What’s that sound…..




I lay down to try to sleep, as I had done every evening for the last few weeks, and I await, with dread…the sound…


I realised that it had been there for some time …subliminally chipping away at the wall between conscious and subconscious, but it had only become loud enough to reach my ears and my awareness a few weeks ago, only during the hours of nightime and only in my bedroom . It was almost like a sound from another world, someone or something trying to contact me...or terrify me and rob me of my rest. No discernible words or meaning, just an insistent sound, almost a vibration in my head. I had tried to ignore it and put it down to imagination but night after night, it visits me.


So here I am again, the pillow plumped up, my evening drink of Night time herbal tea steaming on my bedside table. My Ereader closed and silent on the bedside table. My clock silently sweeping through the seconds and then the minutes as they pass. I turn off the light and close my eyes, with one last sigh and hope for restful, dreamless sleep.


My bed is soft and comfortable, my pillow goose down and my duvet cocoons me in it’s warmth…..

The room is silent, the garden outside my window delivers the occasional hoot of a hunting owl but nothing more.  I begin to hope that the sound has gone.  I will my body to relax …muscle by muscle, limb by limb. I feel the approach of sleep and the blessed oblivion of rest.

Then just as I pass the threshold between awake and sleep…the sound begins again. I jerk awake as if I had fallen off a cliff, the whole body tenses as I plead with the cosmos…

”No, please…make it stop”


But there is no respite, the sound becomes louder with every moment. It swirls and whirls in my head and begins to form words…

“Let me in…..let me in….”


I reach for the light but in my panic I cannot find the switch…I leap from my bed and run to the door, fear and terror strangely guiding me to safety. My hand reaches the handle and I am but heartbeats from  salvation when the voice in my head moves to my ears, as I feel a breath on my face…and the sound of a strange voice.

“I let myself in…”

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