340. Untitled - October 23, 2001

It's the bittersweet taste

of chocolate

that captures the attention.

What starts out as sweet,

wavers between ecstasy and

agony - even as each lick

diminishes all that is left.

Saving the best for the end -

the happy sweetness

of the last bite

is followed by the disappointment

of nothing more.

A desperate search

reveals no more dessert for a time...

until all across the land,

lanterns are lit,

and goblins flit

between door to door

asking for treats

from street to street.

A quick scramble

to find more sweets,

then giving them away,

suddenly all that's left

is a wee punkin

and a plate of chocolates.

As the orange light dims,

all thoughts turn inwards,

leaving the disguises outside,

the sweetness melts away

in the gentle October fire.

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