Happy Haunting Ground

It was midnight when I got home to my cabin in the forest.
I loved the isolation and the hidden lake.
I saw the woman sitting against the wall as soon as I came up the steps.
She had a blindfold over her eyes
Behind her, through the window, I could see flames.
The house was on fire.
"This is still my house."
she whispered, "And I can still burn it down."
"Do I have to kill you again?"
I asked.
"Yes," she told me, "You do".
"I have killed you every Halloween for the last 6 years" I growled
"When will you stay dead?"
"This time," she said with a smile.
"You say that every time " I replied and sat down beside her on the porch. The heat from the fire behind us was getting uncomfortable.
I knew it wasn't real so I ignored it.

"Where is the poison?" she asked over the roar of the flames. I pulled the black vial out of my jacket pocket and held it up. The dancing firelight brought out the blood-red of the liquid death.
She reached for it but I snatched it back saying, "Not so fast Missy! I want to see your eyes this time. Why do you always cover them up?"
"Because you will see what you really look like reflected in them if I take this off."
"I know I ain't so good looking but come on, I ain't that bad am I?"
She only sighed and reached for the vial again.
I looked at her and said, "I will give you this as soon as you show me your eyes and not before."
"Please, she begged, I need to go back before ..."
"Before what ?"
I yelled and tore the blindfold off her face.
Horror upon horror reflected back at me from her dark pupils. I was a monster! A demonic beast!
I screamed and ran out into the yard.
She ran after me but I knew what I had to do.
I snapped the top off the vial and sucked down the potion in one gulp.
I remember falling and then the next I knew I was sitting beside her on the porch again and the fire was out.
"Now we're both stuck here until they sell this damn haunted house again" she grumbled. 

Johnette Loefgren


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