333. Untitled* - October 6, 2001


The bright moonlight

filters through the spiny limbs

casting mishaped shadows

on the floor.

A passing cloud

causes the light to dim

and flicker onwards once more.

A shaft of moonlight

reveals a hidden gem -

a small nub of sweetness

that beckons across the room.


my eyes trace

a delicate path

along sloping curves

topped by white.

Each slow suck

draws a river of liquid sweetness

that coats lips and tongue

in equal generosity.

Sharp nibbles

against a hardened surface

yields a soft core of sugar -

that sends me on a

euphoric high again.

The witching hour passes

and dawn finds me,

gathering the nubs

like hidden treasures -

all that is left to remind us -

of this bag of candy corn.

*Originally called the: Ode to Candy Corn - as provided by Ms Stephanie Solomon :)

Paddington T. Bear

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