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End of the Road


Kim Pritekel

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It was so late. Dillon knew she should pull over to the side of the road and try and catch a quick nap, but she just didn't feel safe. True, it seemed to be an endless dark lane, not a house in sight nor a car, for that matter, but still. For a young woman trying to get home for her grandmother's funeral, she just didn't feel it was wise to take that kind of a risk. Not only that, but with the horrid weather conditions out, she'd have to keep the heat running and just didn't want to risk running out of gas or battery.

Dillon Gentry had been contacted two days before by her father, letting her know his mother had finally died after a long battle with lung cancer. Dillon wasn't particularly close to her father or that side of the family, but she felt obligated to make an appearance. She just hoped her half-brother, Peter wouldn't be there. He was the fruit of her father's passions with his long-time mistress, their affair ultimately leading to the tragic suicide of Dillon's mother, Farah, four years before.

In short, Dillon's family was as screwed up as it got.

Now, as she continued to drive she could feel her eyes growing heavier and heavier. Her entire family had had a strange aversion to Halloween, as three relatives had died on that day in the past ten years. So, as Halloween Day began to wind down to a close, Dillon felt a bit better. It was bad enough her grandmother's funeral was so close to the dreaded holiday, let alone if something were to happen to Dillon while trying to get there.

She reached over to the control panel on the driver's side door armrest and hit the button for the back windows, hearing the mechanical buzz as they rolled down. She rolled them down just enough to send some cold, end-of-October air into the car to help wake her up a bit. She was just glad it wasn't snowing anymore, though the air smelled as though it would again, soon. There was already a couple feet accumulation butted up on either side of the road.

The cold air blowing through the car helped revive Dillon a bit as she turned the radio up and tapped her thumb on the steering wheel to the beat. She had even put hip hop on for the beat, even though she despised the genre. A few moments later, a yawn nearly split her jaw in two.

“Shit,” she blew out, shaking her head and blinking green eyes rapidly to try and wake up.

Almost ten hours nonstop on the road was taking its toll, and Dillon felt her head bobbing, blonde bangs falling into her eyes, which were getting heavier and heavier until finally, she lost her battle and they fell closed, darkness and peace surrounding her. That is, until something woke her up that sounded like a scream.

“Shit!” Dillon yelled, yanking on the steering wheel as her car was headed right for a huge snow bank with a telephone pole just beyond.

To make matters worse, a woman trying to scamper out of the way was swept over by Dillon's headlights. Finally, Dillon pulled the car to a stop, her heart pounding painfully hard in her chest. She was breathing hard, fingers curled around the steering wheel like ten little vises. She noted that the front tires were no more than a couple inches from the rise of the snow bank, the telephone pole in her direct path on the opposite side.

“Holy fuck,” she breathed, heart still racing. She was startled when she heard tapping on the passenger-side window. Glancing over, she saw it was the woman she'd seen jumping out of the way. Turning the music down and pressing on the button for the electric window, she met the woman's eyes. “I'm so sorry. Oh my god, are you okay?”

The woman nodded, her own hand resting over her heart. She leaned down, resting her arms along the windowsill. “Are you okay?” she asked, voice soft with a soothing quality to it.

Dillon noticed she had the most peculiar eyes, such an unusual color of … purple? Liz Taylor was known for her eyes, but this woman put the actress to shame. Their intense gaze was equal parts beautiful and unnerving.

“Yeah, I'm fine. Just been driving too long, I guess,” Dillon said, a sheepish grin on her lips.

“Well hey, I was actually walking to my grandfather's cabin about a mile up the road,” the woman said, pointing in the direction. “My car broke down, so I gotta hoof it, ya know?”

Dillon returned the young woman's smile. “Yeah, that sucks. Well hey, get in and I'll drop you. It's too dark and cold for you to be out there walking.”

“Are you sure?” the woman asked, midnight brows rising in hope.

“Yeah. Get in.” Dillon reached across to the passenger door and tugged the door handle to release the door's latch.

Within a few moments the strange woman was settled in the passenger seat. Dillon was able to get a better look at her from the dome light within the car. She looked to be no older than her early to mid 20s. She had long, extremely dark hair, just this side of black, which was admittedly stunning with her eyes, which Dillon felt were the color of twilight. She was dressed in a simple pair of jeans with tennis shoes and a light jacket. Seriously not the right clothing for the cold, snowy night. But then, when you've got the heater in your car, you don't exactly need to dress up like an Eskimo.

Realizing she was staring by the woman's questioning gaze, Dillon gave her a polite smile and managed to maneuver her car back away from the snow bank and onto the road, surprisingly awake now.

“What's your name?” the woman asked.

“Dillon.” She took one hand off the wheel and extended it to her passenger. “Nice to meet you … ?”

“Nikki.” She took Dillon's hand in a warm, firm shake. “Nikki Farmer. Nice to meet you and I appreciate the ride.”

“Even if I scared you to death?” Dillon joked. She glanced over at her passenger to share a smile of camaraderie, only to see Nikki staring out her window into the darkness beyond. Feeling the air inside the car change a bit, Dillon cleared her throat and changed the subject. “What happened to your car?”

“Make a turn just up here,” Nikki said, seemingly ignoring Dillon's question, or not hearing it. “It's pretty much a blind curve and lots of people miss it.”

“There? By the tree?”


Dillon slowed and kicked her turn signal on, though there wasn't another soul anywhere in sight. The tires of her car crunched on the hard-packed snow beneath the fresh, fluffy snow that had recently fallen, as she pulled into a large yard, which she imagined would have quite the number of weeds come spring. Her headlights sent a double spotlight on what looked to be an old, rundown cabin of weather-faded wood. The only thing that made the building stand out at all was the red front door.

Nikki glanced over at Dillon, a small smile on her lips. “The red door throws people off, but Grandpa painted it that color to catch attention and help people find their way to the house.”

“Ah, okay.”

Dillon pulled the car up to the front door of the tiny structure, brows drawing. “Is someone home? I mean, are you sure you'll be okay here?”

“Oh yeah. Grandpa doesn't live here anymore, but I stay here from time to time.” Nikki studied Dillon in the darkness of the car. “Look, you're obviously exhausted. Why don't you just stay and catch a nap or something and head out in the morning? You can warm up.”

“Oh, I don't know,” Dillon laughed, somewhat nervously as she checked out the tiny cabin again. “I really don't want to intrude -”

“No, seriously. Look Dillon, there's nothing for miles. I'm not sure where you're heading, but you're not going to get there tonight, I can assure you. Especially with your penchant for playing chicken with huge snow drifts and telephone poles.”

Dillon blushed, eyes falling to look into her lap. “Yeah. Alright. Probably safer.”

“Come on.”

Nikki got out of the car leaving Dillon to stare out the windshield, wondering what the hell she was doing. For all she knew, she could be entering the tiny log cabin of the Colorado Chainsaw Massacre family!

“This is nuts,” she whispered, watching as Nikki reached the red front door and turned the knob, pushing it open. She was about to step into the darkness within but turned to look at Dillon through the windshield. She gave her a completely disarming smile and a wave of invitation. “Very nuts.”

With a sigh of uncertainty, Dillon turned the car off and pulled the key from the ignition, making sure she pocketed her keys and snagged her cell phone before climbing out of the car and following her strange passenger. It was colder than shit outside, and she could feel the beginning chill of another storm coming in.

Once she reached the door, she stopped and took one more look around, trying to see if she could recognize any sort of landmarks – just in case. From the sudden emergence of the bright moon overhead, she noted a fenced-in area off to the side, but it was so overrun with snow-covered vegetation, she wasn't able to see what lay inside.

Letting out one final nervous breath, she entered the structure, shutting out the night – and her possible safety – as she closed the door behind her.

Once inside, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust, but once they did, she saw she was in a one-room structure with a wood burning stove on the right side, a pallet bed just to the left of it. There was a tiny kitchenette area, which was essentially bare. Towards the back was a curtained-off area that Dillon could just barely make out the edge of a sink, so had to assume a toilet was behind there, as well.

Her focus turned to the stove, where Nikki knelt in front of, wadding up some old, yellowed newspaper, shoving it inside. She glanced over at Dillon before she lit a match and tossed it inside, the paper catching fire immediately.

“Bit chilly in here,” Nikki admitted, warming her hands in the heat from the burgeoning fire before closing the door on the stove.

Standing, Nikki turned to face Dillon, her eyes never leaving her as she shrugged out of her light-weight jacket, tossing it to the floor. Beneath, Dillon saw she was wearing a t-shirt.

“You must be freezing,” Dillon commented, her own body shivering as she hugged herself, and she was wearing a sweater beneath her heavy jacket.

“It'll warm up in here,” Nikki said simply, walking over to Dillon. She brushed her arms aside then grabbed the tab of Dillon's coat zipper and pulled it down with an easy movement of her wrist. She met Dillon's confused gaze with a smile. “We gotta get you warmed up, Dillon. Very important to stay warm, you know.”

“I think I'd stay warmer in my jacket, don't you think?” Dillon asked with a slightly confused and nervous laugh. “You, too. A t-shirt –“

“Shhh,” Nikki cooed, brushing the heavy parka off Dillon's shoulders, the jacket falling down Dillon's arms and to the floor. “Things happen for a reason, Dillon.” She met her gaze. “Do you believe that?”

Dillon nodded, her heart beginning to race at the look in Nikki's eyes. This total stranger was looking at her like she was dinner, and she wasn't entirely sure what to do or think.

“Let me keep you warm, Dillon,” Nikki whispered, moving in closer. She placed her hands on Dillon's shoulders, gently kneading the muscle beneath the layers of sweater and t-shirt beneath. She met Dillon's uncertain gaze, giving her a beautiful and reassuring smile. “We can sit this one out together.”

Dillon was surprised as she felt her fear melting away with every gentle touch from this strange, but crazily beautiful woman. She stood still and allowed the massage, which lasted for a few more moments before Nikki reached behind Dillon's head and, with gentle fingers, tugged her ponytail free, soft golden tresses falling down her back.

Nikki smiled, running her fingers through the long hair. “Better.”

“What are you doing?” Dillon asked, her words a bit breathier than she would have liked. She didn't necessarily want this woman to know that she was affecting her.

In lieu of a verbal response, Nikki instead gave her a saucy smile as she reached down to the hem of her own t-shirt and whipped it up and over her head, revealing pale, full breasts with dusky nipples that were rock hard. She tossed the t-shirt aside, shaking her head to free her hair.

Dillon could only stand there and stare, eyes wide in stunned silence.

Nikki grabbed Dillon's hands and placed them on the firm flesh, her own on top of them, squeezing just a bit. “Do you like them, Dillon?”

“They're uh, they're beautiful,” Dillon had to admit, even as her confusion grew with her arousal.

“They're yours tonight.”

Dillon wasn't entirely sure what to think as her clit jumped to attention, sending a thrill of excitement through her. As Nikki's hands fell away, Dillon's remained, enjoying the feel of her breasts, the nipples rigid against her palms. It was in that moment that Nikki took the opportunity to initiate a kiss. It wasn't long before it became wet and breathy with mouths opened and hands wandering over unfamiliar bodies.

Dillon found herself suddenly turned and pressed face first to the wall near the stove, her sweater and t-shirt beneath long gone, leaving her in jeans with just a bra on top. She was breathing heavily and her eyes closed as she felt Nikki's breasts pressing against her naked back and hands cupping her breasts over the satin cups of her bra, which quickly disappeared, the soft hands returning to massage naked flesh.

“You're so beautiful,” Nikki whispered into her hair, pressing their bodies together, slowly grinding her crotch into Dillon's denim-clad ass. “Don't move,” she instructed, stepping away.

Dillon wasn't entirely sure what Nikki was doing until she heard the rustling of clothing and realized Nikki was removing the rest of her clothes. When Nikki returned, her hands reached around Dillon's front, pulling her back slightly from the wall as her fingers made easy work of the button fly of Dillon's jeans.

Dillon's eyes closed and mouth fell open when those hands slid down inside, not stopping until her jeans and panties were pushed down over her hips, leaving her exposed.

“Is your pussy as wet as mine?” Nikki whispered into her ear, sending slight tremors through Dillon's body. Nikki pressed her naked crotch to the firm roundness of Dillon's naked ass.

Dillon whimpered softly when she felt the neatly-trimmed hairs press into her, easily able to feel Nikki's own wetness paint her skin.

“Are you?” Nikki prodded, one of her fingers slipping between Dillon's legs, easily sliding into the wet folds.

“Yes,” Dillon gasped, one of Nikki's fingers gliding over her slick, engorged clit. She shivered as her hair was moved aside, replaced by hot, wet kisses along her upper back and the back of her neck, the fingers never stopping their slow, torturous caress between her legs.

“Come with me,” Nikki whispered, leading Dillon over to the pallet bed, both taking it slow as Dillon still had her jeans and panties down around her ankles.

Helped to lay back atop of the comforter, Nikki made quick time of removing Dillon's boots, socks, jeans and panties, tossing everything aside before she looked down at Dillon's body, her gaze pure fire in the light from the stove. She leaned down, kneeling between Dillon's legs, her breasts just barely brushing against Dillon's as Nikki kissed her again. Dillon brought her hands up and cupped Nikki's breasts, enjoying the moan that joined into their kiss.

After a moment, Nikki broke the kiss and raised herself to her knees on the floor next to the pallet bed. She ran her hands down along Dillon's body, squeezing her nipples before moving on down, fingers turning claw-like as she ran her nails down along Dillon's spread thighs. She looked down into the incredible wetness between those gorgeous legs and looked up into Dillon's face with the hunger of a predatory tiger.

Dillon's eyes fell closed and her head to the side as her thighs were raised over strong shoulders and a firm tongue ran through her need. Her hands entangled themselves in thick, dark hair, her hips gently pumping against Nikki's face, making her need clear.

“You taste so good,” Nikki moaned, running her tongue down from Dillon's clit to her opening where she began to gently fuck her with it.

“Oh my god,” Dillon whimpered, legs falling open wider and hips thrusting faster. “Inside, please,” she begged.

Nikki brought her tongue back to Dillon's clit and entered her with two fingers, which quickly began to thrust. More than obvious Dillon was close, Nikki pressed her tongue hard against Dillon's throbbing clit as she fucked her hard, making Dillon scream out her release.

Nikki held on until Dillon weakly pushed her away, then she licked a fiery trail back up her body, suckling on her breasts for long moments, as though unable to get enough of Dillon's exquisite body. Finally, she moved atop Dillon, lowering herself between her legs until they were pressed together. She adjusted herself until she could feel the immense wet heat between Dillon's legs mixing with her own.

Dillon groaned, her arms hooking up behind Nikki's shoulders as they began to move together, her knees rising and spreading wider, which pushed her clit up into firmer contact with Nikki's.

“I can't get enough of this tight little pussy of yours,” Nikki whispered hotly against Dillon's lips.

“Yeah?” Dillon whispered back, their movements slow and sensual. Their combined wetness made sexy little sounds with each thrust and counter thrust of their hips. “You like my pussy, huh?” Dillon couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth, as she wasn't usually one for dirty talk during sex, but then there wasn't anything usual about the situation at all.

“Oh yeah,” Nikki purred. She rested her upper body weight on a forearm so she could bring her other hand down along Dillon's side, grazing her nails along her hip and the side of her raised thigh. “Fuck, you feel so good …” She brought that hand back up until she was massaging one of Dillon's breasts, thumb rubbing in a slow circle on the rigid tip. “You like me fucking you like this, baby?”

“My god, yes,” Dillon whimpered, her pleasure rising with each slow thrust against her. Her hands made a slow trail over a strong back until she cupped Nikki's ass, squeezing the flesh and encouraging the movement.

Nikki raised herself to her hands, keeping her hips moving slow, but moved her upper body until she was brushing their nipples together, carefully watching Dillon's reaction to the new stimulation.

Dillon groaned, bringing her hands up and held their breasts together. “You have got the most beautiful breasts,” she managed, words breathy and higher pitched than her normal voice. She was getting close.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Nikki growled, obviously losing control, herself.

“Fuck me, Nikki,” Dillon begged. “Oh my god, please!”

Nikki planted her hands on either side of Dillon's head and used the power in her body to give them both what their bodies craved. Soon, the tiny space was filled with loud cries and whimpers, the pallet bed banging against the wall with the powerful thrusts of Nikki's hips.

Within moments, they both came, clinging to each other and breathing hard. Dillon held Nikki close, wrapping her legs around a trim waist, pinning their bodies together.

Finally, Nikki came back to the world and left several soft, loving kisses on Dillon's lips, a hand coming up to caress the side of her face.

“I think you did your job,” Dillon said softly, nails lazily drawing patterns on Nikki's back.

“Yeah? What job is that?” Nikki asked with an amused smile.

“Keeping me warm. I am definitely warm.”

Nikki grinned and initiated a slow, lazy kiss, which Dillon returned. Pulling away, she moved off Dillon and indicated they should get under the covers. Once she had Dillon held against her, she rested her head against that that rested on her shoulder.

“Well,” she said, eyes closing. “At least I know you're safe now.”

Dillon let out a contented sigh as she too closed her eyes. “Safe.”


Dillon let out a heavy sigh, her brows drawing as she was brought out of a deep sleep. Light coming in from the window was beginning to annoy her through closed eyelids, causing her to come even more into wakefulness.

Letting out a contented sigh, Dillon tried to turn from her back to her side, but the lightning bolt of pain that lashed through her made her eyes pop open, fully awake with a cry of pain.

Looking around, she was completely confused, as she realized she was lying on a narrow hospital bed and her head and left shoulder were killing her. Taking in even more details of her current situation, she saw that her left arm was in a cast from the shoulder to her wrist.

She tried to turn her head to the right, but it just made her head scream out in pain. She felt a tightness around her head, and could just barely see the edges of what looked to be gauze at the very top of her eyesight.

“Glad to have you back with us, Dillon.”

Surprised by the man's voice, Dillon slowly – oh so slowly – moved her head back to the left where she saw a man in an ill-fitted brown suit sitting in a chair, one leg crossed over the other with a notebook resting on a thigh.

“Who are you?” she asked, voice small and cracking. Her throat burned. “Where's Nikki?” Dillon noticed the man in the bad suit and watery blue eyes glanced over at someone in the direction of the foot of her bed. She followed his gaze, noting a black woman standing there dressed in a navy woman's cut suit. “Who are you guys?”

“My name is Detective William Rice,” the man said, “and this is Detective Marsha Buckley. We're here to get a statement from you regarding your accident.”

Dillon looked slowly from one to the other, her attention settling on the man. “What accident?”

The two detectives swapped a look before Det. Rice met Dillon's confused gaze. “You were found unconscious in your car, which was half-buried in a three foot snow bank on the side of the road, a telephone pole peeling the front of your car back like a sardine can.”

“What?” Dillon gasped. “No. No, no, no. I didn't hit that. There was a woman. I picked her up. No.” She looked from one to the other, shaking her head despite the pain. “I avoided that accident. Just barely, but avoided it.”

Det. Buckley cleared her throat. “I'll go get the doctor and let her know you've woken, Miss Gentry.”

Dillon watched as the detective left, looking to the other utterly baffled. “Did I say something wrong?”

Det. Rice scooted his chair a bit closer to the bed. He reached into the inside pocket of his suit jacket and withdrew his wallet, digging around until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a small, aged photograph and showed Dillon.

“Do you recognize her?” he asked, handing the photograph over.

Dillon took it, squinting against her headache. She was baffled as she looked at him. “You know Nikki? Where is she? How on earth did I get here? Last I remember –“

“You saw a young woman on the side of the road?” he supplied, taking the photo back.

“Uh …” Dillon was left speechless, as she wasn't about to tell him what her last memory was of Nikki. Instead, her gaze fell to her hand, which rested on the white blanket that covered her body.

“Yeah, trust me: I've heard the story many times before,” the detective said, sitting back in his chair. He had no idea he'd totally misunderstood Dillon's silence. “You see, about twenty years ago there was a horrific accent on Baxter Road – where you had your little mishap – and a car full of young people went off the road. My niece, Nikki, was killed. Legend has it that she's been seen by a whole buncha folks since.” He waved it off. “I don't buy it.” Even so, he ran a finger over the wallet he'd just tucked the picture back into lovingly. “Even so,” he continued quietly, “I loved that girl. Beautiful young woman with a heart of gold. Sometimes I wish it were true, you know?” He gave her a wistful smile. “I don't know. Just one last, ‘Hey, Uncle Billy,'.” He sent a very sad smile her way. “But, what can you do?”

Dillon sat there for a moment, stunned. She didn't know what to say, and certainly didn't know what to think or say about what she knew of the Nikki she'd spent an incredible evening with. It was the same Nikki in the photograph she'd been shown. Or had she?

“But, we spent time together,” she whispered, more to herself and her memory than to the man who sat next to her bed. “She was so beautiful, so kind.”

The detective watched her closely, noting the sadness and confusion in her deeply bruised eyes. She'd hit the steering wheel incredibly hard, and he was pretty amazed she survived it, though the doctor warned she wasn't fully out of the woods, yet.

“Listen, Dillon,” he said, patting her leg. “We'll come back tomorrow to get a statement from you on what happened, okay? I don't want to wear you out, now that you're finally awake after three days.”

“Three days?” Dillon's brows drew. “I've been here for three days?”

“Yup.” He got to his feet. “Take care. I'll see you in the morning.”

Left alone, Dillon turned her head to stare out the window. Her head was seriously beginning to pound again. She squinted her eyes shut and prayed that the pain would ease. It was a throbbing deep in her brain, unlike anything she'd felt before. From what the detective had said, sounded like she'd taken a nasty hit to the head.

She wanted to stay awake and consider what she'd been told – and shown. It all made no sense to her, but her eyes were growing heavier by the second. Finally, she gave in and they closed, only to pop open a moment later when she heard the door to her room slowly open.

Struggling to open her eyes and turn her head, Dillon gasped when she saw Nikki enter the room, wearing the same clothes she had been the night of the supposed accident. At this point, Dillon had no idea what to believe.

“Hey you,” Nikki said, her voice soft as she walked to the side of the bed. She looked down at Dillon with the softest smile on her lips. “How are you feeling?” she asked, reaching a hand out to gently caress the side of Dillon's face.

“I hurt,” Dillon whispered, looking up into those amazing twilight eyes. “Why are you here?”

“To see you,” Nikki whispered back, leaning down to place a soft kiss on full lips. “To take you home.”

“Home?” Dillon smirked. “Somehow I don't think I'm ready to go home, yet. I think I'm stuck here for a while longer.”

Nikki said nothing, simply smiled as she began to unwrap the gauze from around Dillon's head.

“What are you doing?”

For a moment, Dillon felt panicked, but with each layer gone, her head felt better and better. Finally, the bandaging was set aside. Nikki ran her fingers through Dillon's hair as she leaned in again, initiating a slow, sensuous kiss.

Dillon reached a hand up and buried it in Nikki's hair, returning the kiss and letting out a small sigh of enjoyment. After a long moment, Nikki broke the kiss.

“Now let's take care of your arm,” she whispered against Dillon's lips.

Dillon watched as Nikki took her arm in gentle hands, her thumbs lovingly brushing over the rough material of the cast. She met Dillon's gaze before, seemingly with a magic touch, simply pulled the cast free from Dillon's arm, setting it aside atop the pile of gauze.

“Isn't that better?” Nikki asked, lifting Dillon's hand to her face to place a kiss on the palm.

Dillon could only nod, baffled and very confused. Even still, she felt a very strange sense of calm stealing over her, almost making her want to cry with the peace that filled her.

“It's time to go, Dillon,” Nikki whispered, taking Dillon's hand and gently tugging until Dillon was sitting up in bed. “I've been waiting for you,” she continued, pushing the covers aside so Dillon could swing her legs over the side of the bed. “We all have.”

Finally on her feet, Dillon felt strange standing there in a hospital gown and socks, but Nikki didn't seem to care as she grabbed Dillon's hand, and with a gentle smile, tugged her to follow as she walked towards the hospital room door. Dillon went with her, hesitating for just a moment before she, too walked through that door.

“What the hell?” Dillon gasped, eyes huge as she looked around the intense snow storm that blew around them. They had stepped from the calm warmth of the hospital room out into the harsh chaos of a blizzard. More strange than that was the fact that she felt no cold, could not feel the sting of the harsh winds or blinding snow. She was also wearing the clothing she had been while on her journey.

Nikki stepped their walking and turned to Dillon. She took her in a hug, cradling Dillon against her as she indicated Dillon should look to her left.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, realizing that what she was looking at was her own car, horribly mangled within a snow bank and nearby telephone pole, the one she swore she'd missed.

“Shhh,” Nikki whispered into her ear, caressing Dillon's hair. “It's done.”

Dillon could clearly see a figure inside, slumped over the steering wheel and lots of red staining the shattered windshield, some of the blood sprayed out on the snow on the hood.

“It's time to go.” Nikki pulled out of the hug just enough to cup Dillon's face so they were looking at each other. “We're together now, Dillon.”

Dillon met Nikki's gaze, her panic and horror from moments before fading, the calm and peace returning. She nodded, her arms snaking up around Nikki's neck. “Together. Maybe Halloween isn't such a curse, after all.”

Nikki smiled and gave her a kiss as the two figures faded from the landscape of blowing white, the sound of sirens screaming in the muffled distance.

The End

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