriedly dressed, not even bothering to put her shoes on, rather carrying them in her hand as she grabbed her purse.  Her heart was racing, sweat beading on her forehead as she hurried for the door, followed by Galen, who didn’t even bother to turn the lights off as they left the room.

They hurried to the car, Galen’s hands shaking slightly as she inserted the key into the driver’s side door lock.  She got it open and quickly reached across the seat to unlock Christine’s door.

Christine had just shut her door when the door to the room opened and a man stepped out, what looked to be blood splattered on the front of his white tank top.  His face was unshaven, hair messy.  He wore jeans and was barefoot. 

Galen met the most evil-looking eyes she’d ever seen through the windshield of the Caddy, her hand stilled on the keys that were already inserted into the ignition.
“Start the car, Galen,” Christine whispered.  Her heart began to race even faster when the man took a menacing step towards them.  “Start the car!”

Snapping out of her daze, Galen got the car started and roared out of the parking space, nearly hitting another parked car in her haste to get out of there.  She gripped the steering wheel with an iron, white-fisted grip.

Christine took several breaths, utterly terrified.  “Oh my god,” she whispered.

“Call the police,” Galen said, her voice sounding as shaken as she felt.

Christine dug through her purse until she found her cell phone, having to dial three times before she got the right three numbers.  She explained to the dispatcher what had happened, the woman on the other end of the line promising to send help.  Clapping her phone shut, Christine set the phone on the seat next to her and glanced over at Galen, who’s jaw was clenched so tightly that Christine wondered how long it would take before her teeth cracked under the pressure.

Galen pulled the Caddy up to a red traffic light.  She noticed through the rearview mirror that another car – a truck – was pulling up behind them, the driver nothing more than a silhouette.  She returned her attention to the road before her when Christine cried out in surprise when the Caddy lurched forward slightly, the big car pushed by the truck behind them.

“Oh god,” Christine cried.  “It’s him!” 

Galen began to panic as her car was being pushed into the middle of a busy intersection.  “Son of a bitch!” she cried, finally having no choice but to gun the gas and shoot through the red, barely missed by a passing car who blared its horn at them as it zoomed by.

Christine was holding onto the armrest on the door, nearly in tears as Galen sped down the road, the truck in hot pursuit.  “What do we do?” she asked, sparing a glance over at Galen.

“I don’t know,” Galen responded, her palms beginning to sweat so badly that they were nearly slipping from the steering wheel.  “Maybe go to the police station?” she asked, glancing over at Christine. 

Their conversation was cut short when the truck surged up behind them, once again smashing into the back of the Caddy, this time hard enough that Galen nearly lost control of the car.  Teeth bared, she barely managed to get the car back under control and again gunned the engine, pushing ahead of the truck.  She had no idea if she could outrun him and wished that they were in her father’s Miata. 

Making a quick decision, she noted a side street coming up so whipped the car to the right, throwing Christine into the door.  “Put your seatbelt on!” she barked, speeding down the street, which was lined with industrial businesses, all the windows dark as business was over for the day.

Christine wrestled with the seatbelt for a moment, her trembling fingers making it difficult to click the belt into place.  After that, grunted as she strained against the seatbelt to reach across and buckle Galen’s.

Galen glanced into the rearview mirror just in time to see the truck rounding the corner and gaining speed.  “What does this fucker want?” she hissed.

“I’d say to kill us,” Christine exclaimed. 

Both women cried out as once again, the Caddy was crashed into from behind, though this time the truck got stuck against the bumper of the Caddy, which allowed him to push them, Galen having no control of the car as she held uselessly onto the steering wheel.

“Oh my god!” Christine gasped, seeing that they were headed straight for a light pole.

Galen pressed her foot to the gas, desperately trying to pull free from the truck.  “Fucker!” she yelled in frustration. 

At the last minute, the Caddy shook free, Galen barely having time to frantically turn the wheel, sending the car away from the pole but to hit the curb at the right angle to send the car rolling several times before finally landing on its side just a couple feet away from the front of a warehouse.  The driver of the truck didn’t have time to turn away and his truck plowed head on into the pole.

Galen was in pain as the seatbelt dug into her side as gravity tried to pull her down onto Christine, who was out cold, blood trickling down the side of her face.

“Christine?” Galen gasped, struggling with the seatbelt release.  When finally it did, she had to hold herself in her seat so she wouldn’t crush the other woman.  “Christine?” she said again, reaching out a hand to check the blonde’s pulse, which thank god was strong.  She glanced through the back window of the car and was stunned when she saw the man moving inside.  “Oh god,” she gasped.  “Christine!  Wake up!  We gotta get out of here!  Wake up!”

Seeming from some distant place, Christine realized someone was calling her name then felt like her shoulder was being shaken.  Slowly, she rose from the darkness to find herself smashed up against the car door and a pulsing pain in her head.

“Oh, thank god,” Galen whimpered when she saw Christine come back around.  Another glance towards the truck showed the driver’s side door opening.   “Come on,” she said, words breathy as her adrenaline began to take over.  “We have to move, now!”

Galen used all of her strength to try and push the driver’s side door open but the frame was bent so badly from rolling that it wouldn’t budge.  She was grateful the windows weren’t electric as she quickly grabbed the handle and rolled the window down.

As quickly as she could, Galen climbed out of the car then reached in for Christine and pulled her out.  She glanced over at the truck in time to see the man from the motel literally fall out, his head a bloody mess.

“Let’s go,” Galen whispered, helping Christine to her feet.  She looked around, not sure where to go.  She didn’t know the area at all and wasn’t entirely sure exactly where they were.  But, when she saw that the man was pulling himself up from the ground, she knew they didn’t have a lot of time to decide. 

Christine saw where Galen’s gaze was locked and felt her heart lurch.  Her hand was grabbed by Galen’s and tugged to follow as Galen took off down the street, doing the best she could in high heels.  Finally, she kicked them off and continued.

“We’ve got to flag someone down,” Galen gasped as they continued to run.  To her horror, she couldn’t even hear traffic anymore.

Christine glanced over her shoulder and noticed that the man, zombie-like was making his way after them.  “Maybe we should find a place to hide,” she suggested. 

The words were barely out of her mouth before a shot rang out, echoing in the night.  Both women ducked instinctively, even as they tried to keep going.  A second shot rang out and Christine cried out as Galen fell to the ground with a cry.

“Run!” Galen gasped, face scrunched up in pain as she grabbed her leg.  “Run!”

Seeing the man coming towards them, Christine did in fact run, but not with the intention of leaving Galen.  She was off to find a weapon of her own.

Galen’s leg felt like it was on fire as she flipped to her back so she could see what was going on.  Her hands and arms hurt from the road rash of skidding to a stop on her stomach.  She saw the man limping up on her, so much blood covering his front and face from the accident.  In truth, she had no idea how he was still alive.  He held the handgun in his hands and made his way up to her, the barrel pointed at Galen’s chest.

“Bitch,” he growled, though the word came out more as a gurgled grunt, blood spit out of his mouth. 

He reached her and knelt beside her prone body, gun pointed at her head.  She looked into the blackness of hell that was the barrel of the gun, then equally dark eyes of the man, even as he tried to blink blood out of those eyes.

“Die,” he hissed, fingers pulling the trigger only for a loud click to sound.
Galen nearly peed her pants in her terror, but that didn’t last long as suddenly, a squish, like a melon being split open, rent the night air.  The man flew backwards off of her, Christine standing over him with a blood-smeared pipe in her hands, chest heaving with the exertion and fear of what she’d just done.

She threw the pipe aside and reached down for Galen’s hand.  “Can you stand?” she asked.

Galen nodded, gritting her teeth in pain as she stood with the blonde’s help.  She thought she’d only been grazed by the bullet, but it didn’t stop it from hurting like a son of a bitch.  She accepted the tight hug from Christine, returning it with vigor, relieved that the night seemed to be over.


The police had arrived, and after identifying the man, Galen and Christine had been stunned to find out that he was a very wanted man, the murder of more than five women under his belt.  The two women were taken to the hospital; Christine’s head stitched as well as Galen’s leg and then had given their report to the police.

Now, four hours after the most unusual events of the night, the two lay in Christine’s bed, both stripping once they’d arrived at the small house and climbed into the king-sized bed.  Christine had moved into Galen’s arms, where she was now, her head resting on Galen’s shoulder and the two pressed as closely together as humanly possible.  As Galen stared up at the ceiling, she knew there would be a lot of healing that needed to happen for them both, but she had a gut feeling that they’d be working on that together.

With a contented sigh, Galen closed her eyes and joined Christine in the world of sleep.



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