Untitled - October 8, 2001

A sprinkling of night frost

dust the tops of the pretty punkins

sitting in a row.

Carved with faces both dark

and mirthful,

they are the greeters

of the ghouls

and goblins

at the door.

As the moonlight peeks

beyond the shadows of the trees,

the frost glistens silver,

even as the breaths of air

casts grey clouds in the night.

As the scattering of tea lights,

creat a contrast of cool warmth

in the autumn nights,

all the gremlins

seek shelter amongst

the warm hearths

sipping at cups of hot cocoa.

Night gives way to dawn,

and the sinister faces

on wee punkins

fade away

to reveal

the jolly smiles

small hands did draw.


once again,

only in the next moonlight.

- inspired by conversation with Dame Judith (meshuggepup@cnz.com)

Paddington T. Bear

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