Untitled - October 7, 2001

As the night darkens,

the full moon peeks out

from behind the gentle

whisps of clouds.

Lighting a path of silvery stars

on the night of Samhain,

the world takes on a 

different glow,

as the veil separating

two worlds


and then fades away.

As the young masquerade

in ghouls and goblins,

sharper eyes

catch the shadows

that gain form,

on the short night

that lies ahead.

A brief ceili

around a bonfire

quickly sends us away -

laughing out loud

at our fears given form.

Even as the jack-o-lanterns

saunter in the distance,

held by the headless Horseman

once more,

I remember the days

long past

where our fears

were like the will-o-whisps,

fading in the night.

Paddington T. Bear

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